Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

December 2008

"I have been so impressed with the service I have received,your company & was amazed at how easy it was. I have recommended your service to all my family & friends & I will use you again. Have a Merry Christmas." - Angela from Merseyside (Order No. M1806677) 01-12-2008
"Hi guys just wanted to say what a fantastic service you provide. You got the phone and cheque was with me within a couple of days, you come highly recommended in my opinion, I would definitely use you again. Thanks A+++++" - Aileen from Stirlingshire (Order No. M1145774) 01-12-2008
"Couldn't have gone any smoother, got my cheque in about 3 days of sending my N95 off. Was totally surprised it was as quick as that! Highly recommend!" - Darryl from Cleveland (Order No. M1186980) 01-12-2008
"What a great service posted phone thur lunch time, received cheque sat morning. Can't do better than that. Thanks." - Fred from Kent (Order No. M1175749) 01-12-2008
"Outstanding service, super quick and very easy to follow." - Greta from Manchester (Order No. M1207088) 01-12-2008
"Sooo happy with the service! You guys are so efficient. I expected it to take weeks! Definitely the best price I got for the phone, will definitely use you guys again! Thankyou!" - Laura from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1222027) 01-12-2008
"Second phone I've sold to Mazuma, so easy and straightforward. I'd recommend them to anyone, wish all companies were as easy to deal with." - William from Lancashire (Order No. M1220586) 01-12-2008
"I am very impressed with this service. It was easy and quick. Thank you!" - Susan from Dorset (Order No. M1137656) 01-12-2008
"Once again a very fast service, I'll continue to recommend you to others, thanks." - James from Warwickshire (Order No. M1181964) 01-12-2008
"Thanks for the quick processing and payment. Great Service!" - Nemia from Bristol (Order No. M1175925) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic service, really quick turnaround and will definitely tell everyone about mazuma. Thanks." - Dean from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1205735) 01-12-2008
"Absolutely brilliant, very very quick, genuinely very pleased!! Thanks, I hope it's this quick for the next phones I send in." - Mike from Kent (Order No. M1200510) 01-12-2008
"I was very pleased with your service as it was very easy and efficient for me. Therefore, I will use this service if I want to get rid of my old phone. I shall also recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you very much." - Shemina from Leicestershire (Order No. M1183427) 01-12-2008
"Easy and quick payment." - Mark from Somerset (Order No. M1204701) 01-12-2008
"Brilliant service, easily explained and will recommend to others, five star. Thank you." - Mark from Greater Manchester (Order No. M1189609) 01-12-2008
"THANK YOU for a very easy to use service and very prompt reply. Brilliant will recommend you to everyone." - Barry from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1199102) 01-12-2008
"Yet again, I am soo pleased with your service and how fast it is thank you very much yet again." - Ben from Worcestershire (Order No. M1218627) 01-12-2008
"I thought it would take ages to go through the process of selling my old phone... but it took less than a week! I was updated with emails on what was happening and I received my cheque today! =) ...I would highly recommend this site!" - Jordan from Somerset (Order No. M1188553) 01-12-2008
"Very fast service and payment thank you." - Roger from Staffordshire (Order No. M1223479) 01-12-2008
"Excellent fast service - already recommended you to friends. Keep up the good work." - Roy from Lancashire (Order No. M1223523) 01-12-2008
"I found the service at Mazuma - extremely efficient and very fast... everything was done within a few days... I found everything very impressive.. I'd definitely use again and refer to my friends too!" - Fahima from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1216735) 01-12-2008
"What can I say, excellent great price offered super fast service............... many thanks if only everything in life was this easy." - Ahleng from Hampshire (Order No. M1231092) 01-12-2008
"Excellent speedy and efficient turnaround just like my other transaction with you. A pleasure to deal with you." - Roger from Hampshire (Order No. M1242040) 01-12-2008
"Mazuma's service was excellent, envelope next day, payment within three days, what more could anyone ask: EXCELLENT. We shall come again!" - Norman from North East Lincolnshire. (Order No. M1222632) 01-12-2008
"The service, was absolutely first class. All happened exactly as stated. The process was absolutely easy - I will certainly use again and tell my friends & family. Thank you." - Jonathan from Berkshire (Order No. M1203491) 01-12-2008
"Thank you for your excellent service, I was extremely impressed at the speed and efficient manner my order was handled - I will definitely be recommending Mazuma to my friends. Thank you again." - Enid from Essex (Order No. M1225635) 01-12-2008
"Absolutely excellent service. Very easy to use website and I got a good price for my phone. The freepost bag arrived the day after I placed my order, I sent it the day after that. I got an email the next day saying they had received my mobile, and one a little later saying the order was complete and my cheque would be on its way. I received the cheque the very next day. An excellent service which took only 5 days." - Sarah from Cheshire (Order No. M1228253) 01-12-2008
"Fast, easy and no fuss." - Alex from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1189169) 01-12-2008
"Brilliant service, great way to recycle phones. Hope you make Zillions!" - Gary from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M1176211) 01-12-2008
"Awesome turn around time. Mobile was sent wednesday, cheque in the post thursday. Will recommend to all. Thanks." - Jonathan from Berkshire (Order No. M1220222) 01-12-2008
"I loved using your site this was very simple and very user friendly." - Phillip from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1233182) 01-12-2008
"Hi ya everyone at Mazuma, can I just say this is the second time I've used your-selves and both the service and response is excellent. Thank you very much." - Anthony from West Midlands (Order No. M1232302) 01-12-2008
"First time I have used this service, can't believe the quick response, thought my old phone was going to lie in a drawer forever, thanks to you I have even more money for Xmas presents when I get my cheque, now I know where to send my next phone when I buy a new one. Thanks a million." - Christine from Renfrewshire (Order No. M1217494) 01-12-2008
"This was a very fast service, no complications, absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much." - Elaine from Merseyside (Order No. M1229540) 01-12-2008
"Your a very good, efficient company to deal with....................well done. Won't hesitate to contact you in the future.......hope you all have a great xmas." - Duncan from Essex (Order No. M1191138) 01-12-2008
"Brilliant service. I would highly recommend this site to anyone selling a mobile phone. First class!!!!!" - Ronnie from Antrim (Order No. M1239212) 01-12-2008
"Hey thank you for taking my phone and turning it into cash! It was just lying around so I thought I better do something with it! Thanks again!" - Leighton from Torfaen (Order No. M1245010) 01-12-2008
"Whilst selling my mobiles to Mazuma I have been amazed how easy it was to sell them to Mazuma. I would strongly recommend Mazuma to whoever wants to sell their mobile(s) because of the quickness and easiness of posting my mobiles." - Amy from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1217439) 01-12-2008
"It was really quick and easy sent my phone off on the Tuesday and received my cheque on Thursday. Thank you mazuma mobile." - Terry from Shropshire (Order No. M1236484) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service." - Eileen from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M1246044) 01-12-2008
"I found your service effective and efficient please thank your staff. I also carry out work with NQA and FCS." - Mike from Bedfordshire (Order No. M1251701) 01-12-2008
"Amazing service. Really quick and easy! Recommended!" - Andreas from London (Order No. M1220024) 01-12-2008
"What can I say.... Absolutely brilliant,start to finish! Professional, polite and speedy. Definitely recommend to anyone. Be using again : )" - Peter from West Sussex (Order No. M1204811) 01-12-2008
"Thank you for your swift & no problem dealings. Your cheque arrived this AM. Thank you once again." - Alan from Cheshire (Order No. M1250656) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service, very fast and efficient, seemed a good price as well judging by what others were offering!" - Jacqueline from Gloucestershire (Order No. M1235350) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service! Speedy, efficient and easy to use. Wish I had come across your company earlier. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends." - Diane from Essex (Order No. M1214700) 01-12-2008
"Hi and thanks, the £28 for a mobile that I no longer use will come in handy especially at this time of year, thanks again and best wishes for the festive season." - Steve from Angus (Order No. M1208914) 01-12-2008
"Just wanted you to know how quick you were at mazuma in getting my cheque to me will certainly recommend you. Well done Mazuma." - Stuart from West Lothian (Order No. M1235020) 01-12-2008
"Excellent hassle free deal which was so quick." - Terry from Leicestershire (Order No. M966715) 01-12-2008
"Perfect service!" - Walker from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1252339) 01-12-2008
"What a very quick and very easy service. The longest part of the process was waiting for my bank to clear the cheque. I will be back if I find any more mobile's and will be telling all my friends and family how great, fast and easy the whole process was. Thank you Mazuma." - Hayley from Essex (Order No. M1223424) 01-12-2008
"This process was really fast and simple." - Kyle from Londonderry (Order No. M1230640) 01-12-2008
"An excellent service I received my cheque the very next day, really impressed." - Lesley from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1233974) 01-12-2008
"What fantastic service! Thanks so much!" - Bev from Cleveland (Order No. M1217923) 01-12-2008
"Thank you. Received cheque cannot believe how quick it all was done brilliant service will deal with again and have recommended to others." - Wendy from Kent (Order No. M1238695) 01-12-2008
"Just want to say thanks for your fantastic service. Very fast payment of cheque. Highly recommended and will certainly be using you again." - Michael from Yorkshire (Order No. M1249753) 01-12-2008
"Thank you for a very professional and speedy service saves the phone sitting in my drawer for the next 5 years. Thanks once again and Happy Christmas to you all." - Matt from East Sussex (Order No. M1221631) 01-12-2008
"Thank you for your very fast efficient service." - Mary from Somerset (Order No. M1236918) 01-12-2008
"Heard about yourselves via a friend. Delighted with your service in every respect. Great website, clear no-nonsense instruction, very quick response with information and postage of cheque by return. Would definitely use again without hesitation and have recommended you to a number of people already." - Lisa from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1248553) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service this is the second time we have used you and would recommend you to anyone. Fast response and fast cheque." - James from West Sussex (Order No. M1258367) 01-12-2008
"Thank you for a very fast and efficient transaction on both recent mobile phone sales will recommend you." - Colin from Durham (Order No. M1222005) 01-12-2008
"Day 1. Received the freepost envelope. Day 2. I posted my used phones. Day 3. I receive my cheque! This is the truth, I received my cheque within 3 days. Now that's fast! Overall an excellent service and I'm quids in! Thanks Mazuma!" - Nicholas from Stirlingshire (Order No. M1231103) 01-12-2008
"Am shocked at how quick this service actually was. Thank you very much amazing service!! Very happy customer." - Daniel from Nottingham (Order No. M1260143) 01-12-2008
"Excellent & simple easy to use process with regards to selling your phone. Hassle free & information clear & concise and very swift at posting cheque!" - Brian from Antrim (Order No. M1234062) 01-12-2008
"BRILLIANT, that's all I can say. I will never go back to Envirofone again, super fast service, a credit to the web. THANK YOU!!" - Anthony from Merseyside (Order No. M1258525) 01-12-2008
"Very fast, very easy! will definitely tell my friends and family about this website." - Lauren from Essex (Order No. M1254517) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service, received my cheque today, nice and easy transaction, very happy." - Lesley from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1248686) 01-12-2008
"Thank you so much. I found this service so easy so quick and so worth it and will be using again." - Valerie from Northumberland (Order No. M1246418) 01-12-2008
"Can't believe how quick and easy it was to pass on those old mobiles. Thank you so much." - Jill from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1237243) 01-12-2008
"Just sent a load of phones to you. Excellent service - the envelope turned up quickly, and then a mail to say when you had received it, and another mail later the same day to let me know that it had been approved and a cheque was on the way. Very reassuring and very fast. (Still waiting for the cheque, but it was only approved today)." - Guy from Middlesex (Order No. M1239564) 01-12-2008
"First class service, no problems." - Kamal from Kent (Order No. M1169974) 01-12-2008
"Hi Mazuma. Thankyou so much for your great help. I have sent you three phones now, and I received the cheque with in about 2 days. I absolutely love mazuma and think it's an amazing and quick process. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. Thankyou so much." - Jordanne from West Sussex (Order No. M1256068) 01-12-2008
"Brilliant company would use again." - Sheila from Rhondda Cunon Taf (Order No. M1240797) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service, quick and efficient, very easy site to use. Thank you." - Rory from Glasgow (Order No. M1249775) 01-12-2008
"Thank u very much :) it was as simple as turning your t.v on :)" - Jamie from East Sussex (Order No. M1249489) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic Service. Phone sent on a Friday, Cheque sent out on the Monday. Will definitely be using Mazuma again." - Charlene from Kent (Order No. M1207649) 01-12-2008
"Great way to make some extra cash, especially around xmas. Will defo use mazuma again and recommend it to others." - Sarah from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1258911) 01-12-2008
"Would just like to say that I found your service was excellent and very fast, sent my old phone in and received payment in less than a week, fantastic!" - Philip from Staffordshire (Order No. M1195516) 01-12-2008
"What a super service - those phones were lying around the house gathering dust - well done mazuma - must tell my friends!!!!!!" - Brenda from Co Londonderry (Order No. M1270198) 01-12-2008
"First time user, completely satisfied with the way that you operate, very fast response and payment. Highly recommend Mazuma." - Frederick from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M1262156) 01-12-2008
"It's been a pleasure doing business with you!" - Stephen from Down (Order No. M1248663) 01-12-2008
"Very useful to know when you have spare mobile phones lying around." - Will from Ringwood (Order No. M1270011) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic service, posted the phones on Saturday & had the cheque by Tuesday! Very quick! Many thanks." - Jonathan from Doncaster (Order No. M1196891) 01-12-2008
"Congratulations on your speed and efficiency, wish there were more like you." - John from Hampshire (Order No. M1272684) 01-12-2008
"Thanks for a speedy service received cheque today, only 6 days after order placed at a better price than your competitors. Thanks again." - David from Denbighshire (Order No. M1262761) 01-12-2008
"Excellent, fast and efficient service. Thanks to all involved." - Andy from London (Order No. M1239674) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service. Thanks." - Aaron from Antrim (Order No. M1230706) 01-12-2008
"Excellent, fast, hassle free service." - Lesley from Gloucestershire (Order No. M1227736) 01-12-2008
"Just to say that your service is absolutely first class. Old phones posted, received, sorted within three days. Makes a change these days to get such good service. Many thanks I will recommend you to my friends." - Wendy from Derbyshire (Order No. M1272541) 01-12-2008
"You do what you say on the tin! An excellent no-hassle service carried out quickly and efficiently. Well done." - Terence from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1248004) 01-12-2008
"An excellent service! Easy to use system and didn't take very long at all between placing my order and receiving payment. I will certainly be recommending mazuma to other people!" - Christopher from Leicestershire (Order No. M1244845) 01-12-2008
"Fast and efficient service. Will tell friends about the company." - Alan from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1248255) 01-12-2008
"I am very happy with the response I have had off you. I will definitely be using you again if need to." - Kathryn from West Glamorgan (Order No. M1266336) 01-12-2008
"WOW! Sent phone off on the Monday, received the cheque Wednesday in the same week! Great service and good customer service team. Thanks again." - Jennifer from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1241985) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service, quick and easy to use. Will use again and recommend to others." - Karen from Hengoed (Order No. M1179687) 01-12-2008
"I had problems receiving my pack but your staff were very helpful! I immediately received a replacement. After I posted my order i got a cheque in days! Amazing service. Thank you." - Gemma from Devon (Order No. M1170920) 01-12-2008
"Thank you for a job well done." - Paul from Gwent (Order No. M1241468) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service. Posted my phone on the 9/12 and received my cheque on the 11/12. Will definitely recommend to family and friends." - Tony from Warwickshire (Order No. M1275588) 01-12-2008
"I would definitely use mazuma again. Excellent company very easy 2 use. Thankyou." - Daniel from Merseyside (Order No. M1272607) 01-12-2008
"1st class service. Would use again and definitely recommend." - June from Essex (Order No. M1254099) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic service / it is the 11th of December 2008 and your pre agreed cheque is in my hand / there is no doubt who I will be recommending for the fair disposal of mobile phones / I gave you a good mobile / you paid a fair price / but most importantly no great delay / well done /spread the word." - Paul from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M1281781) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic, efficient, and informative. Thank you." - Tim from Greater London (Order No. M1289537) 01-12-2008
"I'd just like to thank Mazuma for their quick turnaround times. It was only yesterday I forwarded the handset and received an email back today to say the cheque was on its way! I've used your service before and will continue to do so as the customer service is excellent, thanks again!" - Alexandra from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1270154) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service. Really good in fact. Nice 1!" - Jonathan from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1267414) 01-12-2008
"Quick and easy :)" - Jessica from Stockport (Order No. M1194922) 01-12-2008
"Will recommend you to all my friends wanting to sell mobiles it's fast friendly and very easy." - Maxine from Co Durham (Order No. M1277535) 01-12-2008
"Really quick service..and so easy to use. Would happily use again or recommend friends." - Geoffrey from Durham (Order No. M1284939) 01-12-2008
"5 star rating very quick and easy thank you." - Paul from Cleveland (Order No. M1285731) 01-12-2008
"Very happy with the speed of services." - Tracey from Essex (Order No. M1281484) 01-12-2008
"Awesome! Quick, easy and great value. Thanks guys and gals and have a great Christmas!" - Lawrence from Northamptonshire (Order No. M1275093) 01-12-2008
"This was an excellent service fast and effective. I don't usually send feedback but this was worth it. I was a bit worried about sending phones worth money away without payment there and then but this was all done so fast and efficient. Have already recommended this site to 30 people and many more to come. Cheers MAZUMA!!!!!" - Warren from Norbury (Order No. M1267612) 01-12-2008
"Good website that explained every stage of the process & all the relevant info. The email updates are brilliant, so you keep the customer happy & knowing what stage it was up to. Easy & fast!" - Susan from Lancashire (Order No. M1255276) 01-12-2008
"Very impressed with this service. Sent phone by special Delivery on Tuesday morning and cheque received next Thursday! Would definitely recommend." - Lisa from Staffordshire (Order No. M1263256) 01-12-2008
"Excellent Company, true to their word and so easy to deal with. Fast and reliable payment, extremely satisfied customer." - Alistair from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M1245054) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic! First time of using you and very impressed with the service received. Very quick turnaround,emailing you my details to receiving my cheque - about 5 days! Definitely use you again and will be recommending you to all my friends." - Anthony from Hampshire (Order No. M1278624) 01-12-2008
"After seeing an advert on the tv I thought I would try your site to see what you would offer me for my phone. Initially I was amazed at the price, secondly I was amazed at the speed with which you dealt with my order. It was brilliant,start to finish, thankyou." - Lorraine from West Midlands (Order No. M1294729) 01-12-2008
"Super efficient service - much appreciated. Merry Christmas and a successful 2009." - Mauria from Middlesex (Order No. M1265566) 01-12-2008
"Superb Service! So it easy to do and no hassle at all!! Can't fault at all!" - Stephen from Great Manchester (Order No. M1293211) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service, my cheque arrived the day after my phone was received. I'll recommend to family & friends." - Craig from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1233765) 01-12-2008
"Great service so far sent phones and cheque on way great a++++++++" - Ryan from Dorset (Order No. M1287205) 01-12-2008
"I applied over their website got the packing stuff through the post 2 days later! Sent the mobile by special delivery (next day) on the Thursday but I think recorded post would have been the same. Got confirmation on Friday via email that the phone had been received and then another email a few minutes later got another email telling me that cheque had been posted out to me! Brilliant now I've just got to find my other mobiles!!! Thanks Mazuma." - Ranj from West Midlands (Order No. M1283178) 01-12-2008
"Service is excellent thanks." - Korrie from Bromley (Order No. M1235614) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service, I posted phone on Wed & received cheque on Saturday. Highly recommended." - Paul from Hampshire (Order No. M1286391) 01-12-2008
"I am very impressed with your whole service, your internet site was easy to use and the whole process was fast and efficient. Keep up the good work. Thankyou." - Rachel from West Midlands (Order No. M1239454) 01-12-2008
"Fast, efficient service. Good, friendly easy to use website. Quite competitive prices for handsets when compared to other mobile recycle websites. Received my cheque v quickly, impressed! :) Thank you." - Mahmood from Chingford (Order No. M1193657) 01-12-2008
"Great service thanks." - Stephen from Surrey (Order No. M1294597) 01-12-2008
"Mazuma was so easy to work with, and provides an amazing service. I am going to recommend and personally carry on using Mazuma." - Eliza from Greater London (Order No. M1288921) 01-12-2008
"Very impressing service, quick and reliable. Shall be using you again and passing it on to other people." - Hayley from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1268151) 01-12-2008
"Quick, efficient, professional, fair. Well done, will use you again and recommend you to others." - Jonathan from Hertfordshire (Order No. M1299317) 01-12-2008
"Once again great service couldn't ask for better service. It's Quick, efficient and reliable. Thank you." - Ryan from Suffolk (Order No. M1269879) 01-12-2008
"Absolutely brilliant service!! Will definitely use the company again." - Liam from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M1257399) 01-12-2008
"Fast and fantastic will deffo be using again in the future!!!" - Nathan from Lancashire (Order No. M1289372) 01-12-2008
"Brilliant, quick service have already told my friends about your service, will use you again." - Sandra from Cornwall (Order No. M1273817) 01-12-2008
"I found your service to second to none. Very quick and true to your word." - Robert from Cheshire (Order No. M1288657) 01-12-2008
"Thank you very much. I will use your website again and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Thank you again." - Anthony from West Midlands (Order No. M1309004) 01-12-2008
"Great service. Simple, quick and easy.. would definitely tell others about this site and use it again myself." - Carla from Dorset (Order No. M1282804) 01-12-2008
"Very fast and easy to use - would recommend to friends." - Aly from London (Order No. M1242502) 01-12-2008
"I am very pleased with this service and this is the best service I have ever used. I am planning on selling some more phones soon thanks." - Daniel from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1286325) 01-12-2008
"Excellent swift, smooth service." - Paul from Hertfordshire (Order No. M1300319) 01-12-2008
"I have been extremely impressed with your service, all parts of the process have been clear, easy and really fast. I will be using you again in the future, and recommending you to anyone who wishes to recycle their old handsets. Thank-you." - Jodie from Northants (Order No. M1269934) 01-12-2008
"Excellent, quick service, very pleased and will def recommend to others!!" - Cherie from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1300396) 01-12-2008
"Great service - turned my old mobiles into cash within 10 days, to be recommended!" - Simon from Leicestershire (Order No. M1277612) 01-12-2008
"Very fast service no problems, thank-you." - Sharon from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1289680) 01-12-2008
"Amazing service, very fast, efficient and professional, will use when I upgrade next, thank you so much." - Stuart from Cheshire (Order No. M1293409) 01-12-2008
"I felt I should send a quick email to thank you for your extra fast and efficient service! I entered the process with an element of doubt as to how easy it would be and was amazed at your high standard of service. I received my cheque promptly and decided to send you another 2 mobiles! I have just received confirmation that payment has been sent for these too. What a great gift just before Christmas! I have already passed on your card to a friend." - Claire from Neath Port Talbot (Order No. M1289482) 01-12-2008
"Excellent, speedy delivery on packaging, super fast payment and best of all a fantastic offer price for my n95 8GB - £140.00. Fabulous. Allowed me to trade in my phone and get an iphone without losing out on buying out my contract. Highly recommended." - Leigh from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1310412) 01-12-2008
"Thanks for a great service." - David from Antrim (Order No. M1316915) 01-12-2008
"Crikey that was bloody quick! Thanks very much." - Sam from Somerset (Order No. M1300737) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic service - I am really impressed with how quickly you turned my order around. Thank you." - Marc from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1285511) 01-12-2008
"I have used you several times....brilliant - so simple, easy and quick too! Thanks guys." - Amanda from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1288778) 01-12-2008
"Best company I have dealt with ever." - Rob from Suffolk (Order No. M1267788) 01-12-2008
"I wish all internet business was as straight forward as dealing with yourselves." - David from Hertfordshire (Order No. M1304834) 01-12-2008
"Completely exceeded my expectations - the easiest and quickest service I can remember in a very long time. Thank you so much." - Edward from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1278536) 01-12-2008
"Was slightly skeptical about this, couldn't see how such a good price was given for old phones. With nothing to lose (apart,old phones!), I went through the on-line process - very easy - and within a matter of a few days, I received the postal bag and confirmation letter. Sent the phones off and within a few days, got my cheque!! Such an easy process and a great way to make a bit of cash in these hard times. Already recommended it to friends." - Daniel from Surrey (Order No. M1080191) 01-12-2008
"Great service, very fast and efficient, no problems! Will definitely recommend!" - Line from Essex (Order No. M1184021) 01-12-2008
"Very good, quick service will definitely recommend your site!" - Gary from Antrim (Order No. M1238662) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service, extremely efficient. Whole process done in one week. I sent my phone on a Friday and had the cheque on the following Tuesday. Very impressive, highly recommended," - Adam from Cleveland (Order No. M1263839) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic Service, very quick and easy to do. Would definitely be using you again, already recommended you to friends and other businesses. A+" - Lisa from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1130638) 01-12-2008
"Wonderful service, have recommended you to all, I was very shocked when my cheque was sent so fast." - Amanda from Hampshire (Order No. M1221950) 01-12-2008
"Abs brilliant. Received the bags within a couple of days sent it away on the sat and had my cheque in my hands by the Wednesday!! def 10 stars" - Suzanne from West Lothian (Order No. M1279966) 01-12-2008
"Outstanding in every respect: good price, very efficient process, very clear instructions and information, very quick settlement. Thanks." - Denis from Derbyshire (Order No. M1130583) 01-12-2008
"Your service is amazing!! Thank you so much, some very much needed pre-Christmas money for a very loved phone!! Will be back soon.....merry Christmas!!" - Christopher from West Sussex (Order No. M1286732) 01-12-2008
"Very good service, would use you again." - Alan from Cheshire (Order No. M1284092) 01-12-2008
"Amazing service. So fast, efficient and simple it almost takes care of itself. What a brilliant company. Highly recommended to several friends already." - Jim from Suffolk (Order No. M1328466) 01-12-2008
"Superb,start to finish! no complaints and would recommend to anyone. Posted my phone on the Tuesday, and on the Thursday got an email to say that the cheque was on its way. Top." - Barrie from West Lothian (Order No. M1311997) 01-12-2008
"Thank you I have found this to be a fast service - so easy and for once a service that actually did everything it said it would... and faster in fact! I haven't received my cheque yet but I posted my phone yesterday and today I have received an email saying my cheque is on its way to me. Already! Amazing turn around and really very rare these days when dealing with anything like this." - Annie from London (Order No. M1306826) 01-12-2008
"Provide a great service that can be relied upon. Are quick to respond to enquiries and am very pleased with everything you have done!" - Sultana from Leicestershire (Order No. M1231268) 01-12-2008
"We're selling mobiles to raise funds for our charity. I have to say just how slick and efficient your service is, very impressive, thank you!" - Helen from Dorset (Order No. M1289119) 01-12-2008
"Very quick service with good prices paid for the mobiles. A happy customer!!" - Emma from Bucks (Order No. M1317300) 01-12-2008
"Great service will defo be using again ... and passing the name onto my friends and family. Not only are you giving payment for old mobiles you are giving them a new home." - Sarah from Cumbria (Order No. M1303712) 01-12-2008
"Really pleased with the service and with the speed of it all i will be recommending to family and friends :) Thank you x" - Angela from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1291737) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic service more than I expected thank you and very fast-no messing." - Andy from Hertfordshire (Order No. M1330094) 01-12-2008
"I have used Mazuma and their competitors a few times and Mazuma is definitely the best. Don't use anyone else now. They are definitely the fastest service around! Fantastic keep it up! A+++" - Janice from Renfrewshire (Order No. M1082490) 01-12-2008
"No 1 service no problems, smooth transaction." - Robert from Antrim (Order No. M1284235) 01-12-2008
"Amazing service and a positive impact on the environment... can't go wrong!" - Jason from Northampton (Order No. M1302744) 01-12-2008
"I have used Mazuma a few times recently and I am very impressed with the efficiency. All the money I raise supports a small charity. Thanks." - Janine from Oxon (Order No. M1290483) 01-12-2008
"This is such a great idea and the site is well designed and easy to use, communication was excellent and I received my cheque super quick. Thank you! I would definitely use the site again." - Nina from East Sussex (Order No. M1231125) 01-12-2008
"Swift response, paid as advertised - absolutely no complaints, top quality service." - James from Merseyside (Order No. M1304592) 01-12-2008
"Have used this service a couple of times and it's always quick, efficient and hassle-free. Thanks for a welcome boost to my christmas finances! Happy Christmas to you!" - James from Greater London (Order No. M1337829) 01-12-2008
"Great service fast payment would recommend friends or anyone to use them." - Peter from Peterborough (Order No. M1330370) 01-12-2008
"The cheque arrived today - many thanks for your incredibly speedy service - and for the best price for my old mobile. It would have been even quicker if I had given you my correct postcode! Happy Christmas!" - James from London (Order No. M1269318) 01-12-2008
"What a great service, first knew about it,the tv. Very prompt and a1 service in regards to sending phones off and receiving payment. Will definitely be using you again and will pass on the good service I received to people I know. Thanks!" - Peter from West Midlands (Order No. M1304317) 01-12-2008
"Excellent Service, Straightforward instructions & support via the Internet, Cheque sent very promptly. Thank You!" - Claire from Surrey (Order No. M1307640) 01-12-2008
"Very quick and easy service, I will definitely use again. Many thanks." - Wendy from East Sussex (Order No. M1286941) 01-12-2008
"You provide an excellent service and I hope that the mobiles I have sold have benefitted others." - Claire from Woking (Order No. M1216086) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service. I was surprised to receive payment so quickly. Thanks." - Nicola from Merseyside (Order No. M1244900) 01-12-2008
"Posted 2 phones thursday 18th december, confirmation received by email on 19th, cheque arrived on the 20th. Excellent service, and the best price online for my phones. Thanks." - Stephen from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1316585) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic service, very good communication at all stages through e-mails. Would recommend their speed and service to anyone. Thank you for a good transaction." - Samantha from Norfolk (Order No. M1278899) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service - less than 6 days,start to finish and so simple. A pleasure to do business with you - thank you." - Shaun from Staffs (Order No. M1317476) 01-12-2008
"Nothing but praise - all completed,start to finish within 4 days. Thanks for making it easy." - Shaun from Staff (Order No. M1343363) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service, far better than your competition, registered to sell phone online, received envelope the following day and a cheque the day after!. Fast friendly service, would definitely recommend." - Richard from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M1250579) 01-12-2008
"Great and speedy service will recommend and use again. Thank you." - Paul from Berkshire (Order No. M1305670) 01-12-2008
"Great service, would use again. Many Thanks." - Josef from Surrey (Order No. M1348962) 01-12-2008
"Great service very quick and easy would recommend to all. Thanks." - Sean from Co.Durham (Order No. M1334869) 01-12-2008
"Very efficient, very quick, very impressed." - Gordon from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M1290879) 01-12-2008
"Mazuma is very, very good. I saw an ad for it on tv and then I when I was tidying my room I saw an old phone that did not work I got £12 for I know it not much but it is good for an old broken phone lying around under your bed." - Joe from London (Order No. M1371446) 01-12-2008
"The best internet company I've dealt with so far. 100% true to their word." - Philip from Essex (Order No. M1321018) 01-12-2008
"First class! I will be recommending your site to all of my friends and family. Thanks." - Tom from Merseyside (Order No. M1346949) 01-12-2008
"A very fast and efficient service. Glad to get rid of old phone." - John from Somerset (Order No. M1329170) 01-12-2008
"Thank you for the 'quick and easy cash'. This is the second time I have used Mazuma Mobile to get rid of old mobile phone handsets. I find the service quick and easy to use. Plus you get a good price for the mobiles. Thank you for the extra spending money for our holidays!" - Victoria from Northumberland (Order No. M1317113) 01-12-2008
"Easy to use service. Surprised at efficiency - you don't often see efficiency like that." - Jon from Berkshire (Order No. M1332944) 01-12-2008
"Brilliant! Just Brilliant!! Phone sent off on Fri 19 Dec - received cheque in post on Tues 23 Dec. Dead easy, dead simple - great service - anyone can do it!!!" - Kevin from Merseyside (Order No. M1318510) 01-12-2008
"That was so easy and very, very fast. Fantastic service - look forward to receiving the cheque." - Chis from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1357179) 01-12-2008
"I think your service is really great - responsive, quick and courteous. I will certainly use you again. Have a wonderful Christmas." - Chris from Suffolk (Order No. M1281957) 01-12-2008
"THANK YOU FOR AN EASY TRANSACTION." - Robert from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M1322096) 01-12-2008
"Thank you ever so much for the good service and easy process to sell my phone." - Martin from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M1354297) 01-12-2008
"Many thanks for your speedy service. Everything was well organised and prompt. I will recommend your services to my friends." - Robert from West Sussex (Order No. M1319016) 01-12-2008
"First class service - Thanks." - Julia from Norfolk (Order No. M1317696) 01-12-2008
"I like to recycle as much as possible & hopefully your great service will encourage others to do likewise." - Elizabeth from East Lothian (Order No. M1350590) 01-12-2008
"Very quick service, and you kept in contact via email very well letting me know what was happening and when. Thanks." - Thomas from Northamptonshire (Order No. M1349853) 01-12-2008
"I was impressed with ease of transacting with Mazuma. Well done." - Neville from Greater London (Order No. M1369466) 01-12-2008
"I was very surprised how quick and efficient your service is. Thankyou very much. Merry Christmas." - Ken from Kent (Order No. M1354000) 01-12-2008
"Excellent couldn't believe how quickly the cheque turned up even over the Xmas period." - Mark from Kent (Order No. M1349149) 01-12-2008
"Quick, simple and straight forward service. Simply perfect." - Arjun from Essex (Order No. M1320413) 01-12-2008
"Great service, fast payout exactly as promised. Thank you." - David from Ayrshire (Order No. M1321040) 01-12-2008
"Brilliant service, fast reliable and trustworthy, I have banked my cheque after only 5 days of sending my phone to you, done and dusted. Thank you, if only everyone else would run their business as efficient as you it would be happy days all round. Merry Xmas." - Roy from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1353241) 01-12-2008
"Seen your ad on tele on the 15th, sent my old mobile which had been lying around for months on the 22nd, received a cheque to today the 24th, what an excellent site very fast and efficient I have already recommended you to everyone at work, family and friends keep up the good work." - Pamela from Larkhall (Order No. M1333978) 01-12-2008
"Excellent service,start to finish, would not think twice about using mazuma again. Will recommend to all my friends. Thanks." - Steven from Lancashire (Order No. M1346157) 01-12-2008
"Quick and helpful, handy extra cash." - Alex from Gwynedd (Order No. M1344848) 01-12-2008
"Very fast service (even 2 weeks before christmas)" - Charlotte from Northumberland (Order No. M1323856) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic, quick and so easy! Will use you again and again and will tell friends and family, well done and thank you." - Andrew from Somerset (Order No. M1320875) 01-12-2008
"Great service! Will shop with you again in future and will pass your name on to friends and family. Thanks." - Lisa from Teesside (Order No. M1334638) 01-12-2008
"Should have done this ages ago! Thanks for your £50 or so for the phones that have been knocking around for some time. Ta." - Stephen from Nottingham (Order No. M1187112) 01-12-2008
"Great service, what a good idea! I have told lots of friends." - Ivor from Cornwall (Order No. M1327113) 01-12-2008
"The service has been surprising prompt and efficient. I received payment within 3 days of sending my old mobile which was fantastic." - Owusu from Surrey (Order No. M1351712) 01-12-2008
"I still haven't received payment." - Paul from Surrey (Order No. M1275665) 01-12-2008
"Process was easy & fast - even over the Xmas hols. I liked the prompt updates re. receipt & payment. Would recommend Mazuma 2 all." - David from Hampshire (Order No. M1361117) 01-12-2008
"Very easy and very quick, e-mail updates are fantastic, will definitely recommend you to friends....thanks." - Richard from Bolton (Order No. M1375539) 01-12-2008
"Absolutely brilliant, so quick and so simple. Would definitely deal with again, well recommended." - Clive from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1370258) 01-12-2008
"It was a painless and easy way to get rid of my old phones. Many thanks." - Lee from West Lothian (Order No. M1366771) 01-12-2008
"Very pleased at how quickly you dealt with my request to purchase my old phone. I will definitely recommend you." - Hilary from Co. Durham (Order No. M1373987) 01-12-2008
"A very efficient speedy service in less than one week despite being at Christmas." - Carol from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1323273) 01-12-2008
"Wow - what a fantastic find you were! Even over the Christmas holidays your service was super fast and efficient. Thank you so much, I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family." - Keith from Berkshire (Order No. M1376639) 01-12-2008
"This is the 2nd time that i have used mazuma and both times I have been impressed by the speed and efficiency that my order has been processed in. What a great service!!" - Maria from Essex (Order No. M1374031) 01-12-2008
"I found the whole process really easy and would have done it sooner if I had known the company existed!!" - Gary from Kent (Order No. M1294135) 01-12-2008
"What an excellent service and I can't believe how quick,start to finish the service was. A+" - Vicki from Dorset (Order No. M1356310) 01-12-2008
"I have dealt with you a number of times, and have found you to be fair, efficient and professional in every transaction." - Phillips from Pembs (Order No. M1369499) 01-12-2008
"Mazuma have been very good. Alot faster than envirofone. I will always use you guys,now on. I have also recommended you to my sister :)" - Ryan from Leicestershire (Order No. M1377420) 01-12-2008
"Many thanks for a great service. must admit I was a bit worried that I was not going to see any money or phone but top marks guys. To get things sorted even over the Christmas period in quick time. I will definitely use you again." - George from West Sussex (Order No. M1325242) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic service, sent phones christmas eve and received cheque on 30th december, bearing in mind christmas was thursday/Friday." - Kevin from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1362294) 01-12-2008
"It is a pleasure doing business with you, very quick release of cheque as well. Thank you." - Ebverlinia from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1362591) 01-12-2008
"Very pleased with service and best prices for phones." - Robert from Antrim (Order No. M1354242) 01-12-2008
"Absolutely fantastic. Speed and Service excellent. Thankyou very much." - Emily from Essex (Order No. M1375858) 01-12-2008
"Thank you very much for the cheque this morning. Very pleased how fast and efficient all this happened." - Natasha from West Midlands (Order No. M1374681) 01-12-2008
"Absolutely fantastic service. First Class! Happy New year!" - Lynn from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1410084) 01-12-2008
"Brilliant! Can't believe the speed of this! And Also how much I got for my old phone!" - Richard from Hampshire (Order No. M1389025) 01-12-2008
"Thank you very much! It was quick and reliable. Well done!" - Alex from Kent (Order No. M1349325) 01-12-2008
"Really impressed with the service, posted the phone Monday afternoon and received a cheque for it Wednesday. Not many things are seen to that quickly. Thanks very much." - Jay from West Sussex (Order No. M1350271) 01-12-2008
"Fantastic service, very impressed will recommend to all my friends." - Susan from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1399103) 01-12-2008
"I am very pleased, I was offered a fair price for my old phone and the whole deal was quick and easy with the cheque arriving the next day. Well done MAZUMA." - Leslie from Suffolk (Order No. M1357011) 01-12-2008
"Very quick and straightforward. It was great turning old mobiles into cash, very useful. Thanks." - Karen from Hampshire (Order No. M1379950) 01-12-2008
"A very professional service that was easy to use and one was kept informed at every stage of the process. Thank you." - Paul from Hertfordshire (Order No. M1414353) 01-12-2008
"Super speedy get communication really great people thanks." - Chloe from Norfolk (Order No. M1332119) 01-12-2008
"Very, very impressed! Super quick, very efficient, if only all companies were as good as yours! Will definitely sing your praises to all! Happy New Year!" - Luke from Hampshire (Order No. M1386506) 01-12-2008

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