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As the newest iPhone on the market, this incredible device packed with top-of-the-range features could help you earn extra money with Mazuma!

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Can I sell my iPhone 14 Pro for cash?

New to the market in September 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro was of the highest specs for the season's latest developments from Apple. Featuring the latest A16 bionic chip, the phone offers the fastest interface and highest performance for tasks like gaming and video streaming. In addition, this technology is paired with a new feature of pixel binning, which groups four pixels, having them act as one to offer much more definition from the incredible photos taken on the 48MP camera.

With all these incredible features, you may be undecided about selling an iPhone 14 Pro, but when you see the prices we offer as part of our “sell my iPhone” services, you will be convinced that recycling your iPhone 14 Pro is the best option.

We offer the best phone prices, and you can often receive payments the very day we receive your phone*. For more information about how it works, you can take a look through our information pages.

Can I trade in or sell my broken iPhone 14 Pro?

Of course! Our onsite technicians asses every phone we receive and work hard to restore them to the beauty they once were. This allows us to accept an array of phones in various conditions. We can take almost every phone from cracked screens, broken buttons, and software malfunctions.

So whether it’s broken speakers, excessive scratches or lack of power that is convincing you to sell your iPhone 14 Pro, you can! You can even sell an iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Plus or an iPhone 14 Pro Max with our services for an excellent price. Of course, because of the work we do to make the phone brand new again, it will affect any quotes you receive, but as long as you are honest about the phone's condition, we will be honest in our price.

Are there any iPhone 14 Pros we can’t buy?

Unfortunately yes. Being a responsible mobile phone recycling facility, we take accountability very seriously. So, if we receive a phone involved in some form of criminal activity, we will hand it to the authorities for them to deal with.

Every iPhone 14 Pro we receive will undergo checks from CheckMEND, and if we see any issues flagged up, we cannot accept the phone. These include;

  • A phone reported as lost or stolen
  • A phone blocked by a network

If it has flagged up these issues or been blacklisted by CheckMEND. Unfortunately, we will be unable to take the device. If you believe there may be an issue with your phone trade in, you can always get in touch with our helpful staff, who will be able to give you further advice.

What are the benefits of recycling my iPhone 14 Pro?

There are very few downsides when you wish to trade in an iPhone 14 Pro. However, there are many reasons why you should. So, if you are thinking, “should I sell my mobile?" look at some of these credible motives.

It benefits the environment – recycling your iPhone 14 Pro saves it from going to landfill. Although mobile phones are very safe while they are being used, when they are left to deteriorate, they let out harmful gases and toxins into the atmosphere, which can cause serious issues.

It can earn you some money – When you choose Mazuma Mobile to recycle your phone, you can rely on us to dispose of or refurbish it, giving it new life, and as a bonus, we will even pay you for it. Of course, what you do with the money is up to you, whether it’s a treat for you, a loved one, or a downpayment on an upgrade.

Free up space in your home – We have all been there, old phones taking up drawers or cupboards. When you recycle your phones, you gain that space back for more essential items that will get used again and turn a phone graveyard into something more useful.

Why should I sell my iPhone 14 Pro with Mazuma?

As a leading mobile phone recycling facility, there are many reasons to choose Mazuma Mobile when looking to trade-in your phone. We understand that you can choose many other platforms, such as online auction sites or marketplaces, but that could take time. You could have the phone hanging around gathering dust whilst you wait for a buy that is both interested and willing to give you the price you need for it. Whereas Mazuma will offer you a reasonable price for any device, and with our free postage and packaging, we can take it off your hands from the minute you have the time to nip to a post office – We will even throw in free tracking!

We also wipe any phone we receive, so you can be sure that any of your personal data is kept safe. Even if you have factory reset your phone, we will use our data delete tool to ensure nothing is left (don’t forget to take off the find my iPhone app).

These are just some of the reasons to choose Mazuma Mobile for selling an iPhone 14 Pro, but there are plenty more reasons why we had to create an entire page! If you still aren’t convinced, look at our FAQ page or get in touch. We are always happy to help.

Can I sell other iPhone models other than the iPhone 14 Pro?

We accept all recent iPhone models for trade in. For a full list of iPhones we accept, please see the list below to find your iPhone:

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events that are out of our control.