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What is an IMEI number?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a 15 digit serial number unique to each and every phone.

To find your IMEI code, detach the battery and look at the IMEI field on the phone.

You'll usually find it printed on the back of your phone or on the SIM tray.

Alternatively you can have your mobile display
its IMEI number by typing the following on the keypad:

If your handset displays more than 15 digits or is separated by symbols, please enter the first 15 digits only.

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Why should I choose Mazuma for a tablet trade-in?

Looking to trade in your old tablet for some cash? Mazuma Mobile has got you covered! Our four-step process is easy:

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Step 1: Simply register your sale

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Step 2: Pack up your tablet

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Step 3: Post your tablet to us

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Step 4: And voila, instant payment!

We don't believe in hidden fees or trickery; you get honest cash value for your tablet that we transfer directly to your bank account. Not only that, but selling with us means that you're doing your part in helping the environment and reducing electronic waste.

So why not say goodbye to your old tablet and hello to some easy cash while saving the planet at the same time?

Why should I recycle my tablet?

The demand for the latest technology is higher than ever, as consumers are constantly on the lookout for newer, faster, and more efficient tablets to enhance their day-to-day lives. With this continuous urge to upgrade, there's an ever-growing pile of outdated devices that need to be handled responsibly.

By choosing Mazuma, you're taking a step towards a more sustainable future. Instead of letting your old tablet sit in a drawer or end up in a landfill, you can give it a new home and reduce electronic waste. This means that you're not only benefitting from fast and reliable cash, but you're also reducing the demand for new products and helping to preserve the environment!

It's a smart, simple, and sustainable way to get some extra cash while doing your part for the environment!

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How much is my tablet worth?

We're happy to help you get the best value for your device based on its model and condition. For example, if you have a newer model and it's in great condition with minimal signs of wear and tear, you could be in for a competitive price. However, if it's an older model or in a bit of a sorry state, it might not be worth quite as much. While we can't say for certain right here, we've made it super simple for you to understand how much your tablet is worth.

When you sell your device to us, we'll categorise it into three conditions: 'good', 'poor', and 'faulty'. This categorisation significantly affects the trade-in value, so it's important to know the condition of your tablet before sending it to us.

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But don't worry if you're not too sure which category your tablet fits into; we've got you covered. On our Terms & Conditions page, you'll find clear and simple criteria, along with initial quotes for each condition, with no sneaky hidden fees.

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How do I sell my tablet?

Mazuma has made selling your tablet surprisingly easy and extremely fast. We're pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with the brilliant prices we offer and we're absolutely sure you'll be amazed with the simplicity and speed of our service.

To sell your tablet, simply search for your model on our website by typing the model into our search tool or by clicking on the manufacturer of your tablet and finding your model in our image library. We've also added some handy direct links to popular model types like “Sell My iPad” and “Sell My Galaxy Tab”. You'll get an instant price.

Unlike many other electronic device recyclers, our prices are upfront, fixed and guaranteed - no nasty inflated 'up to' prices to tempt you in and leave you disappointed.

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Our Price Promise

Our price promise guarantees that you get the full price quoted or your tablet back FREE of charge.

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Free Pack

Once you've registered your sale, we'll post you a free sales pack, which includes a freepost bag to post your tablet to us in.

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Fast Payment

Then, the exciting bit - Mazuma will make payment on the very same day* we receive your tablet!

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events that are out of our control.

But if you come across any problems or have a question, don't worry. You can always contact us.

We're always more than happy to help out.