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Sell your Apple iPhone 13 with Mazuma today

Apple pulled out all the smartphone stops with the sleek and feature-packed iPhone 13 - sell yours for a fantastic trade-in value and upgrade the right way with Mazuma today.

Whether you want to sell an iPhone 13 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB model, we'll sell on or recycle your iPhone 13 so you can be sure you're making an environmentally friendly choice - all while getting a delectable deposit in your account for your trouble.

That's not all though. We won't charge a penny in seller fees, will wipe every byte of your data, and pay you the same day we receive the iPhone 13 you want to sell*- which should arrive nicely, given we provide free package tracking. As you might imagine, all these benefits have given us a solid rep.

Trade in your used or brand-new iPhone 13 with deals that'll put an extra dime in your pocket. Select your phone, condition and network, then see how much you'll get. Chat to us live at the bottom of the page or wing us a message today.

How to trade in your iPhone 13 with Mazuma

The super-retina, A15-chip, 16-core-neural-engine, 12-megapixel, sensor-sifting tech in this smartphone might be complex, but the process of trading in your iPhone 13 certainly isn't.

  1. Tell us your phone's condition and network. We'll show you your iPhone 13 trade-in price, then you need to choose your payment method and click submit.
  2. Within the next 14 days, use your free Sales Pack or Print Your Own Label to send us your phone, or drop it off at a DPD drop-off shop.
  3. If your iPhone 13 lands at our end before 2pm, we'll pay you the same day*.

Selling your iPhone 13 is simple with Mazuma - check out our guide for more detail.

What's the trade-in value of an iPhone 13?

Whether you're selling a new iPhone 13 because you fancy a different handset or getting rid of a trusty smartphone after some good use, you want the best iPhone 13 trade-in value.

There are a few things that impact the trade-in value of your iPhone 13. First, if the condition is poor, we'll pay less (bit of a no brainer there!). Then, if it's unlocked, we'll also pay more, as that gives the next owner more leeway in getting a low-cost, SIM-only contract. As such, getting the iPhone 13 you want to sell unlocked can be a smart move.

Sell your iPhone 13 today with Mazuma. Chat live at the bottom of the page, get in touch via message, or check out our support hub.

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events that are out of our control.