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Sell your iPhone SE, whether it’s broken or faulty, with confidence using Mazuma Mobile. As the no.1 phone recycler in the UK, you can trust us to buy your old phone for cash and recycle it effectively.

The iPhone SE has become Apple’s budget-friendly smartphone offering and has now entered its second generation. The first generation iPhone SE was released alongside the flagship iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Apple wanted to make a new smartphone experience that was more accessible than its main devices.

This first-generation iPhone SE had a design based on the iPhone 5S, offering the same look and feel but with upgraded hardware. This included Apple’s A9 chipset, a 12MP camera that was more in line with flagship devices and a better battery. The SE became a popular device for those who wanted to upgrade an ageing device but couldn’t afford or didn’t necessarily need all the premium features and design of the newer iPhones.

With the iPhone SE remaining popular a second generation was created in 2020. This one came alongside the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro/Max phones. Similar to the previous generation, it used the design of an older generation, but with the hardware of a more up-to-date phone. In this case, it was the design of the popular iPhone 8, but with all of the operating capabilities of an iPhone 11. This means you get the 4.7inch retina display from the iPhone 8, but includes the excellent A13 chipset and a 12MP single rear-facing camera that is supported by the technology available in newer devices.

Looking to sell your iPhone? You can sell your iPhone SE to Mazuma Mobile and get cash in your pocket, whether you’re looking to change phones or your phone is broken.

How to Sell your iPhone SE with Mazuma!

You can sell your mobile in just a few easy steps. Selling your iPhone SE doesn’t have to be complicated and we’ve streamlined our process to make it as swift and secure as possible.

  • Register your iPhone SE’s details online to receive your free quote.
  • We’ll send you a sales pack for your phone.
  • Arrange delivery with DPD once you’ve packed your phone up.
  • Sit back, put your feet up and wait for your payment to arrive!

We securely wipe all the data that’s on a phone when you send it to us. For more on how it works when you sell your phone, check out our guide.