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Want to sell your PS4? Well, you're in the right place! You can sell your PlayStation with Mazuma and we'll recycle it for you. We specialise in buying your old tech for cash and can buy your old PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim or PlayStation 4 Pro, regardless of whether it's in perfect working condition or broken.

With the next-generation PlayStation 5 out, you might have an old console stored away somewhere or want to sell your PS4 Pro to get some money to upgrade. Whatever the reason, you can trade in your PS4 for cold, hard cash with Mazuma. It's a super quick and easy process, not to mention a sustainable one too! What's more, we'll always pay you 100% of the PS4 sell price we offered you or we'll send your console back to you completely free of charge.

We offer fair prices, speedy, sustainable service and free postage both ways. It's a doddle to get things sorted - all you need to do is follow these four simple steps...

Select your model and register your details

At the top of the page, you'll have no doubt seen the list of models we will purchase. All you need to do is select the model you own along with the correct storage capacity (this is important as we can only guarantee your PS4 trade-in price if you provide the correct information) and tell us what condition it is in.

That's all done in the space of three clicks, and from there we can give you your unique PS4 sell price in cash and as an e-gift card. If you like what you see, just click 'Sell my device', fill in your details, choose your payment method and you'll have done all the legwork you need to confirm the sale.

We'll send you a FREE sales pack in the post

Once you've confirmed the sale, it's a case of sitting back and waiting for your free sales pack to arrive! We'll send you everything you need to post your PS4 to us safely and completely free of charge.

Send your PlayStation 4 back to us

Follow the instructions provided in the sales pack to send your console to us via freepost, fully tracked by Royal Mail Track and Trace. You've got 14 days to send us your PS4, which should be plenty of time as our parcels typically take one to three days to arrive at Mazuma HQ.

Get your money in a matter of days

Once we've received your console, we'll check everything's in order. Once we've confirmed that's the case, we'll initiate your payment on the day of receipt. If you choose a bank transfer and your PS4 gets to us before 2pm, you can expect the money in your account the same day, with no hidden charges to worry about.

We have more in-depth guides available if you want to know more about how our sales process works, but if you need any help be sure to check out our support hub or contact us directly.

PS4 trade-in: Frequently asked questions

Why should I sell my PS4 console with Mazuma?

There are plenty of reasons to sell your PlayStation 4 with Mazuma:

  • We offer fair prices as a nationally recognised brand you can trust.
  • We offer speedy payments to all customers on the day we receive their items, with the PS4 sell price we quote you guaranteed - otherwise we send your console back to you free of charge.
  • The postage process is completely free, quick and easy.
  • There are no hidden charges or terms to worry about.
  • We promise full data security and will ensure your console is clear of any personal information even if you've forgotten to reset it yourself.
  • We're a sustainably focused company, and ensure your PS4 will be sold on to a new home or broken down for parts. That means nothing we buy goes to landfill.

We're speedy, simple, secure and sustainable, so what's not to like? If you're still not sure, read more about why you should use Mazuma.

What do I need to do before I send my PS4 off?

Whether you're looking to sell a PS4 Slim, sending us a normal PS4 or looking for a PS4 Pro trade-in, there are a few common things that are worth doing before you send us your console:

  • Unpair any devices that are connected to the console.
  • Back up any data from your PS4 if required.
  • Factory reset your PlayStation 4 via the main settings.
  • Ensure you've included every component and accessory that your PS4 trade-in deal requires. For example, a PS4 in 'good' condition will require a fully working controller and power supply.

Does Mazuma take PS4 trade-ins on broken consoles?

We certainly do, although as you might imagine, the PS4 trade-in value of a broken machine is a lot less than one that's in perfect working order. But still, it's certainly not too bad getting a bit of cash for something you thought was done and dusted.

When you register your details with us, you'll want to select the 'faulty' condition option if you have a broken PS4 you'd like to sell. We'll give you a quote just as we would with any other console.

How much can I sell my PS4 for?

It's the age-old question. When you trade in your PlayStation 4, there are a few key markers for its potential value. The first is the model - are you looking to sell your PS4 Pro (the most valuable), a PS4 Slim or an original PS4 (both worth a little less)? Second, what storage size are we talking? Third, what condition is the console in?

These three factors will define how much we'll offer for your PS4, and it's those three clicks above that'll get you your PS4 sell price in a matter of seconds.

Sell your PS4 with Mazuma today and get a no-nonsense, 100% guaranteed quote and speedy same-day payment. Any questions? Contact us today.