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Sell your Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook with Mazuma today

Want cash for your old Apple tech? Sell your iMac or MacBook to us and get a solid chunk of change in your pocket – ASAP. And if you care about the environment, you can sleep soundly knowing we’ll properly recycle the iMac or MacBook you trade in. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Take a look in the listings above and find your model to see what Apple Mac trade-in price we’ll pay today.

If you love tech that just works, then chances are you’re a Mac lover! With powerful chips, boatloads of features and sleek lines that would make any designer swoon, they’re the computers of choice for creatives, CEOs and cool cats the world over.

Apple’s iMac desktops and MacBook laptops have come a long way since the funky crystal-cased designs of the nineties, and so has their market share. The number of users – while small – has been constantly growing compared to PC users. If you’re bored of Windows, they’re the PCs and laptops of choice.

None of that matters though, as you’ve come here to sell your iMac Mini or MacBook. Perhaps you’re an Apple devotee and need to free up some funds to get your mitts on the newest model of MacBook Pro, or you want to trade in your iMac and give Windows, Chrome or Linux a try?

Whatever your reasons, we’re here to help. Sell your Apple Mac with us and we’ll give you a great price. If we receive it and your tech doesn’t match our quote, we’ll send it back to you completely free. There’s absolutely nothing to lose by going with us – much better than letting your tech clutter up your gaff.

Need to know more before you commit? That’s completely fine – talk to us via live chat or contact our team today.

How to sell your Mac with Mazuma!

As one of the leading tech recyclers in the UK, we can give you cash for your old Apple Mac and recycle it for you quickly and painlessly. Sell your Apple iMac or MacBook through Mazuma today, the right way, with our streamlined five-step process:

    1. Find your Mac model and register the details of its condition to get your quote, then request a sales pack
    2. Twiddle your thumbs (but not for long!) while you wait for the pack to arrive
    3. Follow the instructions to package up your Apple Mac for trade in and arrange delivery to our expert technicians
    4. We’ll send you your money as quickly as we can once your Mac whisks its way into our HQ, often on the same day it arrives
    5. £££!

It’s as simple as that, but just in case you need more information on how our user-friendly process works, check out our how-to guide.

How much can I trade in my Apple Mac for?

Apple is constantly pushing the boundaries of its technology, from big changes like the Retina Display, Magic Keyboard and 100Wh battery down to the little things like new system sounds, user-friendly icons and smarter menus. It’s why we’ve fallen in love with Apple so much over all these years, but it’s also why it makes sense to sell our MacBooks and iMac Pros when the new iteration comes along.

So, how much can you trade your Apple Mac for? Firstly, with us, you’ll almost certainly get more than if you take it to a car boot, second-hand shop or do a deal for your mate. We know how much Macs are worth and we treat our customers fairly.

Our Apple MacBook and Mac trade-in prices are straightforward. If you have a Mac Pro from 2019 with 32GB of memory and a Core i7 processor, you’ll receive more than if you were selling a decade-old MacBook with a dodgy keyboard and a noisy hard drive.

It’s all down to condition and specs. The better the iMac or MacBook you’re selling, the higher the likelihood we can sell it on or recycle the components so they can be used in other computers. At the end of the day, though, if we get your traded-in Apple Mac and it turns out it’s worth less, you’ll have it posted back to you free of charge.

Sell and recycle your Mac the easy way with Mazuma – scroll up and find your model and specs to see how much we’ll pay for it.

Where can I sell my Mac?

Mulling over your Mac-moving options? As you’ve probably guessed, we’re pretty keen on our service, but if you really want to take your chances elsewhere, the following might be more your cup of cha:

  • A wheeler-dealer on a social marketplace who promises to pay your petrol
  • One of our competitors – one that won’t give you a fair price or the same quote
  • Someone responding to your ad in the paper, nine months after you put it up
  • A car boot sale (...we’re pretty sure they still do those?)
  • One of your mates, who probably won’t give you a great iMac trade-in rate

Or you could choose Mazuma and get a trade-in price for your Apple MacBook or iMac at the level you were quoted, fast.

How to clear your Mac before selling it

When selling your Apple MacBook, whether it’s being sold on or recycled, it needs to have its data wiped so your privacy is protected. If it’s sold on, it then works just like new.

You can do that by resetting your device to its factory settings before you sell your Mac. After you’ve backed up your data (important if you’re heading to a new Mac), start by signing out of iTunes, iCloud, and iMessage.

Next, shut down the Mac. Then turn it on, holding Command, Option, P and R straight away at the same time. Hold them for 20 seconds and your data will be properly wiped.

However, if you’re concerned about security, know that we’ll wipe your iMac for you once it arrives to comply with GDPR, so there is absolutely no chance of anyone being able to access your old data.

Why sell your Apple iMac, iMac Mini, MacBook, Pro, or Air with Mazuma?

There are eight clear reasons why you should choose Mazuma when selling your Apple Mac hardware for cold, hard funds.

    1. The same great price as your initial quote
    2. Immediate payment on the same day we get it
    3. No seller fees whatsoever
    4. Clear, fair terms and conditions
    5. Proper data protection
    6. Free tracking with your postage
    7. Deal with an eco-friendly company
    8. Our lovely reviewers think we’re great!

Selling your MacBook or iMac off for trade in or recycling doesn’t have to be a chore. Find out how much we’ll pay you for your Apple Mac above. For more information, check out our support hub, talk to us live or contact our experts today.