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Sell, trade in and recycle your Apple MacBook Pro with Mazuma

Want to sell your MacBook Pro? Get hold of the latest Apple model or another piece of new tech faster with Mazuma. We’ve been topping up the accounts of people across the UK for years, all while making sure their devices are safely recycled or sold on to other happy customers – a crucial part of doing our bit for the environment.

Search for your MacBook Pro model above and see what we’ll pay you for it when traded in. Simple!

The first MacBook Pro graced us with its design-forward presence way back in January 2006. Back then, it was the first MacBook to feature the classic backlit keyboard, and while it looked like the PowerBook that preceded it, it came loaded with multiple times more power. The single-aluminium ‘Unibody’ arrived in 2008, while the third generation was the first featuring Solid State Hard Drives, HDMI and the now-classic Retina Display.

Apple has since added all sorts of new features to its leading laptop, including Touch ID, USB-C and the Touch Bar, proving to all that Apple was – and is – the undisputed leader in high-spec tech. Just one of the reasons why, in 2020, the MacBook Pro was said to account for a significant portion of Apple’s Mac sales.

Apple’s flagship laptop is a big deal – and if you’re selling your MacBook Pro the chances are you want a trade-in price that suits. Whether you need the money to upgrade to a newer model, want to buy a different Mac, or want to leave the Apple ecosystem altogether, Mazuma can make your tech dreams a reality.

Select your model above to see how much you can get if you trade in your MacBook Pro. If you’re happy with the price, follow the simple and easy instructions to arrange free pickup. We’ll send you your Mac cash the day we receive your device in most cases, and in the unlikely event your MacBook Pro isn’t worth the quote we supplied, we’ll send it back to you for free.

Have any questions? Talk to our helpful people via live chat, or contact us today to learn more. You can see our prices for other Macs too.

How to sell your MacBook Pro with Mazuma!

Trading in your old MacBook Pro should be as simple a process as using Apple’s slick laptops themselves. That’s why we’ve made sure our MacBook Pro sell process is super straightforward:

    1. Find your MacBook Pro model, inputting its screen size, year, processor, and memory. We’ll show you what we’ll pay if you were to trade it in
    2. If you’re happy with how much we’re offering you to sell your MacBook Pro, let us know and we’ll send you a sales pack, post haste
    3. Follow the instructions within the sales pack to send your device to us for free
    4. If your traded-in MacBook Pro saunters in through our doors before 2pm, we’ll send you the money the same day. 3pm? The day after – which is still pretty quick in our eyes
    5. £££!

Need more info? Our useful guide has everything you need to know about selling your MacBook Pro.

How much can I sell my MacBook Pro for?

When selling a MacBook Pro for it to be recycled or sold on, you want to get the best price possible, so chances are you just want to know how much you’ll get.

We try to be as clear and fair as possible with our pricing. That means if you come to us to trade in a MacBook Pro with a larger screen from a recent year with a better processor and more memory, you’ll get more for it than smaller, older, less-powerful systems.

The same goes for condition. If your MacBook Pro is broken, it’s worth much less than if it’s in fine working order.

Of course, all MacBook Pros are different. So, to see exactly to what extent you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank once you’ve sent us your Apple MacBook Pro for trade in, use the filters above to find your model and how much we’ll pay for it.

Plus, if, for whatever reason, your MacBook Pro doesn’t match our quote when we receive it, we’ll send it back to you for free too, so there’s zero risk.

Where’s the best place to sell my MacBook Pro?

Thankfully, there are lots of options nowadays for people, like yourself, who want to sell their Apple MacBook Pro. That said, some of them leave a little to be desired in the value department...

  • Second-hand sites and social marketplaces – the two spiritual homes of time wasters
  • Car boot sales, where all you’ll find is ruthless bargain hunters, not David Dickinson
  • One of our slower (and stingier) competitors
  • Your mate, who’s angling for a very kind rate indeed
  • Yard sales – if you happen to live in the USA.

By going with Mazuma instead, you can sell your old MacBook Pro and get it recycled for a great price, with the money making its way to your account in record speed.

How to clear your MacBook Pro before selling

Before you trade in your MacBook Pro, it makes sense to get rid of your data. That’s important – both in terms of your privacy and us being able to sell it on if it’s in good nick. We will always wipe your data if we buy your MacBook Pro off you, but just in case you want to be extra careful, take the following steps:

    1. Back up your data if you’re getting a new MacBook Pro (or any Mac, for that matter)
    2. Sign out of iTunes, iCloud, and iMessage
    3. Shut down the MacBook
    4. Turn it on, then immediately hold down Command, Option, P and R for 20 seconds
    5. Your data will be wiped.

Why sell your MacBook Pro with Mazuma?

When selling a piece of tech as valuable as a MacBook Pro, you need to know that you’re getting a great price from a reputable buyer who won’t mess you around. These are just three of the eight benefits you get when selling your MacBook Pro with Mazuma:

    1. Great prices for your MacBook Pro
    2. Same-day payment when received before 2pm
    3. Absolutely no seller fees
    4. Refreshingly simple Ts and Cs
    5. GDPR-compliant data security
    6. Free postage plus tracking
    7. Sustainability in everything we do
    8. Amazing reviews and award-winning service

Sell your MacBook Pro with Mazuma today. See how much you could get at the top of the page, visit our support hub to learn more, talk to us on live chat, or contact our team the old-fashioned way.