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You want to sell your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Once upon a time it was top of the line, but something flashier has caught your eye, and that's okay - you've come to the best-price people!

We'll give you a fair trade-in price for your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Then we'll provide free tracked delivery, free data wiping, no seller fees, and same-day payment*. As you can imagine, it's a popular package!

Plus, because we either sell on or recycle your iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can help the environment by choosing us too.

Select your model - iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB - condition and network, see the price, then get your cash fast! Talk to us on live chat or get in touch today if you have any questions.

How to trade in your iPhone 13 Pro Max with Mazuma!

Thought getting an iPhone 13 Pro Max trade-in deal would be a mare? You thought wrong - we've made it super slick and simple:

  1. Tell us the network and condition of your phone, see the price we'll pay, then choose a payment method and pop in some details.
  2. At some point in the next 14 days, send us your phone via your free Sales Pack, Print Your Own Pack, or a DPD drop-off shop.
  3. If your iPhone 13 Pro Max trade-in gets to us before 2pm, we'll pay the same day*!

Sell your iPhone 13 Pro Max with Mazuma the ever-so easy way. See our guide for more details.

What's the trade-in price of an iPhone 13 Pro Max?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a big old palm pleaser, and there are a couple of things that will impact its trade-in price.

First, the network. If you're selling an iPhone 13 Pro Max that's tethered to a single network provider, you'll get less than if it's unlocked.

Then there's its condition. If your iPhone 13 Pro Max is held together by tape, we will still happily buy it, but we won't offer as much as if you'd kept it wrapped in cotton wool since its unboxing.

To see the exact amount we'll pay, input your phone's details above. Get in touch if you have any questions, talk to us via live chat, or visit our support hub.

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm (most are) and in events that are out of our control.