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Can I sell my iPhone 13 Pro Max for cash?

Finding the right phone can be a challenge. There are so many features that are worth consider-ing. However, if you think you've found the one and are looking to sell your old iPhone 13 Pro Max, the process has never been easier than with Mazuma. For all other models, head to our Sell My iPhone page.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of Apple's largest phone screens, with an impressive 6.7" display. Like other models within Apple's latest iPhones, the focus is on the superior camera, using cutting-edge technology to capture beautiful images and videography. The iPhone 13 Pro Max offers three of the most powerful cameras in the iPhone collection. It also boasts a massive 1TB storage, ideal for photographers, and with an OLED display, you can see your images in much brighter and higher definition.

The huge screen size isn't for everyone, though. So if you find the display challenging for everyday use, it might be time to part with your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Luckily we offer a phone trade in for any iPhone 13 series devices, including the Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone 13 Pro.

In addition, selling your iPhone 13 Pro Max to us will earn you quick money due to our easy process and price promise with no hidden costs.

So yes, you can sell your iPhone 13 Pro Max to us for cash (well, a cheque or bank transfer).

Can I sell or trade in my broken iPhone 13 Pro Max?

If you have a broken phone and are thinking, "Can I sell my iPhone 13 Pro Max with a cracked screen?" Don't worry. You can!

Accidents happen. Maybe your phone fell out of your bag, smashed on the pavement, or fell in the sink. Thankfully we at Mazuma Mobile are on a mission to rescue as many broken phones as possible. For complete clarity of the broken phones we can buy, here's a list of the defects we don't mind:

  • Cracked screen
  • Doesn't power on
  • Broken microphone
  • Broken speakers
  • Broken batteries
  • Missing batteries
  • Faulty buttons
  • Unresponsive touch screens
  • Excessive scratches, dents or cracks
  • Broken SIM card gate
  • Corrupted OS or other software issues

We buy broken phones that fall into these categories, but if your problem isn't listed here, it doesn't mean we won't buy your iPhone 13 Pro Max, so definitely get in touch for a quote. Don't forget to tell us the exact condition of your phone because even if you want to sell a nearly new iPhone 13 Pro Max, any defects can affect the quote.

Which iPhone 13 Pro Maxs won't we buy?

While we can buy most phones, even broken iPhones, there are some reasons why you can't sell an iPhone 13 Pro Max to us. These are as follows:

  • Phones that are entirely snapped in half
  • Phones that have been reported as stolen
  • Phones that have been barred by their network provider
  • Phones that have been blacklisted by CheckMEND or don't pass one of their reports

There are other circumstances where we won't buy a broken phone, as each situation is different, so it's worth considering when trying to sell your broken mobile to us.

What are the benefits of trading in my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

First and foremost, there is the impact a mobile phone has on the environment. Whilst the toxins in the phone are harmless whilst the device is in use, once it has been left to break down for years, these chemicals can cause severe damage to the ecosystem and cause harm to wildlife. Sell your iPhone 13 Pro Max for a safe and sustainable way to give your old or broken iPhone 13 Pro Max a new life.

In addition to helping the environment, you could be helping yourself with an iPhone 13 Pro Max trade in. You will earn some extra money and make some space at home. Trade in an iPhone 13 Pro Max today and start reaping the rewards.

Why sell or trade in my iPhone 13 Pro Max with Mazuma?

We know there are many options online, from local selling pages to auction sites. However, with all the second-hand phones on the market, you could either hang onto them for ages until someone is interested or end up selling for a much lower price than you had in mind. Here are just a few other reasons to trade in an iPhone 13 Pro Max to us:

  • Our price is guaranteed; the quote is what you will get sent. No hidden fees
  • Free postage and tracking
  • We have won awards for our service and consistently receive glowing testimonials
  • We delete all of your personal information with our data delete tool
  • Often you will receive the payment on the same day!*

Which other iPhones can I sell to Mazuma?

Got other old iPhones in your drawers at home? We accept a wide range of iPhone models, you can find your phone from the list below:

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events that are out of our control.