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Sell your PlayStation with Mazuma and get cash in your pocket as fast as possible, whatever generation of PlayStation you're looking to sell. We’ll recycle the old PS4 or PS5 you trade in, so if you want an eco-friendly way laying your trusty console to rest (all while topping up your bank balance), we're here to help you sell your console, simply.

Find your PlayStation above and see how much we’ll pay for trade-in – it’s that easy!

PlayStation is the system that shaped modern console gaming. The original PlayStation and PSone brought disk-based button-mashing to the masses, and Sony's awesome combination of quality games, smart hardware, and slick advertising meant it became the first console to sell 100 million units. The PS2 broke that record nearly four years faster too, selling 155 million overall! That's a lot of (now admittedly, rather fuzzy looking) polygons!

But let’s be honest. All that’s ancient history. If you’re looking to sell your PS4 and upgrade to the HD powerhouse that’s the PS5, or sell your PlayStation 5 you’ve come to the right place. We’ll let you trade in your PS4 or PS5 for cash – and if it turns out your PlayStation isn’t worth the price we quoted you online, we’ll send it back to you free of charge!

Controllers down, we'll say it again: with Mazuma, there really is nothing to lose if you want to sell your PS4 or trade in your PS5, so select your console above and see how much moolah could be winging its way to you very soon!

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How to sell your PlayStation with Mazuma!

Trading in your PS4 or PS5 should be as simple as possible, so sit back while we run you through the 123s of selling your PlayStation with Mazuma Mobile. Follow these five easy steps and you can have the cash in your pocket in a couple of days.

    1. Find your PlayStation model above and enter your console's unique details for a quote.
    2. If you're happy with the price, we’ll send you a sales pack. Wait for it to arrive. Play some games to pass the time.
    3. Once it leaps through your letterbox, package up your PlayStation and arrange delivery to Mazuma. All the instructions are in the pack.
    4. We'll send you money for your PlayStation as fast as we can – typically the same day your console arrives at Mazuma HQ.
    5. £££!

For more detailed information on how it works when you sell your PlayStation to Mazuma, check out our guide.

Where can I sell my PS5?

There are plenty of places where you could sell your PS5. Right here at Mazuma is your best bet, but if you don’t fancy getting a fair price, simple delivery, even simpler instructions, and lightning-fast payment, then you could try one of the following:

    1. One of our competitors, who probably won't give you free delivery materials, as good a price, or your money as quick
    2. A stranger on an online social media marketplace, who drives down the price then asks for free delivery five miles away
    3. Someone browsing your stall at a car boot sale – it's also 1997
    4. Your mate, who's definitely looking for a 'rate'.

It's a no-brainer. Choose Mazuma and sell your PlayStation 5 the simple way.

How much can you sell a PS3 for?

Wondering how much money you'll get selling your old PS3? Sony's seventh-generation console was released with fanfare way back in 2006, so while there is still a market for them, trade-in prices aren't as high as you'll find with newer PlayStation models.

Our pricing structure is all about condition and console features. So, if you come to us to sell the newest PS3 model available, the Super Slim, and it has a 1TB hard drive, is in good condition, and has a controller and power cable, you'll get more for it than a 40GB 'fat' PS3 that doesn't work or is banned on PlayStation Network.

The best way to check how much you can sell your PlayStation 3 for is to check out our PS3 trade-in prices above. And if we find yours isn't worth what we said we'd pay for it, then we'll send it back to you for free.

Why sell your PS5, PS4, slim, or pro with Mazuma?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to sell their PlayStation consoles with Mazuma – eight, in fact.

    1. A fair price that doesn't change
    2. Rapid, same-day payment
    3. Zero seller fees
    4. Fair terms and conditions
    5. We delete all your data
    6. Free postage with tracking
    7. We're environmentally friendly
    8. We're award winners – and have awesome reviews!

Learn more about why we're trusted up and down the UK. If you need any more information, chat to us live, or contact our team today.