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Sell your Playstation with Mazuma and we’ll recycle it and get you cash in your pocket as swiftly as possible, whatever generation of Playstation you’re looking to sell. We’re here to help you sell your console in as few steps as possible.

The Playstation has an extensive lineage, outlasting many of its earlier competitors. Since the early days of the first Playstation, also known as the PSX or PSone, they’ve been pushing the boundaries of what consoles can do. When Microsoft introduced the first Xbox, Sony was already on the Playstation 2, while brands like Sega were falling by the wayside. The PSX and Playstation 2’s hardware, along with the exclusive games, helped Sony build a loyal fanbase of gamers and the latter became the fastest-selling console at that time.

The Playstation 3 came next, and by this point, their competitors had started to step their game up, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a popular console. This is where the Playstation Network and Blu-Ray Disc reader came in. It also had compatibility with the Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita. There’s both a slim and super slim variation of the PS3 too.

The Playstation 4 launched in 2013, becoming the most powerful entry into the Playstation family by some distance. It focused on improving the social element of gaming, offering the ability to stream games and play remotely. It received many plaudits and in 2019 it became the second best selling console of all time, only behind its own predecessor, the Playstation 2. They since added the Playstation 4 Pro into the mix too.

With the launch of the next generation, the Playstation 5, around the corner, we’d understand if you were considering selling your Playstation 4 to free up some cash. We can also buy your PlayStation if it’s faulty, or if you just don’t use it anymore, so if you just have a faulty console lying around, you can still make some cash from it!

How to Sell your Playstation with Mazuma!

We’ll run you through the simple steps to selling your Playstation with Mazuma Mobile, so you can see just how easy it is. Following these steps means you can sell your Playstation and have cash in your pocket in just a few days.

  1. Find your Playstation model above and enter your console’s unique details for a quote.
  2. Now you just need to wait for your sales pack to arrive!
  3. Once it does, you can package up your Playstation and arrange delivery to Mazuma.
  4. We’ll send you money for your Playstation as swiftly as we can. It’s often as soon as the day your console arrives at Mazuma HQ.

For more detailed information on how it works when you sell your Playstation to Mazuma, check out our guide.