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Sell your iPhone 12 Mini with Mazuma!

You can sell your iPhone 12 Mini to Mazuma Mobile even if it’s broken! We can help you recycle your old iPhone 12 Mini for cash so you can upgrade your phone.

The iPhone Mini is the pocket-friendly entry into the iPhone 12 family. It combines the size of the older iPhone handsets with the tip to tail screen of the newer generations. It slots in neatly next to the iPhone 12 SE as an option for people looking for a slightly smaller handset. But, where the SE is aimed at the budget market, the iPhone 12 mini is more aimed towards people who want the current generation without the giant size.

The screen is 5.4 inches, which is nearly as big as some of the older iPhone ‘Plus’ phones but without the large handset. While it’s not as budget-friendly as the SE, the iPhone 12 Mini is still really affordable, especially when compared to other models like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s available in a range of colours and comes with cameras that put it nearly on a par with the premium models in this generation.

If you’re looking to change phones and want to sell your iPhone 12 Mini then Mazuma is here to help. We’ll even buy a broken iPhone 12 Mini and recycle it for you!

How to Sell My iPhone 12 Mini with Mazuma?

At Mazuma we make it simple to sell your iPhone 12 Mini. Just register your handset on our site, use the sales pack we send you to post it back to us and we’ll aim to pay you on the day it arrives.

Any quote you get through the site is locked in and 100% guaranteed. If we feel we can’t meet it for any reason we’ll send your phone right back to you!

We recycle all phones sent to us safely. This means you don’t have to worry about the unsafe disposal of your iPhone 12 Mini.

Recycling your iPhone 12 Mini with Mazuma is as simple as:

  • Find the model of iPhone 12 Mini you want to sell on our site, register it and lock your quote in.
  • We’ll send you one of our sales packs.
  • Follow the instructions to get your iPhone 12 Mini packaged up and posted to Mazuma.
  • Once your device arrives we’ll pay you, usually on the same day!

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