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Get Cash for Your iPhone 12 Mini With Mazuma!

You can sell your iPhone 12 Mini to Mazuma Mobile even if it’s broken! We can help you recycle your old iPhone 12 Mini for cash so you can upgrade your phone.

Can I sell my iPhone 12 Mini?

The iPhone Mini is the pocket-friendly entry into the iPhone 12 family, combining the size of the older iPhone handsets with the tip-to-tail screen of the newer generations. It slots in neatly next to the iPhone 12 SE as an option for people looking for a slightly smaller hand-set. But, where the SE is aimed at the budget market, the iPhone 12 Mini appeals to people who want a powerful device in a compact size.

The screen is 5.4 inches, nearly as big as some of the older iPhone ‘Plus’ phones but without the large handset. While it’s not as budget-friendly as the SE, the iPhone 12 Mini is still re-ally affordable, especially compared to other models like the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. In addition, the mini is available in various colours and comes with cameras that put it nearly on a par with the premium models in this generation.

If you’re looking to change phones and want to sell your iPhone 12 Mini, then Mazuma is here to help. You can trade in an iPhone 12 Mini, and we’ll give you cash and recycle it for you.

Can I sell a damaged iPhone 12 Mini?

Yes! Here at Mazuma, we accept broken phones, including those with cracked screens, scratches or software issues. We don’t mind if there’s a problem with the microphone or the device doesn’t hold a charge; we’ll still take it off your hands, so head over to sell my iPhone and find out how much you could get for your broken device.

When it comes to broken and damaged iPhones, find out what we can and can’t accept on our sell broken phones page. You’ll be surprised by the phones we’re happy to receive, and even if you can’t see your problem listed, it’s still worth getting a quote.

Are there any iPhone 12 Minis Mazuma doesn’t accept?

To make sure we never buy a phone that is being sold to us illegally, we do have to say no to broken phones if:

  • The device has been snapped in half
  • The device has been reported as stolen
  • A network provider has barred the device
  • The device is blacklisted by CheckMEND or fails to pass one of their reports

We assess phones on a case-by-case basis, and there may be other instances in which we cannot buy a broken phone.

Why should I trade in my iPhone 12 Mini with Mazuma?

Trading in your old device benefits both you and the planet. Not only do you get some cash for an electronic device you’re no longer using, but our recycling services help keep e-waste out of landfills.

Give your old iPhone 12 Mini a new home. If you sell your iPhone to us, depending on its condition, we will either refurbish the device and find it a new home or dismantle it and recycle the parts in the most responsible way.

Make a bit of money. You might be surprised by the iPhone 12 Mini trade in value, and whatever we quote is what you’ll receive in cash as long as the device matches the condition declared when you agree to sell.

Get rid of unwanted junk. You may even have other old mobile phones lying around the house that you can sell to us at the same time – we’ll happily take them!

How do I sell my iPhone 12 Mini to Mazuma?

At Mazuma, we make it simple to sell your iPhone 12 Mini. Register your handset on our site, and use the sales pack we send you to post it back to us. We always aim to pay you on the day we receive your phone.*

Any quote you get through the site is locked in and 100% guaranteed. If we feel we can’t meet it for any reason, we’ll send your phone right back to you! We recycle all phones sent to us safely. This means you don’t have to worry about the unsafe disposal of your iPhone 12 Mini.

Recycling your iPhone 12 Mini with Mazuma is as simple as:

  • Find the model of iPhone 12 Mini you want to sell on our site, register it and lock your quote in
  • We’ll send you one of our sales packs
  • Follow the instructions to get your iPhone 12 Mini packaged and posted to Mazuma
  • Once your device arrives, we’ll pay you, usually on the same day!

Still need convincing? Please read all about how it works and how we recycle old phones. If you need help with anything else, our support team are here for you, or you can have a read of our FAQs.

Which iPhones models can I sell?

You can sell a wide range of other iPhones other than models in the iPhone 12 range; please browse the list below to find your phone:

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same-day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events out of our control.