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Released in February 2023, this Samsung phone offers the latest phone technology available. It takes inspiration in its design from the previous models, and many have said there are few differences between earlier phones. So, if you are looking to sell a Samsung Galaxy S22 for the latest edition of the Samsung S23, you will already be used to many features.

The camera design is possibly the most notable change under the first inspection. Instead of a raised platform for the lenses on the back of the phone, the camera lenses sit in their individual frames, offering a sleeker and tidier appearance. However, if the small changes to this phone have left you feeling a little underwhelmed and you are thinking, "Is it worth it to sell my Samsung S23?" we can help. You can trade in a Samsung S23 for cash. Often, we send it the same day we receive your phone! Money is paid directly to your bank, or a cheque can be posted if you choose this option, and you help make the world a better place by sending your device to a leading phone recycling facility.

Can I sell my broken Samsung Galaxy S23?

From faults to falls, we understand that life is never always perfect, so we also know that your phone may not be in the best condition. No matter how well you protect your device, it can succumb to scratches, dints and even broken glass. This doesn't mean you are unable to send your phone to us. We accept a full list of phone faults and issues because we believe every phone deserves the chance for a new life, either with an extensive refurbishment or parts broken down and sent to help fix other devices. See below for the most common faults we see on devices that are still ok to send:

  • No power. This can be for a variety of problems. Often, some of them are simple to fix for our expert engineers.
  • Broken bits. Speakers, microphones or even sim card slots are all important to the function of a phone and are often the first to break.
  • Broken touchscreens. We have all had a smartphone with a cracked screen, and the cost of some screen repairs often outweighs the worth of the phone.
  • Battery damage. Again, when there's an issue with the battery, they can't often be replaced easily, and the cost could be more than the phone.
  • Damaged buttons. Few phones have many buttons, in fact, for most smartphones, the only buttons on phones are the volume and power, which are pretty essential but not worth the repair costs.
  • Excessive wear. Whether you have never considered a phone case or it's a phone which has served you well for many years, it may be full of scratches and dents. That's fine by us.
  • Corrupted software. Although most software issues can be fixed with an update, if there is one specific to your phone, it may be a manufacturing issue.

We only ask that you are honest in the category of your phone when getting a quote. If you are honest with us, we can be frank with you in our offers.

Why should I recycle my Samsung Galaxy S23?

First and foremost, it's great for the planet! Recycling anything will prevent it from becoming an environmental problem and prevent greenhouse gases. However, there are a few other reasons to consider as well.

Your phone will help reduce the need for new material. When you recycle your phone, it either gets refurbished, making it brand spanking new again, or broken down for parts. When broken down into parts, it helps provide essential materials for new devices and reduces the need for raw materials, which damages the environment.

When you sell your Samsung S23 or any of your older devices to us, you free up space for something more important. You will also get some space back at home! We have all been there with a junk drawer full of old devices that have no more use.

We have many other reasons, but most importantly, recycling a phone has many advantages to the environment and a greener future.

But why Mazuma?

Well, this list is even longer! There are LOADS of reasons to use Mazuma when you start thinking, "perhaps I should sell my Samsung." Whether it's an S23 or you’re looking to sell a Samsung Galaxy S21, we are the best option for the best price and service.

  • We have incredible testimonials from our customers.
  • We have award-winning customer service.
  • We can offer fast payments for your phone.
  • We make the process dead simple (take a look at how it works for more information).

So, choose our services when looking for the best place to sell your mobile.

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