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Sell your Samsung Galaxy Tab with Mazuma!

Time to change tablets? You can sell your Galaxy Tab to Mazuma for cash, whichever model you’ve got, and we’ll do the hard work in recycling it for you.

Samsung’s entries into the tablet market have been well received since the first was released in 2010. The Samsung Galaxy Tab range began with a simple 7.7-inch tablet that has since evolved into one of the best ranges of tablets on the market. The Galaxy Tab is primarily divided into two different ranges, the Galaxy Tab S and the Galaxy Tab A, but there are others available, such as the Galaxy Tab View or Tab Pro.

The Galaxy Tab S series offers the high-end feel of the Samsung Galaxy S range of phones. They run on the Android operating system and are currently up to the Galaxy Tab S7. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S range has long been at the forefront of the Android tablet range, offering excellent OLED displays coupled with sleek designs and powerful chipsets. Newer models of the Tab S range have fingerprint sensors built into the screens and were also the first tablets to add an additional lens to the rear camera array. The Galaxy Tab S6 and other Galaxy Tablets offer excellent support for Samsung’s keyboards and S Pen.

For those that can’t quite afford the prices that come with the high-end nature of the Tab S, Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab A range. These are tablets that are more affordable and more everyday uses, whether it’s portability or wide screen capabilities. There are Tab A models with screens up to 10.1 inches as well as 8.4 inches.

Whether you want to sell your Galaxy Tab so that you can change to a new tablet, or simply want to free up some space and make some cash from your old device, Mazuma is here to help.

How to Sell your Galaxy Tab with Mazuma!

Selling your old Galaxy Tab is simple. We’ve made our tablet recycling process quick and hassle-free. It takes just a few simple steps and we’ll be able to recycle your old Galaxy Tab for cash.

It’s as swift as:

  • Find the Galaxy Tab model you want to trade in on our site and enter its details for your quote.
  • Just request a sales pack and sit back and relax while you wait for it to arrive.
  • Follow the instructions in the pack to get your Galaxy Tab ready for delivery and post it back to us.
  • Then your part is done and we’ll send you your cash as quickly as we can, often on the same day your tablet arrives at our warehouse.

If you’re concerned about security, then don’t be! We wipe all of the tablets that get sent into us. For more on how it works when you sell your Galaxy Tab, just check out our guide.