2024’s Hottest Phone Releases So Far

Are you a tech enthusiast who loves the thrill of a new gadget, especially when it comes to smartphones? Well, then, you’ve picked the perfect time to upgrade! So far, 2024 has proved a fantastic year for smartphone innovation, buzzing with brand-new models featuring lots of shiny functions, designs, and many other bits and bobs. Are you ready to explore them with us?

In this blog, we’ll dive into what’s new in the tech landscape, whether you’re already eyeing your next upgrade or just curious about the latest trends! We’ll highlight the hottest phones released so far in 2024, tease some juicy rumours about the upcoming iPhone 16 series, and show you how we can make trading in your old phone a breeze so that you can switch to one of these new tech beauties. Ready? Let’s go!

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The hottest phones released so far: what’s new?

This year has surely started with a bang, with exciting major releases from all the big names in the industry. For instance, Samsung kicked things off with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, while Google dropped the Pixel 8 Pro. But there’s more! Buckle up because now we’ll look into a few tech gems in more detail so that if you’re thinking, ‘I’m ready to sell my phone and get one of these models!’, you know what you’re in for. Let’s get started!

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: pushing boundaries

First up, we’ve got the exceptional Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The South Korean tech giant has outdone itself with this model; that’s all we can say! Imagine a phone with a camera so powerful it feels like you’re carrying a DSLR in your pocket! The 200MP sensor captures every detail with incredibly stunning clarity, whether you’re snapping photos of your furry baby, a colourful and elaborated dish, or a breathtaking sunset. And if this isn’t enough, the S24 Ultra is a performance beast, too.

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, this smartphone handles multitasking like a champ, allowing you to juggle multiple apps smoothly, stream high-definition videos, or play graphics-intensive games. And let’s not forget the battery life! With all-day power, you can stay connected without constantly hunting for a charger. Speaking of design, it’s sleek and modern, with a great edge-to-edge display that takes watching videos to a whole new level. It’s safe to say Samsung continues to set the bar high, so we totally understand if you want to trade in your Samsung Galaxy S23 for this new one!

A black mobile phone on a black surfaceGoogle Pixel 8 Pro: AI at its best

Next, we have the Google Pixel 8 Pro, which combines smart features with a remarkable user experience, making it one of the most interesting phones of the year. If you’re a fan of AI and smart features in smartphones, this one is going to blow your mind, literally! With the Pixel 8 Pro, your life will become a lot easier, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket! For instance, the predictive text feature is eerily accurate, almost as if it knows what you’re going to type before you even think about it!

And what about the camera? Another standout feature. Google has always been known for its exceptional camera software, and the Pixel 8 Pro is no exception. With its advanced computational photography, you can take stunning photos even in low light conditions. This pairs well with an incredibly clean and intuitive user, making it a joy to use. Last but not least, with Google’s constant commitment to privacy, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

A hand holding a mobile phoneOnePlus 12: speed demon!

OnePlus might be less known, but it’s making waves in the market, delivering high-quality phones that offer great value for money! The OnePlus 12, for instance, is another highlight of this year, creating quite the buzz. Known for their fast and fluid performance, OnePlus smartphones have taken things up a notch with their latest releases! Let’s have a look at the main pluses of this tech marvel:

  • Lightning-fast processor
  • Super-speedy charging
  • Vibrant display for sharp visuals

But it’s not just about speed! The OnePlus 12 also features a sleek design that’s both stylish and practical. The camera system is top-notch, capturing beautiful photos and videos with ease. All this is crowned by an amazingly user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate.

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Sony Xperia XZ4: for content creators

Last but not least, let’s turn the spotlight on the Sony Xperia XZ4. It’s no secret that Sony has always been known for its excellent camera quality and technology, and the XZ4 is no different. While everybody would enjoy the many wonders of this phone, it is a particularly fantastic phone for all content creators out there, whether on YouTube or TikTok, with a camera system that offers professional-level features.

The display offers amazingly vibrant colours and sharp details that make everything look vivid and realistic. The performance is also excellent, thanks to a powerful processor that can handle any task you throw at it. Not to mention Sony’s commitment to quality, you can be sure that the XZ4 is built to last. So, if you’re a creator looking for a phone that can keep up with your needs, the Sony Xperia XZ4 is definitely worth checking out!

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Teasing tech: what’s rumoured to drop next?

While we’re already spoiled with what’s out, the rumour mill is trembling with excitement about what’s coming! As you know, September is traditionally Apple’s time to shine, and this year is surely no exception! With the iPhone 15 series being already old news, the new iPhone 16 is about to rise, with thousands of fans eagerly anticipating the groundbreaking upgrades. If you want to know all about the brand-new iPhone 16 series, why not check the blog we wrote about it?

Aside from specific models, we can venture into the territory of phone trends, with foldable phones expected to get an interesting upgrade and brands like Samsung and Huawei aiming to perfect this futuristic design. Imagine a phone that folds into a tablet—2024 could be the year it becomes a reality!

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