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If you’re thinking of selling your old phone, here at Mazuma we’ll buy your old Samsung Galaxy S8 for cash. As the UK’s number one phone recycler, we can help you sell your old Samsung Galaxy S8 for cash, quickly. Whether you’re looking to sell a faulty Galaxy S8 or you simply want to change from a Galaxy S8+, we can help you recycle your old smartphone for cash.

The Samsung Galaxy S8. introduced in 2017, was the first of the Galaxy S phones to retire the physical home button from their devices. This meant that the screen could suddenly take up much more of the device, especially when combined with their infinity displays. Alongside the launch, rather than an Edge, was the Samsung Galaxy S8+, billed as a phablet for its slightly larger size.

With no home button and the infinity screen as standard, the Galaxy S8 was quite the step up from the Galaxy S7. In place of the button, which had a fingerprint scanner, the phones added retina and face recognition technology alongside bigger screens. Both devices' screens featured a 1440p OLED display, with the S8 being 5.8inches and the S8+ boasting a full 6.2inch display.

Alongside these improvements was a move to USB-C for charging plus improvements to the chipset and the ability to add a micoSD card for storage. Even the camera, which was the same as its predecessor, was better due to improvements to the software. The phone was incredibly well-received and highly sought after when first released.

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How to Sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 with Mazuma!

Mazuma Mobile will recycle your old phone, even if it’s faulty or broken. Our service is swift, secure and comes with a price guarantee on your quote.

In just a few simple steps you can sell your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ for cash.

  • Find the Galaxy S8 on our site and enter the details unique to your device. At this point you’ll get a quote!
  • All you need to do then is sit back and relax while you wait for your sales pack to arrive.
  • Package up your old Galaxy S8 and organise delivery through DPD.
  • We’ll give you cash for your old Galaxy S8 once it arrives with us, aiming to be as swift as possible with the payment.

If you want to know more about how this works, check out our guide. We take faulty Samsung Galaxy S8 devices and we wipe all phones that are sent to us.