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Can I Sell My iPhone 12 Pro Max with Mazuma?

While it’s an excellent phone, we understand that you may want to sell your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Maybe it’s broken, or you just fancy a change. Whatever the situation, Mazuma can buy your old iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a powerhorse of a phone, sitting happily at the head of the iPhone 12 family. It’s the best iPhone of the current generation on the market, offering the best battery life, more power and one of the best cameras that Apple has ever produced. It’s essentially the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max from the iPhone 11 range, which means it’s the flagship premium model.

It’s fairly sizable, with a 6.7inch screen and comes in a range of different colours. There are 3 cameras in its rear array, including the core 12MP camera. It offers powerful video recording capabilities in addition to just point and click shooting. As it’s a premium phone the base model comes with 128gb and can rise to 256gb or 512gb.

All that said, if you aren’t happy with your iPhone 12 Pro Max and you want to sell it, Mazuma is here to help. We can buy your broken iPhone 12 Pro Max or simply help you recycle an old phone when you’re changing handsets.

How to Sell My iPhone 12 Pro Max with Mazuma?

Mazuma Mobile makes it as easy as possible for you to sell your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Just register your device and get your quote locked in, we’ll send you a sales pack and you post your iPhone 12 Pro Max back to us.

All quotes are 100% guaranteed, and we aim to have your money with you the day your phone arrives at our depot.

Any phone you send us is recycled safely, so when you sell your iPhone 12 Pro Max to us you don’t have to worry about safe disposal.

Selling your iPhone 12 Pro Max to Mazuma is as simple as:

  • Register the model and condition of your iPhone 12 Pro Max on our site to lock in your quote
  • We’ll stick a sales pack in the post
  • Use the sales pack instructions to package up your iPhone 12 Pro Max and send it back to us
  • Your payment is sent to you once your phone arrives with us, often on the same day

If you still aren’t sure you can learn more about how it works and Mazuma’s recycling plan. Want to sell a different model? You can sell your iPhone or another smartphone to us just as easily.