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Sell your iPhone XS with Mazuma!

If you want to sell your iPhone XS, then you’re in the right place. Whether you want to change phones or your iPhone XS is broken or faulty, we can take off your hands for cash.

As the twelfth generation of the iPhone, the iPhone XS succeeded the iPhone X. On launch they became the most expensive smartphones that Apple had ever released, and you can see why. The iPhone XS took the excellent design of the iPhone X and upgraded the hardware. It includes an A12 Bionic chip and a 5.85inch OLED display. Along with a 12MP dual rear-facing camera and 7MP front-facing camera, there’s faster face recognition. The camera sensors are drastically improved too, bringing them in line with a number of competitors.

The iPhone XS Max became Apple’s largest phone to date. With a stunning 6.46inch OLED display. It has a larger battery than the iPhone XS but other than that it’s the same phone. As Apple’s first entry into the plus-sized phone category it was a great entry. Offering an excellent large display, solid camera and decent battery life.

If you want to sell your iPhone, then Mazuma Mobile can help. As the no.1 phone recycling company in the UK, we are experts in recycling the iPhone XS and can give you cash for your old phone.

How to Sell your iPhone XS with Mazuma!

You can sell your mobile to Mazuma Mobile in just a few simple steps. We can arrange a swift payment and securely wipe any data you’ve got stored on your phone once it arrives.

The steps to sell your iPhone XS are:

  • Register your iPhone XS online and get your quote. Just enter the details of your phone.
  • Mazuma Mobile will send you a sales pack for your phone.
  • Package up your device and post it back to us.
  • We’ll make a swift payment once your device arrives, and wipe your phone’s data.

For more on how it works when you sell your iPhone XS through us, check out our guide. If you’re interested in why you should choose Mazuma, then there’s a guide for that too.