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Looking to trade in your Xbox and make some cash? Maybe you want to upgrade to the awesomely new Series S or X – or even just free up a bit of space in your loft by selling your old Xbox? Whatever your reasons for laying your Xbox to rest, you can sell your console and give it the best send-off possible by getting a fair wodge of wonga – fast – with Mazuma.

Just find your Xbox console above and see how much we'll pay for trade-in – it's that easy!

Ever since the Xbox stormed onto the console scene back in 2001, we've loved Microsoft's constant focus on providing the very sharpest graphics, coolest Xbox-only game series, and pulse-raising online gaming – the first proper example (sorry Dreamcast…).

And while the Xbox has always been behind the PlayStation in terms of sales, that doesn't mean it's any less influential. Even after selling an old Xbox, there's a special place in our hearts for the big green X that brought us hours of fun, with the likes of Halo, Forza, and Fable on our most-played list.

But let’s get down to brass – you want to sell your Xbox One S, trade in your Xbox One, or sell your Xbox One X for cold, hard coin. You want to join the console premiership with an upgrade, get rid of clutter, or simply boost your bank balance. Choose Mazuma, and whatever you need, you can get it the easy way!

Pick your Xbox trade in model above, then select the condition it's in. You’ll see the price we’re offering, and from there, you can trade it in. The process is simple – you don't need a brain like Bill Gates to get it!

Want to know more about selling your Xbox? Chat to us live or contact our helpful team now.

How to sell your Xbox with Mazuma!

Selling your Xbox One, S or X with Mazuma is simple as screen-looking – with arguably quicker results! Check out the five steps below and you'll be trading in your Xbox in no time.

    1. Select your Xbox model and hard drive size at the top of the page, then enter its details to let us work out your quote.
    2. Satisfied with your sum? If so, we’ll wing you over a sales pack – it has everything you need to get your console to us.
    3. Package up your Xbox and follow the instructions in the pack to arrange fast, tracked delivery.
    4. If we receive the Xbox you’re selling before 2pm, you'll have the money in your account the same day. If not, the day after day. Either way, that’s Ma-zoom-a fast!
    5. £££!

To learn more about our ever-so-speedy online Xbox selling process, read our helpful guide.

How much can I sell an Xbox for?

Whether you're working your way up to a One X by selling your old Xbox One, or joining the next-generation console revolution with a Series X or S, you need to be sure you're getting the best possible price for Xbox trade-in.

Forget slow, time-wasting online marketplaces or dodgy second-hand shops – with Mazuma, we've made it so you get a fair price when you sell your Xbox. It's all down to its specs and condition.

Selling an Xbox One S with a 1TB hard drive? If it's in good condition, with a controller and power cable, we'll pay more for it then an Xbox One 500GB that's faulty.

To know exactly how much we’ll pay for your Xbox, scroll up and find your model. Just know that if your Xbox isn't worth what we quoted you, we’ll send it back to you, free of charge.

What places buy Xbox Ones?

If you're in the market to sell your Xbox console, then there are a fair few places that will buy your Xbox One, S, or X instead of Mazuma – though all will offer you a worse experience in terms of price, speed, and effort:

    1. A competitor, who has worse reviews, customer service, prices, and doesn't offer free tracked delivery
    2. Social media, where there are definitely no time wasters to be found...
    3. Second-hand sites – but get your photography skills on point first – and get ready to deliver in person
    4. Mates – who, as we all know, don’t usually offer the best rates.

Or you can just choose us, trade in your Xbox One, S or X, and get your money fast, right into your account at almost the moment we receive it.

Why sell your Xbox One, One S or One X with Mazuma?

We don't mess around our customers. When you want to sell an Xbox, we're all about ladling on the benefits, of which there are eight big ones.

    1. Good, fair prices
    2. Same-day payment to your account
    3. No seller fees whatsoever
    4. Simple Ts and Cs
    5. Full data security
    6. Postage with tracking for free
    7. We're a sustainable company
    8. Award-winning service and reviews that make us blush!

Trust Mazuma when you're selling your Xbox – learn more about our great service, chat to us live, or contact our experts to find out more.