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Sell your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus for cash today. We will buy your old iPhone 8, even if it’s broken or faulty, and recycle it for cash.

The eleventh generation iPhone saw a number of new and interesting features added. While the look and feel didn’t change drastically from the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus added a bunch more features and a few other changes.

The normal version of the iPhone 8 mainly saw an incremental change from the previous generation. True Tone technology has been added to the Retina HD display, which has stayed the same size, at 4.7inches. There was the addition of a glass back to enable wireless charging, along with a much-improved A11 chipset that matches up with many of the newer phones Apple have since put out. The camera is 12MP rear-facing and 7MP front facing.

The iPhone 8 Plus was received well as a larger phone, with the 5.5inch screen familiar to those who have had other iPhone Plus phablets. The 8 Plus has a wide angle lens as the main camera, with a telephoto lens added as a second lens on the back of the camera.

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How to Sell your iPhone 8 with Mazuma!

With Mazuma you can sell your mobile with ease. In just a few swift steps we’ll take your old or broken phone off your hands and give you cash for it!

  • Enter your iPhone 8’s details on our site and get your free quote.
  • We’ll send out a sales pack for your phone.
  • You just need to package it up and arrange delivery with DPD.
  • Sit back, put your feet up and wait for your cash to come in, usually the same day we receive your phone!

If you’re interested in selling your iPhone 8 just follow the steps above, but if you are still unsure you can read more about how it works in our guide.

For peace of mind, we wipe all data from any phones that are sent to be recycled through us.