Everything Revealed at Galaxy Unpacked 2024

Samsung just wrapped up their latest Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris. As Samsung’s second event of the year, expectations were set fairly low. However, Samsung did deliver on announcing a few new devices that might be of interest to the avid Samsung fan.

Did you miss the event? No problem. Keep reading for a brief recap of everything announced at the latest Galaxy Unpacked 2024.

Galaxy AI

It seems like Samsung are doing whatever they can to make AI more accessible than ever. The big, bold claim with Galaxy AI is that it will be available on over 200 million devices! In contrast, Apple Intelligence will only be coming to the 15 Pro series and subsequent devices, such as the new 16 series.

Galaxy Ring

We also got the first look at the Galaxy Ring!

As suspected, this wearable is being marketed as a health aid and “The pinnacle of unobtrusive health technology”. The ring will work similarly to the current Galaxy Watches, and sync effortlessly with Samsung Health. This means you’ll be able to wear your ring during exercise, sleep, and throughout the day for top-quality health data.

The ring will supposedly have a 7-day battery life and have a smaller, sleeker design than current smart rings such as the Oura. It also comes with a nice sci-fi-looking charging case, which is a bonus.

Of course, hands vary in size, so Samsung have made the Galaxy Ring available in sizes 5-12.

The ring is starting at $399, which will likely mean a UK price of £349.

Is this the one ring to rule them all? Or do you still prefer the look of the other smart rings on the market?

Galaxy Watch Ultra and Galaxy Watch 7

Speaking of wearables, Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Watch Ultra and Galaxy Watch 7.

With up to 100 hours of battery life, a 47mm-1.5″ Super AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage, the new Ultra watch certainly looks like a powerhouse. Samsung also claims the Ultra’s new processor is up to 3x more powerful than the Galaxy Watch’s current CPU.

Again, Samsung have gone big on health here. The new watch will be able to handle ECGs and detect sleep apnoea – so this device could literally be life-saving. Once this device is in people’s hands, we’ll certainly have a better idea of how accurate these systems are!

The Galaxy Watch 7 looks like a good improvement upon the 6. With a similar, but smaller screen to the ultra, you’ll be sure to get a high-quality display and a long-lasting powerful bit of kit.

Galaxy Flip/Fold

As expected, Samsung also introduced the latest range in their Flip/Fold series of smartphones.

Where health was the focus with wearables, durability was very much the center of attention here. Sometimes, when we think of foldable phones, we can assume they might be a little bit flimsy. This, as well as the price, is probably a big factor in turning people off of these devices. This is exactly the type of mindset Samsung is trying to turn around with this new series.

With the best camera, battery, and durability of the Flip/Fold series, it does seem like a big improvement on the Flip/Fold 5s.

But forget the specs for a second, the design of these devices is what we want to focus on. Launching in a range of incredible colours, the new Flips in particular look rather fancy. Coming in Silver Shadow, Yellow, Blue, and Mint – these devices might be worth picking up for the style alone!



And that’s it!

Well, that’s not all Samsung discussed. They spent plenty of time talking about how they plan to keep your data safe whilst incorporating their new AI systems. They also revealed some new Galaxy buds – which look good, but pricey. Interestingly, AI will also be a big feature in these, being able to detect how well-fitted the buds are and adjust the volume accordingly.

So did any of that excite you? Why not trade in an older device and pre-order one of these brand new Samsung product.