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Sell your Honor with Mazuma!

When it comes to selling your old phone, here at Mazuma mobile we have years of experience of making the process as easy for you as possible. We’ll give you a great price for your old Honor handset, and you’ll have the money the same day we receive your phone. We’ll also make sure it is reused or disposed of responsibly, so you don’t need to worry about its impact on the environment - we’ve got it covered.

If you’re upgrading your phone, selling your old one can help you to make a bit of extra cash to go towards buying your shiny new model.

Honor are a relative newcomer to the smartphone industry, but their handsets have been popular over the past five years and there have been plenty of them on the market. Honor offers a cost effective smartphone option for those looking for plenty of features without breaking the bank.

Apple iPhones and Samsung handsets may be holding the top spots in the smartphone market, but Honor have carved out a spot for themselves too.

If you’re getting rid of your old phone, did you know that you can also sell us your other old tech? We’ll buy your old tablet, smartwatch, laptop or games consoles too!

How to Sell your Honor with Mazuma!

It couldn’t be more simple to sell your Honor mobile at Mazuma. We are propud to be the UK’s no.1 phone recycler, and we’ve developed a streamlined process to ensure you get the money for your old phone as soon as possible.

Sending us your old Honor phone only takes around five minutes, all you need to do is:

  • Find your Honor model on the Mazuma site
  • We’ll send out a sales pack, so you can send it in to us
  • Post your Honor in the pack we provide once you receive it
  • As soon as we receive your Honor, we’ll check it over and send you the money, usually one the same day we receive it

If you have any questions about what we do with your old phone, you can check out our how it works page.