Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

April 2008

"Really good service, helpful and informative, will recommend this site to anyone." - Sophie from Lancashire (Order No. M384208) 01-04-2008
"Painless way of getting rid of your mobile phone that just gathers dust in your draw! And great to know it's going to good use! Recommended!" - Krystyna from Worcestershire (Order No. M387959) 01-04-2008
"1st class service, cheque sent quickly, would use again & recommend to anyone." - Christopher from Dorset (Order No. M386012) 01-04-2008
"Hello. I have just traded my mobile phone with you and I just wanted to let you know how very impressed I am with the whole process, and how quickly and efficiently that you dealt with everything. I am going to pass your details onto my friends, family and work colleagues. Best wishes & thanks again." - Joanne from Bristol (Order No. M383229) 01-04-2008
"Thank you very much for all your help and I will be sure to tell my friends about your company. Thank you once again." - Stephen from Lancashire (Order No. M402842) 01-04-2008
"Yet another pain free dealing with Mazuma. Thanks for making everything so quick and easy." - Michael from Belfast (Order No. M395582) 01-04-2008
"We have used Mazuma twice now and you provide a fast, reliable service." - David from South Yorkshire (Order No. M379291) 01-04-2008
"So easy. Pre-paid envelope good idea." - Ian from Cumbria (Order No. M396858) 01-04-2008
"Clear guidance and prompt response. Definitely recommend to others." - Paige from Derbyshire (Order No. M398233) 01-04-2008
"Ideal way to sell my old phone & very fast services." - John from Lancashire (Order No. M390060) 01-04-2008
"A real find, great efficient and friendly service, will be using again and recommending to others." - Mel from Berkshire (Order No. M404613) 01-04-2008
"Quick & friendly service would definitely use again many thnx." - Michelle from Gwent (Order No. M401764) 01-04-2008
"Thanks all done very quickly, professionally & fun." - Mike from Kent (Order No. M378873) 01-04-2008
"Excellent service, all done in a week. Thanks." - John from South Wales (Order No. M384747) 01-04-2008
"Very helpful and informative kept me updated all way through start to finish. Has been a pleasure." - Julie from Middlesex (Order No. M389873) 01-04-2008
"Fast, simple and good communication regarding sale." - Kelly from Kent (Order No. M404855) 01-04-2008
"Brill service used about 7 times always contact you 1st." - Neil from Gloucestershire (Order No. M395472) 01-04-2008
"Wow - very impressed with this speedy, easy to use service. Good to know that we are doing our bit for the environment and the cash is always a bonus. Best prices for trade in. I will definitely recommend to others." - Elizabeth from Lanarkshire (Order No. M412148) 01-04-2008
"A very pleasant and quick service. Only 2 days,posting off my order to receiving my cheque! Absolutely brilliant service. I would highly recommend and use again. Many thanks." - Keith from Hertfordshire (Order No. M384384) 01-04-2008
"I would just like to say that I was very impressed with Mazuma's very quick and pleasant service. I posted my parcel on Monday and had already received my cheque in this morning's post. I would highly recommend you to anybody that has old mobiles hanging around the house. I will definitely use you again, and it was nice dealing with a local company as I live in nearby Croxley Green. I hope that my old phones will find nice new homes. And as too whether you could improve your service, I don't think that's possible, especially in my case. Thanks again." - Keith from Hertfordshire (Order No. M384384) 01-04-2008
"Very good service and fast. I would recommend everyone to use this service." - Rufsana from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M408034) 01-04-2008
"The service I have received,you personally and your company has been top class. Well done. Thanks so much." - Mark from North Somerset (Order No. M373406) 01-04-2008
"What a great company to deal and I will use again. Thanks for quick payment and great service." - Emma from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M405020) 01-04-2008
"Very efficient, well set up service... I will be happy to recommend you to friends." - Ian from Kent (Order No. M398629) 01-04-2008
"Excellent to deal with. As it should be with all transactions." - Ian from Stirlingshire (Order No. M413512) 01-04-2008
"I would just like to compliment you on the service. People are quick to point out faults, however, on this occasion I am pleasantly surprised at the efficiency and ease that your company operates." - Nic from Flintshire (Order No. M405933) 01-04-2008
"Thanks and I will be using you again." - John from West Yorkshire (Order No. M409673) 01-04-2008
"Excellent, fast service. Would use again and would recommend to my friends and family." - Rebecca from Lancashire (Order No. M396132) 01-04-2008
"Excellent service. Thanks." - Jan from Berkshire (Order No. M405988) 01-04-2008
"Excellent service... Quick turn a round, in less than a week... Will be using you again. Thx." - Ricky from Kent (Order No. M413006) 01-04-2008
"Excellent and easy to use service. Thank you." - Rebecca from Surrey (Order No. M386650) 01-04-2008
"Thank you for providing a fast and efficient service that I will definitely use again in the future." - Julie from West Midlands (Order No. M378345) 01-04-2008
"Well done, everything was settled in 7 days. Thanks again very quick service. Would recommend you to anyone." - Karen from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M412720) 01-04-2008
"Excellent service, love it, be using you again. Thanks." - Charlotte from Berkshire (Order No. M409266) 01-04-2008
"I have now used your company on about 4 times and I have to say I think it is wonderful - no hassle, easy payment - absolutely brilliant." - Lynne from Bristol (Order No. M416086) 01-04-2008
"Found it really straight forward, no hassle, no gimmicks. Would use you again and would recommend you to friends." - Stephanie from Lancashire (Order No. M415217) 01-04-2008
"Superb service! Good prices, probably best on the net! So easy and cash received within time given!! thankyou!" - Berna from South Yorkshire (Order No. M416218) 01-04-2008
"Very happy with your service and the speed and ease of the whole transaction. Would definitely recommend you to anyone wishing to sell their old phone." - Ian from Hampshire (Order No. M412137) 01-04-2008
"Efficient and quick! Thanks!" - Marjorie from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M420453) 01-04-2008
"Excellent and prompt service, was a pleasure dealing with you." - Ben from Bristol (Order No. M415723) 01-04-2008
"Fast and efficient service." - Stephanie from Oxfordshire (Order No. M418374) 01-04-2008
"Excellent quick and efficient service. I will be using you again and recommending your service to as many as possible. Thank-you." - Andrew from Cornwall (Order No. M411147) 01-04-2008
"Quick, professional, very well organized. First class can't fault. Will definitely recommend." - Christopher from South Yorkshire (Order No. M418407) 01-04-2008
"Excellent service will defiantly use again and tell my friends." - Andy from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M414986) 01-04-2008
"Fantastic service, start to finish, all mobile companies take note MAZUMA is the future. They are the best, I will recommend to my friends, many thanks." - Christopher from Cumbria (Order No. M425843) 01-04-2008
"Your service is very fast and professional. Happy to recommend you." - Parul from Middlesex (Order No. M399135) 01-04-2008
"Great service. Very clear procedures showing what to do, freepost bag to send your old phone off and you get money at the end! I'd use you again." - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M419122) 01-04-2008
"Thanks for the email a pleasure to deal with." - David from Lancashire (Order No. M424259) 01-04-2008
"Great service, almost too quick and could not have been easier. I just wish I had more phones to send you!" - Lesley from London (Order No. M416505) 01-04-2008
"Great service, really helpful and friendly. Incredibly fast response to a query I sent and excellent customer service. Would highly recommend this company!" - Hannah from Somerset (Order No. M425414) 01-04-2008
"Very pleased with the process and would have no hesitation of recommending your company." - Arthur from West Midlands (Order No. M424215) 01-04-2008
"Fantastic service, thank you." - David from Wrexham (Order No. M422378) 01-04-2008
"Excellent service well done. I am very happy with your service." - Atul from Middlesex (Order No. M434610) 01-04-2008
"Was a bit worried about not receiving payment at first but wow! will be using again soon definitely! Thank you." - Lindsey from Leicestershire (Order No. M432520) 01-04-2008
"Really good service, paying better than a lot of other sites. Really fast as well which was good." - Ellen from East Lothian (Order No. M429308) 01-04-2008
"Good to do business with you. Easy, fast and painless. Thanks." - Ralph from London (Order No. M427636) 01-04-2008
"Well done Mazuma!!! Excellent transaction and communication all round. It's a very simple process, and a great way of making some extra reddies. I will definitely be routing out more of my old moblies and have recommended Mazuma to many of my friends!" - Andrew from Cheshire (Order No. M432025) 01-04-2008
"An absolutely fantastic service. I was a bit unsure at first about sending off my phone without a payment. However, I received my payment within days. A very efficient, reliable and superb service. I've recommended it to everybody. Thank you." - Rhian from Denbighshire (Order No. M434643) 01-04-2008
"Great service & fast payment. Would definitely recommended." - Laura from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M420079) 01-04-2008
"Thanks, the order went very smoothly and quickly." - Laura from South Yorkshire (Order No. M434819) 01-04-2008
"Do you know that was so simple it was almost unreal. Thanks." - Mike from Cirencester (Order No. M435138) 01-04-2008
"That is the fastest service I have ever used. Glad the phone was suitable for you to use. I'm using this website more often." - Dean from West Midlands (Order No. M431222) 01-04-2008
"So far so good, I've been really impressed by yourselves. If the payment is as good and as fast as everything else I will be happy to strongly recommend you to everyone one else, good work, thanks." - Chris from West Yorkshire (Order No. M432938) 01-04-2008
"Must admit I was skeptical at first, thought this is way too easy, there must be a catch but pleased to say absolutely fantastic service, so easy to use, kept informed by e-mail every step of the way, cheque received promptly. Thank you!" - Nicola from South Glamorgan (Order No. M430177) 01-04-2008
"I thought the service was excellent very quick and helpful. I would recommend anybody to use the website. I sent my phone on the Thursday and had the cheque Monday." - Stuart from Birmingham (Order No. M438581) 01-04-2008
"Mazuma was very quick to process my old phone with good results. Thank you." - Martin from Wiltshire (Order No. M438119) 01-04-2008
"Great service, cheque came today (hope it clears, ha) hope to deal with you again, thanks." - Chris from West Yorkshire (Order No. M432938) 01-04-2008
"Brilliantly easy, much better than selling the phones on ebay:) I'll definitely be doing it again. Thanks." - Emma from Antrim (Order No. M428263) 01-04-2008
"Don't believe I've had rubbish old phones rattling around in drawers when it is so easy to turn them into hard cash! Think you are fantastic, so easy,start to finish, kept me informed of progress and paid me quickly! I have been recommending you to all my friends. Thanks. :0)" - Joanne from Lancashire (Order No. M437789) 01-04-2008
"Have just received cheque for 3 mobiles which I sent off about 10 days ago. So very pleased with prompt service." - Dean from Wiltshire (Order No. M434027) 01-04-2008
"It was a real pleasure dealing with Mazuma! I've just taken out a new contract and didn't know what to do with my previous phone as nobody I knew wanted it. I checked around online and was really happy when I discovered Mazuma and realised that I could dispose of it properly AND get paid for doing it! What's more, everything I needed to send my phone to Mazuma arrived next day and within a couple of days my order was complete and a cheque on the way! Thanks guys, you're the best!" - Ashley from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M438867) 01-04-2008

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