Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

September 2008

"Very impressed with the easiness and fast efficient service." - Jacqueline from Surrey (Order No. M804729) 01-09-2008
"Thank you for the two cheques received recently and would like to congratulate Mazuma on the fast and efficient service. I'll certainly recommend Mazuma to my friends!" - Janice from Somerset (Order No. M773577) 01-09-2008
"Very fast, smooth and easy transaction. Will definitely recommend to my friends and would use again no problem. Brilliant!" - Tracy from Ayrshire (Order No. M817115) 01-09-2008
"Hi to all the staff at Mazuma. You provided a first rate service and you do exactly what you say on your website. Glad to get rid of the old phones and get paid for it. What could be better? Many thanks to you all best wishes for your future success." - David from Rochdale (Order No. M825002) 01-09-2008
"Thanks for the cheque, very speedy and efficient!" - Julie from Solihull (Order No. M772532) 01-09-2008
"Very quick and easy to use, would definitely use the website again." - Helen from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M827037) 01-09-2008
"Great service, very easy to understand and hassle free. Excellent price for my old phone too. Will definitely use again and pass on to friends. Thanks." - William from Birmingham (Order No. M826113) 01-09-2008
"Absolutely outstanding service. This is the second order I have placed with Mazuma and you have made both transactions so simple. Many thanks." - Stephen from Port Talbot (Order No. M824210) 01-09-2008
"I think Mazuma has made it very simple to sell my old phone. I found it very easy and quick so thank you." - Nadege from Derby (Order No. M836387) 01-09-2008
"Just wanted to say thank you so much on how quick your service is, wow, within applying & getting phones picked up 2 days later I got my cheque in 5 days tops, dead impressed definitely be recommending you & using you again. Money will go towards my holiday in 3weeks thank you again." - Jennie from Hartlepool (Order No. M803387) 01-09-2008
"I was extremely pleased with the communication, quick response and payment. Will definitely recommend you to my friends and would certainly use you again." - Rebecca from UK (Order No. M821636) 01-09-2008
"Hi. I have now sold 4 phones to Mazuma. I am extremely happy with the service. Fast and efficient and fair prices. I would recommend you and use you again when I have another phone to sell. Thanks." - Lynda from Oldbury (Order No. M831591) 01-09-2008
"Great quick service, thank you." - Peter from Southend on Sea (Order No. M816378) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service as usual." - Joe from Liverpool (Order No. M781453) 01-09-2008
"I was unsure whether to believe this at first, as it seems too good to be true! But it is true, a great service and you WILL get paid! Go for it!" - Liam from Warwickshire (Order No. M823638) 01-09-2008
"First Class Service! Had cheque in my hand in less than a week after I entered my details. Very impressed." - Amanda from Glasgow (Order No. M34297) 01-09-2008
"Great! So easy, and left with satisfaction that in a small way, I'm helping others in the process. Thanks Mazuma, I'll definitely be recommending you to all my mates." - Joolz from Stafford (Order No. M834473) 01-09-2008
"Wow, very quick service this is the second time I have used your service and I am very impressed, thank you. You picked up the mobiles by DHL and now my order has been completed, all in under 1 week." - Melanie from Surry (Order No. M838631) 01-09-2008
"It was great doing business with you! You offer the best deal online AND it was really quick and easy. Will definitely be using you again." - Sara from Wiltshire (Order No. M836255) 01-09-2008
"Great to deal with, Best prices I found on the net. Kept me well informed. Overall an EXCELLENT service." - Ryan from Burnley (Order No. M842206) 01-09-2008
"Thank you for our cheque, very good service." - Carole from Fleet (Order No. M674115) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service, no problems at all, quick and speedy response,placing sell order to receipt of cheque, would definitely recommend you to others looking to recycle their phones. Thank you very much." - Tracey from Perth (Order No. M808392) 01-09-2008
"Very impressed with service - great way to make extra money and to get rid of old phones without throwing them away or having them stuck in the back of a drawer! Would definitely use again." - Andrea from Milton Keynes (Order No. M825398) 01-09-2008
"Absolutely outstanding service. This is the second order I have placed with Mazuma and you have made both transactions so simple. Many thanks." - Stephen from Port Talbot (Order No. M824210) 01-09-2008
"Great service. Cheque received quickly. Many Thanks." - Claire from Crowborough (Order No. M799977) 01-09-2008
"Very good and very quick payment. Thanks." - Gerard from Tyrone (Order No. M831877) 01-09-2008
"Really good service! Quick and easy!" - Daniel from East Bourne (Order No. M657879) 01-09-2008
"Thank you for a fast efficient service." - Christine from Smethwick (Order No. M780672) 01-09-2008
"Very good service and helpful support staff. I would recommend that you send your old mobiles to MAZUMA! Also will be telling all my friends about it. Thank you MAZUMA!" - David from Ballymena (Order No. M810636) 01-09-2008
"The speed and efficiency of the service could not have been better. My friend has now sent her mobile to you. I would certainly have no qualms in recommending Mazuma." - Isobel from Wishaw (Order No. M814035) 01-09-2008
"Very good service and fast reply. Recommend it too anyone." - Treena from St Helens (Order No. M843790) 01-09-2008
"It is helpful getting rid of your old phones that are lying around in the house, ok you should have some at home for back up, it has made things easier and you also make a little bit of cash!! There always different ways of making money, yeh!!!" - Saf from Leyton (Order No. M829248) 01-09-2008
"Very pleased with the trade-in. I had regular feedback and a cheque within 10 days. They are very efficient and I would recommend them to anyone. I have always used envirophone in the past but Mazuma give you a better trade -in value. Thanks Mazuma!" - Maria from Dewsbury (Order No. M842855) 01-09-2008
"How fantastic!!! So fast and trouble free. I am chuffed to bits. Thank you very much." - Holly from Liverpool (Order No. M807292) 01-09-2008
"Posted my phone 4.30 Mon Cheque arrived 11.30 Thurs. Simply amazing service! My sincere thanks to all at Mazuma." - David from Bolton (Order No. M856110) 01-09-2008
"I never give feedback but just wanted to say what a great and easy service!" - James from Berkhamsted (Order No. M851952) 01-09-2008
"Thanks for paying me for the full amount of the order apart,n70. Good reliable customer service and really easy to use. Look forward to sending more phones to you soon." - Stephen from Norfolk (Order No. M813243) 01-09-2008
"Very good and fast" - Michelle from Sevenoaks (Order No. M850588) 01-09-2008
"This is my 2nd order I have done and have been very good on both of them" - Paul from Sleaford (Order No. M837124) 01-09-2008
"Great service lovely live help will use you again and recommend to all, thanks!" - Joanne from Hull (Order No. M843405) 01-09-2008
"Just like to say a big thank you to Mazuma Mobile I could not believe how quick and easy you made it for me to turn my unwanted mobiles into cash I will certainly recommend you to other people who have phones lying around gathering dust. Once again many thanks for all your help signed one satisfied customer." - Kevin from Sunderland (Order No. M858717) 01-09-2008
"I am very impressed with the service, selling my old phone couldn't have been easier! Thanks." - Michael from Derby (Order No. M864690) 01-09-2008
"Mazuma Mobile is brilliant. You were really quick at getting back to me and have made £35 out of the phones i've sent you so that's a bonus" - Kirstie from Sheffield (Order No. M858431) 01-09-2008
"Well done, Well done. What a great company. I have sent in 3 phones now, got money in days. Outstanding. Thanks again." - Gerald from Erskine (Order No. M862369) 01-09-2008
"Many thanks for the super service. The service I received was second to none. Far better than the company I used before." - Julie from Colchester (Order No. M844868) 01-09-2008
"Great efficient fast service would use you again and recommend to all my friends." - Wendy from Upminster (Order No. M775293) 01-09-2008
"What an absolute pleasure it is to deal with Mazuma - this is the second time I've sold my old phone and both processes have run smoothly. The communication I receive is superb - I'm informed every step of the way and I am really impressed with the speed at which the order is processed, completed and my cheque dispatched. I am a Customer Service Manager for a large organisation (and quite hard to please in terms of service) Mazuma is fantastic - well done!" - Sharon from Ryton (Order No. M837421) 01-09-2008
"Truly great service. Speedy and really easy. Thanks." - Clare from Dorset (Order No. M842360) 01-09-2008
"Good service - well thought through and easy to use." - Simon from Milton Keynes (Order No. M853569) 01-09-2008
"Very efficient, excellent service!" - Arshdeep from Slough (Order No. M853096) 01-09-2008
"So quick and easy to use. Amazed at how simple and hassle free it was. It's been a pleasure to sell me old phones to you." - Gemma from Sunderland (Order No. M865295) 01-09-2008
"Thank You, What a wonderfully efficient service, and such an easy way to get rid of old mobiles, I will DEFINITELY recommend your service to friends and family, once again, my thanks." - Rodney from Shefford (Order No. M882994) 01-09-2008
"Excellent fast efficient service would use Mazuma again and recommend to family and friends." - Darren from Dorset (Order No. M882114) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service. Fast smooth transaction. Would use again." - Adrian from Bridgend (Order No. M872302) 01-09-2008
"Very pleased with the service, I had forgot all about posting my mobile and after receiving an email,you I posted it and received confirmation my order had been processed and my cheque sent out. This was all done very quickly. Thank you, I will recommend you." - Lian from Grangemouth (Order No. M739389) 01-09-2008
"An excellent, easy to use and prompt service, thank you!" - Bob from Harlow (Order No. M847926) 01-09-2008
"Received your payment. Thank you for your very prompt and efficient service." - Martin from Attleborough (Order No. M838675) 01-09-2008
"Will be definitely using you again in the future and recommending you to friends and family. The service kept me informed and very prompt. Thank you." - Alan from Devon (Order No. M877593) 01-09-2008
"Efficient, fast and painless. Very impressed with your excellent service and process." - David from Salisbury (Order No. M876031) 01-09-2008
"I have been shocked by the level of service you have provided. Not only is it quick and easy to sell my phone, but the speed by which it is done. I completed the online application one day, received my pre-paid envelope the next. And within a couple of days of sending my phone I have had confirmation of your receipt of it but also notification that my payment is on its way. Will recommend to all my friends and family, and I will definitely use this service again. Thank you." - Ross from Sittingbourne (Order No. M885766) 01-09-2008
"Really good service, very quick and efficient. Thanks." - Shelly from Walsall (Order No. M848696) 01-09-2008
"All done and dusted within two weeks. Cheque is already in the bank. Many thanks for a quick service. Have already recommended you to friends." - Regina from Surry (Order No. M852711) 01-09-2008
"Very fast friendly service, recommend to anyone to use, I will use you again. Thank you!" - Brendan from Glasgow (Order No. M894621) 01-09-2008
"Fantastic service very fast and good price! What more do you want. Cheers" - Phil from Woolstone (Order No. M884149) 01-09-2008
"Hi to all at mazuma, can I just say that I am very impressed with your service, not only was it simple, it was so easy to use, so you get big thumbs up,me!!!" - Gary from Londonderry (Order No. M878693) 01-09-2008
"Really easy and straight forward! Will defo use your services again!!." - Wayne from Abercynon (Order No. M879023) 01-09-2008
"Fantastic! Speedy and better than Envirophone! Thank you." - Julie from Nottingham (Order No. M856737) 01-09-2008
"Just awesome. What a find and what terrific service. Well done." - Greg from Aldbury (Order No. M891145) 01-09-2008
"I would like to thank you for your quick service; it has taken 4 days,me entering your website to you completing the order & the cheque being posted out. Fantastic service." - Richard from Wigan (Order No. M893697) 01-09-2008
"Great service and very, very professional. Many thanks." - Deborah from Swanley (Order No. M890100) 01-09-2008
"Brilliant service got cheque and cashed it within less than a week, very happy :) have already sold another phone :)." - Natalie from Birkenhead (Order No. M856044) 01-09-2008
"I am really pleased with the quick & effectiveness of this company. It has been as easy as 1, 2, and 3. This site gives the best price for mobiles in cash & not stupid shop vouchers. Well done!" - Tracie from London (Order No. M839610) 01-09-2008
"I just wanted to say what an amazing service you provide. It was very quick and easy to understand and the cheque was posted virtually straight away. Thank you very much; I will continue to use you and to tell all my friends to do the same." - Caroline from London (Order No. M850016) 01-09-2008
"Ok, sent my phone on Tues 16th sept, money was in the bank on sat the 20th. :) Can't fault you guys one bit, thanks for a great service. I have to admit I was skeptical as to whether I would see the money but you came through and in record time thanks again guys, the communication was top class and every step of the way kindest regards to all your team, thanks for a truly superb service." - Jason from Stevenage (Order No. M876152) 01-09-2008
"5 star service. Will definitely use you again." - Keith from Nuneaton (Order No. M887207) 01-09-2008
"Fast and successful. Cheers" - Karl from London (Order No. M889869) 01-09-2008
"I would like to say a big thank you for your swift service. I first contacted you on Tuesday and I received my cheque today Monday. A fantastic service, I will recommend you to anyone & everyone." - Richard from Wigan (Order No. M893697) 01-09-2008
"Brilliant service, easy site to use and already recommended to friends! Thank you." - Susie from UK (Order No. M896987) 01-09-2008
"Great Service. 100% Service. Very fast processing of sending out return package and cheque, I will use this service again. I have told every body else about Mazuma. Keep up the good work guys and gals." - Marc from Glasgow (Order No. M892949) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service, excellent turns round time, excellent updating by e-mail." - George from Co Durham (Order No. M900946) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service, fast and no hassle! Highly recommend!" - Grace from West Midlands (Order No. M902123) 01-09-2008
"Great, quick service. Thank you!" - Alina from Southampton (Order No. M886613) 01-09-2008
"I'm impressed with your service and will be using you again. Cheers." - Roger from Devon (Order No. M897811) 01-09-2008
"Thanks for your speedy service - received the cheque this morning. Will definitely tell my friends about you." - Paula from Devon (Order No. M887625) 01-09-2008
"Thank you for your speedy response. I must say that I have been very impressed with your service and will definitely be recommending you to friends." - Katie from South Wales (Order No. M871884) 01-09-2008
"Thank you for such a great service, I've recommended you guys to others. Keep up the good work." - Daniel from Devon (Order No. M877043) 01-09-2008
"Hi, just quick email to thank you and the team for processing my order as I did not enclose my order slip. I have received my payment and will be recommending my friends and family to you as you have done me a great service. Thanks." - Kingsley from London (Order No. M838818) 01-09-2008
"I would just like to say thank you for honoring my order after the phone was damaged in transit, I thank you for your fantastic customer service and will not hesitate to use or recommend your company in the future. Thanks again." - Bradley from Cheshire (Order No. M828830) 01-09-2008
"Wow..What a great service,start to finish! Quick, easy and payment sent within a week, have recommended to family and friends who are now raiding their houses to find the old phones they had used through the years that are left in drawers - easy money!!" - Susan from Antrim (Order No. M901914) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service as always fast and efficient." - David from Cheshunt (Order No. M882081) 01-09-2008
"A pleasure doing business with you fast and you made me feel good by letting you reuse my old phone for someone who can use it." - Niall from Eastwood (Order No. M905467) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service very professional now I won't have my mates trying to scam a cheap phone off me every time I change one, thanks!!" - Kevin from Horncastle (Order No. M898317) 01-09-2008
"Thank you very much; you are simple, easy and quick. I have recommended you to plenty of friends." - Christopher from Kent (Order No. M905390) 01-09-2008
"The best service I ever experienced. Thanks a lot." - Dalibor from Worchester (Order No. M874865) 01-09-2008
"I have sold 4 phones to Mazuma now, always got a fair price and received the cheque promptly. Many Thanks." - Rick from Chatham (Order No. M893906) 01-09-2008
"I have to admit I wasn't too sure about using your service, especially given you only ask for the phone & battery, but I was shocked & surprised! Excellent service,start to finish, I'll be back. Cheers." - Stuart from Fareham (Order No. M897393) 01-09-2008
"Super nice and easy system and very quick payment. Totally recommended." - Gavin from Crawley (Order No. M902299) 01-09-2008
"Thanks very much quick service will use you again thank you." - Carol from Chesterfield (Order No. M910109) 01-09-2008
"What an excellent service, thank you." - Deborah from Birmingham (Order No. M842591) 01-09-2008
"Thank you very much for dealing with my old mobile phone so quickly and efficiently. I received my cheque this morning and only contacted you a week ago! During this time you have frequently kept me up-to-date about what was happening with my phone. An excellent service." - Julia from Worksop (Order No. M906006) 01-09-2008
"Thank you very quick service." - Elaine from Coventry (Order No. M680121) 01-09-2008
"Great service, great idea, very efficient and pleased with my payment thank you." - Greg from UK (Order No. M911493) 01-09-2008
"What I can say is just....brilliant service. I've got money for 3 phone within 5 working days (7 normal) since I placed my order." - Juraj from Avon (Order No. M788273) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service, much more friendly than envirophone, lots of less red tape and a better price. You have taken about three days they took about three weeks. Keep up the good work." - Matthew from Northants (Order No. M920053) 01-09-2008
"I use Mazuma mobile because I like the idea of my old phone being recycled. The service is excellent,the user friendly website site were you decide to sell the phone. The quick delivery of Mazuma addressed envelope and once the order is processed the cheque promptly arrives in the post. I would definitely recommend Mazuma." - Charlotte from London (Order No. M921945) 01-09-2008
"This service was fantastic and so simple. Thanks very much and I'll be sure to recommend friends and send all future mobiles." - Andy from Coventry (Order No. M889176) 01-09-2008
"Thank you for being so quick. I was so surprised as to how quick it was." - Angela from Stroud (Order No. M889264) 01-09-2008
"I am happy to say that I have been happy with the service you provide and have delivered everything you have promised. People out their, DON'T hesitate in using Mazuma Mobile, they are great.......Thanks again and I will use you many more times." - Ibrahim from Harrow (Order No. M886052) 01-09-2008
"I must say a huge thanks for the quality of your service: the website is extremely easy to use, informative, and sending back and forth is as painless as anything I've ever done over the internet. You do an excellent job dealing with something that should be at the top of everyone's agenda - if recycling other things were as easy then we'd be better off!" - Matthew from Grimsby (Order No. M907381) 01-09-2008
"Great fast service will recommend to all my friends and will use you again in the future. Thank you very much for your great price." - Kelvin from Barnoldswick (Order No. M912749) 01-09-2008
"I received a cheque today. Your service is fast and reliable. Thank you very much." - Yukari from Blackheath (Order No. M902882) 01-09-2008
"A1 spot on - can't think of enough good words. Very easy, very fast would defiantly use again and again and recommend to others, thanks." - Kevin from Fordingbridge (Order No. M895424) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service. Can't believe how quick I received my cheque and how easy the whole thing was." - Joanne from Durham (Order No. M891717) 01-09-2008
"This was a superb service .JUST SO SIMPLE and QUICK. I was a bit apprehensive at first having no family that has used your service. NOW I will be encouraging my daughters to dig out their old phones. THANK YOU." - Philip from Bideford (Order No. M913618) 01-09-2008
"Thank you for your prompt and efficient service." - Janet from Cheshire (Order No. M918821) 01-09-2008
"A great quick easy service. The envelope came through really quickly and I also received the cheque promptly too." - Jack from Surrey (Order No. M891959) 01-09-2008
"Cheque received and the whole process was very simple, thanks very much. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and colleagues." - Jason from Dorset (Order No. M910747) 01-09-2008
"A1 service. Will be selling all my old phones to you,now on many thanks for being so quick in sending me my money." - Martin from Holyhead (Order No. M928105) 01-09-2008
"Keep up the good work." - Darshana from Glasgow (Order No. M922165) 01-09-2008
"Nice and quick! Thanks!" - Luke from Beckenham (Order No. M920911) 01-09-2008
"Just wanted to say what a great service this is. Very informative and fast. Keep up the good work!" - Kelly from Shropshire (Order No. M921340) 01-09-2008
"Great service, thanks very much." - Stephen from Fife (Order No. M931218) 01-09-2008
"Easy, Fast, Hassle free service. Would definitely recommend to friends & family." - Guy from Wolsingham (Order No. M928259) 01-09-2008
"Very easy, quick and efficient. A welcome change nowadays." - Alan from Newark (Order No. M927170) 01-09-2008
"Fast efficient service as usual thanks." - Pat from Grimsby (Order No. M926862) 01-09-2008
"Excellent service - thank you!" - Robert from Watton (Order No. M922847) 01-09-2008
"Thank you Mazuma for making selling my old phone such an easy and simple process. I will certainly use you again." - Rachael from Harrogate (Order No. M922352) 01-09-2008
"Great fast service. Thank you." - Annette from Ormskirk (Order No. M930998) 01-09-2008
"Really impressed with the service given. They say it will take approx a week to receive a cheque, but I got it in 4 days. Wish all companies were this easy, will be recommending to all my friends. Many many thanks MAZUMA!" - Ben from Bournemouth (Order No. M922077) 01-09-2008
"Is a great service though could define more on working order and non working order, other than that thumbs up!" - Jordan from Halstead (Order No. M920801) 01-09-2008
"Thanks for a great service." - Phil from Essex (Order No. M934870) 01-09-2008

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