Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

November 2008

"One satisfied customer here. You are very efficient. Thanks." - Unity from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1027798) 01-11-2008
"I placed my order on the 25th October and received the cheque on the 1st November (today) which shows great service. I'll use you again in the future." - Marc from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1039931) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service ... all sorted out quickly and efficiently, most impressed. Will recommend your service to friends and family." - Julie from Shropshire (Order No. M1037401) 01-11-2008
"Very efficient, quick, with clear instructions at each stage. Thanks Mazuma for a fair price for my IPhone and M600i. Would recommend." - Tony from East Sussex (Order No. M1040492) 01-11-2008
"Thank you. Very quick an easy." - Ian from East Sussex (Order No. M1024630) 01-11-2008
"A fantastic, professional and prompt service. Excellent job. Many thanks!" - Francis from Down (Order No. M1044111) 01-11-2008
"Great service, reliable and unbelievably fast...could not believe it when I saw the cheque after just 3 days. Thanks a lot Mazuma, keep up the fantastic job. I would definitively recommend it to anyone." - Gianluca from Hampshire (Order No. M1050326) 01-11-2008
"WOW! I wish all companies were as quick & as efficient as Mazuma..thank you for taking my old phones off me & paying me for them too..result!" - Rachel from Cornwall (Order No. M1065638) 01-11-2008
"Wow what an incredibly quick efficient service and payment is already on its way which is fantastic ! To think I was just going to throw out my old phones glad I didn't! Excellent all round service." - Andrew from Bristol (Order No. M1041174) 01-11-2008
"Thank you for a really easy transaction. You kept me up to date all the way through the process. I will definitely been recommending you to all my friends and will send you my phone when it is due for upgrade next time :-) THANK YOU" - Clare from London (Order No. M1028194) 01-11-2008
"A pleasure doing business with you, makes such a change to see someone so fast as well as efficient.... Thank You." - John from Norfolk (Order No. M1065836) 01-11-2008
"Wow fast efficient service would use again." - Alan from Merseyside (Order No. M1026709) 01-11-2008
"Very fast, efficient professional service. I would recommend this service most definitely! Keep up the good work folks!" - Craig from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M1040569) 01-11-2008
"Great and quick deal. Good offer. Thanks." - Karolina from Essex (Order No. M1038193) 01-11-2008
"Quick and easy to use and no problems with payment. Cheers, many thanks." - Darren from Somerset (Order No. M1041537) 01-11-2008
"Excellent, smooth transaction - thanks very much!" - Mark from Kent (Order No. M1048170) 01-11-2008
"What an excellent, fast efficient service at an excellent price for my old phone. Would definitely recommend and will use again in the future. Thank you." - Philip from Oxon (Order No. M1055980) 01-11-2008
"Great service, good communication and pleasure to use this service." - Stephen from Norfolk (Order No. M1050337) 01-11-2008
"I'm happy with mazuma for taking my old phones of me. Thanks for the money and I think it was processed rather quick..cheers." - Toni from Manchester (Order No. M1059588) 01-11-2008
"3rd time I've recycled phones with you. On each time I have never had a problem. It's quick, fast, hassle free, I get the cheque really quickly and I'm not putting stuff into landfill. Very happy customer." - Catherine from Dorset (Order No. M1021066) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service - easy to follow instructions, prompt payment." - Mary from Derbyshire (Order No. M1041031) 01-11-2008
"Really impressed by the service, no problems at all. Had cheque within 2 days of posting the phone. Thank you." - Michael from Bedfordshire (Order No. M1013652) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, extremely quick turnaround,first contact to receiving cheque. Couldn't have asked for better service and will be using again!!! A+" - Marc from West Lothian (Order No. M1063867) 01-11-2008
"Would like to thank you for selling my phones. You were friendly and helpful and much faster than envirofone. Thanks." - Colin from Norfolk (Order No. M1038567) 01-11-2008
"Thank you very much for quick process of order. Makes so much more sense to turn old mobiles into cash! Many thanks." - Sally from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1032550) 01-11-2008
"My cheque arrived today. Thanks to all your staff for a fast and efficient staff, would recommend you to my friends." - Stephanie from Hants (Order No. M1050227) 01-11-2008
"I think your service is brilliant, so much so I've told my friends all about you. Thank you so much!" - Paul from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1068553) 01-11-2008
"SO EASY! A brilliant service I'd recommend to anyone." - Charlotte from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1060864) 01-11-2008
"The process quick and easy. I was just worried that you would not receive the phone as I forgot to put address on the bag so I'm really pleased it has been delivered. Thanks for the prompt service. Highly recommended!" - Patrycja from Oxfordshire (Order No. M1060413) 01-11-2008
"Really fast service - again. - suberb." - Kevin from Devon (Order No. M1058290) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic service and fast payment, great............" - Andrew from Northern Ireland (Order No. M1073822) 01-11-2008
"Very efficient process and service. I had a damaged mobile so it was no good to me. I was very pleased to be able to get some money for it. Well done Mazuma!" - Russell from West Sussex (Order No. M1070192) 01-11-2008
"I recycle approx 80% of household items, thanks to you it has gone up another notch. I have had the phones for 18 months and I would not throw them out but thanks to you I can recycle them and any future phones. Many thanks, keep up the good work." - Graham from Torfaen (Order No. M1063306) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic, had several mobiles lying around in draws contacted mazuma and within a week I received over a hundred pounds. Thank you. It was so easy." - Gordon from Gloucestershire (Order No. M1051745) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, fast turnaround time." - Lee from Staffordshire (Order No. M1044056) 01-11-2008
"So far, it's been an excellent service and will certainly use it again. Very easy and quick. I will be telling my friends about the simple process." - Diane from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1048951) 01-11-2008
"Amazingly quick, simple, and efficient." - Jon from Hants (Order No. M1070665) 01-11-2008
"Middleton juniors is a small football club which aims to keep kids off the streets by the means of sport. Without the assistance of Mazuma recycling donated phones we would not be able to provide a stable sporting atmosphere for the kids. Mazuma has without doubt saved us,going under and the 35 kids they help wish to thank Mazuma for their kindness." - Lesley from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1053813) 01-11-2008
"Thought it was too good to be true but I received the cheque this morning, all for some old phones that the kids were playing with, excellent fast service - thank you." - Clare from West Midlands (Order No. M1051107) 01-11-2008
"Super quick sale needed and that's what I got,Mazuma! Cheque came so quick - Thanks." - George from Middlesex (Order No. M1069235) 01-11-2008
"Fast and efficient service and payment-perfect." - Charles from Shropshire (Order No. M1061700) 01-11-2008
"Would like to say I'm very happy with your service. Unlike ENVIROFONE I sent 2 phones off over two weeks ago to them and have not received nothing. Will be using you again." - Glen from Kent (Order No. M1073217) 01-11-2008
"Great service, quick and easy to use, no problems whatsoever and the great thing is there is no catch, you even pay for the postage! Will definitely use again!" - Jordan from Bedfordshire (Order No. M1079553) 01-11-2008
"As long as my cheque turns up, fantastic service. Very quick and easy." - Sally from Essex (Order No. M1059104) 01-11-2008
"Really easy to use and a lot of money in return! I'll definitely use this site again! Thanks so much! x" - Lindsay from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1076440) 01-11-2008
"Thank a lot. Your service has been brilliant, very fast I will use your website, company again soon!!" - Sam from Northamptonshire (Order No. M1084668) 01-11-2008
"Great and efficient speedy service. Will definitely use again. Thanks." - Nigel from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1062580) 01-11-2008
"Hi there - this the second sale that I have had with you and I must say it has been excellent in every respect. Well done, I hope to do business again with you. Thanks very much again." - Suzanne from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1067662) 01-11-2008
"Excellent. I am really pleased with your service. I couldn't fault it. Brilliant price for the phones. The pre-paid envelope came by return and so did the payment on sending the phones back. I will certainly be recommending you to every-one. Thank-you." - Marilyn from Bucks (Order No. M1027765) 01-11-2008
"Great service!! Very quick and efficient,start to end. Will be using mazuma again in the near future. Thanx alot.xx" - Alison from West Midlands (Order No. M970895) 01-11-2008
"Very efficient and professional service. I will be recommending you to family and friends who have unwanted mobiles. Thank you." - Jason from carms (Order No. M1045827) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, easy to follow steps, fast response and swift payment. Cannot fault." - Rossalyn from Lothian (Order No. M1040415) 01-11-2008
"Thank you, I am most impressed with the service. It was fast, efficient and hassle free." - David from Hampshire (Order No. M1043781) 01-11-2008
"It's been a great service on your part in selling my phone. Posted my phone two days ago, and today my cheque has been posted. That's a very swift transaction! Very easy way to make some money,phones lying around! Thanks." - Chris from County Durham (Order No. M996998) 01-11-2008
"I would like to say how good your company and customer care is and how easy you make it for people to use your company." - Ben from West Midlands (Order No. M1020857) 01-11-2008
"Very straightforward. Extremely efficient. Kept well informed at every stage. This was excellent service. Thank you." - Stephen from Derbyshire (Order No. M1071347) 01-11-2008
"I thought that the Mazuma website was extremely good and easy to use and puts other major sites like TV Licensing and Simply Switch, (both of which have stupid annoying glitches), to shame. The whole service, inc. letters, website and emails seemed very quick and efficient indeed. I can thoroughly recommend the Mazuma operation for standing out by being REALLY businesslike." - Phil from Leicestershire (Order No. M1070852) 01-11-2008
"It's amazing to think that I've just made £70+ for mobile phones that I've had sitting around in my cupboard for years....a completely hassle free service,start to finish....Thank you." - Katie from Hampshire (Order No. M1078651) 01-11-2008
"All went through very smoothly and quickly, have already recommended you to my friends, thanks again." - Jacqueline from Stirlingshire (Order No. M1071787) 01-11-2008
"VERY FAST SERVICE.... RELIABLE....RECOMMENDED FOR BUSINESS A+++++++++" - Sanjiv from Wilmslow (Order No. M1039117) 01-11-2008
"Thx got lots of ££££'s. I'll tell all my mates! Thx again!" - Jack from Somerset (Order No. M1072964) 01-11-2008
"The cheque arrive today!!!!!!! Thank you, we were so impressed with your service and contact with what was happening. We will certainly be recommending you." - Colin from Isle of Wight (Order No. M1074460) 01-11-2008
"Thanks for an quick and efficient service." - Ruth from Hertfordshire (Order No. M1056981) 01-11-2008
"Received cheque, thank you. Very quick speedy service." - Joan from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M1062987) 01-11-2008
"Very easy transaction. Certainly better than throwing it in the bin and getting nothing! Thanks!" - Cristiano from London (Order No. M1047598) 01-11-2008
"Extremely simple and very quick service. I am exceedingly impressed and will definitely use Mazuma again." - Joanne from West Midlands (Order No. M1062657) 01-11-2008
"Brilliant service. All done so quickly and within a week I had a cheque for £115 for Nokia N95 which i thought wasn't worth much. Definitely 100% refer you to all my friends." - Ricky from London (Order No. M1057905) 01-11-2008
"Service quick and easy no problems at all. Will recommend you to friends." - Des from West Glamorgan (Order No. M1072755) 01-11-2008
"Very simple, very quick, very reasonable.... good job Mazuma." - Adam from Manchester (Order No. M1089299) 01-11-2008
"Great, fast service as usual and the best prices on the net! Thanks again." - Helen from London (Order No. M1084327) 01-11-2008
"Brilliant service! Fast, organised service. I will definitely use you again! Thank you!" - Sue from Suffolk (Order No. M1101675) 01-11-2008
"Very quick, very easy, and a great service to use. Def a number 1 firm. Well done." - Gary from Londonderry (Order No. M1079091) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, quick response and payment. Thank you." - Lynette from Powys (Order No. M1080268) 01-11-2008
"Easy to use website, fast delivery of posting items, quick to post payment to seller." - Michelle from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1093259) 01-11-2008
"Excellent, fast, easy to use, friendly service. Thanx, will be using you again in future and have told friends!" - Ben from Avon (Order No. M1093336) 01-11-2008
"I found the service very good and very fast! I sent my old mobile to Mazuma on Friday morning and it's now Tuesday morning and I have the cheque for the full amount in my hand. It really couldn't have been a better service, quick and easy." - Barry from London (Order No. M1101576) 01-11-2008
"An excellent service, kept informed at all times and very fast process. THANKS." - Tracey from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1083315) 01-11-2008
"I want to say I am very impressed with the quick service. I have received my cheque and I will be recommending you to my mates and family." - Lorna from Merseyside (Order No. M1024267) 01-11-2008
"A pleasure to do business with very quick service and I will use again. Thank you very much." - Ralph from Kent (Order No. M1081610) 01-11-2008
"So simple! So Fast! So easy!" - Minesh from Lancashire (Order No. M1113863) 01-11-2008
"What more can I say, a simple, quick, service,start to finish and you paid over 25% more than the first quote I got for my mobile" - Michaela from Hampshire (Order No. M1085636) 01-11-2008
"Like you said, simple, fast and friendly. Thanks." - Ricky from Kent (Order No. M1077287) 01-11-2008
"Thanks very much, your service is so fast and easy, very convenient for me." - Johelis from Oxfordshire (Order No. M1088628) 01-11-2008
"Thank you for being so fast with my order and I will be dealing with you again." - Anthony from Vale of Glamorgan (Order No. M1089948) 01-11-2008
"What an excellent service. Good to see efficiency is still with us. I posted the phone Thursday afternoon, Tuesday morning received cheque. 5 stars. Thank you." - Phil from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1089222) 01-11-2008
"The service,Mazuma was excellent, I have a couple more phones coming to the end of their usage and will definitely be using Mazuma again." - Daniel from Northamptonshire (Order No. M1059764) 01-11-2008
"Thanks for a great, no hassle service." - Stephen from Cheshire (Order No. M1097352) 01-11-2008
"Absolutely brilliant service. Cheque arrived today after only 4 working days. I have a few more fairly recent phones and will contact you this week with details. Many thanks." - David from Stirlingshire (Order No. M1100454) 01-11-2008
"Mazuma mobile is really quick and easy and didn't mind when I placed an order and never sent the phone then placed another order. Will deffo sell another phone when I get an old one :) xoxxx" - Nicole from Hampshire (Order No. M1072711) 01-11-2008
"All I can say is that its quick and efficient and it took about 3 days to get to you and for you to send the cheque out, that was quick. Thanks." - Darren from Hampshire (Order No. M1093611) 01-11-2008
"AWESOMAGE !!!! moneyyyyy! lol, thanks guys n gals at Mazumamobile. Fantastic and efficient service, payment arrived early (even better) and I know that my old crappy mobiles are being reused or recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Once again cheers!!" - Simon from Cheshire (Order No. M1079476) 01-11-2008
"Brilliant service, quicker than expected. Over all, very happy customer, thank you." - Tom from Surrey (Order No. M1074141) 01-11-2008
"What can I say, fast, painless and very efficient, with free postage, a very excellent service, thank you so much." - Daniel from West Midlands (Order No. M1043429) 01-11-2008
"Very fast and efficient service. The process was so easy. Thank you." - Lucia from Hampshire (Order No. M1113687) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, fast, friendly and simple. Would very highly recommend :)" - Joe from West Midlands (Order No. M1100905) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic. This couldn't have been easier. Just checked e- mails and cheque on way. Really quick, easy and efficient. Will definitely recommend you. Thank you." - Jane from Devon (Order No. M1099926) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic service. Will definitely recommend you to all my friend's. A five star quick service!!!!" - Sarah from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1071611) 01-11-2008
"This whole service was so efficient and absolutely brilliant,beginning to end. I found it so easy to use and I was given information at every stage of the process so I knew what was going on. Thank you so much and I look forward to using you again in the future." - Annabelle from Kent (Order No. M1107824) 01-11-2008
"Just received cheque this morning, what a service!!!! 2 more phones on the way to you. Thank you." - Andrew from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1122894) 01-11-2008
"Am so impressed!!! Usually I use Envirofone but decided to try you and can't believe how quick the service is. Don't usually bother leaving feedback but thought you deserved it. Thanks very much, will definitely be using you again." - Jenni from Cornwall (Order No. M1102302) 01-11-2008
"Very quick efficient service. Thanks." - Rosemary from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1077727) 01-11-2008
"Very pleased with the service,start to finish. Very professional and helpful. The phones were sent on Monday and I received the cheque today, Thursday. Well done. Will definitely recommend you and will come back." - Anne from Warwickshire (Order No. M1123917) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic service. Order processed Monday, pack received and phones sent Tuesday, phones processed and payment sent Wednesday, cheque arrives Thursday! Very impressive overall and great prices. Thank you!" - James from Oxfordshire (Order No. M1114545) 01-11-2008
"Excellent and fast service, would definitely use again, will recommend you thanks." - Shelagh from Cheshire (Order No. M1072216) 01-11-2008
"A very fast service and best price paid.. thanks.." - Scott from Denbighshire (Order No. M1124907) 01-11-2008
"A very efficient process indeed!" - Gordon from Suffolk (Order No. M1096768) 01-11-2008
"Hi there, This is the third time I've used Mazuma mobile and I have to say that I have found the service easy to use, efficient and very reasonable in terms of money I've received for my old phones. Not a bad word to say, so thanks very much! All the best." - Karen from London (Order No. M1102203) 01-11-2008
"So far the service has been brilliant (cheque posted out today). Really user-friendly and I'm impressed." - Olivia from London (Order No. M1087000) 01-11-2008
"Excellent...ultra fast payment. Many thanks." - Robert from Devon (Order No. M1108990) 01-11-2008
"Great service good communication throughout. Highly recommended." - Grahame from Wiltshire (Order No. M1066661) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, wish I had used it earlier. I only came across your site because of the envirofone advert on the tele (so a big thank you to them!!!) Your website is so easy to use and documentation and updates excellent I will be telling all my friends. Thank you." - Elaine from Essex (Order No. M1121860) 01-11-2008
"Great website. Cash just lying within our rubbish mobiles. Quick process." - Jamie from Cambridge (Order No. M1070203) 01-11-2008
"Submitted my order late on Thursday night, jiffy bag arrived Saturday, posted Monday and received my check on Wednesday. I was a bit dubious about sending my phones to a company I'd never heard of before, but now I can't recommend them enough. I work for the largest mobile phone retailer in the UK and am recommending them to all my upgrading customers to get rid of their old phone." - Alan from Gloucestershire (Order No. M1104425) 01-11-2008
"Thanks for the opportunity that you have created. Hope you have enjoyed do business with me." - Florin from Middlesex (Order No. M1104975) 01-11-2008
"Thanks for a quick transaction. Very professional as always. Thanks." - Gary from Derbyshire (Order No. M1097759) 01-11-2008
"Very pleased with how quickly the process has been! Will be using Mazuma again!" - Jo from Cleveland (Order No. M1121156) 01-11-2008
"A big thank you for a very fast and professional service. I'm glad now I did not throw my old phones away. I would not hesitate to recommend mazuma in future." - Andrew from Fife (Order No. M1101169) 01-11-2008
"Very quick and efficient service! Glad to sell phones to Mazuma." - Nathan from West Midlands (Order No. M1096658) 01-11-2008
"GREAT SERVICE. PHONES WOULD HAVE ONLY SAT IN MY DRAW GATHERING DUST." - Andrew from West Midlands (Order No. M1102566) 01-11-2008
"Outstanding, quick, quality service...phones posted Monday, cheque received Friday...highly recommended!!" - Sheena from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1105613) 01-11-2008
"Absolutely effortless. Fast & efficient. Well done, and will use again." - Lee from Tayside (Order No. M1118428) 01-11-2008
"Very fast and efficient service, was a pleasure doing business with you and I will tell other people about your company. Many thanks." - William from Inverness (Order No. M1124203) 01-11-2008
"Well what can I say: Order placed for you to buy my phone @ 15:33 Tuesday, Wednesday Bag arrived for phone which I sent right back. Thursday confirmation,you and email to say cheque was on its way. Friday cheque arrived. A truly brilliant service which is really hard to come by these days so well done and thank you very much. I shall be recommending you." - Mark from Dorset (Order No. M1130077) 01-11-2008
"The service has been impressively fast and it's been a clear simple process. I'll happily recommend your company to others." - Susan from West Lothian (Order No. M1128680) 01-11-2008
"Wow!!! Great service guys, keeping me informed throughout plus easy to do and great website ..what can I say." - Julian from Essex (Order No. M1095921) 01-11-2008
"I was amazed with your service, it was fantastic!,finding the website to receiving my cheque, it only took 4 days. I would definitely use Mazuma again and recommend highly. Thanks guys." - Kimberley from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1129659) 01-11-2008
"Your service was super, very quick, easy and payment received on time as promised. Would use Mazuma again and would like to thank you." - Paul from Merseyside (Order No. M1103710) 01-11-2008
"Thank you a very quick efficient service. Be looking forward to receiving my cheque." - Claire from Gwent (Order No. M1128108) 01-11-2008
"After looking on E-bay I realised it would be easier to use yourself - I'm glad I did as it is an excellent swift service. Highly recommended." - Paul from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1123433) 01-11-2008
"Thank you. Your cheque arrived this morning. A very efficient service." - David from Surrey (Order No. M1128592) 01-11-2008
"Service was very good, and overall a hassle free experience." - Nick from Hants (Order No. M1100685) 01-11-2008
"Very good service, easy to use, fast, efficient." - Olubukola from Fife (Order No. M1127657) 01-11-2008
"I am amazed at the professionalism of your company. Many thanks for such a speedy transaction." - Anne from Lancashire (Order No. M1123488) 01-11-2008
"Quick, convenient and hassle free. I will certainly be using you again and recommending you to my friends!" - Catherine from Liverpool (Order No. M1116338) 01-11-2008
"It was a complete pleasure doing business with Mazuma. I found them to be fast efficient and very professional and most importantly true to their word." - Fergus from Armagh (Order No. M1107615) 01-11-2008
"Excellent, superb and SUCH a fast service - yet again!! Thanks so much." - Barrie from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M1123037) 01-11-2008
"Amazing! Fantastic service! It is taking longer for my bank to clear the cheque than it took for the whole of the selling process with mazuma. I placed the order on the Monday and the cheque was waiting in my post box by Friday! Now I'm trying to find more old phones!! Thank you!" - Nicholas from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1122905) 01-11-2008
"Wow - does everything it sez on the tin and more." - Nicola from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1082435) 01-11-2008
"I can't believe how efficient and easy your service is. I was going to go with mopay but you offered me more money and sent me all the packaging and instructions I needed the very next day. Five stars and will recommend to everyone (as long as my cheque clears) ;o) will be back!" - Isabel from Cheshire (Order No. M1136468) 01-11-2008
"Very quick and easy, thank you." - Victoria from Essex (Order No. M1102379) 01-11-2008
"Thanks for an easy and simple way to sell my old phone.,sending the phone to receiving payment took less than a week, thanks very much." - Carl from Lancs. (Order No. M1131694) 01-11-2008
"It as all so easy! I placed the order early evening and the freepost bag was with me the next day. I posted it back that day and received an email the day after that to say my cheque was in the post! It was amazingly fast!!! I am so impressed!" - Alison from Berkshire (Order No. M1141957) 01-11-2008
"Many thanks. Received my cheque. Excellent service. Would recommend you to anyone I know who has an old phone that they no longer use." - Patricia from West Lothian (Order No. M1098672) 01-11-2008
"Thank you so much for your quick and speedy service. I am delighted that I helped you with sending my old phone, and in return I get money and an excellent service. I will recommend you to others." - Jemma from Staffs (Order No. M1102423) 01-11-2008
"I found it very easy to use and very quick reply as well. I hope the phones I have submitted can be restored so they can function properly again. Kind regards." - Chris from Derbyshire (Order No. M1081258) 01-11-2008
"Mucho Gratis. Sooper smooth deal. Easy muny. Thanks a bifter." - Grant from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M1146555) 01-11-2008
"I received a fantastic service, turned my handset into cash and would recommend to everyone and will do!" - Sam from West Midlands (Order No. M1095206) 01-11-2008
"I THOUGHT THE WHOLE SERVICE WAS BRILLIANT EASY AND FAST." - Maria from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1141143) 01-11-2008
"Very easy and simple, a great way to sell your mobile, will use in future and recommend to everyone! Thanks!" - Ryan from Suffolk (Order No. M1131199) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic service, will be passing details to friends and family." - Sue from Northumberland (Order No. M1114105) 01-11-2008
"I am very happy and your service is very fast simple and fair, so for that I thank you very much." - Natanael from West Midlands (Order No. M1096592) 01-11-2008
"Fabulous service! I sold a Nokia phone via mobilephonexchange on the exact same date as this one and still have not received a reply-paid envelope, whereas I already have your cheque. Thank you. I am cancelling that sell order and putting it through your organisation - sell order to follow!" - Maurice from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1141594) 01-11-2008
"Thanks for the prompt and speedy service - a pleasure to do business with." - Ron from Lancashire (Order No. M1102951) 01-11-2008
"Just wanted to say how impressed I am at the service you have provided; it really couldn't have been any easier or quicker. I registered with you on 12/11/08 and have received my cheque today (18/11/08), Excellent stuff, thank you." - Karen from West Midlands (Order No. M1136391) 01-11-2008
"I'm so happy with Mazuma. It's such a great and very fast service. I would sure recommend you to others. :D" - Ashlee from West Midlands (Order No. M1138107) 01-11-2008
"All good. Looking for more mobiles round the house now. Thanks." - Nik from London (Order No. M1075153) 01-11-2008
"Saw your advert once on tv. Had two phones sitting in my bedroom drawer. Thought why not....nothing to I did!!! You guys made it so easy and all completed,initial contact to receiving cheque in days! Will certainly be doing it again!" - John from West Sussex (Order No. M1092621) 01-11-2008
"I was very impressed with the service I received,this company and received my cheque within 7 days. I will certainly use this sight again and pass it on to my friends." - Sandra from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1130792) 01-11-2008
"Easy to deal with you, excellent transaction, I was going to bin them until I heard of your company! Glad I didn't now!! Thanks." - David from Devon (Order No. M1113511) 01-11-2008
"Fast and efficient, excellent service without any hassle!" - Paul from Lancashire (Order No. M1113599) 01-11-2008
"Highly recommended. Excellent service, cheque received within a week. Thanks!" - Reuben from Suffolk (Order No. M1127668) 01-11-2008
"One of the best online companies to deal with, straight forward, quick and easy. Thanks." - Nick from Norfolk (Order No. M1137590) 01-11-2008
"Cannot believe how fast and easy it was. Thank you." - Keith from Hertfordshire (Order No. M1102082) 01-11-2008
"Excellent website and service. Speedy payment also. Will defiantly use again and recommend. Thank you Mazuma." - Adam from Bedfordshire (Order No. M1135797) 01-11-2008
"Very efficient service and fast payment. Would highly recommend your site." - Alison from Somerset (Order No. M1122509) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, very quick efficient, fair prices, received my cheque in no time. Would definitely use again and recommend a friend!!" - Melanie from Cornwall (Order No. M1128295) 01-11-2008
"2nd time we have used your company and this transaction was even faster than the last time 4 days in total - FANTASTIC A*" - Clare from West Midlands (Order No. M1151604) 01-11-2008
"Excellent. I received the £115 cheque the day after sending my old nokia n95. Will help towards Christmas. It actually works out better then selling on ebay." - Paul from Lacashire (Order No. M1133179) 01-11-2008
"Yet another great transaction with Mazuma this time the turnaround was two days. Thank you once again, can't wait to do business with you again." - Gordon from Gloucestershire (Order No. M1151472) 01-11-2008
"A+ service. Whole process completed and cheque received in less than a week. I will be recommending Mazuma to all my family and friends." - Adam from Moray (Order No. M1150471) 01-11-2008
"I thought the entire process was great, and you were very helpful and prompt. Cheers." - Anthony from Derbyshire (Order No. M1092533) 01-11-2008
"Well what can i say,phone posted to you Tuesday cheque received,you Thursday would definetly use you again.FANTASTIC service,start to finish." - Aileen from Stirlingshire (Order No. M1145774) 01-11-2008
"I think this service is great!." - James from Staffordshire (Order No. M1147435) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service,start to finish. The cheque arrived quicker than expected. Completely hassle free! If only all Internet sites were this organised! Will definitely use again. Can't recommend enough!!!" - Jon from Dorset (Order No. M1128163) 01-11-2008
"Brilliant service. Thanks." - Susan from Northumberland (Order No. M1119759) 01-11-2008
"Thanks for a good service. I will recommend you to friends." - Spencer from London (Order No. M1139702) 01-11-2008
"Just like to say thank you for your speedy and efficient service." - Helen from Avon (Order No. M1145642) 01-11-2008
"I can't believe I still get the same price even though the cases were broken,,,thanks mazuma!!! Also a super quick service will recommend to many thanks again!!" - Grant from London (Order No. M1158072) 01-11-2008
"Great service, quick and easy!" - Jillian from Angus (Order No. M1161845) 01-11-2008
"Brilliant fast and efficient service. I won't hesitate to recommend you. Thank you mazuma!" - Donna from Norfolk (Order No. M1156763) 01-11-2008
"Pleasure doing business with you. Service offered is easy to use and offers an excellent turn around - sent phones off on Wednesday, they were received, order processed and cheque sent to me the next day." - Mark from Kent (Order No. M1147699) 01-11-2008
"Great idea! Very fast payment.. Enjoyed everything about it." - Joan from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M1132211) 01-11-2008
"Hi there, thank you for a very smooth transaction. I would recommend you to my friends any time. Thank you once again." - Barry from Nottingham (Order No. M1150999) 01-11-2008
"I have to say this was a fantastic way to get the old phones,my house and put them to good use, and all the while earning me just that little bit of cash! Customer service and the online support have both been wonderful. Thanks so much for a very pleasant transaction." - Pete from Manchester (Order No. M1085779) 01-11-2008
"Great efficient service." - Stuart from Leicesterhire (Order No. M1143904) 01-11-2008
"Great A* quick n easy. Recommend people to use Mazuma." - Paul from West Midlands (Order No. M1112345) 01-11-2008
"Mightily impressed!. You did everything as you promised - something very rare,businesses today. Cannot understand why people even bother to sell a phone on e-bay. Mazuma makes it so much more simple. Every credit!" - Terry from Lancashire (Order No. M1112257) 01-11-2008
"From start to finish it took last than a week, very happy with the service will be telling my friends about Mazuma." - David from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1147666) 01-11-2008
"Brilliant service, quick, easy and great communication! Will def use again." - John from Down (Order No. M1086439) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic service, posted phones on Tuesday, received a cheque for over £200 on Thursday! Thank you very much really pleased with whole process will def use again." - Lisa from Cumbria (Order No. M1122531) 01-11-2008
"Thanks again Mazuma for yet another super fast and efficient service. I've recommended you to all my friends because you are so fab." - Joanna from Co. Antrim (Order No. M1161768) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service. Extremely quick and efficient. In a league above the rest of your competitors. Keep it up!" - Mark from Northumberland (Order No. M1163187) 01-11-2008
"Simple, fast and friendly. Thanks." - Sarah from Oxon (Order No. M1125479) 01-11-2008
"A very quick and efficient service, well done. My sons charity will be very pleased. Thank you." - George from Hants (Order No. M1167818) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, phones received and cheque arrived the next day - will use again!" - Joanne from Kent (Order No. M1145004) 01-11-2008
"Very easy to use and very good company." - Daniel from Kent (Order No. M1114380) 01-11-2008
"Great Service, Extremely fast and always respond immediately to any correspondence on the e-mail. Have recommended you to 6 of my friends. Thank you. Highly Recommended." - David from Argyll (Order No. M1132101) 01-11-2008
"What a fantastic service and the cash reward was just great. Many, many thanks." - Derek from Staffordshire (Order No. M1139262) 01-11-2008
"Just got an order completed email, literally the day after I sent my phone! Can't wait for my cheque! You guys rock, I am recommending you to EVERYONE!" - Shannon from Hampshire (Order No. M1158369) 01-11-2008
"Thank you for your speedy turnaround of my order, I am glad that it was so easy to do and use, I have passed your website on to MANY friends who will all be using your web site in the next few days. I told them it is EASY to use, and very efficient with payment being dispatched, I have not received my cheque as yet, but I did get an email saying it was dispatched to me today, and all this was done within 48 hours of me posting the phones to you. THANKS." - Debbie from Teesside (Order No. M1164617) 01-11-2008
"First class service. Excellent idea. Thank you." - Simon from Kent (Order No. M1154508) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic service, got my cheque today will recommend you to everyone." - Alan from Merseyside (Order No. M1174594) 01-11-2008
"Very impressed with how quick and easy this process was! Would highly recommend this company over any other on the internet! Cheers Mazuma!" - Neil from Bucks (Order No. M1169776) 01-11-2008
"I would definitely use Mazuma again. I sent my phone away and in 2 days got my cheque, I didn't even have to pay for postage, I'm telling all my friends about the amazing service I got at Mazuma and will be hunting around for other phones I can sell on to you guys again. A very Happy customer." - John from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1148887) 01-11-2008
"Great, payment arrived in 2 days. Going to cash it Monday." - James from Cheshire (Order No. M1151802) 01-11-2008
"Great service, fast payment!" - Andrea from Fife (Order No. M785853) 01-11-2008
"Very simple to use. Clear instructions of the process and what to expect. Simple and efficient all round." - Damian from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M1176794) 01-11-2008
"I am very pleased at the way my order was processed so quickly. I definitely will recommend this service to my family and friends thank you." - Mary from Lancashire (Order No. M1172768) 01-11-2008
"Thank you, your service was great and was so fast with posting and sending out cheque. Thanks once again." - Ben from Worcestershire (Order No. M1187079) 01-11-2008
"Mazuma is great. I had old mobile phones sitting doing nothing. Now I can get some cash for them. Brilliant." - Brian from County Antrim (Order No. M1161856) 01-11-2008
"Very quick service, easy to use website. Hope to use this service again." - Brent from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1138547) 01-11-2008
"This is my first time using your company and I must say I am extremely impressed with the service. I sent off my sony ericsson to you, the next afternoon I received an email to say you had received, tested my phone and sent payment. The very next day I received my cheque in the post. I will definitely use you again in future and will be recommending you to family and friends to use. x" - Samara from Kent (Order No. M1145037) 01-11-2008
"Bloody hell, that was so quick and easy, will tell all my friends about you!! Thanks very much. x" - Anita from Lincs (Order No. M1155146) 01-11-2008
"It was such an easy, fast and efficient service. Thank you very much. I will certainly recommend you." - Norma from Hertfordshire (Order No. M1123301) 01-11-2008
"Excellent swift service. First contact to cheque in the bank took a week." - Paul from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1152836) 01-11-2008
"Once again, excellent service, I would recommend you to anyone!" - Maurice from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1180017) 01-11-2008
"This service is fantastic - less than a week after I placed my sell order, the cheque arrived. Simple, easy and fast - I'll definitely be back!" - Lesley from Bedfordshire (Order No. M1121585) 01-11-2008
"WOW! What a pleasure doing business with you. I recommend your service and shall be doing business with you in the future. Fast reliable and trustworthy. Thank-you." - Chris from Lancashire (Order No. M1184747) 01-11-2008
"Received your cheque this morning 25/11/2008. Fantastic service. Thank you." - Brian from Yorkshire (Order No. M1173351) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service - very efficient (assuming cheque arrives!). Clear website - have recommended to friends." - Emma from Middlesex (Order No. M1166300) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic speed of service. Was only put in the post yesterday and you've already received it and sent the cheque. Wow. Have been recommending you to friends." - Michael from Torfaen (Order No. M1184208) 01-11-2008
"I looked at selling my old phones and thought what's the catch? Within 1 week mazuma had received my enquiry, sent packaging, processed and sent cheque. I would definitely recommend you guys to friends." - Gareth from Lancashire (Order No. M1179797) 01-11-2008
"I tried another mobile phone recycling place and it cost me almost £9 to post the whole thing off recorded delivery, and it ended up returned to me for some reason, so I gave up. Mazuma has been swift, easy to use, friendly, helpful, and most of all gave me the best price of any of the mobile phone recycling places I checked. Brilliant, would definitely use you again." - Karen from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M1181942) 01-11-2008
"This is the 2nd time I have used you and I am very impressed with the whole service you provide, better rates than another company I have looked at and I would recommend you to anyone who wants to recycle their old mobile phone." - Vanessa from Devon (Order No. M1153551) 01-11-2008
"This is a great service. Posted phones on Saturday using pre paid envelope, Cheque arrived on Tuesday. S#@! HOT, I'll use MAZUMA again.. Thanks." - Scott from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M1131584) 01-11-2008
"Very easy to deal with." - Paul from Warwickshire (Order No. M1137117) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service, fast and reliable. Eould recommend you." - Wayne from Oldbury (Order No. M1157115) 01-11-2008
"Great service just a oity you just took the phone as I had the box, user manual the lot, but it's been a pleasure thanks...." - Doug from Moray (Order No. M1185099) 01-11-2008
"Wow, How easy was that. Almost idiot proof!!,finding out how much the mobiles were worth to having the cheque in my hand. THANKS MAZUMA." - Mark from Derbyshire (Order No. M1174880) 01-11-2008
"Posted phone on Monday & received cheque today (Wednesday). Super efficient service. Well done." - Mark from Flintshire (Order No. M1200235) 01-11-2008
"Brilliant service. Posted phone Monday Received cheque Wednesday. Thanks." - Peter from Essex (Order No. M1173802) 01-11-2008
"Very quick turnaround. Very happy you gave me more money than any other company would offer and couldn't ask for any more. Thanks." - Christina from UK (Order No. M1166806) 01-11-2008
"I wish everything would go as smooth as this. Well done." - Terence from Kent (Order No. M1185737) 01-11-2008
"Having placed my order on Thursday last week, I am very impressed that within one week I have received the cheque,you. Fantastic service! I will definitely recommend Mazumamobile." - Mahomed from Surrey (Order No. M1184307) 01-11-2008
"Just to say how pleased I am with your service, very, very quick, well done!" - Alan from Scotland (Order No. M1138184) 01-11-2008
"Amazing, great service, pay a great price." - Jack from Somerset (Order No. M1184351) 01-11-2008
"Mazuma was the most easiest mobile recycling service ever invented! Fast Payment, and testing unlike other businesses! Recommended!" - William from Essex (Order No. M1155982) 01-11-2008
"Wow! what a service. Thank you.. great price, easy form filling.. does what it says on the tin.. wished I had known about you a few months ago..2 handsets I sold to enviophone.. never again now ...." - Russ from Derbys (Order No. M1171635) 01-11-2008
"Really quick payment, impressive all round service." - John from Lancashire (Order No. M1162637) 01-11-2008
"I must say that I am very impressed by your quick and efficient service. I quickly redeemed my old phones for cash without any hassle. Thank you very much." - Safoora from Essex (Order No. M1165948) 01-11-2008
"Many thanks for a fast and efficient service. I received emails at every stage. I must say, I was doubtful at first (as this is my first time) but I'm delighted and will definitely use Mazuma in the future. Thank you." - Pamela from Fife (Order No. M1145521) 01-11-2008
"Mazuma is the best I have ever tried by far. Only a few days ago I decided to sell my phone and after getting some quotes,other places mazuma offered me £44.00 for my g600 what is the best offer I had by far. Few days later I am sitting here opening a letter with a cheque for the full amount. Thanks for a service that works beyond my expectations." - Daniel from Tyne Wear (Order No. M1180765) 01-11-2008
"Thank you very much for the speedy efficient service you provide. Everything was done extremely satisfactorily in a short space of time. Well done and thanks again." - Marilyn from Midlothian (Order No. M1174770) 01-11-2008
"Very, very fast payment. 100% happy with service. Thanks!" - Mark from Bucks (Order No. M1189015) 01-11-2008
"I am more than happy with the service provided by yourselves. Great communication, simple postage system, free collection and cheque posted 2 days after order had been processed." - Graeme from Merseyside (Order No. M1126821) 01-11-2008
"To know that my mobile is going to a good home is nice - to know that I get paid as well is even nicer!! Merry Xmas to you all." - Pamela from Lancashire (Order No. M1197364) 01-11-2008
"Excellent! Very speedy and reliable service. Thank you." - Darren from Co. Durham (Order No. M1182283) 01-11-2008
"Really quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted phones. Recommended to friends and family already and will definitely be back in the future...Thanks.," - Gemma from West Sussex (Order No. M1174264) 01-11-2008
"Very fast payment, good price as well. Would definitely consider using this service again." - Paul from Herts (Order No. M1138987) 01-11-2008
"Received cheque yesterday. Pleasure doing business with your company. Thanx again." - Sharon from Durham (Order No. M1171228) 01-11-2008
"I found your service the best on the web and fast is an understatement as within 2 days of sending my phone I had my money. Thank you." - Nathan from Cheshire (Order No. M1194218) 01-11-2008
"I was very impressed with the service I received. The whole thing only took about 5 days. Excellent. Thank you." - Linda from Warwickshire (Order No. M1149712) 01-11-2008
"I was very pleased with the services provided and would recommend this to friends and would also use the service again if needed. I found it very easy and very quick. Thank you." - Melanie from Northumberland (Order No. M1089409) 01-11-2008
"Fantastic service only 1 week,seeing tv advert sold phone and received cheque. What can I say - impressive service. I will tell all my friends. Well done Mazuma." - Carol from Hants (Order No. M1193503) 01-11-2008
"Very speedy only posted my phone last week and already a cheque is on its way, would definitely recommend this site." - Suzanne from North Ayrshire (Order No. M1099453) 01-11-2008
"I can't believe how quick you processed the sale and I will definitely be using Mazuma again, thanks." - Corin from Monmouthshire (Order No. M1187409) 01-11-2008
"Brilliant. Fast, efficient, easy. Great business. Kept me up to date all the way. Thank you." - Garry from Greater London (Order No. M1193261) 01-11-2008
"Excellent service. It was a great pleasure doing business with you. Many regards and keep up the great work." - Naveed from West Midlands (Order No. M1211730) 01-11-2008
"I posted my phone to you on Thursday by special delivery and on the following day I received an email,you to tell me you had already processed the phone and had posted my cheque to me. That is unbelievably fast service, I'm very impressed, thankyou." - Owen from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1194559) 01-11-2008
"Great service & super fast!" - Anna from Berks (Order No. M1207792) 01-11-2008
"Very fast and efficient service. I bought my new phone on a Monday, and by the Saturday I had received a cheque for recycling my old phone. Thank you." - Lee from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M1208782) 01-11-2008
"Fast, efficient and extremely customer friendly. Have already recommended you to all my friends. Thanks again." - Katherine from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1180622) 01-11-2008
"Posted you the phones on Thursday, received the cheque today (Saturday). Fantastic. Thank you very much." - Jayne from Anglesey (Order No. M1194438) 01-11-2008
"Very Fast Service, E Mails sent to you let you know what was happening. Cheque within 4 days of posting phone. Fantastic. Definitely recommended. Thank you." - Anne from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1195076) 01-11-2008
"Excellent! Fast payment! Thanks!" - Sergejs from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1193712) 01-11-2008
"Great website, everything was taken care of so quickly, thank you!" - Helen from Bedfordshire (Order No. M1202611) 01-11-2008
"I visited your website for the first time on Wednesday afternoon and received a cheque on Saturday morning. I'd say that was pretty impressive. Thanks!" - Bill from Middx (Order No. M1216152) 01-11-2008

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