Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

February 2008

"Fantastic service as always!" - Allison from Kent (Order No. M313291) 01-02-2008
"Great service fast and efficient, and some money for an old mobile that was just lying around the house, can't be bad!" - Pete from Durham (Order No. M311168) 01-02-2008
"FANTASTIC... I really didn't think it would be that simple and quick. Its the easiest £100 I've ever made! I will be recommending family and friends to Mazuma. Thank you." - Rachael from West Yorkshire (Order No. M289707) 01-02-2008
"Excellent Service, Very Fast at responding. I'd certainly use Mazuma again for my next upgrade!" - Gordon from Antrim (Order No. M307076) 01-02-2008
"Excellent service!!! Very friendly and polite. Would use again." - Hayley from Essex (Order No. M306416) 01-02-2008
"A very prompt service, start to finish." - Karen from Somerset (Order No. M306823) 01-02-2008
"QUICK AND EASY. WILL USE AGAIN. EXCELLENT." - Chris from Somerset (Order No. M304590) 01-02-2008
"Excellent service. I was very impressed with how fast my email was replied to as I forgot to include my order form. Thank you." - Christopher from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M303754) 01-02-2008
"Thank you for such a quick response!" - Ian from Warwickshire (Order No. M304106) 01-02-2008
"Hi There, Excellent service and very fast on their website to tell you any more information. Thanks." - Oliver from Harrogate (Order No. M305206) 01-02-2008
"This site was good fast and easy to use. Had my money all in 4 days. Brill thank you." - Mandy from Lincolnshire (Order No. M297946) 01-02-2008
"Excellent. Really impressed, probably do more in the future. Really good, very quick ideal for used phones. I searched the whole internet and you guys were the best. Thanks again." - Kye from Kent (Order No. M282909) 01-02-2008
"Very good service - simple to use, and the best price for my old phone, the five or so companies I tried. Will recommend you." - Sarette from Hampshire (Order No. M285835) 01-02-2008
"Fantastic service - Fast to send out payment and freepost bag. Recommended to friends :-)" - Kiara from West Lothian (Order No. M288112) 01-02-2008
"Thank you every thing went really smooth, highly recommended." - Alex from Lancashire (Order No. M292039) 01-02-2008
"Great, fab, very speedy. Happy with the big cheque you sent me. Thanx." - Sharon from South Yorkshire (Order No. M296406) 01-02-2008
"Mazuma Mobile is one of the best place to trade your phone in, I have used the process three times now and have been pleased every time." - Atif from Mid Lothian (Order No. M304799) 01-02-2008
"Well, best service ever! Only took 7 days for the whole process. Received my money in 2 days !! Love this site!" - Greg from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M321860) 01-02-2008
"One word is IMPRESSED. Free delivery to you, lightening quick service and payment within 4 days of dispatching item. Thanks." - Julian from Hampshire (Order No. M320155) 01-02-2008
"I was very impressed with your service and quite surprised at how easy it was. I will definitely use you again." - David from Staffordshire (Order No. M303017) 01-02-2008
"Excellent service, very quick and easy to use, no problems at all. Highly recommended." - Trevor from Dorset (Order No. M315634) 01-02-2008
"Effortless! Thanks." - Andrew from Suffolk (Order No. M309837) 01-02-2008
"This service can be summed up in one word Excellent. Many thanks." - Diane from London (Order No. M311223) 01-02-2008
"I THINK IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO BE ABLE TO SELL YOUR OLD PHONES FOR CASH." - Alan from Hampshire (Order No. M312972) 01-02-2008
"Excellent service a quick easy and painless way to recycle old mobiles. Will recommend to my friends." - Brian from Hertfordshire (Order No. M316448) 01-02-2008
"Excellent, fast, user friendly service! Recommended, thanks :)" - Chantelle from Northumberland (Order No. M311498) 01-02-2008
"Very easy process, Received cheque today. Fast process. Would use again. Thank you." - Emma from Essex (Order No. M312092) 01-02-2008
"Good fast service, very pleased with whole process." - Ricky from Essex (Order No. M317493) 01-02-2008
"Thank you ever so much for your service. It was fast with no hassle what so ever. Very impressed. Cheers." - Denise from Surrey (Order No. M318164) 01-02-2008
"Great service. Quick payment. Thank you." - Paul from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M318087) 01-02-2008
"Have now used your company twice for my old phones and both have been easy and straight forward even when one was sent in late. So I'm very happy to have done business with you and have passed on your details to friends. Thanks." - David from Somerset (Order No. M298485) 01-02-2008
"Fast and reliable service, a respected company." - Alec from West Yorkshire (Order No. M292853) 01-02-2008
"Very simple, quick and efficient process. Thanks very much." - Dave from Caephilly Boro (Order No. M319572) 01-02-2008
"Very efficient service even though I had wrongly identified the phone I sent you it was sorted quickly and simply." - Rachael from Leicester (Order No. M311718) 01-02-2008
"Brilliant service - start to finish in 8 days. Have used Mazuma before and will do so again." - Bill from Fife (Order No. M319660) 01-02-2008
"Thank you for your quick and efficient service it's been a pleasure." - Keith from South Yorkshire (Order No. M318175) 01-02-2008
"I received the cheque this morning for this phone, I am so pleased with the service I have had, you, the process was very quick and I am extremely satisfied with the whole thing. Thank you very much." - Beverley from Middlesex (Order No. M319462) 01-02-2008
"A really good idea, recycling old mobiles, and really nice for me to make some extra cash too. Thank you." - Janette from Wolverhampton (Order No. M300278) 01-02-2008
"Fantastic service. I would definitely recommend you." - Carol from Merseyside (Order No. M326722) 01-02-2008
"I have been doing some fundraising for my daughter and have sold 30 phones with Mazuma in 3 orders and have had no problems and received my money very quickly and got top prices. Will be doing business again very shortly. EXCELLENT!!!!!" - Janet from Lancastershire (Order No. M319836) 01-02-2008
"Couldn't believe how easy it was, superfast service, 10 out of 10." - Terri from Antrim (Order No. M282128) 01-02-2008
"This is the second time that I have used your company to sell my used mobile phones. I can not speak highly enough of the service I have received so far; it has been excellent. The procedure is so simple to follow and anyone would be mad not to use your company to make money for old rope. Thank you." - Paul from South Glamorgan (Order No. M324225) 01-02-2008
"Great service! I found very straight forward and easy to use. The entire process was efficient and would definitely use again. Thanks." - Jon from County Durham (Order No. M319924) 01-02-2008
"Nice and easy. Very prompt service. Definitely use again." - Diane from Northumbershire (Order No. M329692) 01-02-2008
"A very good, easy, generally quick service. I am very pleased to have done business with the Mazuma Mobile team. Many thanks Mazuma Mobile." - Matthew from Hertfordshire (Order No. M330847) 01-02-2008
"Very pleased with your professional service. Very quick postage. Thank you." - Adam from Worcestershire (Order No. M331518) 01-02-2008
"Excellent quick service." - Darren from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M329186) 01-02-2008
"I found this service really easy to use and it was very efficient. I received the cheque within 7 days of posting my phone. I think it is a great system as my mobiles that I sent back had been sitting in a drawer doing nothing for the last year. I will be recommending Mazuma to family and friends. Well Done Mazuma for giving me the service and also for recycling the mobile phones that means we are also doing our bit for the environment too." - Margaret from Ayrshire (Order No. M327283) 01-02-2008
"Excellent service and very easy to do." - Sharon from Dorset (Order No. M313643) 01-02-2008
"Sorry I am sending you feedback so late but I would like to say that your service was excellent and myself and my friends will be using your site again. Many thanks." - Anil from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M242979) 01-02-2008
"Thanks for your cheque and for a prompt and hassle free service." - Alan from Hertfordshire (Order No. M338294) 01-02-2008
"Excellent...a real hassle free experience...many thanks." - Robert from Devon (Order No. M341869) 01-02-2008
"Well done to you all. Cheque arrived today. I would recommend you to all my customers." - Tony from West Glamorgan (Order No. M338393) 01-02-2008
"Great. Really pleased, fast and efficient service." - Simon from Hertfordshire (Order No. M342672) 01-02-2008
"What a first rate service. Everything was so easy, logging on your site, to receiving the cheque. I will be recommending your service to all of my friends." - Lynn from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M329153) 01-02-2008
"Very fast very efficient . I will recommend you!" - Andrew from Cheshire (Order No. M345532) 01-02-2008
"Great way to recycle and make a little bit of money. Mazuma makes the process so easy and does it so quickly." - Graham from Lincolnshire (Order No. M341715) 01-02-2008
"Fantastic Service, I am going to use Mazuma again, very please with the quick responses, FULLY RECOMMENDED!" - Dominic from West Sussex (Order No. M343046) 01-02-2008
"I think it's a great service as have had those old phones for years but didn't want to throw them out - destroying the environment etc so this is a great way to get rid of them." - Lorretta from County Durham (Order No. M350372) 01-02-2008
"It was a pleasure dealing with you, Very quick service and easy to use. Thank you." - Sharron from Ayrshire (Order No. M310079) 01-02-2008
"I would like to say that selling my phone to you has been the easiest and most simple thing I have done. I found your site on Google and am glad I did!! I will be recommending your site to anyone who mentions they have an old phone and don't know what to do with it!!" - Craig from Cheshire (Order No. M314435) 01-02-2008
"Excellent service, fast efficient and friendly. Would be good if you could find a way to recycle the chargers and stuff for the phones too. Keep up the good work." - Soraya from Derbyshire (Order No. M331540) 01-02-2008
"Was a bit wary at first had never heard of you but is awaiting my cheque and your really efficient keeping me updated easy to contact and a quick response, thanx. I will recommend you to everyone.xx" - Sophie from Hampshire (Order No. M336204) 01-02-2008
"Amazing service, got money in my account in just one week. Super first, thanks and GOOD bye old phone." - Shoaib from West Midland (Order No. M331430) 01-02-2008
"Sent Phone on Monday, received payment on Saturday. Excellent service cannot fault. 5 days to complete wow!" - Richard from Cheshire (Order No. M335027) 01-02-2008

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