Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

July 2008

"Excellent service and so easy. My cheque arrived yesterday, just 10 days,placing the sell order. I shall definitely be recommending Mazuma to all my friends." - Rachel from Essex (Order No. M561044) 01-07-2008
"Wow, Mazuma is even better then I expected it to be. A lot more faster than envirofone which has much lower prices and takes for ever for a order to be processed." - Chandni from Middlesex (Order No. M577060) 01-07-2008
"Thank you for the very quick service, I will recommend you to everyone I know." - Keith from Northumberland (Order No. M564509) 01-07-2008
"I thought your service was great as I got all details really quickly." - Sumayyah from London (Order No. M576290) 01-07-2008
"I sent my old phone, and the next day my order was complete and I was told that I would be getting payment, extremely fast service, thanx." - Matt from Shropshire (Order No. M580206) 01-07-2008
"Have not received my cheque yet but the service has been great, what a cool service you offer. I am confident the end result will be good which is why I'm giving early feedback. Once again thanks." - Jermaine from West Midlands (Order No. M563365) 01-07-2008
"Very quick, 10/10 service." - Russell from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M592143) 01-07-2008
"So easy - thanks! Goodbye old phone." - Nicola from London (Order No. M609831) 01-07-2008
"Excellent, fast service. Will defo use again." - Robert from Staffordshire (Order No. M602846) 01-07-2008
"Thank you very much for helping to find my old mobile phone a new home! I think it is a great idea recycling your old mobiles, therefore I will be recommending your business to all my old mobile phones friend and families." - Lois from Devon (Order No. M616915) 01-07-2008
"I was very pleased for the fast and problem free selling of my old phones, I would recommend mazuma to friends and family." - Susan from Liverpool (Order No. M600580) 01-07-2008
"Thank you very much. Mazuma has proved to be very quick and efficient keeping me up to date with the complete process of selling my phone. I will continue to use Mazuma to sell any other mobile phones I may have." - Carina from London (Order No. M618378) 01-07-2008
"I'm pleased with your fast service! Thank you very much for being reliable!" - Barbora from Leicestershire (Order No. M624340) 01-07-2008
"Had my cheque 2day. Great service all done in a week. I will be looking for more phones to trade and will pass web site on to friends and family. Thanks again, nice dealing with you." - Lorna from West Glamorgan (Order No. M606982) 01-07-2008
"Super fast service, thank-you." - Joanne from Cheshire (Order No. M596620) 01-07-2008
"Thank you for the cheque received today. I believe because I sent the phone by recorded delivery this speeded up the process. Would recommend this to your customers only cost around 70p." - Carol from Wirral (Order No. M599513) 01-07-2008
"Positive feedback because of fast service." - Manuela from Bedfordshire (Order No. M593551) 01-07-2008
"Very easy service to use, extremely prompt too." - Philip from Surrey (Order No. M609545) 01-07-2008
"Excellent and hassle free service. Prompt payment too. Cheers." - David from West Yorkshire (Order No. M594013) 01-07-2008
"Just wanted to say thanks for such a prompt, professional service. This is a great way to recycle. I love it! Cheers. :)" - Jessica from London (Order No. M602538) 01-07-2008
"Really good service. Best bit not having too put the phone in the local paper and having too put up with loads off daft phone calls offering silly prices. You pay a good price, not top, but you have to make a profit and at least you know what you are going to get, no mucking about. I will be using you again." - Mark from West Glamorgan (Order No. M598501) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service, quick, easy to use and very clear and concise communication. Will definitely recommend to friends and colleagues." - Martin from Norfolk (Order No. M600008) 01-07-2008
"This is a brilliant idea for anyone that has old contract phone or PAYG mobiles lying around wasting space! Crystal clear instructions, step-by-step which can be understood by any technophobe, prompt service (Royal Mail allowing..). I will be recommending you to anyone who has an old mobile... I May even send in the 'brick' my company gave me!" - Wendy from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M589369) 01-07-2008
"I haven't yet received my payment but I did only post the fones out 4 days ago. I received an email saying the payment is on its way. So far this has been a very quick and easy service and I have passed on the web address to a lot of my friends who have old fones working / non working lying around their homes. They will soon be in touch." - Matthew from Cardiff (Order No. M591745) 01-07-2008
"Dealt with very quickly and excellent service. Would recommend this site. Payment very quick too! Thanks." - Josh from Derbyshire (Order No. M574090) 01-07-2008
"I was so impressed by the service and quick payment, l have recommended you to a friend. She too has received her cheque - I will be using your company again. THANKS." - Jane from Bershire (Order No. M560109) 01-07-2008
"Fantastic service so far even when I made a mistake with model of phone!!! Just waiting to receive cheque and I have no doubt it will come. Will certainly use again." - Emma from London (Order No. M594585) 01-07-2008
"Very quick and easy process. Thanks a lot!" - Christina from Surrey (Order No. M588786) 01-07-2008
"Excellent website, pleasure dealing you. Thanks." - Andrew from Liverpool (Order No. M582208) 01-07-2008
"This is the second time I have used this site to recycle old phones and each time I have sent the phones through standard post. Mazuma's system is very quick and it only took them a short time to complete the order and as soon as it was complete I received the cheque in the post in a few days." - Courtney from West Yorkshire (Order No. M589754) 01-07-2008
"Brilliant service you deserve a star :D thank you xxxxx." - Frances from Montrose (Order No. M585838) 01-07-2008
"That was easier than I expected." - Raj from West Yorkshire (Order No. M584672) 01-07-2008
"This is my second transaction with you and I've been very impressed with your professionalism and speed of response. You come highly recommended and your prices are competitive. Thank you." - Christine from West Yorkshire (Order No. M588973) 01-07-2008
"Excellent would recommend this to anyone, got a great amount of money for my phone thanks mazuma. x" - Laura from Sunderland (Order No. M567369) 01-07-2008
"Quick and easy! Better than the phones sitting in the back of the drawer which they had done for ages and ages!" - Gillian from West Midlands (Order No. M591844) 01-07-2008
"What a great find your website was! Had this phone lying around & turned it in to cash. Smooth transaction. Will definitely recommend." - Karen from Fareham (Order No. M587411) 01-07-2008
"Brilliant! The service is exactly as you say. It's so easy, now I know it works I'm going to sell my wife's old phone." - Anthony from Staffordshire (Order No. M567138) 01-07-2008
"Pleasure to do business with you! Made the mistake last year selling a phone to envirofone because they offered £1 more than yourself. It took them 6 weeks to send the cheque." - Barbara from Cleveland (Order No. M669836) 01-07-2008
"Very quick and efficient service. It's taken less 5 days and I'm just awaiting my cheque now. Thanks mazuma, will come back to you in the future." - Brendon from Devon (Order No. M682992) 01-07-2008
"Excellent site and I would tell everyone to trust this site. I was not sure about it but it proved me wrong." - Kelly from Leicestershire (Order No. M680627) 01-07-2008
"This service is really great so quick and easy hassle free would recommend you for sure. Thank you." - Jade from Wiltshire (Order No. M673279) 01-07-2008
"Fantastic service and very fast payment!" - Wendy from Devon (Order No. M654161) 01-07-2008
"Thanks, easy transaction, no more old mobiles hanging around in drawers." - Derek from Lancashire (Order No. M664226) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service and customer support team." - Thomas from Middlesex (Order No. M650355) 01-07-2008
"A very quick and efficient service, excellent company. We will use you again." - Lesley from Easy Yorkshire (Order No. M673411) 01-07-2008
"I can't believe how easy that was. Feels like you're giving money away!" - Helen from Avon (Order No. M625143) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service. Brilliant idea." - Gillian from Lancashire (Order No. M667823) 01-07-2008
"Simple and quick processing of order. Reasonable price for handsets and cheque delivered in less than 7 days... very happy & impressed by the service... Thanks!!!" - Dech from Hertfordshire (Order No. M653908) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service. I have told all my friends about it!" - Peter from Essex (Order No. M644899) 01-07-2008
"Just wanted to say thank you for such a speedy service. All done and dusted within three days! Well done, what a well organised and professional company." - Kim from Essex (Order No. M674379) 01-07-2008
"This is the first time I have used your service and I am very impressed at the speed which you have processed my order and the simplicity of your website, and the postal pouch is a great idea. Overall, a very reliable and hassle free service! Thank you." - John from Lancashire (Order No. M640323) 01-07-2008
"Your service I found is excellentt and very fast. I am going to recommend you to all my friends." - Jamie from Surrey (Order No. M671310) 01-07-2008
"Quick easy and hassle free. Why use Ebay??? Fantastic service. Thanks very much!" - Jonathan from Avon (Order No. M640411) 01-07-2008
"Very fast and efficient. Really happy with the transaction. Receive the payment early and at the right time." - Olubukola from Merseyside (Order No. M656570) 01-07-2008
"I have just received my cheque for £120 for my nokia n95. Thank you very much for the speedy service. I will recommend you to all my friends." - Chris from Devon (Order No. M666822) 01-07-2008
"I wish all companies delivered a service as good as yours many thanks." - David from Isle of Wight (Order No. M610216) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service, prompt and good cash amount for phone that otherwise would have just gathered dust, well worth doing for anyone interested." - Dave from Lancashire (Order No. M639366) 01-07-2008
"2In today's world of scammers and internet cons you have restored my faith in internet humanity. 2 weeks,start to finish and I'm £180 better off for phones I would have probably binned. Congratulations and I wish you well for the future." - Doug from Buckingshire (Order No. M646417) 01-07-2008
"Thank you very much. I already received the cheque in exchange for my non working N70 phone. I found the processing very easy and convenient. More power to your company." - Lilibeth from Reading (Order No. M635901) 01-07-2008
"I think this website is great money for a phone just lying around the house. I've been telling all my friends =]." - Natalie from Bath (Order No. M653897) 01-07-2008
"Thanks you for such a fast an easy service, we'll defo be using you again soon, cheers." - Colette from London (Order No. M658264) 01-07-2008
"I would just like to say thanks for making this service and it was very fast and efficient. I am gonna recommend this service to friends and family and once again thanks." - Ben from Staffordshire (Order No. M658980) 01-07-2008
"I would just like to say thanks. I found this website and traded a few in. Very fast and efficient, haven't received my cheque yet but should be any day. I have recommended this service to friends and family." - Ben from Kent (Order No. M648881) 01-07-2008
"A fast and easy to use service. Overall excellent." - Donna from London (Order No. M647957) 01-07-2008
"Great service, will definitely be using and recommending to others!" - Alex from Middlesex (Order No. M635109) 01-07-2008
"First Class. Easy and simple, will be recommending them to everyone." - Mal from Hertfordshire (Order No. M678889) 01-07-2008
"I must admit that when I first saw your advert on the TV I was thinking that this must be some kind of scam. But as I had a spare mobile which was just sitting there I thought why not give it a whirl. To my surprise and delight you are indeed a genuine company and the cheque arrived well within the time allotted. Thank you." - Ernest from Essex (Order No. M630214) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service. You did all that you promised and promptly." - Brian from Oxon (Order No. M617432) 01-07-2008
"What a brilliant service. No hassle, just clicked my phones into the easy to use site. Posted off my phones which had free postage on them with free DHL carrier. Then my cheque arrived in the post. Top service." - Oliver from Staffordshire (Order No. M642303) 01-07-2008
"I had a Nokia Luna to sell and this site offered the best price. I sent it in and three days later I had a cheque for £150.00!! Fantastic!! I recommend that you use this site to recycle any unwanted mobile phone!! Easy site to use and totally secure!" - Amanda from Cumbria (Order No. M647484) 01-07-2008
"I must say this has been the quickest transaction so far. Many thanks. Great doing business with you. I'll certainly return when next I upgrade my mobile." - Kenneth from Watford (Order No. M635791) 01-07-2008
"This is the second time I have used Mazuma to recycle my old mobile phone. An excellent service, professional and very fast. I have since recommended this site to friends. Thanks." - Neil from Cleveland (Order No. M616519) 01-07-2008
"First time I have used this company after seeing them advertise on TV, very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism so far and would recommend to my friends. Many thanks." - Paul from Portsmouth (Order No. M648056) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service once again. Recommend to anybody who has old phones needing a new home." - Clive from Wiltshire (Order No. M585046) 01-07-2008
"Super fast, super friendly and super contact! Thanks guys." - Anna from Essex (Order No. M651708) 01-07-2008
"I'm happy that the order was completed so fast and the mazuma team was very helpful and kept me informed all the way." - Danny from Fife (Order No. M643645) 01-07-2008
"Superb transaction. Excellent price for my mobile and super duper fast service. I think I love you Mazuma.... Looking forward to my cheque in the post!!!" - Jody from Londonderry (Order No. M643183) 01-07-2008
"Great service, very fast and efficient. Definitely recommend." - Annette from Lancashire (Order No. M636946) 01-07-2008
"Very impressed with the prompt service and how quick everything was sorted out. Thank you very much." - Ann from Chesterfield (Order No. M623746) 01-07-2008
"This to confirm payment is received,yourselves. Just a quick note to say that we have been very impressed with the service received,yourselves and will happily recommend you to others." - Alistair from Shropshire (Order No. M575982) 01-07-2008
"I had 2 phones to 'recycle'. Contacted mazuma on the Sunday to start process and received my cheque on the Saturday.. Absolutely amazing and so simple. Would recommend to everyone. I am now pestering friends and family to give me their old phones!" - Gary from Cumbria (Order No. M638134) 01-07-2008
"Fast and great. I loved using this site. It's easy and the service is fast and this website pays more than ecophone or something like that. Thanks." - Allarna from Durham (Order No. M647506) 01-07-2008
"Fantastically quick service. Thank you for providing such an easy to use service and such quick turnaround." - David from Berkshire (Order No. M621458) 01-07-2008
"Fast friendly service. Will definitely be back. Thanks." - Eileen from East Yorkshire (Order No. M602725) 01-07-2008
"Great way to sell your old phone. Excellent service.,order to completion took less than 1 week. Would recommend and use again." - Marc from Derbyshire (Order No. M646703) 01-07-2008
"Very impressed - sent phones on Thursday and cheque arrived on the following Tuesday. Very easy and will use again next time I have old phones to get rid of!" - Angela from North Yorkshire (Order No. M613472) 01-07-2008
"Incredibly quick response in sending both postal information and cheque. Very reliable to deal with." - Holly from West Yorkshire (Order No. M609171) 01-07-2008
"Dealt with very well and quickly. Would use you again." - Sharon from Essex (Order No. M613978) 01-07-2008
"What fantastic service and you are paying me!!! Thank you!" - Alex from Hampshire (Order No. M642006) 01-07-2008
"Thank you for your cooperation. It's been a pleasure dealing with you. I hope we'll do a deal again sometime. Thank you." - Marcel from Avon (Order No. M586817) 01-07-2008
"Thanks for a very fast posting of the returns bag and for the speedy issue of the cheque. Excellent service will tell all my friends. Thanks again Mazuma." - Tracey from Gwent (Order No. M626529) 01-07-2008
"Fantastic website, easy to use. I heard about you off a money website, and you've already paid for a new blouse for me. I have already recommended you to friends." - Clare from Staffordshire (Order No. M626870) 01-07-2008
"This was the first time I used this service and I was amazed how quick and easy it was. The whole transaction took just a few days to complete. I am very pleased and will be using your service again for sure!" - Bindesh from Middlesex (Order No. M617949) 01-07-2008
"Very good service easy to use, more than happy." - Bev from South Yorkshire (Order No. M629598) 01-07-2008
"Thanks for an excellent fast service, you will get highly recommended to all my friends and family." - Gary from Cumbria (Order No. M619467) 01-07-2008
"Great fast service. Top way to make a bit of cash on a broken phone. Would certainly recommend to others. A+++++" - Mhairi from Highland (Order No. M632744) 01-07-2008
"Thanks for your very quick service will be glad to do business with you again. A very big thank you." - Anne from Ayrshire (Order No. M629356) 01-07-2008
"Best price paid for my phone as well as being very fast, efficient and easy. Will definitely recommend to my friends!" - Kirsty from West Yorkshire (Order No. M610436) 01-07-2008
"Speedy service as per usual! Now I've got friends coming up to me for the Mazuma address to send off their phones after hearing about my experiences with you :)" - Wendy from Middlesex (Order No. M618136) 01-07-2008
"Dear Mazuma Team, I am extremely happy with the service provided. It is nice to know that Mazuma provide such a service that is environmentally friendly." - Amandeep from Middlesex (Order No. M586751) 01-07-2008
"Thank you for such a very good service! First time I have used you but will certainly make use of your service again, very efficient and hassle free!!!!" - Jo from Bedfordshire (Order No. M622679) 01-07-2008
"Heard about your company on Money Saving Expert .com and the process couldn't have been easier. Will recommend to others and use you again. Thanks." - Tom from Lancashire (Order No. M620666) 01-07-2008
"Quick and easy - cheque received promptly - excellent service - Thank you." - Donna from West Glamorgan (Order No. M564498) 01-07-2008
"I had a couple of phones to sell, get a little more room in my cupboards. I sent one of them to you and have to say the service is excellent and efficient. I did have the complete original (books, CD, charger etc) packaging. The bag supplied wasn't big enough. But hey, thanks for all your effort. x looking 4ward to the cheque." - Deni from Lancashire (Order No. M617212) 01-07-2008
"Very, very efficient and good online help. Excellent service. Thank you." - David from South Yorkshire (Order No. M629730) 01-07-2008
"Really pleased! Good price for the phone, freepost bag so it didn't cost me a penny and the cheque sent in just a few days. Highly recommended!" - Steven from Kent (Order No. M603374) 01-07-2008
"Thank you for a fantastic service, I will tell all my friends and family all about you. Thank you." - Kevin from Liverpool (Order No. M626155) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service. Really easy to use, quick and friendly service." - Donna from Bristol (Order No. M618620) 01-07-2008
"I am amazed at your wonderful service. You collected phones on 30th completed the order on the 1st and I received cheque on the 3rd. Excellent. I am asking friends and relations for unwanted phones and will send them to you. Once again an excellent service. I will be back......" - Graham from Hampshire (Order No. M572814) 01-07-2008
"This is the second time I have used Mazuma and both times I have been impressed with the speed and efficiency of the service you give." - Alan from Northumberland (Order No. M579007) 01-07-2008
"Thank you for sending me the cheque and thank you for taking the phone because I was going to throw it and I got some money and I am happy. Thank you very much." - Daniel from Conwy (Order No. M547030) 01-07-2008
"Stupidly efficient. AMAZING Service!! Couldn't be happier. Thanks." - Vikki from Cheshire (Order No. M525745) 01-07-2008
"Used a number of times very easy and quick. Have recommended already and would use again THANKS." - Graham from Suffolk (Order No. M686138) 01-07-2008
"Just like to say thanks. I've used your service several times (and will do soon in the future also) and I'm very pleased with how quickly everything arrives and how fast it is processed. Keep up the good work!" - Steven from Edinburgh (Order No. M683619) 01-07-2008
"I sent in 3 phones believing them to all be working. One turned out to be faulty. I just wanted to say that the way you dealt with that, giving me the options to accept or reject, was very fair. I find your company a pleasure to deal with." - Ron from Cumbria (Order No. M677294) 01-07-2008
"True to your word, everything you said would happen did, in fact it was quicker. No fuss, Bril. Thanks." - Peter from Liverpool (Order No. M657472) 01-07-2008
"A very efficient and fast service, first class. I will use and recommend mazuma to my friends. Thanks." - David from Swindon (Order No. M638409) 01-07-2008
"A very quick and easy to use service. Highly recommend to others." - Edward from Cheltenham (Order No. M688063) 01-07-2008
"Very easy to follow instructions, prompt delivery of freepost envelope and check, will definitely use Mazuma again when I upgrade." - Daniel from West Sussex (Order No. M676337) 01-07-2008
"I found this site so easy, you give good prices for old phones, as I did compare them with other recycle sites, and everything is quickly done, I'll be using this site again in the future for sure. Thanks." - Carina from Surrey (Order No. M642105) 01-07-2008
"This is the 1st time I have used Mazuma and I can tell you I am DEFINATELY coming back to use this website and your company. What a quick and efficient service. If only more companies were like this." - Rakesh from Middlesex (Order No. M682926) 01-07-2008
"WOW! What a brill service. Only 10 days,enquiring on the web to receiving a cheque and not one glitch. Good luck to you & I'm telling all my friends." - Michael from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M665579) 01-07-2008
"How easy was that? I will be sending more mobiles your way! Brilliant." - Rebecca from Staffordshire (Order No. M688338) 01-07-2008
"Dear Mazuma Mobile Team, I just want to say about the excellent service with processing my order. I was very pleased how quick it was done and I will tell all my family and friends about a great service your company is I will come back to you in the future." - Beryl from East Sussex (Order No. M667317) 01-07-2008
"Excellent service and prompt and we look forward to receiving payment. With many thanks." - Gil from Surrey (Order No. M678020) 01-07-2008
"Very pleased with the service, competitive prices and a faster completion than Mopay and Envirofone." - Nicola from Kent (Order No. M664083) 01-07-2008

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