Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

March 2008

"Excellent service yet again - simple to use and prompt payment. Thanks!" - Rachel from Essex (Order No. M364320) 01-03-2008
"A great service, easy to do. I feel good about doing my bit for the planet as well as my pocket!! I would certainly come back to you!" - Nicola from West Yorkshire (Order No. M381040) 01-03-2008
"I was very impressed with the speed of service, start to finish." - Louise from Midlothian (Order No. M380193) 01-03-2008
"Excellent very quick and efficient service. We've all got too many old/broken/unused mobiles lying about and this is an excellent way of recycling them." - Mr Wright from Grampian (Order No. M356169) 01-03-2008
"Thank you so much for everything. I will be using you again and will recommend you too! Great service!" - Amanda from West Sussex (Order No. M372251) 01-03-2008
"What a fantastic service, I am really impressed, Fast and efficient, it's a great way to get rid of old mobiles that hang around with no job to do." - Stephanie from Monmouthside (Order No. M376860) 01-03-2008
"Very good service. Am looking forward to receiving my cheque. Will definitely use your service again. Well done on the efficiency of the service." - Harriet from Lanarkshire (Order No. M378862) 01-03-2008
"Good prices for phones, and as always quick and efficient. Keep up the good work." - Kevin from Bristol (Order No. M375617) 01-03-2008
"Thank you very much for the money you have sent me. I will be hoping to find more phones in my house." - Ryan from Newcastle (Order No. M367169) 01-03-2008
"Fantastic. Especially as I forgot to enclose my slip with the phone!! Cheque arrived today. Thanks." - Alison from West Yorkshire (Order No. M364749) 01-03-2008
"Absolutely fab service, quick n easy, recommend for anyone." - Daniel from Middlesex (Order No. M365475) 01-03-2008
"Completed smoothly and satisfied time wise." - Angie from Stafordshire (Order No. M363132) 01-03-2008
"Really fast service - really good how you can track your order through the My Account section. Will definitely use this service again." - Abi from Warwickshire (Order No. M369622) 01-03-2008
"Very impressed how easy that was." - Robert from Northants (Order No. M366201) 01-03-2008
"An absurdly easy service. Couldn't recommend more highly." - David from London (Order No. M360217) 01-03-2008
"Absolute pleasure to deal with a professional, fast company, Received payment in 7 days as promised. Thank you." - Bernadette from Cheshire (Order No. M354794) 01-03-2008
"Simple, fast and friendly just as you said it would be. Thank you." - David from Devon (Order No. M364540) 01-03-2008
"Prompt efficient service, Very easy to do and Cheque in my hand within a week. Great!" - Graeme from West Lothian (Order No. M360195) 01-03-2008
"The process was quick, easy and simple. I would do it again." - Diana from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M363803) 01-03-2008
"I received your cheque today thank you. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of Mazuma. It has been a quick, easy and efficient process. A pleasure to use. I will recommend you without hesitation." - Jenny from Kent (Order No. M356279) 01-03-2008
"I would defiantly use you again, but one small point I have to make was because the parcel only said freepost mazuma the lady in the Post Office was very rude to me and said it probably wont get there and was a bit humpy but it shows you what she knows! I am very impressed with how quick it got to you." - Belinda from Devon (Order No. M344311) 01-03-2008
"Brilliant efficient service! Very impressed customer - thank you." - Annette from Surrey (Order No. M343211) 01-03-2008
"Excellent service. Will recommend without hesitation." - Geoffrey from West Yorkshire (Order No. M359513) 01-03-2008
"Fantastic! Couldn't be easier. Thank you so much!" - Claire from Devon (Order No. M353529) 01-03-2008
"Thought your service was fast and friendly :D, just waiting for the cheque to come through the post, then ill be an extra happy customer :D:D:D" - Maegan from Ayrshire (Order No. M358215) 01-03-2008
"I was very pleased with the service, Mazuma. Quick & reliable. Best price out of all the other trade in your phone sites. Will definitely recommend Thanks :-)" - Laura from Nottingham (Order No. M349569) 01-03-2008
"Have found the whole process extremely easy and hassle free, beginning to end." - Karl from London (Order No. M358202) 01-03-2008
"Very fast service, would recommend. Thanks." - Carla from Oxon (Order No. M339020) 01-03-2008
"Fast payment. Thanks. Great service would recommend to others." - Karl from West Sussex (Order No. M352275) 01-03-2008
"Fast, reliable service. Top marks!" - Lewis from Fife (Order No. M335104) 01-03-2008
"Thank you for a most excellent service - I sent the phones on the Saturday, had the cheque by Thursday. Outstanding service!! Many thanks." - James from West Sussex (Order No. M345323) 01-03-2008
"Mazuma is very useful for old handsets, ever since I have used them I have been recommending it to all my family and friends. Thanks." - Atif from Midlothian (Order No. M349448) 01-03-2008
"Very fast and efficient service." - Graham from Cleveland (Order No. M334301) 01-03-2008
"What a pain free excellent service, and it's good for the environment as well as for my pocket! Top Marks!!!!" - Sam from Warwickshire (Order No. M344707) 01-03-2008
"Easy to process got cheque within a week would use again and have recommended to family member easy to deal with no problems at all." - Kelly from West Midlands (Order No. M351615) 01-03-2008
"Superb service, start to finish. Couldn't be easier!! Don't waste time going anywhere else these guys are the best." - Jules from Cheshire (Order No. M335544) 01-03-2008
"Very simple, efficient and easy to follow instructions." - Max from Hampshire (Order No. M344322) 01-03-2008
"Really efficient. Was kept informed at every stage." - Gemma from North Yorkshire (Order No. M344278) 01-03-2008
"How efficient - I'm amazed. The whole operation of selling our old company mobiles has been so easy. I would certainly recommend your company. Thank you." - Jan from Lancashire (Order No. M353342) 01-03-2008
"Absolutely brilliant, the easiest web site to negotiate, and an even easier process for finding out the value of a phone and then selling it. I wish all recycling could be this well organised and simple." - Andy from Hertfordshire (Order No. M346984) 01-03-2008
"Second time I have used them, great service and very quick, start to finish & getting cheque. Recommend to anyone." - Chris from Antrim (Order No. M349338) 01-03-2008
"It was so easy. I will do it again and again. Thank you mazumamobile. See you next time." - Karoly from Northern Ireland (Order No. M351758) 01-03-2008
"Wonderful service..... Thank you.......a week, sending the phone to receiving the cheque...if only every company dealt with their customers in this manner!!!" - Aisling from Northamptonshire (Order No. M351054) 01-03-2008
"Again as last time thanks for an efficient and user friendly service." - Sue from Worcestershire (Order No. M391160) 01-03-2008
"Just to say that Mazuma Mobile provide an excellent service, the envelope with full explanatory notes received the next day and I was able to dispatch my goods straight away, was very pleased to then see a mail confirming the receipt of the mobiles the next day. Excellent service and very customer-focused! Thank you." - Melissa from West Midlands (Order No. M380501) 01-03-2008
"Excellent service. Can not fault it. I'm very pleased. Thank you!" - Lesley from Oxon (Order No. M382536) 01-03-2008
"First time I have used you to dispose of my old mobile phones, excellent service, prompt acceptance and informative web-site and sale communication, would recommend and use again." - Ian from Cheshire (Order No. M382470) 01-03-2008
"Thank you so much. Very quick response and nice people to deal with. Will definitely use again and have told my friends about you. Thanks." - Sharon from Essex (Order No. M386661) 01-03-2008
"Very good service. Fast and easy to sell my phone with you. I was very pleased with your efficiency." - Sue from North Yorkshire (Order No. M382800) 01-03-2008

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