Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

August 2008

"A superb system that clearly works, simply brilliant! Well done guys - I will be back." - Gary from Staffordshire (Order No. M661025) 01-08-2008
"Thank-you ever so much for working your magic, you were the best recycling site for my old mobile phones that I found and u make it so easy, thank-you again." - Donna from Shropshire (Order No. M704343) 01-08-2008
"Really simple and quick. Great that an old broken phone can be converted into cash! Thanks very much." - Claire from East Sussex (Order No. M665282) 01-08-2008
"I am always reluctant to use ads,tv and newspapers that promise a lot but very rarely deliver. I am happy to say that I have been happy with the service you provide and have delivered everything you have promised. I have no hesitation in using mazumamobile again." - Robert from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M678625) 01-08-2008
"I would like to thank you for such a superb service, my friend told me about your company and off to the web site I went. It was so easy to use and the next day I received your envelopes so I packed away my old phones and off they went, so quick and easy anyone can do it. Thanks again." - Michelle from Hampshire (Order No. M718522) 01-08-2008
"Faultless service. Pitty all companies don't provide the same level of quick, efficient service" - Eamonn from Oxfordshire (Order No. M699635) 01-08-2008
"Thanks for the quick service in getting back to me. Brilliant. Can't wait for the payment. Thanks." - Hannah from Lancashire (Order No. M685390) 01-08-2008
"What a fantastic service. Posted the phones and had the cheque in my hands within 6 days. Website easy to use and understand. Best prices around, would recommend to anyone. Thanks." - Sharon from Cornwall (Order No. M681870) 01-08-2008
"Amazed that my old phone worth that amount. Service was very pleasant. Just waiting for the money." - Mark from Cheshire (Order No. M696742) 01-08-2008
"Excellent company to deal with. Even used the online helpline on chat, and found you extremely friendly and informative. Will deffo use you guys again!" - Mark from Bristol (Order No. M613450) 01-08-2008
"I would just like to say how surprised I am with the standard of your company!! It has been so quick and easy! As soon as I applied, I got the freepost bag within two days, sent it the same day I got it and had reeived the completed confirmation a day later. I will definitely be using this site again!" - Abbie from Hampshire (Order No. M700405) 01-08-2008
"Very, very quick replies, and contact throughout, excellent!!! Would use again without a doubt." - Gareth from East Yorkshire (Order No. M702363) 01-08-2008
"I just wanted to say that I have sold 2 phones through you - easy, fast and simple... Thanks for making this a breeze!!" - Sarah from Worcestershire (Order No. M696753) 01-08-2008
"Your team is excellent very fast very helpful. Thank You." - Laura from Essex (Order No. M709887) 01-08-2008
"Good website, great service..excellent ..good communication with customers,,thanks mazuma mobile. A+++++++++" - Munna from Hampshire (Order No. M685863) 01-08-2008
"Excellent customer service. Sent a phone on Thursday, on Monday received a cheque. Highly recommended !!! Many thanks!" - Pavels from Leicestershire (Order No. M692738) 01-08-2008
"Great way to make money,phone you don't use. Well done MAZUMA, keep the good work." - Susan from Stirlingshire (Order No. M665238) 01-08-2008
"Quick & easy, payment received promptly thank you very much. I have already passed on details to friends." - Tracy from North Somerset (Order No. M684774) 01-08-2008
"My Son and I have entered a charity motorcycle ride of 2000km across South Africa and are collecting mobile phones to raise the funds. Mazuma not only give the best prices but their system is so simple and efficient it is a credit to their team." - Barry from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M702374) 01-08-2008
"Very satisfied with my trade, all completed within a week!! Very simple procedure, I will be definitely be recommending you to everyone!!!" - Amy from West Yorkshire (Order No. M699866) 01-08-2008
"Very speedy and efficient service with a smile, more than happy. Thank you Mazuma." - Barry from Hertfordshire (Order No. M730358) 01-08-2008
"An excellent service, and amazingly fast turnaround. Would recommend it to anyone. Also best prices for phones I could find." - Ben from East Sussex (Order No. M702660) 01-08-2008
"I've have no hesitation in recommending MAZUMA to anyone wanting to sell their old phone. Thank you !!" - Charles from South Staffordshire (Order No. M698436) 01-08-2008
"Love your website, I think it's so easy and simple to use its amazing and you're very trusting! Thanks a lot!" - Vivienne from Bridgend (Order No. M690747) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service. Would recommend them. Me and my family think there are excellent." - Elaine from West Midlands (Order No. M680121) 01-08-2008
"I could not believe how quickly I got the cheque through, it was so easy and quick to use Mazuma and will definitely be recommending you to everyone. Thank you very much!!" - Kerrie from Hampshire (Order No. M694817) 01-08-2008
"Service so far has been excellent. Will confirm when cheque arrives. Thanks." - Sue from Kent (Order No. M707687) 01-08-2008
"Very quick and painless would recommend. Cheers." - Paul from Cheshire (Order No. M717664) 01-08-2008
"Mazuma was really easy to use, the service provided such as online help was really helpful and I am sure I will be using mazuma in the future for my old mobiles!" - Danielle from West Yorkshire (Order No. M713110) 01-08-2008
"Fast and easy process. Would recommend to others." - Matthew from Dorset (Order No. M695631) 01-08-2008
"Thank you so much for a quick and efficient turn around, keep up the good work. Thanks again." - Steve from Oxfordshire (Order No. M706862) 01-08-2008
"That was awesome service guys. Thanks a lot." - Lee from Herefordshire (Order No. M716685) 01-08-2008
"Great, speedy service. Even though I delayed sending my old phones off and lost the original envelope, a replacement envelope and payment was sent off on Mazuma's part with no delay whatsoever! Very easy to work with." - Gregg from Kent (Order No. M626100) 01-08-2008
"This is my 2nd time selling to you and, as before, an absolutely first class excellent service. I doubt your service could be bettered! Many Thanks again." - Kathy from London (Order No. M692034) 01-08-2008
"It was as quick and easy as promised." - Gina from Surrey (Order No. M700240) 01-08-2008
"Very easy and a good price for the phone. I have family members who will be using this service very soon, thanks." - Danny from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M655833) 01-08-2008
"Very fast and easy to use. I shall certainly use the service next time I get an upgraded phone." - Robin from London (Order No. M712351) 01-08-2008
"Wow!!! What a speedy service! I'm delighted that my order has been processed so efficiently, and I'm looking forward to receiving my payment within 7 days! Thanks!!" - Amanda from Londonderry (Order No. M708314) 01-08-2008
"I have sold 6 phones so far and the service has been fantastic every time." - Wendy from Devon (Order No. M717686) 01-08-2008
"Dear Mazuma, thank you so much for your quick delivery and payment of my old phones. I am very impressed with your service and will definitely use you again. Thanks again." - Yvonne from Kent (Order No. M686765) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service, satisfied customer, will be using Mazuma again." - Cara from West Midlands (Order No. M713660) 01-08-2008
"Great service, fast, and kept in touch. 5 stars." - Thomas from Yorkshire (Order No. M715200) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service for me and my family. I won't sell my phone to anybody else." - Elaine from West Midlands (Order No. M680121) 01-08-2008
"It is a brilliant service! Fast and easy way to recycle and make some money along the way. I will be back to use this service again in the future that's for sure. Thanks again." - Andy from Cheshire (Order No. M696731) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service - envelope arrived next day and cheque as quoted within 5 days. I will definitely use you again and recommend you for recycling an unwanted mobile phone." - Julian from North Somerset (Order No. M708391) 01-08-2008
"Superb service. Cannot be bettered.,registration to posting device and receiving cheque took just 5 days. Many thanks." - Steve from Grantham (Order No. M717807) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service, really fast, also really helpful customer service staff over the phone. Will use your services again. Thank you." - Jane from Hampshire (Order No. M708424) 01-08-2008
"I found the whole process very easy and efficient. Thanks for the great service." - Daniel from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M721866) 01-08-2008
"Great service and speed of the process itself is amazing! All done in less than a week, and got rid of my old scratched up phone for £22! Surely, I'm going to inform my friends and family! Thanks!" - Krystian from London (Order No. M728719) 01-08-2008
"Easy, well thought out and professional." - James from Gloucestershire (Order No. M736276) 01-08-2008
"Amazing, fast, super efficient, simple to understand, process and highly informative always. Hats off to you all." - Chun from London (Order No. M732415) 01-08-2008
"Very reliable and very fast! Very nice customer service! Definitely will recommend to all, the company is very safe! Good job GUYS!" - Angela from London (Order No. M722218) 01-08-2008
"Very Happy with the quick and reliable service, thank you very much!" - Adrian from East Sussex (Order No. M729698) 01-08-2008
"Great and easy transaction! :)" - Luke from Sussex (Order No. M740236) 01-08-2008
"Very efficient and friendly. Thank you." - Rhea from Suffolk (Order No. M725507) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service, was really easy, received payment very quickly, no hassle, would definitely use again and recommend to friends." - Mary from Selkirkshire (Order No. M723329) 01-08-2008
"Painless and easy transaction. Hope I can find more phones. Thanks." - Graham from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M688613) 01-08-2008
"It was so easy- can't believe I hadn't found you sooner! Will definitely use you again. Thank you." - Rob from London (Order No. M723384) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service, fast and problem FREE. Highly recommended service. Had cheque within the week. Many, many thanks :)" - Dave from Fife (Order No. M719457) 01-08-2008
"Simply AMAZING. Order Completed and got my Cheque the next day. Took 6 days,start to finish and the best price." - Norman from Lancashire (Order No. M718632) 01-08-2008
"I'm very impressed with the speed of service that you've provided. I will be using again and recommending to friends and family. Excellent service, a pleasure to do business with you, thanks." - Lowri from Monmouthshire (Order No. M712054) 01-08-2008
"I am extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency of the system you have in place. Well done." - Patrick from South Yorkshire (Order No. M744779) 01-08-2008
"Good service and fast payment. Thanks." - Sagar from Kent (Order No. M728103) 01-08-2008
"Brilliant service, thanks. Only wish I had more to sell. Will be back again. I have given details to my son, he has loads of oldies........too." - Thelma from Essex (Order No. M721822) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service guys! Your processing of the phone was quicker than it took to clear the cheque. Take that to the face banks! Mazuma is quicker and less hassle than you." - Craig from Midlothian (Order No. M723472) 01-08-2008
"First class. I cannot believe my phone was worth £25." - Sandra from South Yorkshire (Order No. M720128) 01-08-2008
"I thought the service,mazuma mobile was top class! Quick and reliable." - Neil from County Durham (Order No. M728235) 01-08-2008
"Very impressed with speed and easiness of the whole process. Thank you. Will definitely use it again when necessary." - Sue from Oxon (Order No. M749047) 01-08-2008
"Many thanks for the rapid reply. The first cheque must have been lost somewhere because I hadn't received it. But the re issued one arrived yesterday morning just 48 hours after I reported it missing, very fast indeed well done. A pleasure to trade with your friendly staff." - John from Reading (Order No. M651334) 01-08-2008
"Really fast!!!!" - Alex from Wiltshire (Order No. M755020) 01-08-2008
"Fantastic service. Many thanks." - Peter from Manchester (Order No. M685335) 01-08-2008
"Thank you. I have just placed another order with you." - Richard from Worcestershire (Order No. M723175) 01-08-2008
"Excellent, fast and reliable service. I would highly recommend Mazuma." - William from Sussex (Order No. M715808) 01-08-2008
"Very prompt service. Very easy to use. Will definitely use again if I want to sell my phone." - Cherie from Surrey (Order No. M716102) 01-08-2008
"Gr8, efficient, quick service - highly recommended." - Lorraine from Essex (Order No. M712417) 01-08-2008
"I was looking on the website and I saw how much I would get for my phone, I thought it was a very fair price for my phone. So I sold my mobile to mazuma although I was very weary about sending a valuable item in the post. But within 3 days I had an email saying my order was done and that the cheque was on its way...its simple...its easy...and its fast. I would recommend Mazuma to anybody. Thanks Mazuma! =D" - David from Cardiff (Order No. M759519) 01-08-2008
"Very efficient indeed. Thank you." - Geraint from Conwy (Order No. M715288) 01-08-2008
"What a fantastic service. Fast, simple and no nonsense. Fab, thank you!" - Angela from Cheshire (Order No. M754877) 01-08-2008
"I was very pleased with the way Mazuma dealt with my order. I will definitely recommend the website to family and friends." - Carl from Coventry (Order No. M742656) 01-08-2008
"Simple and easy system to use." - Paul from Portsmouth (Order No. M704442) 01-08-2008
"My old phone would have been lying about in a drawer for years, but instead I've made some money! Great!" - Joanne from Nottingham (Order No. M718753) 01-08-2008
"Very fast and efficient service. The whole process took only 5 days. Two thumbs up." - Adnan from Birmingham (Order No. M756912) 01-08-2008
"Swift, friendly and hassle free. I have been telling everyone about Mazuma." - Sharon from Nothampton (Order No. M699668) 01-08-2008
"Second phone I have recycled on Mazuma. Again, fantastic service. Sent my phone on Monday (by snail mail Royal Mail), had my cheque by Saturday! Good price too. Thanks." - Nadia from London (Order No. M705146) 01-08-2008
"Absolutely fantastic service,start to finish. The only thing that concerned me, is that I still had the box, charger, headphones and complete instructions that I was willing to send back, however, you only request for the phone. BRILL !!!!!!!!!" - Edward from Hampshire (Order No. M745164) 01-08-2008
"Brilliant super fast informed service. Will definitely use again (if I have a phone to sell) Thank you." - Ken from Lancashire (Order No. M760124) 01-08-2008
"WOW! I'm amazed at how fast Mazuma Mobile are...I've often wondered how I could make a fair bit of money for my mobiles that are broken and working...when I saw the advert on TV, I wrote the website down and quickly searched it on my computer. I'm really grateful Mazuma. Thanks." - Richard from Kent (Order No. M758694) 01-08-2008
"Fast, good, easy, thank-you. Will recommend this place." - Jordan from Surrey (Order No. M768572) 01-08-2008
"Wow, that was fast! I look forward to receiving my chq within 7 days. Thanks." - Nick from Hampshire (Order No. M770519) 01-08-2008
"I saw two of these sorts of websites on TV. One was call envrophone and this. I looked at both of them and this one was the best. It was really quick and easy. I will definitely tell people about this. It is brilliant." - Rebecca from Middlesex (Order No. M754503) 01-08-2008
"Very impressive service, much quicker and easier than expected, minimum faff! Thank you." - Kay from Merseyside (Order No. M762896) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service. Would recommend you any time." - Robert from North Yorkshire (Order No. M769452) 01-08-2008
"This has to be the easiest transaction ever made! Quality service, many thanks!" - Laura from Aberdeen (Order No. M743712) 01-08-2008
"The website was very easy to use. My free post envelope arrived very quickly. I am now eagerly awaiting payment. An impressive service which I would recommend to friends." - Angela from Merseyside (Order No. M763039) 01-08-2008
"Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with your web site and quality of service. The website is very easy to use and the vocabulary you use makes it very easy to understand the process. I will recommend your website to many of my friends. I have just received the e-mail saying my order is complete. Cant wait for my cheque!!! Thanks again!" - Peter from Essex (Order No. M770585) 01-08-2008
"What brilliant and easy service - have recommended this to friends and will definitely use you again. Thank you!!" - Sian from Northampton (Order No. M742128) 01-08-2008
"Brilliant." - Michelle from Manchester (Order No. M773698) 01-08-2008
"Superfast service - excellent turnaround would definitely recommend you (and have) and use you again - thanks." - Jo from Sheffield (Order No. M766383) 01-08-2008
"Really good company, very fast payment, good communication Thanks, will definitely use mazuma again!!" - Julie from Manchester (Order No. M772323) 01-08-2008
"Thanx for everything. It was so simple to use. I'll be using you again. Thanx for everything." - Samantha from Devon (Order No. M776174) 01-08-2008
"Brilliant service and fair prices for the phones. Payment arrived within a few days of the phones being sent to Mazuma." - Abdul from London (Order No. M727201) 01-08-2008
"I was very pleased with the level of service I received, it was very easy, fast and simple. Thank you Mazuma." - Keeley from Leeds (Order No. M747342) 01-08-2008
"Absolutely brilliant service, I've sold my Nokia N95 for quite a good price and the whole process was as hastle-free as possible. I posted the phone on Friday and, surprisingly, got the cheque in my mailbox the following Wednesday! Many thanks Mazuma :-)" - Lukasz from London (Order No. M755900) 01-08-2008
"An excellent website and so simple to use. I received the prepaid envelope really quickly and had an email confirming my payment would be on its way all within a week of going on the website. I would certainly recommend you." - Samantha from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M775161) 01-08-2008
"I have to say, this service is quite EXTRORDINARY to say the least, the turnaround time between sending your mobile away and getting the cash is super-quick, first class email updates and support throughout the transaction. I really can't praise you folks at Mazuma enough, in these days where the consumer is often the least respected aspect of a companies priorities, it's really refreshing that a company like yourself REALLY does put the customer FIRST. Not only will I be recommending you to others but I will be most certainly using you again for ALL my future unwanted handsets. THANK " - Brian from Glasgow (Order No. M744999) 01-08-2008
"Absolutely brilliant service! Totally impressed and wouldn't hesitate to use again." - Anita from North Somerset (Order No. M776932) 01-08-2008
"Thank you very much for a professional service. I am very impressed with your business,start to finish. I will be recommending to all my friends, once again, many thanks." - Mark from Dorset (Order No. M773038) 01-08-2008
"Thanks. Great service - completion of order and payment within less than 7 days. Brilliant thanks again." - Bryn from Holyhead (Order No. M736474) 01-08-2008
"Thank you for a fast and trusty sell. Your web page was very easy and understanding to use. I will pass on a good word to friends and family. Thank you again." - Hannah from Kent (Order No. M766548) 01-08-2008
"How wonderful Mazuma are! The most efficient, helpful and friendly service I have ever come across. Totally rapt - THANK YOU!" - Sharon from Northampton (Order No. M775953) 01-08-2008
"I was very skeptical about using this service when you hear so many stories about internet companies but I was very surprised at the service received, speed of payment - fantastic. Will use again." - Stuart from Avon (Order No. M767241) 01-08-2008
"Really good service. Quick and no problems. Will Recommend! Thanks!" - Katy from West Midlands (Order No. M761026) 01-08-2008
"I have used Mazuma a couple of times now and can't fault the efficient and hassle free, what more could you ask for?" - Peter from Edinburgh (Order No. M778626) 01-08-2008
"I sent 3 mobiles to mazuma and received three cheques back quicker than I expected. I recommend that any old mobile should be sent in!" - Stephen from Yorkshire (Order No. M768693) 01-08-2008
"Excellent Service, would use again and recommend to friends. Thank you." - Angela from Essex (Order No. M750136) 01-08-2008
"What a fast, friendly, easy company to use. I wish more were like Mazuma, will recommend to friends and will use again. Thank you." - Alice from Middlesex (Order No. M787833) 01-08-2008
"Fast and easy service. Delighted to get some money for the old phones. Will def use again and recommend to friends and family. Thanks." - Julie from Dumfries (Order No. M792387) 01-08-2008
"Mobiles were received and payment sent the same day. Cheque has only been sent today but I'm sure it'll arrive. It's been a pleasant experience with lots of help and good money paid too!!!" - Michael from Cleveland (Order No. M763688) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service, very quick indeed. Will use again very shortly with confidence!!" - Mark from Holywell (Order No. M797051) 01-08-2008
"That is outstanding customer services, it is very much appreciated." - Mario from London (Order No. M818743) 01-08-2008
"I think this service is absolutely fantastic, it's very quick and reliable, the service is friendly. I would definitely use this service again and recommend it to other people." - Shelley from Lancashire (Order No. M794290) 01-08-2008
"A very good and efficient service. Thank you." - Louise from Somerset (Order No. M784478) 01-08-2008
"I think this is a great service very quick and it is a great way of disposing of your old mobile. I've had great use of these phones and I'm getting money back. I will recommend and will definitely use this service again. Thank you." - Catherine from Lanarkshire (Order No. M793872) 01-08-2008
"From start to finish a pleasant ,faultless transaction thank you." - Jason from Worestershire (Order No. M779297) 01-08-2008
"Couldn't have been easier, easy to follow instructions, quick response." - Tracey from Somerset (Order No. M795632) 01-08-2008
"Quick to do on computer, impressed envelope turned up next day." - Corinne from Middlesex (Order No. M797403) 01-08-2008
"Very good service. Prompt and easy to use. Would certainly recommend Mazuma." - Graham from Devon (Order No. M785622) 01-08-2008
"Great service, brilliant response time whenever I emailed with a query. You're absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much!" - Jen from Kent (Order No. M783125) 01-08-2008
"Nice and easy transaction, so simply I have placed another sell order." - Tracy from Lancashire (Order No. M777702) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service. Very rapid and very good communications. Many thanks." - David from Denbighsire (Order No. M796127) 01-08-2008
"Very smooth transaction, could not have been easier." - Colin from Cheshire (Order No. M773423) 01-08-2008
"Easy and efficient service. Much better than wading through ebay." - Simon from Corwnall (Order No. M789362) 01-08-2008
"Really good service. Will recommend to friends!" - Priyesh from Harrow (Order No. M786062) 01-08-2008
"It hasn't been a week since I sold the phone and received the cheque, amazing! I will tell others about your site, one happy satisfied customer. Thank you." - Callie from Oxon (Order No. M800428) 01-08-2008
"Excellent service, very fast payment. Would recommend, a pleasure to do business." - Maz from Luton (Order No. M826058) 01-08-2008
"Simplicity itself - see you again in 18 months." - David from Leicestershire (Order No. M804553) 01-08-2008
"I am very pleased with this service! x" - Natasha from London (Order No. M765888) 01-08-2008
"Wonderful service - really fast, friendly and simple to use. Would recommend to anyone!" - Joan from Surrey (Order No. M795544) 01-08-2008
"Great service and very easy instructions to follow." - Sandy from East Lothian (Order No. M794103) 01-08-2008
"Very fast service. A great way to recycle." - Dean from Hull (Order No. M802606) 01-08-2008

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