Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

January 2008

"Very fast and simply process. Quicker than envirofone!" - Stephen from Derbyshire (Order No. M242418) 01-01-2008
"Thank you. Great service. Good communications. I will def use you again & will tell all my friends." - Mark from Hertfordshire (Order No. M234608) 01-01-2008
"Superb service. I have just received my cheque and it has taken precisely 1 week, beginning to end - brilliant!" - Robin from Hampshire (Order No. M245410) 01-01-2008
"Many thanks for fast and efficient service. I will certainly recommend you to others." - Mark from Essex (Order No. M238865) 01-01-2008
"Great service, easy to use, and very fast. Thanks a lot. Cheque arrived 4 days. Great." - Peter from Surrey (Order No. M245498) 01-01-2008
"Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for the cheque and a quick and efficient service." - Dave from Shropshire (Order No. M231990) 01-01-2008
"Excellent service and well organised. Would use again. Well done." - Chris from Merseyside (Order No. M246884) 01-01-2008
"Brilliant service, really quick, and helpful helpdesk people. Thanks a bunch!" - Bryan from Merseyside (Order No. M244332) 01-01-2008
"Top quality service, start to finish. Completely hassle free. Many thanks." - Ginette from Essex (Order No. M248556) 01-01-2008
"Dear Mazuma, top marks wish all the others was that good." - Harvey from Cheshire (Order No. M251383) 01-01-2008
"Thank you for making recycling my old phone such an easy and trouble-free experience! I will definitely be recommending you." - Georgina from West Sussex (Order No. M254540) 01-01-2008
"Great Service, Company does 'exactly what it says on the tin'. Superb, efficient service. Keep up the Good Work." - Minal from Essex (Order No. M247016) 01-01-2008
"Hi there, just like to say I am delighted with mazuma for offering such a fast and reliable service. Great customer response and a brilliant way to get rid of old handsets =)" - Anita from Middlesex (Order No. M245234) 01-01-2008
"Great website, easy to use. Quick response." - Nasir from Warwickshire (Order No. M248226) 01-01-2008
"Was easier than I thought it would be. The freeepost bit was a nice touch..." - Thom from West Glamorgan (Order No. M249700) 01-01-2008
"Thank you for havin my phone. I never thought I could get rid of it." - Josh from Cheshire (Order No. M260810) 01-01-2008
"Excellent service. So quick." - Paul from Northants (Order No. M254254) 01-01-2008
"I was very happy with the price quoted for my old mobile. The site was easy to use and I received my cheque within the time specified. I will use this site again. Keep up the good work and thanks." - John from Lancaster (Order No. M252098) 01-01-2008
"Fast, professional, easy to use service would recommend to friends and family and quick payment too. Thanks to all the staff at Mazuma." - Lee from Devon (Order No. M253968) 01-01-2008
"Great service, thanks." - Graham from Hertfordshire (Order No. M255365) 01-01-2008
"Very quick and easy service. I look forward to receiving your cheque. With many thanks." - Tracey from Hampshire (Order No. M251680) 01-01-2008
"Excellent. Thank you very much, very quick service. Will definitely recommend you!!!" - Tracy from Lancaster (Order No. M248402) 01-01-2008
"I was very impressed with the speed in which every thing was done and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family. Thank you." - Steve from Kent (Order No. M256410) 01-01-2008
"I am currently just awaiting payment for the mobile phones sent but just wanted to commend the idea purported by Mazuma - a very effective and indeed mutually beneficial method of recycling redundant mobile phones. Thanks meanwhile and I look forward to receiving first payment and perhaps cooperating with the efficient Mazuma team, in the future." - Rachel from Londonderry (Order No. M261118) 01-01-2008
"Hi there. I have to say that so far everything to do with your company has been easy, quick and polite. You have done what you have said you would and I haven't had to chase you for anything. Bravo, keep it up!!!." - Claire from Gloucestershire (Order No. M267663) 01-01-2008
"Very good. Very happy. Will use again." - Scott from Scotland (Order No. M258280) 01-01-2008
"Great service, quick and easy to use." - Nasir from Warwickshire (Order No. M261437) 01-01-2008
"Very pleased with the service, good way to get rid of old phones. Also a fair price for the old mobile phones." - Emily from Suffolk (Order No. M264209) 01-01-2008
"Great service would defo do it again." - Joanna from Avon (Order No. M246664) 01-01-2008
"Thank you very much. I can't get over how fast and easy that was. No fuss at all. Will definitely use you in the future and recommend you 100%." - Amy from Vale of Glamorgan (Order No. M267025) 01-01-2008
"This company gives excellent service and does exactly what it says on the packet. Very pleased sold 3 phones recently and received cheques within 7 days Thanks." - Linda from Co Durham (Order No. M260106) 01-01-2008
"Extremely fast, have recommended to all my friends. Received payment within 4 days of posting my old phones! Fair, easy and speedy service. Will use again! Thanks! x" - Sarah from Durham (Order No. M266255) 01-01-2008
"Very efficient effective service. I received cheque today just four days after you received phone. During process I had a query that was answered very satisfactorily and very rapidly. You can be sure I will recommend to others!!" - Denis from Surrey (Order No. M256553) 01-01-2008
"Thanks Mazuma for the easiest money I ever made. This has to be the most simple and quick process to get money for your old phone. Thanks again." - Michael from Belfast (Order No. M268631) 01-01-2008
"Very easy to use website was always kept up to date via e mail about my order. Very quick transactions excellent all round would definitely use this service again. Highly recommended." - Cindy from Fife (Order No. M248424) 01-01-2008
"Good to do business with you. Excellent and professional service given. Many thanks." - Nigel from Derbyshire (Order No. M267256) 01-01-2008
"Many thanx for making it so easy, I'll spread the word. Cheers to you all." - Tony from Hampshire (Order No. M272712) 01-01-2008
"This is the second time now I've used Mazuma Mobile, and for a company I came across by chance, they really are the dogs!! a+++++++" - Abe from Merseyside (Order No. M245245) 01-01-2008
"Very easy to use this service fast and no hassle, will def use again ... Many thanks." - Sandra from Hampshire (Order No. M266728) 01-01-2008
"As easy as 123. I will get in touch the next time I change my mobile." - Alison from Londondery (Order No. M271843) 01-01-2008
"Excellent and easy to use service! I would recommend to everyone." - Neil from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M265485) 01-01-2008
"I am very grateful for hearing that my old phone is being confirm and I will be expecting the cheque." - Gboyega from UK (Order No. M270138) 01-01-2008
"Have used Mazuma several times and always had excellent service and feedback. First Class." - Richard from Somerset (Order No. M281149) 01-01-2008
"What a fantastic service - I came across this through my Mutual Points emails - Thank you very much I will be using you again very shortly. Thanks." - Yvonne from Cheshire (Order No. M279796) 01-01-2008
"Fantastic speedy transaction." - Pamela from Durham (Order No. M260588) 01-01-2008
"Very easy to do. Had no problems with it. Will be recommending you to my friends who need to sell there old mobiles. Thanks." - Gillian from Cheshire (Order No. M278135) 01-01-2008
"Fast, easy, efficient, helpful and so easy to use. First class service." - David from Ayrshire (Order No. M276606) 01-01-2008
"Excellent service. Very quick and efficient." - Michael from Surrey (Order No. M284185) 01-01-2008
"Just wanted to say what a quick and easy service you offered. Freepost envelope arrived the day after I did the sell order on the site; the cheque arrived less than a week later. Would have sold another phone with you but the price was better on another website - shame! Highly recommend this site though - excellent and quick." - Jacqueline from Somerset (Order No. M264077) 01-01-2008
"Great service thanks." - Mike from Yorkshire (Order No. M281501) 01-01-2008
"Great service, the whole process took less than one week to complete." - Rob from West Midlands (Order No. M281303) 01-01-2008
"Fab, internet site. V.easy 2 use. Response v.quick ! Final bonus point will be when the money arrives! Will recommend to friends no worries." - Julie from Oxon (Order No. M282766) 01-01-2008
"Very simple and efficient service. Received my cheque within a week." - Karen from South Yorkshire (Order No. M262570) 01-01-2008
"Excellent communication which makes life very easy! Well done!!" - Diane from Merseyside (Order No. M276650) 01-01-2008
"Quick, excellent and better prices offered for phones than other sites." - Paul from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M282139) 01-01-2008
"I am very impressed with speed that everything is processed. Would use this service again." - Tina from Kent (Order No. M269863) 01-01-2008
"Super fast payment yahoo." - Daniel from Swansea (Order No. M241934) 01-01-2008
"Brilliant service, no mountains of paperwork, just 1 simple form. Was a pleasure to do business and will certainly be telling other people about this splendid service." - Ian from Norfolk (Order No. M287177) 01-01-2008
"I am very impressed how you have processed my order so quickly. I will be happy to do business with you again in the future and will be sure to recommend your services to all my friends." - Petagay from Essex (Order No. M291500) 01-01-2008
"Excellent, fast efficient service thank you." - Janet from Devon (Order No. M284801) 01-01-2008
"First class service. I would certainly recommend this to others." - Christine from Essex (Order No. M272822) 01-01-2008
"Very easy and straightforward. Cheque received very quickly. Thanks." - Sarah from Surrey (Order No. M280588) 01-01-2008
"Fast replies and help, any problems get solved fast." - Adam from Liverpool (Order No. M272195) 01-01-2008
"I really can't believe how quick and easy this was! I must admit I was a bit dubious, but the whole process took less than two weeks. The service was extremely fast and efficient, and I was kept fully informed as to my order status. Thank You!" - Rachel from South Yorkshire (Order No. M284009) 01-01-2008
"Very quick, easy and efficient - very pleased with your service." - Rhona from Midlothian (Order No. M289729) 01-01-2008
"Fast, efficient service. Extremely friendly, helpful staff. Would definitely recommend!" - Velda from Liverpool (Order No. M291302) 01-01-2008
"Really impressed! Just wished I'd known about this a while back as I've been through a few phones." - Lee from West Yorkshire (Order No. M287364) 01-01-2008
"This is a really well managed system, that was easy to follow and with freepost bag. Kept me informed of each stage. Will use again if needed." - Hilary from Herefordshire (Order No. M288200) 01-01-2008
"Great site. Easy transactions. Recommended." - Allan from Durham (Order No. M287265) 01-01-2008
"Great service. Had confirmation of phone having been received & had cheque delivered & still not heard back, one of your competitors who I sent a different phone too on the same day! Next time I'll always check your rates first. Thank you!" - Julie from London (Order No. M293359) 01-01-2008
"Speedy everything, impressive service, lot better than the competition, keep it up!" - Trevor from Manchester (Order No. M292545) 01-01-2008
"Thank you for the prompt & efficient way in which you dealt with my order. The money which I received will be donated to a charity & I shall recommend you to friends & colleagues. Thank you." - Edward from Durham (Order No. M285758) 01-01-2008
"Great service - couldn't have been better. Thank you!!!" - Sarah from Northants (Order No. M292336) 01-01-2008
"First class service." - Alan from South Wales (Order No. M297176) 01-01-2008
"Very easy to do, fair price, very quickly done, and best of all, no bloke emailing me asking me if I can post it to Nigeria for his sick grandmother!" - Brian from Norfolk (Order No. M285505) 01-01-2008
"How completely and utterly BRILLIANT! Am spreading the word far and wide and cannot wait to send in my present phone! Whoop whoop! Thank you so much." - Lucy from London (Order No. M292556) 01-01-2008

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