Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

June 2008

"Fantastic service, as always. You are super-efficient all the way through the process. Sometimes I can't believe how quickly I've received my cheque! Please keep up your incredibly high level of service! Thanks." - Andrew from Worcestershire (Order No. M542564) 01-06-2008
"Excellent service .. easy to use and quick payment .. highly recommend." - Sam from Bedfordshire (Order No. M489236) 01-06-2008
"Great way to sell old mobiles. quick and easy. I will definitely use Mazuma in future." - Kayleigh from Luton (Order No. M500137) 01-06-2008
"Fantastic service!! Received cheque in less than a week .I'll definitely be recommended this company to friends and family!!" - Joanna from Northamptonshire (Order No. M490523) 01-06-2008
"The Trusty & Worthy Deal for Mobile Phone Re-sale is Mazuma. Simply Incredible." - Rakesh from Mid Lothian (Order No. M500269) 01-06-2008
"Great service, wish we had thought about it sooner!" - Kevin from Cheshire (Order No. M498080) 01-06-2008
"Excellent service all very easy and swift would recommend and use you again." - Joe from North Somerset (Order No. M497629) 01-06-2008
"Excellent service and fast. Thanks." - Paul from Northumberland (Order No. M505274) 01-06-2008
"I think the service you provide is fantastic . Process is simple and 100% true to your word on payment. Thanks again." - Paul from Worcestershire (Order No. M493735) 01-06-2008
"This is a very easy system to use and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other potential customers." - David from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M508376) 01-06-2008
"This is the 2nd time I have used Mazuma and again I am really impressed with the service. I will be recommending Mazuma to everyone I know who has old mobile phones. Thank you." - David from Staffordshire (Order No. M502777) 01-06-2008
"I am very pleased with the service. Faster than other websites I have been through. Thanks for your help." - Michelle from Lancashire (Order No. M506550) 01-06-2008
"Fantastic service. Will recommend your company to all my friends. Many thanks." - Kevin from Worcestershire (Order No. M511621) 01-06-2008
"Very good service. Sent off seven phones, cheque came through very quickly. I managed to make £82.00... and best of all the cheque didn't bounce :)" - Luke from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M461307) 01-06-2008
"Excellent service. Very quick payment. Fantastic communication. Would definitely use this company again." - Craig from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M512644) 01-06-2008
"Brilliant service. Ordered at 4 pm on 1 day and received a returns form the next morning.
When I receive payment I will use again with my other old mobiles." - Barry from West Yorkshire (Order No. M515603) 01-06-2008
"Excellent service, best price. Very happy." - Andrea from Staffordshire (Order No. M481129) 01-06-2008
"Excellent service! Will be recommending you!" - Laura from Oxon (Order No. M507111) 01-06-2008
"Such friendly fast service. Great communication! What a pleasure!" - Tarryn from London (Order No. M487388) 01-06-2008
"I had been thinking about selling my old phones for a long while but didn't really know where to go. I went to Google and saw this website and gave it a go. Glad I did because it is brilliant, easy to use and actually does what it says. You get the pre-paid envelope the next day!!! I would definitely use this company again and have already recommended it to several friends :-)" - Francesca from London (Order No. M514481) 01-06-2008
"Brilliant service will use again and would recommend to anyone. Thanks Mazuma." - Sam from Essex (Order No. M495176) 01-06-2008
"Easy-to-follow instructions, clear communications and quick completion. Very impressed and would recommend." - John from London (Order No. M520234) 01-06-2008
"Very quick and easy service. V impressed." - Ian from Cheshire (Order No. M506506) 01-06-2008
"Cheque received today. Once the issue with royal mail not getting both my packages to you together, despite being posted at the same time was resolved the service was excellent. You kept me informed every step of the way and bang up to date. I would certainly recommend your company and will use it again when the occasion arises." - Philip from West Midlands (Order No. M507518) 01-06-2008
"I have just received my cheque and wanted to make comment about how quick, easy and efficient your service has been. The communication along the route has been first class. I will definitely be recommending you! Many Thanks." - Sally from Altrincham (Order No. M506869) 01-06-2008
"Very good 10/10!" - Michael from Yorkshire (Order No. M526152) 01-06-2008
"Great service, easy to use. Will use it again in the future." - Sarah from Cheshire (Order No. M508321) 01-06-2008
"Thanks for the confirmation. Your website/company is a great idea and the site is easy to use/navigate its also really good the way you keep customers informed. I wouldn't hesitate to use the service again & I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks again." - Joanne from Cumbria (Order No. M505494) 01-06-2008
"The process was so simple, genuine, and customer friendly. These phones were just laying around in draws and Mazuma were reasonable. Excellent communication on the order and any problems. Well done!! Will refer to friends and definitely use again." - Sal from Shropshire (Order No. M527769) 01-06-2008
"Excellent Service! Everything was just spot on, kept up to date all the time and even when I rang up the guy on the phone was so helpful, keep it up Mazuma!!!" - Abraham from Merseyside (Order No. M522522) 01-06-2008
"Hi Guys! Thanks, cheque for £30 for a mobile I was throwing away is fab. Thanks." - James from East Lancashire (Order No. M481811) 01-06-2008
"I would like to just thank you for your help with my old broken Samsung G600. I would have just thrown it away. I will definitely be telling my friends about your great website. Thanks again." - Kayleigh from East Yorkshire (Order No. M533038) 01-06-2008
"Fantastic quick service, and good prices.... Thanks to you, I am £65 better off! Thank you." - Samantha from North Yorkshire (Order No. M520256) 01-06-2008
"Can't believe how quick your service is. I will always send unused phones to your company." - Pam from West Yorkshire (Order No. M535590) 01-06-2008
"I found the service easy to use, and hassle free." - Phil from Surrey (Order No. M527120) 01-06-2008
"This is a very fast and easy site to use and I would certainly use it again." - Hayley from Luton (Order No. M536525) 01-06-2008
"Brilliant. A fast and professional service. One that I will recommend." - Maureen from Wigan (Order No. M537867) 01-06-2008
"Excellent service - I'd highly recommend this and the prices paid are really good - I've checked around! Thanks again." - Hannah from Somerset (Order No. M532400) 01-06-2008
"What excellent service. Very simple to follow instructions, great communication and very quick turnaround. I'll recommend you to my friends. Thanks." - Julina from Cumbria (Order No. M511500) 01-06-2008
"This was my 1st time selling a phone and I must say I was surprised how fast and smooth it all went!! Id recommend it to anyone :)" - Anna from London (Order No. M540188) 01-06-2008
"I am very happy with the amount I was offered for my phone. The payment came fast and I was very, very pleased. A+++++++++++" - Beverley from West Yorkshire (Order No. M520586) 01-06-2008
"Very pleased with speed of service. Really simple and easy process. Would definitely use again in the future." - Lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M539880) 01-06-2008
"Thank you, looking forward to receiving the cheque. I found the whole process so easy. Please find it a good home. Hope to do business with you again." - Elaine from Rhyl (Order No. M541497) 01-06-2008
"Great Service & Price, I sold my phone with a crack screen and the next day I received the freepost bag, The services were wicked, I had few queries I e-mailed the company and got a reply within 4 Hours. Thanks Mazuma." - Beeraj from Essex (Order No. M534523) 01-06-2008
"Thanks for a very efficient and easy service. I will be recommending you to my friends." - Evelyn from Renfrewshire (Order No. M531784) 01-06-2008
"Fantastic, extremely fast and efficient. Thank you very much." - Idis from Lancashire (Order No. M540122) 01-06-2008
"Thank you for a first class, fast efficient service. Highly recommended. I am sure I will do business with your company again. Best regards." - Brian from Middlesex (Order No. M541827) 01-06-2008
"Great service again,Mazuma. Will definitely recommend." - Andrea from Staffordshire (Order No. M530937) 01-06-2008
"Fantastic service! All completed within a week. Can't fault it will recommend to my friends." - Mark from Monmouthshire (Order No. M540628) 01-06-2008
"I thought I would send you a quick email now to say that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to anyone. I lost the envelope you sent me so I rung you and there was a replacement the next day. The system is easy to use and I found yourselves to be very helpful. Many thanks." - Tina from Anglesey (Order No. M455873) 01-06-2008
"Very fast efficient service. Thank you." - Sheena from Dumfries & Galloway (Order No. M553014) 01-06-2008
"Great speedy service. Thank you." - Daniel from Durham (Order No. M532455) 01-06-2008
"Thank you for the best price, very easy and quick service, good communication throughout. I have already recommended you to friends, and shall certainly use you in the future." - Chris from Manchester (Order No. M556490) 01-06-2008
"Quick, easy and trouble free, Thanks." - Michael from Hertfordshire (Order No. M525426) 01-06-2008
"Wow, what good service! Glad phones can be of use to others. Will recommend you to other people who want to get rid of their old phones." - Janet from Essex (Order No. M525448) 01-06-2008
"Brilliant service and good prices for mobile phone. Sold 2 phones, no problems as the service is fast and quality." - Zulqurneen from Cheshire (Order No. M548460) 01-06-2008
"Fantastic!!,placing order, to receiving cheque, took less than a week! Rarely have I come across such efficiency in a company. Everything went as smooth as clockwork, the instructions were very easy to follow, and Mazuma are true to their word in every detail. I have been recommending them to all! Thanks Mazuma :o)" - Sarah from Hampshire (Order No. M547646) 01-06-2008
"I found the service,start to finish fantastic - I am not a great user of the PC to sell or buy, however after this experience I won't have any problem doing it again! Looking forward to my cheque!!" - Barrie from Grangemouth (Order No. M555775) 01-06-2008
"Congratulations on a top class service.,posting to receipt of cheque....FIVE DAYS!! Excellent. Wishing you continued success. Thanks!" - James from Shropshire (Order No. M541002) 01-06-2008
"I would just like to say thank you for an excellent service. I have now sent you three phones and had received payment within a week of sending them. Excellent service and I would definitely recommend you to my friends." - Michelle from Worcestershire (Order No. M559801) 01-06-2008
"I am so pleased. The service was excellent, no hassle no complications and amazingly quick. Will recommend to everyone. Fantastic!" - Tracy from North Yorkshire (Order No. M553663) 01-06-2008
"Just want to say that I love mazuma mobile. I had a problem and I sent an e-mail and I got a friendly, informative response almost immediately! I've never known such a good service,any other company! Brilliant - will highly recommend to all my friends!" - Shelley from Hampshire (Order No. M541959) 01-06-2008
"Just like to say that I found this service QUICK and SIMPLE and that it's the best way to get rid of your old mobiles :)" - Angela from Yorkshire (Order No. M564300) 01-06-2008
"I found using Mazuma very simple and easy and will definitely be using this service again. I have also recommended Mazuma to some friends who should be using it in the future. Thank you very much for your simple and friendly service." - Callum from Kent (Order No. M546007) 01-06-2008
"I would tell anyone of the prices for all of my old phones. I had 3 before that where broken and even then I got £14:00. It's incredible, even broken phones and working phones, I get great prices. It's just so amazing that phones I would either bin or give away gets me money when don't need them. I would recommend this way in the highest way. I will tell all the people I know to send all there old broken or working phones to mazuma. It's great. Again, thank you mazuma you have put a smile on my face well done for starting this business its great well done." - Susan from Stirlingshire (Order No. M566060) 01-06-2008
"Your service was very easy to understand and easy to use. You were very honest and the 7 day turnaround was fantastic. Many thanks. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends." - Claire from Gloucestershire (Order No. M554499) 01-06-2008
"Absolutely brilliant and speedy service. Will definitely use you again. Thanks very much." - Kim from Aberdeen (Order No. M552772) 01-06-2008
"Cheers, Great Service. I know where to send my future mobiles. Thanks again." - Dean from Gloucestershire (Order No. M559768) 01-06-2008
"Very fast quick and easy and simple most of all very friendly. Would use again. Every thing happened inside a week. Great .Would recommend to any one. Thank you very much." - Larissa from Essex (Order No. M564850) 01-06-2008
"Thank you for working your magic with my old phone it was so easy and fast will let my friends know about your service." - Ian from North Yorkshire (Order No. M557117) 01-06-2008
"I posted my phones by special delivery on a Wednesday afternoon, they arrived with you on the Thursday and I received my cheque in the mail on Friday morning! Now that's what I call a speedy service! I'll definitely be using Mazuma again in the future and have already recommended you to my friends." - Wendy from Middlesex (Order No. M562694) 01-06-2008
"Excellent idea to recycle mobile phones! So many of them now! And to earn a bit of cash back, even better! Have recommended you to others." - Karen from Lincolnshire (Order No. M567116) 01-06-2008
"As I have previously found with your company , a very swift efficient transaction. Thank you." - Dale from Cheshire (Order No. M554114) 01-06-2008
"Brilliant Service and very efficient, will deffo use you again and recommend you to all of my friends!!" - Tammy from Northampton (Order No. M570856) 01-06-2008

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