Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

December 2009

"I've used Envirofone before who were fine.. but the service you've provided has been even better, faster and better money for handsets, i am singing your praises to all of my friends! Also, with xmas and new year, an amazingly fast service, very big well done and thanks :-) " - James from West Midlands (Order No. M3430298) 31-12-2009
"easy to deal with, very helpfull, even though it was axmas delivery of cheque very quick, will definatley use again, many thanks." - carole from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3425864) 31-12-2009
"Very straightforward process from initially browsing the website to receiving payment. I would have no hesitation in recommending the site to anyone. " - Laura from Wiltshire (Order No. M3427570) 31-12-2009
"Your service was so fast & very efficient,I will certainly recommend Mazuma to my friends & family" - John from West Lothian (Order No. M3418044) 31-12-2009
"i have to let you know I was amazed at the service you guys gave. I had probs on the web (my issue!) so called your centre for help. Answered straight away and the guy was very helpful and professional. The end to end speed was soooo much quicker than I would have expected. Will def be recommending your service guys - brilliant! Brilliant! brilliant! Happy new year to you! Dan king" - dan from East Sussex (Order No. M3430892) 31-12-2009
"Many thank's for your very fast service. 6day's from start to finish and over the Christmas period too. Great work i will be using Mazuma again. Thank you." - David from Suffolk (Order No. M3431472) 31-12-2009
"service was very easy to use. would recommend to a friend." - mike from SOMERSET (Order No. M3416249) 31-12-2009
"WOW very impressed with the whole process. Even though it was over the festive season the timescale was extremely fast. Thx you." - lee from Sussex (Order No. M3423486) 31-12-2009
"Great Service. Well Done." - Martin from Bristol (Order No. M3419193) 31-12-2009
"Must say that living in todays society most things are long and drawn out. But this was not the case with this transaction in fact i was pretty impressed .Thank you very much." - STEWART from Nottinghamshire (Order No. MM3428563) 31-12-2009
"Must say that in todays world most things are long and drawn out, but that was certainly not the case with this particular transaction. In fact this is the second transaction i have experienced with mazuma mobiles and i am really impressed. Thank you so much.Regards Stewart" - Stewart from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3428573) 31-12-2009
"So simple and easy to use. Am really impressed woth the ease and speed of the whole transaction.
Congratulations on making the process so easy for your customers." - scott from Surrey (Order No. M3431835) 31-12-2009
"Great service,efficient, and honest. Would definitely do business with you again.Happy New Year!" - Judi from Berkshire (Order No. M3435625) 31-12-2009
"I can't believe the speediness of this transaction, excellent service.many tnanks" - Chris from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3429678) 31-12-2009
"Brilliant and effeciant servicem
Would recommend highly" - dawn from Yorkshire (Order No. M3434351) 31-12-2009
"im so happy with ur service wish u a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 4 all mazuma staff" - ilyas from west yorkshire (Order No. M3434412) 31-12-2009
"Did not receive envelope until 30/12/09 (xmas & weather).Posted envelope 2.30 on 30/12/09. Received email saying transacion complete at 12.40 on 31/12/09.Looking forward to receiving cheque, excellent service and easy transaction thankyou. Will definatley recommend to others." - Derek from Devon (Order No. M3425400) 31-12-2009
"How easy was this? This is the second time I have used Mazuma and it was just as simple as before. Quick, easy, very good!" - Doug from Hampshire (Order No. M3431723) 31-12-2009
"Excellent fast service. Would recommend it>" - Rina from Berkshire (Order No. M3435899) 31-12-2009
"Excellent hassle free service, would recommend to friends and family." - Deonne from Lewisham (Order No. M3426037) 31-12-2009
"Amazing.. very happy by their service .. quick payment with in 48 hours ... would recommend to all who are intersted in selling their phone for cash..No hassle for posting phone back to them .. they sent us a prepaid postage bag..
thanks to mazuma" - Nida from west yorkshire (Order No. M3426982) 31-12-2009
"I am extremely impressed with the service you have given me and will definately recommend you use you again. Your service put's service back into customer service. Thank you." - catherine from Surrey (Order No. M3439578) 31-12-2009
"i dont know what do say that is fantastic everything happen same day recieved,prosesed and sent cheque to me same day very fast less then 48 hours thank you and happy new year to mazuma mobile team. " - feyyaz from burton (Order No. M3439326) 31-12-2009
"Fantastic service. I will definately be recommending you." - Simon from Lancashire (Order No. M3437756) 31-12-2009
"Posted the freepost bag very quickly. Sent phone in the freepost bag and they received and processed the phone the day after. Very quick and reliable service. Will be using mazuma mobile again without a doubt." - Ashley from Yorkshire (Order No. M3432628) 31-12-2009
"I have been delighted so far with how you have kept me up to date with what to expect and how things are progressing. You deserve to do well. Thanks so far!" - siobhan from Cheshire (Order No. M3435773) 31-12-2009
"Brilliant and fast service. Thank you." - Carol from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3409446) 31-12-2009
"Fantastic service, quick turnaround, cheque was in my account within two days of mazuma recieving the phone, brilliant!" - Robert from Warwickshire (Order No. M3423241) 31-12-2009
"fantastic service.

Lovely staff.

Very speedy.

Will defo recomend." - T from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3430286) 30-12-2009
"I recently got an upgrade and I saw an advert for Mazuma Mobiles on the tv. After looking around other websites that buy old mobiles, Mazuma offered the best price by far. I am so happy with everything, the service, the simplicity and the speed of the process. I'd definitely recommend this to everybody." - Katrina from Glamorgan (Order No. M3439169) 30-12-2009
"Hi, I found Mazuma's service really easy to use, fast and reliable, the mazuma website is clear and easy to understand, and I am very pleased with the price Mazuma gave me for my phone, I thought it was a very fair price.

I will definitly reccomend Mazuma to my friends, and will be very happy to use Mazuma again in the future.

Thank you:)" - Frances from London (Order No. M3423659) 30-12-2009
"Excellent service! Well informed about the progress of my order and did exactly what it said on the tin!! Very smooth and fast service. Maybe could have got a little more on ebay but was worth it for the lack of hassel. Really can't fault the service and would use it again. Thanks Mazuma!!!" - Kevin from Somerset (Order No. M3425286) 30-12-2009
"I have sold two phones with you have given given excellent service. quick, fast and pleasurable." - Christine from Cheshire (Order No. M3424024) 30-12-2009
"hi, can i congratulate you on a fantastic speedy service and payment. i will recommened you to all my friends and relatives. cheers and thanks " - Peter from Staffs (Order No. M3430247) 30-12-2009
"Fast And Reliable Service , 10 Out Of 10 For Reliable And Quick Delivery ! " - Sandeep from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3429337) 30-12-2009
"This is the 4th timed we have used your service, and each time its been superb, even over xmas, sent 29th processed today and cheque sent, more companies should follow your excellent service" - john from worcestershire (Order No. M3429404) 30-12-2009
"All done quickly and on a very professional and friendly way.
5 stars. Thank you very much" - jose from Hampshire (Order No. M3430789) 30-12-2009
"Excellent service, much quick then i expect
I will refer to all my friends
Thank you" - Franca from Berkshire (Order No. M3428708) 30-12-2009
"Very impressed with friendly and speedy service. Simple to use and have already mentioned you to my friends etc!
Many thanks." - C from n/a (Order No. Mncertain) 30-12-2009
"I received my cheque this morning. I am delighted with how quick i received it considering the time of year. I am delighted with the service and will definately use the service again, as well as tell my friends. Thank you." - marion from Fife (Order No. M3411252) 30-12-2009
"Really simple process and excellent service. Thanks!" - Ruth from Yorkshire (Order No. M3425829) 30-12-2009
"Fantastic speedy service, even for this normally slow time of year!! Well done!" - Andy from Lancashire (Order No. M3428729) 30-12-2009
"Thankyou for a very fast, easy transaction. I had my doubts as to how it would work out but I have been very impressed and will recommend you to friends and family without hesitation. Thanks" - Peter from Suffolk (Order No. M3429796) 30-12-2009
"very impressed with Mazuma mobile, friendly staff answering phones, quick payment. will use again! " - Catrin from Powys (Order No. M3429542) 30-12-2009
"I have never heard about mobile phone recycling before, but I think it is a genius idea to trade your old mobile phones with cash. First-time I heard about this was actually about different company. But when I search on google, there are some companies to choose. I decided to go for mazuma. Mazuma guaranteed cheques will be sent within 48 hours, and they did.I received my cheque without any hassle with customer service. Thanks very much for the excellent, speedy and hassle-free service! Definitely will use mazuma again! Merry Christmas xx" - Julianty` from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3111711) 29-12-2009
"V. happy with mazuma. Fast delivery, and fast payment. Will recommend for my friends" - Monika from Hampshire (Order No. M3429931) 29-12-2009
"very good . no prob whith anything sell to them again" - philip from cambridgeshire (Order No. M3425324) 28-12-2009
"Just got back from xmas hols and my Mazuma cheque sat waiting for me, very nice, unlike the other company I sent to before Mazuma ( who still haven't processed even though they had handset a week longer, many thanks, next time coming straight to Mazuma" - Paul from Durham (Order No. M3411245) 28-12-2009
"this is my third time selling my phones to mazuma im happy to selling to mazuma because garauntee service maybe little bit less money from others but you know you get payment 48 hours if you dont want to wait for the ceque to clear through the bank there many places you cash it thanks to mazumamobile." - feyyaz from burton (Order No. M3439326) 28-12-2009
"Fantastic service, thanks. The speed of turnround was great; and this was over Christmas period! I will use your excellent company again. Cheers." - Roger from Staffordshire (Order No. M3421682) 26-12-2009
"brilliant service, thank's a lot :)" - nick from Norfolk (Order No. M3423232) 25-12-2009
"Hi! Thank you for your speed and efficiency in dealing with our transaction ... I will definitely let my friends and family know about your excellent service! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" - Zahid from Middlesex (Order No. M3420187) 25-12-2009
"Very quick with return payment. Would definately use again. Thanks." - Alison from Cheshire (Order No. M3420710) 24-12-2009
"brilliant service will allways use in future" - clayton from Glamorgan (Order No. M3407812) 24-12-2009
"Excellent service.
I was kept up-to-date about what was happening.
Very quick and easy to use." - p from Staffordshire (Order No. M3403817) 24-12-2009
"thank you for a fast and spot on service,im spreading the word." - david from Sussex (Order No. M3422976) 24-12-2009
"Excellent service for this time of year, just waiting for the slow winter post to bring my cheque to me..." - Alex from Midlothian (Order No. M3418272) 24-12-2009
"10/10 & 5 Star Service! A much more efficient and easier transaction then I'd previously had with envirofone, definitely choose Mazuma any day over any other competitor and recommend it to anyone. The best thing was the great communication and the reassurance they gave me when I asked a question by going out of their way to notify my delivery maybe late but I still get full value, Excellent Service! Thanks :)" - Harry from Berkshire (Order No. M3413406) 24-12-2009
"THANKS FOR A VERY SPEEDY SERVICE " - ANDY from LANCASHIRE (Order No. M3422965) 24-12-2009
"Brilliant service! Opened an account to sell my mobile, within 48hrs I received the postage bag, sent back my mobile, within 48hrs I had banked my cheque. I am very happy with the service; it was just as I was told. Furthermore Mazuma keeps you updated by email on the status of your order - absolutely fantastic!" - Anthony from Yorkshire (Order No. M3411181) 24-12-2009
"first time i have used mazuma to sell a phone, found it excellent, would def use it again and have allready reccomended it to family and friends. very fast transaction , thankyou." - beverley from Lancashire (Order No. M3421319) 24-12-2009
"Amazing service, order was completed from start to to payment being dispatched in 2 days...over the Xmas period! Recommend highly" - Arron from Yorkshire (Order No. M3423257) 24-12-2009
"Very impressed with your,easy,simple.all my old mobiles and mobiles of my family and friends will be coming to muzamba.thank you very much" - David from south yorkshire (Order No. M3421853) 24-12-2009
"realy good service good price very fast and does exactly what it says on TV would use again anytime. thanks mazuma. Karl." - karl from Lancashire (Order No. M3412706) 24-12-2009
"The process was very quick" - Dhaval from Leicestershire (Order No. M3429515) 24-12-2009
"Excellent service. Listed, received the paperwork, forwarded the mobile and a cheque received all within days (Xmas period) " - Phil from Nth Lincs (Order No. M3422014) 24-12-2009
"Easy and quick i will use again." - Michael from Merseyside (Order No. M3427230) 24-12-2009
"Very good service

easy from start to finish. Very little for me to do.

Within 3 days I logged my phones on website and my check was posted

thank you" - Mark from Warwickshire (Order No. M3428761) 24-12-2009
"I am very impressed with the turn around time from sending the phone off to receiving the cheque. It only took 3 days and this is during a busy xmas period so I am very happy and would definitely use this website again." - Rachael from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3410753) 24-12-2009
"Couldnt be simpler, Great service for me as im always breaking phones! " - Sam from Norfolk (Order No. M3427418) 24-12-2009
"thank you very much,,,,,, it was a pleasure dealing with you, " - mohsen from Staffordshire (Order No. M3422369) 24-12-2009
"i am very pleased with mazuma. plus very fast and effective. just the way i like. 10 out of 10 for me. and i will defo be using this site again thanks very much." - leon from Durham (Order No. M3419910) 24-12-2009
"Mazuma worked for me,i had a couple of my old mobiles kicking around my house and I never used them. As xmas was fast approaching I thought why not,and it was all done and dusted with in 3 or 4 days! I will definately use them again in the future!!" - Deborah from Middlesex (Order No. M3333436) 23-12-2009
"I am extremely happy with the service that you guys at Mazuma Mobile have provided for me. It was quick and easy and I just wish I had more old phones lying around the house in which I could post to you!" - Benjamin from London (Order No. M3417001) 23-12-2009
"your service was very good.I admit i tried first but you turned out much better and your price was higher than them, they had offered me only 13.00 because of buttons missing but you gave and sent the money back to me. I was extremely pleased and will use your service first on any more occassions.. thanks and merry christmas!" - devon from Devon (Order No. M3375152) 23-12-2009
"So fast, so easy and kept informed throughout the process.

Very Pleased!!!" - Philippa from Derbyshire (Order No. M3418380&) 23-12-2009
"very good even fast service over christmas period, would recomend to any1, even over selling on ebay" - libby from HERTFORDSHIRE (Order No. M3420201) 23-12-2009
"Fantastic service.
Merry Christmas to you all." - Darren from Suffolk (Order No. M3408718) 23-12-2009
"I wasnt sure about sending the phone through royal mail nor would i get the check within 48 hours, but Mazuma was true to their word. No messing around at all. Bravo Mazuma." - Kev from Lancashire (Order No. M3415702) 23-12-2009
"great service very easy to understand many thank will do buisness with you again" - michael from west sussex (Order No. M3418048) 23-12-2009
"how easy was that?.... top marks mazuma.will recommend u to every one. merry xmas to all." - neil from Yorkshire (Order No. M3417124) 23-12-2009
"Thank you very much for brilliant service, received payment with in 5 working days even with weather issies. Thanks" - Mina from Berkshire (Order No. M3417766) 23-12-2009
"Great service! Impressively prompt and will use again. Thanks." - Alex from UK (Order No. M3411496) 23-12-2009
"Effortless and easy, thanks for a great service." - Colin from Cheshire (Order No. M3417437) 23-12-2009
"Having originally sold my Nokia N95 to Mazuma 18 months ago, I was happy to revisit your website and return to Mazuma, despite contact from Carphone Warehouse with a speculative offer for my iPhone 3G. Once more, I am happy that everything has run smoothly and I have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends. I look forward to selling my 3Gs to you in another 18 months!" - Sherie from Essex (Order No. M3419687) 23-12-2009
"Yes happy with order. I wouldn't say fast but it's very friendly thank you" - Finbar from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M3422234) 23-12-2009
"Wow, what good service even at Christmas time. Will recommend you to everyone I know." - kathleen from Merseyside (Order No. M3418128) 23-12-2009
"Very fast service" - Joe from Surrey (Order No. M3417394) 23-12-2009
"just thought id let you no i am really happy with your service and i have been recomending you to alot of my friends and family.thanks." - emma from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3419478) 23-12-2009
"very impressed with the speed of service and recieved the cheque very quick thanks" - nicola from Lancashire (Order No. M3407537) 23-12-2009
"very quick service" - NEIL from east sussex (Order No. M3410029) 23-12-2009
"Thank you very much. I'm amazed at how quick and easy it was to do this." - Dawn from Suffolk (Order No. M3417815) 23-12-2009
"Just to say thanks for the prompt response. I received my cheque in the post today. I am happy with the service I've had from you.
Best wishes," - Svetlana from Surrey (Order No. M3413219) 23-12-2009
"Very good and quick service for selling own mobile. Nothing is quicker than mazuma! Highly recomended!" - Emil from Durham (Order No. M3410849) 23-12-2009
"Dear Mazuma, very impressed with your service, you offered me the best rate for my old phone I could find, the phone was free with my contract so thanks to you I made a lot of money and it cost me nothing! Mazuma was one of those things you see on TV and think nah it can't be as good as it looks but it really was, the postage bag came through really fast and so did my cheque, very satisfied, would use you again and recommend to anyone. Thanks!" - Thomas from Lancashire (Order No. M3392972) 22-12-2009
"Excellent quick service. Good payout for old phones. V efficient and easy to use. Thanks! " - Louise from England (Order No. M3381425) 22-12-2009
"thanks for all your help! at first i wasnt very happy that i didnt recieve my free post bag, but after i talked to you, you sent it the next day via first class post.
You were very helpful, and very polite when talking to me as a customer.
I am very happy with this service, and will recomend it to my friends and family.
Many thanks for all your help and time." - Lily from n/a (Order No. MM3384157&) 22-12-2009
"Incredibly speedy service, posted the mobile on Tuesday & had the cheque by Friday. Clear and easy service with good communications throughout the process." - Michelle from Yorkshire (Order No. M3364204) 22-12-2009
"I am very pleased with the service you have provided. Very prompt responses both for the initial reply and, once the phone was received, for the completion of the service. Payment quoted is what I am receiving fo rthe phone, unlike other Mobile Recycling companies who seem to find ways of reducing the payment, you have been true to your word.

Thank you." - Mick from Northumberland (Order No. M3400953) 22-12-2009
"quick service and great price recieved ! Thank you " - John from cheshire (Order No. M3419205) 22-12-2009
"excellent service.....i have recommended mazuma to my friends & family xxx" - vanessa from Durham (Order No. M3408401) 22-12-2009
"this is the second mobile phone we have sent you.
it is good to deal with people who give you a fast and efficient service. best wishes for xmas to all you staff" - mike & carole from Cheshire (Order No. M3409598) 22-12-2009
"Very simple,straight-forward process. Highest rates available plus very quick service. I was about to go with another company but the price for my phone(s) was higher so obviously I chose this company! thankyou very much and I am sure I will be using you in the near future.
once again thankyou" - Isabelle from Nottingham (Order No. M3429433) 22-12-2009
"First time user - found it very efficient and liked customer contact via email- would recommend " - David from Devon (Order No. M3407349 h) 22-12-2009
"Thank you so much for your really efficient service, this was really easy! I have more old mobile which I will be (hopefully) sending you. " - william from Devon (Order No. M3418922) 22-12-2009
"I know I placed some feedback just as I placed the order on this phone but as I just got my money I would like to make another comment. This is my second order with you guys. This time I delivered it by hand. "Please wait 5 minutes on the couch upstairs" I was told. I only had to wait 1! That's what you call service. You give more money than Envirofone so whenever my friends talk about Envirofone I always tell them to check out Mazuma. When i first placed an order with you guys I got my money within 3 days of filling in the form online. Brilliant! I'll be using you again." - Glenn from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3406569&) 22-12-2009
"excellent service so quick and easy send my phones to you all the time now " - Holly from n/a (Order No. M?) 22-12-2009
"Quick and easy service.
Happy to be helping the environment too." - Maureen from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3369696) 22-12-2009
"Quick, no hassle.... thankyou." - Su from Somerset (Order No. M3393055) 22-12-2009
"i like your service ,it's very simple and very easy to sell free post envelop.


mazuma" - irfan from Yorkshire (Order No. M3401133) 22-12-2009
"Very quick and easy service. Will definately use this site again :)." - charlotte from Leicestershire (Order No. M3419370) 22-12-2009
"Hi guys! Super smashing service!
5***** website easy to use, fantastic customer service! Been an absolute pleasure to deal with a company who know what they are doing! What more can I say... Well done!
A very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!" - Linda from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3414303) 22-12-2009
"When I consider how many people have an old phone in the drawer and not money in their pocket i think. what a waste. Get wise, get Mazooma. com" - Phillip from Glos (Order No. M3403919) 22-12-2009
"Good efficient service Cheque quickly received and cleared ok - didn't offer most money however read good feedback before choosing Mazuma." - Derek from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3367810) 22-12-2009
"Your service is unbeatable!!" - Joy from n/a (Order No. M) 21-12-2009
"Your service was excellent, very efficient. I sent my mobile away on a Thursday and by the following Thursday I had cashed my cheque and was spending my cash. I will use your service again. " - Claire from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3381231) 21-12-2009
"fantastic sevice i use this sevice a few times and would not hesistate to use again and again " - darren from lancashire (Order No. M3087287) 21-12-2009
" Outstanding ,Excellent service very prompt sent phone off at begining of week had cheque by the friday, would defininatly recommend to all my friends and family." - LISA from Yorkshire (Order No. M3398381) 21-12-2009
"Excellent service as always, would highly recommend. Website so easy to use & orders dealt with so swiftly. Look forward to using your services again soon. " - Tracey from Dorset (Order No. M3403772) 21-12-2009
"Excellent, quicker and easier than putting the phones on ebay. By the time you take ebay and paypal fees into account the money cleared is more or less the same.
Will use again in the future!! Thanks" - Iain from Morayshire (Order No. M3378372) 21-12-2009
"This is a fantastic service, mazuma provided the best prices either online or from high street retailers. A very fast and simple service to use. Overall very impressed with the service and I would definitely use it again." - Gemma from Lancashire (Order No. M3409682) 21-12-2009
"best prices fast service
i will recomend mazuma to all my freinds." - mohammed from gwent (Order No. M3415700) 21-12-2009
"Sent on Thursday afternoon. Processed by Friday afternoon and cheque arrived on Monday morning. If it hadnt been Christmas week would have arrived on Saturday. If every company in the UK was as prompt and efficient as Mazuma the country would be in a better state. Would reccomend. " - Jason from Hampshire (Order No. M3412070) 21-12-2009
"Thanks ever so much for purchasing my old phones, I've been wondering what to do with them for some time (I hate throwing things away). This welcome infusion of cash will certainly help to make Christmas a little less painful! Thanks again =D" - Matthew from Merseyside (Order No. M3415632) 21-12-2009
"Brilliant service. You easily lived up to your claims, I was banking the cheque less than 72 hours after posting my phone. Makes me wish i had more to sell to you!" - Greg from Lancashire (Order No. M3325905) 21-12-2009
"Very efficient service provided by Mazuma .
Keep up the good work!!" - Gary from Lancashire (Order No. M3408715) 21-12-2009
"I was really pleased at how quickly you deal with the order even though it is christmas time " - Katherine from Glamorgan (Order No. M3401101) 21-12-2009
"Quite possibly the most no nonsense, easy and efficient online transaction I have ever done. I would recommend others to use Mazuma without hesitation" - Leah from Devon (Order No. M3414097) 21-12-2009
"I've traded in 2 handsets with you and both times, you have been very fast and efficient.
Thank you" - Ayo from london (Order No. M3419427) 21-12-2009
"I decided, to use your services after my friend used you, I was so impressed by the speed and efficiency you work at, that I decided to use you myself, once again you have delivered an outstanding service! and I haven't even had my cheque from you yet, I for one highly recommend you to everyone!!. Simon ;o)" - Simon from Shropshire (Order No. M3412258) 21-12-2009
"Anyone doubting this service, don't, they are first class, great service, speedy payment and good communication all round. Thanks" - Christina from Denbighshire (Order No. M3364500) 21-12-2009
"thanks very much,would recommend ,WILL USE AGAIN" - sam from Shropshire (Order No. M3394550) 21-12-2009
"Just brillant from start to finish" - Gareth from n/a (Order No. M) 21-12-2009
"If only all companies were as efficient as Mazuma. This is the second time I have used Mazuma, it certainly won't be the last. Well done!" - Graham from n/a (Order No. M/a) 21-12-2009
"fantastic service very easy to set up no problems throughout process of sending phone will recomend to others
thanks " - David from Derbyshire (Order No. M3412782) 20-12-2009
"Easy site to use, not the best price for phones but would rather deal with a company like this for the sake of a couple of pounds and have an enjoyable and fantasticlly fast service!" - suzi from essex (Order No. M3407654) 19-12-2009
"great speedy service. Shame i have dropped 2 phones now and broken them but at least i get a bit of somehting back. Thanks Mazuma. got my latest one on a very thick bungee rope!!" - amanda from Yorkshire (Order No. M3413180) 19-12-2009
"A super fast and efficient service
Thank you" - Margaret from Lancashire (Order No. M3403234) 19-12-2009
"i was really pleased with the way i sold my phones evevrything went smoothly with no problems and was done very fast. thanks" - james from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3394907) 19-12-2009
"Absolutely fantastic, great service.
Efficient and speedy, will definitely be using mazuma again.

Thanks" - lewis from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3414759) 19-12-2009
"Placed my order Monday and all completed and paid by Saturday,top class service, have recommended to all my friends. Keep up the great service. Thanks " - Jacqueline from Kent (Order No. M3414165) 19-12-2009
"This is the first time I have used this service. It is easy to use and very quick. I will be using it again shortly. Excellent. " - Keith from n/a (Order No. MM3414302) 19-12-2009
"a very fast ,fair and easy service thank you" - linda from somerset (Order No. M3414716) 19-12-2009
"I didn't realise just how easy it could be,Thankyou Mazuma" - Barry from Berkshire (Order No. M3410929) 18-12-2009
"Great Service, a credit to the world of recycled mobiles. Superb. A+" - daniel from Middlesex (Order No. M3414887) 18-12-2009
"Excellent service! I placed my order on Monday and had the cheque banked by Friday. Very fast turnaround and a much better price than other phone recycling services. I'll definitely use Mazuma again." - Amy from Lancashire (Order No. M3415043) 18-12-2009
"This is the first time i have used Mazuma and i must say i am very impressed and am very pleased with the service, fast and efficient...what more do you want!!...will be using them again for sure. " - vanessa from west midlands (Order No. M3416730) 18-12-2009
"Great service overall, though I wish you posted padded bags that do not require me to have to wrap my phone before I send it back. Would be great if you had better rates as well, but overall: simple & efficient. I like it!
Thank you," - Eric from Middlesex (Order No. M3409259) 18-12-2009
"thank you,for the very promt service,all done in less than a week.what a service.if only british industry took a leaf out of your book.we would have a much better econamy.thank you" - brian from West Midlands (Order No. M3401899) 18-12-2009
"very good website,easy to use. very quick to process and send payment. will use again" - Gary from Kent (Order No. M3407069) 18-12-2009
"Great to deal with, highly recommended." - Ian from Worcestershire (Order No. M3413947) 18-12-2009
"Once again a fast efficient service. Many thanks." - Neil from Northumberland (Order No. M3394490) 17-12-2009
"Great service, could not believe how easy the system, emails keeping me up to date, and the speed with which I received my cheque for my old phone was brilliant, especially considering the Christmas period. Would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone, many thanks Sandra" - Sandra from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3406618) 17-12-2009
"very pleased with the prices you gave for my old phones with definetly use you again" - ruth from west midlands (Order No. M3411645) 17-12-2009
"Extremely impresssed. This is the first time I have used Mazuma, (used Envirophone before), your company was much quicker at responding & gave a better price. I will certainly use you again in the future for not only my phone, but my husband's as well." - Tania from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3408987) 17-12-2009
"Excellent service. Very quick. Recommend to anyone. " - Darren from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3407096) 17-12-2009
"Brilliant! No hassle whatsoever, I have recommended to everyone I know!" - Georgina from WORCESTERSHIRE (Order No. M3055112) 17-12-2009
"This could not have been easier or quicker and it's Christmas at the moment. The website was user friendly and I used a web chat that was also very useful. I would suggest an FAQ - I didn't know if I had to send back chargers or spare skins?" - Nicola from Sussex (Order No. M3414820) 17-12-2009
"Excellent Throughout, Just been notified payment sent out to me, they only received phone today!!!" - Peter from Worcestershire (Order No. M3367985) 17-12-2009
"Really easy to do - sold my phone because I just couldn't get on with a touch screen - back to buttons for me!! Such a quick and speedy service, cheque arrived within 2days of sale. Will definitely recommend to friends. Thanks so much :) Lyn" - Lynda from Kent (Order No. M3396644) 17-12-2009
" really impressed with your professional service will not hesitate to use you again will recommend to friends" - stephen from Lancashire (Order No. M3402387) 17-12-2009
"Would just like to say thank you, received your cheque today (17th dec 09),only posted phones back on tue 15th so very pleased indeed." - Jane from Kent (Order No. M3409795) 17-12-2009
"very pleased with the fast response thank you" - phil from shropshire (Order No. M3403961) 17-12-2009
"Sent off my mobiles, went away for a few days to see my new Grandson and there was a cheque waiting when I got Back, What a service!!" - Georgina from Cornwall (Order No. M3403109) 17-12-2009
"WOW! What amazing service. I received your cheque the day after it was posted!
Thank you so much. Am now hunting down every unused phone I've ever had & bullying family members to do the same." - Jayne from Hampshire (Order No. M3397042) 16-12-2009
"very pleased with the fast easy service you provide." - angela from merseyside (Order No. M3405308) 16-12-2009
"Fantastic quick and top class service as long as the cheque doesn't bounce!!" - Matthew from BUCKS (Order No. M3407874) 16-12-2009
"Dear Team,

As their are so many people out there trying to "Rip you off" I was somewhat anticipent with the outcome of this offer.
But I am pleased to say you delivered what it said on the tin in a very professional manner! I will certainly use you again in the future.
Thanks!!" - Michael from Yorkshire (Order No. M3407218) 16-12-2009
"Thank you so much for the quick, easy and simple process. My order was received and processed really quickly and I've just been informed payment is on it's way. A great service. Thank you!" - Vanessa from Kent (Order No. M3396831) 16-12-2009
"i found it easy to sell my mobile phone,there was step by step instructions and i was kept informed by email.I will be using mazuma again." - louise from Yorkshire (Order No. M3395207) 16-12-2009
"I would just like to say how impressed I was with this service. Your website is very clear and simple to use and your service has been as swift as you siad it would be. I have alrady recomended you to many of my friends! Also I would like to add that I have never given genuine feedback on a service until now. I will be using you in future.

Many Thanks" - Steve from Devon (Order No. M3406998) 16-12-2009
"I am overjoyed with the quick and friendly service i have recieved. I was kept upto date with the whole process by regular emails and it has taken only a few days from start to finish. I would recommend this service to anybody and would definately use Mazuma again. Thankyou." - Carla from Staffordshire (Order No. M3410761) 16-12-2009
"yes it is a really good way for your old phone to be sold." - James from Essex (Order No. M3402521) 16-12-2009
"excellent service, could not be better, fast and efficient, would recommend to all." - debbie from Staffordshire (Order No. M3405077) 16-12-2009
"Cannot believe how quick and easy your service is, many thanks." - Steve from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3414387) 16-12-2009
"Fantastic service! I posted my phones off Monday night and by wednesday had my cheque!
Would highly recommend this service and I will be using it again for another phone I Just found! Great!" - emily from Norfolk (Order No. M3400391) 16-12-2009
"A fast and reliable service so far, just waiting for my cheque in the post, thanks mazuma!" - Stuart from Northumberland (Order No. M3405264) 16-12-2009
"Smooth transaction that was completed in four working days." - Alan from Kent (Order No. M3372832) 16-12-2009
"thankyou very much for your help and having my old phone. ill keep in mind your website for the future if i need to get rid off another phone. and also ill tell friends and family about you many thanks michelle" - michelle from west midlands (Order No. M3411652) 16-12-2009
"Thank you very much for allowing me to extend ~ I look forward to receiving cheque. Thanks also for fast and efficient service." - Barbara from Essex (Order No. M3313937) 15-12-2009
"Fantastic service, got the cheque for the full quoted amount within a couple of days of posting. Would highly recommend :0)" - LAURA from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3400395) 15-12-2009
"Service was excellent, very easy to use and incredibly efficient. Recycling made very easy.

Will definitely recommend to friends and family." - Janet from n/a (Order No. M33793724) 15-12-2009
"very happy with your service thank u " - linda from Hampshire (Order No. M 3405812) 15-12-2009
"Thank you very much great service, had the cheque the day after the order was completed.
Will be using Mazuma again!
Thanks" - Jack from Flintshire (Order No. M3389412) 15-12-2009
"very good service " - lorraine from Suffolk (Order No. M3406499) 15-12-2009
"Second time I have used Mazuma and I would not hesitate it recommending you to others. Fantastic website, processes clearly explained and great communication during all stages of the transaction. Also a very prompt service." - Paolo from Manchester (Order No. M3404153) 15-12-2009
"fast and reliable,i recommend selling on this site" - jeffrey from Essex (Order No. M3404156) 15-12-2009
"I found your service very good and was so easy to use. I have some extra cash for old phones that were just sitting in a draw. Keep up the good work. I will definatly be using Mazuma mobile again." - Lee from Warwickshire (Order No. M3401579) 15-12-2009
"Brilliant service i ever received online.Posted my mobiles on thursday and got my cheque on saturday very fast and efficient.WELL DONE GUYS.A big thank you to mazuma.Will recommend to all my family and friends." - Grace from Worcestershire (Order No. M3385519) 14-12-2009
"no wonder you are uk's no1 phone recycler there are many companies who could learn a lot from you as regards customer service" - steven from Warwickshire (Order No. M3399444) 14-12-2009
"thanks for such a smooth transaction. recommended to others.why cant every company be as efficiant as you." - brian from west midlands (Order No. M3397862) 14-12-2009
"very reliable service, that does exactly what they say they'll do. I would highly consider using this service again in the future" - Joe from Yorkshire (Order No. M3396537) 14-12-2009
"i would just like to say what an efficient and speedy service i am extremely impressed with the speed and good communication throughout i could have got a bit more for my phone from elsewhere but decided to go with you as you seemed like a reputable company from tv ad etc i especially liked the 48hr guarantees you made and indeed delivered! i would definitely recommend you to friends and family!! many thanks yvonne" - yvonne from Cheshire (Order No. M3394476) 14-12-2009
"Spot on service, well impressed would use again." - Paul from Yorkshire (Order No. M3405566) 14-12-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service, this is the 2nd time I have used it for personal mobiles. My company uses it all the time for company mobiles, keep letting the magic happen!" - Robert from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3389193) 14-12-2009
"Friendly and efficient email correspondence and look forward to getting some cash just by digging through some old boxes for old phones." - Andrew from London (Order No. M3374437) 14-12-2009
"once again an excellent service thanks" - sean from down (Order No. M3396996) 14-12-2009
"thank you mazuma, you have been an exceptional and fast service to deal with, as an young individual i believe that you grow in sucess and deal with your customers in a polite and great manner that you accomplish already" - Qaseem from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3405099) 14-12-2009
"This was a very easy process to undertake and I was kept informed at all times about the status of my order. I would reccomend this service to others without hesitation. " - Douglas from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3398930) 14-12-2009
Top prices for old handset
very good website and brill all round service.
Very happy with price you gave us for old phones.
thanks and have a brill Christmas....." - Paul from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3399310) 14-12-2009
"My efree post envelope took bit longer than the 48 hours said, but when i emailed i got a really quick reply and within 5 mins i had the information i needed, just felt that was really good customer service and found using the email alot better than phoning in!" - Brian from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3401754) 14-12-2009
"Most efficient and quick off the mark, highly recommended" - Pauline from Lancs (Order No. M3397490) 13-12-2009
"Great service, excellent delivery, came 2 days after sendind phone off, will def use again" - Dave from Yorkshire (Order No. M3401477) 12-12-2009
"Thank you very much for a quick and easy transaction it is unusual these days to find some one as quick and efficient as your selves many thanks A Skerratt" - ANTHONY from Staffordshire (Order No. M3397598) 12-12-2009
"Great simple to use service that provides good value for money." - Stephen from Somerset (Order No. M3392398) 12-12-2009
"The service surpassed all expectations. The whole process from start to finish could not be any simpler in my view, thanks." - gavin from west midlands (Order No. M3396108) 12-12-2009
"Fantastic service!. Easy and simple to follow for selling your mobile phones. Argos voucher arrived very quickly which helped with the christmas pressies!." - paul from n/a (Order No. M2278666) 12-12-2009
"From posting my phone, to recieving my argos voucher took lees than 48hours. Fantastic, very efficient service. Would recommend mazuma to anyone wanting to sell their mobile." - mike from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3395613) 12-12-2009
"great service posted my old phone on Tuesday got the cheque saturday very pleased with the service would definitly use them again well done sam galligan" - sam from Angus (Order No. M3399285) 12-12-2009
"A very quick response
Thanks" - Turner from Yorkshire (Order No. M3395396) 12-12-2009
"Despite initial hesitation I braved sending in two mobiles and tracked their progress which was faster than Santa on Christmas Eve. Now where did I put that other old mobile I once had? " - Stephen from CHESHIRE (Order No. M3376200) 12-12-2009
"Without doubt the Mazuma Mobile Team are the most efficient set of people I have dealt with for many a long year !! " - Fred from North East Lincolnshire (Order No. M3400434) 11-12-2009
"This was a very quick, hassle free way of recycling old phones we had sitting in a box in the corner of our store room.
Excellent." - Simon from Suffolk (Order No. M3400357&) 11-12-2009
"This was very quick and easy to do. The packing arrives next day, so no waiting. Excellent service I will be using again.
Its as easy and straight forward as the adverts say." - Simon from Suffolk (Order No. M3392037) 11-12-2009
"Thank you for your fast efficient service. I sent my old mobile to you and within the week I had my payment, no hassles. I would definately use your company again and again. Thanks again" - nicola from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3391913) 11-12-2009
"From filling the form to getting the cheque, a total of 4 days! FANTASTIC!!! Wouldnt have any problems using service again.The delete tool is so easy, only took a couple of secounds.I was kept in touch, by email, every step of the way. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAZUMA" - Frank from Lancashire (Order No. M3399965) 11-12-2009
"Thanks for the very fast service ,i am very pleased with it " - louise from Worcestershire (Order No. M3395889) 11-12-2009
"hi i think it,s a great way of recycleing and getting money for it and it is so essay to do" - philip from Staffordshire (Order No. M3394472) 11-12-2009
"Brilliant service - quick and efficient.
Thank you so much - will recommend you to everyone!" - Stephanie from Sussex (Order No. M3372683) 11-12-2009
"Have used Mazuma 2 or 3 times now and each time have been very impressed. Very quick service from a reliable and trustworthy company who never fail to offer the best values on handsets. Many thanks once again!" - Sophie from Devon (Order No. M3384508) 11-12-2009
"Very efficient service. I am very happy to recommend Mazuma." - Jane from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3400818) 11-12-2009
"A very quick and efficient service, i will be using Mazuma again for sure." - David from Middlesex (Order No. M3393144) 11-12-2009
"Posted phone Thursday, got an email from Mazuma Friday saying a cheque had been posted!

Great service!" - Dave from Sussex (Order No. M3398755) 11-12-2009
"Fantastic service - couldn't have been quicker!
Would have preferred money to be sent direct to bank account though. Thanks." - Jo from Derbyshire (Order No. M3396519) 11-12-2009
"Gr8 service once again! Recomended it to everyone!" - Mikey from London (Order No. M3398286) 11-12-2009
"A really easy to use site, very quick response and overall one of the most effecient and user friendly sites I have used." - Linda from Essex (Order No. M3395242) 11-12-2009
"I was very happy with the price given. I was impressed with howe quickly I received my cheque. I would use Mazuma again." - Sheree from Yorkshire (Order No. M3371549) 11-12-2009
"Excellent service, very speedy, many thanks." - Donna from Derbyshire (Order No. M3396499&) 11-12-2009
"from start to finish it took less than a week,very efficient and i would use again." - paul from Yorkshire (Order No. M3399961) 11-12-2009
"quick, simple, trouble-free service. many thanks." - steve from Sussex (Order No. M3395057) 11-12-2009
"very good service thank you" - RODNEY from n/a (Order No. M645062) 11-12-2009
"Really excellent service.will recommend you to everyone I know." - lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M3376632) 11-12-2009
"Excellent and very prompt service. Also kept well informed." - Geoffrey from Hampshire (Order No. M3403618) 11-12-2009
"I have sold a few mobiles with yourselves and are exceptionally happy with the process you have and would recommend your customer service and services to anyone " - Gillian from Yorkshire (Order No. M3381696) 10-12-2009
"To be honest I was a little concerned as to how long this whole process would take...but wow am I impressed! From start to finish including me getting my cheque less than a week!! I will be sure to recommend Mazuma to all my friends and family, this is a great service and I will use every time I upgrade my phone. All that time I had those old phones just sitting in a drawer and I could have cashed them in. Thank you Mazuma you've just help pay towards all those Christmas presents I had to buy!" - Karen from Norfolk (Order No. M3394064) 10-12-2009
"the ultimate clarity and service, why cant other web based companies offer this level service? the benchmark is set. A pleasure to use. thankyou Mazuma" - frank from Wiltshire (Order No. M3393275) 10-12-2009
"No complaints here,thank you to everyone at the mazuma mobile team for keeping me upto date whilst processing my order. i am looking forward to receiving my cheque : ) kind regards" - KHIZAR from Middlesex (Order No. M3387062) 10-12-2009
"very pleased with the way everything was handled at a very fast rate, with no expense of postage and packing, thanking you for all you have done, all the best for christmas and the new year" - jack from Hampshire (Order No. M3399793) 10-12-2009
"Might of taken me a week to pack and despatch my phone, but you took hours to process it and despatch my cheque - thanks" - McGee from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3374342) 10-12-2009
"Great, efficient and hassle free service. Would definitely recommend to others and will use again.
Thanks" - Andrew from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3395074) 10-12-2009
"thank u muzuma; this was so easy and fast ,will be recommending u to my friends." - stephanie from northern ireland (Order No. M3383429) 10-12-2009
"Cant believe how fast and simple everything was. Great communications from you along the way. Very highly recommended :O)" - Garrey from Surrey (Order No. M3387558) 10-12-2009
"Ultra fast, friendly service. Really nice people to deal with. Been on holiday, hence delay on my part." - William from LANCS (Order No. M3388135) 09-12-2009
"great ,easy quick service pleasure doing business with you" - doug from West Lothian (Order No. M3388927) 09-12-2009
"Iwould recommend you to family and friends as the service was excellent. I would use you again in the future." - Karen from Hampshire (Order No. M3394552) 09-12-2009
"Great service, kept us informed throughout the whole process, nice to find a company in this day and age who actually do as they say without any catches. Thank you again!" - nigel from Hampshire (Order No. M3381022) 09-12-2009
"nice and fast and simple thanks" - rois from Worcestershire (Order No. M3390603) 09-12-2009
"I am absolutely amazed at the ease and safe way that you have set up this system of buying mobile phones. I would not hesitate to recommend Mazuma to anybody as this has been the easiest and by far most cost effective way of selling your old mobiles. Plus your prices for the phones wereby far better than any others that I tried. Once again many thanks I will not hesitate to do this once I have more phones to sell." - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M3394269) 09-12-2009
"service was really good, got voucher within 2 days of sending phones! " - teri from hertfordshire (Order No. M3364615) 09-12-2009
"You acheived as you promised,clear instuctions,excellent website,prompt response at every stage,excellent pricing and service,Impressed or what!!! Will recommend to others,for sure and many thanks for what you did for me,so quickly. " - MALCOLM from HERTFORDSHIRE (Order No. M3394231) 09-12-2009
"What could be easier,straighforward transaction throughout,and all done at pace, many thanks for a great service" - alexander from dorset (Order No. M3392296) 09-12-2009
"very happy once again thank you" - lorraine from derbyshire (Order No. M3392057) 09-12-2009
"Brilliant service, amazingly quick turn around. I am so satisfied that i will use this site again very soon." - Chris from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3396553) 09-12-2009
"very impressed with communications and service provided , will highly reccomend to others " - lynn from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3376681) 09-12-2009
"What a brilliant service you have given. Most impressed and will recommend you to everyone. Thank you." - Jayne from Yorkshire (Order No. M3391291) 09-12-2009
"Was never going to bother till a friend told me to try it. Glad he did couldnt believe how simple and quick the process was. Fair price for my mobile too. Highly Recommended !" - chris from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3392097) 09-12-2009
"Wow, what service!! Absolutely first class, if you've got a phone to off load, I shouldn't look anywhere else, Mazuma team are friendly and so on the ball.Great stuff!" - Carole from Suffolk (Order No. M3362557) 09-12-2009
"I ordered bag very late on Monday 30th November 2009.
I received bag on Wednesday 2nd December 2009 and posted phone right away. Cheque arrived on Friday 4th December 2009
Now that is what I call a fast effecient service.
I would advise anyone hesitating whether to send their phone to Mazuma to go ahead and do it now. You will not regret it" - Stuart from Shropshire (Order No. M3386088) 09-12-2009
"The Service is Great..... i would definately recommend it to my family & family.... very very fast delivery and payment... Thank you very much... i am very pleased !" - Charanjit from Leicestershire (Order No. M3375613) 09-12-2009
"Just placed my second order with you guys! I had to use you again after getting a decent amount of money on a cheque within 3 days of placing my order. On the 1st day I got the bag, on the 2nd day I sent it back and on the 3rd day I had the cheque! Brilliant!" - Glenn from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3406569&) 09-12-2009
"Excellent service, many thanks! " - Mark from Essex (Order No. M3382673) 09-12-2009
"The sevice I received was quick and efficient I was pleased with the speed at which my request was carried out and would curtainly turn to you in the future if needed.Thanks" - Ken from Cornwall (Order No. M3388521) 09-12-2009
"quickly and efficiently dealt with will use again" - john from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3373860) 08-12-2009
"very quick and efficent to deal with and quick to be sending the payment so quick will deal with you again" - michael from Leicestershire (Order No. M3379851) 08-12-2009
"Excellent service will recommend to friends " - kevin from Essex (Order No. M3382528) 08-12-2009
"This was a simple and fast service and I am pleased with the transaction- would use again" - Ane from Kent (Order No. M3378844) 08-12-2009
"I had a collection of old phones sitting in a box for about a year..I'd been putting off doing something about them..Mazuma really did make it quick and easy to off-load them..The whole transaction took a week - from creating an account, boxing up the phones, and receiving my cheque. It's great to think that someone else will get some use from my old tech...Nice one Mazuma. By the way I've got some old digital cameras and a couple of MP3 devices to get rid, it would be great if you started to handle these types of items too." - ian from Middlesex (Order No. M3374911) 08-12-2009
"After an initial problem of not receiving a welcome pack, once I did receive it and I posted the phone to you the service was fast and first rate. Thanks for the speedy service. " - John from Lancashire (Order No. M3367209) 08-12-2009
"as the cheque has been sent today i find this a very good and easy way of selling your old mobile. if only everything was as easy as this. will tell all my friends.
thanks" - michael from renfrewshire (Order No. M3356441) 08-12-2009
"could not beleive how efficaint you were, well impressed,thank you." - simon from warwickshire (Order No. M3393826) 08-12-2009
"your service is amazingly quick i have tried sevral other phone recycling companies and you are the best

thank you so much" - ryan from suffolk (Order No. M3392090) 08-12-2009
"Excellent service. Within a week I had sold my old mobiles and put the cheque in the bank. Super fast and super easy to do." - Hanya from West Mids (Order No. M3385825) 08-12-2009
"Very easy yo use and very quickm response.
would recommend to others." - David from Kent (Order No. M3388625) 08-12-2009
"Fast, efficient service I would definitely recommend this site to friends." - Lisa from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3391563) 08-12-2009
"im delighted with the service from Mazuma. it only took about 4 days to complete and the service could not have been simpler. the price was great and, although not the best on the market, i do not regret choosing Mazuma. Thank you" - Marvin from Hampshire (Order No. M3394807) 08-12-2009
"Same day confirmation and payment advice. Paid me what was quoted. Very happy with the service. Will definitely recommend and have another phone to sell soon!" - Christie from Surrey (Order No. M3367840) 08-12-2009
"good quick service would use every time thanks" - darren from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M3379012) 08-12-2009
"A very good fast and efficient service, many thanks" - patricia from Staffordshire (Order No. M3372816) 08-12-2009
"Wow I could hardly believe my confirmation email although I have to recieve my cheque physically I can't believe how efficient and speedy your service is, Thank you" - Pauline from Cornwall (Order No. M3393264) 08-12-2009
"Fantastic service! Very fast and reliable, will gladly use again!" - Faye from TYNE AND WEAR (Order No. M3369348) 07-12-2009
"Second time i have used this service, would highly recommend!! Very fast and you are kept up to date every step of the way!!" - Faye from TYNE AND WEAR (Order No. M3364666) 07-12-2009
"Fantastic service well done to all " - Sharon from Durham (Order No. M3385567) 07-12-2009
"very happy with service received" - chris from herts (Order No. M3352296) 07-12-2009
"I would just like to say how impressed I am at the speed that you have processed this transaction, it's only been three working days since I started the order and have had an e mail already saying that the payment has been sent.
Thanks for making it so easy!!" - Andrew from Somerset (Order No. M3392948) 07-12-2009
"excellent super fast service im very very impressed.. well recommended.. thank you" - kunaal from Surrey (Order No. M3393847) 07-12-2009
"Stunningly excellent service!!!!

It does exactly what it says on the tin!

It has been years since I have experienced such an efficiently run company...well done!!!" - mark from Middlesex (Order No. M3394518) 07-12-2009
"Thanks for making the process so easy - and for the prompt payment.Will share how easy this is with friends. Thanks again" - Judi from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3380224) 07-12-2009
"absolutly fantastic service all my freinds are now talking about your sight thanks again" - thomas from Midlothian (Order No. M3368969) 07-12-2009
"Thanks for an easy hassle free trade, I will recommend to anyone I can.
Thanks again" - Paul from Devon (Order No. M3383240) 07-12-2009
"The service was 110%.posted phone on sat morning got email on monday saying you had received it. Then a little later saying cheque in post.
How good is that
thanks so much" - Edward from Essex (Order No. M3363361) 07-12-2009
"Very please Moneyy been sent today right amount of money sold 2 phone to them and got the right amount of money" - tracey from Suffolk (Order No. M3390277) 07-12-2009
"just a quick one to say how impressed i am with your company, and how swiftly you dealt with my nokia "sell" i think the total turnaround was no more than 4 days, from order to completion of cheque, will definatley recommend you, thanks again." - martin from gwent (Order No. M3394498) 07-12-2009
"could not be more simple,quick and easy,thanks" - robert from Derbyshire (Order No. M3387946) 06-12-2009
"Second phone I have done this with. Extremely quick, no problems at all. Would definitely use again." - John from Northumberland (Order No. M3361636) 06-12-2009
"Hi, I just wanted to say what a fantastic service i received from Mazuma Mobile, from me entering my details on the website to receiving full payment was less than a week, excellent customer service, i will definately be using & reccomending Mazuma to family & friends. Thanks again guys." - Colin from Lancashire (Order No. M3383010) 06-12-2009
"thanks for a speedy service. Received the cheque today. " - Jo from Devon (Order No. M3385870) 05-12-2009
"Absolutely brilliant, whole process from contacting you and recieving cheque took 5 days." - Sam from Essex (Order No. M3389901) 05-12-2009
"Speedy service. Quick Order Processing. Helpful colleauges. overall 10/10!
Thanks Muzumamobile! :)" - Lee from Essex (Order No. M3374760) 05-12-2009
"I found your website very easy to use and in all the whole process well thought out and simple will use again! thank you x" - andrea from Angus (Order No. M3390437) 05-12-2009
"exellent quick easy service. mazuma will be my first choice for selling my phones." - michael from Essex (Order No. M3385534) 05-12-2009
"Excellent and speedy service, i made my order on 2nd December and received payment on the 4th December. i will highly recommend mazuma mobile to all." - martin from West Midlands (Order No. M3390003) 05-12-2009
"fast and efficient " - mark from Warwickshire (Order No. M3383527) 05-12-2009
"Absolutely brilliant, can't believe how easy it was will be recommending you and will use you again when the need arises.
Thanks" - Moira from Norfolk (Order No. M3377777) 05-12-2009
"Great fast and simple service! was offerd a reasonable amount for my phone and the whole process was very quick and easy. 5 star top service! would definitely recommend it! " - lewis from Essex (Order No. M3390192) 05-12-2009
"Very fast service, received cheque within days of sending phones in. Thank you." - Erin from Inverness-Shire (Order No. M3378152) 05-12-2009
"Very prompt service-cheque for phones sold arrived 4 days after order was placed.
Thankyou" - carol from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3377190) 04-12-2009
"An excellent experience from start to finish. I was notified on the status of my order at every change point by email. The user friendly website once logged in also gives you all the information you need about your order. Great experience, have recommended and will continue to do so. Thanks to you all. " - Naseer from n/a (Order No. MM3369351&) 04-12-2009
"well done mazuma system worked well and easy. thank you happy christmas" - philip from suffolk (Order No. M3343363) 04-12-2009
"thankyou for a great and speedy service " - simon from Middlesex (Order No. M3384003) 04-12-2009
"Excellent service, easy to use, efficient and then prompt payment. What more would a customer ask? Well done!" - Alan from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3372886) 04-12-2009
"Very impressed with prompt service. I was kept infromed by email at every stage and received my cheque within 3 days of sending my mobile. Thankyou." - SALLY from DERBY (Order No. M3365391) 04-12-2009
"I would just like to say WOW! what a fast & fantastic servcies you offer, I will be sure to reccomend you to others & I will use you again." - CALLY from n/a (Order No. M609256) 04-12-2009
"Hello, I would like to tahnks you on your excellent service. My claim was processed very quickly and within the space of a few days i have recieved my choice of payment. Once again many thanks on an excellent service" - Liam from West Midlands (Order No. M3387489) 04-12-2009
"was very easy and i was surprised this Nokia n95 8GB still had a decent value as normaly i find the values of other phones a bit low on sites such as these. and process was ultra simple and fast BUT i still think your bags are to light and could easily break phone in post which is why i wrapped mine " - Dharmendra from England (Order No. M3388606) 04-12-2009
"Quick, easy and friendly. Thanks." - Sara from Norfolk (Order No. M3377930) 04-12-2009
"1st time have sold a phone in this way cannot believe how easy it has been 1st day envelope arrived and returned same day 2nd day order confirmed cheque in post 3rd day cheque arrived and banked !!!!!!
BISH BASH BOSH JOBS A GOOD UN top service !!!" - kevin from Yorkshire (Order No. M3387366) 04-12-2009
"This is the first time i have used this type service, and by god did use the right people.Fast and very very efficient, they kept me up to date with every part of the transaction and could not of been any more easier. Highly recommended to everyone a first class service. Well done Mazuma" - Andrew from Staffordshire (Order No. M3379630) 04-12-2009
"greart service ,easy to use and very fast
thank you" - greer from Hampshire (Order No. M3380686) 04-12-2009
just like to thank mazuma for their quick and efficient service.

thankyou" - david from n/a (Order No. M338119) 04-12-2009
"I am very impressed with te effecient and prompt dealing. I sold out my two blackberry phones Mazuma. I would certainly recommend anyone who wishes to sell their used mobile phones." - Altaf from n/a (Order No. M3661744) 04-12-2009
"Very quick and efficient service, Thanks" - Chris from Antrim (Order No. M3377112) 03-12-2009
"Very good and very fast
thank you very much for everything, good work" - Felix from uk (Order No. M3337855) 03-12-2009
"Fantastic service. Contacted Mazuma on Monday evening and the cheque arrived on Thursday! Brilliant" - Helen from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3385219) 03-12-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service! Much appreciated! Thankyou so much :)" - Ryan from Surrey (Order No. M3383129) 03-12-2009
"Sent the order on Monday afternoon, had the cheque on Thursday morning!! Fast and easy service with no problems." - Vicki from Somerset (Order No. M3384984) 03-12-2009
"Thank you. Excellent service. would have no reservations with using you again." - Richard from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3377116) 03-12-2009
"Brilliant service ! Received cheque very quick ***** " - George from Hampshire (Order No. M3372441) 03-12-2009
"Superb service, kept updated throughout the transaction and received cheque very quickly, would highly recommend. Thanks" - Alison from Worcestershire (Order No. M3373892) 03-12-2009
"Wonderful, fast, service.
A pleasure to deal with you." - Edwin from Lancashire (Order No. M3387181) 03-12-2009
"Thanks mazuma mobile rocks! " - Becky from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3375969) 03-12-2009
"first time i have used you and i have to say absolutely first class. got my cheque today :) thanks so much. will definately be using you again in the future." - Richard from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3385416) 03-12-2009
"Wow, easy, quick and efficient. You obviously have a well organised back office. Just one comment, cheques are a bit passe these days and i find it hard to get to the bank. Could you use a service such as Paypal to send the cash electronically?" - Cathy from Wiltshire (Order No. M3361683) 03-12-2009
"Very smooth and easy transaction. would use again." - robert from Kent (Order No. M3361366) 03-12-2009
"thank you once again for a great service" - annr from conwy (Order No. M3384662) 03-12-2009
"So fast, kept up to date with progress. Will be recommending you to friends and family. You could teach a lot of other companies how to deal with customers. Thanks" - Rob from Cheshire (Order No. M3380231) 03-12-2009
"A Superb Service. Applied online on a Wednesday afternoon, Had all paperwork Thursday morning and cheque on saturday. Great Service " - Michael from Warwickshire (Order No. M3372118) 03-12-2009
"perfect forget the others you are the best, sent phones on wednesday chq sent on thursday
A+++++++++" - andrew from Berkshire (Order No. M3384255) 03-12-2009
"What a fantastic service unbelivable.... I was impressed with the turnaround the first time i dealt with you, but you have completely overwhelmed me this time, an email saying the cheque had been sent 21hours after posting the phone.... absolutely brilliant!!!!!" - chris from berkshire (Order No. M3371427) 03-12-2009
"I was very suprised at how quickly the whole thing was done i only posted the phones yesterday and you have sent the cheque today so fast thankyou.." - Michael from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3386302) 03-12-2009
"Simple and easy way to earn money from old phones - kept informed all the way - will definitely recommend to friends and family" - Lisa from Glamorgan (Order No. M3367539) 03-12-2009
"Dear Mazuma team, thank you once again for your excellent service less than a week and my cheque arrived today. Its a pleasure doing business with you." - Karen from Kent (Order No. M3364063) 03-12-2009
"Your service is fantastic! I've used you 3 times now and find it to be easy and quick. I'd recommend you to anyone." - Jody from East Renfrewshire (Order No. M3363530) 03-12-2009
"Thank you for a very efficient service. Much better than envirofone. Would certainly use again" - Mauryce from Lancashire (Order No. M3379736) 03-12-2009
"thank-you for the cheque we recieved it yesterday you worked your magic many thanks alan" - alan from Kent (Order No. M3375943) 03-12-2009
"Excellent, fast and easy service, would highly recommend and use again. Thank you " - Dana from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3371037) 02-12-2009
"I am very pleased with you wonderful and prompt service. Thank you for the cheque. I will definitely recommend Mazuma to all my friends and use your service again." - Bindu from West Midlands (Order No. M3359216) 02-12-2009
"EXCELLENT service! Good communication updates re my order status. Payment arrived 3 days after I'd posted the phone. Highly recommend Mazuma mobile to anyone. Thank you so much!" - Norma from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3325355) 02-12-2009
"Couldn't have wished for better service! Very quick, everything arrived quicker than prmoised,
Mazum is truly a class leader in this feild. I have friends who used carphone warehouse and envirophone, their service was slower and problematic!

Thanks Mazuma!" - Adam from West Mids (Order No. M3374143) 02-12-2009
"Excellent service and will recommend to friends and family." - Rosamund from Yorkshire (Order No. M3368539) 02-12-2009
"well i must say that was the easyest transaction i have ever made it took just 3 days from start to finish i posted my phones monday and i received my cheque on the wednesday just as they said no hassle whats so ever and the cumunication was very good with txts and emails keeping you informed all the time i must say thanks and i would use mazuma again no problem cheers mick. " - michael from Durham (Order No. M3372165) 02-12-2009
"well, i'd like to pass on my thanks for a quick and easy process, heard many bad stories of phones going astray in the post etc from companies offering the same deals as yourselfs but i sent you 2 phones and no problems at all, many thanks again and i will be recommending you to my mates etc, anyway cheers and merry christmas to you all, " - stewart from Hampshire (Order No. M3356039) 02-12-2009
"Your service was very promt, and i will have no problem dealing with you again." - fiona from Lancashire (Order No. M3374621) 02-12-2009
"Thank you for a great service i didnt think it would be so easy and so fast " - Matthew from hertfordshire (Order No. M3374973) 02-12-2009
"Very efficient and fast service" - Jennifer from Yorkshire (Order No. M3367715) 02-12-2009
"Very efficient and friendly, thanks." - Neil from Fermanagh (Order No. M3371343) 02-12-2009
"Fantastic service. Quick and easy. Payment immediately. I will recommend you to everyone." - Terry from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3369211) 02-12-2009
"I just wanted to say, thankyou, the money is great and it will help us buy christmas presents. My daughter wanted to play with the phone. I am glad its come to use. " - Mira from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3376921) 02-12-2009
"Thank you so much. First Class service from my first email to receiving my cheque. It was a pleasure to deal with you. Excellent service. A++++++++++" - Sandra from Warwickshire (Order No. M3375279) 02-12-2009
"Really easy - fast and efficient too.Thanks." - Christine from Hampshire (Order No. M3371010) 02-12-2009
"Very efficient and quick service. I have recommended your company to my colleagues. Many thanks" - Mim from Hampshire (Order No. M3350813) 02-12-2009
"just saying a big thanks .very impressed with service and speed.will recommend to others" - lynzi from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3351266) 02-12-2009
"excellent service no problems whatsoever. everything on track just like you promised. thankyou." - paul from Derbyshire (Order No. M3375767) 02-12-2009
"So easy and quick! Great service" - Lucy from Berkshire (Order No. M3373511) 02-12-2009
"It was a great service and really quick, great prices and was just brillant thank you mazuma mobile team. " - angela from Sussex (Order No. M3375252) 02-12-2009
"It was a great service and really quick, great prices and was just brillant thank you mazuma mobile team. " - angela from Sussex (Order No. M3375252) 02-12-2009
"GOOD. ME LIKEY LOTSY" - Shakira from Essex (Order No. M3371530) 02-12-2009
"All done smoothly and very, very quick. I received my cheque 2 days after posting my phone!" - Geoff from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3375653) 02-12-2009
"A big thnak you to all at Mazuma. I can't beleive how fast, efficient and blisteringly quick this service was and how much you sent me for my phone.
Thank You so much." - Mark from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3377338) 02-12-2009
"EXECELLENT,FAST SERVICE.WILL RECOMMEND." - RAYMOND from Glamorgan (Order No. M3382509) 02-12-2009
"thanks, quick easy and very very efficient." - Stuart from Yorkshire (Order No. M3376357) 02-12-2009
"Excellent and fast service" - Robert from Kent (Order No. M3359982) 02-12-2009
"Excellent fast, reliable service. " - Claire from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3372535) 02-12-2009
"i will definetely recomend mazuma to all my frieds. the service was mega fast and efficient. i got my cheque (full amount quoted on the web)within 5 working after i place my order (and that with receiving my free post envelope from mazuma). i was a little concern as my phone had some normam tear and wears but, as per web site, i still got the full amount.

i am 110% happy with mazuma. i already sent them my other older phone. just got another confirmation the cheque for full amount was posted. fast and easy.

thank you so much." - Karolina from UK (Order No. M3362004) 02-12-2009
"Excellent service does what it says on the tin " - Kevin from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3373708) 02-12-2009
"Just wanted to say thank you very much for a fantastic service. Cheque received okay.
Thank you" - Nana from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3347571) 01-12-2009
"What I loved:
Great website -easy to use and plain instructions.
Excellent communications - both email and post.
Freepost bag

What I didn't like:
Er, nothing, except more money would have been nice!

Would I use you again or recommend to friends?

Excellent service - just how an online business should operate.

Many thanks" - Francis from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3374118) 01-12-2009
"I can't believe how fantastically quick your service has been. From first registering my sale to recieving my cheque, it has been only 5 days! I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends who have phones to recycle - Brilliant!" - Joanne from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3376508) 01-12-2009
"applyed on line friday,got packet satuerday and posted saturday,got cheque tuesday.this is the 2nd time i'v used you and i WILL be telling others and i WILL be back.thank you so much." - christine from leicestershire (Order No. M3377288) 01-12-2009
"Excellent speedy service..can't believe I had my old phone gathering dust in a draw at home, and now have turned it into cash!
Would definately use this service again!
Thank you Mazuma!" - Ashley from Warwickshire (Order No. M3371878) 01-12-2009
"very good fast and efficient service!" - Phil from Sussex (Order No. M3349482) 01-12-2009
"Can't believe how quickly you responded, to both my order request and upon reciept of my mobile! Thanks v much." - Samantha from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3371664) 01-12-2009
"Thank you very much,speedy transactions and very prompt payment. A pleasure to do business with" - Jan from Devon (Order No. M3367767) 01-12-2009
"Great service very fast very efficient. " - David from Kent (Order No. M3351643) 01-12-2009
"Exellent company helping us a charity raise money from recyclng." - Laura from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3374394) 01-12-2009
"Considering I only sent my old phone yesterday 30/11, I have received my email today saying my voucher has been sent! WOW! That is quick going and a very good service!
Thanks so much" - Helen from Lancashire (Order No. M3376078) 01-12-2009
"great service very quick i like to recommonde mazuma to anyone thank u" - chafika from london (Order No. M3372245&) 01-12-2009
"Excellent service, will recommend to all friends & family." - jennifer from Lancashire (Order No. M3372860) 01-12-2009
"Brilliant! All vary simple to do and fast and efficient. Thanku." - Janet from Lancashire (Order No. M3374273) 01-12-2009
"fantastic service, fast and efficient, recommend to everyone." - Debbie from Staffordshire (Order No. M3373690) 01-12-2009
"I've been using your site ever since it opened. I've always found it easy and safe to use.
I'm so glade that a good company has become so big. I'm always recomending people to your site.
Would love to work for you. " - serhan from uk (Order No. M3375869) 01-12-2009
"What a brilliant service you provide,very easy to use and very quick.

thank-you very much and happy christmas." - Nigel from Warwickshire (Order No. M3367669) 01-12-2009
"Hi can only say that i am very pleased in all respect with mazuma." - Terry from Kent (Order No. M3373746) 01-12-2009

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