Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

July 2009

"Thank you Mazumba. What a fantastic service! I am very impressed with the speed in which everything took place. Will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know." - Sharon from Middlesex (Order No. M2987430) 01-07-2009
"What a brilliant service, exacylt what you say on the tin.... i have recommended you to som many people already. Thank you" - Steve from Leicestershire (Order No. M2986256) 01-07-2009
"It was great to go through a process on the internet that did exactly what it advertised as doing. Your system is very clear and easy to follow. A credit to the business community, Thanks" - Brian from Midlothian (Order No. M2991944) 01-07-2009
"thanks for the great service i will from now on continue to use your website. and i have already invited other to join your website. again thank you." - Keith from Vale Of Glamorgan (Order No. M2968533) 01-07-2009
"An absolute first class service, the whole thing was very professional and so quick." - Linda from Leicestershire (Order No. M2987877) 01-07-2009
"What an excellent idea. Great business! Great for the environment, great for you and great for me. FANTASTIC!! Simple, and straightforward. Thank you Mazuma for buying my old phone." - Jaime from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2966242) 01-07-2009
"Staggeringly efficient - only sent mobile to u on Monday and cheque has just arrived (lunchtime Wednesday 1 July!) Any of you thinking of standing for government - we could all do with it!!!!" - Margaret from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2991393) 01-07-2009
"thanks alot for the money needed it dearly i know where to come next time thanks ALOT" - Danny from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2986388) 01-07-2009
"Thanks for the fantastic service. I will be recommending your website to others. Brilliant idea." - Tracey from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2984500) 01-07-2009
"brilliant fast payment would definatly use again." - Laura from N/A (Order No. M980978978) 01-07-2009
"sent mobile on Sunday and recieved cheque on wednesday. Very quick and efficient service. Can recommend." - Graham from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2989962) 01-07-2009
"really easy thank you - didint know it was so easy to turn an old phone into cash - my second order already placed" - Charmain from Berks (Order No. M2987411) 01-07-2009
"It was my first time with Mazuma. Excellent service, very fast and efficient. I was most pleased an immediately dug out another old handset to sell!" - Emma from Kent (Order No. M2964947) 01-07-2009
"I am very impressed with the time in which this order has been processed. Will definately use you again. Many thanks" - Lorraine from Norfolk (Order No. M2985060) 01-07-2009
"excellent service so fast will definately use again thank you , Lynda Salt, n/a, MM2985371 Very fast and excellent service! Easy way to make some money on your old phones!" - Claire from Oxford (Order No. M2987857) 01-07-2009
"Very fast and excellent service! Easy way to make some money on your old phones!" - Claire from Oxford (Order No. M2987857) 01-07-2009
"I would recommend you to anyone wanting to sell their mobile phone, the sevice is excellent & very quick payment." - Kenneth from Durham (Order No. M2985089) 01-07-2009
"My daughter sent her old mobiles in and got the cheque return of post, you have been very prompt with my applciation as well. Would definately recommend you" - Jacky from Surrey (Order No. M2989410) 01-07-2009
"superb service as allways used you before and i'll use you again,more importantly i'll recomend you to all !!! keep up the good work." - Gareth from Rct (Order No. M2990897) 01-07-2009
"very quick and easy.posting receipt in with pack. told two freinds and they have now used Mazuma" - Kerry from Yorkshire (Order No. M2993191) 01-07-2009
"excellent service,I posted my phone at 5pm on mondayand received my payment in the post on wednesday." - Dennis from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2970455) 01-07-2009
"Really fast and efficient service! I checked out a few other sites, but Mazuma offers the best prices. Website was really easy to use, I will definitely be telling all my friends about you! Keep up the good work guys!" - Le from Derbyshire (Order No. M2992342) 01-07-2009
"I would just like to say what a fantastic service you provide. If only everything in life was as simple as this. Thank you" - Joanna from Stirlingshire (Order No. M2984735) 01-07-2009
"Super swift & efficient - two phones sold & payment received within the week - would definately use you again!" - Lynsey from Lancashire (Order No. M2991590) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely fantastic! Speedy and helpful, highly recommended! AAAAA" - T from Middlesex (Order No. M2992043) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service and very helpful staff. Thank you!" - Catherine from Cheshire (Order No. M2956851) 01-07-2009
"i was really impressed with the speed and efficiency of the hole process of my order; will be reccomending to everyone; thanks again" - Michael from Merseyside (Order No. M2984494) 01-07-2009
"OK, I'm officially impressed! Thursday - Fill in details on Website. Friday - Receive letter,Return baggie etc. Monday - Put phone in the post. Tuesday - Receive 2 emails, 1st one confirming receipt of phone, 2nd confirming dispatch of cheque. Wednesday - I come home to find the cheque in my letter box! Well done and thanks for what can only be called a fantastic service. If only this could be done for other tech like cameras etc. Paul Russam Note: Feel free to use this as a testimonial" - Paul from Antrim (Order No. M2988302) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, received my cheque before I had a chance to check my emails for confirmation of the order!" - Chris from Berkshire (Order No. M2979961) 01-07-2009
"I'm very pleased with the service. I place the order the 23 june I received the bag to send it on the friday, I packaged it up and sent friday afternoon. Monday received an email to say you received my phone then later received an other email saying the order was complete and the cheque was in the post. Tuesday morning going though the post was the cheque from youselfs, Thanks you once again for a great service and I am recommending you to all my friends and family Cheers PdScobie" - Paul from Shropshire (Order No. M2986308) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, and a surprising £30.00 reward for very little effort on my part." - Bob from West Midlands (Order No. M2974323) 01-07-2009
"I would just like to say a Big Thankyou for how quick i recieved the cheque! Very pleased.I shall be recommending you to my friends." - Amanda from Warwickshire (Order No. M2991130) 01-07-2009
"really good and quick aswell" - Michael from Gwent (Order No. M2990846) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service, cannot be faulted in any way. will recommend to friends." - Trevor from Berks (Order No. M2993109) 01-07-2009
"Thought it was too good to be true so have to admit I was a little sceptical. However, I was wrong - what a well-organised service you're running - totally brilliant! Can you come and help with my job too?" - Christine from Essex (Order No. M2980448) 01-07-2009
"great service! was extremely quick. no longer will my old phones lay about and die when i can make some money of of them! thanks mazuma!" - Kelly-Ann from Down (Order No. M2997119) 01-07-2009
"Excellent transaction - delivered as promised - thoroughly recommended by me. Thanks" - Simon from Leicestershire (Order No. M2996246) 01-07-2009
"what a quick and professional service thank you very much" - Keith from Gwent (Order No. M2999665) 01-07-2009
"fast service would definately re use in future" - Tracy from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2984930) 01-07-2009
"fantastic service very fast delivery for sending the bag and sending the us cheque" - Mark from Derbyshire (Order No. M2934401) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for a wonderful fast efficient service. A real pleasure to deal with. Will be recommending you to all my family and friends. Wonderful!!" - Deborah from London (Order No. M3000844) 01-07-2009
"A superb service, extremley efficient and a joy to work with. Will definitely use again when required." - Adam from Devon (Order No. M2973525) 01-07-2009
"Thanks very quick service will send more old phones when I get some." - Ernest from Surrey (Order No. M2994183) 01-07-2009
"We recently traded in three old Nokia hnadsets and found it a very easy process, from 1st going online and entering the details we then promptly recieved the freepost envelopes and posted the phones off. The cheques for all thre phones arrived the day after the phones where recieved and I will definatley recommend this webiste and service to friends and family." - Catherine from Worcestersire (Order No. M2976665) 01-07-2009
"easy to use and a very prompt and efficient service thank you very much" - Joy from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2974868) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service very fast would deal with again thanks allot joe" - Joe from Durham (Order No. M2996709) 01-07-2009
"Sent you my old phone by post Tuesday lunchtime, received my rewards card first thing this morning ( Thurs ) Fantastic service, I have spoken to a few of my friends & family to spread the word. Once again, many thanks. Geo." - George from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2994406) 01-07-2009
"A very quick and easy thing to do and a great way to recycle and get a bit of money back for a phone thats sitting in a drawer doing nothing.Thanku" - Carolynne from N/A (Order No. M8998244) 01-07-2009
"Wow - I was really surprised how quick and easy that was. The cheque arrived two days after I posted the phone. Thank you I will use this service again (and tell all my friends)." - Lydia from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2983654) 01-07-2009
"very good service / easy to use quick response by yourselves" - Glyn from Hampshire (Order No. M2988191) 01-07-2009
"i found it was very easy, and very good liked it hope to use you agin. I THINK YOUR BETTER THEN EVERY OTHER WEB SITE." - Steve from United Kingdom (Order No. M2995742) 01-07-2009
"brilliant service!! easy,quick, reliable and friendly would recommend to everyone, thank you." - John from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2984296) 01-07-2009
"fantastic service, prompt payment and great price one of the best online places to sell your old mobile fones xx steven firth x" - Steven from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2984859) 01-07-2009
"very fast and great service will be using mazuma again in the near future" - Adam from Greater Manchester (Order No. M2982670) 01-07-2009
"Everything is just right about Mazuma. Highest price possible, prompt handling of order. Quickest responce and delivery. I am so happy" - Abiodun from Essex (Order No. M3003503) 01-07-2009
"super fast service, very pleased with all aspects of communication, postage etc. will definately use again and recommend to others." - Janette from Cheshire (Order No. M2989223) 01-07-2009
"Hi guys, after sending you around 50 phones is the last 12 months (majority were from a business account), I have to say that I have found the process quick, easy and that the prices paid are not far from the market rate - an ideal combination. Keep up the good work and I will keep sending you my old mobile phones!! Many thanks, Michael." - Michael from Cornwall (Order No. M2994917) 01-07-2009
"just wanted to say how pleased i was with your service it was so quick and easy i sent one phone to try you out i was so imprest i will be sending you some more over the years i have collected so meny phones that are just lying around its so good to think i can sell them to you i will definatley be sending you more thank you .." - Lesley from West Midlands (Order No. M2989605) 01-07-2009
"I was very pleased with my first sale very quick and easy. I have 2 more phones to sell so I will be on the website again very soon" - Lynne from Lancashire (Order No. M2978500) 01-07-2009
"Dear Mazuma, Thank you for your easy, speedy and friendly service. When company's advertise such ease it isn't always the case, but it is with Mazuma! I wouldn't hesitate to sell my old mobiles with you again in the future and will certainly recommend you to everyone. Good marketing ploy, by the way, with the card. Very impressed! {:o)" - Sonia from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2999795) 01-07-2009
"fast and speedy service just glad i could help and they are the best for recycling old phones." - Tracy from Grampian (Order No. M2998882) 01-07-2009
"fab service, qiuck and simple and no set backs. def use mazuma again and tell other people about the great serive" - Mark from Telford (Order No. M2979220) 01-07-2009
"This is the second time i have sold a phone to you and i am still amazed how quickly you send the cheque out. Amazing. Fantastic service, thankyou." - Susan from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2954931) 01-07-2009
"What great service. Received my envelope, sent it back and received my cheque, all within 4 days. I am recommending Mazuma to all my friends." - Ali from London (Order No. M2990776) 01-07-2009
"I was very pleased with the quick, easy and honest service I received. Mazuma offered the most for my handset out of all the other companies and were very reliable. I would highly recommend them to anyone." - Lee from Kent (Order No. M2989969) 01-07-2009
"excellent service and so quick is was unbelievable.i will definately be using your service again." - Clare from Staffordshire (Order No. M2993518) 01-07-2009
"All I can say is it has been very simple, quick and easy and I will recommend you to anyone that I know. It's a brilliant way to get rid of those unwanted mobiles that just clutter up the drawers, and it means I can get rid of all the associated bits now too - Thank you for making some room in my home!" - Diane from Bucks (Order No. M2995244) 01-07-2009
"What a wonderful, quick and prompt service. We will certainly use again if we need to - thank you" - Tim from Essex (Order No. M2981702) 01-07-2009
"many thanks for a fast deal top website A**** im sure i will use you again somtime" - David from Qwent (Order No. M3001484) 01-07-2009
"great service ,looking forward to cheque ....thanks pete." - Pete from Staffordshire (Order No. M3000458) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Payment received very quickly. A++++" - Lucia from Berks (Order No. M2990599) 01-07-2009
"FANTASTIC!!! In this day and age I am utterly shocked at how fantastic your service is. I posted my phone Monday, you confirmed receipt on Tuesday and I received my cheque today, Wednesday!! Fantastic!!! I only wish more companies traded as you do, the ecomomy might not be in such a mess! Thankyou for restoring my faith." - Leighanne from Worcestershire (Order No. M2993991) 01-07-2009
"excellent transaction, so many companys let you down these days i would definatley recommed mazuma to everone!!" - Simon from Leicestershire (Order No. M2997104) 01-07-2009
"This service was very fast and uncomplicated and within a week I will be receiving my payment from contacting you by email. Also I found that you offered the best price for my phones from all the other companies on the internet." - Yvonne from West Midlands (Order No. M2996498) 01-07-2009
"Great fast Service. Sometimes a little wary about such services, but sent it one day and the cheque was posted the day it arrived with them, Very Professional and easy to use service!" - Simon from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2998998) 01-07-2009
"This is the first time I've ever sold my old mobile phone. I'm always very nervous of these modern transactions. I can't believe how simple and hassle free this transaction has been." - Mary from Scotland (Order No. M3002504) 01-07-2009
"Very fast and smooth transaction. I'm happy. Thanks." - Michal from Shropshire (Order No. M2999528) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service" - Margaret from Cornwall (Order No. M2994074) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service, been with envirofone for 5 years and i can say this is the first experience with you guys and i am extremely pleased and you are way better than envirofone, thank YOU." - Patricia from Wandsworth (Order No. M2994686) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, really quick and easy. Would recommend to everyone! Thank-you." - Emma from Hampshire (Order No. M3002094) 01-07-2009
"I just wanted to say that I think your service is fantastic. I never expected it to be so easy and I am even more impressed with the speed. Thankyou" - Lynne from Cheshire (Order No. M2995005) 01-07-2009
"Received the cheque really quickly. Staff are very helpful and on hand to answer any queries you have. I would recommend them to all my friends." - Laura from Wales (Order No. M2995551;) 01-07-2009
"Very fast and easy service. So much better than most other companies that i deal with! I am reccommending you to my friends!" - Stephen from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2995339) 01-07-2009
"The speed in which you sent envelope and also voucher could not have been any quicker. Thank you very much" - Jennifer from Merseyside (Order No. M2983368) 01-07-2009
"Fast excellent service for me and my daughter. Thank you for a fast service." - Doug from Kent (Order No. M2998272) 01-07-2009
"Amazing service we are really impressed have never ever come across such a speedy well organised company we were kept informed every step of the way, we will definately recommend you to everyone, very many thanks." - David from Devon (Order No. M2991881) 01-07-2009
"thankyou for a very easy to use site, simple and straight forward. recieved cheque today , grandkids have already claimed the money so everyones happy regards mr p r thomas" - Peter from Staffs (Order No. M2995773) 01-07-2009
"Bag arrived tuesday, cheque arrived friday, you can't ask for a speedier service, i will definitely recommned mazuma." - Elizabeth from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2994466) 01-07-2009
"A very impressive service. It took just a week from my notifying you to the cheque arriving on my door. This is very rare in this day. First class service that I would recommend to friends and family" - Denise from Berks (Order No. M2990054) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, fast & easy to use. would use again." - Dani from Fife (Order No. M2989690) 01-07-2009
"Oh my god, what a truly brilliant service! Speedy, simple and reliable. Payment as promised within 24hrs, and prices as indicated. This company is sheer genius. Well done Mazuma *****" - Sally from Cheshire (Order No. M3001419) 01-07-2009
"Very impressed! Fast, quick and efficient service. Well done!" - Sandie from Beds (Order No. M2992564) 01-07-2009
"Well absolutely gob smacked, brilliant service. Sent phone wednesday, complete thursday, cheque friday. How amazing is that. Thoroughly recommend." - Sharon from Cambs (Order No. M3001986) 01-07-2009
"fantastic company to deal with amazing service quick and easy thankyou mazuma" - Susan from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3000985) 01-07-2009
"Very impressed with service. Fast payment. Would use again" - Kirsty from Fife (Order No. M2987601) 01-07-2009
"Fast, easy to use. Had a broken N95 and got £55 like promised." - Nicholas from Monmouthshire (Order No. M2833527) 01-07-2009
"I was impressed by the efficient way the order was carried out and could not believe that I received my argos vouchers this am. It was very easy to use your site and will recomment you to family and friends. Many thanks" - Shirley from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3001075) 01-07-2009
"Amazing, Fast, everything it said on the tin" - Bj from Staffordshire (Order No. M3003237) 01-07-2009
"this is the first time i have used mazuma mobile and i am very happy with this service and speed from start to finish. many thanks . i look forward to sending you more of my mobile phones." - Martin from Staffordshire (Order No. M2999713) 01-07-2009
"Simple and quick. What more can I say? Fantastic" - Mike from Roxburghshire (Order No. M2998957) 01-07-2009
"brilliant website will always be a customer, it is qiuck easy and very freindly :)" - Thomas from Durham (Order No. M2982850) 01-07-2009
"thank you once again for a fast and reliable service" - Kim from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2992562) 01-07-2009
"I will deffinatley be using Mazumamobile again in the future if i need to, it was very quick and easy to sell my old phone thanks!" - Natalie from Northumberland (Order No. M2991381) 01-07-2009
"Amazingly quick payment. Would highly recommend." - Kathy from West Lothian (Order No. M2999269) 01-07-2009
"Wow what super service!! I recieved your cheque this morning, many thanks. Regards John" - John from Cornwall (Order No. M2996603) 01-07-2009
"Hi.. i just wanted to thank you guys for how quick the process was. i sure will use this service in the future." - Daniel from Hampshire (Order No. M3002663) 01-07-2009
"Very quick and efficent" - Lesley from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2993043) 01-07-2009
"fast, efficient trouble free service, wouldrecommend to anyone. U do exactly what u say u do" - Lesley from Herts (Order No. M2983777) 01-07-2009
"Amazing service, super speedy. Only wish i had more old phones to let you work your magic on!" - Gary from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2985119) 01-07-2009
"selling my old phones was a pleasure with mazuma i would definatly use the service again and recomend to friends" - John from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2990732) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, will be recomending to friends and family." - Tracy from West Midlands (Order No. M3005188) 01-07-2009
"many thannks for your fast service" - Roger from Wiltshire (Order No. M2983893) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service, mailed phone Monday received cheque Wednesday. Would highly recommend, a pleasure to deal with :)" - Andrew from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2989815) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, fast and efficient. I received my cheque within 2 days." - Christine from Notts (Order No. M2978724) 01-07-2009
"Quick, easy and friendly service. Very satisfactory and recieved money for unwanted phones within a a day of postage. Extremely happy and greatfull. So thanks Mazuma." - Charlotte from Norfolk (Order No. M2999503) 01-07-2009
"As advertised cheque received within 48hrs.... very pleased with service, so easy to use, will highly recommend mazuma to all my friends. Thank you.." - Tracy from Fife (Order No. M2980128) 01-07-2009
"A fantastic service. Thank you for a quick, easy and efficient turn round from initial enquiry to recieving cheque!" - Frazer from East Lothian (Order No. M3003841) 01-07-2009
"Excellent website, could not believe how quick the transaction was. Sent the phone off on the Thursday and on the Saturday the cheque was on my doorstep. Would recommend to anyone." - Jon from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2994918) 01-07-2009
"what a fantastic service,e-mailed details sunday, bag arrived wednesday, posted thursday, confirmed friday, cheque arrived saturday . when i have another phone to sell ,iwill use mazuma again." - Michael from West Midlands (Order No. M2997843) 01-07-2009
"Dear Friends, the service from your company is excellent. I will certainly use Mazuma, again, and will recommend your services to others! Best regards, Roy Wright" - Roy from Vale Of Glamorgan (Order No. M3006787) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service I posted my phones 3pm thursday afternoon. Next day 8.30am I had recieved an email confirming they had my phones saturday morning the cheque was on my door mat. Brilliant company I have recomended Mazuma to all my friends." - Damian from Cheshire (Order No. M2991981) 01-07-2009
"Excellent and very quick service. I would recomend Mazuma very highly! Thanks for taking my unneeded phones for cash!" - Elizabeth from Hampshire (Order No. M3001932) 01-07-2009
"The service was very fast and efficient and i am delighted with the amount i received for my phone! Thanks" - Aaron from Down (Order No. M2995485) 01-07-2009
"a first class service from start to finish and very easy to use excellent service" - Phil from Humberside (Order No. M2989656) 01-07-2009
"This is one of the most efficient services i have used in a long time - I wish more companies would take a leaf out of your book." - Ketan from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M2997496) 01-07-2009
"Very fast, simple service. Definately use it again." - Jane from Bucks (Order No. M3002931) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic! am delighted with efficiency, sent phone on Wednesday and cheque had arrived on Friday!brillant service, would use again." - Valerie from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M2987575) 01-07-2009
"It was a really fast service, I sent the phones off on Thursday and received my vouchers on the Saturday. I was a little nervous about using the service as there is a lot of trust involved but I will definately use you again!" - Laura from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3001872) 01-07-2009
"very good service. Quick reply and payment. Will use again" - Michael from Durham (Order No. M2983331) 01-07-2009
"The service was so fast. I had only sent my phones away one day before I had confirmation that they had been received the next. From start to finish, the process only took 6 days from start to finish and that was over a weekend. Definately a service I would recommend and the amount I got was more than other sites I had looked into selling my phones through." - Le'Ann from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3002287) 01-07-2009
"Really good service - very quick in responding!! Would definately use again !" - Kate from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3001218) 01-07-2009
"Great service. Very quick and efficient. thanks very much.....would definitely use again" - Natasha from Berkshire (Order No. M2991726) 01-07-2009
"Excellent Service. I didn't realise how easy it was. Will recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you" - Nicola from Essex (Order No. M3006192) 01-07-2009
"very fast and friendly and suprisingly easy!would definately send my phones in the future!thankyou!!!!" - Amy from Nottingham (Order No. M2982733) 01-07-2009
"Its so easy and u r working sooo fast! I would do it again!!!!" - Agnes from Kent (Order No. M3000151) 01-07-2009
"great service, very happy" - David from Renfrewshire (Order No. M2979482) 01-07-2009
"very professional," - James from Kent (Order No. M3008042) 01-07-2009
"Awesome, effortless, thanks, have been telling everyone this is the way forward." - Paul from Ayrshire (Order No. M3002935) 01-07-2009
"a great service its a fast service would recommend to anyone who is lookin to recycle their phone and get money for it" - Samantha from Argyll (Order No. M3009218) 01-07-2009
"I think that Mazuma are very efficient at carrying out what they do. I would recomend them to anybody. Well done Mazuma" - Jonathon from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2993309) 01-07-2009
"Very easy process, excellent service, will definatly be telling people how good mazuma are!!" - Barry from Lancashire (Order No. M3005320) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service yet again. Unfortunately I haven't got any phones left to exchange now. Thanks" - Karl from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2977786) 01-07-2009
"this is the second time I have used Mazuma and once again I have received a faultless service. Very quick and easy to use. Did a bit of research each time before going with Mazuma but found that each time they offer a better price and easy service. Was a bit worried that I would be done out of a few quid but not the case. outstanding!! Helped us get rid of crap phones. Have recommended to others." - Ryan from Gwent (Order No. M3008598) 01-07-2009
"What a pleasure to deal with a company that does what it says it will, straight forward no nonsense , foolproof , would reccommend mazumamobile to anyone. Thanks again." - Simon from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3005553) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant speedy service & hassle-free. Would recommend you to anyone. Cheers." - Cathal from Derry (Order No. M2976578) 01-07-2009
"i would just like to say how quick and easy it is sending mobils to you and the turn around you deliver is second to none well done and thank you very much i will be telling all my friends about you." - Joy from West Sussex (Order No. M3006803) 01-07-2009
"fantastic service, very quick delivery of cheque and good comms through out. highly recommended, trust mazumba!" - Alison from Somerset (Order No. M2984338) 01-07-2009
"I am very impressed with the way the process worked and as stated payment was processed within 48 hours. excellent service will use you again." - Andrew from Derbyshire (Order No. M3006438) 01-07-2009
"Just to say thank you for such a good service, got my Argos voucher within 5 days of sending my phone." - John from Suffolk (Order No. M3000128) 01-07-2009
"i have now sold 2 mobiles and found the process very easy and I got great prices for my mobiles compared to other sites. The process is very quick too. Thanks" - Michelle from Cleveland (Order No. M3004869) 01-07-2009
"Just want to say what a fantastic service you provide. Many companies could learn a lot from you fast and efficient service. I recommended a friend and she is as amazed as I was at the prompt response. Keep up the good work, I will certainly be passing word around about your company. Thank you" - Cathy from Uk (Order No. M2988284) 01-07-2009
"Just like to say thank you,the service was very quick and i got over £60 for phones that were hidden away doing nothing. Now my children are happy as they are getting a bob the builder trike each from argos today!! Thanks again i will use u in the future ive already told all my friends!" - Vikki from Fife (Order No. M3010056) 01-07-2009
"I am mightily impressed with your service! There were just 4 days between receiving your return envelope and me receiving my cheque - and that included a weekend!! Thank you very much indeed." - David from Cleveland (Order No. M3007803) 01-07-2009
"Excellent website that is easy to navigate and use. The service I received was brilliant quick and efficient. Many thanx." - Alan from Worcestershire (Order No. M3003438) 01-07-2009
"simply friendly and very fast thanks :o] Monika" - Monika from Greater Manchester (Order No. M2993763) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, does exactly what it says on the tin!" - Jamie from Merseyside (Order No. M2991685) 01-07-2009
"Oh my god what a fantastic, fast & hassle free service, Thank you. I will be recommending you guys to everyone I meet. Thank you again :)" - Deborah from Norfolk (Order No. M2999770) 01-07-2009
"Extremely helpful website, quick and easy and great offers! Would definitely recommend!" - Louise from Essex (Order No. M3003948) 01-07-2009
"great survice quick and easy but shame you have to wait 24 hours for the card to be activated if you get a argos voucher" - Philip from Somerse (Order No. M3007790) 01-07-2009
"this is the second time I have used you and would have no hesitation to do so again very satisfied" - Martin from West Midlands (Order No. M3006278) 01-07-2009
"thanks for buying my phones i think that it was really easy to do and would do it agen in the near future thanks" - Michael from England (Order No. M3007675) 01-07-2009
"I have previously used envirophone and found your service much quicker friendlier and easier to use. Many thanks i will be recommending you !!!" - Philip from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2999099) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service - very quick from start to finish" - Jane from Cambs (Order No. M3004822) 01-07-2009
"I wanted to say a big thanks! I was one of the biggest sceptics about this type of system working but you have truely amazed me with how easy its been. I've just been informed that my cheque has been posted after only 3 days of having started this process. As long as the money does arrive I will be making sure everyone I know about uses your service. Its been so simple and a great way to recycle while earning a few pounds! Thanks Mazuma Team." - Alaina from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3007203) 01-07-2009
"A very, very good service, a lost easier than I had anticipated. You have done exactly what you said you would. I would recommend Mazuma to anyone." - John from Wrexham (Order No. M3004018) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Easy to use site, quick posting of all the necessary to send my mobile to you and very quick to send me payment. Very impressed." - Emma from Bucks (Order No. M2977813) 01-07-2009
"Great service no messing around !! will defiantly use again 10/10 !!!" - Wayne from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3008588) 01-07-2009
"excellent service as always" - Graham from Beds (Order No. M3003593) 01-07-2009
"I have just sold my 3rd mobile to Mazuma who have been fast and efficient everytime - always received my cheque promptly. Would recommend to anyone." - Deborah from Warwickshire (Order No. M2993682) 01-07-2009
"great service" - Martin from Berkshire (Order No. M2997680) 01-07-2009
"im a bit dissapointed in the time it took for you to recive bag from royal mail but sattisfied other wise.thanks r.ames" - Robert from Middlesex (Order No. M2953555) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, posted special delivery Thursday, Friday got message to say order completed, Saturday morning received the cheque. Could not ask for more." - James from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2995497) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely Brillaint service, ran like clockwork! very impressed." - Dave from Shropshire (Order No. M3010418) 01-07-2009
"i found it very fast and effective, overall i was very pleased with the service provided." - Linda from Morthamptonshire (Order No. M3003769) 01-07-2009
"Excellent Transaction, very fast and efficient thoroughly recommended." - Robert from N/A (Order No. M300830) 01-07-2009
"Simple, fast and a really great service. Will tell all my friends. tks" - Dawn from Merseyside (Order No. M2969349) 01-07-2009
"Wonderfully easy to exchange, fast and first class!" - Rebecca from N. Yorks (Order No. M3000640) 01-07-2009
"Fast and efficient, will use your services again." - Colin from Cheshire (Order No. M3002880) 01-07-2009
"Really pleased - extremely quick service and very helpful staff when I had a query. Thank you!" - K from Bucks (Order No. M2962016) 01-07-2009
"Looking forward to receiving the cheques for the above order number and one other. what brilliant service - from putting the details in on your website, to receiving the paperwork, to receiving your response - Fab service. Have told friends - Thank you , Kim Hanson" - #VALUE! from Channel Islands (Order No. M3005261) 01-07-2009
"A first class service.Excellent." - Malcolm from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3010555) 01-07-2009
"Amazing service, quick , reliable , efficient. Almost too good to be true" - Julia from Cheshire (Order No. M3005834) 01-07-2009
"Was sceptical at first, but mazuma really does what it says on the tin, Think Mazuma is the future for me and my family." - Manesh from Lancashire (Order No. M3010740) 01-07-2009
"it was great and realy easy to use i wil use it again !!!!!:)" - Hannah from Strathclyde (Order No. M3021626) 01-07-2009
"Dear Sir/Madam, Ref. Payment of £14.00 Nokia 6630 I've got received ur payment of £ 14.00 ref. my old mobile phone Nokia 6630, yesterday 07/07/2009. I am appreciate it. Many thanks, Giovana G Vicente" - Giovana from Plymouth (Order No. M3002846) 01-07-2009
"Found the service very ggod, keep us informed of the progress of our order. I would use the service again and recomend." - Justin from Hampshire (Order No. M3010274) 01-07-2009
"I am really pleased with the service i was given. I contacted customer services and was dealt with quickly and professionaly, it was also a bonus that the advisor could understand me and i could understand her. I would certainly recommend mazuma to others. Thankyou" - Jayne from Merseyside (Order No. M2995545) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, could not beleive how quick your cheque arrived. super service, will tell everyone to use you. many thanks." - John from Co Durham (Order No. M2994196) 01-07-2009
"Quick, easy and a well worked service. Look forward to reciving the cheque and will definitely be doing business with Mazuma again in the future. Thanks." - Josh from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3004748) 01-07-2009
"Just like say excellent service and I mean excellent! sent my phone via the post office late monday afternoon and the cheque was on my doorstep wednesday morning!Will not hesitate to recommond mazuma to all my friends and family." - Kevin from Beds (Order No. M2979673) 01-07-2009
"Exellelt Service I Posted the phne on Saturday ,i Was e-mailed at 11.30 on monday 7 the cheque arrived tuesday morning . It could not be any better than that" - Adrian from Dorset (Order No. M2994933) 01-07-2009
"Once again fast and prompt service.I will be back again." - James from Norfolk (Order No. M3005062) 01-07-2009
"excellant thank you very much have already recommended you to friends" - Steven from N/A (Order No. M300964) 01-07-2009
"great fast service thank you" - Stephen from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2985936) 01-07-2009
"Very happy to highly recommend Mazuma to anybody wishing to sell their mobile. Great service and best prices! Thankyou Mazuma" - Gary from Hampshire (Order No. M3006570) 01-07-2009
"excellent service, very easy deal, with express payment." - Rod from Devon (Order No. M2997485) 01-07-2009
"Well I am amazed! Not only did I get an email to remind me I hadnt posted my mob to you but 2 days later you tell me my cheque is in the post!! I may have to think about sending you my older mobile - it might be worth a fiver! Seriously, though, I am chuffed and will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know and will certainly be using you in the future when I upgrade to a new phone! Thank you for being so efficient - and so friendly! Laura Bones" - Laura from Lancashire (Order No. M2989924) 01-07-2009
"excellent and quick service would certainly recommmend your service" - June from Cheshire (Order No. M2998889) 01-07-2009
"i think the service is brilliant its fast and easy and i wil recommend to friends and family overall brilliant" - Jonny from N/A (Order No. M301938) 01-07-2009
"this is the best way to sell an old mobile if you want top ££££££££" - Tony from West Midlands (Order No. M3012499) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for your help with my phones, i found your site and service first class and would not hesitate to recommend you in the future yours Stewart Grimson" - Stewart from N/A (Order No. M301445) 01-07-2009
"Really fast, simple and easy to use system I am going to definately sell more mobiles this way" - David from Gtr Manchester (Order No. M3007776) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Very professional and uncomplicated with quick feedback. Will not hestitate to use this service again and will gladly recommend you to family and friends..and use you again myself in the future. Many thanks" - Roger from Fife (Order No. M3012546) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service. Took all the stress out of selling my phone and got a fair price too. Thank you so much." - Peter from Derbyshire (Order No. M2996116) 01-07-2009
"How quick are you!!! Brilliant. Thank you very much. I will recommend you for definite!!! x" - Claire from Northants (Order No. M3014868) 01-07-2009
"i thought the whole process was brilliant! your emails and letters were so friendly. i will be using you again in the future. thank you :)" - Jessica from Shropshire (Order No. M3013348) 01-07-2009
"An UNBEATABLE service yet again i'm proud to use mazuma and dont need to look at the rest because i know mazuma is the BEST.keep up the good work what a truly EXCELLENT company" - Stephen from Derbyshire (Order No. M3010755) 01-07-2009
"The service is really fast and the payment arrived pretty quickly. A* service" - Ankit from London (Order No. M3014078) 01-07-2009
"Hi there i am pleased with your company and how quick it has took.I have went and left my memory card in the phone and i would be grateful if you could send it back it has personal pictures on it thanks for your co-operation" - William from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3010672) 01-07-2009
"Sent phones to Mazuma on Monday and received the cheque on Wednesday! Have already recommended to a friend." - Robert from South Wales (Order No. M2986986) 01-07-2009
"I love Mazuma! i couldn't believe i could get £10 for a broken phone that i would have thrown in the bin! Its great that i could send the phone for free and the cheque for sending my phone came really quick. I will definitely take my old mobile to mazuma again!" - Mashanna from N/A (Order No. M299659) 01-07-2009
"excellent quick deivery of cheque and no hassle" - Colleen from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3001158) 01-07-2009
"Thank you so much, i can't believe your so fast with your payments, i have started to tell all my friends and collegues about you. i will certainly use you again if i have any spare phones, thanks again" - Yvonne from Lancashire (Order No. M2998966) 01-07-2009
"I can't believe how fast the process is from start to finish top class service the website is so quick and simple to use and the prices you quoted are the best I can find I have used envirophone before but the service is slower more complicated and the prices quoted are less than mazuma five stars from me guys *****" - Mark from Lancs (Order No. M3011379) 01-07-2009
"I found the website to be straightfoward and easy to use. Also the prices offered for each mobile were considerably more than other websites i had look at. Everything was delivered on time, so i am happy and would use this again :)" - Amanda from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3005792) 01-07-2009
"mazuma mobile paid the best prices for old mobile phone's that i found, and to top that the service was easy to use and fast with the payment. great service all round!" - Alison from Rhondda Cynon Taff (Order No. M3010437) 01-07-2009
"Unbelievably quick and easy service. Received confirmation of payment within two days of posting the phone. Fantastic, hassle-free service!!" - Gareth from London (Order No. M3000808) 01-07-2009
"I am very impressed with this service and will definitely be using this service again quick and efficient" - Leeanne from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3001144) 01-07-2009
"I would just like to say how easy it was to sell my phone to you, I found the service very fast and efficient, I will recomend you to my friends, what a great way of getting some spare cash, I will be using your services again." - Pat from Herts (Order No. M3000712) 01-07-2009
"I was really impressed with the efficiency of the service! Exceeded my expectations. Thank-you!" - N from Down (Order No. M2988006) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service - quick - simple - easy - pop in the post box and done! Ok, it was only £2 but that is worth more than an old phone sitting in a drawer! Thanks for a great service!" - Emma from West Sussex (Order No. M3011933) 01-07-2009
"Really impressed with speed and efficiency. Whole process went like clockwork with bag, receipt etc provided by yourselves. I checked comparison websites before choosing Mazuma and based my decision on good feedback. You certainly lived up to your reputation. Will recommend to others. (friend sent phones to envirofone at same time and still hasn't heard a word...)" - Lynne from N/A (Order No. M73302407) 01-07-2009
"very pleased with service. recieved cheque quicker than expected. thank you" - Kris from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3003085) 01-07-2009
"really fast and very efficent. great service and easy to use website really helped will dfinatly use you again in the future. thanks" - Manjit from Derbyshire (Order No. M3006855) 01-07-2009
"CHEQUE RECIEVED TODAY. FABULOUS SERVICE THANK YOU" - Claire from Beds (Order No. M3010529) 01-07-2009
"excellent, speedy service. Thank you" - Jamie from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3000142) 01-07-2009
"what a pleasure dealing with your company, very prompt and very easy, would recommend you to anyone, thank you." - David from S.Glam (Order No. M3019991) 01-07-2009
"I am delighted with the service you provide. It is great to see a company that does exactly what is advertised, I will be recommending you to all my friends!" - James from Cheshire (Order No. M3013280) 01-07-2009
"from start to finshed very good service thank you" - Carole from West Midlands (Order No. M3014589) 01-07-2009
"service was good from start to finshes thanks for you help" - Carole from West Midlands (Order No. M3012951) 01-07-2009
"I will probably receive the cheque tomorrow or Saturday! And would just like to say thanks because getting rid of junk like old mobiles for money is something that 1.Helps the environment in a way by recycling and 2.I can make some money! haha, Thanks jordan." - Jordan from Gwynedd (Order No. M3014035) 01-07-2009
"A very fast service, very quick turnaround and payment, I won't hesitate to use Mazuma again." - Alan from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2999481) 01-07-2009
"Received, the freepost bag, after applying the day before, posted same day, processed the next day, very quick and efficent, i will recommened mazuma mobile, to all friends and family, thank you" - Talat from West Midlands (Order No. M3020304) 01-07-2009
"Very easy, very quick I wil definitel use you again i the future." - Joe from London (Order No. M3013642) 01-07-2009
"EASY TO USE, FAST SERVICE, NICE CASH AMOUNT FOR OLD PHONE THANKS" - David from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3007574) 01-07-2009
"excellent service would definately use again and would highly reccommend thank you." - Kayleigh from Cleveland (Order No. M3012754) 01-07-2009
"brillant service thank you will recommend" - Christine from Nottingham (Order No. M2996598) 01-07-2009
"was not expecting such a reasonable price for my old phone. good service aswell,no messing about!" - Louie from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2995963) 01-07-2009
"I got cheque today, very fast delivery:) business with u is pleasure:)" - Ewa from Lancashire (Order No. M3010680) 01-07-2009
"The fastest and most efficient turnaround of any company I have dealt with. Thanks" - Sue from Lancashire (Order No. M2988756) 01-07-2009
"Hi, It was a pleasure using your company. You are efficient and informative. Envelope arrived within 2 days returned same day as envelope you acknowledged it the morning you received it informing me by e mail and the next day e mailed me to say voucher on its way (as i chose argos) and voucher arrived next day. Brilliant service there are not many companies that can say that nowadays! Well done! I will be recommending you to all I know. Also you give the best prices no other that I have tried has matched your prices. Thank you" - Linda from Caerphilly (Order No. M3012447) 01-07-2009
"stunning turn around with the minimum of fuss.excellent service,recommended." - Dennis from Kent (Order No. M3005146) 01-07-2009
"Well, what can i say, i am supprised to how quickly you dealt with my order, i was expecting it to be about a week, but you have proven me wrong. The whole process was soo quick it took 24 hrs, Thank you for making this so easy for me." - Ephantus from West Midlands (Order No. M3008664) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service. Will recommend you to everyone I know! Thanks" - Nilaesh from West Midlands (Order No. M3012378) 01-07-2009
"Exceeded all my expectations, fast and efficient service. Placed my order and received an email within 48 hours confirming my Argos voucher had been posted! Probably the best company I have ever dealt with online." - Scott from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3019754) 01-07-2009
"The process from start to finish was very easy and simple very user frendley software at start and the information was clear and the posting process excellent I will recomend to family and friends.And the sevice was very qwick it was a pleasure thank you." - Anthony from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3014306) 01-07-2009
"First class service, I would highly recommend Mazuma. It is refreshing to find a company that does exactly what it says it's going to do, it doesn't happen very often. Kind regards." - Ian from Staffs (Order No. M3008585) 01-07-2009
"Dear Sir/Madam, I just wanted to let you know how very happy I am with the excellent service you provided. I have received my cheque today exactly on the day I said I would.It is so good to find a company that makes things so easy to follow,with speed and efficiency too! I have just sent off another mobile phone I am not using as a result! Thank you once again. Yours Sincerely Martin Lavallin Thank you" - Martin from London (Order No. M3010942) 01-07-2009
"Wow, what an amazing experience, you did everything that you said you would, but far quicker than I imagined possible, I'm recommending you to everyone Thankyou very much" - Sue from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3009073) 01-07-2009
"This service was fantastic! I am amazed at how speedy it is!! Fantastic job!!! Claire Theobald" - Claire from Essex (Order No. M3018894) 01-07-2009
"Absolutly cracking! sold the phones on line on the Friday, envelope arrived on the Saturday, posted phones back on the Monday, you received them on the Tuesday, cheque received on the Wednesday. How can anyone argue with customer service like that! Well done to all the team!!!" - Trevor from Kent (Order No. M2993320) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, cheque received in days. Thanks" - Richard from Essex (Order No. M2997211) 01-07-2009
"I am still astounded at how quick the turnaround is from me sending my mobiles and receiving the cheque! Brilliant service! Glad to know that all the old mobiles I have had lying around have been put to good use and I get a little cash back too! Will definitely continue to use this service in future and would highly recommend you to friends and family. Angela Oliver" - Angela from Peeblesshire (Order No. M3017030) 01-07-2009
"Very Fast!! very pleased with the cheque!! Thank you Mazumaa moblie :D" - Freya from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3015744) 01-07-2009
"BRILLIANT ! ! ! ! Very promt and you kept me informed all the way through. Have recomemded you to others already. Thank you Mazuma ! ! ! !" - David from South Glos (Order No. M3015014) 01-07-2009
"This is the easiest money I have ever earned" - Lewis from Renfrewshire (Order No. M2988554) 01-07-2009
"I have sent 5 or more phones to other sites,but none have been so fast and friendly as mazuma I will only use you from now on" - Dean from West Midlands (Order No. M3004809) 01-07-2009
"Very easy, smooth transaction. Am pleased with my argos voucher. Looking forward to spending it." - Jeannie from Merseyside (Order No. M2995462) 01-07-2009
"This is my first time i used this service, i found it very easy and quick, would recommend this to other people, the process completed was faster than i thought, keep up the great service. Thanks Emir" - Emir from West Midlands (Order No. M3022234) 01-07-2009
"thank you so much for taking my old mobile, youre service was exelent.Will be using you again when finished with my current mobile phone, thank you again." - David from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3017588) 01-07-2009
"just a quick message and thanks for the check, i just cant beleave how quick you are at sending the bag and the check" - Sheryl from Derbyshire (Order No. M2981689) 01-07-2009
"Your service can only be described as EXCELLENT! I will certainly recommend you to others." - Terence from Staffordshire (Order No. M3021548) 01-07-2009
"Very good sevice i would recomment it to anyone." - Graham from Suffolk (Order No. M3015727) 01-07-2009
"Very prompt and efficient service. Thank you" - Jason from Essex (Order No. M3012474) 01-07-2009
"excellent service very quick in getting the money to you would use again very good communication too" - Gary from Manchester (Order No. M3018220) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Simple and smooth Very quick" - Terry from Leicestershire (Order No. M3017568) 01-07-2009
"Great service, will recommend to friends and family. Quick and easy to use." - Richard from West Midlands (Order No. M3012658) 01-07-2009
"Superb, Quick and efficient as promised" - Chris from West Sussex (Order No. M3017271) 01-07-2009
"prompt as prompt can be,would use you again....regards dale" - Dale from Essex (Order No. M3018112) 01-07-2009
"what a fast and efficient service, i am impressed well done!!!" - Colin from Norfolk (Order No. M3022257) 01-07-2009
"this is the second time i have used this service and i think it is an excellent service to provide. thanks" - Matthew from Mid-Glamorgan (Order No. M3019716) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic deal - and super quick return on payment. Thanks guys I am sending you two more today" - Debra from London (Order No. M3010029) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for your excellent service. I have reccomended you to other people two of which I know have now used your services." - Janet from Dorset (Order No. M2993335) 01-07-2009
"Another very smooth and quick transaction. THANK YOU" - Janet from Dorset (Order No. M3008834) 01-07-2009
"just to say,very impresed with the service,good price recieved for phone,well recomended! very quick time for cheque to arrive.well done to you all." - Dave from Avon (Order No. M3019012) 01-07-2009
"I am stunned and amazed at the speed of your turn around, I wish everybody was as efficient. Have been waiting for a refund from the CAA for nearly 12 months. Will recommend you to everybody who has an old mobile. Superb many thanks." - Stuart from Northants (Order No. M3018017) 01-07-2009
"Fast, simple, and a straight forward service! Very efficent service and would recommend to everyone! Thank you x" - Kellie from Cumbria (Order No. M3012214) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for your excellent service. I cheched with all the other sites and you gave best value and what surely must be the fasted response! I posted my phone on Thursday and received a cheque on Saturday. Wow how good is that? I will be recommending you to all my friends - once again thank you." - Peter from Lancashire (Order No. M3018545) 01-07-2009
"Very pleasant experience. Fast efficient service. Would use again" - Neil from East Lothian (Order No. M3012313) 01-07-2009
"fantasic quick service.Will recommend to others." - Christine from N/A (Order No. M30 19693) 01-07-2009
"Excellent, would recommend and very quick service." - Nicola from Fife (Order No. M3013797) 01-07-2009
"Very efficient service! Thanks" - Malcolm from Norfolk (Order No. M3018904) 01-07-2009
"Great. Fast reliable honest service." - Jamie from Leicestershire (Order No. M3018958) 01-07-2009
"Very good service. The whole process does not even take a week! You received my phone on friday and I had the cheque by saturday! Would definitely recommend." - Georgina from Bristol (Order No. M3002861) 01-07-2009
"I was doubtful at first, but it was so easy & quick from start to finish...would recommend Mazuma to anyone now. Thanks !" - Christine from Northants (Order No. M2982636) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Mazuma did everything they said they would within the time they stated. I would happily deal with Mazuma again and recommend them" - Clive from Shropshire (Order No. M3010176) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Process could not have been simpler." - Robin from Leicestershire (Order No. M2999783) 01-07-2009
"What amazing service - posted my phone off Tuesday afternoon, had an email back confirming receipt on Weds, and had the cheque at 8am Thursday! I'll be sure to recommend you to everyone I know!!" - William from Cheshire (Order No. M3007640) 01-07-2009
"Amazing service! Fast and effective, will be using it again!" - Anthony from Cambridge (Order No. M3006489) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Welldone with your organisation. Recommend to all my friends." - Olive from Notts (Order No. M3022295) 01-07-2009
"I found it very simple to deal with you,although I was a little concerned after about 7 days when you still hadnt received the mobile phones.All done thanks." - Phil from Suffolk (Order No. M2989468) 01-07-2009
"Very impressed with how quick it all got done. Credit where it's due." - Craig from Herefordshire (Order No. M2996380) 01-07-2009
"A very simple, fast & efficient service." - Terry from West Midlands (Order No. M3009856) 01-07-2009
"Excellent speedy service. Well done! I'll definately recommend you to my friends." - Victoria from Devon (Order No. M3018708) 01-07-2009
"Great response time, why bother with e.bay when you guys make it so simple. what an easy way to get cash back for your old moby!! nice one." - Kris from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3023273) 01-07-2009
"Subject to my cheque for £46 being cleared in my account, Mazuma were very easy and efficient to deal with, thanks!" - Mark from Isle Of Man (Order No. M3007552) 01-07-2009
"absolutley brilliant very fast service and very very good prices" - Robert from West Midlands (Order No. M3013088) 01-07-2009
"Getting ride of my old phones have ben user friendly and so easy thanks to you. Thank You Very Much James Keay" - James from Wales (Order No. M3022134) 01-07-2009
"This is the fourth mobile I have sold to Mazuma and each time I have been more and more impressed with the service I have received. Your sell prices are consistently higher than your rivals and your turnaround time is astonishing - on this occasion the cheque is in the post to me less than 24 hours after I posted the phones! I cannot recommend you highly enough, thank you Mazuma Mobile!" - Lawrence from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3012773) 01-07-2009
"i think mazuma mobile is great and fast this is my second phone i have sent off :)" - Michaela from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3025496) 01-07-2009
"Such a great idea and mazuma is really quick simple and efficient." - Charli from London (Order No. M3003379) 01-07-2009
"Have used your service several times and always found it simple easy and straightforward. Have never had any problems with you and very satisfied with the whole procedure. Instructions are clear and easy to use and also you are super quick! Great service all round. Would recommend you readily to anyone. Thanks." - Christine from Cheshire (Order No. M3006862) 01-07-2009
"great very efficient thanks will go to every time when i need to recycle mobile" - Ruth from Devon (Order No. M3025182) 01-07-2009
"great service" - Mark from Hampshire (Order No. M3021084) 01-07-2009
"fantastic quick and reliable service will be recommending mazuma to all my mates when selling their mobiles." - Mick from Middlesex (Order No. M3024985) 01-07-2009
"What a fab service, it does what it says on the tin, quickly, efficiently and in a really user friendly manner. So pleased to have found you!" - Sue from Northants (Order No. M3022236) 01-07-2009
"Quite happy with the deal. Thanks" - Duane from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3018660) 01-07-2009
"great service very fast and efficient service. thankyou for the prompt payment." - Russell from Durham (Order No. M3019099) 01-07-2009
"Saw your advert - thought about my spare phones.. thought it would be too much hassle to arrange.. couldn't have been more wrong. Extremely smooth, simple, effective and prompt service. I'd highly recommend you guys to my friends.. that's saying something... I never recommend anything to anyone ;) Many thanks" - Leah from Avon (Order No. M3023513) 01-07-2009
"It was all so easy and highly efficient. Well done and thank you." - Roy from Herts (Order No. M3012906) 01-07-2009
"very fast and relieble service, very easy to sll your old mobile phones" - Margaret from Northumberland (Order No. M3024969) 01-07-2009
"Superb service and transaction. Thanks" - Larry from Kent (Order No. M3015841) 01-07-2009
"great service turnaround time really quick and easy thanks" - Simon from N/A (Order No. M301324) 01-07-2009
"2nd time I used you and if anything even quicker than last time. Keep up the good work and will definitley be recommending you to friends. I'm a complaints manager for an energy company and hard to impress, you've done that across the board. Well done !" - Donald from Perthshire (Order No. M3015281) 01-07-2009
"very good service and communication, thank you once again" - Keith from Norfolk (Order No. M3022393) 01-07-2009
"Many thanks for your very rapid and well documented transaction. The only complaint I would have is as regards the packaging (plastic bag) supplied. There is no protection at all from damage in transit and most mobiles have large glas screens these days. perhaps a bubblewrap sleeve and some card board could be supplied? I know this would entail you sending out a larger envelop with contents in. Apart from that a great service." - John from Bucks (Order No. M3022566) 01-07-2009
"It was really easy and quick. Would do it again." - Peter from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3024823) 01-07-2009
"Second time I have used this service. Yet again it was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Have told everyone about this." - Selina from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3000257) 01-07-2009
"my order was complete within 48 hours as stated very quick an pleased with the out come thanks a*" - Dean from Kent (Order No. M3018335) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant communication all the way through process. Swift payment. Quick and easy process. Thank You." - Carol from Cornwall (Order No. M3010423) 01-07-2009
"excellent speedy service, thank you." - Michaela from Lancashire (Order No. M3016523) 01-07-2009
"thank you so much for the fast response, i only did the order on the friday and to have my cheque by the tuesday was amazing." - Sarah from Dumfries And Galloway (Order No. M3027660) 01-07-2009
"A very speedy response at every stage, and a first-class service in every respect." - U from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3021193) 01-07-2009
"Great service: quick, easy and simple. Loved it :)" - Shaska from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3016490) 01-07-2009
"this was an easy and very quick service i am very very impressed" - Martin from Berkshire (Order No. M3022644) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service !!!" - Darren from Cheshire (Order No. M3025541) 01-07-2009
"i have used mazuma several times now and find them to be fast and efficient. i have recommended them to several friends and family members who have said the same thing and i will not hesitate to use them again." - Damien from Cheshire (Order No. M3017829) 01-07-2009
"Fast, good price, and easy to sell your phone! brilliant!" - Aaron from Northumberland (Order No. M3006611) 01-07-2009
"The process was very easy and fast, thank you. Can not wait to get the cheque in the post!!!" - Mamta from London (Order No. M3028078) 01-07-2009
"I just wanted to thank you for a brilliant service, so quick and easy and great to be kept up to speed by yourselves at each stage by emails. I am very impressed and will recommend this to family and friends. Thank you again, Kind regards Di Harris" - Dianne from Berkshire (Order No. M3015303) 01-07-2009
"service was quick, easy and efficient. i got rid of my old phones and got cash in return. anyone could do it." - Paula from Lancashire (Order No. M3023768) 01-07-2009
"A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE EXCELLENT." - Jeff from Merseyside (Order No. M2984906) 01-07-2009
"very fast and very easy to do" - Luke from Rct (Order No. M3027141) 01-07-2009
"Thank you very much for my cheque,you were very efficient in the whole way you sorted my phones out,you made things so easy." - Patricia from Suffolk (Order No. M3023184) 01-07-2009
"Good easy transaction" - Thomas from N/A (Order No. M298823) 01-07-2009
"This is my second time selling with Mazuma, and yet again, amazing service. I sent my mobile, and recieved the payment in 48 hours! They pay top prices for old handsets, and the customer support team are on hand to help with any questions. I hope to sell with mazuma time and time again! recommended to everyone out there!! Thanks so much!!" - Tara from Middlesex (Order No. M2971065) 01-07-2009
"i would just like to say a brilliant service and thank you" - Steven from West Midlands (Order No. M2978747) 01-07-2009
"A fantastic service and very quick in processing orders. Will definately use again in the future and recommend to others. Thanks." - Joe from Merseyside (Order No. M3027394) 01-07-2009
"hi great service,quick quotes,instant payment brill idea for getting rid of old phones and not so old ones.thankyou............." - Helen from West Lothian (Order No. M3027014) 01-07-2009
"A very good service. Quick too!" - Karen from Vale Of Glamorgan (Order No. M3026735) 01-07-2009
"Looking forward to your other deals online, and to your quick reply and service." - Rowell from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M3022100) 01-07-2009
"GREAT SERVICE" - Leslie from Cornwall (Order No. M3025149) 01-07-2009
"get deal very quickly done 5star" - Barry from Wilts (Order No. M2992602) 01-07-2009
"Very easy and quick process, regular update emails regarding order status, fast payment. 10 our of 10 - superb." - Kelly from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3020220) 01-07-2009
"Excellent & prompt service. Got your cheque this a.m. Well done. I wish I had kept the other phones, but they were c--p & probably worth nothing." - Ian from Beds (Order No. M3027573) 01-07-2009
"Very pleased with the simple and speedy service. Initial contact made on Thursday and received cheque on the following Tuesday. Excellent !!! Wll certainly recommend to friends." - Carol from East Sussex (Order No. M3025627) 01-07-2009
"have used this before and both times very quick and easy to do and well worth it." - Mandy from Cumbria (Order No. M3016960) 01-07-2009
"Hi all at MAZUMA, i just thought i would say what an absolute pleasure it was dealing with you.From initial order to cheque being received took less than 5 days. Keep up the good work & thanks to moneysavingexpert for the guidance. Regards James Ginnelly" - James from London (Order No. M3027444) 01-07-2009
"Found your company to be very quick and easy to use, will definately recommend you to friends and family." - Jacki from West Midlands (Order No. M3015918) 01-07-2009
"excellent service would recommend to friends" - Richard from West Sussex (Order No. M2966402) 01-07-2009
"First class service, thank you." - Matt from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3028749) 01-07-2009
"great service nice and easy .great communication.thanks" - Christopher from East Lothian (Order No. M2998065) 01-07-2009
"What it says on the tin, all completed within a week, excellent communications and speedy payment. Why keep the old ones in a drawer collecting dust. Five star 5*****." - Jim from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3023587) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic and speedy response. Sent my phones to Mazuma on a Tuesday, had the cheque by Thursday. Brilliant hassle free process. Have recommended already and will continue to recommend!. Definitely use again!!" - Neil from West Midlands (Order No. M3004443) 01-07-2009
"I thought the service was seamless and easy to use. Thanks!!! :)" - Eric from London (Order No. M3013663) 01-07-2009
"what service, can't believe it. i shall be telling everyone about how brilliant this is!!!" - Andrew from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3031666) 01-07-2009
"I actually requested an argos voucher I hope this is what I receive but a pleasure all the Same" - John from Suffolk (Order No. M3029983) 01-07-2009
"Good prompt service. Some of the better deals on line" - Cath from Cheshire (Order No. M3023950) 01-07-2009
"great service really fast sent phone on monday and recived cheque on wednesday would use again and will pass on to freinds. Many thanks phil crosby" - Philip from Merseyside (Order No. M3012166) 01-07-2009
"Very impressed. Quick & easy can't ask for anymore than that. Thank you for a quality service" - Marc from Perthshire (Order No. M3022099) 01-07-2009
"this service is great. I will defo use it again." - Nicola from South Ayrshire (Order No. M3021584) 01-07-2009
"excellent service, very quick and straight forward to process on the internet." - Jenny from Worcestershire (Order No. M3025739) 01-07-2009
"Very good service. Fast and easy to use, which is why i have used the service more than once. Thank You." - Cheryl from England (Order No. M3029399) 01-07-2009
"I am totally amazed by the service I have received, I had an email on Tuesday confirming my handset had been received & the cheque was received on Wednesday, fantastic....would definately recommend" - Donna from Staffs (Order No. M2995848) 01-07-2009
"what a fantastic service you provide. other internet businesses should take a leaf out of your book. i look forward to doing business with you in the future." - Phil from Swansea (Order No. M3028917) 01-07-2009
"posted my phones on fri recieved vouchers wed. brilliant service thanku will def use u again in the future." - Sallyann from Cumbria (Order No. M3011812) 01-07-2009
"Wow - i was quite hesitant about using this but when i recieved my cheque this morning i was amazed at how quick and easy it was. Highly recommend it especially as it rids you of old mobiles just laying around!! More than happy." - Laura from West Sussex (Order No. M3026084) 01-07-2009
"this was very simple, easy and quick. I placed the order on Monday and I had the money on next one. but the most important thing I think that anybody can trust them and they provide the best prices for mobiles." - Ahmed from United Kingdom (Order No. M3016286) 01-07-2009
"Wow!!!, unbelivable service. Would reccomend using you any day." - Ebrahim from Lancashire (Order No. M3024456) 01-07-2009
"Great fast service. Would recommend to anybody for quick cash. Very genuine!" - Matthew from Hampshire (Order No. M3025199) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service - can't believe how easy and quick it is to make money from old phones sat in a drawer!!! Many thanks." - Sheila from Somerset (Order No. M3025260) 01-07-2009
"Excellent fast service." - Darren from Cheshire (Order No. M3024197) 01-07-2009
"excellent thankyou for a fast and easy transaction" - Shawm from Warks (Order No. M3011547) 01-07-2009
"Excellent. I have used your sevice 3 times now and would highly reccommend you. Thankyou ." - Hilary from Co. Durham (Order No. M3029599) 01-07-2009
"Very pleased with the transaction.Quick,simple with good communication throughout.Many thanks.Dennis Wilkes." - Dennis from West Midlands (Order No. M3027714) 01-07-2009
"I am very pleased with Mazuma. Can't belive how quick they sent my cheque - the very next day. Have told all my friends that they should send their old phones and get some pennies back." - Kerry from Scotland (Order No. M3022709) 01-07-2009
"spot on!" - Richard from Somerset (Order No. M3010220) 01-07-2009
"Thank you very much for the first class service received - this is my first time. I would definitely reommend you to family and friends" - Sandra from Oxon (Order No. M3027899) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, very easy instructions and would definitely use again. Received cheque within 48 hrs of sending off phones as promised." - Caroline from Dorset (Order No. M3031959) 01-07-2009
"Credit where it is due, that was absolutely brilliant. I never dreamt the service would be as good as your TV advertisement claimed but I have to say it surpassed my expectations by a mile. I will tell everyone I know about you. Dave P - Birmingham" - David from West Midlands (Order No. M3031819) 01-07-2009
"Extremly happy with the service. So quick and easy and cheque came next day from me posting my phone. would highly recommend and definetly use again." - Debbie from Strathclyde (Order No. M3026899) 01-07-2009
"excellent service, quick friendly staff and easy internet system, cheers" - Rob from Rct (Order No. M3009374) 01-07-2009
"quick service" - Swati from Middlesex (Order No. M3022925) 01-07-2009
"brilliant sevice very quick" - Douglas from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3026606) 01-07-2009
"What a super service - extremely efficient. Thank you" - Jadwiga from Lancashire (Order No. M3028323) 01-07-2009
"What a great service.I can't fault it.Speedy,efficient no hassle.If only eveything could run as smooth as Mazuma Mobile. I've recommended you to lots of people. Kind Regards Mark Holland" - Mark from Suffolk (Order No. M2993251) 01-07-2009
"very happy, was quick and easy to do, thanks" - Darren from West Glamorgan (Order No. M3007012) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, quick, simple to use, would highly reccomend. Thankyou" - Sandra from North Somerset (Order No. M3024562) 01-07-2009
"Quick, Easy and Great Prices Paid !!!! Excellent Thank you :)" - Debbie from Devon (Order No. M3013450) 01-07-2009
"very good service super fast well done" - Holly from Lancashire (Order No. M3035011) 01-07-2009
"Awesome! Great communication and delivery speed. Thank you very much Mazuma!" - Glenn from London (Order No. M3038463) 01-07-2009
"this is 1 of the best web sites i av eva been on well worth my time thank you you guys" - Wayne from Berks (Order No. M3029615) 01-07-2009
"WOW - Amazing speed! I had my doubts when I first heard about this service, but Mazuma are one of the most professional companies I've dealt with! They kept me informed by email every step of the way - I will recommend you to everyone I know - Thanks" - Lloyd from East Sussex (Order No. M3026131) 01-07-2009
"Probably the best srvice I've ever received from a company." - Andrew from East Sussex (Order No. M3032421) 01-07-2009
"A great service. I wasn't sure if it would work and was pleasantly surprised at what my mobile was worth, freepost bag arrived the day after I placed the order and I had my cheque within 4 days." - Victoria from London (Order No. M3009160) 01-07-2009
"first class work" - Mostyn from Gwent (Order No. M3029619) 01-07-2009
"a superb service I cannot fault it.I wil recommend you to anyone. thanks a lot" - Mike from Staffs (Order No. M3020395) 01-07-2009
"This really is brilliant. I'm always keen to do things to help the environment and this kind of service is long overdue. Very straightforward to do and being paid for the phones is just a bonus. Excellent idea to send postbags." - Hannah from Kent (Order No. M3033593) 01-07-2009
"very quick service would recommend thank you." - Philip from Lancashire (Order No. M3029364) 01-07-2009
"Thanks for the outstanding speedy service regarding the sale of my old mobile :-)" - Mark from Derbyshire (Order No. M3035429) 01-07-2009
"excelent, quick always know what was going on will deinatly recomend and use this service again 10/10" - Lee from South Glos (Order No. M3033045) 01-07-2009
"thank you very much" - Anthony from Durham (Order No. M3038112) 01-07-2009
"What more can be said - Absolutley Fantastic. From finding mazuma to sending mobiles off to cash all within a week. Another phone to follow soon! Thanks" - Matt from Dorset (Order No. M3021247) 01-07-2009
"Couldn't ask for a more efficent service. Posted the phone Tuesday and received a cheque back on Thurdays - Thank You." - Julie from Cheshire (Order No. M2977690) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for your service, it is really friendly and i will definetley recommend mazuma mobile to friends and family!" - Alicia from Perthshire (Order No. M3038447) 01-07-2009
"Wow, that was quick thanks very much" - Simon from Avon (Order No. M3030928) 01-07-2009
"thank you for the deal and i;m grateful to deal with you again . thank you" - Sarkawt from West Yorkshier (Order No. M3024690) 01-07-2009
"Very impressed with the speed of service, placed the order on a Sunday and 4 days later receiving full payment. Cant get better than that." - Marc from Rhondda (Order No. M3032979) 01-07-2009
"I think you are a lovley compley You have been a good help." - Michael from Bristol (Order No. M3028881) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service. Very fast. safe and secure." - Carole from Wirral (Order No. M3023594) 01-07-2009
"i thought that the whole service was very easy and i was very pleased with the cheque that i recieved for the mobiles i sent." - Grace from Stockton-On-Tees (Order No. M2979465) 01-07-2009
"excellent service i know it was not much in value,but 10 out of ten many many thanks" - David from Cleveland (Order No. M3021711) 01-07-2009
"fantastic and easy to use initial site. Great speed in sending out box, then quick return of cheque. And love the emails that kept me involved and updated. Thanks and well done for a fantastic site, I have reccomended you to many friends and family." - Emma from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M2991931) 01-07-2009
"very simple,very fast,very friendly just like what they say!" - Lin from Surrey (Order No. M3020627) 01-07-2009
"i was Very happy with the service i got from you all thank you for your help. Mazuma is by far the best place to get rid of your old mobile phones ! keep up the good work i will use you again and tell everyone i know that you are the place to go to get the best price for your old mobile phones. thank you" - Jay from Essex (Order No. M3013934) 01-07-2009
"Posted my phones at 4pm Tuesday, got my cheque Thursday morning! - very pleased indeed!!" - Barry from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2980927) 01-07-2009
"thank u it has help us a lot i have a baby girl soon thank you xxx" - Michael from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3028101) 01-07-2009
"superb fast and hassle free....will deal with you again..thank you" - Ian from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3030936) 01-07-2009
"Hi there at Mazuma. Well if I were to tell anyone about the service you offer, there wouldn't be enough space to write it all down. Suffice it to say, blisteringly fast, exceedingly simple and informative all the way through the whole process. My rating *****, thats five stars and 1000% Well done to everyone there." - David from London (Order No. M3029657) 01-07-2009
"I can't believe it is as simple as the Tv advert says. I put my old phone in the bag and they sent me a cheque for £39. Am really impressed!! If you have an old phone, i would really recommend sending it off!!" - Andy from Leicestershire (Order No. M3033636) 01-07-2009
"Simple, quick and fantastic - 3 words says it all. Will definitely recommend. Thanks" - Olga from Kent (Order No. M3026867) 01-07-2009
"very fast and very easy to send thank you" - Beverley from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3019587) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, much quicker than the other companies out there, under a week to register, place order, receive envelopes, confirmation back of order being processed and cq being received by me!!!!!!! Paid for my car service!!!!" - Odette from Berks (Order No. M3032707) 01-07-2009
"Good transaction" - Wioletta from Hampshire (Order No. M3033159) 01-07-2009
"i have sold a few phones with mazuma now and it is always an easy, fast and efficient service. Thanks a lot mazuma team ; ) kind regards scott" - Scott from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3035684) 01-07-2009
"A truly great service! One of the quickest and easiest things i've done on-Line! Many Thanx..............and the money wasn't bad either!" - Amanda from Worcestershire (Order No. M3036320) 01-07-2009
"Payment sent very quickly within 2 days of posting my phone. Would recommend to friends. Only problem I had was using the my account section on the website probably due to my computer settings so I had to phone them to sell phone." - Kevin from Hampshire (Order No. M3003767) 01-07-2009
"Very pleased with everything Mazuma, 3 phones gone after gathering dust at home. My wife has 2 phones which I hope to send soon, just as soon she can download any private info from them, well done, be certain to let my friends know now." - Richard from Wrexham (Order No. M3007647) 01-07-2009
"I found your service very efficient and easy to use. I received my cheque with a couple of days. thanks very much" - Maryann from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3037642) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for such an easy and efficient service." - Nick from Warwickshire (Order No. M3009197) 01-07-2009
"Good website, easy to follow instructions. Very quick order processing. Helpful data removal tool. Great communications via e-mail. All in all excellent service. Thank you" - Carol from S.Devon (Order No. M3037132) 01-07-2009
"Great service. I will be telling people to shop around, as I have had a look at other sites such as Simply drop and they would have given me more money for the phone. I should have looked first." - Tim from Middlesex (Order No. M3038176) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, no problems at all. Keep up the good work! :)" - Jamie from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M3040378) 01-07-2009
"excellent service. i sold three phones for a well worth it price. sent the package on thursday, they sent the check on friday. quick and easy and no fuss! :)" - Cloe from Essex (Order No. M3035110) 01-07-2009
"What a fantastic service you provide. Very reliable and quick. Very happy customer. Would recommend mazuma to my friends and family who are wanting sell their old phones for cash. effective and efficient." - Nazia from Glasgow (Order No. M3038248) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant fast service. Envelope arrived next day after I placed my order. Vouchers posted a day later. The best on the Internet! A BIG thankyou." - Stephen from Kent (Order No. M3036174) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service very fast response, whole turnaround 4 days, Thank you, will use again." - Lisa from Merseyside (Order No. M3028672) 01-07-2009
"Excellant service very impressed!! Just awaiting cheque, thank you!" - Bradley from Herts (Order No. M3032919) 01-07-2009
"Very pleased with the service! Fast, Professional, Easy and a Excellent price for the phone!" - Tom from Lancashire (Order No. M3035041) 01-07-2009
"BRILLIANT THANK YOU VERY MUCH. WILL BE IN TOUCH WITH MORE PHONES SOON!!" - Lindsey from Clwyd (Order No. M3014947) 01-07-2009
"happy days!!! what a great service, completed within 48 hours, many thanks." - Howard from Lancashire (Order No. M3040922) 01-07-2009
"great communication ,fast service , easy instructions. would use again." - Natalie from Derbyshire (Order No. M3029929) 01-07-2009
"this was by far the easiest process I have dealt with so far. Completely hassle free. Looking forward to receiving my cheque in the post. Thankyou." - Elizabeth from Highland (Order No. M3032403) 01-07-2009
"Wonderfully quick service, cant believe how smooth it has all been. Look forward to using your service again, I will definately be recommending you to everyone i know. Thank you" - Christopher from Essex (Order No. M3038056) 01-07-2009
"i have sold 3 mobiles to you now and every transaction has been smooth and quick! i have no quarms about using you in the future and i have even told family how good this service is." - Lindy from Staffs (Order No. M3037083) 01-07-2009
"I found your service many times better than the other leading sites such as yours and especially better than envirophone it is a very simple site which clearly helps and tells you what to do and what happens next, and you also kept me in contact through my email about the progress of my order. I think it is a fantastic site and all my old phones in future i will go through this site again." - Neil from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3020343) 01-07-2009
"Service was brilliant and easy to use. Got the cheque a few days later. Told friends and family and there doing the same. I've just sold 2 more! Thanks very much." - Shane from Lincs (Order No. M3025605) 01-07-2009
"Service was brilliant and easy to use. Got the cheque a few days later. Told friends and family and there doing the same. I've just sold 2 more! Thanks very much." - Shane from Lincs (Order No. M3025605) 01-07-2009
"Abso fab service, so quick and efficient, would highly recommend +++++" - Sarah from East Sussex (Order No. M3033696) 01-07-2009
"FANTASTIC!!!" - Ingrid from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M3033881) 01-07-2009
"Thank You Mazuma,Excellent Service.A good price for my old phone with good communication and very fast payout.WELL RECOMMENDED.Thanks again." - Anthony from Lancashire (Order No. M3030957) 01-07-2009
"really easy to use website and easy to send" - Louise from Warwickshire (Order No. M2983387) 01-07-2009
"From start to finish mazuma make the process simple and fast, their comunication with this customer was excellent and the whole selling process was completed in four days, always use mazuma if you have that phone you need to sell." - Ian from Bristol (Order No. M3034520) 01-07-2009
"very professional service, many thanks." - Craig from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3030670) 01-07-2009
"This has been a very good experience. The internet pages were straight forward and the posting was a breeze as well. Thank you for an easy transaction" - Charlie from Bucks (Order No. M3029960) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely brilliant... Really fast phone posted one day, Email confirmation the next, check received the day after. Would be even better if you would accept the box, charger, manual and disks that came with the phone" - Andrew from Co Durham (Order No. M3030359) 01-07-2009
"Thankyou, that was one of the fastest transactions iv ever done. Thankyou again, m hufford" - Mark from Worcestershire (Order No. M3024005) 01-07-2009
"Thank You! Great Service!" - Linda from N/A (Order No. M334504) 01-07-2009
"What an impressive service!! I can think of dozens of companies that could learn a lot from your slick and professional processes. Good for you and thank you very much." - Andrew from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3031984) 01-07-2009
"Quick and easy!!! Took a week from logging onto mazumamobile to getting my vouchers. Thanks Mazumobile swapped my old mobile for a food slicer! Bargain!!!!. 10 out of 10." - Julie from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3029021) 01-07-2009
"Quick and easy transaction, thank you.x" - Sandra from Cleveland (Order No. M3038309) 01-07-2009
"Fast and reliable service. Very pleased no hassle at all and cheque arrived promptly. Many thanks." - Sarah from N/A (Order No. M30331259) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Second time I have used your service and I am totally delighted. Have recommended you to everyone I know. It is good to know some companies still deliver great customer service instead of just talking about it. Well done and congratulations on a first class organisation." - Carole from Ayrshire (Order No. M2993957) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service, Very quick and efficient, and excellent communication the whole way through. Cheque received 2 days after i sent my phones! Well done and thankyou Mazuma!!!" - John from Cambs (Order No. M3037095) 01-07-2009
"The service from Mazuma has been excellent, the website is easy to follow, the turnaround time is amazing, and I managed to sell some old phones that I thought weren't worth a penny." - Rachel from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3026546) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant!!! I was very sceptical at first. I think the whole process started on Sat 11th July, received the package on Wednesday, posted it on Thursday lunch time and by Saturday, my cheque was here!!! Amazing. Thanks very much. Just paid for my new iPhone." - Bernard from Fife (Order No. M3030996) 01-07-2009
"very impresed with the speed of your service, security, and the amount of money i got for my fone. i shall be recomending this site to friends and family and i shall also be paying other visits, many thanks" - Linda from West Midlands (Order No. M3027223;) 01-07-2009
"very very fast bang on time, thanks alot very impressive,will use ur service in the future will recommend u 2 others, now thats wot i call service 4 piece of mind!!!." - David from Westyorkshire (Order No. M3041236) 01-07-2009
"First class service from start to finish got £95 for my n95.. Brilliant!" - Bri from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3024915) 01-07-2009
"What can I say!! Absolutely fantastic service. This country needs more companies like Mazuma (companies that do what they say they'll do). Very impressed." - Alan from Surrey (Order No. M3033903) 01-07-2009
"really impressed with the service - couldnt have been easier - thanks" - Lesley from Kent (Order No. M3023074) 01-07-2009
"Very fast and efficient process, no problems at all. Recommended." - Andrew from Shropshire (Order No. M2977730) 01-07-2009
"Mazuma mobile were fantastic!!, very quick, easy and friendly to use! would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!" - Tracy from Hants (Order No. M3036711) 01-07-2009
"Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the speed of my order being processed, from sending my phones back to you guys to receiving my cheque. It took no longer than a week in total! Thanks" - Shane from London (Order No. M3030046) 01-07-2009
"It was quick and easy! Done within a week! I have suggested Mazuma to a friend who has a spare phone! Thank you for your quick service!" - Francesca from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3034684) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for an excellent and speedy service and keeping me updated all the time. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again, Farid Showghi" - Farid from Middlesex (Order No. M3028014) 01-07-2009
"Impressive to say the least, makes a refreshing change to deal with such an efficient company. Well done!" - Sally from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3024147) 01-07-2009
"excelent service and fast payment, highly recomended" - William from Warickshire (Order No. M2993596) 01-07-2009
"Very quick and efficient service, no hassle at all! I was just surprised that you did not want the chargers returned as well - it seemed a shame to throw them all in the bin." - Mary from Oxon (Order No. M3030189) 01-07-2009
"Fast, Friendly and an Excellant service!!! Highly recommended!!! A huge thank you!!" - Ian from Berkshire (Order No. M3009189) 01-07-2009
"Very easy to use,quick,efficient and had my money for my unused mobiles(some that didnt work) in less than 2 working days. Will definitely be using them again in the future. Thanks Mazuma. I will reccommend you to friends and famiy too." - Pauline from Staffordshire (Order No. M3040710) 01-07-2009
"I shopped around other recycle companies and Mazuma offered the best competitive price for my N82...£92. Envirofone only offered £80.02 and Boots offered £65 worth of Advantage points. I sent the phone away on Thursday and by Monday I had 2 emails saying that they had recieved my phone and that my cheque was in the post. I will use this service again and have recommended it to friends." - Linda from East Ayrhire (Order No. M3032945) 01-07-2009
"Fast, informative, efficient service guys(pending cheque clearing of course ;-)) with a touch of humour in there as well. Well done, I'll certainly use you again. Many thanks." - Mark from Fife (Order No. M3037762) 01-07-2009
"So fast couldnt believe it, 3 days from sending it off to getting the cheque. Thanks Mazuma :-)" - Steve from Berkshire (Order No. M3030771) 01-07-2009
"yea it was good and easy than i thought" - Jaspreet from Durham (Order No. M3001858) 01-07-2009
"Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you once again for the excellent service,both speedy and efficient in processing my order and sending payment. I have recommended you to both family and friends. Thanking You Martin Lavallin" - Martin from London (Order No. M3025524) 01-07-2009
"One has'nt received the cheque yet, but i am sure from the quickness of the replies that i will, and i can honestly say that if the cheque arrives in the fullness of time that it has been a thoroughly pleasant and speedy process without hiccup, i would definitely recommend Mazuma to enyone that would like to sell there phone in the future and i can definitely say, that i would / will us them again, thank you very much. yours sincerely Bob" - Bob from Cheshire (Order No. M3043692) 01-07-2009
"Thank you so much. It was quick easy and painless, and you kept to your agreed time scales, everything completed within a week, money in the bank. I will be recommending you to friends and family" - Fiona from Berkshire (Order No. M3016478) 01-07-2009
"Thank you so much. It was quick easy and painless, and you kept to your agreed time scales, everything completed within a week, money in the bank. I will be recommending you to friends and family" - Fiona from Berkshire (Order No. M3016478) 01-07-2009
"will certaintly sell my phone to mazuma again,really fast services, thanks" - Joyce from Cheshire (Order No. M3030214) 01-07-2009
"Great service, fast and reliable. Thank you" - Liz from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3038899) 01-07-2009
"Recomend Mazuma 100%, absolute stunning service, lighting quick on everything they do." - David from Essex (Order No. M3026237) 01-07-2009
"Have sent 2 phones now, great service and very quick. Have recommended you to loads of people. Thanks" - Stuart from Surrey (Order No. M3041071) 01-07-2009
"fantastic service. great, easy, fast. speedy delivery. thanks very much" - Sarah from Merseyside (Order No. M3041082) 01-07-2009
"The site was easy to use, payment was quick." - Sally from Beds (Order No. M3034307) 01-07-2009
"Superb! Couldn't believe how easy and efficient it was. What an easy way to make money." - Louise from Bucks (Order No. M3042735) 01-07-2009
"Superb service - very quick turnaraound - would recommend to anyone." - Paul from Down (Order No. M3021657) 01-07-2009
"great price,great service. cheque arrived the day after you received my phone. thanks mazuma." - Noel from West Midlands (Order No. M3002394) 01-07-2009
"Great service, fast and reliable and gave me the money promised - thank you!" - Abbe-Blue from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3026455) 01-07-2009
"Very fast efficent service. Would highly recommend!" - Damien from London (Order No. M3037813) 01-07-2009
"Easy to use, fast and reliable service. Very impressive." - James from Inverclyde (Order No. M3036455) 01-07-2009
"A very efficient service. 4 days from sending to cheques including the weekend. Brilliant!" - Andrew from Ofordshire (Order No. M3042145) 01-07-2009
"very fast. very secure and kept me well informed keep up the good work." - Rosanna from Shropshire (Order No. M3037084) 01-07-2009
"Great company to work with. Thanks alot" - James from Devon (Order No. M3042193) 01-07-2009
"That was painless!" - Andy from London (Order No. M3034862) 01-07-2009
"what an effecient service and I knew nothing about it before my son mentioned it. I thought he was winding me up when he said that you could get money for your old phones. Well done" - Carol from East Kilbride (Order No. M3007351) 01-07-2009
"The whole process was easy, and very fast. great way to get extra money from my unused mobiles. would be sure to recomend to others!" - Kiera from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3027521) 01-07-2009
"Amazing service. Quick and easy to use. Will definitely recommend and use again myself. many thanks Lynsey" - Lynsey from Fife (Order No. M3044065) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic - easy and very quick, informative - highly recommended" - Karen from Essex (Order No. M3044275) 01-07-2009
"It was pretty quick, And found the prices resonable to say my phones where just sat around at home." - Tina from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3039228) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service and speed. Lived up to every promise made on their website and tv ads. Thanks!" - Ian from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3041990) 01-07-2009
"Excellent, fast service!! Two phones I'll never use again for £48!! Brilliant! Really easy too!" - Vicki from West Sussex (Order No. M3031202) 01-07-2009
"Yet another faultless,speedy service,thank you!" - Anthony from Merseyside (Order No. M3029476) 01-07-2009
"excellent service very fast payment would highly reccommend" - Tracey from S Yorkshire (Order No. M3020768) 01-07-2009
"My old mobile was wedged in the back of a drawer when i thought i'd see if it was worth anything with mazuma. I got £8 which is hardly a life changing sum of money but it was £8 more than i would have had if i'd left it in the drawer! Thanks very much mazuma, it was so easy to arrange the sale and you even paid for me to post the phone to you which is great service! The sale was sorted out within 3 or 4 days and my cheque was on it's way! Great! I'll be coming back to you in the future when my current mobile has seen better days! Thanks again." - Dee from Worcestershire (Order No. M3046782) 01-07-2009
"thank you very much and i will be using this site more often now to recycle my old mobiles." - Eddie from Oxon (Order No. M3041372) 01-07-2009
"A fabulous service - extremely efficient. Would highly recommend." - Lorraine from Kent (Order No. M3028485) 01-07-2009
"i would advise anyone who is trying to sell there mobiles to use this company, they do give reasonable value for funs and it is all dealt with very quickly" - Sharon from Antrim (Order No. M3039503) 01-07-2009
"WOW!! What an exellent service, who'd have thought old handsets could still be valuable. Thank you for your speedy turnaround, will be advising your service to all!" - Ash from Devon (Order No. M3026501) 01-07-2009
"well done! Great service and constant communication throughout the process! A very hassle free service and I don't where you could get that from these days!" - Mel from Glos (Order No. M3046247) 01-07-2009
"Simple fast and friendly... you said it, I thank you very much, what a team! Ray" - Ray from Somerset (Order No. M3046914) 01-07-2009
"thoroughly pleased with the service, better than all the other websites claiming to provide the same service. Thank you very much." - Aubrey from West Midlands (Order No. M3042340) 01-07-2009
"Fab, fast service no problems thanks" - Emma from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3031555) 01-07-2009
"Thankyou very much - I cannot believe how quick a response I have had - I have seen your website advertised and I thought this would be very complicated but thankyou for making this so easy to do. Amanda Redsell" - Amanda from Wiltshire (Order No. M3045347) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for being so promt and keeping me informed during this process" - Anne from N/A (Order No. M30203049) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic! Very quick and easy service, thankyou." - Nick from Lincs (Order No. M3043585) 01-07-2009
"Great people, Great webiste and Idea. Cant wait for my next old phone" - Scott from London (Order No. M3044338) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Thanks." - Jose from East Sussex (Order No. M3031071) 01-07-2009
"What a quick and easy way to make some cash for our company and help the environment at the same time. The whole process was effortless. We are waiting for our company phones to be upgraded and I will definately be in contact. Thanks Mazuma. Daniel Croydon" - Daniel from Surrey (Order No. M3025114) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, fast and easy to use. Tried Envirophone first who were rubbish. Slow service and con artists. Deliberately broke the phone in order to pay less money for it. Mazuma exceeded my expectations in every way possible, i will definately be reccommending and using you in the future. Thankyou Mazuma!" - Tristan from Lancashire (Order No. M3040876) 01-07-2009
"i would like to say thank u for a very fast efficient service and i will certainly be recommending u to friends and family." - Karen from Essex (Order No. M3026620) 01-07-2009
"Would thoroughly recommend to all my friends. A very easy and quick process - excellent service. Posted phones and received cheque within a couple of days." - Karen from Herts (Order No. M3030510) 01-07-2009
"thank u very much 4 ya support much appriciated" - Jennifer from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3029260) 01-07-2009
"I sold my old mobile to Mazuma and the ease of the deal and speed that I got sent the cheque was great. Will definitely deal with Mazuma again in the future - No probs" - Chris from North East Lincolnshire (Order No. M3027320) 01-07-2009
"I was very pleased with mazuma mobile. Everything was simple, easy and very efficent! I was particularly impressed with free posting and this was a main reason as to why I sent my old mobiles to you and not other competitors. Received payment the next day after it was sent. Very pleased! Thankyou." - Harriet from Hampshire (Order No. M3036853) 01-07-2009
"You've made it a very easy process. I'll definitely be using you again. Many thanks!" - Ben from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3025964) 01-07-2009
"what a quick and fantastic service will use again cheque posted out in just a couple of days" - Julie from Derbyshire (Order No. M3006976) 01-07-2009
"great service; thankvery much! highly recommend" - Lauren from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3035754) 01-07-2009
"Very pleased with your service, easy to use, and you have kept me informed by emails throughout the whole process. Pleasure to deal with. Thank you and Regards" - Daniela from London (Order No. M3014986) 01-07-2009
"excellent service, only posted mobiles on saturday and got my cheque wednesday, many thanks" - Linda from Kent (Order No. M3046530) 01-07-2009
"thanks for your prompt return of cheques for both of my phones that i have sent you." - Paul from Kent (Order No. M3018232) 01-07-2009
"Slick operation from start to finish I was very impressed indeed. The site as well as the whole process was well structured and very customer friendly. Great simple idea enclosing a card to pass onto a friend too." - Green from Herts (Order No. M3040404) 01-07-2009
"Superb service, very impressed with the speed. Only improvement would be the payment option. If you could do an electronic payment instead of a cheque - then your service would be complete." - Danny from West Sussex (Order No. M3043674) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service excellent updates have been very impressed and will reccomend to friends!" - Sarah from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3043863) 01-07-2009
"Awesome Nice and easy transaction. Cant wait to send my next phone off!" - Yakub from West Midlands (Order No. M3030200) 01-07-2009
"A very easy service. Offered a good and fair amount of money for phone. Packaging to send it in was good. I recieved the whole amount first offered. i am now awaiting deviliery of my cheque. Overall very good, informative service. Will definalty use again and tell others." - Natalie from Essex (Order No. M3042666) 01-07-2009
"realy pleased with the service. was quick and easy to us will deffenantly use you again in the future." - Penny from Cambs (Order No. M3045888) 01-07-2009
"Thank you Mazuma Mobile! I had great service, very fast. I am helping the environment and I recieved a cheque for £45 which certainly comes in handly too!" - Chelsea from Cheshire (Order No. M3046698) 01-07-2009
"Thank you very much for your service, it was very easy, simple and very fast - I had my cheque two days after sending the handsets. Many thanks." - Zuzana from Lancashire (Order No. M3022305) 01-07-2009
"the website was simple and quick to work. Im really happy with the money i got back and wiil always use Mazuma mobile.thank you" - Leah from England (Order No. M3026373) 01-07-2009
"this is a fabulous service. i have used it 3 times now and have found found it so fast and efficient. as a family we had several old phones laying about unused and its great to think that they will come in useful to somebody again. i can not recommend mazuma highly enough. many thanks." - Joanna from West Sussex (Order No. M3024938) 01-07-2009
"cheque recieved . thanks for a rapid service" - David from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3043695) 01-07-2009
"service great and really user friendly and fast. thanks very much." - Sarah from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3045229) 01-07-2009
"Great service, was always kept up to date with my order. Many thanks." - Craig from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3046171) 01-07-2009
"very speedy service and very good and fair price well done" - Yossef from Herts (Order No. M3054256) 01-07-2009
"excellent service posted phone on monday, recieved cheque wednesday. thanks" - Susan from Co. Durham (Order No. M3045011) 01-07-2009
"WOW! Posted phone monday lunchtime, received cheque wed. Thanks." - Julie from Lincs (Order No. M3043796) 01-07-2009
"Such a great service and so simple and easy to use." - Megan from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3054318) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service I would recomend you to anyone." - Patrick from Derbyshire (Order No. M3050516) 01-07-2009
"I must admit to being a little reluctant, however the service from mazuma was fab, the bag to post the phones arrived the day after i arrnaged, and once mazuma had received the phones the cheque arrived within 48hours, communication was fab, and I am a very difficult person to please, would withoout doubt do this again, and would recommend." - Joanne from Wiltshire (Order No. M3019634) 01-07-2009
"Excellent! Would definately use again and recommend. Very fast and efficient service. Cheque received afew days after posting for the agreed amount. Thank you!" - Emma from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3037316) 01-07-2009
"Quick and simple to use. fantastic service." - Michele from Kent (Order No. M3039895) 01-07-2009
"very good communication and very fast payment!" - Diana from Thamsmead (Order No. M2993253) 01-07-2009
"thnkz you very qiuck service and very easy to follow and understand." - Lisa from England (Order No. M3052875) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service you offer. Super quick delivery of cheque. 10/10. Will def come back if i have any other phones. Thankyou. Very impressed would def recomend to friends" - Susanna from Suffolk (Order No. M3042880) 01-07-2009
"I found the website very easy to use, within afew days of posting my phone back you sent my cheque. Thanks." - Amanda from Merseyside (Order No. M3046984) 01-07-2009
"Mazuma is a wonderfully easy service to use and I got a great price for my mobile!" - Jay from Kent (Order No. M3049003) 01-07-2009
"Excellent speedy service. Will certainly be dealing with you again. Pat Wren" - Pat from Hampshire (Order No. M3041998) 01-07-2009
"Thank you very much Mazuma. To people who wish to sell with Mazuma i can tell you they are very fast with sending out the freepost bag and when delivering the check the whole process took only 5 days. They are the easiest phone recycling site around and are easy to contact so i truely reccomend using them i will now recycle with mazuma only. Once again thanks." - Devah from England (Order No. M3046240) 01-07-2009
"thank you for first class service the vouchers sent first class post will enjoy spending them if anyone has any lying around then do not hesitate to send them to mazuma long may you continue" - Susan from Tyne + Wear (Order No. M3037208) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely fantastic. Correspondence,ease and speed were out of this world" - John from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3030143) 01-07-2009
"i have used your services twice now and thoughly service and so easy to use..will recomend..Thanx" - Beryl from Cleveland (Order No. M3046269) 01-07-2009
"realy good company to deal whith" - Terry from Kent (Order No. M3051980) 01-07-2009
"Simple to follow instructions, Easy efficient service good communication would use them again" - Carolyn from West Midlands (Order No. M3046902) 01-07-2009
"fantastic service and 3 fones recycled many thanks" - Richard from Brighton (Order No. M3051071) 01-07-2009
"Once again other fast order and payment brillant service as usual if get other phone that need to sell will use mazuma each time thanks website that can trust" - Darren from Manchester (Order No. M3045965) 01-07-2009
"wonderful . the reply was so fast . just in time for hubby's birthday thanks again . cant wait to cash the cheque. it was so easy . web site easy to use and had no problems so far ..." - Gwen from Inverclyde (Order No. M3051207) 01-07-2009
"Very excited to receive my payment ! thanks again Mazuma" - Danny from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3046596) 01-07-2009
"quick and efficient service, thanks!!" - Rachel from Hampshire (Order No. M3018000) 01-07-2009
"Really good service. All done and dusted in just 5 days - cheque received." - Michele from East Sussex (Order No. M3049231) 01-07-2009
"Very fast efficient and professional service. Thank you." - Steve from North Ayrshire (Order No. M3050906) 01-07-2009
"What a swift and efficient service! Thank you." - Nicholas from West Midlands (Order No. M3050143) 01-07-2009
"thank you for your quick and easy service" - William from Essex (Order No. M3038281) 01-07-2009
"Fast, friendly and efficient. Thank you !" - Kevin from Waltham Forest (Order No. M3050964) 01-07-2009
"Mazuma is a great company for selling old phones. I got a cheque within 5 days of my order! They dont waste any time to wrap up the deal!!, Amar Shinhmar, n/a, MM3048710; Thank you for a very imformative and prompt service. first time used and very impressed." - Jacqueline from Surrey (Order No. M3049826) 01-07-2009
"very fast and efficient,would definately use again" - Leslee from Beds (Order No. M3034469) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant! Easy as anything and good price for phones!" - Graeme from Armagh (Order No. M3043472) 01-07-2009
"Great service. Would definately use again" - James from Strathclyde (Order No. M3042703) 01-07-2009
"I have used to other mobile phone company's in the past but neither have been as afficient and promt as you. I will be using your service again. Thank You." - Lisa from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3039756) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for buying my mobile, fast and friendly process, took less time than I thought it would, well pleased, thanks again, George." - George from Isle Of Wight (Order No. M3049993) 01-07-2009
"Thanks Mazuma Mobile for an extremely quick and easy service. I really like that you email at every stage of the order to keep your customers up to date. Once again thanks and i know i will recommend this service to my friends." - Hayley from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3055217) 01-07-2009
"thank you very much great to deal with you ." - Richard from Somerset (Order No. M3029217) 01-07-2009
"Incredibly quick! Envelope received two days after request, confirmation of receipt and payment the day after posting the phone!" - Dan from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3053130) 01-07-2009
"I have used you a few times now, and I am very happy with the service that you provide.Will use you agian. CHEERS." - John from Middlesex (Order No. M3053907) 01-07-2009
"Great service, I filled my application in online on a Sunday, the vouchers were with me the following Friday!" - James from Staffs (Order No. M3051164) 01-07-2009
"An excellent, efficient service. Would use again or recommend to a friend in the future." - Katie from North Yorks (Order No. M3051149) 01-07-2009
"the process is so easy. the emails for clearing the phones memoery is good as well. thanks" - Rebeccca from Lancashire (Order No. M3036267) 01-07-2009
"first class service - the sort you used to get before mobiles were invented !" - Gary from Essex (Order No. M3047986) 01-07-2009
"Fast, easy service!" - Kiran from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3045245) 01-07-2009
"A very quick & easy service to use - will definitely use again in the future." - Lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M3050058) 01-07-2009
"Quick, honest and very efficient transaction. Thank you so much. Everything was so easy i would definitely use your service again." - Simon from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3053389) 01-07-2009
"A pleasant, speedy transaction. Excellent fast service with no hiccups!! Thank you and I recommend you to everyone." - Cynthia from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M3043275) 01-07-2009
"great service guys really fast well happy :-)" - Jamie from East Sussex (Order No. M3039100) 01-07-2009
"I am amazed at the speed and efficient way that this transaction has been carried out many thanks Mr C J Stafford" - Clifford from Hampshire (Order No. M3045679) 01-07-2009
"Exellent Service, Fast, Reliable! I would recommend Mazuma Mobile to Everyone!" - Baljit from West Midlands (Order No. M3048310) 01-07-2009
"What a great way to dispose of your old phone and get some extra cash!! A truly efficient and professional service from start to finish. Well dome Mazuma" - Alan from Merseyside (Order No. M3054459) 01-07-2009
"Hi, i would just like to say i was very happy with the service you did for me ,and would recermend you to any one regards Mr Tapp." - David from England (Order No. M3029864) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely brilliant, had my cheque through so quick! I will be passing your details onto everyone I know... Thanks again!" - Sarah from Suffolk (Order No. M3049858) 01-07-2009
"great response and fast turn around thank you" - Dana from Gwent (Order No. M3044649) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, quick, easy and fast!! Thank you" - Rosalind from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3051581) 01-07-2009
"The service was quick and efficent thank u for my check." - Sarah from Suffolk (Order No. M3054663) 01-07-2009
"Hi I must say I'd heard stories that this sort of thing was just a 'scam' but thought I'd give it ago for myself , and what a service !! So straight forward and quick .... Many thanks for the superb experience and I'm sure I be in touch again ~ Thanks Izi Marriott" - Isobel from Gloucester (Order No. M3043813) 01-07-2009
"First class service.I receiveed the cheque straight away. Would recommend to my family and friend. I received the amount they stated i would get brilliant." - Nicholas from Bucks (Order No. M3051940) 01-07-2009
"brilliant!!! very quick simple easy and rewarding to get rid of some old 'draw fillers' will recommend easy enough even for a technophobe like me" - Kevin from Essex (Order No. M3029205) 01-07-2009
"Very quick and efficient. 5 star service." - Oz from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3056591) 01-07-2009
"I received my cheque this morning I am so pleased with your service and will tell all my facebook friends about mazuma" - Donna from Yorkshire (Order No. M3047026) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic company, great service, from start to finish 5 days. Great! Will def use you again and reccomend your comapny." - Michele from Herts (Order No. M3048425) 01-07-2009
"Amazingly fast and efficient! To be honest I was a little sceptical about the safe arrival of my old handset, but this morning, just 3 days after I sent it off, I received a cheque for £45. Marvellous!" - Carol from London (Order No. M3042264) 01-07-2009
"Very Quick and easy. Easy way to get rid of an old mobile phone without any hassle. Thanks Mazuma Mobile." - Robert from Essex (Order No. M3041280) 01-07-2009
"Truly excellent service - website is very simple to use, all instructions were very clear and the turnaround time was superb (I placed the order on a Sunday and the cheque was posted on Friday.) I don't usually bother to leave feedback but was compelled to for this service - and I will certainly recommend Mazuma to others!" - Steven from Co Antrim (Order No. M3050728) 01-07-2009
"I have to say,ill be recommending you to every one i know,ive been kept informed every step of the way,thank you for a crackin prompt service,well done.." - Gary from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3029724) 01-07-2009
"Thanks - that was a brilliantly fast and easy transaction" - Julia from Cambs (Order No. M3047583) 01-07-2009
"I found using this servce easy and i was recommended this service by vodafone my mobile provider. On some sights i could actually get nore money but you had to pay for the postage so in the long run i thought it would work out the same.The serv ice is extremley efficient and a very fast service." - Janina from Newcastle Upon Tyne (Order No. M3054308) 01-07-2009
"Very easy website, Excellent communication. Will definatley use again and will recommend to friend and family. Was suprised at how easy the whole transaction has been. thank you very much. x" - Holly from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3054499) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service-have already recommended you to several friends." - Dax from Essex (Order No. M3052918) 01-07-2009
"wow, thank you so much for an excellent service, I found it easy to use very fast and very efficient I would deffinately use you again and will recommend you to everyone who has phones to get rid of, thank you" - Lorraine from Lancs (Order No. M3051007) 01-07-2009
"sent my ' Nokia N95' on wednesday, received cheque on friday. highly recommended! no problems whatsoever" - Richard from Notts (Order No. M3057339) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. From sending my phone's and recieving the cheque it took just 5 days. I will certainly recommend you and use you again. Thank you." - Debbie from Herts (Order No. M3048566) 01-07-2009
"This was a very simple painless process which i would no doubt do again. thanks" - Scott from Northants (Order No. M3030074) 01-07-2009
"Staggering to believe how much money I had just lying around in my desk. Service from Mazuma simply outstanding." - Jason from Conrwall (Order No. M3053555) 01-07-2009
"second time used and second time amazed at quick and efficient service, willuse in future." - Gerard from Lancashire (Order No. M3054536) 01-07-2009
"Unlike most things today your service is EASY, EFFICIENT soaks up a minimum of my time and your handling of the order was BLAZINGLY FAST! Placed order on Weds, got detais on Thus and posted phones Thurs and confirmation that phones had arrived and then that cheque sent on Friday. You should be proud! (Hope I get the cheque on Sat!)" - Philip from West Yorks (Order No. M3058782) 01-07-2009
"many thanks mazuma team,super fast and friendly have already rccomended to friends,cheers will do the bizz again." - Ian from Devon (Order No. M3050237) 01-07-2009
"Excellent fast service nice 1!!" - Craig from North Somerset (Order No. M3035743) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service! Very very fast payment and Mazuma pays more than the environmentally friendly people too. Thanks." - Robert from East Yorks (Order No. M3048872) 01-07-2009
"I'd just like to say thank you very much and i will be posting more mobile fones soon." - Jamie from Lankarshire (Order No. M3059228) 01-07-2009
"very fast and efficient service and better quotes than envirophone !" - Lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M3048264) 01-07-2009
"you offer a very good service i will tell anyone with an old phone 2 get rid of 2 contact you" - Ivy from Essex (Order No. M3051193) 01-07-2009
"It all looked too easy to be true,but it really is! Dead easy to do and free! Thanks alot,will definitely use Mazuma again Andy Clarkson" - Andy from Warwickshire (Order No. M3024896) 01-07-2009
"Just waiting for my cheque to arrive, just posted my phone to you yesterday and i think the service you provide is excellent, thanks again" - Garry from South Ayrshire (Order No. M3058395) 01-07-2009
"many thanks for your fast and efficient service" - Margaret from Dorset (Order No. M3052225) 01-07-2009
"I was very pleased with the way Mazuma dealt with me selling my phone. Thank you" - Michelle from Essex (Order No. M3048151) 01-07-2009
"I am extremely pleased with the service from Mazuma moble. I have not yet recieved my cheque, it has been posted today. However so far the service has been second to none. The website was easy to navigate around and the instructions were posted to me very quickly. The instructions posted were so easy to follow it was a pleasure to do business. Ten out of ten so far! Let's just hope I recieve my cheque! : ) (I'm in no doubt I will!) Keep up the good work Mazuma, I'm sure you are making lots of people smile! Well done and thank you very much!" - Zoe from Durham (Order No. M3054744) 01-07-2009
"What a fantastic service! I placed the order on the 19th and received my cheque on the 24th. I would recommend everyone to unearth their old mobiles and get them to Mazuma for a speedy and efficient payout. Well done Mazuma!" - Graham from Devon (Order No. M3052976) 01-07-2009
"faultless service, very quick turnaround, would definitely use again, recommended!!" - Natasha from West Sussex (Order No. M3042095) 01-07-2009
"Thank you Mazuma, received cheque today. it all happened so fast, unbelievable. Will recommend you to everyone I know." - Elspeth from Devon (Order No. M3051236) 01-07-2009
"Magic Mazuma !!! I did the order online on the Sunday had the delivery Bag on the Wednesday and My Argos Vouchers arrived on the Friday. Exceptional Service...Knocks the rest off the scale...Well Done Mazuma.....x" - Gill from Kent (Order No. M3052195) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service. Very well organised and efficient with nice, simple steps and no underlying dishonesty. Great stuff." - Carol from Shropshire (Order No. M3046282) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant and so easy and straight forward to use. Fast service. Fantastic customer service. I would highly recommend Mazuma to everyone." - Camille from London (Order No. M3051967) 01-07-2009
"Superb, prompt service. Fantastically quick. I will receommend Mazuma to everyone." - Ian from Merseyside (Order No. M3057299) 01-07-2009
"I am very impressed with your fast and efficient service. A company to be trusted. I would recommend you to all my family and friends. Thankyou for my cheque for £95 so gratefully received." - Deborah from East Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3049035) 01-07-2009
"very pleased with prompt smooth transaction." - Patrick from N/A (Order No. M30448853) 01-07-2009
"brilliant service all completed in 72 hours with cheque in hand many thanks" - Christine from Lancashire (Order No. M3061402) 01-07-2009
"Dear MAZUMA, i would just like to thank you so much for the excellent, fantastic service which was provided for me to swap my mobile phones. The phones were delayed in the post, and I was worried about the process, but after e-mailing they reassured me that it would take up to 15 days, and 2 days later I got a note to say it was recieved, and within the next day I got my cheque. I am very impressed with the amazing customer service, great service provided, and very quick process. It is certainly the best in the business. I will definitley be using Mazuma in the future! Thanks." - Vincent from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3032896) 01-07-2009
"What a brilliant service! I was nothing short of amazed at how quick and efficient the whole process was from start to finish. I'll most certainly be recommending Mazuma to friends and family. Excellent!!!" - Anne from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3039948) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for a very good service that I have recieved, well recommended." - Charles from Fife (Order No. M3027090) 01-07-2009
"What a fantastic service!! Fast and simple. I will use again :)" - Robbie from Scotland (Order No. M3060618) 01-07-2009
"Super service. Cheque received 25 jul! Thanks" - Penelope from Kent (Order No. M3053507) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic! easy to use service fast payment would recommend, Thankyou!" - Kate from Notts (Order No. M3015113) 01-07-2009
"I found the whole experience efficient and hassle free.. I will definetely use you again and have recommended you to all my friends.. Thankyou" - Samantha from Lancashire (Order No. M3051560) 01-07-2009
"fantastic fast service explained really well on website how to describe state of phone etc. Have already recommended your company to work colleagues. Very pleased" - Charlotte from Flintshire (Order No. M3027343) 01-07-2009
"I found mazuma fantastic and professional while selling my phone,they were very quick and checking the phone and sending the cheque as promised by them..I will definitely recommend them to everyone looking to sell their old phone.. u r the best MAZUMA,real star!!!" - Rongsennokla from West Sussex (Order No. M3025313) 01-07-2009
"speechless!,told mates to use you,you sure your a british company?,only yanks are normally this good,expected,ooh theres a scratch you hadnt mentioned,or the classic it will take 21 working days to be processed by our payment department,blah blah blag blag,3 day turn around!,nobody belives me till show them. please dont turn into a giant nobhead corporation!!!!" - Steve from Flintshire (Order No. M3059957) 01-07-2009
"fantastic!!!!!!!!! it all took 4 days, i sent the phone , MAZUMA sent me a cheque. fantastic!!!!!! thank you" - Farry from Manchester (Order No. M3057448) 01-07-2009
"gtreat service, great communication and speedy delivery!! many thanks!!!!" - Francoise from Middlesex (Order No. M3045348) 01-07-2009
"thanks for easy to use process? kids play. would recommend." - Sam from Ayrshire (Order No. M3028557) 01-07-2009
"hey thanx alot for trading in my old mobiles for cash the money will come in useful. al definately be using this site again if i have any more phones that i dont want." - Daniel from Lancashire (Order No. M3046389) 01-07-2009
"excellent service - i am sending you more phones for cash" - John from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3060551) 01-07-2009
"Great service. Stuck to the price you said which was great. good communication, kept customer in the loop. Best price around for my phone so top notch service. Will be highly recommending. Only area I'd suggest improvement of would be ease of navigating or initial percieved ease of your service from the homepage. envirophones homepage seems a litle clearer and simpler. But still good nonetheless :-D" - David from Lancashire (Order No. M3060113) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service. Immediate response to my sell request. Sent the envelope on a Thursday, a cheque was received on Saturday morning.... just brilliant!!" - Lisa from Wiltshire (Order No. M3029958) 01-07-2009
"what a fab site so pleased mobiles were just sittin there now ive got cash to put to other thngs so easy to do" - Elisa from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3055136) 01-07-2009
"super service from start to finish, looking forward to receiving cheque. Would highly recommend your company and hope to deal with you in future. Thanks" - Michael from Merseyside (Order No. M3062873) 01-07-2009
"Thanks, what a brilliant service, quick and easy, was amazed with the amount on the check!!!! 5 stars!!!!!" - Andrew from Co. Durham (Order No. M2998724) 01-07-2009
"Never worked with such a fast service!! 1st class. i have told all family-friends-work mates about this site.. thanks again i will send all my mobiles here from now on..." - Mark from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3064499) 01-07-2009
"Great fast service. Would reccomend to others." - Paul from West Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3048846) 01-07-2009
"very good service and i proper needed the money. sweet." - Ross from Hampshire (Order No. M3060891) 01-07-2009
"Greate service, quick response and greate deal paid by cheque. Thank you. Michal Korczak" - Michal from Lancshire (Order No. M2989189) 01-07-2009
"yes thankyou for your swift and easy shop all the best notty" - Neil from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3064453) 01-07-2009
"Thank-you for your swift payment, Iposted my phones on saturday and on monday, I had confirmation that my cheque was on its way. excellent work." - Julie from Cleveland (Order No. M3065271) 01-07-2009
"Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service. Would definately recommend to others and use again!" - Hannah from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3061652) 01-07-2009
"I think this is a really easy service 2 use n i am guna deffo recommend 2 ppl.. x" - Vicki from Durham (Order No. M3052300) 01-07-2009
"Very quick & easy process." - Debbie from Devon (Order No. M3020240) 01-07-2009
"Ridiculously easy and super fast service. Very impressed and will use again." - Thomas from Ealing (Order No. M3060347) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, very easy to use. Your website is a great example of a simple and clean user interface." - Andrew from London (Order No. M3054065) 01-07-2009
"Very good service, I like the fact that I didn't actually have to do so much and you made it so hassle free. I would definitely recommend this service to friends and family. Again, the ease of use of this service is what has sold it to me. Rarely is anything so enjoyable to sell. Thank you very much, you have a great service and I hope you continue." - Benjamin from London (Order No. M3057680) 01-07-2009
"Very quick, very easy and very efficent!! Thank you very much." - Ray from Gwent (Order No. M3057587) 01-07-2009
"The cheque arrived this morning! Waht a great and efficient service. I hope you are able to recondition those phones and make lots of money!" - Richard from Wiltshire (Order No. M3057430) 01-07-2009
"Unbelievably fast, efficient service. So easy to use and will definately be recommending you to friends and family. Thanks" - Christine from Cornwall (Order No. M3062316) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, 1st class communications, smooth hassle free transaction. Would thoroughly recommend your company to anyone, pleasure to do business with, cannot fault you in anyway, A*. Many thanks. Kind regards M Peyton" - Michael from Staffs (Order No. M3063943) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for your prompt and sufficient payment. will promote you all i can." - Mid from Bucks (Order No. M3063683) 01-07-2009
"very fast i put my phone on wednesday and got the cheque on saturday very very good" - Cailean from East Dumbartonshire (Order No. M3041759) 01-07-2009
"Great efficient service. Will definitely use again" - Didi from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3067094) 01-07-2009
"once again a very swift operation.mazuma are great to deal with and would recommend to anyone.thank you very much" - Andrew from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3064003) 01-07-2009
"A fantastic service, very easy to use and best off all saves me throwing the phone away like I have so many others. Gutted!" - Graham from Surrey (Order No. M3058595) 01-07-2009
"hello mazuma,thank you for sending the cheque off today. regards derek lewis." - Derek from Hants (Order No. M3061718) 01-07-2009
"Amazing, true to form, post it, recieve email,recieve your money as quick as that..Thank you" - Jackie from Essex (Order No. M3057624) 01-07-2009
"Prompt and exceptionally efficient service. Thank you." - Sarah from Surrey (Order No. M3046406) 01-07-2009
"i would like to say things went smoothly would deffo use them again" - Susan from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M3064580) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, Thank you, Mick Needs." - Michael from Essex (Order No. M3065371) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service, very fast, easy and efficient. Will definitely recommend to friends and family." - Michelle from Cleveland (Order No. M3065976) 01-07-2009
"An excellent service, can't fault it. Will certainly use Mazuma in future." - Margaret from Cheshire (Order No. M3060886) 01-07-2009
"i found this a really easy, good service to use and. i'm delightrd with the value offered." - David from N/A (Order No. M306121) 01-07-2009
"excellent service, fast effecient, what more can i say, brilliant" - Iain from Nottingham (Order No. M3064351) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic and very very quick service, kept informed via email throughout the whole process. Great" - Jayne from Cheshire (Order No. M3064875) 01-07-2009
"thanks soooo much this has really helped and i have to say your prices were the best that i had seen and also if u have posted it now does that mean it will come tomorrow" - Morgan from Highlands (Order No. M3066105) 01-07-2009
"Website - excellent. Instructions - very clear. Service - fast. Prices - competitive. WELL DONE - I'll be using you again." - Hazel from Yorkshire (Order No. M3058902) 01-07-2009
"i was very pleased with the way mazuma handled my order. My handset took a fortnight to get to you but you honoured the price even after the expiry date. you kept me informed every step of the way and answered all my queries immediately. Thank you Mazuma. Will definately use your company again." - Louise from Northants (Order No. M3033492) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for the excellent service re - selling mobile phones. I have been very satisfied with the whole procedure." - Joan from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3059666) 01-07-2009
"Easy to use & prompt response. Does what is says on the tin !! Thankyou." - David from N/A (Order No. M307145) 01-07-2009
"Got the cheque today. Thanks really good service I will use you again for sure!" - Peter from Sheffield (Order No. M3049798) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely fab service - very very impressed. So clear and so quick. Much quicker than others. Will recommend!! Thank you.... and I'll use you again!" - Adrienne from Surrey (Order No. M3061413) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic Service Thank You A*" - Greg from Hampshire (Order No. M3060615) 01-07-2009
"I found the service and speed very good, i was great to get money for my old phones that i had just sitting in a drawer, and even though one was (in my option) a bit old i still got cash for it, Thanks Mazuma" - Tony from Northern Ireland (Order No. M3050169) 01-07-2009
"excellent service, much faster than I imagined it could be." - Suzanne from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3055184) 01-07-2009
"Amazingly slick service. Posted the mobiles Saturday 25th and by Tuesday 28th I had received the cheque. Brilliant!!" - Paulene from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3061381) 01-07-2009
"Such an easy process with speedy dispatch of vouchers / cash. Thank you" - Sue from Durham (Order No. M3064246) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service! Good price offered, very simple process and the cheque arrived very quickly. I'd recommend this to anyone!" - Andrew from Worcestershire (Order No. M3065733) 01-07-2009
"really pleased with fast service I have recieved from you. will definatly recommend you to my friends. thankyou." - Janet from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3050129) 01-07-2009
"Recently posted out 2 old phones for a nice sum of cash :) . after a few days and no reply i thought i would have a lot of hassle and maybe have to go through with making a claim to the po. But rest assured mazuma emailed me the very next day with 2 emails telling me that my order had been processed and finally that my payment had been sent out :) . Thanks mazuma xD !" - Jon from West Midlands (Order No. M3047401) 01-07-2009
"That was so easy! Thanks for a fast and excellant servvice. Will be searching the house for some more mobiles!" - Paul from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3062125) 01-07-2009
"Great service so easy outstanding company" - Simon from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3065458) 01-07-2009
"It was a pleasure to sell to you . Fast simple no fuss and you stuck to what was agreed to the letter I'm very impressed and will recommend to all my friends Thankyou" - Debbie from Kent (Order No. M3060717) 01-07-2009
"First class from start to finish. Cannot fault your process at any stage. Will definately be back. Such a refreshing change to get such superb service these days. Juls B" - Julie from Lancashire (Order No. M3066774) 01-07-2009
"Wow! Thank you. I can't believe how easy it was. Posted my mobiles Saturday morning- got my cheque Tuesday!! Off to bank to deposit it now! I would (and already have) recommend you to all!! Your firmly booked marked on my PC!!" - Jo from Lancashire (Order No. M3054244) 01-07-2009
"That's what i call a service. I would recommend it to anybody to use Mazuma. I will definately be using Mazuma again. Thank you." - Hamzah from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3047207) 01-07-2009
"Very quick service thank you." - Leonard from Herts (Order No. M3058617) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service will definately use you for my current phone when upgraded" - Brian from Cheshire (Order No. M3060507) 01-07-2009
"Amazingly easy and fast service!. Will use again and will recommend!" - Geoff from Essex (Order No. M3066471) 01-07-2009
"This is a very fast and efficient service and i will be recommending it to friends in the future. Thank you very much you have been most helpfull. Happy customer Sylvia x" - Sylvia from Scotland (Order No. M3067047) 01-07-2009
"i think this is a fantastic site. A quick and easy way to sell your old mobile. i would certainly recommend you to anyone who has an old mobile phone to sell." - Gareth from Rhondda Cynon Taff (Order No. M3067282) 01-07-2009
"Great service! Completely hassle free and an easy way to make a bit of money out of somethign I would probably otherwise have thrown away. Cheers!" - Richard from West Mids (Order No. M3060591) 01-07-2009
"I posted the phone on monday and got paid on wednesday. Faster and safer than selling on ebay !!!" - Christopher from Durham (Order No. M3066117) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service cannot believe how quick i received my cheque will definately use Mazuma again thanks very much" - Gareth from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M3065450) 01-07-2009
"many thanks for your super quick sevice.I recieved your check as promised today 29/7/09.All nice and easy thank you" - David from Cheshire (Order No. M3061118) 01-07-2009
"very pleasant experience fast response and easy to do many thanks" - Trevor from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3050722) 01-07-2009
"I was really impressed by how fast my order was processed I will definatley be using you again and recommending you to my friends." - Pauline from Lanarshire (Order No. M3064872) 01-07-2009
"very efficient! easy to use i would recommend you to a friend" - Hamish from West Yokshire (Order No. M3037867) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely superb service!!! Fast, efficient and the best prices on the web - already recommended you guys to several friends" - Sayeem from Bounds Green (Order No. M3062480) 01-07-2009
"fantastic company, great service, cheque was sent out within 48 hrs of posting the phones, would recommend" - Michelle from England (Order No. M3064075) 01-07-2009
"Great Fast Services, would recommend to my friends." - Clare from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3064776) 01-07-2009
"Thank you for making the whole process so quick and simple. I will always choose this website over others. Fair prices and a very quick and easy service. Communication is very good too." - Caroline from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3063263) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service very quick response a real pleasure to do business with." - Andy from Hants (Order No. M3065794) 01-07-2009
"Very quick and fast service. Would definatly use again!" - Kirsty from Staffordshire (Order No. M3066104) 01-07-2009
"Cheque arrived. Your service is up there with the best on the 'Net'. Thanks." - Tom from Lothian (Order No. M3064265) 01-07-2009
"Great received cheque with thanks" - Katriona from Somerset (Order No. M3060312) 01-07-2009
"Excellent fast service" - Julia from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3061036) 01-07-2009
"Absolute fantastic concept matched by a fast efficient service. Well done." - Alex from Cornwall (Order No. M3050565) 01-07-2009
"I would just like to say how impressed i am with Mazuma! I've always been a bit sceptical about these mobile phone recycling sites, but found Mazuma to be friendly, efficient and very fast! I was amazed at what i thought was a relativley old mobile, could be worth what i got for it! I posted my phone on Monday, got a confirmation email on Tuesday and got my cheque Wednesday! Perfect! I would definately use Mazuma again!" - Rob from East Sussex (Order No. M3062917) 01-07-2009
"Another excellent quick and easy transaction. Have used twice now. The price given beats all compitition." - Derek from Teesside (Order No. M3062833) 01-07-2009
"excellent service . Super fast payment. Thanks. Will def use again... steve parker" - Stephen from Northumberland (Order No. M3064612) 01-07-2009
"cannot believe you have completed the order in that short space of time. You should run the country" - John from Gwynedd (Order No. M3064490) 01-07-2009
"a vary fast easy to use service highly recomend you to friends" - David from Norfolk (Order No. M3069071) 01-07-2009
"Thanks for the cheque in exchange for my washed-up old mobile. The cheque arrived LESS than 36 hours after sending my phone to you. I've already recommended your service to my parents and several friends. It was a pleasure to do business with you, Thanks again A R Youlton" - Andrew from Cleveland (Order No. M3067272) 01-07-2009
"i think your absolutely fab iv used u a few times before and iv recommended you to all my friends and work friends too." - Vicky from England (Order No. M3083938) 01-07-2009
"Excellent customer service - the website is easy to navigate round, the service was so fast. The best customer service ive experinced in a long time - well defo recommend!" - Arlene from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3055309) 01-07-2009
"Absolutely brilliant. Easy as pie instructions to follow. Fast and efficient service. Excellent!" - Lorraine from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3059423) 01-07-2009
"Thank you very much You where very fast and I am very happy with everything Thank you so much" - Stacey from England (Order No. M3058741) 01-07-2009
"Very good service everthing arrived quickly, inital envelope through to the payment, will happily recommend" - Joanna from Manchester (Order No. M3039678) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service with prompt payment. Many thanks" - Paul from Leics (Order No. M3065603) 01-07-2009
"I am amazed at the speed of this transaction! I'm very, very pleased with the service provided by Mazuma. Many thanks!" - Mark from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3069599) 01-07-2009
"Brilliant service very informative and its great that you send email updates on the process of an order i will definately use your company again" - Melanie from Surrey (Order No. M3066233) 01-07-2009
"what a great way of doing business, very professional and very easy. thank you" - Peter from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3066296) 01-07-2009
"Really impressed with the service. Only concern I had was returning the phone in a package that had Mazuma displayed all over it, which naturally advertises the content of the package and increases the risk of theft." - Harry from Ayrshire (Order No. M3040609) 01-07-2009
"This company is amazing. I find it hard to remember a time when I a transaction has been dealt with so quickly and effeciently. From my first contact with Mazuma to actually receiving the cheque it took 5 days. Thanks Mazuma for restoring my faith online businesses." - Richard from Berkshire (Order No. M3064111) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service. Order to post to cheque took 3days. Very easy to use, and the staff are very helpfull. Price offered was better than the company T-Mobile were offering. Will use you again in the future." - Chris from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3054168) 01-07-2009
"a+++++++++++++++ i received it the next day THANKS !!!!!!...." - Ellis from N/A (Order No. M1) 01-07-2009
"Cheque received today, many thanks!!!!! What a great fast service..... will use your service again in the future, and will recommend you to family and friends!!" - Neil from Staffordshire (Order No. M3060023) 01-07-2009
"We recycled 6 phones. Very speedy service, the whole process took about 10 days (including posting). Simple & efficient service." - Tony from Hampshire (Order No. M3025517) 01-07-2009
"A very quick and reliable service. Would recommend Mazuma to all my friends" - John from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3064524) 01-07-2009
"Found your process very efficient. Did exactly as was said. No problems with it. Will definetely be using this service again." - Gareth from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3052074) 01-07-2009
"Think this service is fantastic really quick, good communication etc overall good experience" - Michelle from Stirling (Order No. M3063595) 01-07-2009
"a real pleasure to deal with from start to finish, gillian straughan, n/a, Mm3064828 very easy, quick and efficient service thanks mazuma" - Heather from London (Order No. M3012986) 01-07-2009
"Well done , fast reliable and painless !! If only everything in life was as simple as Mazuma!" - Steve from London (Order No. M3051629) 01-07-2009
"excellent service thanx will sort out some old phones my girlfriend has." - Robert from West Sussex (Order No. M3064640) 01-07-2009
"excellent service. first time being used and its great will be used again :D" - Fraser from Kent (Order No. M3069713) 01-07-2009
"very very fast would use again" - Danny from West Sussex (Order No. M3044087) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service!! From start to finish. I emailed you and received the freepost envelope within 2 days. I sent off the phones on Monday and have received my payment today (Thursday) Thanks again!" - Barry from Midlothian (Order No. M3049345) 01-07-2009
"very quick and easy service.will use again" - Tina from Hampshire (Order No. M3067926) 01-07-2009
"Hi posted off phones on wednesday on thursday i got an e-mail saying my cheque was in this post, great service, i will certainly be using you again, very soon in fact. thanks for everything" - Sandra from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3045978) 01-07-2009
"Thanks for your prompt service! Will certainly use your company in the future." - Pam from Leicestershire (Order No. M3066415) 01-07-2009
"Very prompt, quick service and payment. Very happy, thanks." - Steve from Staffordshire (Order No. M3021347) 01-07-2009
"Wow how quick was that process. I only posted the phone yesterday afternoon. I've had 2 email confirming my order has arrived then another to confirm payment processed and sent. Wonderful, super schnell." - David from Co Durham (Order No. M3061080) 01-07-2009
"Fantasitc, received envelope within a couple of days and communication has been great." - Sarah from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3070809) 01-07-2009
"Thankyou for your excellent service and honouring the delivery taking much longer than it should, first class company." - Anna from Somerset (Order No. M3028811) 01-07-2009
"I was impressed with the speed of service and efficiency. I wil sell other mobiles, if i get them, and will certainly recommend Mazuma to others i know. Well one" - Philip from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3069749) 01-07-2009
"Supercalafragalistic. Expeallidocious. In other word, brilliant fast service. Will definately use it again. John" - John from Down (Order No. M3069050) 01-07-2009
"Wow what wonderful service. I posted the phone Monday evening and received my check for £110.00 on Thursday morning. Thank you very much and I will recommend you to all my friends." - Christine from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M3062139) 01-07-2009
"very positive transaction, the only reason you got the phone was because of a bad payer/buyer on eBay. so I refused to sell it to her. you were very good. the irony of it I had all leads, manuals and original box" - Kevin from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3074956) 01-07-2009
"Thanks recieved the cheque Many thanks great and quick service, im sure we will do business again soon." - Paul from Hertforshire (Order No. M3039639) 01-07-2009
"quick easy and great way earn that wee bit extra cash put towards a new phone or something else. thank you." - Lindsay from West Lothian (Order No. M3065831) 01-07-2009
"I know the price for the Phone i sent away was only £1, but the Phone was just lounging about in the House, so i thought, why not !" - Reece from Cleveland (Order No. M3061038) 01-07-2009
"excellent service I will definitely recommend and use your company in the future." - Rosie from Linc (Order No. M3048388) 01-07-2009
"Extremely fast and efficient service. I sent the first email on Wednesday and the cheque was with me three days later on the Saturday - thanks a lot - will be using you again in the future!" - Elizabeth from Essex (Order No. M3057104) 01-07-2009
"it was wkd iv telt buzzcocks and trecka t use it its wkd" - Mr from N/A (Order No. M458996) 01-07-2009
"I had heard that it was fast and easy but I wasn't sure until I tried it myself. Very easy, very fast and a great way to exchange your old phone for cash! Easier than ebay!" - John from West Midlands (Order No. M3074603) 01-07-2009
"awesome" - Dave from Berkshire (Order No. M3050580) 01-07-2009
"Mazuma have a high level of efficiency that is superior to most organisations these days. I'm impressed." - Derick from Uk (Order No. M3066241) 01-07-2009
"just wanted t say thanx i was worried about using this service and wa pleasnatly surprised by how quick andefficient it all was well done" - Kelly from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3040465) 01-07-2009
"it was a pleasure to do business with you. So simple. We have told our family to do the same with their old phones." - David from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3058347) 01-07-2009
"Fantastic service, sent phone Wednesday and got the cheque on Friday. Mazuma your the best." - Richard from Cheshire (Order No. M3050502) 01-07-2009
"i think mazuma mobile is amazing !!!! it is soooooooo easy to use thank you mazuma" - Tegan from Devon (Order No. M3071000) 01-07-2009
"Very quick processing, received the cheque for my old mobile within 48 hours! Great service, thanks!!" - Karen from Dorset (Order No. M3067476) 01-07-2009
"Excellent!!!! Very quick and efficient in terms of processing an order, was very surprised!!!" - Anisha from London (Order No. M3068649) 01-07-2009
"Very please with such a quite transaction. 4 days rfom postage to payment being received. Thank you" - Louise from Leicestershire (Order No. M3060534) 01-07-2009
"I am just letting you know what a simple process it was to send my old phone, and i am letting you know that my cheque arrived today 31 july 09. Thank you PS i will tell all my friends and family how good you are.." - Neil from Middlesex (Order No. M3066094) 01-07-2009
"brilliant service Thanks if you need any first class health and safety advice try thanks" - Tony from Nottingham (Order No. M3064749) 01-07-2009
"i have used other sites to sell phones and had to wait weeks for order and cheque to be sorted out i am very impressed with your servies and will be using you again and you give good rates for mobile thanks again" - Simon from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3068304) 01-07-2009
"I just can't get over how easy this was! Not only have I made hard cash from my unwanted old phones, but Mazuma even send you the bag to post them in! Completely hassle-free! Love it!" - Mark from Hants (Order No. M2994611) 01-07-2009
"very good very fast" - Michael from England (Order No. M3066945) 01-07-2009
"thanks for the quick turn round would use you again thanks dave" - David from Fife (Order No. M3071843) 01-07-2009
"very fast transaction, it took less than a week from entering my details to receiving my cheque" - Kevin from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3066425) 01-07-2009
"Great service, quick response, would definatly recommend to a friend or use this service again! :)" - Lou from Hampshire (Order No. M3060079) 01-07-2009
"Excellent service!" - Ben from Essex (Order No. M3073476) 01-07-2009
"Very efficient service! Many thanks!" - Peter from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3067555) 01-07-2009
"fast, clear and exellent communication , happy that my cheque should be with me soon thank you , youve helped me out bigtime" - Joanna from Cheshire (Order No. M3080732) 01-07-2009
"Simple, speedy, efficiant and very easy to do. An excellent service that I shall recommend to everyone I know. Thank you." - Gareth from London (Order No. M3060732) 01-07-2009
"a very fast easy process wish everyone else was like this!" - Krysia from Bordon Hants (Order No. M3071218) 01-07-2009
"wow...amazing service. thanks very much..will recommend to all my friends and family!" - Jane from Watford (Order No. M3067485) 01-07-2009
"very fast service. i cant beleive how easy it was to do. i cant even work computers properly and i found it very easy. thank you mazuma, cash for my broken old n95. brilliant fast, friendly service. highly recommended." - Jack from Hants (Order No. M3055329) 01-07-2009
"pleased that they can be put to good use, they were just unused rubbish in a box, which were due to go to the local tip, and be put in their recycle bin" - Tina from Kent (Order No. M3075148) 01-07-2009
"I found this a really great service, really easy website and the instructions were really clear of what i needed to do next. I normally put my old phones in a drawer so chuffed with turning it into cash .. great !!!!" - Nichola from Bristol (Order No. M3073185) 01-07-2009
"What a brilliant way to recycle mobiles, easy to use website for a newcomer to the internet, and a very fast,reliable and efficiant service. Congratulations Mazuma team, i shall be recommending you to everyone xx" - Catherine from West Sussex (Order No. M3071810) 01-07-2009
"this service is super fast cant believe that cheque has bin posted out already only sent my phones yesterday afternoon" - Heidi from Lancashire (Order No. M3061834) 01-07-2009
"Your service was easy and simple. I found the whole process very straightforward. My son recognised the little man from the television on the bag you sent for the phones so your marketing is working too!!! many thanks" - Kate from Surrey (Order No. M3070638) 01-07-2009
"Amazing! Genuinely didn't expect to get £95.Cheers" - Luke from Grampian (Order No. M3072587) 01-07-2009
"So glad I followed up from the tv advert. Am very impressed by the efficiency, ease and organisation of the whole process. Will certainly recommend to friends. In fact have done so for two already thanks" - Jilly from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3073856) 01-07-2009

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