Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

October 2009

"great service,good offer for phones and quick payment,thanks guys." - ian from glasgow (Order No. M3098904) 31-10-2009
"i was soo amazed at how much money i got from the old dusty phone i will surely send on again" - lauren from n/a (Order No. M23477891) 31-10-2009
"Thanks for such a quick and easy exchange your service is brilliant and i will be recommending you to friends and family " - Jade from leicestershire (Order No. M3261050) 31-10-2009
"sent mobile monday afternoon got cheque on wednesday morning you cant beat that brilliant service" - john from n/a (Order No. M32848081) 30-10-2009
"Having been very sceptical about this kind of service I checked lots of feedback and forums before bing brave enough to send my phones. However, it has been a fantastic, quick and easy service and I am very pleased to be able to top up my bank account!! Thank you." - Deborah from Northants (Order No. M3290094) 30-10-2009
"Hi, Thanks for everything i have found this an easy to understand website with such a great layout and colour scheme. It is everything i hoped it would be since the advertisements on t.v make it look and sound so simple - because thats how it is. i expected a small amount more for one of the 3 phones, but hey; i'm still pleased. I will definitly sell again on here next time. xx" - Emma from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3300701) 30-10-2009
"Absolutely amazing service. From registering to receiving cheque it took 3 or 4 days, would definetly use you again in the future!!" - VICTORIA from yorkshire (Order No. M3292519) 30-10-2009
"i thought the service was excellent.and would recomend it to anyone.thanx" - Tony from n/a (Order No. M328711) 30-10-2009
What a speedy service!
You just cant beat the turnaround time.
Thank you Mazuma
I'll be back...." - eddie from Lancashire (Order No. M3302196) 30-10-2009
"quick service very happy." - natalie from hampshie (Order No. M3301406) 30-10-2009
"excellent service, would definately use mazuma in the future. Thank you" - amanda from vale of glamorgan (Order No. M3287507) 30-10-2009
"thank you for a first class service" - amanda from vale of glamorgan (Order No. M3287540) 30-10-2009
"Brilliant service,i'm very pleased.only posted my phone on the 27.10.09 and i received my cheque on the 29.10.09,very fast.highly recommended,thank you." - stefanie from herefordshire (Order No. M3296374) 30-10-2009
"This is the first time I have used you, but it wont be the last. My upgraded mobiles have always been "handed down" to relatives etc; not any more.
I will be recommending you to all my friends who upgrade as I do every 18 months or so. You do EXACTLY what you say in your adverts, well done " - derek from Essex (Order No. M3294923) 30-10-2009
"Superb service, much quicker than I expected. very rappid response, thankyou. :D" - Peter from Derbyshire (Order No. M3300104) 30-10-2009
"great fast reliable service and give good prices" - jamie from south lanarkshire (Order No. M3297571) 30-10-2009
"Very pleased with the whole process!" - liam from tyne and wear (Order No. M3291167) 29-10-2009
"I am so impressed with the efficiency and speed of your service. I sent my mobile off on the Monday and received the cheque on the Wednesday (and that's during a postal strike!) Fantastic, thanks Mazuma! I'll be back...." - Samantha from Leicester (Order No. M3282972) 29-10-2009
"All too easy, fantastic" - Rob from Somerset (Order No. M3283167) 29-10-2009
"I would like to say thankyou on how quick your company deals with each customer i would definately recommend you to people just the way i was told how good mazuma was. Thanks again." - Nicola from Inverclyde (Order No. M3293242) 29-10-2009
"Very speedy service will defo be using mazuma again. Thanks jamie" - jamie from london (Order No. M3291007) 29-10-2009
"The first service that is easy quick and efficient.Thank you i made some spare cash and was quick reliable and easy.First class service." - Delize from Cumbria (Order No. M3287486) 29-10-2009
"Quick, friendly, unstressed. Thank you." - James from Staffs (Order No. M3293291) 29-10-2009
"Extremely easy yo use the website even for a child and a rapid delivery" - omar from n/a (Order No. MM3295505) 29-10-2009
"This is the second time I've used your service and it gets better each time. Thanks for such a speedy turn around and great communication keep it up and I'm sure you'll be number one in your industry." - Steve from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3288448) 29-10-2009
"very good fast service. used you four times and all have been fast and very good. will recomend you" - michael from East Lothian (Order No. M3277055) 29-10-2009
"Fantastic. Really fast. Will definately recommend and will use the service again." - Lisa from West Midlands (Order No. M3299840) 29-10-2009
"i recieved the cheque a lot quicker than expected a good speedy relieable service thank's" - norman from gateshead (Order No. M3285316) 29-10-2009
"Thank you for being so professional and prompt. I have enjoyed dealing with you and i will certainly be passing on this information to friends and family. Once again thank you." - Diane from England (Order No. M3299165) 29-10-2009
"Very efficient service, would use again." - M from Surrey (Order No. M3296913) 29-10-2009
"Brilliant fast service just waiting for the cheque to come through the post. Will definately use Mazuma again. Looking to get a couple more phones I've found in a draw off to you very soon." - Brian from Hampshire (Order No. M3292575) 29-10-2009
"Quick, easy service, will definately be using again! Thanks" - Courtney from Leicestershire (Order No. M3291301) 29-10-2009
"Well i'll admit i had reservations about this service but have found it very good indeed and especially quick and well informed about the process and guided through every step.

Will recommend to friends and relatives that have spare phones especially in the lead up to Christmas where im sure the Argos Vouchers will come in handy.

Just hope that Royal Mail doesnt disappoint in delivering the Argos Voucher now." - Robin from Northumberland (Order No. M3291647) 29-10-2009
"First class service despite the postal strikes" - Gwilym from West Sussex (Order No. M3252704) 29-10-2009
"Absolutely fabulous service. Easy and quick and reliable. I researched into other similar sites and this one is by far the best!" - Frances from west yorkshire (Order No. M3279527) 29-10-2009
"The service was very easy to follow thanks to clear instructions online and on the freepost envelope. I am amazed at the speed of the turn-around." - Andy from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3289827) 29-10-2009
"thank you for your speedy responce look forward to reciving the cheque. many thanks." - david from west midlands (Order No. M3298007) 29-10-2009
"Thank you very much, did find your service very understanding and helpful. Looking forward to getting my cheque and using you again. " - Emerley from norfolk (Order No. M3296077) 29-10-2009
"Received thanks" - David from Gwynedd (Order No. M3284403) 29-10-2009
"Great fast easy to use service thank you" - Joanne from Kent (Order No. M3289129) 29-10-2009
"Incredibly quick turnaround - very impressed! I would use you all the time but can't always get the best price here." - Amy from Derbys (Order No. M3297259) 29-10-2009
"this is the second phone i have sold to mazuma and both times i have got prompt and a reliable service thank you" - alan from tyne and wear (Order No. M3297868) 29-10-2009
"FANTASTIC!! Fast & simple...cheque sent out same day you received phones...arrived next day!! Will use you again!!" - Richard from Kent (Order No. M3299775) 29-10-2009
"Very easy very quick reponse, very happy Thank you" - Karen from DORSET (Order No. M3281749) 29-10-2009
"4th time i have used your service, very fast payout !! well done !!!! have told all my friends about your great service and they now use Mazuma too !!!" - vikki from Essex (Order No. M3287080) 28-10-2009
"an excellent very quick service with no hassle. I've recommended this to friends. keep up the excellent service" - mark from west glamorgan (Order No. M3285906) 28-10-2009
"thankyou mazuma for finding my mobile a new home. your service was rapid and you were true to your word. once again, thankyou " - Dionne from west midlands (Order No. M3288895) 28-10-2009
"Thankyou so much mazuma, found your service so quick and helpful, will deffinately be using in the future" - Samantha from Hampshire (Order No. M3295008) 28-10-2009
"You guys have really impressed me. From start to finish the communication has been spot on. Order was processed one day and the cheque arrived the next. What more can you ask for." - James from Midlothian (Order No. M3283861) 28-10-2009
"thank you for sendong my voucher out so fast x x " - jenny from CHESHIRE (Order No. M3290643) 28-10-2009
"What can i possibly add that you havnt heard before..if others have found this an excellent way to recycle their old mobile and recieve such fast and excellent service then im sure you are unindated with praise on every transaction...i will certainly recommend mazuma to all my friends and family and would certainly use yourselves in the future...once again many sincere thanks for such a speedy process." - nick from west sussex (Order No. M3295116) 28-10-2009
"I was always seeing adverts on the TV for getting cash for your mobile and I didn't believe it first of all thinking it was just a scam...but last week I was clearing out my understairs cupboard and found loads of mobiles which I was going to throw out and so I thought I'd just try one of these sites, so I chose Mazuma. I put the phone makes in and up came the prices. I had 6 really old mobiles and managed to make £125.00. My boys have the same birthday and their party is in a few weeks and I had no idea where I was going to find the cash but thanks to Mazuma I can give them a great birthday. Thank you." - Megan from Cornwall (Order No. M3294973) 28-10-2009
"superb service three days turn around excellent thank you" - philip from Merseyside (Order No. M3293174) 28-10-2009
"1st class service, very very pleased." - susan from co durham (Order No. M3294372) 28-10-2009
"Your cheque received yesterday. Thank you for such a prompt and efficient service. I shall certainly recommend you to others." - Robert from Dorset (Order No. M3282094) 28-10-2009
"I found your service fast, efficient and hassle free. I am a Quality Assurance Manager and would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. Thank you Beverley" - Beverley from Kent (Order No. M3290327) 28-10-2009
"Wonderfully easy transaction. Cheque arrived very quickly. Thank you." - Gerardine from Antrim (Order No. M3286178) 28-10-2009
"Im so Pleased with my cheque thankyou =)" - Mariyah from Scotland (Order No. M3284285) 28-10-2009
"1st time I've used Mazuma and found the service very easy to use, quick and efficient. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend or use again." - Lynette from Midlothian (Order No. M3292636) 28-10-2009
"Great service my wife posted her phone on Monday and received her cheque this morning (wednesday). I posted my phone yesterday afternoon and see my cheque is already on it's way, postal strike allowing it should arrive tomorrow morning. Will certainly use Mazuma again and recommend to friends.
Many thanks,
R. Watt " - Sylvia from Surrey (Order No. M3301755) 28-10-2009
"Can`t belive how efficient this was. Only sent the phone on Monday, recieved a cheque on Weds. Many thanks. Don." - Donald from Yorkshire (Order No. M3295095) 28-10-2009
"I have to say was very easy and quick I will do it again with you." - margaret from mid lothian (Order No. M3295532) 28-10-2009
"Very quick posting of cheque and easy to use. Thanks!" - Cassie from London (Order No. M3300570) 28-10-2009
"very quick and easy service. i only posted the phone on monday and i have just received the cheque today and its only wednesday, thank you" - nigel from essex (Order No. M3294640) 28-10-2009
"What excellent service, fast and efficient, will definately use again and definately recommend youselves to friends thankyou regards Kirsty Morgan." - kirsty from Kent (Order No. M3287320) 28-10-2009
"Superb service thank you very much" - Michael from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3294839) 28-10-2009
"Fantastic service!" - David from Surrey (Order No. M3287584) 28-10-2009
"Excellent service - envelope arrived Saturday - phone despatched Monday - cheque received Wednesday. Thank you." - Patricia from Wiltshire (Order No. M3291843) 28-10-2009
"I couldn't believe how quick I received the cheque from you guys! Awesome!" - Daniel from Shropshire (Order No. M3291580) 28-10-2009
"brilliant service , sent phone one day received email following day to say cheque had been posted and it arrived the next day , very impressed with the speed will definitely use again and will recommend to everyone i know very happy customer thanks" - leon from GWENT (Order No. M3288508) 28-10-2009
"Thank you, cheque arrived today. The whole procress was quick and easy, just as advertised on the T.V." - Ann from Derbyshire (Order No. M3283072) 28-10-2009
"excellent 1st rate service, i will be only to glad to recommend my friends and family to use your service. Best Regards!!" - michael from merseyside (Order No. M3294129) 28-10-2009
"My experience with you was more than simple, fast and friendly. Could not have been easier what a pleasure so uncomplicated. Wish you could open a training company to teach other businesses how to do business. " - shirley from middx (Order No. M3288756) 28-10-2009
"I just wanted to thank you for making the sale of my old mobile phone so painless and fast. Even with a postal strike I have completed the whole transaction in less than 5 working days amazing!! i would highly recommend your site to friends. Thanks again" - Tracey from Dorset (Order No. M3292071) 28-10-2009
"very happy with service, it was fast and very easy....will def recommend muzuma" - catherine from devon (Order No. M3286091) 28-10-2009
"Brilliant service. All done in 8 days. I've recommended you to friends. Thanks for your help. " - Jayne from Wirral (Order No. M3262822) 28-10-2009
"Excellent service even with postal stike voucher arrived in a couple of days.Many thanks" - Andrew from RENFREWSHIRE (Order No. M3290689) 28-10-2009
"Simple, Quick, Outstanding from start to finish." - paul from Lancs (Order No. M3276865) 28-10-2009
"i would just like to say thank you very much to your team i found the service very quick indeed and would defintaly use your services again in the future thank you" - adam from west midlands (Order No. M3287680) 28-10-2009
"hi just want to say how quick and easy the web site was to use it only took a total of 4 days from my sending the phone to receiving your cheque and that was with a post strike. would recommend your service to anyone i know." - janette from merseyside (Order No. M3286832) 28-10-2009
"Great service, very fast and correspondence excellent. Would definetely use Mazuma again and will recomend to friends and family. Thanks." - Catherine from cheshire (Order No. M3292620) 27-10-2009
"Brilliant service! Easy to use and very prompt payment Thank you " - Stacey from Suffolk (Order No. M3287392) 27-10-2009
"I am very impressed with how quick and efficient this service is - the best service I have received from any company in a long time!" - lisa from n/a (Order No. MM3295395) 27-10-2009
"Great service, very prompt and efficient. Thank you. " - Sylvia from Surrey (Order No. M3289066) 27-10-2009
"cant believe what a quick proicess this has been, usually have to wait ages for cheques brilliant" - Lorraine from W. Yorks (Order No. M3292018) 27-10-2009
"Excellent, thank you Mazuuma, all the process was so quick and helpful customer services. I've already recommended Mazuuma to few other people, thank you once again!" - Mari from London (Order No. M3277278‏) 27-10-2009
"Speedy and efficient service.clear instruction with good value. thank you." - chris from south yorkshire (Order No. M3295684) 27-10-2009
"an excellent transaction,very speedy and very easy,would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting a fair and very quick service thankyou" - Audrey from Warwickshire (Order No. M3290633) 27-10-2009
"really fast easy process very pleased thank you" - kelly from mauchline (Order No. M3285365) 27-10-2009
"a got my cheque thank u will us mazuma again" - ROBERT from ayrshire (Order No. M3249498) 27-10-2009
"Exellent threw out quick and easy, cheque comes threw fast also. very pleased.thank u." - emma from england (Order No. M3282318) 27-10-2009
"Fast and efficient service, will definitely use you again." - Stephen from Lancashire (Order No. M3282366) 27-10-2009
"This is the third time I have used Mazuma. Super quick service. Will use again & again." - Steven from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3293172) 27-10-2009
"I think the best thing about Mazuma is that they keep you updated right along the way for you order. Excellent and I'll definitely use Mazuma again" - Jamie from London (Order No. M3275649) 27-10-2009
"A very simple process plus also added benefit of instructions to enable clear down of data from phone. Kept me updated in progress of order especially when I was concerned that maybe delays due to postal strikes" - Ian from Surrey (Order No. M3268599) 27-10-2009
"I found the whole process to be easy and straight forward. The website was easy to use and payment was sent within a few days of posting my phones." - clive from Norfolk (Order No. M3293855) 27-10-2009
"Fast Turn around first class service will recommend to all my friends perfect way to recycle your old phone and get cash in return " - Ken from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3280296) 27-10-2009
"All as described on website-easy and quick." - Andrew from Worcestershire (Order No. M3288528) 27-10-2009
"Posted to you Sat.24th.Oct.
Cheque received Tue.27th.Oct.

Brilliant service, what -postal strike?" - Robert from Norfolk (Order No. M3290924) 27-10-2009
"£10 voucher for a damaged phone, A*. Easy transaction. Thanks" - daryl from essex (Order No. M3262000) 27-10-2009
"Excellent Service. Informed at every step of transaction. Paid within 5 days of sending in old phone, even with the postal strikes! Will def use Mazuma again.." - JW from Norfolk (Order No. M3288628) 27-10-2009
"Fantastic service, everything was perfect! Will definitely use you again and also recommend you to others." - Justin from Surrey (Order No. M3271591) 27-10-2009
"just recieved my email of you conferming the cheque you have sent out to me today im looking foward to recieving it with thanks will let you know as soon as i recieve it thank you mrs t ramsay" - tracey from midglamorgan (Order No. M3284447) 27-10-2009
"thank you for the cheque i recieved today , looking forward to recieving the next 1 tomorrow its been great doing bisness with you thankyou very much " - tracey from midglamorgan (Order No. M3291245) 27-10-2009
"What a fantastic service this is. The website is user friendly and the price it pays for phones are better than the its competitors. You recieve your package fast, yet i think Recorded Delivery or at least Insured delivery should be payed for as the free insurance covers upto £30.00 when i was sending phones of a total price of £100.00. once i sent them (AT MY EXPENCE) then the following day i got my phones checked and the check what sent out to. Hopefully i will get my check within 48 hours. Once again i would like to thank you for providing this good user friendly service. Thanks" - Kieran from Cornwall (Order No. M3285884) 27-10-2009
"Very impressed at the speed and how easy the process was." - Michael from Shropshire (Order No. M3286366) 27-10-2009
"fantastic ,im very pleased with the service, no fuss, brillient." - CHRISTOPHER from WREXHAM (Order No. M3289655) 27-10-2009
"First Rate, Fast, Friendly, Efficent, Easy" - Iain from Manchester (Order No. M3258544) 27-10-2009
"sent phone via post office monday afternoon, recieved email confirming delivery and dispatch of payment tuesday, very quick turnaround, just awaiting payment cheque" - gordon from ayrshire (Order No. M3286061) 27-10-2009
"I found your service quick and very easy to use. I would definately reccommend you to others. Thank you for making the process so easy!" - Michaela from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3289186) 27-10-2009
"Simple and easy to make money and stop waste" - James from n/a (Order No. M2379995) 26-10-2009
"Quick,efficent and superb service once again. " - Jill from Merseyside (Order No. M3275538) 26-10-2009
"Great service, you kept me informed at all stages and it has all been dealt with quickly and efficiently, well done!" - Lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M3285091) 26-10-2009
"can i just say wot fantastic service i have had from you, so quick, efficient. Thank you" - paula from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M3282343) 26-10-2009
"superb service,i am really pleased with the speed of the transaction.thank you very much" - kevin from R.C.T (Order No. M3286929) 26-10-2009
"Extremely good service-great prices and very quick-thanks!" - Ian from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3290372) 26-10-2009
"Just wanted to say thank you very much!!! Fantastic service from you as always!!! Keep up the good work and thanks once again. Chris Rich" - Chris from Staffordshire (Order No. M3276586) 26-10-2009
"Brilliant service. Received cheque for broken, useless phones 4 days after posting them!! Highly recommended service" - B from MID GLAMORGAN (Order No. M3288339) 26-10-2009
"very good service quick and easy.good notification to the seller" - anees from west yorkshire (Order No. M3279471) 26-10-2009
"Absolutely fantastic!! So easy and the cheque came in two days!! Highly recomended" - Christine from n/a (Order No. MM3282944) 26-10-2009
"What a brilliant and efficient service. Highly recommended. Will certainly pass your name amongst my colleagues" - Andy from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3286038) 26-10-2009
"love u!!!" - Christina from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M3289453) 26-10-2009
"Excellent news that my cheque is on the way. How very prompt and efficient you are. The company that T-mobile uses for recycling didnt offer as much as you, so I chose you. Before I renewed my phone contract I never even knew about phone recycling which prompted me to look into it.

I will recommend you to anyone I come into contact with.

Thank you.

Mark" - Mark from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3287614) 26-10-2009
"excellent sevice I couldn't believe how quick and super professional thank u so much" - prem from west midlands (Order No. M3286273) 25-10-2009
"Your service was absolutely brilliant. I sent me phone on Wednesday and had the cheque on Saturday. Superb. Will recommend you to everyone I know." - Tony from Somerset (Order No. M3281746) 25-10-2009
"Second time using this genuinely outstanding service - a 2 day turnaround with a postal strike on is incredible! Thanks again Mazuma. Have no doubts about using this excellent firm." - Toby from Conwy (Order No. M3279808) 24-10-2009
"excellent service very quick faster then i expected with postal strikes would use yiu again and recommend to friends" - susan from lancashire (Order No. M3281007) 24-10-2009
"I traded my 2 phones into Mazuma and got great service. I sent my phones off during the postal strikes and my deliverys were processed immediately and a check was sent and received within 4 days of sending my phones...ill be sending mazuma more of my phones" - Christian from Essex (Order No. M3274978) 24-10-2009
"really impressed with the level of service and so quick (despite all the postal problems with royal mail!). would definitely recommend you to friends and family. thank you." - david from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3280990) 24-10-2009
"Very pleased with your service. Good prices, order processed and cheque delivered in record time. 10 out of 10
" - james from kent (Order No. M3271478) 24-10-2009
"Wow! I posted my phone to you on Wednesday and got my cheque on Saturday and there was a 2 day postal strike in the middle of that! I have used another company once and it took about 2 weeks to get the money! Thanks for great service, would definately recommend it!" - Sarah from Cheshire (Order No. M3280776) 24-10-2009
"Fantastic service - EXACTLY as promised - simple, efficient, brilliant. Thank you!" - Sue from Devon (Order No. M3289898) 24-10-2009
"Excellent service - 2 days from posting to receiving my voucher - all in the middle of postal strike action - fantastic service, thank you..." - David from Leicestershire (Order No. M3286469) 24-10-2009
"Very quick delivery. Will most certanly use mazuma again." - Steph from York (Order No. M3285136) 24-10-2009
"very good survice relly peleased " - colin from cleveland (Order No. M3284970) 24-10-2009
"Excellent service will definitely recommend. Three days from sending phone to receiving cheque and on two of these days there was the Royal Mail strikes. " - Trevor from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3281096) 24-10-2009
"very fast and efficient service thanks" - abe from Fife (Order No. M3269395) 23-10-2009
"Thats what i call service many thanks Mark" - mark from bedfordshire (Order No. M3281324) 23-10-2009
"Very happy sent my phone on tuesday has my check by thursday really pleased that I have sent another 3 phones I recommend it and they pay out the most than any other website." - charlotte from london (Order No. M3260401) 23-10-2009
"Wow,couldn't believe the speed of service,all complete in less than a week !!thanks" - steve from carmarthenshire (Order No. M3268160) 23-10-2009
"wow very quick, i got good deal on phones that were just stuck in the draw thank you. 1 happy customer :D" - natalie from wiltshire (Order No. M3286095) 23-10-2009
"What an excellent service I be recommending this to everyone I know - thank you very much!" - Fiona from lanarkshire (Order No. M3285358) 23-10-2009
"Was exceptionally pleased with the very prompt service, cheque sent quickly with amount as agreed upon and cleared fast. Would definitely recommend to others." - Kimann from London (Order No. M3267844) 23-10-2009
"Hi Im a postman and I am amazed how quick you responded to my order. Your box for my old phones came the next day even though I only completed my order form in the afternoon the day before. I don't expect to get my payment as quick but that's cos we are on strike. I am very pleased with your service. " - Ivan from lancs (Order No. M3273989) 23-10-2009
"was very impressed with service very easy and payment sent in just two days from door to door good work guys would definatly use again x" - natalie from suffolk (Order No. M3278134) 23-10-2009
" - colin from west sussex (Order No. M3287185) 22-10-2009
"better prices with your competitors but for the sake of a few pounds i will use and recommend because of previuos excellence." - brian from lancs (Order No. M3284671) 22-10-2009
"very easy service and good value for money" - jackie from oxon (Order No. M3283563) 22-10-2009
"Excellent. Posted my phone to you on Friday 16th October at 4.30pm. Received my cheque on Tuesday 20th October. How's that for good service!" - Pat from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3287918) 22-10-2009
"VERY impressed & so easy!! will definitely recommend to others. Thank you" - toni from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3287593) 22-10-2009
"Wonderful! Registered online on Monday, letter and SAE Tuesday. Sent off Tuesday. Payment on Thursday (even during a postal strike!). Fabulous. Definately recommended!" - Laura from South Glos (Order No. M3284530) 22-10-2009
"This was an effortless transaction with quick easy to follow instructions, and after considerable research by far the best price, plus the 10% argos incentive. Genius, xmas presents sorted thsi year!" - Pete from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3258783) 22-10-2009
"What more can you say other than brilliant! sent my phones off late friday and recieved payment 1st thing tuesday morning!! will use again." - shaun from west yorkshire (Order No. M3272938) 22-10-2009
"very fast turnaround thanks" - Patricia from Kent (Order No. M3283883) 22-10-2009
"This was my first order and to say I'm impressed is an understatement! Right from the start, you kept everything simple & straightforward (a must for me), and your communications were helpful & informative. Many thanks for your excellent service .............. oh and the dosh! Tony (Anthony)" - Tony (Anthony) from Surrey (Order No. M3244424) 22-10-2009
"This is the first time I have used the service and was very impressed with response time and delivery, well done to the mobile team." - Ian from Teesside (Order No. M3275537) 22-10-2009
"very quick and easy thank you i wouldn't usually leave feedback but the service was that good i would definitely recommend you to anyone that has an old phone :D " - Tyler from Isle of Wight (Order No. M3286697) 22-10-2009
"excellent service and unbelievably fast, thank you" - andrea from n/a (Order No. M12346789) 22-10-2009
"What excellent service,It makes a change to deal with company that can deliver geat customer service not just talk about it." - Paul from Derbyshire (Order No. M3279035) 22-10-2009
"Thank you for your quick helpful service, posted on mon, order completed on wednesday and received in post thursday! Thought would be at least couple of weeks! Was amazed, also found you best price on net, been raving about you on facebook! Cheers guys" - John from Kent (Order No. M3265629) 22-10-2009
"Thank you it seems we have beaten the postal strike, i only posted the phone to you on 21/10 and already the money is on its way to me on 22/10 thats service" - ken from N.E.LINCOLNSHIRE (Order No. M3278370) 22-10-2009
"FAB WHAT CAN I SAY ONE OF THE BEST COMPANIES I HAVE USED" - Deborah from cheshire (Order No. M3283724) 22-10-2009
"2nd time using mazuma - really fast and efficient service - thanks" - Vanessa from S Yorks (Order No. M3269959) 22-10-2009
"Hi Mazuma Team,

Thank you so much for such a fast and efficient service. I wish everything in life was as simple and as easy as this has been. Mazuma is a great testament to how customer service should be! :-) " - Leigh from Highlands (Order No. M3284714) 22-10-2009
"Just wanted to congratulate you on providing one of the smoothest services I have experienced in years. I am used to most things being a ballache these days and this process wasn't. If you could help the Halifax Mortgage department make things as simple you can have my wife (or a camel)" - Andrew from lincs (Order No. M3287344) 22-10-2009
"Just wanted to say how efficient the service is and how easy and stress free it was. Would recommend your company." - Tracey from Derbys (Order No. M3267839) 22-10-2009
"I have been very impressed with the service I recieved, from your company and customer care staff. I will gladly reccommend your company to many of my friends." - Anita from LONDON (Order No. M3221237) 22-10-2009
"wow what a fast and effecient service you provide. will definately reccomend you to friends and family. you certainly deliver what you promise. what a refreshing change! thank you." - amanda from s yorkshire (Order No. M3282861) 22-10-2009
"Excellent Service! So quick & easy." - Lisa from Scotland (Order No. M3278377) 22-10-2009
"That was so easy and quick, less than a week from start to finish. When we want to sell again you will get our business. Thanks, Rob" - ROBERT from West Midlands (Order No. M3282174) 22-10-2009
"Great service, easy and quik, Thanks" - christopher from west midlands (Order No. M3280038) 22-10-2009
"Once again great service!!!will use again...thanks " - Keith from Armagh (Order No. M3276685) 22-10-2009
"Crikey, that was quick! Very impressed with the ease and speed of this service. Many thanks." - David from Leicestershire (Order No. M3274905) 21-10-2009
"Excellent! I registered my phones on the Monday, and received my cheque on Friday of the same week!! This is one of the only companies who actually do what they say! It was excellent and I have recommended you to lots of my friends already! Thanks Mazuma!!!" - Meredith from Hampshire (Order No. M3268133) 21-10-2009
"I was really happy with your service easy to use and very quick i got money for christmas for phones i was going to throw out as had no use for them again very happy thank you suzanne" - suzanne from antrim (Order No. M3206978) 21-10-2009
"Thank You your service was fast and efficient, and I liked the way you kept me informed of the progress of my order.Excellent I woulde definatley use you again and will recomend you to my friends" - roy from derbyshire (Order No. M3279084) 21-10-2009
"Very quick, and efficient service. I would recomment this company to anyone with an old phone to recycle for cash or vouchers." - Steven from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3276255) 21-10-2009
"Posted my forms on Monday, got an email on Tuesday to say they're received, got another email at 20 to 6 on Tuesday to say a cheque is on it's way, this morning (wednesday) received said cheque - absolutely fantastic service and would recommend to anyone, Thank you Mazuma" - sandra from lancashire (Order No. M3272676) 21-10-2009
"Ecellent serive and would only ever use Mazuma Mobile when selling old phones... have recommend website to many people!" - Nancy from Hampshire (Order No. M3275698) 21-10-2009
"Fantastic services really pleased. Will definately use again. Thank you" - Rob from Staffordshire (Order No. M3276151) 21-10-2009
"Many congratulations your service is fantastic,wish more uk companies were as good as you to deal with,keep it up,avery happy customer. REGARDS, IAN" - IAN from Middlesex (Order No. M3228031) 21-10-2009
"Cannot believe how easy and efficient your team are. Got my cheque yesterday will certainly tell my friends it was my son who told me about you. thanks " - Hazel from n/a (Order No. M/3276552) 21-10-2009
"Nice doing business with you, very prompt and excellent service. Will use you again." - Kenneth from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3285629) 21-10-2009
"Fantastic!! Everything was so simple and fast!! Took roughly 3 days from sending the phones to receiving payment, will defo use again!!" - emily from Hants (Order No. M3275679) 21-10-2009
"I have very pleased with the efficiency of your service, i would definitely recommend your services to others." - sherika from middlesex (Order No. M3265916) 21-10-2009
"a big thanks for a great service,would definetly recommend you guys to a friend." - Joanne from lanarkshire (Order No. M3275086) 21-10-2009
"thankyou for such a good service,sorry i got the code wrong(some pictures arn't that clear)£6.50 is better than putting it in the dustbin-i will recommend you to my family and friends! thanku." - roy from isle of wight (Order No. M3271682) 21-10-2009
"Excellent service. Very speedy." - Wendy from Wilts (Order No. M3274478) 21-10-2009
"Mazuma has a customer-friendly site and an honest service. What you say you'll pay for a mobile you deliver on! Other sites I've used have not been as up-front as you, and that's why I come back to Mazuma time and time again! Plus I recommend you to all my friends! A BIG thank you for a great service! " - Anichka from Surrey (Order No. M3285299) 21-10-2009
"good quick service thanx" - cherry from n/a (Order No. M929399383) 21-10-2009
"easy to use, great service and a great result with getting money for phones i will never use again! cheers!!" - andrew from south glos (Order No. M3272782) 21-10-2009
"Just to let you know that I am very impressed with the service from start to finish. The website is easy to use, and I am glad I chose you over your competitors. From sending the phones on Saturday to receiving the check on Tuesday, I am amazed and cannot fault any part of the process. Thank you. J Hewett" - James from West Sussex (Order No. M3269293) 21-10-2009
IM VERY PLEASED WITH SERVICE PROVIDED AND WILL USE YOUR COMPANY AGAIN." - kaylie from gloucestershire (Order No. M3285579) 21-10-2009
"Used your service 3/4 times now. Always excellent service" - Nigel from Northamtonshire (Order No. M3268597) 21-10-2009
"i would like to say thank you i am very happy with your service, i placed the order on 15th oct 09 and today (21st oct)banked my cheque!! a fast and efficient service, thank you was again!!!" - carol from essex (Order No. M3277001) 21-10-2009
"I would have liked a bit more money for my mobile about £30 more. Had I been paid a bit more I would have said that mazuma is unbeatable as a service, However I was in a hurry to sell my mobile and I accepted the offered price and since then realised that there onwards I recieved OUTSTANDING service. I was sent a envelope promptly and I received an e mail as soon as mazuma had my mobile and then the very same day I got another e mail to say that payment was sent and the very next day I got my cheque at home. I would definatly recommend this service to a friend and I am alredy thinking of selling another phone. Thank you." - Koies from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3270675) 21-10-2009
"if all types of business were carried out like this life would be simple .the business world could learn a lot from you ,well done mazuma" - greg from lincolnshire (Order No. M3280920) 21-10-2009
"Just wanted to say thankyou very much for your excellent fast srvice. Wll recommend you anytime!!!!!! Thanks,cher x" - cher from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3270130) 21-10-2009
"Brilliant. Couldn't believe how fast it was from start to finish. Will be using you again in the future." - carol from Cheshire (Order No. M3258029) 21-10-2009
"very fast service. emails sent to keep you up to date.cheque arrived fast and safe.A fantastic service." - sandra from Merseyside (Order No. M3274861) 21-10-2009
"I found selling my mobile with you very easy, I,ll certainly recommend you to all my friends thanks" - Brenda from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3279879) 21-10-2009
"Absolutely incredible customer service! Heads above other competitors, thank you very much!" - Damaris from South Glamorgan (Order No. M3276810) 21-10-2009
"Very fast service and prompt payment.Got the check within 3 days after sending the mobile." - Srini from surrey (Order No. M3278111) 21-10-2009
"Cannot beleive the turnaround on how fast they dealt with my order,a genuine must to the recycling buisness thanks" - Gareth from Cheshire (Order No. M3279187) 20-10-2009
"Efficient, fast and easy to follow service. Best prices on the net. I am very pleased with Mazuma. Thankyou x" - Anarkali from Lancashire (Order No. M3274311) 20-10-2009
"a quick and easy transaction well done and thank you" - laura from Manchester (Order No. M3276398) 20-10-2009
"exellent throughout - fast responses, prompt communication throughout, not to mention an exellent price. I will certainly use this service in future, and tell my friends. Thanks." - jon from n/a (Order No. MM3276824) 20-10-2009
"I can't believe I got my cheque so quickly... I wasn't holding my breath for it coming at all as it all seemed too easy!! Service was excellent, thank you" - Gemma from Berkshire (Order No. M3276396) 20-10-2009
"Very efficient. Very impressed with the cheque arriving so quick after only putting the order through on the 14th! Great customer service as you kept me continually in the know via email what exactly was happening. Thank you!" - Gemma from LANCASHIRE (Order No. M3273525) 20-10-2009
"Guys, you have done it again - very slick service. Always a pleasure doing business with you - professional, ease of service - well laid out web page. Thank-you." - JOHN from KENT (Order No. M3258902) 20-10-2009
"what an excellent service you provide, faultless. posted phone Friday, cheque arrived today Tuesday. many thanks (effortless) " - ken from west midlands (Order No. M3267199) 20-10-2009
"excellent service, bag arrived quickly. received email confirming order being processed then had an email later that day saying my cheque had been posted and i received the cheque the next day :D" - s from Cornwall (Order No. M3274520) 20-10-2009
"Your service has been excellent. I emailed a query before using the service. The reply was prompt and helpful. Using the website is simple. The whole process was very quick and easy. Thank you." - David from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3278350) 20-10-2009
"Hoped for more cash, but all in all a very quick service" - Paul from Shropshire (Order No. M3277151) 20-10-2009
"The way mazuma delt with my request to send my phone to them was a lot easier than expected the only thing i had to do was activate card no probs good service " - shaun from avon (Order No. M3247987) 20-10-2009
"Excellent service and very quick. Received my cheque within 2 days like you said. Will def use this service again." - Helen from Essex (Order No. M3272919) 20-10-2009
"thanks for speedy reply cheque promptly arrived as said cheers" - patrick from cambs (Order No. M3275590) 20-10-2009
"Just wanted to say how easy it was to sell my old phones with Mazuma! They weren't worth a fortune, but everything I was promised was done in exactly the timescale given. Wish everyone was as efficient as you guys!
Many thanks" - Jillian from Midlothian (Order No. M3269221) 20-10-2009
"thank you.... great service.... and i have recommended your company to others....... and i will use again " - sharon from renfrewshire (Order No. M3268847) 20-10-2009
"Really impressed received payment really quickly no probs would use this site again thanks" - elizabeth from middlesex (Order No. M3275083) 20-10-2009
"Excellent service and very rapid, posted my handset saturday lunch time, cheque recievd by Tuesday morning, updates were given throughout the process and got good price for my old handset. will recomend to others, will use again." - Helen from Lancashire (Order No. M3265512) 20-10-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service only posted my phone to you on monday and i've recieved payment confirmation on tuesday...very very happy customeer!! 100% Amazing Customer Service, will be back soon. Thank You Mazuma" - Jenna from West Midlands (Order No. M3265071) 20-10-2009
"spot on thank you great price & a well quick service thanks again ." - kevin from cumbria (Order No. M3278313) 20-10-2009
"Hi this is mrs colette white, i was pleased with most prices of my mobiles apart from the nokia which we thought we should have got abit more than you gave us. But we'll be happy to use you in the future. Thanks again Mamuza Mobile" - colette from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3232545) 20-10-2009

THANKS MAZUMA" - Kaweng from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3275533) 20-10-2009
"very prompt relpy and super service ,would recommend to anybody" - R M from Powys (Order No. M3278168) 20-10-2009
"Very pleased,a simple & easy transaction many thanks" - Philip from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3273351) 20-10-2009
"thank you very much !
cant believe the speed of you will recommend to everyone i know ,from initial enquiry to vouchers bak less than week dont know how you did it ? All i can say is what postal strike " - HELEN from LINCOLNSHIRE (Order No. M3277156) 20-10-2009
"its a great website, really quick and easy to use -even for me!have recomended it to friends, :)" - matthew from down (Order No. M3272200) 19-10-2009
"Hi, just like to say thanks. I love the free postage service and how smoothly the transaction flowed. " - James from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M3275863) 19-10-2009
"This company is highly recommended, as they paid the full amount quoted on the website. Sent phone off on Thursday, arrived at Mazuma on Friday and I got my check on Saturday, jst goes to show how efficient this company is. Would be more than happy to use again. " - Sheraz from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3263343) 19-10-2009
"After being mis led by other companys that trade in phones i couldnt be more happy with mazuma.The speed in which i got my bag to post my phone back - COMPLETION IS fantastic. And made it easy yo get cash back for xmas. Thanks mazuma i would definetly reccomed your service to my freinds & family." - Lynn from Essex (Order No. M3273692) 19-10-2009
"Good service, kept informed, very quick, happy with it over all and would recomend to people." - Linda from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3265090) 19-10-2009
"i am very pleased at the money i am getting for my phone and i will definately send more to you in the near future." - felicia from essex (Order No. M3275559) 19-10-2009
"I think your service is better than excellent as the whole process is completed in less than a week.
I have and will continue to recommend you to my friends and family" - Morag from Scotland (Order No. M3270992) 19-10-2009
"many thanks,excellent service." - john from northumberland (Order No. M3278899) 19-10-2009
"very pleased with service. easy to use and very fast payout, will highly recommend mazuma and will use it again in the future." - samantha from derbyshire (Order No. M3276792) 19-10-2009
"Thank you for a hassle free and professional transaction." - Martyn from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M3276340) 19-10-2009
"i fully are great.i hope we will do a deal again sometimes.thank you very much" - marcel from avon (Order No. M3194516) 19-10-2009
"Excellent service, i sent my phone on saturday morning and i have had two e-mails today (monday 19th Oct)to say my cheque is on its way, fantastic set up.
Regards" - Amanda from Lancashire (Order No. M3271109) 19-10-2009
"Very good services.Very easy to use and very quick sending the money Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!" - robert from north somerset (Order No. M3262741) 19-10-2009
"fantastic service voucher arrived only 2 days after i posted my phone would definitely recommend to friends" - Marie from Co/Durham (Order No. M3244327) 01-10-2009
"this was a quick and easy way to dispose of a mobile phone and enviromentally friendly" - Lynn from Merseyside (Order No. M3249377) 01-10-2009
"Quick and easy process, paid more than any of the other phone recycling companies. Thanks" - Victoria from Surrey (Order No. M3245495) 01-10-2009
"An incredible level of service. Posted phones on Monday, cheques recieved less than 48hrs later. Will be using again and have already recommended Mazuma to all my freinds and colleagues. Thank you." - Andrew from Cardiff (Order No. M3234504) 01-10-2009
"Only sent the phone yesterday and payment has been sent already! Super fast and excellent service, now trying to look for more mobiles around the house!!" - Shane from Cornwall (Order No. M3236457) 01-10-2009
"A+++++++++++, Birlliant service, best there is, fast payment, so easy with no fuss, great work will defo be advising people to use this service. thanks" - Jonathan from Antrim (Order No. M3251803) 01-10-2009
"cheque received many thanks" - Anne-Marie from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M3245654) 01-10-2009
"Quick and easy! Order filled in Thursday. Packaging arrived and handset posted Friday....cheque arrived Tuesday. Outstanding." - Pete from Hampshire (Order No. M3243017) 01-10-2009
"awesome service thankyou" - Charlotte from Bucks (Order No. M3239780) 01-10-2009
"I thing muzuma uk number one trade old phone for cash paying com." - Humayun from St Johns Wood (Order No. M3231746) 01-10-2009
"Couldn't have been easier! Delighted with the buying price and very quick turnaround. Thank you" - Susan from Lothian (Order No. M3244858) 01-10-2009
"Quick Easy and Painless, just the way it should be , well done" - Elaine from East Renfrewshire (Order No. M3241887) 01-10-2009
"very fast an effective service will use you again" - Johnathan from Derbyshire (Order No. M3198303) 01-10-2009
"very fast service i am very happy if any of my friends have any old phones i will pass on your name thanks agian guy" - Guy from Scotland (Order No. M3239060) 01-10-2009
"Just had to say that was a heck of a lot quicker than any other mobile service. I did not expect full completion and money in my hand in days!! Keep up the good work. Will defo be spreading the word. Jay, 27, Newcastle" - Jason from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3242651) 01-10-2009
"very good and easy service went on web site no big formes to fill out simple process and very quick to pick up and pay for phone highly recomend" - Sam from East Sussex (Order No. M3246712) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic service, thank you so much." - Lesley from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3236061) 01-10-2009
"Very pleased with the service. Quick and efficient with no fuss. Will use again in future." - Gillian from West Midlands (Order No. M3252252) 01-10-2009
"Thank you for my cheque for £115 for my N95 8GB. You provide a very good servicce, very fast and efficient. Will defiantly be using you again! Thanks again!" - Stephanie from Surrey (Order No. M3207153) 01-10-2009
"Thank You - Excellent Service, Excellent value given, very good communication - simple instructions to follow, transaction completed in 3 days. Will definetly reccomend to my friends and family." - Vincent from Durham (Order No. M3238836) 01-10-2009
"thank you for processing my order so quickly i found mazuma mobile site quick and easy to use and wil definetely use this site again when selling phones thank you." - Robert from West Lothian (Order No. M3253166) 01-10-2009
"Received cheque today, excellent service, thank you very much." - Colin from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3251719) 01-10-2009
"very quick and easy will use again and recomend to friends.Queston for u,i often see phones for sale at car boots/friday ads can i buy the phone and sell on to mazuma or do they have to be registed to me." - Amanda from West Sussex (Order No. M3237534) 01-10-2009
"that was so easy the only hold up was due to an error made by myself which was easily & quickly rectified by yourselves will definately be recommending you" - Maureen from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3246640) 01-10-2009
"I was very impressed with the excellent service and quick delivery of my cheque for £25.00. I would definatley recommend your site to my friends and family Thanks very much" - Teresa from North East Lincolnshire (Order No. M3244025) 01-10-2009
"Excellent, fast service, will recommend and use again." - Jane from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3239815) 01-10-2009
"many thanks for a fast and efficient service from start to finish.." - Lyndon from Gwent (Order No. M3232196) 01-10-2009
"I read a few reviews about mazuma and was a bit worried about sending my phone to them but it was fantastic and easy service.Sent my Nokia off,received cheque within 48hrs. Mazuma Mobile is so easy to use!" - Paula from London (Order No. M3234101) 01-10-2009
"A swift, pleasant process and speedily done - A painless transaction by Mazuma whom I highly recommend. Thank you" - Sue from Cheshire. (Order No. M3225155) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic service, quicker than expected, will recommend you to all my friends." - Samantha from E Sussex (Order No. M3245745) 01-10-2009
"Very impressed with service! I have told friends about u who i know will be contacting you." - Helen from North East Lincolnshire (Order No. M3254979) 01-10-2009
"Good price for my old phone, processed quickly and have been very pleased with the service! Recommended!" - Dayne from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3248572) 01-10-2009
"thanks, a really easy to use and quick process, I will be telling all my friends and family" - Scott from West Midlands (Order No. M3247574) 01-10-2009
"Good, fast service. Would defintley use Mazuma again." - Deborah from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3252500) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service & price offered for an 18 month old contract phone. Will be reccomending to all my pupils (I'm a driving instructor)Many thanks Simon" - Simon from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3247742) 01-10-2009
"Wow! Your service is amazing. I cannot believe how quickly this has all be sorted. Thank you." - Diane from West Midlands (Order No. M3252985) 01-10-2009
"with this being my second time selling a mobile phone with MAZUMA i have found you guys to be very very good at the job you do. i personly think that MAZUMA is the best place to go to sell mobile's!! i am very pleases with the website and staff. if i would have to grade you i would most deffinantly put you as 10/10 any day from the rest of the mobile selling sites there is around. once again thank you very much MAZUMA !!!!" - Kevin from Hampshire (Order No. M3249278) 01-10-2009
"Thankyou for the first class service it was so easy to deal with you and the team, once again thankyou ps.I would do buisness with you again no problem." - Warren from Shropshire (Order No. M3239806) 01-10-2009
"i found this site to be the best phone recycling company i have used al lot better than envirafone your faster ate responding" - Daniel from Uk (Order No. M3251393) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic service! Incredibly fast. Would absolutely recommend to anyone." - Jennifer from Surrey (Order No. M3254593) 01-10-2009
"I am extremely happy with Mazuma Mobile,selling my old phone only took a couple of days from filling in the form to getting my cheque as promised. Thank you Mazuma" - Emma from Swansea (Order No. M3252493) 01-10-2009
"What a brilliant service mazuma...Was so impressed with your clear on line instructions..Thank you for my cheque..." - Helen from East Sussex (Order No. M3236137) 01-10-2009
"If only all companies were as efficient and speedy as yours. Thanks" - Stephen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3237111) 01-10-2009
"Absolutely super efficient and professional. I would like to suggect a third option of payment, into a selected charity??? Regards john V" - John from Worcs (Order No. M3252488) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic service, hard to come by these days. Many thanks and will def' recommend." - Karen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3238027) 01-10-2009
"Hi - what a service - took three day from sending the phone to having the cheque in my hands. Would use this service again." - Chris from Essex (Order No. M3248984) 01-10-2009
"havent received the chq yet ,but its only been 23 hours,so i,m not worried. Just had to drop you a line I am very pleased and amazed at the speed with which you have handled my request,you will have me recommending your services to everyone. cheers Allen" - Allen from Merseyside (Order No. M3243099) 01-10-2009
"excellent service and very very quick and easy" - Tracy from Herts (Order No. M3245311) 01-10-2009
"I thought the service was efficent and great, will defiantely use mazuma mobile in the futur.e" - Andrea from West Glamorgan (Order No. M3229786) 01-10-2009
"Excellent, Fantastic, Brilliant Service and so easy to use. Can't believe the speed this has been dealt with. I am recommending you to everyone I speak to. Thanks" - Debra from Durham (Order No. M3245272) 01-10-2009
"wow that was very fast mazuma has been great iv told my mates and they are going to send there phones well done im well happy with this service keep up the good service thanks neil varney from hull" - Neil from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3255208) 01-10-2009
"BRILLIANT !!!! So easy and the people were so nice. Great company and they do what they say they do which is very rare today what a great experience!!!" - Robert from United Kingdom (Order No. M3255125) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic service, i couldnt believe how quickly the money was sent. I shall certainly reccomend you to my friends. Many thanks, Chris" - Chris from Somerset (Order No. M3253663) 01-10-2009
"Great service" - Sarah from Staffordshire (Order No. M3251224) 01-10-2009
"Wow!!!! fantastic quick service. Would recommend this site to anyone. Best prices and free posting with lightening payment. Im impressed. Will be back!!!!!" - Angela from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3254826) 01-10-2009
"I can't believe how fast this service is!!! I was very scepticle, but very pleasantly surprised. Definitely would recommend!!!!" - Mark from Essex (Order No. M3252820) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service. I posted the phone on Wednesday, had an email Thursday to say payment is on the way and the cheque arrived on the Friday. An excellent service that will take some beating. Thanks very much." - Robert from Suffolk (Order No. M3250541) 01-10-2009
"I can confidentally say that the whole transaction from start to finsh was excellent. Their service and communication was second to none. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. THANK YOU" - Michael from Bucks (Order No. M3231944) 01-10-2009
"such a easy, quick transaction. Posted phone wed cheque friday morning. Thankyou" - Kelly from East Sussex (Order No. M3252962) 01-10-2009
"if the goverment done thier job like you lot who would need a goverment many thanks,quick and painless" - Henry from Inverclyde (Order No. M3252824) 01-10-2009
"Brillant, easy and very fast service. Spoke to a advisor who was very helpful. Will defiantly be back and recommend." - Stacey from Kent (Order No. M3203685) 01-10-2009
"excellent,speedy service.This is 2nd time i have used you & have recommended you to all my friens" - Rosalyne from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3254326) 01-10-2009
"Brilliant, quick and efficient - really impressive!!!" - Louise from Devon (Order No. M3249983) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service. Very happy customer." - Antony from Worcs (Order No. M3229546) 01-10-2009
"Wow, very impressed with speed and service. Will be telling lots of people about Mazuma." - Alison from Cleveland (Order No. M3251189) 01-10-2009
"very happy , have recommed to all my friends with old phones x" - Kelly from Dorset (Order No. M3254510) 01-10-2009
"Absolutely great service, very quick, would definitely use again !! Thank you !" - Debbie from Cheshire (Order No. M3251371) 01-10-2009
"thanks maz i hope the phones are ok for ya if i have any more ill send them your way ok thanks stephen" - Stephen from Staffordshire (Order No. M3248171) 01-10-2009
"Great,Fast and a reliable service payment sent very quickly great company would recomend to anyone" - George from Essex (Order No. M3246882) 01-10-2009
"excellent service, very fast and simple. will definatley recommend you!" - Jemma from Herts (Order No. M3252865) 01-10-2009
"i found the service very quick i would certainly use them again...thanks mazuma mobile" - Gillian from Northumberland (Order No. M3254311) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service and best price.Recommended you to the bloke at the Orange call centre." - Stephen from England (Order No. M3251547) 01-10-2009
"Very happy with your service,easy to fill out form.Would definately recommend you to family or friend." - Kenneth from N/A (Order No. M1299455) 01-10-2009
"great service, bag was sent , put it in post, 2 days later banked the chq. Best service ever. thanks" - Karan from West Sussex (Order No. M3245129) 01-10-2009
"excellent service very fast exchange will recomend you to everyone thankyou" - Christina from Merseyside (Order No. M3249754) 01-10-2009
"great service-fast reliable excatly what it says on the website -this is second time i have sent my mobiles to you and received a cheque within 2 days - i did not insure this pasckage as i did the last one and was worried it would not reach you but it did thank you - have recommended it to all my family & friends" - Aisling from Antrim (Order No. M3229091) 01-10-2009
"Very easy bag arrived which i used a jiffy bag and some card in i also paid the extra 75p for recorded as the postage is paid that is all it costs and a cheque arrived a couple of days later well worth doing" - Richard from East Sussex (Order No. M3243240) 01-10-2009
"thank you taking my mobile. and your company is very fast" - Jennifer from England (Order No. M3252952) 01-10-2009
"Excellant quick and friendly service would highly reccommend to anyone. Thanks Dan" - Daniel from Staffordshire (Order No. M3249230) 01-10-2009
"Wow, really quick and efficient! I'm really pleased and would definitely recommend and/or use you again. Thanks" - Kerry from Herts (Order No. M3237006) 01-10-2009
"fantastic service. Posted phone Thursday afternoon, received voucher on Saturday morning. Thank you." - Brian from Essex (Order No. M3256196) 01-10-2009
"great service very quick payment posted phones wednesday got a cheque on friday will use again and tell friends thanks terry" - Terry from West Yorks (Order No. M3217712) 01-10-2009
"Very impressed.. in 5 days I had the cheque in the bank from start to finish.. I have already started recommending this service to my friends." - Peter from Leics (Order No. M3250297) 01-10-2009
"I cannot believe how uick my order was processed,i posted the phone on Thurs 8th Oct and i had my cheque on Sat 10th Oct,very pleased and happy with your service,Thank you very much,will reccomend you to friends." - Sharon from West Midlands (Order No. M3255025) 01-10-2009
"Very impressed with this website!! delivery came exactly as you said in 48 hours all corectly!! this is no con and will definetly be using again soon!" - Lucia from Hants (Order No. M3254533) 01-10-2009
"This was the first time i'd used your service - was impressed how easy and fast a service it is. Wish i'd done it before!" - Angela from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3254944) 01-10-2009
"fantastic service. in five days since i first made contact with you i had a cheque in my hand for my phone. will highly recommend mazuma anytime.. thanks a million............" - Gary from Suffolk (Order No. M3248547) 01-10-2009
"Thanks for my Argos voucher in return for trading in my mobile phones. Excellent fast service. Will definately use Mazuma Mobile to trade in any future phones.Thanks." - Carol from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3246220) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic. Good price for phone and superfast service. Very Impressed." - Steven from North Devon (Order No. M3232517) 01-10-2009
"Amazingly quick service and very easy to use, I posted my old phone to Mazuma on Wednesday evening and recieved my cheque saturday morning. I would recommend Mazuma to anyone and will definetly use them again." - Darren from Nottingham (Order No. M3253505) 01-10-2009
"quick, easy convienient" - Mahalia from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3254692) 01-10-2009
"quick and efficient service, im well happy. Thanks!!!" - Alana from Wales (Order No. M3241661) 01-10-2009
"I have to say that dealing with Mazuma has been pain free, quick and friendly. Would recommend you to anyone, an absolutely first class service! Thank you." - Carol from Durham (Order No. M3250279) 01-10-2009
"Brilliant service very easy 2 use & kept up to date the whole time,, Thank you I would recomend you to people in the future.." - Craig from N/A (Order No. M2147483647) 01-10-2009
"Thanks 4 your prompt attention and processing. U kept contact with me, let me know how my order was being processed. Wish other companies were as efficient as u." - Susan from Kent (Order No. M3255716) 01-10-2009
"very easy! great service! many thanks!!!" - Jon from Herts (Order No. M3258756) 01-10-2009
"excellent fast service. will recommend to friends and family and will definately use in the future" - Simone from West Midlands (Order No. M3252846) 01-10-2009
"thanks Mazuma hope u look after my old mobile...." - Phill from Derbyshire (Order No. M3257607) 01-10-2009
"I am really pleased with the service from Mazuma mobile!!Very efficient and really easy to do! Have more phones to sell and will definately be using Mazuma mobile again very soon!!! Thank you!" - Sharon from Avon (Order No. M3251488) 01-10-2009
"The only suggestion I would make is to have something more substantial to return to youselves. Other than that the whole experience was quick and easy" - Alison from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M3248595) 01-10-2009
"fast reliable service easy and understandable when selling thankyou very much." - Carley from Norfolk (Order No. M3251637) 01-10-2009
"fantastic service - quick & easy" - Philip from West Midlands (Order No. M3257483) 01-10-2009
"I've used Mazuma now for several phones i,ve recycled. i now use it to fund my next phone my old one covers the cost of my mew one on my new upgrade on my contract, i tell all my friends how easy it is, i only wish we had this system for laptops old tvs etc etc" - Lee from S Yorkshire (Order No. M3242681) 01-10-2009
"Thanks Mazuma mobile, the service was great and even quicker than i expected. My cheque is already in the post after just a few days. Thanks again" - Keshia from West Midlands (Order No. M3243868) 01-10-2009
"thank you sooo much for dealing with my order so quickly despite the stupid postal strike. extreamly good service, highly recommend it." - Evelin from N/A (Order No. M3254657) 01-10-2009
"Very happy with service, simple, quick & efficent. Well done!" - Sharon from London (Order No. M3253589) 01-10-2009
"AMAZING! Thats the only word I can think of for ur site, Posted my phone Sat, was recived by Mazuma on monday and paymenbt has been sent today ( Tuesday ) £122 for a very battered HTC HD and i mean battered as long as its working u get what it says on the tin!" - Darren from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3260694) 01-10-2009
"I have now used mazuma a few times to sell phones and each time I have found them to be very helpful and deliver exactly what they promise. This time due to the Royal Mail there was a delay in my receiving my packaging. When I contacted the website by email I was given an almost immediate response which made me feel like I was being treated as a valued customer. This is a great service and I thoroughly recommend using it." - Le'Ann from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3248985) 01-10-2009
"So easy. Is the 4th phone we've recycled with you and we've recommended you to our friends. Thanks" - Patricia from East Lothian (Order No. M3237706) 01-10-2009
"very good service will send my nxt phone to them payment within 24hrs brill" - Jeffrey from Kent (Order No. M3256611) 01-10-2009
"So easy to use, straight forward, very quick service even with the postal strikes! Now just waiting for cheque to arrive, always kept informed. Thanks for buying my phone, now going to see if I can sell my husbands old phone!" - Sarah from Berkshire (Order No. M3254202) 01-10-2009
"Superb. No problems at all. Very quick and efficient." - Andy from West Midlands (Order No. M3260512) 01-10-2009
"Cheque received today, excellent 1st class service" - Janet from Herts (Order No. M3251429) 01-10-2009
"Very quick and efficient service. You deliver the type of service everyone wants, hassle-free and prompt.Thank you." - Clive from Devon (Order No. M3258293) 01-10-2009
"Just to say how easy it was selling my old phones with you. I think Mazuma are very efficeint and i would recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. I do have another phone to sell, but I have forgotton my password. Do I need to fill in my details agin online?" - Beverley from Cheshire (Order No. M3192209) 01-10-2009
"SUPERB service thankyou" - Joy from Lancashire (Order No. M3233802) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service! Very easy to use, user friendly. The pre-paid envelope is an excellent idea and much easier than the other companies, definately will recommend." - Tammi from West Midlands (Order No. M3261216) 01-10-2009
"Thank you very much for the speed at which you delt with my sell. I received the cheque the following day after you posted it. Well done. Iwill certainly recomment your company to all my mates. Martin." - Martin from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3262413) 01-10-2009
"Thank you for all your help in selling my old mobile . the service was quick and easy and all the instructions were clear and simple" - Peter from West Sussex (Order No. M3250767) 01-10-2009
"I enjoyed using maszuma mobile, i found the service very easy to use and they payment was fast and they done everythin exactly as they said they would do it, i will defenetly use them again and recomend them to friends and family." - Kirsty from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3250613;) 01-10-2009
"Absolust first class service. What a great way to recycle unwanted phones." - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M3255731) 01-10-2009
"So far, amazingly easy and so, so quick with everything. Top work!" - Dan from Devon (Order No. M3262048) 01-10-2009
"thank you for helping me get rid of my old mobile. really happy with the service, ive used it before and will continue to use it. better than all the other sites around thanks you once again james" - James from Norfolk (Order No. M3256190) 01-10-2009
"This is the 3rd phone I have sent to you. I would and have recommended you to friends, The sale has been very easy, cheque sent very promptly,and it has been really easy to follow the sale. Many Thanks" - Georgina from Dorset (Order No. M3260110) 01-10-2009
"This is the first time we have used your service and we have to say that we have been highly impressed with how straightforwardly professionally and quickly you processed our phone. Will recommend your service to friends and family as a result. Thank you" - Mark from Kent (Order No. M3260851) 01-10-2009
"having previously used envirofone i thought they were good mazuma has just bettered them - by far!! many thanks indeed, will use again for sure regards sam" - Sam from Lancashire (Order No. M3237292) 01-10-2009
"All so quick and easy. the payment came through within 24 hrs. thank you" - Gavin from Dorset (Order No. M3257984;) 01-10-2009
"fantastic to deal with speedy and a real treat all comunication was second to none....." - Paul from Lancashire (Order No. M3261915) 01-10-2009
"Very good very effifient service. Money arrived within two days. Thank You" - Kevin from Antrim (Order No. M3260259) 01-10-2009
"mazuma was quick and fast with sending me my money and very efficeint i was pleased with the service" - Elizabeth from Cumbria (Order No. M3260773) 01-10-2009
"Absolutly flawless service. 10 out of 10. Many thanks." - Marcus from Leicestershire (Order No. M3257889) 01-10-2009
"Better price than, prepaid envelope and payment received within 48 hrs. Overall, very impressive service!" - Edward from Lancashire (Order No. M3261792) 01-10-2009
"The service was excellent. It was fast, efficient and hassle free." - Gary from Notts (Order No. M3257767) 01-10-2009
"I have dealt with you two times now, always the service has been 100% and the time taken from placing the order to getting the payment is above excellent. I would recommend for anyone to use this site and have to many of my freinds and family. Thank you for your help" - Darren from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M3257336) 01-10-2009
"Received my cheque today - what a fantastic service Mazuma provide, quick, reliable. All companies could learn from Mazuma." - Karen from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3249621) 01-10-2009
"Very easy to use web site, there was a problem with the phone being damaged, the response was very quick, i accepted the offer at once, dont know what i would have done if i did not accept the offer?" - Graham from Lancashire (Order No. M3242709) 01-10-2009
"Just wanted to say that this is a great business and i'm so happy with how fast and easy it is...Thank's a million and I will most deffinatly be using this again. :) Big Smiles :)" - Leanne from Uk (Order No. M3254671) 01-10-2009
"I found the service extremely prompt and efficient and would whole heartedly recommend the use of Mazuma to all friends, colleagues and family members." - Lisa from Midlothian (Order No. M3254883) 01-10-2009
"Really pleased, received my cheque within three days of sending off my phone. Great service which I would recommend to everyone!" - Anna from Glamorgan (Order No. M3255193) 01-10-2009
"so so quick and so easy to do will def use in future, thanks so much" - Margaret from Cornwall (Order No. M3261633) 01-10-2009
"thanks so much, site was so easy to use and cheque arrived 2 days after i sent them to you, thats even with the postal strick!!! thanks again, will def use your site again" - Margaret from Cornwall (Order No. M3261907) 01-10-2009
"This is the best customer service experience I have had in years. I could not believe how fast the process worked. Well done to all at Mazuma. Thanks," - Gary from Lancs (Order No. M3266924) 01-10-2009
"Simple & easy way of selling used cell phones." - Ahsanul from London (Order No. M3244895) 01-10-2009
"Great service, very efficient, great communication. I will definitely recommend Mazuma." - Simon from Co. Antrim (Order No. M3254721) 01-10-2009
"recived ok, thanks" - Orrell from Londonderry (Order No. M3258552) 01-10-2009
"Absolutly great service, very quick, would recommend it to any one !" - Andrea from Tyne + Wear (Order No. M3249806) 01-10-2009
"I would just like to say that you offer a brilliant service and that I will be recommending you to my friends. Thank you" - Angela from Beds (Order No. M3268157) 01-10-2009
"I look forward to reciving the payment, the whole process has been so easy and simple. Regards. Mr A Goodwin." - Alexander from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3264877) 01-10-2009
"It was really simple, much better than other sites (some require you to pay for postage). Really simple and quick." - Rhiannon from Rct (Order No. M3264104) 01-10-2009
"great quick and easy service, thank you" - Rhys from Rhondda Cynon Taf (Order No. M3260302) 01-10-2009
"absolutely fantastic service!! A few months ago i sold my dads phone to and the proccesing time took anout 1 week. Very pleased with service, thanks alot mazuma, i will recommend you to everyone !! kinda regards David" - David from Fife (Order No. M3268642) 01-10-2009
"Thank you for a fast and reliable service. This is the 3rd time I have used Mazuma Mobile and have been extremely satisfied with the service you provide." - Anthony from Essex (Order No. M3251737) 01-10-2009
"Great!!!! Last time i used you i got the check in 3 days. you are a lot better than envirophone they take 3 weeks!!! will use your service again, again and again." - Jack from Powys (Order No. M3274961) 01-10-2009
"Thank you very much!!! Very fast Turnaround!!! Will DEFINITELY be using again." - Andrew from Staffordshire (Order No. M3248706) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic quick service, does what it says on the tin! Will definatly use again and recomend to friends." - Karin from Cheshire (Order No. M3231758) 01-10-2009
"wow amazing cant believe how simple and fast it was to do.I only posted the phones on monday and i had the cheque in my hand wednesday. How good is that i was well pleased thanks for making it all so stress free. i would do it again when we need new phones." - Anne from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M3260796) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service thanks,phone posted to yourselves today." - Ray from Birkenhead (Order No. M3258205) 01-10-2009
"your company is very helpful i would recommend mazuma mobile to my friends it is a great way to make a bit of money thank you y wootton" - Yvonne from Northumberland (Order No. M3268098) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service. Posted phones to you on Thursday and received cheque on Saturday - exactly as promised. Will definitely use you again when current phone is replaced." - Allan from Argyll (Order No. M3249168) 01-10-2009
"I have been absolutely amazed at how great the service has been. The advert on TV is clear, the website actually works and the speed of response and delivery of cheque was fantastic. If only all online transactions worked this way!!" - Paul from Leicestershire (Order No. M3262206) 01-10-2009
"Thank you for the fast,simple,easy to use service. I am delighted with the amount I received for my old mobiles. I will recommend you to my friends and use your service again in the future." - Elizabeth from Staffordshire (Order No. M3261673) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic service, thank you. Really straightforward, quick and efficient.I am recommending you to everyone!" - Caroline from Wrexham (Order No. M3229848) 01-10-2009
"Great and easy to use with no hassle. received my cheque within a day.great service especially when the mobiles were just going to get binned.." - Razbana from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3265839) 01-10-2009
"Top service. Not the best price on an internet search, but by far the quickest service and good comms. A pleaseure doing business with you" - Kenneth from England (Order No. M3257079) 01-10-2009
"quick and easy progress from start to finish would recomend to any one, would definatley use again thanks again." - David from Berkshire (Order No. M3262583) 01-10-2009
"so far first class" - Alison from Essex (Order No. M3269842) 01-10-2009
"Thankyou for your speedy reply,its all very good." - Pamela from N/A (Order No. M321726) 01-10-2009
"brilliant service quick,easy & honest I am very pleased & will recomend to everyone i know" - Ruby from West Sussex (Order No. M3268294) 01-10-2009
"would just like to say thank you very much for making this such an easy way to sell your phones and such a quick service, simply great." - Julie from Tayside (Order No. M3261979) 01-10-2009
"Extremely impressed! The transaction was super quick without any problems at all. I wish I had more phones. I'm definitely recommending Mazuma to friends. Mazuma is the UK's best mobile phone recycling company by far! I will be back again soon!!" - Russell from Leicestershire (Order No. M3265250) 01-10-2009
"easy and fast service,would recomend." - Simon from Isle Of Wight (Order No. M3249844) 01-10-2009
"Hello - I haven't received my cheque yet (so my transaction isn't complete) but I just wanted to let you know that I've found your service incredibly easy to use and the customer service was excellent. Thank you!" - Claire from London (Order No. M3230360) 01-10-2009
"Brilliant service amazed how quick it was!" - Phil from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3269126) 01-10-2009
"brilliant really quick service willuse again have told everyone thanks" - Lesley from Lancashire (Order No. M3264565) 01-10-2009
"I was a little sceptical about doing it all and was doubtful I would actually receive the amount it was worth as thought that was just to hook me in, to be honest. However, I was very much mistaken, the service was easy and quick with good communication throughout. The end result was no con I did receive the full amount I was entitled to and am very happy with the service I received from Mazuma Mobile. Would definately use again and recommend to friends. Thank you" - Zoe from Essex (Order No. M3237010) 01-10-2009
"I posted my broken mobile on 13/10/09 @ 17.15. I received and e-mail to say my order was complete on 14/10/09 @ 16.55. On 15/10/09 I received a cheque in the post!!! That's what I call service. Fantastic." - Marie from Armagh (Order No. M3253384) 01-10-2009
"thank you for your service it was so easy and not complicated to send." - Geoffrey from Avon (Order No. M3263542) 01-10-2009
"Speedy, efficient, you did what you said you would do - well done! Very impressed." - Florence from London (Order No. M3257159) 01-10-2009
"yippppepeeeeeee,faster than a speeding bullet.thx" - Dale from Essex (Order No. M3263895) 01-10-2009
"Absolutely brilliant !! Very simple process, great prices paid for old mobiles, and payment received by return. Many thanks ! Would highly reccommend to anyone." - Sandra from Derbys (Order No. M3264715) 01-10-2009
"i found the selling experience really fast and i recived my cheque with in 3 days of post my phones off i will recommend any body to do the same FANTASTIC" - Dave from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M3262885) 01-10-2009
"For anyone interested in selling their old mobile phone/s I would say to them you cannot get a faster more reliable service than Mazuma offer. From start to finish it took less than a week. Excellent. I would certainly use them again." - Mike from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3269226) 01-10-2009
"i am happy with the service and hopefully that i would use mazuma again. thank you and i will email a feedback to let you know that i recieved a cheque." - Thomas from Antrim (Order No. M3265268) 01-10-2009
"great service prompt payment will recomend you guys" - Michael from Warks (Order No. M3269592) 01-10-2009
"The easiest £145 ive ever made!! thanks for the suoer efficient service!" - Samantha from Hampshire (Order No. M3268717) 01-10-2009
"Very happy with your service. You offered a decent price on the handsets I sold. I was also very happy with the updates you emailed me to keep me on track with my order, very fast turn around once my phones had been sent." - Darren from Middlesex (Order No. M3249530) 01-10-2009
"Outstanding customer service. Really impressed that I got my cheque within minutes of dropping by. Will recommend you to all. Thanks" - Sean from Herts (Order No. M3269635) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service and communication; prompt responses and turnaround; easy to use website." - Farrah from Cheshire (Order No. M3271670) 01-10-2009
"First rate service. The process from start to finish is as easy as possible. Orders are processed quickly and cheques dispatched same day. There is simply no way the service could be improved and as such I recommend Mazuma to any and everyone." - Stephen from Surrey (Order No. M3249060) 01-10-2009
"Very good service and amazingly quick delivery and processing. thank you very much am very very very pleased" - Benjamin from Essex (Order No. M3271763) 01-10-2009
"I am absolutely delighted with the whole process of selling our Mobiles to you. It realy is as easy as you say it is on the advert, I got an excelent price and it was effortless. 10/10. ps even when I phoned you up I got through to a human within minutes who was not only very polite but informative" - David from Derbyshire (Order No. M3271865) 01-10-2009
"excellent service would love to use it again" - Sheryar from West Midlands (Order No. M3269157) 01-10-2009
"Quite simply an amazingly brilliant & simple service. 2 minutes to complete online, received prepaid package next day and following day cheque is on its way. What could be simpler. Thanks to all at Mazuma" - Barrie from Cumbria (Order No. M3274151) 01-10-2009
"everything was done very quickly.I posted my phone on tuesday and received my cheque on thursday.Very pleased" - Lisa from Porth (Order No. M3248698) 01-10-2009
"10/10 very please with service, very easy and quick." - Andy from Nottingham (Order No. M3248295) 01-10-2009
"it was really easy , your site is really easy to navigate , and the phone wasn't in the greatest condition yet you accepted it and within minutes i had a decision and you had e mailed to let me know my voucher is on its way , excellent service thanks" - Bethany from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3272151) 01-10-2009
"Mazuma, A great deal for an unwanted phone, Payment was next day not a single problem. I recommend then to any one who has an old phone, get hassle free cash. Thank you. Gregor" - Gregor from Somerset (Order No. M3271415) 01-10-2009
"Hi, Just a short note to say what a fantastic service. I saw your ad on Sky TV and it got me thinking about the two old phones in my drawer at work that were sitting there collecting dust ! Great communication and service. Thanks very much Mat" - Mathew from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3269052) 01-10-2009
"Once again I am totally amazed at the speed and level of service you have provided, thankyou so very much and I will be back in the future with more business. thanks to all at the team brilliant job, A+++++++++++" - Jonathan from Antrim (Order No. M3251767) 01-10-2009
"thanks very much, i hope to use mazuma again" - Kelly from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M3267531) 01-10-2009
"I would just like to say that selling my phone with Mazouma Mobile was very easy and quick. If I need to sell another mobile phone I will definately use you again." - Paula from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3270096) 01-10-2009
"Very pleased with the speed & efficiency from start to finish,less than a week,will recommend to family & friends,Thankyou very much." - Sandra from Avon (Order No. M3260886) 01-10-2009
"WOW Excellent customer service.kept me informed as to exactly what was happening.Was half expecting an email saying "sorry we have overpriced your order and it's only worth £xx.xx,do you still want us to continue with your order" will DEFINATELY recommend you to other people thank you. Excellent Service from start to finish 4days BRILLIANT Thanks" - Rachel from Cheshire (Order No. M3268349) 01-10-2009
"Posted my old phone Thursday evening. Nice cheque arrived Saturday morning. Brilliant service, very easy to use. Thank's" - Phil from Bucks (Order No. M3273120) 01-10-2009
"absolutely first class service cannot fault it at all. enquired about selling my phone on wednesday and got the cheque on saturday. Absolutely outstanding." - Darren from Berkshire (Order No. M3273784) 01-10-2009
"briiliant service,does everything the tv ad says,really plzd as i have put the voucher towards a i touch,..and its my birthday this week so what a gr8 start,ps i called customer service with a query,what a nice welcome,well done team ,thanks again...tracey.:)" - Tracey from Cumbria (Order No. M3270806) 01-10-2009
"thank you mazuma for taking my old mobiles off me, plus i got cash for them, bonus..ill definatley be using you again in the future..thank you :-) x" - Vicki from Cleveland (Order No. M3259777) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic Service Many thanks" - Cyril from S/Yorkshire (Order No. M3266662) 01-10-2009
"Superb service. Simple,Quick,Efficient.Very satisfied customer. Thanks." - Crawford from Stirling (Order No. M3270095) 01-10-2009
"Excellent fast friendly service, received cheque 2 days after i posted the phone, it was all very easy to do." - Jeff from Essex (Order No. M3270415) 01-10-2009
"Excellent service. Order completed in 5 days." - Deborah from London (Order No. M3271376) 01-10-2009
"Excellent !! very quick thanks" - Donna from Northants (Order No. M3247279) 01-10-2009
"Just amazing how fast and efficient Mazuma are.Highly recommended.I wish all businesses were like this" - Alan from Staffs (Order No. M3271850) 01-10-2009
"Very Quick payment, excellent service" - Alan from Strathclyde (Order No. M3242431) 01-10-2009
"Really impressed with a very efficiant & speedy service. !!! Many thanks.." - Lindsay from Surrey (Order No. M3272955) 01-10-2009
"very fast service I was very happy with the amount I got for my old mobile ,normaly my old mobile would have been left in a drawer so cheers you do a great job" - Christine from Angus (Order No. M3257256) 01-10-2009
"Very pleased with a fast and trouble free transaction" - Paul from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3264930) 01-10-2009
"found the whole experience very easy and efficient sent phones off in post and received check back within a few days very happy with all aspects and would use mazuma again." - Antony from Avon (Order No. M3242821) 01-10-2009
"I emailed you Tuesday 13, received an immediate confirmation, received the envelope on 15th, posted it back the same day and got the cheque the morning of the 17th!! Fantastic service!!! Well done...and thanks" - Peter from Cardiff (Order No. M3274225) 01-10-2009
"very impressive service, quick, very easy to use. all done within 5 days! thankyou" - Debbie from Nottingham (Order No. M3261345) 01-10-2009
"FANTASTIC service. I placed my order very late Tuesday evening and received my cheque Saturday morning. And the whole time I received email updates on what was happening with my order. VERY VERY pleased with Mazuma mobile. And I almost forgot to mention! I got an excellent price on a phone that had not been in use. 10/10 service!" - Grace from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3270665) 01-10-2009
"Rapid service, post and packing included, very quick payment. Excellent service. Thanks!" - Ian from S Yorks (Order No. M3258489) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic, exceeded expectations. Bag arrived within 2 working days and cheque arrived 48 hours after posting my phones." - Carl from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3263714) 01-10-2009
"Phone sent Thursday, Argos Vouchers recieved Saturday... Stunned at the ease and speed of Mazuma... Easier to use than E-Bay as well :o), Andrew McCallum, n/a, MM3273513 Simple to use completed in 4 days great will use you again thanks" - Mike from Oxon (Order No. M3256963) 01-10-2009
"I have to say I was really impressed with Mazuma. My order was processed very smoothly and I liked receiving email updates so I knew what stage my order was at. A very speedy and easy to use service that I would recommend to anyone." - Sian from Wales (Order No. M3220514) 01-10-2009
"Excellent fast service, was surprised how fast it was. I had recieved bag and cheque within 5days of placing order. Brilliant service." - Angela from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3265173) 01-10-2009
"Fantastic service. Very fast payment made. Many thanks." - James from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3268257) 01-10-2009
"I couldn,t believe how quickly the payment cheque arrived. Start to finish was five days. I am useless with the internet but this was so uncomplicated. Selling made easy? I should say so. Thanks Mazuma" - Michael from Suffulk (Order No. M3267258) 01-10-2009
"could not believe the speed in which i received my payment an excellent service and will use Mazuma in the future and i will recommend you THANKS" - John from Southyorkshire (Order No. M3264116) 01-10-2009
"Many thanks for the cheque i received within two days of posting the phone to you such quick service with many thanks j walker" - Judith from North Devon (Order No. M3259556) 01-10-2009
"very fast compleated and recieved payment within 5 days will use again most definatly very pleased and so very easy to use good contact through out" - Leanne from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3267242) 01-10-2009
"Very speedy service. Posted phones Mon, email rec'd Tues, cheque rec'd Weds. Excellent website." - Sarah from Hampshire (Order No. M3264313) 01-10-2009
"Excellent and efficient service. Will definitley use Mazuma again in the future." - Nick from Leicestershire (Order No. M3247173) 01-10-2009
"The system appears to operate very well i have been impressed with the communication and look forward to receiving the cheque!! I would recommend your services to others. Many thanks it has been very easy. Tim" - Tim from Herts (Order No. M3278599) 01-10-2009
"I have received confirmation of receipt and processing of my order within a couple of hours! The phones can only have been received by you this morning. That is amazing. I am gobsmacked at the speed of your service. Just have to hope Royal Mail are as efficient in returning my cheque. :-)" - Lynda from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3276563) 01-10-2009
"Very fast, easy 2 use and I will be using again in the future. Thanks Mazuma Lee" - Lee from West Midlands (Order No. M3265198) 01-10-2009
"thank you very much I'm very pleased with the service you gave me I will telling other people" - Sally from Dorset (Order No. M3271744) 01-10-2009
"Fabulous service. Very simple process and an easily nagigatable website. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend this site or to use it again myself." - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M3274106) 01-10-2009
"brill service all happened within three days my cheque is in the bank , cheers again" - Paula from Staffordshire (Order No. M3273095) 01-10-2009
"An excellent service. Received cheque despite postal dispute! Would definitely recommend others." - Marie from Lancashire (Order No. M3268086) 01-10-2009

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