Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

April 2009

"Really quick service - would highly recommend!! This is the second time I have used Mazuma, both times were hassle free and completed within a couple of days. FANTASTIC!" - Sarah from London (Order No. M2842460) 01-04-2009
"excellant service, no hassle informed the whole way through what was happening, when they received the phone and when they posted the check, will definitely use again and would recommend to anyone. thanks" - Linda from Down (Order No. M2777464) 01-04-2009
"Got a great price on the handset, the process was so easy and the payment was quick...!" - Luke from Surrey (Order No. M2842599) 01-04-2009
"WOW , the fastest easiset online experience ever !! GO MAZUMA!" - Adan from England (Order No. M2841492) 01-04-2009
"Wow, you are amazing,48 hours from posting my phone off to you and your cheque was through my door. I will recommend you to everyone, please feel free to use this email as an example of your excellent service. Babs Payne" - Barbara from Hants (Order No. M2833940) 01-04-2009
"Just recieved the emails to say order has been accepted and the cheque has been posted. Thank you for such quick turnaround and brilliant service! I would definately recommend your service to friends." - Claire from North East Lincolnshire (Order No. M2795931) 01-04-2009
"I loved it so quick and easy right now i am looking for more phones p.s.quick with the cheuq" - Stephan from Greater Manchester (Order No. M2750516) 01-04-2009
"very easy, it was quick and simple...thank you Mazuma!!!" - Peter from West Midlands (Order No. M2845405) 01-04-2009
"Amazing! Really quick and so easy! I will be 100% using you again in the future! Thank you! X" - Jamie from Conwy (Order No. M2843468) 01-04-2009
"Thanks for a swift, easy and secure transaction." - Brian from Lancs (Order No. M2832240) 01-04-2009
"Great service, very quick and easy to use and good price for our unused phones,fantastic. Thanks very much." - Simon from N/A (Order No. M2839851) 01-04-2009
"It is only one way to say what I am really thinking about MAZUMA - AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!! I am fall in love of this service, fast answer, prompt payment - YOU suprise me guys!!!! I RECOMENDLY AT ALL!!!!" - Ana from Tottenham Hale (Order No. M2745312) 01-04-2009
"I couldn't believe how quick the process was! I posted the phones on Thursday and had the cheque on the Tuesday. Thank you, will use mazuma again" - Michelle from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2844451) 01-04-2009
"I highly value your company for the speedy and professional way in which you dealt with my order..i will be recommending you my family and friends..thank you again..gggg" - Sean from West Glamorgan (Order No. M2844646) 01-04-2009
"BRILLIANT SERVICE VERY PLEASED THANK YOU VERY MUCH" - Margaret from Staffordshire (Order No. M2840141) 01-04-2009
"A Star Service" - David from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2737191) 01-04-2009
"great service will recommend to all my family and friends thank you." - Irfan from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2845672) 01-04-2009
"Amazing!! I couldn`t believe it could work so easy and simple. Thank you!!!" - Isis from London (Order No. M2840449) 01-04-2009
"Mazuma...fab so easy and if my money arrives as you say what a service !! i will tell all my mates and i'll use you again !!" - Umberto from Wilts (Order No. M2841322) 01-04-2009
"An amazing service, Everything ran realy smoothly and efficently. Well done to all members of the company for providing a no-noncence service." - Chris from Avon (Order No. M2844644) 01-04-2009
"It is really a pleasure to deal with you, I have been in touch twice and got rid of three old mobiles easily and I was paid for that. I recommend Mazuma mobile to everyone who has got old mobiles and don't use them" - Katerina from Surrey (Order No. M2843427) 01-04-2009
"Fanatastic, and so quick. Very impressed" - Angela from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2844697) 01-04-2009
"couldnt be happier, fast turn around time will definately use again and recommend to others first class" - Martyn from Greater M/C (Order No. M2845301) 01-04-2009
"just want to say thank you for giving my old phone a new lease of life and to say that you have been really helpful and that your system work really well and that you kept me well informed all the best in the future , i will recommend you to everyone i know" - Darren from Glos (Order No. M2846175) 01-04-2009
"really good services will you it again" - Kris from West Lothian (Order No. M2843402) 01-04-2009
"Express payment received within 2 working day - very efficient service." - Lesley from Aberdeen City (Order No. M2843405) 01-04-2009
"fast easy and relable" - Michael from Merseyside (Order No. M2843796) 01-04-2009
"Have used Mazuma a few times now and will continue to use again. Recommend to my friends who have since gone on to sell their phone through you and they've raved about you! Keep up the good work." - Katie from Kent (Order No. M2830702) 01-04-2009
"Really quick to process order and makes good use of disposing of old mobile phones" - Anthony from Hampshire (Order No. M2838692) 01-04-2009
"great service! really quick instructions and payment, no hassle - will use Mazuma Mobile again and definitely recommend!" - Claire from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2801546) 01-04-2009
"Great communication, very easy and very very quick! Thank u!" - Jade from Somerset (Order No. M2833228) 01-04-2009
"Fast,efficient,fair,no hassle. Thank you." - Jack from Midlothian (Order No. M2831385) 01-04-2009
"wow what a great fast service very inpressed ,im going to spread the word ! thank you/" - Sharon from South Glamorgan (Order No. M2842321) 01-04-2009
"Fast, easy service. An excellent way to make use of old phones." - Philip from West Midlands (Order No. M2842289) 01-04-2009
"What a great service! Postal package was sent immediately and cheque shortly followed! Envirofone need to shape up!" - Simon from Berks (Order No. M2830271) 01-04-2009
"I was extremely impressed with this service - it was very efficient. Everything was made easy, I really couldnt ask for much more. Thank you" - Matt from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2829588) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service. Fast, reliable, quick to respond to any emails, out of normal working hours too! Thanks Mazuma" - Danny from Kent (Order No. M2605695) 01-04-2009
"These People leave no stone unturned in their efforts to serve those that use them. They are a credit to industry and what's more they are honest to a fault. A real pleasure to be served by Mazuma." - Frank from London (Order No. M2846694) 01-04-2009
"Unbelievable service, Day 1, entered details on website. Day 2, package was received and phone sent to Mazuma. Day 3, conformation Email Day 4, Received Payment. Will recommend to all, Thank you" - Sean from Essex (Order No. M2829726) 01-04-2009
"Very reliable. fast response and good trade!" - Mischa from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2715484) 01-04-2009
"hiya, once again, what a fabulous service, if only everyone worked this fast! thanks again :)" - Christine from Co. Durham (Order No. M2845193) 01-04-2009
"great service, great price, super fast from start to finish" - Tom from Lancashire (Order No. M2845613) 01-04-2009
"simple, fast, effictant a great website. Thank you." - Karen from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2763955) 01-04-2009
"What a Fantastic website! I have recommended it to most of my Friends, Thank you !" - Melissa from Essex (Order No. M2842180) 01-04-2009
"Excellent, couldn't be easier and the service is like lightning! Would recommend wholeheartedly." - Ian from Devon (Order No. M2835523) 01-04-2009
"Hi, I would just like to say how impressed I was with the speed and efficiency of your service!!! Thanks alot for turning my old mobiles into cash!!!!" - Jonathan from West Sussex (Order No. M2834807) 01-04-2009
"providing i get the cheque in the next couple of days, i'll be telling everyone how efficient and 'easy-to-use' you are. bloomin' marvelous service!" - Jim from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2841582) 01-04-2009
"Super fast response and payment,will definitely recommend." - Michael from Norfolk (Order No. M2837044) 01-04-2009
"you are realy good. the best one i have been on up to now. thank you." - Joanne from United Kingdom (Order No. M2843892) 01-04-2009
"Most impressive is this service I would recommend it world wide." - John from Lancs (Order No. M2845932) 01-04-2009
"great service, would definately use again, thanks." - Andrew from Cleveland (Order No. M2844366) 01-04-2009
"great service excellent comunication and got my payment within 48 hours so well done ..i have and will continue to recommend you ..thanks" - Nigel from West Sussex (Order No. M2839367) 01-04-2009
"Quick and easy! Excellent! THANK YOU!" - Angela from Bucks (Order No. M2834495) 01-04-2009
"great service!! i sent my phone thursday 23rd . i recived an email to say that my order was processed 10.30 am the next day and got my cheque on the 25th ...great stuff well done!!" - Nigel from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2839376) 01-04-2009
"Fantastically quick!!! We definately recommend." - Sarah from Shropshire (Order No. M2839259) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service. Received cheque the day after my phone was received! Fab-highly recommended!" - Emma from West Glamorgan (Order No. M2722624) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for the cheque which you sent me and for the speed of your service which was very good indeed." - Chris from Bristol (Order No. M2833392) 01-04-2009
"everything was done nice and quick and with no hassle" - Garry from Stanley (Order No. M2720208) 01-04-2009
"I will reccommend Mazuma to all my friends. This was a very easy and plesant transaction and i am very happy with the speedy service and great email contact. Thanks very much." - Liam from Midlothian (Order No. M2810087) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, been recommending it to friends" - David from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2815559) 01-04-2009
"Wonderful fast and efficient service.Posted my phone late wednesday afternoon,recieved confirmation of reciept of phone by email lunch thursday,also saying they will let me know when cheque will be posted,recieved that email 2 hours later,recieeved cheque Saturday morning.Wil definately reccommend and use Mazuma again.Elaine." - Elaine from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2831574) 01-04-2009
"Great Fast Delivery of the cheque and brilliant communications when you got my phone and when you posted of the cheque. Thanks for the extra speedy service" - Neetan from Middlesex (Order No. M2836071) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant Service!" - Brian from North Somerset (Order No. M2836330) 01-04-2009
"I thought it was a fantastic service, quick, easy, no messing, from filling out the online form, my cheque was here within just a few days ... brilliant, I'm searching high and low for more phones now...thank you!!" - Madeleine from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2754141) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service - thank you! Posted mobile at 4.45 one evening, received confirmatory email following day and cheque arrived on 2nd day. Wow! Well done." - Veronica from Suffolk (Order No. M2800565) 01-04-2009
"I was very impressed with the excellent service i received and the quick payment. I am so used to getting a poor and inefficient level of service from all other sectors I did not really believe the comments I read on your website. You certainly achieve the endorsements you have received. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and use you services again. Thanks" - Helen from N/A (Order No. M2836536) 01-04-2009
"exellant service thank you" - Linda from Beds (Order No. M2840533) 01-04-2009
"At first, I sent the wrong phone. No problems for Mazuma. They returned it FOC and I then sent the right one. Hey presto!!!!! the cheque arrived within 48 hours. Superb service. I will be recomending you to all my collegues and friends. Thanks very much for first class operation. M Linnett" - Melvyn from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2769747) 01-04-2009
"Mazuma is THE best company I have ever had the pleasure of trading with. I can sell my phone, receive the packaging to send it, send it in and have the cheque all in a matter of days! Keep up the good work; I look forward to trading with you in the future." - Alexis from Berkshire (Order No. M2841202) 01-04-2009
"Thanks for a quick and easy service." - Ian from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M2835116) 01-04-2009
"excellent service, amazingly fast payment will definitely recommend to all our friends" - Alan from Derbyshire (Order No. M2843145) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service. I was surprised how quickly I received my cheque. Thank you!!" - Claire from Gloucestershire (Order No. M2837908) 01-04-2009
"So happy, very fast and easy to use. Will be using again and have past on details to friends and family. 10 out of 10" - Samantha from Lancshire (Order No. M2749206) 01-04-2009
"Great service! its such a fast service it toke 4 days from when i looked at the website to when i got my chegue trough." - Andrew from West Sussex (Order No. M2842292) 01-04-2009
"This was a really pleasant experience dealing with you. It was quick, efficient, hassle free and I received payment this morning. Thank you very much I will use your service again." - Stephen from Down (Order No. M2729440) 01-04-2009
"once again a fast and simple proccess. Thanks" - Kim from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2839552) 01-04-2009
"Thankyou for my cheque you have restored my faith in human nature. I have been scamed that many times i thought it would happen again ( mind you i havent cashed cheque yet)i will be telling my friends about Mazuma and any further phones i want to get rid of will be sent your way thanks again.teresa brenchley" - Teresa from Ceredigion (Order No. M2834972) 01-04-2009
"Very happy with the price for my Nokia 6600.Quick service and no hassle from start to finish (within 12 days).Easy to follow instructions and information regarding posting phone. Very happy will use Mazuma again for sure. Thanks" - Philip from Hampshire (Order No. M2787973) 01-04-2009
"Very pleased with quick action and response by Mazuma" - William from Merseyside (Order No. M2815790) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service, old phone posted Thursday pm, cheque arrived Saturday am." - Keith from Devon (Order No. M2843537) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service!! Got my cheque today! Have recommended you to all my friends!" - Angie from Dorset (Order No. M2837832) 01-04-2009
"excellent service, inquired Tues and all completed by Sat when my cheque arrived. Fantastic!!!!!!!" - Sian from Merseyside (Order No. M2842842) 01-04-2009
"this is the second time i have delt with you.once again i recived excellant thanks to yourself and your team. good service is rare these days thanks again." - Mavis from Herts (Order No. M2834894) 01-04-2009
"Just to let you know I am extremely impressed with your service. I was sent a prepaid envelope straight away in which I posted my phone to you on Thursday pm and received a cheque this morn (Sat). I am very pleased with how quick I got my money. Many thanks. Helen." - Helen from West Midlands (Order No. M2841251) 01-04-2009
"£59 for a old phone thats been it a draw for over 1 year it money for nothing" - Gary from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2835957) 01-04-2009
"Would just like to say how wonderful and efficient i think your serivce was. i was quoted a price posted my phones and before i knew it i had the cheque with the same original price that was quoted!! scams or then changing the prices like envorofone do...they quote u a really expensive price and u think im gonna get loads of money and then u get an email sayin ther was a hairline scratch on the screen were going to have to take off £20 from the original price quoted so then u end up with nothin!...but very very impressed with mazuma will definietly be using it again!!! X" - Alexandra from Cheshire (Order No. M2839456) 01-04-2009
"Very prompt service and kept well informed" - Gwenda from Dorset (Order No. M2830764) 01-04-2009
"less than 48 hrs and £105 into pocket for my old phone that never got used" - Gary from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2835967) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service - sent my mobile on Wednesday and received my cheque on Saturday. Will recommend you to all my friends." - Steven from Middlesex (Order No. M2832108) 01-04-2009
"great trade easy to do thanks" - Amanda from West Midlands (Order No. M2838951) 01-04-2009
"very fast and easy transaction! thank you! I am actually gathering as many phones as possible for you as i am aiming to raise £1000 before july as i am going to bolivia for two months to save endangered endangered animals from the black market! the money i raise will go towards medicines and care for the animals before we will send them back to the wild where they belong! This is a great way to raise some valuble £'s! Thanks again!! no doubt i will be back soon!" - Chrissie from Norfolk (Order No. M2842111) 01-04-2009
"I am very pleased with the service I have received from Mazuma. I have found it quick, easy, fair and usefull. Thanks" - Samantha from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2831376) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for the speedy service. The whole deal was completed in less than 5 days. I will definately recommend your company to my friends." - Ian from Dorset (Order No. M2835903) 01-04-2009
"Thankyou for your quick response.Your customer service have been most helpful. I will not hesitate to use your company again." - Teresa from E Yorkshire (Order No. M2839247) 01-04-2009
"great service highly reccomend to others will tell all my mates thanks again dan" - Danny from Hampshire (Order No. M2837101) 01-04-2009
"thanks very much" - Sandra from London (Order No. M2731299) 01-04-2009
"I have got nothing but praise for the excellent first class service. Thank you" - Sandra from London (Order No. M2829627) 01-04-2009
"Super lightening quick ,would highly recomend ,first class thanks again." - Colin from West Dumbartonshire (Order No. M2836191) 01-04-2009
"Thanks for making this transaction go so quickly and smoothly, a must for a rating of 5 stars for your easy to use service! I will certainly be recommending your services to my friends and family. Best Regards." - Michael from Merseyside (Order No. M2842465) 01-04-2009
"I was very impressed with this service, the feedback e- mails were great and kept me informed of how the process was going. Also the order was dealt with extremely quickly which is very pleasing. i would definately recommend Mazuma! 10/10!!" - Natalie from Hampshire (Order No. M2739825) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service and very fast. I sent my phone off on a Saturday and got an email on the Monday saying it had been processed and recieved my payment by Wednesday! Very Happy." - Hayley from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2798926) 01-04-2009
"i found mazuma to be very efficient and helpful as well as giving me the best value for my mobile than any of the other online companies.many thanks mazuma!" - Gary from Cheshire (Order No. M2842953) 01-04-2009
"hi there, i only got in touch with you on wednesday, recieved my envelope thursday, and now you have just emailed me to let me know my cheque has been sent out... and its only friday! i'm impressed :) thanx" - Christine from Co. Durham (Order No. M2842897) 01-04-2009
"excellent service quick and easy.thanks JOHN" - John from Derbyshire (Order No. M2837065) 01-04-2009
"very impressed , so ive sent you another phone , so easy even i can do it" - Phil from Yorkshire (Order No. M2839379) 01-04-2009
"nice to do buisiness with you received payment today. Thanks MR B Drewry." - Brian from Yorkshire (Order No. M2834816) 01-04-2009
"Great service! Very quick and super easy - all sorted within a week!" - Stephanie from London (Order No. M2838385) 01-04-2009
"Thanks, very good service. Will use you again, when I need to." - Philip; from Northants (Order No. M2841010) 01-04-2009
"I was a little dubious at first, but it was so easy to sort out. Very straight forward and no messing about. And i am £50 better off. I will reccomend you to any of my friends that have old mobiles laying around. Thank you for an efficient service. James." - James from Notts (Order No. M2840538) 01-04-2009
"absolutely fantastic service, i posted the phone wednesday afternoon and recieved the cheque friday morning, brilliant!" - Adam from Gloucestershire (Order No. M2835126) 01-04-2009
"Saw the advert last week signed up on monday and I am now £59 better off!! Brilliant. It was all so easy and quick. Will definately recommend service to friends and family. Ann" - Ann from Leicestershire (Order No. M2837563) 01-04-2009
"Mazuma you have impressed me! I'm a sinic and wondered if i would receive a cheque from you after sending of my phone. The whole process was so easy and simple from start to finish. Its been great doing business with you. Well done you!" - Lynne from Roxburghshire (Order No. M2830425) 01-04-2009
"What a very good service so easy and quick. Posted the phone to Mazuma on Wednesday and cheque arrived on Friday. Superb service. Will recommend Mazuma to all." - Belinda from East Sussex (Order No. M2836000) 01-04-2009
"simple and fast will us this service again" - Arren from Kent (Order No. M2839479) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, will highly recommend to everyone I know!!" - Stacey from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2623752) 01-04-2009
"great service simple and very fast. it took just 5 days from start finish to revice payment" - Arren from Kent (Order No. M2839457) 01-04-2009
"excellent service, well organised, simple to use and and prompt" - John from North Somerset (Order No. M2834412) 01-04-2009
"just wanted to say well done on the whole thing. its the easiest £58 i have made and i have told EVERYONE i know to do it. its great to see a company that has thought through the user experience and kept things simple. cheers to all at Mazuma." - Mike from Wiltshire (Order No. M2680228) 01-04-2009
"thank you for your very speedy actions it was a real pleasure to do business with you. barry" - Barry from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2830378) 01-04-2009
"excellent service!" - John from Middx (Order No. M2752750) 01-04-2009
"absolutely excellent fast and efficient service, many thanks" - Alan from Derbyshire (Order No. M2830833) 01-04-2009
"i found the process very convenient and the service extremely professional.Kudos!" - Yousuf from Shropshire (Order No. M2830204) 01-04-2009
"excellent response to m y request to trade in my phone. awaiting my cheque very pleased with the service, lesley taylor, n/a, M12715628 Very good service. The system is easy to use and efficent" - Sarah from Surrey (Order No. M2530579) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service!!! Quicker and easier than envirophone and you give much better prices than them too! That's why I will continue to chose Mazuma over Envirophone!" - Claire from Lancashire (Order No. M2839300) 01-04-2009
"i was really pleased with the speed of recieving all my mail, its fast and easy thank you very much." - Gemma from Berkshire (Order No. M2833648) 01-04-2009
"What a wonderment Mazuma is... I originally approached another recycling phone co and then saw your adverty on tv and out of interest logged on your website to find out my old phone was worth a very generous 40 quid!!!! the website is very easy to navigate and very simple - Always a good thing!!!! The post it back bag is excellent as is the paid postage!! I even forgot to post my old phone before the deadline date i was issued but still had a chance to redeem my order via an extension!!!! AMAZINGLY GENEROUS!!!! I will definately reccommend to everyone i know!!!!! Keep up the good work!!" - Arron from Torfaen (Order No. M2566499) 01-04-2009
"Can't believe how quick and simple it was.Will use again, thanks" - Maxine from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2762920) 01-04-2009
"Incredibly fast and efficient. Phone was collected from post tbox on Tuesday, I had recieved the Cheque in the post on the Thursday..! Definately will use again and recommend to friends. Thanks!! Mark" - Mark from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2709814) 01-04-2009
"One real happy customer" - Peter from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2833360) 01-04-2009
"Very efficient, vey speedy, very good. Thanks" - Paul from Kent (Order No. M2836425) 01-04-2009
"fantastic service. very professional and quick" - Arthur from Lancashire (Order No. M2791712) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, very fast, very efficient, you kept me up-to-date throughout with your emails. Best rates paid, better than Envirofone, would recommend to everyone, in fact I already have." - Henry from Kent (Order No. M2835846) 01-04-2009
"Very swiftly processed and very reliable service. I will definitely use Mazuma again! Thanks" - Joseph from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2835598) 01-04-2009
"This is the second time i have used sold an old mobile to you and both times your sevice has been quick and very easy great work folks wish every company treate their customers your way. Cheers R wallace" - Robert from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2837424) 01-04-2009
"A fantastic service, speedy and easy to use. I will be recomending you to everyone I know!!!" - Emma from Devon (Order No. M2834289) 01-04-2009
"excellent service, excellent price , will use every time, processed much quicker than envirophone. thanks :)" - Chris from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2838708) 01-04-2009
"Very quick and easy service to use, all done and dusted within a week. Thank you" - Hulse from Cheshire (Order No. M2829817) 01-04-2009
"Very fast in processing and payment.Well impressed. Will use again." - Heather from Armagh (Order No. M2808379) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely brilliant! simple strightforward process! Very quick and easy." - Kim from Lincs (Order No. M2808943) 01-04-2009
"Wow. Fast, friendly & great website. If only everything in life was this easy. Already spreading the word. Thanks" - Shelley from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2832654) 01-04-2009
"Unbelievable service ! Only sent phone yesterday and youve already despatched payment. Ive got another phone or 2 that i'l certainly be digging out now" - John from West Midlands (Order No. M2738833) 01-04-2009
"very good service. easy to use. thank you" - Simon from Kent (Order No. M2840512) 01-04-2009
"I am very impressed with your service. It was extremely fast and trouble free. I receved my return envelope the day after i entered my details on your we site and i received my cheque the day after you received my old phone. lastly, you offered me a better price than envirophone - it was only a small amount but every extra pound in my pocket is worth having." - Tyrone from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M2825669) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service took no time at all to the receive the freepost bag once sent, I received the cheque 2 days later great service." - Olivia from Oxon (Order No. M2832581) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service. Quick and efficient. 5 star." - Karen from Essex (Order No. M2746658) 01-04-2009
"A fantastic service which I will be recommending and also very informative at all stages of your transaction. Thank you for you excellent service. All I am waiting for now is my cheque to arrive thanks Billy" - Billy from Ayrshire (Order No. M2840153) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service! My order was processed as soon as it was received and I received my cheque the next day. The whole process took less than one week! Big thumbs up Mazuma!" - Angela from Fife (Order No. M2815735) 01-04-2009
"You bought my phone which was broken and would have ended up in the kids toy room, I got £73.00 so its going towards a good night out kid free!! Thanks Mazuma x" - Jules from Northumberland (Order No. M2829798) 01-04-2009
"simple procedure good prices excellent service thank you kindly" - Ali from Middlesex (Order No. M2736509) 01-04-2009
"Can't believe in less than 7 days that something wasting away on a shelf was turned into cash. no fuss no bother, so easy. Thank you !!!" - N from Notts (Order No. M2830278) 01-04-2009
"Although i have not recieved payment yet i know it will be with me tomorrow. So many thanks you will be hearing from me again in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Sandie from West Sussex (Order No. M2524034) 01-04-2009
"what excellant service, could not believe how quickly my order was processed and cheque received. how easy life would be if other companies followed your example, thankyou." - Ann from West Lothian (Order No. M2784704) 01-04-2009
"this service is excellent couldnt believe how quick the order was delt with and the cheque was recieved i will reccommend to friends and family" - Lisa from Lancs (Order No. M2728071) 01-04-2009
"fantastic. So so so easy. Will definately recommend." - Kim from Kent (Order No. M2834122) 01-04-2009
"Really fast and simple and good value for a phone sitting there and doing nothing. Seriously recommended for anyone!" - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M2834522) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service, The freepost envelope arrived the next day and when the post office finally delivered the phone a week later it took you just 2 hours to send my cheque which arrived the next day. I have been telling anyone who will listen just how brilliant Mazuma Mobile is. Thank you very much for a first rate service." - Liz from Hants (Order No. M2703960) 01-04-2009
"I sold 2 phones at the same time. Posted them on Saturday and got the cheques on Wednesday. Faultless admin by Mazuma. Completely hassle free! Nice job. Cheers" - Peter from Dumfries & Galloway (Order No. M2829941) 01-04-2009
"Can not fault your service at all. Were very quick in sending me my freepost envelope and in all everything was very easy to do. Thanks" - Siobhan from East Dunbartonshire (Order No. M2801413) 01-04-2009
"thank you superb service" - Adam from Cheshire (Order No. M2831638) 01-04-2009
"Very quick service five days from posting to receiving cheque" - Linda from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2761610) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, fast, hasle free, will be using mazuma again." - Mark from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2831975) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic company, fast efficient service. Thank you very much. Will definately recommend to friends. Louise x" - Louise from West Glamorgan (Order No. M2834760) 01-04-2009
"Amazing! Couldn't have asked for more. Your turnaround time is fantastic. Thanks Mazuma!" - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M2831509) 01-04-2009
"Very impressed!I don't normally complete these feedback forms but credit where credit's due. If you want a quick, hassel free way of getting cash for your old mobile, use Mazuma.I wouldn't hessitate to recommend to anyone. Great service! Posted my phone on Monday. It is now Wednesday and I have my money. That's quick!" - Stewart from Suffolk (Order No. M2806798) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant fast service. Have been kept informed throughout. Just received my confirmation email and have no doubt my cheque will be just as fast. Very good service." - Helen from London (Order No. M2832781) 01-04-2009
"a fast and efficient service, many thanks" - Robert from Essex (Order No. M2834018) 01-04-2009
"I was very impressed at the speed at which I was dealt with at Muzuma Mobile.I will most certainly deal with them again in the future and I will recommend them to anyone who may require their services" - Sabrina from Hampshire (Order No. M2820096) 01-04-2009
"THANK YOU. REALLY FAST SERVICE. VERY PLEASED." - Melissa from Wilts (Order No. M2831887) 01-04-2009
"Very quick and very good thank you mazuma." - Charlie from Essex (Order No. M2834573) 01-04-2009
"I couldn't believe how simple the process was! I decided to trade in my phone, rather than leave it to degrade in a draw and for me to throw it away in a few months. The freepost envelope was here within a day, and then once I'd got around to popping my phone in (my part took longer than Mazuma's!) and taking it to the post office, i recieved an email...THE NEXT DAY...saying they had recieved it and it was tip top. And even better, i recieved an email an hour later saying it was all ok and my cheque was in the post! Seriously.....Mazuma is Magic!! Thanks a bunch guys! x" - Nadine from Surrey (Order No. M2801137) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service, very quick and easy, good prices aswell will definitely be using (AND RECOMMENDING) Mazuma Mobile again" - Mark from Somerset (Order No. M2835075) 01-04-2009
"I'm very impressed with the service. You pay a lot more than other companies, and everything happened very quickly." - Jon from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M2829520) 01-04-2009
"That was so quick and easy thank you i will use you again in the future" - Claire from Cornwall (Order No. M2825006) 01-04-2009
"Great service, did exactly what was promised, will use again and happily recommend to others." - David from Wiltshire (Order No. M2831466) 01-04-2009
"Thankyou! That was the easiest £19 I've ever made. I will recommend your service to anyone who will listen!!" - Alison from Manchester (Order No. M2668710) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service, phone sent Monday morning, cheque arrived Wednesday morning! Fantastic!" - Clare from Devon (Order No. M2832565) 01-04-2009
"Very quick and efficient service - you even sent a reminder that I hadn't shipped my handset, so thanks for that! Would use the service again." - Anna from Wiltshire (Order No. M2594082) 01-04-2009
"This was very quickly done :) i was suprised when the cheque came. Thanks" - Gemma from Lancashire (Order No. M2766886) 01-04-2009
"Best service I have had from a company for a long time" - John from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2836592) 01-04-2009
"I found Mazuma very quick and easy to use. They delivered everything that they advertised. I shall definitely be using them again. Thank you." - Andrew from Birmingham (Order No. M2667016) 01-04-2009
"That was brilliant , It was all done and dusted in 4 working days from placing info on the computer to recieveing the cheque . I would recommend Mazuma to anyone ." - Julie from Devon (Order No. M2831422) 01-04-2009
"I found Mazuma very quick and easy to use. They delivered everything that they advertised. I shall definitely be using them again. Thanks you." - Andrew from Birmingham (Order No. M2667016) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely fantastic dealing with Mazuma Mobile. Great turnaround and simple process to use. THANKS!" - Tracey from Ayrshire (Order No. M2728594) 01-04-2009
"I found your service very easy and beneficial to use, you were very helpful and I am very pleased with the outcome! I look forward to spending my £41.00! Thankyou, Rachel Peel" - Rachel from Northumberland (Order No. M2833633) 01-04-2009
"a really easy and efficient service. what an easy way to get money for your unwanted phones. I would definately use you again. Thank you" - Sarah from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2830988) 01-04-2009
"Couldnt be simpler, posted Saturday cheque arrived Tuesday, great service, looking forward to more." - Norman from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2784593) 01-04-2009
"I found mazuma to be very fast and professional. I would highly recommend the company to any friends without a second thought." - Kim from Renfrewshire (Order No. M2786829) 01-04-2009
"What a super service you provide,everything was so simple and quick. received my cheque as promised and feel good that i,ve put my old mobile to good use, instead of just putting it in a drawer somewhere.. Thankyou and will highly recommend you to others." - Catherine from Berkshire (Order No. M2768800) 01-04-2009
"I don't usually leave feedback but on this occasion I have made an exception. I would like to say that your service was straight forward, very easy and professional. I am happy with the price that I got compared to the likes of Ebay considering the fees and postage I would have had to pay. A+ on all accounts. Thank you." - Christian from Monmouthshire (Order No. M2648737) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant, so quick and easy, you got my vote..." - Ray from Essex (Order No. M2770176) 01-04-2009
"excerlent service will reccomend" - Michael from Berkshire (Order No. M2830241) 01-04-2009
"What a easy to use fantastic service - i will def reccomend this service to my friends and family." - Erica from Kent (Order No. M2808130) 01-04-2009
"I was amazing with how quick and easy the whole process was. I found the website so simple to use and in less that a week I've received a cheque, Brilliant!" - Emma from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2827661) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for making the whole process so easy, from my inital enquiry to the end. I was suprised that i only posted my envelope with the phones last Friday 17/04/09, and I had received my cheque on Tuesday 21/04/09. Thank you for the very prompt service." - Hardial from Berkshire (Order No. M2756905) 01-04-2009
"Hi a very easy to use webb site.The service was very fast,and pain free.Thank you very much. regards Lance" - Lance from Surrey (Order No. M2765719) 01-04-2009
"recieved cheque really quickly, just 3 days after sending phone. fast quick and smooth sevice, very pleased, will definately use again, thanks, Q." - Quinton from Staffordshire (Order No. M2799558) 01-04-2009
"I chose Mazuma because they offered more money than other companies, were available through my cashback site (, and seemed more straight-forward to use. Having just received my cheque, I can say that everything was really easy, hassle-free and simple. I am very happy with Mazuma and I'm sure I will use it again." - Robin from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2825900) 01-04-2009
"what an excellent service, so quick and easy to do, have a number of phones in my drawer doing nothing and now i have a cheque on the way great!" - Jackie from Northants (Order No. M2792460) 01-04-2009
"Your service is outstanding. I was very impressed with the way you kept me informed by email of progress, the very speedy despatch of the envelope to send you my phone and (best of all!) the rapid delivery of my cheque. Thank you. I will certainly recommend you to friends." - John from Cheshire (Order No. M2833387) 01-04-2009
"Simple to follow postal instructions updates by email cheque within a couple of days - would highly recommend!" - Leanne from Londonderry (Order No. M2745501) 01-04-2009
"The service was so quick simple and easy to use, with reasonable rates too. Mazuma Mobile is definatly the place to sell old mobiles!" - Tasmin from Hampshire (Order No. M2776832) 01-04-2009
"Excellent Service, will recommend it to anyone" - Elizabeth from Merseyside (Order No. M2830998) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant, friendly, quick, easy service.. Pleasure to do business with you.. Thank you mazuma." - Jason from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2682164) 01-04-2009
"What can I say?? Once again fantastic, speedy service!! Thank you so much" - Gina from Lancs (Order No. M2824598) 01-04-2009
"OUTSTANDING service; totally professional - easy peasy speedy!!! Well done on being an example on how a web business should be." - Christopher from London (Order No. M2655504) 01-04-2009
"brilliant company quick and easy service cheque came within days of sending the phone off i will recommend mazuma to family and freinds will definitely use again thanks again mazuma." - Catherine from West Glamorgan (Order No. M2831472) 01-04-2009
"Quick and good service thanks" - Andrea from Glasgow (Order No. M2833086) 01-04-2009
"EXCELLENT!!! What Service we couldn't have asked for an easier method or faster turnaround." - Sharon from Hants (Order No. M2829064) 01-04-2009
"This is a brilliant sevice quick and easy. Def use it again." - Sian from Port Talbot (Order No. M2833369) 01-04-2009
"ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC SERVICE" - May from Fife (Order No. M2832687) 01-04-2009
"cant believe how easy and quick selling my mobiles was thank you" - Ann from Flintshire (Order No. M2810243) 01-04-2009
"Fast and efficient service!Sent the phone off yesterday and my cheque is already in the post! great stuff!" - David from Middlesex (Order No. M2824191) 01-04-2009
"WOW - AMAZING SERVICE - I HAVE RECOMMENDED YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS - Professional, Efficient, Friendly, FIRST CLASS" - Heather from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2779778) 01-04-2009
"Really easy and very fast transaction! Was really impressed. Thankyou" - Cheryl from Staffordshire (Order No. M2748478) 01-04-2009
"Very impressed. Extremely easy to use. Fast and efficient service. Will definately use you again and would recommend you to family and friends" - David from Lancashire (Order No. M2780021) 01-04-2009
"I want to thank u for your quick response in sending my money to me. Your system of sending my phone was so straight forward. Iwant to thank you again, i will be passing your name onto my friends. John." - John from Londonderry (Order No. M2616373) 01-04-2009
"The service was just brilliant. Well done." - Jacky from West Midlands (Order No. M2741029) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for such an effecient and excellent service. I would highly recommend Mazuma. Thanks Sue." - Susan from London (Order No. M2791018) 01-04-2009
"Just wanted to say that I was well impressed with the ease of sending old mobiles through to payment. The whole process was hassle free and I would definitely recommend this to others. Well done. Very professional" - Lucy from Berkshire (Order No. M2827528) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic fast and efficiant what more can i say will tell friends and family how easy it is. Thank you." - Alison from Kent (Order No. M2770220) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service.Went online Thursday, prepaid packet received Saturday, cheque arrived Tuesday, you can't get any faster than that, & it was all so easy. Thank You." - Stephen from South Yorks (Order No. M2821370) 01-04-2009
"excellent service.very quickly processed.highly recommended" - Allison from Renfrewshire (Order No. M2716477) 01-04-2009
"excellent service, no hassle, will recommend to family and friends, tks" - Damian from Down (Order No. M2827595) 01-04-2009
"Fantanstic service, very user friendly. I couldnt be happier!" - Tracy from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2721104) 01-04-2009
"Excellant service" - Andrew from Middlesex (Order No. M2665320) 01-04-2009
"Gave me a very good trade in price... £54 for an old colour nokia.. delivery...reliable used mazuma twice an had no problems,an free delivery :D highly recommended!!" - Dan from West Midlands (Order No. M2674783) 01-04-2009
"fantastic service" - Robert from Norfolk (Order No. M2829575) 01-04-2009
"First Class so easy thankyou" - Ralph from West Midlands (Order No. M2694807) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely painless the hardest thing I had to do was find my EMEI number. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend the service. From posting to payment in 4 days cant be beaten, it will take longer for the cheque to clear" - David from Lancs (Order No. M2828108) 01-04-2009
"Have sold 3 phones now with mazuma and it couldn't have been easier..would def use this site again.." - Paul from Devon (Order No. M2733515) 01-04-2009
"Very good service. Easy to use. Would use again and would recommend to friends and family" - Gail from Angus (Order No. M2667387) 01-04-2009
"Prompt and impressive all-round service." - Mark from Antrim (Order No. M2747243) 01-04-2009
"Prompt and impressive all-round service." - Mark from Antrim (Order No. M2747243) 01-04-2009
"I found the whole process to be very friendly,not to mention the fact that your promo material does everything it says on the tin." - Terry from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2812694) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic sold. sent and cheque received all within three days. Its does not get better than that." - Alfie from Kent (Order No. M2783753) 01-04-2009
"Using your service was unbelievably easy to use and very fast. I would definately use again." - Vicky from Merseyside (Order No. M2784018) 01-04-2009
"Very good service, thnx a lot" - Veslava from Surrey (Order No. M2653104) 01-04-2009
"I found your details extremely easy to follow and it was 'easy peasy' thank your team for me, nice to have done business with you." - Lewis from West Midlands (Order No. M2832952) 01-04-2009
"faultless, impeccable, would and have highly recommend without reservation, thank you, for 1st class service." - Bryan from Kent (Order No. M2577774) 01-04-2009
"amazing service" - Leon from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2758428) 01-04-2009
"i went to a second hand shop and got offerd £15 on i got offers £23.00 a lot beter i love this site so fast and easey! x , georgina walton, n/a, M11 This service is so efficient!!!! I sold my Samsung D900 last february and was impressed by the speed in which the transaction was completed, so when my husband upgraded his D900 he asked me to sell his too. I didn't even bother to look for a better price as I knew this dorder would be completed in a couple of days. Excellent work guys!" - Joanna from Surrey (Order No. M2832983) 01-04-2009
"a very quick efficient service easy to use so will be using it again in the future thankyou." - Ken from Norfolk (Order No. M2791745) 01-04-2009
"Very happy with the service you provided. Very helpful staff on your helpline number. Thanks." - Sarah from Northants (Order No. M2829108) 01-04-2009
"Very easy & smooth transaction. I have already recommended Mazuma to friends and family. Would definately use again. Very happy with the service received." - Philomena from London (Order No. M2493657) 01-04-2009
"very quick in everything, no hassle whatsoever. very happy." - Rob from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2688041) 01-04-2009
"Hi I have found the service easy and simple to use and when I recieve my cheque very reliable!" - Tina from Somerset (Order No. M2830416) 01-04-2009
"A pleasure to deal with. I sent my phone on the friday and the cheque was sent on the Monday. I will definatly be reccomending you and will use you again in the future. Regards" - Gary from West Yorks (Order No. M2770880) 01-04-2009
"hiya thanks for the money i have enjoyed doni business with you my sister and brother has done snad sent there phone away thanks a lot you ave changed a day of my life thanks i couldnt think off a better compouny to sell my phone to." - Amy from England (Order No. M2614764) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service. Really quick. Would recommend to others." - Ronald from Essex (Order No. M2829872) 01-04-2009
"I am delighted with your service & it took no time at all. I will be recommending you to friends and family & using you for sure again! :o)" - Ashley from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2702053) 01-04-2009
"very fast , very happy , thanks" - Greg from Hampshire (Order No. M2829620) 01-04-2009
"I was pleasantly surprised and could hardly believe that selling my old mobile phone to Mazuma is so effortless and easy and it's enjoyable! I went to CEX and I was told, I need to bring along my passport, wait for 1 hours while they checked the phone and by the way, they do not have cash for me on the day - only instore credit. My experience with Mazuma is so different. I will definitely recommend Mazuma to all my friends and family." - Phui from Hampshire (Order No. M2831147) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service, very easy to use and will be recommending you to all my friends. Thanks" - Nicky from County Durham (Order No. M2803686) 01-04-2009
"Great service, easy to do and very efficient." - Lisa from Kent (Order No. M2796086) 01-04-2009
"incredibly fast service, easy to deal with - highly recommended - thank you very much, regards db" - David from Merseyside (Order No. M2751297) 01-04-2009
"Thanks for a very speedy transaction, I was amazed how easy it all was. I shall certainly telling my friends about your service!" - Jenny from Hants (Order No. M2800054) 01-04-2009
"I thought this was to good to be true but you guys got me my cheuqe for my phone that ive had lying around for ages and it was really quick to thanks mazuma" - Michael from England (Order No. M2761588) 01-04-2009
"excellent transaction, could not have been any easier or any faster A+" - Tony from Bridgend (Order No. M2797980) 01-04-2009
"Great service. Extremely quick turnaround - will definitely use again." - Noreen from Herts (Order No. M2721656) 01-04-2009
"it was really prompt and very reliable. Would definitely recommend it to everyone." - Anand from Middlsex (Order No. M2781959) 01-04-2009
"Thought it was all too good to be true, but within 48 hours of posting the phones, I had paid the cheque into my account! Fast, easy & hassle free - would definitely use again & recommend." - Darren from Surrey (Order No. M2788028) 01-04-2009
"very easy to use service but i havent yet recieved my cheque!" - Afiya from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2513842) 01-04-2009
"Really impressed with the speed and efficiency of Mazuma from the time we listed our phones to receiving the cheque in the post - a matter of days" - Robert from Kent (Order No. M2735684) 01-04-2009
"the most effective, reliable and fast service....excellent very pleased !!" - Rebecca from Hampshire (Order No. M2759487) 01-04-2009
"very fast responce form sending packing for phones to sendind cheque for the old phones. would recommed and use you again." - Steven from Gloucestershire (Order No. M2688649) 01-04-2009
"Thank you very easy very informed good price and in this day and age its so refreshing dealing with a company that is sooooooo customer focused, Agian thanks and well done" - Ben from Staffs (Order No. M2530149) 01-04-2009
"very prompt payment .very easy web site" - Mrs from Denbighshire (Order No. M2734263) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for your prompt service." - Trevor from England (Order No. M2729462) 01-04-2009
"I couldn't believe how quickly I received payment. Many thanks and i'll definitely recommend you to my friends." - Susan from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2626261) 01-04-2009
"it was simple and quick, sent my phone away, next day got an email and the following i recieved payment, definetly would use you again. EXCELLANT!!!" - Bernie from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2772423) 01-04-2009
"very good service" - Dorothy from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2763141) 01-04-2009
"100% 1st class service provided to me! Thank You!!" - Kari from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2781592) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely fantastic, received the envelope within 24 hours posted it back on Thursday received cheque on Saturday. I have recommended you to everyone" - Alison from Glos (Order No. M2776700) 01-04-2009
"Very happy with service, fast and efficient and very easy to use website. No problems in recommending you to friends." - Douglas from Norfolk (Order No. M2773563) 01-04-2009
"Hi, I thought the service is really fast and really simple. 2nd time I have used you and I will be back. Will definatley recommend." - Jennifer from Cheshire (Order No. M2690502) 01-04-2009
"It was great working with them because it was very quick... i never seen such quick service when i want some lol" - Naomi from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2818303) 01-04-2009
"WOW!!! excellent service....really quick, took less than 2 days too complete....thanks for everything. Will recomend too everyone" - Davy from Co.Antrim (Order No. M2794305) 01-04-2009
"brilliant service and very easy to use. dispatched phone and received payment within 5 on..will be recommending you to all my have a very good site and service here. well done guys." - Riaz from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2717412) 01-04-2009
"This is the second time I have used Mazuma. On both occasions the experience was very simple and efficient and super speedy. I only wish I had more phones to sell!" - Nick from Kent (Order No. M2826463) 01-04-2009
"It's not very often that I provide feedback, but on this occasion, I really feel as if I need to share my delight in your service. Since making an enquiry on Wednesday 15th April, it has taken only 3 days for me to receive my cheque for the amount originally stated - I really can't applaude you enough. The service, process and end result has been fantastic. I'll be sure to be forwarding your card on to many of my friends. Many thanks." - Alan from Staffordshire (Order No. M2824344) 01-04-2009
"I am extremely pleased with the service you provide - quick, easy and efficient!! Makes a nice change - thank you." - Joanne from Cumbria (Order No. M2686470) 01-04-2009
"very quick payment. was shocked at how quick it was. will definatly recommend you to others. thankyou" - Sonia from Norfolk (Order No. M2679918) 01-04-2009
"your service was fantastic and second to none thank you so much" - Stephen from Gwent (Order No. M2744568) 01-04-2009
"fast and eas. from the time i sent the phone to when i received the check was only 4 days! brillient" - Sarah from Devon (Order No. M2633436) 01-04-2009
"Great service! Swift & hassle free, would use again. Thankyou. Mr P.D.Hamilton" - Peter from Kent (Order No. M2752761) 01-04-2009
"Amazing service, I am really impressed. Will recommend to friends. Keep up the good work." - Raymond from Staffordshire (Order No. M2817198) 01-04-2009
"Hi, I just wanted to say I'm staggered! with the speed of your companies response. I sent my phone to you ( put in the post box) on the 16th on the 18th I'm paid, Fantastic! great job, I will be passing your info onto all my friends. Frank Clarke. Newmarket, Suffolk." - Frank from Suffolk (Order No. M2738116) 01-04-2009
"When compared to other similar websites you had the best prices for our mobiles and the service was absolutely fantastic. Posted on the Tuesday and received cheque on Friday - can't beat it. Will have no hesitations in using your company again Thank you" - Leanne from Lancashire (Order No. M2621408) 01-04-2009
"When compared to other similar websites you had the best prices for our mobiles and the service was absolutely fantastic. Posted on the Tuesday and received cheque on Friday - can't beat it. Will have no hesitations in using your company again Thank you" - Leanne from Lancashire (Order No. M2621408) 01-04-2009
"superb and ease to use service. I was delighted to find a simple straight forward no nonsense site that would allow me to sell the old phones that I had bought for my daughter and were too 'dated' for her to be seen with. many thanks to the staff @Mazuma" - Tom from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M2743676) 01-04-2009
"An amazing service, so quick and easy. I will be recomending Mazuma Mobile and will be using it again." - Ben from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2751704) 01-04-2009
"wow how simple was that to get a bit of extra money for an item that was just sitting arround.!!!!! thankyou, i have told loads of people about this and given your website out to them expect an influx of old mobiles lol" - Carol from Staffs (Order No. M2799403) 01-04-2009
"cant believe how easy it was will tell all my friends" - Lynn from Lancs (Order No. M2744624) 01-04-2009
"i thought it was very simple and so easy to use. cheers" - Tremayne from Cheshire (Order No. M2749371) 01-04-2009
"Excellent, quick and straightforward service received from Mazuma. I was pretty Imprest with it." - Andrew from Birmingham (Order No. M2657354) 01-04-2009
"This service is very good. I have been well informed throughout the process which has not taken long at all. I now have notification that the sale is complete, therfore should receive payment within 48 hours. Unless this does not happen (and considering the accuracy and proficiency of the other parts of the order I doubt it!) I am very impressed with the speed and accuracy of explanation of this service. I would recommend at this stage." - Donna from Northants (Order No. M2803554) 01-04-2009
"Once again great service fast payment a nice easy transaction." - Lawrence from Middlesex (Order No. M2688615) 01-04-2009
"Outstandingly fast, accurate and easy. Thank you very much" - Kenneth from Cambs (Order No. M2739110) 01-04-2009
"amazing, world class customer service and support, brilliant, i will be back, thank you" - Rebecca from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2653302) 01-04-2009
"Great service, fab idea, and so so fast, brilliant, well done you must have a great team working well there !! very rare these days !!" - Tina from Kent (Order No. M2753236) 01-04-2009
"Your turnback for the mobile was amazing - i cant believe how fast and efficient your company has been. I look forward to receiving the cheque, and dealing with you in the future. top marks for your company" - Lindsay from Glasgow (Order No. M2806288) 01-04-2009
"Amazing service, amazing site, amazing idea! thank you" - Onur from England (Order No. M2741503) 01-04-2009
"Hi I wanted to say how impressed I was with your service. Within a week of me sending you my non-working phone I had received a cheque and paid it into my bank account. This was even with a bank holiday weekend inbetween me sending the phone and me getting the cheque. I would deal with you again and I have already told friends and family how great your service is. Cheers" - Paul from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2642335) 01-04-2009
"speedy service - it will take longer for the bank to process the cheque! - highly recommended." - Paul from Merseyside (Order No. M2677414) 01-04-2009
"great communication prompt service & payment thank you" - Tania from Middlesex (Order No. M2622223) 01-04-2009
"What can i say, except Thankyou for an outstanding service,everything was so simple and quick, Will not hesitate to recomend Mazuma to all my friend and colleagues.Thanks again" - Brian from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2748843) 01-04-2009
"realy quick and simple, freindly staff when i phoned thru to check order definatley recommend to all my friends thanks mazuma...." - Lynne from Sunderland (Order No. M2770264) 01-04-2009
"excellent service. rapid response. will deal with you again. many thanks" - Graham from Cumbria (Order No. M2770165) 01-04-2009
"I just wanted to say that I have found the whole process with Mazuma soo fast and efficient. I am looking forward now to recieving my cheque. Thankyou I'll be sure to reccommend you to fam and friends." - Samantha from N/A (Order No. M2562107) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service, very quick and easy and good prices Thanks" - John from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2825768) 01-04-2009
"Very efficient service!!" - Daniel from Cheshire (Order No. M2708118) 01-04-2009
"wow! what a superb service,what a quick turnaround , again wow!" - Colin from Devon (Order No. M2734969) 01-04-2009
"Am really pleased thanks :D x" - Sophei from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M2824487) 01-04-2009
"wow really fast and freindly service. Allready recommended you to work mates. Thanks" - Richie from Morayshire (Order No. M2777009) 01-04-2009
"hi , just thought i would let you know how delighted i am with the speed and quality on offer from mazuma mobile. without doubt i would give 11 out of 10. will definetley be using this service again in the future. thanks" - Jon from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M2735981) 01-04-2009
"very easy procedure.selling phones with you was very fast.would use mazuma 100% again." - Kevin from Lancashire (Order No. M2753998) 01-04-2009
"Exellent service, Smooth transaction, would definatley recommend to anyone thinking of selling their old phone!" - Ben from Suffolk (Order No. M2798993) 01-04-2009
"Exccellent service. Posted the phone to Mazuma at 1600hrs on the Thursday and had received an e-mail to say my cheque was on its way by 16oohrs on the Friday." - Robert from Northumberland (Order No. M2799161) 01-04-2009
"I am so amazed how quick it was all done and dusted. I sent the mobile in on wednesday and the money arrived on friday.Thank you!!!" - Ian from Surrey (Order No. M2725419) 01-04-2009
"excellent super fast service." - Paul from Kent (Order No. M2824076) 01-04-2009
"great service and verry easy to use. i recycled an old phone worth only £1 to test the service. i am so pleased that i am going to recycle another today woth £59." - James from West Midlands (Order No. M2744723) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service with a very quick turn around. I would highly recommend Mazume and won't hesitate to use them again in the future if the need arises! Many Thanks." - David from W Yorks (Order No. M2651611) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service really quick and informative. Thankyou" - Rachel from Northants (Order No. M2721821) 01-04-2009
"**excellent** I was initially aprehensive about sending an expensive handset through the post to a company I had never dealt with, howere I must say I had the best service I have received from a company in years. The whole process was completed within 3 days, i had status emails at each stage of the process. The cheque is currently waiting to be cleared. I would reccommend this service to anyone, the easiest £145.00 I have ever made! :-)" - Steven from Flintshire (Order No. M2638926) 01-04-2009
"Very impressed with how easy and quick the service is and how quickly payment is sent. Keep it up!" - Zack from Middlesex (Order No. M2793688) 01-04-2009
"Very quick and easy service , i have already recomended you to all my friends ! Thankyou" - Philip from Wiltshire (Order No. M2822197) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service. Will definitely use when current 'new' phone is 'old'. many thanks" - Terence from Hampshire (Order No. M2686426) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service. I started the process on Easter Saturday, and recieved my cheque less than a week later. I will definately be recommending you to my friends." - Daniel from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2737763) 01-04-2009
"great! When i needed help i used the emailing service, was very fast they were freindly and VERY infromative, THANKYOU." - Karen from N/A (Order No. M2689008) 01-04-2009
"fantastic service. Order placed 13.4.09, cash in my bank 17.4.09. Amazing!!!" - Jayne from Merseyside (Order No. M2769736) 01-04-2009
"this is an excellent service. would certainly use again. i would also recommend to friends too. thanks." - Sheila from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M2774843) 01-04-2009
"Super fast service, a great way of turning your 'drawer clutter' into cash. Thank you will definatly use this service again following upgrades, and will recommend to others." - Rhiannon from Cardiff (Order No. M2663932) 01-04-2009
"Thank you very much. no problems and was shocked how fast things went would use you again no doubt." - Kirsty from Suffolk (Order No. M2696163) 01-04-2009
"Mazuma was very easy to use and very prompt service. Thank you." - Penny from Guernsey (Order No. M2604414) 01-04-2009
"Fast and easy as usual, You guys rock!" - Dean from Greater Manchester (Order No. M2726050) 01-04-2009
"thank you very much for the cheque and i hope to use you again in the near future for more business" - Clare from Milton Keynes (Order No. M2692919) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service. Posted phone over Bank Holiday w/e. Mazuma aknowleged receipt of phone on Weds and the cheque arrived on the Thurs. You can;t get better that that. Thanks Mazuma." - Graham from Glam (Order No. M2709382) 01-04-2009
"very impressed with the speed the transaction took" - David from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2761778) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service once again, many thanks. I'm telling all my friends about your brilliant company and great service. Cheers. , Keith Langton" - #VALUE! from (Order No. M2615922) 01-04-2009
"service was great, sent phone one day, received next, cheque sent same day and received next day. great service, would recomend 2 all. £210 nokia 96. thank you" - Mark from Worcs (Order No. M2572696) 01-04-2009
"I am delighted at the service Mazuma has provided and would recommend to everyone. I was amazed at how quick the turnaround was and thought the communication from Mazuma was exceptional." - Hayley from Kent (Order No. M2654272) 01-04-2009
"Very good service very quick and efficent. Will be using your website again. Many Thanks!" - Tracey from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M2796295) 01-04-2009
"I am very pleased with the quick response from Mazuma,i have been impressed with the service and the money has been sent out within one day." - Michael from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2781407) 01-04-2009
"I'm very impressed with the speed of your service and how easy it was to do business with you. I have already recommended your company to my friends and I will be doing business with you again. Many thanks" - Chris from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2653456) 01-04-2009
"this is the first time I have used mazuma and what a great site it is instead of having a draw full of handsets you never use its much better to make a bit of cash on them instead . Everytime I get an upgrade on my phone I will always come back to mazuma. Ive been that impressed Ive been recomending the site to everyone I know" - Pippa from Hampshire (Order No. M2715086) 01-04-2009
"Quick and speedy service from Mazuma mobile .You have tried the rest now try the best . Thankyou" - John from West Lothian (Order No. M2693725) 01-04-2009
"A fast, efficient and allround excellent service. I would definitley reccommend you to friends." - Darren from Surrey (Order No. M2632137) 01-04-2009
"thanks for a good service you did what it says on the box" - Richard from Midlothian (Order No. M2666561) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service. Can't believe how quick and easy it has been. Thanks" - Robbie from West Midlands (Order No. M2705637) 01-04-2009
"fast, easy, extremely friendly. thank you very much! iv been telling everyone about this! hope to come back!" - Louise from Northern Ireland (Order No. M2674695) 01-04-2009
"Excellent, hassle free service thus far. Thank you. Just waiting for the cheque, which has been posted today, to arrive." - Marlene from Essex (Order No. M2696064) 01-04-2009
"process was very quick and easy, I would recommend this to anyone, and I would use this again" - Suzy from Avon (Order No. M2656517) 01-04-2009
"Hi i am very happy with this service and would definatly use you again and tell friends about you (which i have already done!) to say i first entered my details just before the easter bank holidays it went so fast, im very very happy thank you" - Gemma from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2691938) 01-04-2009
"Wonderful service, prompt and exactly how you said it would be. Thanks 5*****" - Angela from Durham (Order No. M2644982) 01-04-2009
"sent the envelope for the phone very fast! great how you get regular emails keeping you updated on your cheques status. thanks! can improve on the letter though, the options of how to post it is a bit confusing unless you read it properly" - Maria from Lancs (Order No. M2787916) 01-04-2009
"I sent me phone to mazuma on tuesday and received me money on Thursday morning!!! this is the 2nd time i have sold my phone with mazuma and they really are the best. why cant all companys be like this??" - James from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2644883) 01-04-2009
"Cheque received - very impressed, quick and easy to use service, would deifnately reccommend. thank you" - Anthony from Cheshire (Order No. M2677612) 01-04-2009
"Thanks for a very fast and painless transaction,keep up the good work!!!" - Lee from Gloucestershire (Order No. M2620097) 01-04-2009
"Quick and easy, would certainly recommend to friends. Email updates as to progress very re-assuring to receive. Thank you." - Deborah from Bucks (Order No. M2600836) 01-04-2009
"Hi Thank you for the super fast service! I posted my phone away SD yesterday, you received it today,and sent me an email to say that you had. A few hours later, you send me another saying that the phone had been processed and the order was complete, and my cheque was on it's way! Great service! I have another phone that I will be sending you soon, and I will be recommending you to friends and family. Please feel free to use this quote, as I for one am delighted, thank you. MG" - Mark from Dumbartonshire (Order No. M2573579) 01-04-2009
"How swift this transaction was,within 24hrs (not even that)a cheque has already been dispatched.What any easy way to recycle your old mobile phones.I FULLY RECOMMEND THIS TRUSTWORTHY SITE Mark Heane" - Mark from Worcestershire (Order No. M2677601) 01-04-2009
"This is a brilliant service and so efficient. I will definately use this service again." - Laura from Cleveland (Order No. M2682663) 01-04-2009
"From start to finish it only took 4 days just to recieve my cheque.I would recommend mazuma to all. three cheers for mazuma!!!!!!!" - Mizan from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2677535) 01-04-2009
"Fast and easy to use, WELL DONE!!!!!!" - Daniel from Staffs (Order No. M2647070) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, very quick despite a 4 day weekend, and friendly service - very pleased, thank you" - David from Hampshire (Order No. M2708940) 01-04-2009
"100% satisfied with this service.easy to use and remarkably fast" - Helen from Co.Antrim (Order No. M2661338) 01-04-2009
"Fast, painless....what more can you say? Terrific service." - David from Sussex (Order No. M2656958) 01-04-2009
"I am so happy, got a nice big cheque through the post, this is a number 1 service, thankyou!!!!" - Daniel from Kent (Order No. M2704667) 01-04-2009
"Many thanks for a fast, straightforward transaction." - Yvonne from Staffs (Order No. M2617187) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, easy to sort out online, very quick response and promt payer. Thanks" - Roger from Surrey (Order No. M2665042) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service,from the first contact to receiving the cheque. I would not hesitate to recommend mazuma to anyone wishing to sell their old mobile. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work." - Carole from East Lothian (Order No. M2684060) 01-04-2009
"so easy didnt think i would get anything thanks" - Mark from West Sussex (Order No. M2673733) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service thank you!! Good instructions, excellent communication via email on update of my order and speedy payment etc!! Definately use Mazuma again and I have recommended it to friends and family." - Michelle from Merseyside (Order No. M2646666) 01-04-2009
"I would like to say that the service given is second to none. I will most certainly use this service again and recommend to others." - Richard from North East Lincolnshire. (Order No. M2708939) 01-04-2009
"I used Mazuma with no previous experience, but I was extremely impressed with the communication, service and ease of transaction. My expectations were massively exceeded! I will definitely be re-using the service when the time arises! Thank you Mazuma! Dan" - Dan from Essex (Order No. M2626916) 01-04-2009
"First class service , a pleasure to deal with...thank you very much...Marc" - Marc from Cornwall (Order No. M2620945) 01-04-2009
"Very quick and reliable service would recomend to friends and family." - Kerry from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2553550) 01-04-2009
"Very pleased with the speed of the service. One thing I would suggest is that you sent a padded envelope instead of the bags which offer no protection at all. Having said that I would use you again due to the speed of the service" - Gareth from S Glam (Order No. M2637391) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service. Very quick and straightforward." - Roderick from Highland (Order No. M2663116) 01-04-2009
"Smooth transaction and very reliable and efficient service...5* Company!!!" - Allan from Lancashire (Order No. M2624714) 01-04-2009
"Hi there. i am not english but this is the most helpfull site in englang for people who need money and for people that can give they old stuff for reall money. thank you all and will be in touch on the future. Bye all....." - Thanas from England (Order No. M2696483) 01-04-2009
"Simply briiant fast and efective. only sugestion is to ine bags with padding already but not that essential" - George from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2629002) 01-04-2009
"very delighted with the service you have provided. a true example of how business should be done. thanks again charles millar" - Charles from Stirlingshire (Order No. M2671315) 01-04-2009
"I think this has been the most efficient, professional service I have received from any company. Its been wonderful, I would definitely use you again and will be recommending you to everyone I know....thankyou, keep up the excellent work :)" - Michelle from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2690558) 01-04-2009
"Excellent and smooth transaction. I sent phone on Monday and received cheque on Wednesday. So fast. Recommended." - Andy from Worcs (Order No. M2575210) 01-04-2009
"Smooth transaction so easy to do and brilliant as my phone would have carried on living in my drawer doing nothing, would recommend to anyone! Thanks Mazuma" - Sarah from Essex (Order No. M2564990) 01-04-2009
"excellent, fast service, highly recommended, will definately use again !! Thank you" - Lucy from Essex (Order No. M2579546) 01-04-2009
"Couldn't have been easier - took four working days from date of application to cheque in my hand. Superb!" - Ann from Somerset (Order No. M2656253) 01-04-2009
"I have used your company twice now and it has been brilliant! Your service is extremely fast and you are kept up to date every step of the way. Thanks very much and I will definetly be recommended you to family and friends!" - Kirsty from Lothian (Order No. M2596911) 01-04-2009
"thank you for the £105.00" - John from Lancashire (Order No. M2358357) 01-04-2009
"On behalf of Bethesda Ministries UK I thanks for the cheque. Is it possible to have some literature to place in our church to promote recycling the phones, perhaps a recycling box for the phones also if you have them. Thanks. Lois Lucambe" - Lois from Kent (Order No. M2652344) 01-04-2009
"This is the 3rd phone I have sold to Mazuma and I must say I have been delighted with their service. They are fast and efficient and pay out extremely quickly. Well done I will definitely be using you again." - Linda from Lambeth (Order No. M2698563) 01-04-2009
"thank u so much mazuma. the ease and speed of the transaction was simply unbelievable. to think i wanted to trade my phone with another company. within 48 hours phone sold, check received. your inspirational" - Chinelo from Yorkshire (Order No. M2636464) 01-04-2009
"I just want to thank you all for your service!! It is the easiest, fastest service I have ever seen.I didn't have to do anything else just post my phone, everything else was done for me!! Thank you very much and I am looking forward to do more business with mazuma! /Its a pity that you deal only with mobile phones:-) Wish you all the best..Edina Nagy" - Edina from Lancashire (Order No. M2480626) 01-04-2009
"very good :) quick service - even over the easter weekend, and i'm pleased with the service i recieved :)" - Daniel from Cheshire (Order No. M2655977) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely superb service. Fast, easy, great communication throughout entire process. Would definitely recommend and will use again. Thanks" - Polly from Dorset (Order No. M2644762) 01-04-2009
"excellent and super fast service as last time a pleasure to do trade many thanks" - Pamela from Doncaster (Order No. M2683719) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant Website and Service. Recommended to several people already!" - Joanne from Warwickshire (Order No. M2548761) 01-04-2009
"Very helpful and easy way to get rid of unused mobile. Very pleased with the service and the price paid. Thank you very much!" - J from Norfolk (Order No. M2654294) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service! My order was processed really quickly, and a cheque for £145 came within 24 hours. I'll definately use Mazuma again :-))" - Iain from South Glamorgan (Order No. M2602849) 01-04-2009
"- Excellent communication - Prompt Delivery (back to send phone in) - Prompt Payment - Good value for money (best deal i found on my phone) - Would recommend to others definatly" - Antony from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2666429) 01-04-2009
"Who'd of thought it ? , that kind of money for something sitting in my drawer !. Thanks a mill, x PS. How does it work ?" - Roger from Essex (Order No. M2705681) 01-04-2009
"Great service recommend you to many people i have used you three times will always overall EXCELLENT" - Bradley from Lancashire (Order No. M1876870) 01-04-2009
"great service quick transaction" - Jordan from W. Yorks (Order No. M2673590) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service, only managed to post the phone on Saturday, and was worried it wouldn't get to you in time. Obviously no need to have worried. My husband will be updating his mobile in the next couple of weeks..., know who we'll be in touch with! Thoroughly impressed, many thanks. Nicki Broughton" - Nicola from Hants (Order No. M2557987) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service, only managed to post the phone on Saturday, and was worried it wouldn't get to you in time. Obviously no need to have worried. My husband will be updating his mobile in the next couple of weeks..., know who we'll be in touch with! Thoroughly impressed, many thanks. Nicki Broughton" - Nicola from Hants (Order No. M2557987) 01-04-2009
"hi my family and i have sold most of our phones to you and we are happy with everything. i just want to know when will i get my check on thursday? thanks. bye x" - Anita from Nottingham (Order No. M2683994) 01-04-2009
"I had never used this service before now but will use it more in the future,very efficient sent the phone and received the cheque within 3 days p&p free and easy instructions to follow well done Mazuma." - Jane from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2603621) 01-04-2009
"i was really impressed with the service you provide. you offerd a better price than most sites and see a lot of your adverts. thankyou for the great service. andrew fox" - Andrew from North Somerset (Order No. M2581980) 01-04-2009
"First class service phone would be in a draw for ever so heres to £59.00." - Graham from Yorkshire (Order No. M2669293) 01-04-2009
"very good, very fast" - Barbora from Middlesex (Order No. M2587412) 01-04-2009
"great service,very pleased with quick response" - Alan from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2698266) 01-04-2009
"MANY THANKS. AN EXCELLENT RESPONCE'. WILL DEFINATELY RECOMEND." - John from West Glamorgan (Order No. M2667442) 01-04-2009
"Fast service, receieved confirmation email in 1-2 days after phone was sent. Highly recommend." - Enya from Norfolk (Order No. M2642566) 01-04-2009
"Thankyou!" - Hatice from Waltham Cross (Order No. M2673524) 01-04-2009
"A fast and friendly service, i will definately use this service again" - Vicki from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2686624) 01-04-2009
"Many, many thanks! You're heroes!" - Thom from Cambs (Order No. M2675289) 01-04-2009
"This is the second time I have used your services and I must say it leaves everyone else in the shade. Your service is quick and very easy to use I will definitely recommend your company to my family, friends and work colleagues. Thank you" - Dave from Devon (Order No. M2662286) 01-04-2009
"Cripes. Many thanks. I must admit i was a little sceptical, but you have been true to your word and given me the monies you said you would. Good old MAZUMA." - David from Lancashire (Order No. M2601518) 01-04-2009
"I would like to say I'm very impressed with the service I received when selling my old mobile!! I have told all my friends and family to have a clear out and check your site. Once again many thanks." - Gina from Lancs (Order No. M2655317) 01-04-2009
"thank you very much for your help.mazuma site is very helpful , ill definatly come back to you to sell other phones aswell, cheers" - Zara from Wiltshire (Order No. M2600373) 01-04-2009
"I thought it was a scam until I read the reviews. Posted my Nokia N95 on Monday, received a cheque on Wednesday for £105. No more selling on ebay for me." - Dave from North Yorks (Order No. M2573535) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, this site delivers exactly what it says and within the timescales that it gives. Would definately recommend them and use this site again." - Jane from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M2611392) 01-04-2009
"Fast, efficient, simple transaction. Four days from order to sell two phones to receipt of cheque." - David from Herts (Order No. M2635351) 01-04-2009
"fantastic. quick no hassle service. will recommend to my workmates. keep up the good work.well done." - Gary from Derby (Order No. M2597683) 01-04-2009
"Such fast and efficient service - thankyou very much indeed!" - Pamela from East Sussex (Order No. M2497391) 01-04-2009
"Fast payment, would use again, made money out of something that would stay closed in a drawer for years! Thanks Mazuma" - Jo from West Sussex (Order No. M2585298) 01-04-2009
"Unbelievably quick service! I am stunned at how fast I received my money. No fuss, no hassle! I will definately recommend your service to others, thankyou :)" - Stephen from Surrey (Order No. M2626848) 01-04-2009
"This is the first time i have used Mazuma and i found the process very quick and easy to use. I look forward to dealing with Mazuma again in the future and will definately recommed this service to all my friends. Big thanks to all the team at Mazuma" - Robert from Glasgow (Order No. M2629311) 01-04-2009
"Very impressive! Thank you and will use you again when we have phones to dispose of. Regards." - Tony from Devon (Order No. M2577994) 01-04-2009
"cant believe how quick i got my cheque paid money for a phone that didnt work excellent to deal with would highly recommend" - Emma from Tyrone (Order No. M2594237) 01-04-2009
"great dealing with took less than a week from seeing it on the net filling in the form to getting the payment cant fault the will do it again thanks" - Paul from West Lothian (Order No. M2613022) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service from Mazuma Mobile, sent the phones to them via recorded delivery, they received them and straight away processed the order and sent me my cheque! Already put it in the bank! Thanks for such a rapid response! Would definately recommend and use again!" - Sian from Rhondda Cynon Taff (Order No. M2656881) 01-04-2009
"Thank You so much. Not recieved money yet but it is easter bank holiday weekend." - Janet from N/A (Order No. M2629344) 01-04-2009
"I felt it nessasary to provide feedback relating to the recent sale of my nokia n73, mobile phone. From start to finish the service provided by Mazuma has been first class. This is the first time i have used a service such as this and i was blown away by the simplicity of the whole process. I sent my phone and within 2 days i received a cheque for £59.00, i cant believe an phone that was gatering dust was worth so much. I wouldnt hesitate in recomending Mazuma to friends and family and i look forward to selling my next mobile phone with the help of Mazuma." - Nick from Northants (Order No. M2595370) 01-04-2009
"The services was great i applied on the saturday had the cheque on the thursday great service and they always let me know what was happening" - Derek from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M2603875) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service! Appied via the web site on the Sunday, received the bag to return the phone on the Tuesday, had the cheque on the Thursday. Amazing!" - Eugene from Hampshire (Order No. M2625221) 01-04-2009
"Exactly as described efficient and user friendly. Not quite as fast as advertised though but not bad at all." - William from Dorset (Order No. M2617682) 01-04-2009
"This is the 3rd time i've used your service and have received approx £100 from yourselves from old phones lying around the house. Your service is fantastic and very quick at forwarding a cheque back to the customer. I have recommended yourselves to all my friends." - Amanda from England (Order No. M2643767) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service. I am absolutely delighted with the speed of the process. Will certainly use you again and also recommend you to friends. Cheers" - Elaine from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M2636651) 01-04-2009
"tbh, as many people would, i did compare with similiar. but i found u guys offered me the best price 4my old phone. i felt good 2b doing some more of my bit towards recycling, and i got paid 4 it! i liked the all the gen u provide about what happens 2your old phone, the fact u provide a prepaid envelope and the speed of the whole process. definately a simple, fast and friendlly service. i will use u again if need be i have already recommended u to family +friends. thank you :-))" - Jamie from Denbighshire (Order No. M2597528) 01-04-2009
"Just would like to say thank you for your fast response and the quality of the service is top class." - Stephen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2612813) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, would recommend your company to anyone who wanted to sell their mobile" - George from Fife (Order No. M2637250) 01-04-2009
"what can i say but fantastic!!!! i registered my mobiles and in less than a week i had a cheque in my hand and in my bank account!!!" - Lisa from Kent (Order No. M2598697) 01-04-2009
"you made this so easy and straight forward could not fault your service well done" - Stephen from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2614643) 01-04-2009
"i am very impressed with the speed and quality of the service, please keep up the good work." - Christopher from East Sussex (Order No. M2604051) 01-04-2009
"fantastic service i have received my cheque and it only took 4 days to complete my order im well impressed and will be telling friends and family about your website thanks again sandra" - Sandra from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2610231) 01-04-2009
"fantastic service i have received my cheque and it only took 4 days to complete my order im well impressed and will be telling friends and family about your website thanks again sandra" - Sandra from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2610231) 01-04-2009
"very easy and very quick will use again thanks" - Robert from Gwent (Order No. M2600693) 01-04-2009
"Excellent,easy to use service" - Richard from N/A (Order No. M2645274) 01-04-2009
"very easy and quick to sell phone, would use again." - Louise from Swinefleet (Order No. M2578115) 01-04-2009
"first time used mazuma, service 1st. class from start to finish. will pass this on to my friends to recommend you. thanks again." - James from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2601848) 01-04-2009
"Wow! you're good, very impressed - if only everything in life worked as well as you do! Thanks" - Jo from Devon (Order No. M2558009) 01-04-2009
"We are collecting mobiles to help with funds for our church roof at St Bridget's Baillieston so we are delighted so far by the speed and quality of your service Many thanks" - Maureen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2527818) 01-04-2009
"Using Mazuma to sell my old mobile phones was the best thing i could have done. Their system was easy to use and the prices were reasonable. I will use Mazuma to recycle or sell all my phones from now on" - John from West Sussex (Order No. M2522943) 01-04-2009
"Really impressed with the speed and organisation of Mazuma. From start to finish it only took 4days. Well done. There are very few companies who can deliver with the speed you have. Thank you" - Christine from Kent (Order No. M2598113) 01-04-2009
"Hi what a fast service i posted my phone on sat at 11.45 had tex on tue at 11.29 saying they had the phone by 11.46 my cheque for £40 was in the post by thursday it was in my bank account. A big THANK YOU WELL DONE MAZUMA." - William from Mid Glam (Order No. M2593191) 01-04-2009
"im no computer whizz!it was easy and i made 49.00 yay!thankyou." - Emma from Devon (Order No. M2634360) 01-04-2009
"I order and sell (ebay) a lot of items over the internet and this by far has been the MOST efficient and user friendly service I have ever used! Not only that, it has not cost me a penny! Thank you very much, I will definately be using you again in 18 months when I upgrade my phone and forwarding a link to all my friends and colleagues!" - Lewis from West Midlands (Order No. M2604726) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service. My first set of envlopes didn't arive bt they were quickly resent and payment was revived even quicker. Thank you very much and I would recomend this service to anyone. Katie ball." - Katie from Cheshire (Order No. M2307190) 01-04-2009
"Really fast and easy thanks alot" - Shurelle from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2643128) 01-04-2009
"Tried selling my phone in the high street and was only offered half of what I recieved from mazuma. Thanks guys!" - John from Norfolk (Order No. M2659242) 01-04-2009
"Recently traded in my old phone to Mazuma and had absolutely no issues at all even though I was a little unsure. They get my full thanks, approval and recommendation for a no hassle piece of business that took from start to finish just over a week!" - Marcus from Cheshire (Order No. M2475241) 01-04-2009
"Good, fast service" - Nabeel from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2609513) 01-04-2009
"thank you for being simple and fast and reliable." - Jodie from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M2613310) 01-04-2009
"A pleasure to do buisness with. Recomened. A+++++" - David from Antrim (Order No. M2607518) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for your speedy and efficient service. I will pass on the service you provide to my friends. Thank you once again" - Paul from Angus (Order No. M2627733) 01-04-2009
"Great service! Received bag in less than one day and payment approved day after sending phone!!!" - Lee from Staffs (Order No. M2637679) 01-04-2009
"Thanks very much, great idea, great service. I will definately recommend you to my friends!" - Colin from Worcestershire (Order No. M2627788) 01-04-2009
"fantastic from posting the phones and getting the cheque was a matter of days would recomend it.Fast and easy to use.BRILLIANT." - Angela from Carmarhnshire (Order No. M2454065) 01-04-2009
"Wish winning the lottery was as easy. Thanks for your excellent service." - Susan from Inverclyde (Order No. M2407467) 01-04-2009
"What a fantastic service. We had money lying in a drawer that we didn't know about. The whole procedure was so simple and quick. Well done." - Marlene from Glasgow (Order No. M2640095) 01-04-2009
"The best service around, not only quick but also reliable!!" - Christopher from East Sussex (Order No. M2629754) 01-04-2009
"thank for a very fast service 5*" - Paul from London (Order No. M2636850) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service really quick comms. Have and will recommend and use again." - Daniel from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2548618) 01-04-2009
"Fast, uncomplicated and easy! Very happy! i look forward to recieving my cheque! x" - Georgia from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2528226) 01-04-2009
"Amazing Service - thank you Mazuma. From deciding to sell to receiving the cheque in only 4 days. : ) Will recommend you to others." - Andy from Oxon (Order No. M2607154) 01-04-2009
"Excellent. A very helpful, prompt and efficient service. Very pleased." - Clive from London (Order No. M2536847) 01-04-2009
"Super fast service thank you." - Katharine from Staffs (Order No. M2592640) 01-04-2009
"As a first time customer I am impressed with both the efficiency and speed of the service provided and would not hesitate using Mazuma again or recommending the service to others." - Des from Stirlingshire (Order No. M2612030) 01-04-2009
"The help was fantastic. I sent an email and helpfull replies in minutes. And as said I had my cheque within 48 hours. Thanks to the mazuma mobile team." - Paige from Somerset (Order No. M2459553) 01-04-2009
"The service of Mazuma is quick and easy. The simplicity of the process is well executed. I am very happy with my decision on using Mazuma and will use in the future if the oppertunity arises." - Stephanie from Scotland (Order No. M2579182) 01-04-2009
"extremely fast and simple a very efficient service thank you" - Paul from Cheshire (Order No. M2596966) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, am most impressed. A pleasure in this day and age!" - Helen from Gwent (Order No. M2583985) 01-04-2009
"very prompt and efficient service.shall tell all my friends. thanks again mazuma" - Maria from Merseyside (Order No. M2582464) 01-04-2009
"I was very pleased with the fast and efficient service i received. It was so easy to send my phone back that i have had for ages. I have been telling everyone about it i was that impressed." - Tina from Kent (Order No. M2524885) 01-04-2009
"Very quick delivey and very good prices" - Dale from Scotland (Order No. M2522921) 01-04-2009
"Really pleased with the very quick and easy transation all sorted and cheque received in 5 days would recommend to anyone wanting to sell thier old mobile" - Ray from Bristol (Order No. M2595304) 01-04-2009
"Thhanks so much to solid out my situation look forward to work with you.Thank you" - Pierrot from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2530876) 01-04-2009
"thanks for everything! i had some mobiles spare and decided to turn them into cash, i made good money on them and received the cheque within a few days, i am very impressed with the level of service i received and will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others. thanks again!!!!" - Patrick from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2550732) 01-04-2009
"Very Good Service. Very quick and very easy. Very pleased with the process of selling my mobile phone. An amazing way to sell mobiles and the way that it is done is perfect and could not be done any better. Very pleased, Thank You Mazuma Mobile!" - Adam from Wiltshire (Order No. M2635692) 01-04-2009
"What a wonderful service, easy, free to post everything was so quick and efficient, will definately reccomend this and use it whenever i get a new phone,and to get some money in the process i cant complain. Not a bad thing to say. Thank you !! CAn't belileve i only posted the phones yesterday and have the cheque tomorrow A ***************" - Rebecca from Wiltshire (Order No. M2546659) 01-04-2009
"Excellent process and will use again. thanks, Ivan" - Ivan from Down (Order No. M2607076) 01-04-2009
"Really fast and efficient service - everything was done in 1 day and I am very pleased with the service...brilliant..thanks" - Peter from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M2579127) 01-04-2009
"Everything from Mazuma has been simple and efficient. The speed that the sell order has been processed was a key positive aspect. The only negative experience was that the recommended postage method detailed in your leaflet suggested that the post office should fill out the proof of postage card provided. They refused to do this saying that they wouuld only provide a receipt. I would suggest that the two parties agree on the steps of this recommended process." - Gareth from Derbyshire (Order No. M2494361) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely fabulous website. Everything was done, so fast. I did the online bit, my envelope came the next day! When i posted it back, the very next day i received an email saying my phone had been received and that a cheque was on the way. I will definately recommend this to everyone and will definately be using the website again. Thank you so much x" - Jane from Cheshire (Order No. M2576905) 01-04-2009
"Extremely good service, kept up to date all the way. Only took a couple of days from start to finish. Would highly recommend 5*." - Jordan from Monmouthshire (Order No. M2633810) 01-04-2009
"Great service, fast and simple process congratulations! Not often you find something this simple with no catch." - Lauren from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2620516) 01-04-2009
"Very fast and website was quick and easy to use deffinatly sell more phones for cash with you" - Tom from Norfolk (Order No. M2634756) 01-04-2009
"many thanks to mazuma great fast service free postage who could ask for anything more i will use your service again x" - Faith from Staffordshire (Order No. M2577961) 01-04-2009
"thank you cheque recieved 08/04/09. very prompt and speedy service" - Kate from Bristol (Order No. M2523097) 01-04-2009
"fast efficient service,well chuffed,would use you again,many thanks." - David from Lancashire (Order No. M2625166) 01-04-2009
"What amazing service, I posted my phone on Monday and received a cheque on Wednesday. I will definitely recommend mazuma, great price too. Thanks" - Jacqueline from Fife (Order No. M2572443) 01-04-2009
"I have been extremely surprised and very happy with how simple the whole transaction was from start to finish, easy to do and it benefited me as the mobile phones I cashed in were only lying around the house anyway. Many Thanks Mazuma I would use this service again in the future." - Anthony from Greater Manchester (Order No. M2607960) 01-04-2009
"thanks for having my old phone, n for the quick reply to say ur having shelley xx" - Shelley from England (Order No. M2581737) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service, signed up Sunday and received my cheque Friday. Less than a week! Cant ask for more." - Michaela from Greater Manchester (Order No. M2529244) 01-04-2009
"Very quick and professional, how a bussiness should be!!!! many thanks." - Keith from Derbyshire (Order No. M2595392) 01-04-2009
"good service no problems and quick thank you." - Nevil from Walthamstow (Order No. M2560389) 01-04-2009
"Excellent, super fast service with prompt payment. Will use you again and have already recommended you to friends. :)" - Charlie from Derbyshire (Order No. M2470987) 01-04-2009
"The cheque arrived today. I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt service. I would recommend your service to other people as I have been really pleased with the service. Thank you very much." - Jean from Lancashire (Order No. M2555550) 01-04-2009
"I haven't used this service before and was a little dubious about sending the goods and receiving payment later however my fears were unfounded as the whole experience was totally hassle free, easy and efficient. I have already received a cheque (Tuesday)and only sent the phone on Friday! Amazing 2 working day return - brilliant, thanks." - Philippa from West Mids (Order No. M2559275) 01-04-2009
"Thank you very much for such a quick and reliable service. I have recomeded you to others and will continue to use your company in the future, Thanks again!" - Ewan from Ayrshire (Order No. M2596140) 01-04-2009
"thanks mazuma only posted phones on friday recieved cheque on tuesday very pleased with result" - Pauline from Morpeth (Order No. M2569233) 01-04-2009
"Amazing service, exceeded my expections on all counts. Thankyou for a great transaction. Very impressed." - Kristy from West Sussex (Order No. M2576013) 01-04-2009
"superb service.quick, hassle free, convenient way to dispose of old mobiles, and receive money!" - Robert from Down (Order No. M2525578) 01-04-2009
"i would just like to say how pleased i am with your service! i cannot believe how quickly everything was processed. i was also very suprised that you payed for the postage, that was fantastic! i have already recommended you to many people and will continue to do so in the future. a huge thank you to everyone on the team!" - Sara from Essex (Order No. M2543997) 01-04-2009
"great service cheque for £105 received today 7/04/09 many thanks" - Stuart from Co.Antrim (Order No. M2462361) 01-04-2009
"I am very impressed with the Speed,Efficency,and courtesy in which my transaction was handled.Excellent Communications,i am very pleased with your service and would not hesitate to use your service again." - Russell from West Sussex (Order No. M2571739) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic! So quick and easy. Would highly recommend Mazuma. Thanks" - Cheryl from Flintshire (Order No. M2520527) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service. Sent phones on a Monday in the prepaid bag & received a cheque by Wednesday. Well done. Will recommend to all my friends." - Wayne from Cheshire (Order No. M2577114) 01-04-2009
"3rd phone sold to mazuma always promet with sending money cant ask for a better service" - Barry from Suffolk (Order No. M2556276) 01-04-2009
"what an absolutely amazing, easy, fast and efficient service. thankyou for the cheque. lovely... and will no doubt come back to!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 definately. cant speak highly enough" - Luke from Essex (Order No. M2583521) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic have been recommended to all my friends! Thanks" - Jennifer from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2403271) 01-04-2009
"First class service. You very kindly reminded me I hadn't sent my phone in. When I did get round to it, I posted it on the Saturday morning, you acknowledged receipt on the Monday and the cheque for the full amount was sent out on the same day. Can't fault you at all! Many thanks, Karen" - Karen from Somerset (Order No. M2450802) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for a quick and efficient service." - Vivien from West Sussex (Order No. M2568061) 01-04-2009
"Thanks For a fantastic service and may i say what a brilliant way of getting rid of old phone." - Gillian from Shropshire (Order No. M2592860) 01-04-2009
"fast and easy way for selling your mobiles.very quick service by mazuma and very pleased with there service." - Derek from Ayrshire (Order No. M2519024) 01-04-2009
"Fab service, many thanks" - Clair from West Midlands (Order No. M2416427) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service.Website is spot on,easy to navigate and quick to completion.What more could you want." - Paul from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2515503) 01-04-2009
"Ive never dealt with such honesty and speed. Outstanding." - Richard from Cheshire (Order No. M2575716) 01-04-2009
"OMG!! Its was soo quick :) I really happy with the service.. I can't wait for the check to arrive !" - Jeanette from Gloucestershire (Order No. M2520736) 01-04-2009
"old phones lying about the house and you pay me for them thats great thankyou" - Neil from N/A (Order No. M2514678) 01-04-2009
"Wow! That really was fast service! I sent the phone Saturday and by Monday afternoon I had confirmation of payment and am awaiting the cheque. Thanks Mazuma Team." - Nicola from Devon (Order No. M2325634) 01-04-2009
"I think the service I have received has been efficient and dealt with extremely well. Thank you" - Aisling from Middlesex (Order No. M2564308) 01-04-2009
"Wow! That really was fast service! I sent the phone Saturday and by Monday afternoon I had confirmation of payment and am awaiting the cheque. Thanks Mazuma Team." - Nicola from Devon (Order No. M2325634) 01-04-2009
"I could have got £30 for my mobile from one of your competitors but it would have required me to get my own envelope ect and it wasn't worth the hassle Best regards Doug" - Doug from Berkshire (Order No. M2541995) 01-04-2009
"A great and easy service thanks a bunch!" - Dan from Shropshire (Order No. M2555506) 01-04-2009
"Extremely good service with free postage which is a nice touch. Very efficient and quick. It is highly recommended its like free money!! getting money for the old phones lying around clutterin up the draws. i will be sending some more phones in a few weeks! i am very impressed with the service Thanks Mazuma" - Mark from West Sussex (Order No. M2574394) 01-04-2009
"Great service, very prompt payment. Would highly recommend" - Euan from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2355770) 01-04-2009
"This was the first time I have sold on old mobile phones and I was pleasantly impressed with the speed and ease in which you operated. I was also impressed that you took a very old phone to recycle in an environmental way. Many thanks and I will remember you the in future." - Penny from Middlesex (Order No. M2525534) 01-04-2009
"Very impressed with the service, website, delivery and overall process of Mazuma. Consider me very a very satisfied customer! Thanks!" - Martin from Wiltshire (Order No. M2573402) 01-04-2009
"Simple, fast and friendly. Just like you said it would be. Thanks." - Ron from Notts (Order No. M2486896) 01-04-2009
"Fast brilliant service, what more can i say look forward to passing your details to anyone i can cheers kim price" - Kim from Mid Glam (Order No. M2504853) 01-04-2009
"Was a little worried at first may be a bit of a con and i may never see a payment or my phone. But would like to say how wrong I was. I found this service second to none, very fast collection and payment, would recomend to anyone," - Ian from Devon (Order No. M2535908) 01-04-2009
"very fast and reliable, thank you very much" - Steven from Leicestershire (Order No. M2515283) 01-04-2009
"Excellent communication. Its a shame the Royal Mail aint as good. Sent phones off on the Thursday and got cheque on Saturday. Fantastic! Thanks." - Michael from Staffordshire (Order No. M2392178) 01-04-2009
"smooth transaction, perfect and easier than i thought it would be payment received as promised highly recommended will definitely use again" - Kimberly from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2521132) 01-04-2009
"Very easy and quick. It was a pleasure to use this website." - Chloe from Avon (Order No. M2473963) 01-04-2009
"THANKS FOR CHEQUE VERY GOOD SERVICE" - Ian from Shropshire (Order No. M2530480) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service. Very fast, very efficient and highly recommended!" - Richard from Suffolk (Order No. M2559926) 01-04-2009
"Easy to use website, very efficient service. Would use again." - Nigel from Staffordshire (Order No. M2385389) 01-04-2009
"I was very happy and surprised how quick the postage and cheque came. I would recommend Mazuma Mobile to my friends. I will definately use them again in the future. Thank You Sarah Jennings" - Sarah from Conwy (Order No. M2483623) 01-04-2009
"great service, quick from start to finish" - Andrew from Suffolk (Order No. M2562667) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service- Good communication- I was very pleased and impressed with the entire process." - R from Leicestershire (Order No. M2318603) 01-04-2009
"Excellent Service. Sent off phones Thursday morning got payment Saturday Morning. Top Class Reccomended" - Drew from Isle Of Wight (Order No. M2567918) 01-04-2009
"Contact to completion took just a few days. The transaction was simple. Would be happy to recommend.Well Done !" - Gail from Dumfries And Gallaway (Order No. M2514975) 01-04-2009
"Thank you very much for your friendly and helpful service. You have given me much needed funds and i hope someone can enjoy my old phone for a long time to come :)" - Derek from Avon (Order No. M2560841) 01-04-2009
"Great service, keep up the good work!!!" - Craig from Kent (Order No. M2515888) 01-04-2009
"Amazing................... Enquired Wednesday, Envelopes arrived Thursday, Posted Phones Thursday, You Received them Friday and I receive Cheque Saturday, Now thats what I call service.......... Thank You.........." - Les from Norfolk (Order No. M2565518) 01-04-2009
"I'm Impressed and like it very much.It's quick and easiest way of selling old and unused mobile phones." - Prasisoma from Middx (Order No. M2540042) 01-04-2009
"Hi just to say thanks for making this transaction very easy and quick." - Debra from Suffolk (Order No. M2533750) 01-04-2009
"i would just like to say thank you, the communications the speed of the processing and the overal professionlism, actualy the whole process has been effortless, i think too often with servce delivery people are ready to complain when they do not get the level of service they signed up for and not enough thanks is given when you get exactly what you signed up for. once again thanks for the beyond expectation service. Simon" - Simon from Aberdeen (Order No. M2512197) 01-04-2009
"This service I feel was fantastic! It was quick and easy and fun to do. i will definatly use this service in the future when my old phone needs a new lease of life.!!!" - Hayley from Surrey (Order No. M2558900) 01-04-2009
"wow that was really easy and fast! if i have any more phones i will be using you again cheers" - Stuart from Hampshire (Order No. M2553022) 01-04-2009
"excellent service. Will definitely use again." - Sharon from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2507098) 01-04-2009
"yes it was very simple and i hope to collect old mobile phones from my family to go towards raising funds for diabetes uk" - Mark from N/A (Order No. M2438839) 01-04-2009
"great service sent phone off wednesday had cheque friday great service would tell people about how quick the service is" - Maria from Devon (Order No. M2536418) 01-04-2009
"very fast efficient service good communications" - Helen from Cleveland (Order No. M2563846) 01-04-2009
"easy to use, will be doing it again, will reckonmend it to friends" - Wayne from Somerset (Order No. M2549421) 01-04-2009
"Wow i am very impressed with the site and the service. It is a very simple and hassel free process and i am glad i tried it. I was a bit nervous about selling my phone like this, as you need to have faith the company and i had only ever seen you advertised by dodgy stickers on an ATM. However you have surpassed my expectations and i would not hesitate to recommend you to my mates. Many thanks" - Tracy from Hampshire (Order No. M2554680) 01-04-2009
"What a great service. I looked around other providers but yours was by far the best. a) You send a bag and receipt card b) Postage is paid c) Your prices are by far the best. d) You're very, very quick too Thank you, Susan" - Susan from East Sussex (Order No. M2543069) 01-04-2009
"i saw your ad on the tv. i thought i give this a go. well what a brill service you have got. you were so fast i felt dizzy. well done all of you. you put the cusomer first what a refreshing change. my thanks to you & your team. thanks again" - Mavis from Herts (Order No. M2510430) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for the fast and efficient service" - Yvonne from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2563504) 01-04-2009
"Well I have to give this company top marks they are so quick with in four days my phone was sent and I received my cheque with in a day, If you have any worries of sending your phone to mazuma don't they are one 100% trusted Thank you mazuma." - Paul from Merseyside (Order No. M2443799) 01-04-2009
"Nice & Fast service just as promoted, cheque on the way already when only posted items yesterday." - Craig from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2495923) 01-04-2009
"Really simple and fast,good communication throughout transaction of selling you my phone.Very pleased with the price you quoted.Quite satisfied all round. Many thanks. Tony Hutton" - Anthony from Merseyside. (Order No. M2551965) 01-04-2009
"Thank you very much for the fast, easy and hassle-free way of processing my phones. I have found the website very easy to use and understand and have also found that all contact has been very clear and helpful. I feel that I have been kept up to date with every step in the process but most of all, I have found Mazuma a very friendly, happy, customer-orientated company and I will happily recommend you to all my friends + family. Keep up the good work! :-) Ian Eley" - Ian from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M2453625) 01-04-2009
"What a brilliant company, everything was so simple and the speed with which everything was completed was unbelievable. I would strongly recommend this company / site to any one, I can't stop singing their praises." - Derek from Oxon (Order No. M2489838) 01-04-2009
"excellent service, very quick turnaround, cheque received day after phone returned." - Simon from East Sussex (Order No. M2549500) 01-04-2009
"Many thanks!! If only I worked as quickly as you do, the only delay in the whole process was me not posting my phones!" - Sarah from Devon (Order No. M2398890) 01-04-2009
"Very fast.Very efficient.Will use again in the future." - Nick from Bristol (Order No. M2506064) 01-04-2009
"Thanks so much for the massive Help!! I found it very easy to process the phone to you, I am chuffed with the amount of money for my old phone! I would recommend your website and company to anyone who is looking to get rid of a old phone! Thanks again Ashley." - Ashley from South Glamorgan (Order No. M2487656) 01-04-2009
"Thanks." - Raymond from Cleveland (Order No. M2534004) 01-04-2009
"All really quick and professional and would recomend you to others and would happily deal with you again. Thank you." - Siobhan from Leicestershire (Order No. M2534180) 01-04-2009
"WOW - I simply don't know what to say - a fantastic service in every way. What a refreshing change in today's market! I just wish I had used your service earlier." - Wendy from Surffolk (Order No. M2555484) 01-04-2009
"excellent service will use mazuma again . thankyou !" - Craig from Notts (Order No. M2497710) 01-04-2009
"A top class service! very quck from start to finish, easy to follow process. Good price for the handsets also! Well don Mazuma!!" - Jenny from Essex (Order No. M2507848) 01-04-2009
"cant believe how fast it all went, e-mailed saturday, recieved package monday sent it back tuesday with phones and recieved payment thursday, A++ service many,many thanks" - Lisa from London (Order No. M2511778) 01-04-2009
"Extremely fast and efficient, will be recommending your service to family and frinds." - Darren from Kent (Order No. M2553649) 01-04-2009
"Fab service - will definately be back ;)" - Wendy from South Glos (Order No. M2438117) 01-04-2009
"Thank you for buying my phones I never thought it would be that easy and quick with the order. The prices you will buy phones for are very good I wouldn't of thought they would of bin so good thank you !!!" - Anthony from England (Order No. M2457591) 01-04-2009
"Amazingly simple, fast processs and transaction. Great work!" - Ben from West Sussex (Order No. M2533960) 01-04-2009
"Couldn;t believe how easy the process was! Excellent communication and a nice cheque at the end! Would certainly recommend the site to my friends!!!" - Kathleen from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2427304) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service. Quick and very efficient. Would recomend to anybody and definitely use in the future. Thank you., Clare Brachmanski, West Midlands, M2490400; My fiance and I thinks your awesome!!!You kept us informed about the progress of our order and the cheque was received as prompt as the email we had received. Thank you Mazuma!!!! :-)" - Lela from Pontypridd (Order No. M2487248) 01-04-2009
"I found mazuma very reliable and honest, the website was really easy to use and help was always accessible." - Shernette from London (Order No. M2421202) 01-04-2009
"Impressed with the efficient and quick service, received cheque 3 days after sending phones" - Kelly from East Sussex (Order No. M2486797) 01-04-2009
"So quick & easy.Would recommend to anyone." - Lorraine from Somerset (Order No. M2507076) 01-04-2009
"been very easy and efficient to deal with will continue to recommend to friends x" - Vikki from Durham (Order No. M2554669) 01-04-2009
"I just wanted to say I found Mazuma fantastic so quick & easy to understand & do & I love how you keet me up to date with the whole process of my order, I am very satisfied with the service & support given, I will be back every time, thanks Mazuma, Nicole" - Nicole from Cambs (Order No. M2516394) 01-04-2009
"excellent service, very quick, would recommend to anyone!" - Caroline from Devon (Order No. M2496366) 01-04-2009
"very fast quick service this company do not hang about. they do as they advertise, many thank will deal with you again if the need arises." - Chris from West Midlands (Order No. M2500296) 01-04-2009
"Does exactly what the website says. Super fast service." - Katie from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2396732) 01-04-2009
"fantastic service, only posted phone yesterday and already you have emailed me to say cheque is in post!!!" - Darren from Norfolk (Order No. M2534786) 01-04-2009
"Fastest service i have ever known from a company...No messing and very simple to do." - Katie from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2347896) 01-04-2009
"I have not used any service like this before and was amazed at how easy and straightforward it was - and how quick! Thank you." - Caroline from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2498051) 01-04-2009
"really really good !! wish all firms were as good as this one ! thanks ." - Jason from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2531757) 01-04-2009
"Thank you very much,i did not belive how easy it was to sell my old mobile.Thank you for your promp service and payment,i will certainly use your service again." - Keith from West Midlands (Order No. M2524577) 01-04-2009
"Absolutely fantastic. After reading the comments I was expecting it all to be fairly smooth and quick but it's literally been processed immediately. Will be using again." - Jamie from West Sussex (Order No. M2534610) 01-04-2009
"fantastic service,I received my cheque 3 days after I sent the phones,very easy and fast transaction.They do what they say.Thank you Mazuma!!!" - Elena from Surrey (Order No. M2475814) 01-04-2009
"the service was outstanding, if all companies delivered such excellent service it would make life much easier thank you mazuma for making the transaction so easy will defiantly deal with again" - Jacqueline from Essex (Order No. M2553132) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service, fast, efficient and easy, what more could you ask for?" - David from London (Order No. M2532032) 01-04-2009
"What a great service i would recommend it to anyone and cannot get over how quick the cheque arrived. i will use it again." - Janet from Essex (Order No. M2516152) 01-04-2009
"Brilliant service. The website is really easy to use and the speed of the service is great. I have recomended this site to my friends. Thank you" - Lesley from Somerset (Order No. M2199175) 01-04-2009
"very quick and friendly service reliable thankyou" - Joseph from West Midlands (Order No. M2549300) 01-04-2009
"Wow what a fantastic service this is second time I have used you and this is the quickest and the service I have come across I shall recomend you to my friends.thank you again" - James from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M2539228) 01-04-2009
"I was abit unsure about using this service at first, as I didn't know anyone that has used this service before. Saying that, I am very impressed, the whole process has been completed within a week! Its brilliant, I have a separate order going on with yourselves and I am very confident that one will be completed as quick as this one. Very good service, and the amount of useful communication about your order that is sent out, is brilliant! Very impressed, will reccommend to everyone and anyone! Thank you very much x" - Marie from Surrey (Order No. M2532208) 01-04-2009
"Thankyou for your prompt reply. Will recomend your service to friends. Regards John" - John from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2531724) 01-04-2009
"brilliant! fast informative and as easy as abc to complet the order, i am reccommending you to everyone!" - Gary from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2516515) 01-04-2009
"Great service!!" - Julie from Hampshire (Order No. M2481694) 01-04-2009
"Thankyou! Absolutely top notch service! My phones were only sent on tuesday morning - cheque received on thursday. Great way to dispose of old mobiles! Only one query - how do i dispose of the 2 chargers (for 2 different makes of phone, and no use to my current phone) - it would have been handy if I could have packed those off too! Never the less - very happy with your service." - Sarah from Somerset (Order No. M2447155) 01-04-2009
"great service, quick and easy to use, even for me. will use mazuma mobile again in the future. thanks" - Lynsey from South Ayrshire (Order No. M2364262) 01-04-2009
"I have used your company twice now, and i cant complain, at all about the sevice received, both times. I have never had any company deal with my request/order quicker than you guys. Especially as you are the ones sending the money. Most companies, whether it be insurance, claims departments, etc, are not so reluctant to let go of their cash!" - Samantha from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2471131) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service from start to finish will certainly use you again, many thanks" - Fiona from Cheshire (Order No. M2443986) 01-04-2009
"Your processing of my mobile phone was like clockwork. You gave very clear instructions, and kept in touch by email. Fantastic service." - Leannda from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2458229) 01-04-2009
"Carlsberg don't make mazuma. If they did, this mazuma mobile would be the best ever.well sent phone off monday special deliverly.had cheque back on door step wednesday morning. the same week.absolutely fantastic.10/10" - Michelle from Kent (Order No. M2495637) 01-04-2009
"Wow! How quick? My cheque was on its way within a few days of starting the whole process, thanks!" - Katie from Staffordshire (Order No. M2511932) 01-04-2009
"very professional and quick would recommend to friends .thank you for prompt payment. lesley benn" - Lesley from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2479141) 01-04-2009
"I am very impressed with the quick response from me selling my phone to getting the cheque. i'm reccommending to everyone." - Louise from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2494218) 01-04-2009
"fast and fair service will use again!" - Rachel from Gwent (Order No. M2370004) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service . I have used you several times now and can recommend your service to others . No hassle , easy to follow instuctions and cheque sent almost instantly. A great servive by far ! Thank you" - Gail from Argyll (Order No. M2444482) 01-04-2009
"Fast friendly service. The ideal way to dispose of old mobile phones. Would recommend to others." - Anthony from Cheshire (Order No. M2422204) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service, fast and easy. This time last week there were 3 old mobiles sitting in a drawer, and today I receive a cheque for £133.00 for them.....Thank you." - Sarah from Beds (Order No. M2412443) 01-04-2009
"recieved cheque this morn! i have already recommended u 2 all my friends! its total quick and efficient service. and i will b using u in the future. thankyou x" - Christine from Tyne&Wear (Order No. M2471762) 01-04-2009
"Recieved cheque today, thankyou. Yes website very easy to use, thankyou for that. no problems at all." - Linda from Essex (Order No. M2469762) 01-04-2009
"Fast, efficient fantastic service will highly reccomend to anyone wishing to unload old mobile phones." - Paul from Devon (Order No. M2513542) 01-04-2009
"very fast and efficient service thanks" - Ronald from Essex (Order No. M2477564) 01-04-2009
"i have to say i was a bit sceptical about sending phone off first before any quarentee that i would recieve any money, but i can't believe how quickly my cheque arrived after sending the phone off. thank you" - Joanne from Hants (Order No. M2434757) 01-04-2009
"thank you 4 helping me sell my fone the process was fast and very easy to use you site. i also found a better price for my fone through you and we are both left smiling and would defenetly use u again in the future if i have any other old mobile fones thanks again" - Lisa from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2504367) 01-04-2009
"Superb service would highly recommend.Fast delivery as stated." - Jennifer from Devon (Order No. M2474216) 01-04-2009
"I have dealt with you on a number of occasions, and everyone one of them you have exceeded my expectations. 1st class service, i wish all businesses were as efficent as yourselves ! Keep up the good work." - Mark from E. Yorkshire (Order No. M2477773) 01-04-2009
"Five Star service, sent my mobile on Tuesday & by midday on Wednesday I had a confirmation e-mail confirming a cheque was in the post. Great to see service of that standard still exists. Well done Mazuma keep up the good work K Kitching" - Kevin from Shropshire (Order No. M2463759) 01-04-2009
"Very simple and easy to use site. Excellent communication every step of the way so I knew my order was being processed. Fast and trustworthy =]" - Rorie from Hampshire (Order No. M2448345) 01-04-2009
"Ive never seen anything earning money so easy great site will do it again would reccomend this site to anyone" - Damien from Kent (Order No. M2483304) 01-04-2009
"Cant believe how quick I received my check. Posted phone on friday....received cheque on tuesday. Didnt even have to pay the postage!!!!!! Thanks again Mazuma." - Diane from Perthshire (Order No. M2470546) 01-04-2009
"was very pleased with the speed of the service recived thank you" - Clare from West Midlands (Order No. M2478437) 01-04-2009
"what an amazingly fast service. I only posted the phones to you yesterday and you have processed the order and have sent the cheque out. Well done. Thankyou" - Susan from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2492876) 01-04-2009
"wow !! im amazed how simple it was and such a fast service,, its brilliant ." - Nick from Lancs (Order No. M2412421) 01-04-2009
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"Amazing - does what it says on the tin - I was looking for the catch but there doesn't seem to be one" - Caroline from Cornwall (Order No. M2843556) 01-04-2009
"Excellent speedy service would strongly recomend" - Gillian from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2839322) 01-04-2009
"excellent service, very speedy and efficient" - Ben from Essex (Order No. M2840566) 01-04-2009
"Mazuma was a great help when I emailed them to ask about their service and were very helpful. They took my phone and I had the money within 24hours of their email telling me my order was complete. Will definitely be using mazuma again!" - Marc from Rhondda Cynon Taf (Order No. M2844349) 01-04-2009
"I think the service you provide is excellent. This is the second time I have used Mazuma mobile and my experience with you was very good. You deal with the whole process on a very quick turn around. I will certainly being using you again in the future and recommending you to friends, family and colleagues." - Joanna from Hertfordshie (Order No. M2842715) 01-04-2009
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"An excellent service. You gave me the best price out of numerous sites and the service was very efficient. I have just received my cheque within the 48 hour promise. I will definitely recommend your service. Many Thanks." - Simon from Torfaen (Order No. M2841788) 01-04-2009
"I found the service very friendly and easy to use. The phones belonged to my 12year old daughter and she's over the moon with having some spending money. Thankyou." - Gillian from Staffordshire (Order No. M2843615) 01-04-2009
"Well done! this is excellent, quick efficent service - and it will be complete when I receive your cheque! Thank you" - Celia from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2844636) 01-04-2009
"i never knew how it easy it would and very pleased how quick my order was dealt with thank you." - Amanda from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2833868) 01-04-2009
"I really was unsure whether to do something like this. I am always scared I get into scams or something. Anyway I though what have I got to loose? A broken old phone that was going to be thrown out anyway. I am very pleased how the process went - easy, quick and almost no effort (apart from the walk to the post office) cashed the cheque today and thats money in my pocket! Thanks for the smooth and speedy process - my next phone will be sent to you again!" - Liesl from Northumberland (Order No. M2839917) 01-04-2009
"Fantasic service, keep it up, rely impressed with your speed." - Arlene from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M2843220) 01-04-2009
"Very good and quick service - I will use this website again." - Hanah from Kent (Order No. M2834072) 01-04-2009
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"Absolutely great service, will definitely be dealing with them again." - Isobel from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M2841035) 01-04-2009
"Very fast and efficient delivery / response. Will definately use again when come to upgrade phone (allbeit next year as have just got new contract). Thanks." - Matthew from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2844115) 01-04-2009
"easy quick very efficient what more can i say" - Elizabeth from Yorks (Order No. M2838145) 01-04-2009
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"Excellent 1st class service. Phone in post 1 day, conformation of chq being sent the next & the chq arrived a day later." - Simon from Bucks (Order No. M2845207) 01-04-2009
"Would definatley recommend, very quick & easy, will definatley use again." - Rachel from Devon (Order No. M2846836) 01-04-2009
"Ordered the freepost bag on the Saturday, received it the Tuesday, Posted phones back on the Wednesday and received my cheque on the Friday! Very quick and easily! Thanks" - David from Gwent (Order No. M2834664) 01-04-2009
"excellent service. quick & easy . I will definately recommend you and deal with you next time. thank you" - Kim from Surrey (Order No. M2844705) 01-04-2009
"Top amount paid and very impressive service, cheque received with two days of posting phone!" - Paul from London (Order No. M2842865) 01-04-2009
"Thank you very muvch for excellent service. Speedy! Clear and easy. I will certainly recommend-thank you" - Sue from North Somerset (Order No. M2852489) 01-04-2009
"Requested to sell my phone on Monday night, package arrived on Wednesday and i posted back straight away, e-mail on Thursday to say order complete and cheque was in post, great service, thanks." - Brian from Perthshire (Order No. M2851966) 01-04-2009
"Mazuma gave me more for my mobile than other sites were offering. Excellent service, very fast. I have already recommended you to my friends and will definitely use Mazuma again. Thank You." - Michelle from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M2842806) 01-04-2009
"Excellent! What more can I say but will be using again. Just as it says on the Tin 'Money for old Phone'..." - Mark from Sth Yorks (Order No. M2850158) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service, quick and efficient. Fantastic idea and simple and easy way of getting quick cash for your old mobile phone. Thank you Mazuma!" - David from Essex (Order No. M2839777) 01-04-2009
"I would just like to say how impressed I am by the way you do business, if companys took a leaf out of your book the counrty be in a better state Thank You Irene" - Irene from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2852286) 01-04-2009
"Thank You I found your site easy to negotiate helpful information and easy to follow instructions. Everything completed as quickly as I was promised Well Done" - Susan from N E Lincolnshire (Order No. M2851020) 01-04-2009
"very fast service and good contact via email, great price for phone looking forward to receving argos vouchers thanks. a +++++++" - Matthew from Lancashire (Order No. M2848779) 01-04-2009
"Fast efficient service." - Reg from Surrey (Order No. M2852506) 01-04-2009
"Fantastic service. cheque recieved within three days of posting phone would definately use again. Thank you" - Sandra from Warwickshire (Order No. M2842927) 01-04-2009
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"The process has been quick, easy and efficient and I look forward to receiving the money! Will definately sell my old phones on here again." - Julia from Westsussex (Order No. M2850904) 01-04-2009
"Great Service! and thank you" - Thersa from Derbyshire (Order No. M2853951) 01-04-2009
"I am delighted with the ease in which I sold on my old moblile phone. A pleasure doing business with Muzuma. A quick, painless and profitable exercise. Many thanks!!" - Wendy from Cornwall (Order No. M2841467) 01-04-2009
"Great service a brilliant way of getting rid of old mobiles have recomended my friend to use your service. Many Thanks" - Elizabeth from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2839275) 01-04-2009
"Good, efficient service. Free postage envelope an cheque for amount promised both posted on time. Order was speedily processed. Only wish was that Mazuma could have perhaps offered to pay me more than the stated upper limit for my phone model as my phone was only a few months old and still in mint condition. Other than that, in terms of service delivery - I would definitely recommend Mazuma to anyone else looking to sell their mobiles." - Sabrina from London (Order No. M2846490) 01-04-2009
"I think mazuma is great very quick in processing your phone and cheque i recommend it to everyone Thank you" - Jakki from Ayrshire (Order No. M2845045) 01-04-2009
"Great stuff - simply put, it does what it says on the can. Seriously, very good service Mazuma, Well done." - Tim from Surrey (Order No. M2837292) 01-04-2009
"I cannot believe how easy and sucessful it was. i would recommend you to my friends and family." - Imran from Cleveland (Order No. M2834073) 01-04-2009
"Excellent service. Would recommend to anyone" - Peter from Derry (Order No. M2844048) 01-04-2009
"I can`t believe how quick and easy the whole process has been...the phones were gathering dust in the drawer and within a few short days I have a cheque on its way to me! I sound like an advert for Mazuma but very well done!" - Mark from Gwent (Order No. M2835036) 01-04-2009
"Was worried as I only posted through the letter box but received cheque within three days really pleased!!!" - Nerys from Cheshire (Order No. M2846303) 01-04-2009

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