Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

August 2009

"Brilliant!! Quick,Easy and Simple. Enough Said" - Paul from Essex (Order No. M3070937) 01-08-2009
"Started the process on Tuesday morning and by Saturday the cheque had arrived, !100% customer satisfaction. Would recommend to friends and family." - Samantha from Tayside (Order No. M3077066) 01-08-2009
"fast easy no hassel, lovely thakz very much x" - Lisa from Cornwall (Order No. M3073316) 01-08-2009
"very good service and very quick" - Anthony from Derbyshire (Order No. M3071343) 01-08-2009
"Very impressed at how quickly my first order was processed. Thanks Catherine" - Catherine from East Renfrewshier (Order No. M3073064) 01-08-2009
"U amazed me with your brilliant service. Thank you." - Anthony from Bucks (Order No. M3072351) 01-08-2009
"First time I've used this service. Very quick, efficient service. Did exactly as promised. Would recommend and use again." - Sally from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3065233) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service! Wasn't expecting my order to be processed this quickly! Fantastic! I will definitely use mazuma mobile again!" - Diane from Kent (Order No. M3072321) 01-08-2009
"What a fantastic service and what a great change to find a company that does what it says to the letter - no messing around. I shall certainly recommend you." - Sarah from Northumberland (Order No. M3078567) 01-08-2009
"very very fast service and simple to use.i would recommend you to friends and never use anyone else if i find myself with phones to sell.thank you." - Christopher from Lancs (Order No. M3058887) 01-08-2009
"Hi Mazuma I would like to thank you for your prompt and excellent service. Within days I received my cheque. I did have to send it recorded delivery as I didn't trust just sending it by normal post but I am very pleased. thanks so much. Ruth" - Ruth from Merseyside (Order No. M3055923) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service and very fast reply.fantastic !! the best on the market !!thankyou" - Norrie from Glasgow (Order No. M3080778;) 01-08-2009
"brilliant service will come again :) thankyou x" - Allison from Durham (Order No. M3067928) 01-08-2009
"Very happy, cheque arrived very quickly. Excellent. Will use again. :)" - Michael from Lancs (Order No. M3075489) 01-08-2009
"thanks for an incredibly fast and effiicent service!" - Will from Surrey (Order No. M3078524) 01-08-2009
"Thank-you very much for the money. It was a quick service,which was very helpful. I would definately recommend you to friends looking to sell un-used phones and will definately use your website in the future. thank-you very much once again." - Juline from Essex (Order No. M3076076) 01-08-2009
"thankyou,very fast and simple, will be recomending you to my friends and family and selling the rest of my old phones to you." - Rodney from Middlesex (Order No. M3073732) 01-08-2009
"excellent service, phones sent monday vouchers recieved thursday same week, thank you." - Gurdial from West Mids (Order No. M3069842) 01-08-2009
"1st class service, easy transaction. cheque arrived next day. thank you for a speedy service. will definitely use again." - Jason from Norfolk (Order No. M3069753) 01-08-2009
"Many thanks for a prompt & trouble free service, secon time that I have used your service very pleased." - James from Cornwall (Order No. M3074451) 01-08-2009
"Very quick and satisfactory service. Will use again and recommend." - Berkeley from Herts (Order No. M3044326) 01-08-2009
"Does exactly what it says on the tin' Smooth and easy transaction completed to everyones satisfaction. Can highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to turn surplus to requirement mobiles into cash." - Giovana from Plymouth (Order No. M3075292) 01-08-2009
"Dear Sir/Madam., Many thanks to send ur check. I have got on Saturday 01/08/2009. I am so happy and urs were very quickly to send payment. Thanks" - Mary from n/a (Order No. M3073666) 01-08-2009
"Hi, People are quick to Complain, but not to praise, so here's some! Your service was easy, VERY fast, simple, honest (no counter offers once I've done the hard work of posting in!) and offered me the best deal for my two handsets! Well Done. Gavin Clark, Derbyshire" - Gavin from Derbyshire (Order No. M3072552) 01-08-2009
"Glad I chose Mazuma to sell my old mobile phones to. Very very simple and easy process to sell, fantastic communication and good prices given. I will use Mazuma in the future. Thanks for a pleasant and easy transaction" - Kara from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3078535) 01-08-2009
"Extremely quick and efficient response, thanks Mazuma! Easy way to make some cash!" - Nicola from Essex (Order No. M3081530) 01-08-2009
"Great service verry happy with the transaction." - Chris from Lancashire (Order No. M3078852) 01-08-2009
"An efficient , quick and reliable service. I am delighted at the speed in which you dispatched my cheque. Thank you." - Ellison from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3045417) 01-08-2009
"I found the process simple and easy to follow and would recommend your site to friends and relatives if and when they need to dispsose of there mobiles. Thank you for processing it so swiftly and I await my cheque. Mrs. V. Baldwin" - Valerie from Lancashire (Order No. M3072957) 01-08-2009
"brilliant - very fast" - Michelle from Durham (Order No. M3067723) 01-08-2009
"Very quick and very easy! Thanks!" - Simon from London (Order No. M3072613) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service, very efficient. Thank You!!" - Chris from West Midlands (Order No. M3082324) 01-08-2009
"Great service very quick straight forward will do business again many thanks" - Jill from Devon (Order No. M3078508) 01-08-2009
"I was a little sceptical at first due to the fact that my previous service provider has not been great in the 18 months of my contract and the fact that institutions are now rather faceless and difficult to trust but I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and honesty of my recent transaction. The confirmation arrived a few days after i sent the phone off with the cheque being sent a day later. The whole transaction took less than a week and I have already recommended this service to friends. Thanks" - Orville from Bucks (Order No. M3056280) 01-08-2009
"i am amazed on the speed in which you have handled the sale of my phone many thanks mazuma very good experience" - Ian from Leicestershire (Order No. M3084838) 01-08-2009
"An extremely efficient service - I didn't think it would be that simple. I'll be back!" - James from Surrey (Order No. M3047311) 01-08-2009
"easy quick service brill" - Jeanette from Herts (Order No. M3079162) 01-08-2009
"Very fast payment, very easy to do. Must look for more old phones!!!!" - Richard from Tyrone (Order No. M3082786) 01-08-2009
"Used Mazuma twice now and still amazed at how simple and quick the process is. Thanks!" - Amy from Cheshire (Order No. M3067750) 01-08-2009
"Great, easy and very quick! Would definitely use you again" - Angela from Norfolk (Order No. M3047631) 01-08-2009
"nice efficient service,thanks for the cheque, i hope the old phone will help someone." - Anthony from Kent (Order No. M3072434) 01-08-2009
"Fast, efficient and got a cheque for the amount stated. What more can I say" - Darryl from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3076731) 01-08-2009
"What an easy transaction. THE BEST mobile for money site. I will definately be back in the future.Money for a broken phone, FANTASTIC!! many thanks." - Sue from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3071447) 01-08-2009
"Thrilled!!my daughter was recommended your site and has earned quite a bit of extra pocket money from our unused phones we will pass your site on to friends and family" - Jackie from England (Order No. M3077905) 01-08-2009
"thank you so much .I ll suggust your company to all my freind..." - Natsima from Surrey (Order No. M3083420) 01-08-2009
"Second occasion I have used Mazuma and have received a first class service both times." - Matthew from Northumberland (Order No. M3081426) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service, efficient and a wonderful idea! Thank you. Very very impressed and have told as many people as possible about you! Catharina" - Catharina from Antrim (Order No. M3076915) 01-08-2009
"I was really impressed with the speed and erfficiency my order was handled. Excellent. Well done !" - Eric from Cumbria (Order No. M3074738) 01-08-2009
"Absolutely first class service, Mazuma keeps the customer informed on what's happening every step of the way. This is a model for all companies." - Alan from Ayrshire (Order No. M3084458) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service...received cheque in 5 days from starting the process!" - Daniel from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3082968) 01-08-2009
"it really good fast and easy and the best prises" - Harry from Uk (Order No. M3065618) 01-08-2009
"simple,fast and efficient. would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to my friends thank you." - Paul from Neath-Port Talbot (Order No. M3071234) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic, only posted phone to you on Friday, got the cheque today, Tuesday. Will tell my friends how good you are. Thanks xxx" - Karen from Northants (Order No. M3076325) 01-08-2009
"Easy to use good service - it makes you clear out your phones (and chargers and instructions and boxes and ...) and get paid for it in the process!" - Adrian from Beds (Order No. M3065936) 01-08-2009
"10 Out Of 10 Thumbs Up" - Shajhan from West Midland (Order No. M3068315) 01-08-2009
"What a great service! A simple, speedy service and I got my cheque within 48 hours just like Mazuma said. I highly recommend using this company. Thank you Mazuma" - Maddy from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3056743) 01-08-2009
"Well planned and advertised company so easy to del with you Malcolm" - Malcolm from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3077646) 01-08-2009
"delightfull everything.Easy,fast and generos offer for our phone:) Big thanks!!!! Hajnalka" - Hajnalka from Surrey (Order No. M3077312) 01-08-2009
"i was very impressed with the very fast service .my cheque came straight away . i look forward to selling more phones . keep up the good work ;-)" - Andy from N/A (Order No. M307 48 46) 01-08-2009
"Quite amazing. You made the transaction so east. I will tell my friends. Thank you" - Valerie from Essex (Order No. M3079688) 01-08-2009
"from start to finish a flawless service, everything that Mazuma said would happen did promptly and very efficiently. I would recomend the service to everyone and i will definatley be using them again." - Wayne from Cheshire (Order No. M3046759) 01-08-2009
"happy with the outcome very fast service" - Charles from South Glamorgan (Order No. M3078297) 01-08-2009
"this is the 2nd time i've used your service and again it has been brilliant! the orders are processed so quickly, the cheque is posted out so quickly, the advisors on the phone are very helpful and polite. everything about mazuma is 10 out of 10 in my eyes! thanks again!!!" - Marc from West Lothian (Order No. M3080913) 01-08-2009
"Excellent transaction. Decent prices for phones. I sent mine off on Friday and had a cheque in my hand Tuesday morning. Highly recommended." - Philip from Soutth Yorkshire (Order No. M3083250) 01-08-2009
"thanks a lot, really simple and helpful, :)" - Zac from Middlesex (Order No. M3074805) 01-08-2009
"First time we have used any service like this - thank you so much for a fast, hassle-free transaction. I can't believe how easy it was. Would recommend Mazuma and use again." - Ian from Surrey (Order No. M3077860) 01-08-2009
"I am really impressed with your service,it was really easy to do and I thought it was a fair price for the phone. I will recommend you to my friends. Liz" - Liz from Bucks (Order No. M3056242) 01-08-2009
"Mazuma bought my phone at a good price and made it so easy to send to them.Their speed in sending me a cheque was amazing." - Ian from Lancashire (Order No. M3083034) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic easy to use service, very quick and top prices paid." - Timothy from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3070470) 01-08-2009
"I am totally impressed with this service 100%. have told loads of people about the service ihave received. not only did i get what i was quoted for my phone the whole deal was done within 4 working days. i find it hard to believe that any other company could do better. great feedback all the way through ment no worries about whether or not my phone had been received or whether my reasonable offer was on its way. many many thanks mazuma. (normally i am the last person to leave feedback for anything but i just had to say something this time)" - Robert from West Sussex (Order No. M3064713) 01-08-2009
"you where really quick with giving me my cheque thank you very much" - Charlie from Wiltshire (Order No. M3082861) 01-08-2009
"I would just like to thank you for the speediness you dealt with my phone at first i went to envirofone but then remembered about you from the tv and you gave the better price and dealt with it hassle free, thankyou mazuma hope to deal with you again and i will recomend you to family and friends" - Lynn from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3086487) 01-08-2009
"what a fantastic service, so quick will be in touch with latest phones when contracts expire keep up the great work" - Terry from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3080916) 01-08-2009
"Looked at other sites before I chose this one. Mazuma gave me the best prices for my phones. Every thing was dead easy. THANKYOU" - Paul from Cheshire (Order No. M3072750) 01-08-2009
"excellent service, all completed inside a week. thanks" - Paul from Berks (Order No. M3074308) 01-08-2009
"Mazuma have been fantastic. I received the pack the day after I sold my phone. I posted my phone on a Friday. By 11am Monday morning a cheque had been posted which I received on the Tuesday. Faultless service, no messing about." - Martyn from London (Order No. M3061764) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, quick and simple. Thank you" - Shirley from Cornwall (Order No. M3078376) 01-08-2009
"I was extremely pleased with the service it was no hassle at all with prompt payment I will definately recommend to friends" - Susan from Staffordshire (Order No. M3087896) 01-08-2009
"Absolutely top class service!!! All completed within a week! Next mobile on the ready to sell! Thanks Mazuma!!!!" - Ellen from Derbyshire (Order No. M3068157) 01-08-2009
"FANTASTIC EASY TO USE SERVICE. THANK YOU." - Amanda from Flintshire (Order No. M3084766) 01-08-2009
"Fast and efficient service, good to do business with you." - Gordon from Warwickshire (Order No. M3085143) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service, posted mobiles on Monday, received cheque on Wednesday! Would definately recommend, and will use again." - Susan from Ayrshire (Order No. M3082254) 01-08-2009
"I had used a competitor in the past to sell old Company Mobiles and they left alot to be desired. Yours service, response, flexibiliity and price offered is far better. Thanks" - David from Lancashire (Order No. M3085238) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service. I wish I had a bunch of mobiles to sell. Thanks very much." - Matt from West Midlands (Order No. M3081937;) 01-08-2009
"I'm absolutely astounded at the speed and simplicity involved in getting rid of my old phone. Aside from the really irritating music on the advert I've no complaints whatsoever! (irritating, but you cant help but sing when it comes on!) Thanks! x" - Paul from Hants (Order No. M3066915) 01-08-2009
"very quick service." - Louise from Norfolk (Order No. M3081199) 01-08-2009
"THANKYOU FOR A QUICK AND SIMPLE SERVICE" - Suzanne from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3050158) 01-08-2009
"Hi, While I've not yet receive my check (don't worry, only just got the confirmation email) I'm happy to offer feedback now - all correspondents emphasize that your system is 'simple, fast, and friendly'. I couldn't agree more, especially the latter. Really pleased with the service so far! Best wishes, CD" - Chris from Nort Yorkshire (Order No. M3090149) 01-08-2009
"Thankyou, an excellent service! And very easy too!" - Lisa from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3075107) 01-08-2009
"prompt and efficient service" - Carol from Nottingham (Order No. M3080792) 01-08-2009
"your service was brilliant and i recieved my cheque within 2 days thank you very much joyce haines" - Joyce from Merseyside (Order No. M3086194) 01-08-2009
"excellent to deal with. Very quick efficient. Thanks." - Andrew from Essex (Order No. M3080013) 01-08-2009
"Found the service really quick and easy to do, did'nt take long for the whole process to be sorted (doe's exactly what it says on the tin)" - Wendy from South Glamorgan (Order No. M3086176) 01-08-2009
"Can't rate highly enough, no hassle, no fuss ." - Paul from West Mids (Order No. M3078391) 01-08-2009
"Its Easy, Simple And Fast To Get Some Cash For A Unwanted Phone. Thank you" - Ivo from Worcestershire (Order No. M3086466) 01-08-2009
"Excellent to trade with a speedy conclusion." - Patrick from S.Devon (Order No. M3076301) 01-08-2009
"very quick sell thankyou, and an easy transaction. good price for my phones as well." - Lyndsay from Dorset (Order No. M3063400) 01-08-2009
"great service, very quicki and efficent, thankyou emma." - Emma from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3089560) 01-08-2009
"amazingly quick service!" - Joe from Isle Of Wight (Order No. M3092460) 01-08-2009
"I would just like to say that your service was excelent. I used to use Enivirofone until I realised your prices where better and the it only took 1 day for me to recieve confirmation on my phones and if the cheque arrives within 48 hours the would make you alot faster at sending the cheque. Paul Brown." - Paul from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3070361) 01-08-2009
"I would just like to say that your service was excelent. I used to use Enivirofone until I realised your prices where better and the it only took 1 day for me to recieve confirmation on my phones and if the cheque arrives within 48 hours the would make you alot faster at sending the cheque. Paul Brown." - Paul from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3070361) 01-08-2009
"i sent this phone to envirofone and was quoted alot less from them. thankyou mazuma mobile for the extra cash it will be spent on a holiday in Lanzerote. x x" - Daniel from Worcestershire (Order No. M3085559) 01-08-2009
"What a brilliant service. From selling my phones after 5pm Friday night, I was so amazed to recieve payment on the following Wednesday morning. Thank you. Would definitely use you again and will recommend to all my family friends." - Julie from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3067130) 01-08-2009
"thank you this website was very good and i got my payment very quick" - Harry from Kent (Order No. M3068384) 01-08-2009
"fast quick and thorough.thankyou" - Elizabeth from Flintshire (Order No. M3068310) 01-08-2009
"Easy, Effective, and a great way to earn some money for your unwanted phones, though, why don't you sell them on the site second hand as well???" - Richard from Londonderry (Order No. M3066614) 01-08-2009
"Well, I would just like to say thanks and can't believe how easy this system is. Very quick turn around and look forward to receiving the cheque. cheers" - Alex from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3090051) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, fast and effective. Great communication, so was fully aware of every stage of selling my phone. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others." - Frances from East Sussex (Order No. M3088424) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, speedy email communications and cheque arrived within 2 days of posting phone via registered post. Very impressed and will recommend you to friends and family." - Steve from West Sussex (Order No. M3081796) 01-08-2009
"quick, efficient and a cheque to bank at the end - amazingly easy and very satisfying! a fantastic service." - Gussie from London (Order No. M3081124) 01-08-2009
"WOW! I applied for this service on Saturday, got the bag to sed the phone in monday, sent my phone off on tuesday and my cheque came today (thursday!) Thank you for a lightening speed service i will definetely use again and reccomend to all my friends!" - Rachel from West Midlands (Order No. M3090063) 01-08-2009
"i think its great that you keep us up to date with whats going on with our orders.its great to see e amils coming through letting us know our cheque is on its away!!!!" - Zowie from Essex (Order No. M3078950) 01-08-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service, at the end of the day it's something for nothing and so quick and simple to do. Will definately use and recommend you again, thank you.................." - Sarah from Staffs (Order No. M3088660) 01-08-2009
"Many thanks for an excellent service.Very quick and efficient. Bill" - Bill from Antrim (Order No. M3089041) 01-08-2009
"excellent service sent phone and within two days received payment by argos voucher A1" - Craig from West Midlands (Order No. M3077078) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service. Uber fast payment. Many thanks." - Lee from N/A (Order No. M088677) 01-08-2009
"well impressed with the service ,very fast to send out package to send phones back ,and quick to send chq out many thanks" - Anita from Worcester (Order No. M3055765) 01-08-2009
"Credit where credit is due my experience with Mazuma has been truly exceptional - I filled out the form Tueday, envelope arrived Wednesday, I posted my phones wednesday PM and had the confirmation my cheque had been posted on Thursday, I really cannot ask for a better service than that." - Steve from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3095815) 01-08-2009
"excellent, fast, no fuss service. will definately recommend." - Allison from Kent (Order No. M3085429) 01-08-2009
"WOW ! what a service sent my phones on thursday recieved cheque tuesday : ) telling everyone how fantastic you are sent text to all my friends to dig out their old phones even assistants in sainsburys today . to think i was just going to throw the phones away once again THANK YOU ; ) :)" - Di from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3078744) 01-08-2009
"Hello, I sent my mobile back yesterday afternoon and received an e-mail today saying that my cheque is on its way! Brilliant service. I work in customer services and now how quick people are to complain, so just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the quick and easy way my return was dealt with. Thank you again Darren Fisher" - Darren from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3089273) 01-08-2009
"quick easy no hassel, wonderful thakz x" - Lisa from Cornwall (Order No. M3073280) 01-08-2009
"really fast easy no hassel, old fone gone, great thakz x" - Lisa from Cornwall (Order No. M3091857) 01-08-2009
"Whilst mazuma are not always the best offered price for used phones, 90% of the time they are. Thats why i always stick with them, and will continue to do so, as it couldnt be easier!!" - Richard from Lancs (Order No. M3089568) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for a quick and effiecent service,I would recomend your company to any who asked." - Sheila from S. Derbyshire (Order No. M3081541) 01-08-2009
"Thanky you Mazuma, Your service is quick and easy to follow and response times are excellent. I would recommend your service to friends and family." - Rosemary from West Sussex (Order No. M3092532) 01-08-2009
"wow!wot a fast speedy service,mazuma your brill." - Richard from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3077466) 01-08-2009
"thank you, you did what you promised. quick service, quick payment" - Jeremy from Hnats (Order No. M3075828) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service Mazuma. You kept me informed step by step until I received the Argos vouchers." - Patricia from Essex (Order No. M3078926) 01-08-2009
"I was very impressed with the efficiency and speed of this process. It was so easy and I received my cheque within 2 days - excellent!" - Nikki from West Midlands (Order No. M3092696) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service and super quick. Would recommend to anyone." - Paula from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3075335) 01-08-2009
"A fantastic, well organised service. Will definitnely be using you guys again. thanks!" - Gavin from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3060111) 01-08-2009
"Hello, i would just like to say thank you and you have been very efficient and quick. Thanks for the emails to keep me informed. Very satisfied customer. I will be recommending my partner and friends to you. Kind regards Angie Daniels" - Angela from Wales (Order No. M3087821) 01-08-2009
"fantastic,super fast thanks alot" - William from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3078732) 01-08-2009
"just brilliant,very quick payout and kept me informed as to where the process was upto,would definatly use again,10 out of 10" - Joseph from Lancs (Order No. M3067910) 01-08-2009
"it is a good site and it takes quick to get your money" - Rizwaan from United Kingdom (Order No. M3094287) 01-08-2009
"Pleasure to deal with. I shipped the phone on Monday morning and received my payment on Thursday morning. I will definately be business with them again." - Adrian from West Midlands (Order No. M3085769) 01-08-2009
"Thought it was brilliant, very quick services, hasnt cost me a penny and awaiting the cheque in the post. Quick and easy service.. brilliant!" - Kelly from Somerset (Order No. M3085173) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service as always and very fast payment. Thank you very much!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!" - Chris from Staffordshire (Order No. M3082514) 01-08-2009
"excellent service. would recommend you to my friends.thankyou" - Christine from Essex (Order No. M3075720) 01-08-2009
"Great service - dead easy, better than the competition, which didn't offer as much, and generally a pleasure to deal with. Hurrah. Dave" - David from Essex (Order No. M3084908) 01-08-2009
"Hi Mazuma mobile team, Found your service to be efficient and straight forward. Just waiting for cheque to arrive in the post. Thank you. Judi" - Judi from North Somerset (Order No. M3096241) 01-08-2009
"Very fast and well communicated. Very impressed." - Dean from Berkshire (Order No. M3045365) 01-08-2009
"I was very pleased with how easy and quick you service is and i would recomend this service to anyone,thank you" - Joseph from Durham (Order No. M3088835) 01-08-2009
"Just want to say thanks, the whole process was so easy, and can't believe how quick it all was. Will def use again!" - Daniel from East Sussex (Order No. M3083749) 01-08-2009
"Briiliant, so easy, so quick, so professional - will definately recommend to family and friends." - Carol from Notts (Order No. M3073205) 01-08-2009
"Extreemly good communication in conjunction with a very fast turn round time made it a plesure doing business. Many thanks." - Russell from N/A (Order No. M308305) 01-08-2009
"process was quick and easy to complete." - Alan from West Lothian (Order No. M3045833) 01-08-2009
"Great service.. soo fast.. cheque arrived 2 days later.. will definitely recommend to friends.. will be using the service again in future.. thank you" - Vicki from Ayrshire (Order No. M3089497) 01-08-2009
"Very easy process and quick turnaround. Website really easy to use as well. Many thanks." - Simon from Hampshire (Order No. M3066038) 01-08-2009
"Brill upto this point. Cheque to arrive but I have no problems using or recommending your service." - David from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3090919) 01-08-2009
"Really impressed with how quick you complete the sale. Posted my phones on Monday and received my cheque on the Wednesday. Thank you" - Keri from Torfaen (Order No. M3062771) 01-08-2009
"easy,friendly, efficient and fast. Thanks. Glad to know phones being recycled and will use again." - Susie from West Yorks (Order No. M3091917) 01-08-2009
"very clear, very simple, could put a bit of bubblewrap in the envelope though otherwise brill !!!!" - Christopher from Staffs (Order No. M3089336) 01-08-2009
"thank you for a very easy and quick sale, hope to do buisness with you again in the future" - Andy from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3087417) 01-08-2009
"Great service, would definatly use again and have told others to use it. Fast payment. Thanks alot and glad my un-wanted phones came in handy :) x" - Sally from Cornwall (Order No. M3064815;) 01-08-2009
"Great service and super fast payment." - Mark from West Sussex (Order No. M3082474) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for a fast and efficient service. I will definitely use your company again" - Catherine from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3063107) 01-08-2009
"Best rates on the net, fast and efficient service, will definately use again!!!" - Chris from N.Yorks (Order No. M3095232) 01-08-2009
"Excellent facility for disposing of an old phone that I wouldn't have used - and I get cash too! The whole process couldn't have been easier. Thanks." - Brian from Bucks (Order No. M3091513) 01-08-2009
"Hi there irecieved 3 cheques with 48 hours and i have another 2 on the way its a great service you provide i will use and highly recommend you in the future thanks again michael" - Michael from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3088814) 01-08-2009
"less than 24 hrs after emailing you i received the return phone bag, within 5 days i had the cheque. brilliant!" - Catherine from Cornwall (Order No. M3025579) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service would recommend it to all my friends thank you" - Helen from Midlothian (Order No. M3090085) 01-08-2009
"I am very impressed - excellent service, it couldn't have been faster or easier. I'm most grateful, thank you very much!" - Phill from Sussex (Order No. M3092735) 01-08-2009
"Selling my phone with Mazuma Mobile it is really simple, easy, fast just as you mentioned. Thank you for this great experience." - Elemerne from Lancashire (Order No. M3073201) 01-08-2009
"I thought this was a wicked service. Fast, reliable and i recieved my money in a week. Thanks Mazuma" - Hananh from Hants (Order No. M3066904) 01-08-2009
"Very good, very friendly, and also very quick. Thanks Mazuma!!" - Charelle from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3082918) 01-08-2009
"Very easy, very simple, very quick, and very good!" - Linda from Hants (Order No. M3094979) 01-08-2009
"Couldn't be easier. Excellent service. Completed to receiving cheque in less than a week." - Paul from S.Yorkshire (Order No. M3093767) 01-08-2009
"think its a brilliant idea" - Michael from Worcs (Order No. M3005949) 01-08-2009
"I have received my cheque,I found your service very fast and effient and would consider usin you again,and I will certainatley recommend you to my freinds. Kind Regards Adele" - Adele from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3091265) 01-08-2009
"Great service for phones that would have sat in drawers for years. Thanks." - Dave from Surrey (Order No. M3085742) 01-08-2009
"My kids and I had 5 phones between us just sat in the back of a cupboard. We registered them on the tuesday and a cheque was sent on the friday-what fantastic service, I would thoroughly recommend Mazuma. A very satisfied family.Thankyou." - Paul from Hereford (Order No. M3062244) 01-08-2009
"fantastic service, highly recomended" - Paul from Shropshire (Order No. M3106087) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service!, thanks allot for this opportunity to rid of my old phone lying about and actually make money out of it. Brilliant, just brilliant!" - Charley from Warwickshire (Order No. M3090807) 01-08-2009
"Perfect service. May others learn a few lessons. Well done." - Neil from West Sussex (Order No. M3092597;) 01-08-2009
"Amazing service. From the moment I logged on the website I was impressed. Everything was so simple and straightforward - much easier than selling phones on e-bay!. Thank you" - Julie from Cheshire (Order No. M3094744) 01-08-2009
"Brilliant service from start to finish. Definately recommend to all. Thank you!" - Gary from Cleveland (Order No. M3093840) 01-08-2009
"I would like to commend you for the fast and easy way Mazuma has worked for me. I will recommend it to anyone who wants a fast and easy way to sell their phone. Well done Muzuma." - Gloria from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3091106) 01-08-2009
"A great service, so easy!!" - Hayley from Essex (Order No. M3068597) 01-08-2009
"absolutely fantastic, the service is so easy and very quick. I posted my phone on the thursday and received my cheque on the saturday. Thank you" - Alison from Staffordshire (Order No. M3094331) 01-08-2009
"Hi. i received payment as fast as lightning. I sent the phone off on thursday morning and saturday morning i received the cheque, this is the company to deal with so fast.. thank you." - Yvonne from N/A (Order No. M229) 01-08-2009
"A really fast and efficient service. Posting instructions were clear and simple. Thanks." - Lesley from Hants (Order No. M3078716) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service - very quick and efficient" - Sharon from West Midlands (Order No. M3092584) 01-08-2009
"Excellent, Fast, Prompt and Incredible Service. Everything was completed in less than five days.This is the best service I had for long time.!" - Sali from Berkshire (Order No. M3090190) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service with really quick turnaround. Enquired on Saturday and rceived cheque following Saturday - Amazing!!" - Julie from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3091237) 01-08-2009
"very fast and friendly service,will recommend and sell again .many thanks p frost." - Peter from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3090452) 01-08-2009
"i was very pleased with how quickly the process took place from ordering the phone and receiving the cheque.i will definitely recommend the company to my friends" - Kelseigh from n/a (Order No. M3011845) 01-08-2009
"I couldn't believe how fast you got the voucher out to us. We posted the phones on thursday and we had the voucher by Saturday. I am putting it towards a sewing machine. Thanks Mazuma!" - Jenny from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3090569) 01-08-2009
"brilliant company !! so happy with how fast everything was done, recommend 110%" - Ashley from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3093929) 01-08-2009
"i was very pleased in using this website, i herd from you of a television advert, i sent my phone of and in 2 days i received my cheque great service that i will be more then happy to use in the future and reccomend to my freinds and family, i have used another one of these sites before and tey have ripped me off as i havent recieved the money and it has been over 6 weeks now, i strongly say people should use mazuma mobiles," - Harley from Kent (Order No. M3078984) 01-08-2009
"brilliant service and a good price for my old phone, will recommend to my friends." - Scott from Durham (Order No. M3093399) 01-08-2009
"excellent , very quick,efficient service thanks.." - Barry from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3090141) 01-08-2009
"What an excellent service! From visiting your website to payment in less than a week. You kept me upto date on what was happening with my trade in and made me feel reassured. I have already recommended mazuma to my friends and will use you again. Well done mazuma." - James from London (Order No. M3092603) 01-08-2009
"it is great webside" - Scott from Hampshire (Order No. M3100047) 01-08-2009
"excelent service, quick & easy. nice one." - Marcus from Cornwall (Order No. M3068149) 01-08-2009
"thanks 4 my cheque i think your service was brilliant the best ihave dealt with thanks" - Michael from Stafordshire (Order No. M3076349) 01-08-2009
"From Tuesday to Saturday, wonderful. Many thanks" - Sheila from Hampshire (Order No. M3096335) 01-08-2009
"Excellent,fast and extremely efficient. I posted my phone on a Wednesday and received the cheque on the Friday. I would recommend Mazuma to everyone." - Lori-Anne from Cheshire (Order No. M3068611) 01-08-2009
"great service, fast, efficient and very simple to use. Thanks." - Roger from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3080623) 01-08-2009
"The service you provide is absolutely fantastic! We sent off our phone and duly received a cheque within 48 hours as stated. Brilliant!" - Janie from Derbyshire (Order No. M3099449) 01-08-2009
"Graet service,money for old rope........sorry mobiles." - Eddie from Notts (Order No. M3100410) 01-08-2009
"I am very happy with the service provided. Very easy, prompt, and good comunication. Thank You." - Andrea from West Midlands (Order No. M3082929) 01-08-2009
"Excellent Service, efficient would recommend to all Thanks Kingston Shaw Interior Design" - Kate from Wirral (Order No. M3096110) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service! Had a 'dead' phone that I didnt realise that I could sell. Very happy with quick service. Thanks!" - Graham from Surrey (Order No. M3072662) 01-08-2009
"Can't fault the service - contract and postage sent when agreed, payment received within 48 hours and I was kept informed via email. Knowing that you are a reliable company will enable me to come back you again in the future, along with recommending to others. Thanks for making selling my mobile an enjoyable experience!" - Steve from West Midlands (Order No. M3090534) 01-08-2009
"Your service really has been fast and efficient - am really impressed.. thank you" - Andy from Beds (Order No. M3098290) 01-08-2009
"a very quick response and thanks for the cheque ,cheers." - Brian from Yorkshire (Order No. M3097595) 01-08-2009
"What a very quick and efficient service. Well Done !!!" - Tony from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3101876) 01-08-2009
"Really quick and easy service. Received the money for my phone within a week of starting the process. Will definetly use this service again and recommend it to anyone who has an old phone to sell" - Nicola from Warwickshire (Order No. M3077519) 01-08-2009
"I loved mazuma mobile it was great. The prie for phone(s) is great. i got £55.00 for my noika. but it shuld have a better sevice i will defntly use this site again in time this is the best way to sell your old mobile or mobils." - Brad from N/A (Order No. M888456) 01-08-2009
"2nd time ive used this service both times excellent fast response" - Kevin from Northumberland (Order No. M3105314) 01-08-2009
"Excellent. Very pleased with the ease and speed of the processing. Posted phones to you Saturday and received cheque on Wednesday morning. Thanks." - Mandi from Essex (Order No. M3071678) 01-08-2009
"Thanks very much for turning some old phones into cash. It was quick and easy to do and the prices were fair. I collect phones from friends and family - anything we make goes to charity. We'll have some more for you soon!!" - Gareth from London (Order No. M3023220) 01-08-2009
"This transaction was faster than the speed of light and so easy. Thankyou." - Megan from Lincs (Order No. M3103817) 01-08-2009
"This was a pleasant, Fast, Easy, quality transaction, I would recomend for everyone exchange there old mobiles with mazuma, I will certainly be back next time i renew my phone, Many thank mazuma, Ben Spalding" - Ben from Somerset (Order No. M3102657) 01-08-2009
"thanks for the very good service it makes a pleasant change" - David from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3071399) 01-08-2009
"Very fast service thank you. A bit disappointed with the amount paid for my mobile as it was not very old" - Meryl from Herts (Order No. M3086939) 01-08-2009
"great and fast service will defently recommend you to other peaple brilliant" - Jonathan from London (Order No. M3102103) 01-08-2009
"very quick response at sending out the prepaid envelope to sending out my cheque,would deffinatly recomend this site to people and would use it again." - Louise from Merseyside (Order No. M3091203) 01-08-2009
"thank you,i found your insructions very clear & easy. Makes a change to have good service.Have recommended you." - Suzanne from Wiltshire (Order No. M3097507) 01-08-2009
"Wow! Very impressed with the service. Posted my old phone on Saturday morning and recieved the cheque on Tuesday morning. Would definately use Mazuma again! Many thanks." - Omar from Norfolk (Order No. M3050001) 01-08-2009
"thank you very much for your service --as an o a p i was nervous to use this sales method as i did not know if i could do it by computer but it couldn't have been easier ---will tell my friends about you Love Roberta xxx" - Roberta from Suffolk (Order No. M3096041) 01-08-2009
"fast, efficient and troublefree service. would reccommend to all...!!!" - Bej from Middlesex (Order No. M3093930) 01-08-2009
"Thanks for the cheque received today - less than 24 hours after your email telling me it was on its way. Very prompt service start to finish. Glad I did not have to throw phone into landfill." - Brian from Devon (Order No. M3096215) 01-08-2009
"Fast and reliable service. 10/10" - Craig from Lancashire (Order No. M3105507) 01-08-2009
"I sent my phone out in the post yesterday.. and got an email saying the cheque had been sent out the next day! Im surprised it went this quick! keep up the great work! Im really happy about it! thanks x" - Kayleigh from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3083238) 01-08-2009
"Its really amazing, l just turned my old mobile phone into cash and the process was fast and eay to use. The process is the best so far. Thank you. Mazuma. l will be back definately." - Gloria from Scotland (Order No. M3101406) 01-08-2009
"was very fast in payment and kept me up to date at all time." - Gurtek from Shropshire (Order No. M3101388) 01-08-2009
"wow wow wow wow! VERY QUICK! VERY FRIENDLY! EXCELLENT IDEA! THANK YOU!!!" - Samantha from Cleveland (Order No. M3104173) 01-08-2009
"I have now recycled about 10 old mobile phones with Mazuma, and every order I've done has been a surprisingly quick and pleasing experience. I love what Mazuma do, you guys are my first choice when it comes to recycling old mobiles. You're the best, thank you for all your hard work! :)" - Chloè from Hampshire (Order No. M3096494) 01-08-2009
"was quick and easy like it says on the tin =)" - Jack from Norfolk (Order No. M3093297) 01-08-2009
"brilliant web site, got rid of all my phones that have been under my bed for ages, highly recommend Mazuma for some extra cash x" - Senel from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3103383) 01-08-2009
"what a service!!! fantastic. I cant believe i only sent you the mobiles last night and i get an email at lunch time today saying my cheque is on its way. I would definitely use again and recommend Mazuma to everyone!!! thank you so much" - Jay from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3100999) 01-08-2009
"sent my phone yesterday and cheque has been sent to me already,very good service and communication,would recommend to anyone!" - Stephen from Bridgend (Order No. M3088649) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service only took Six days start to finish now thats what you call service" - Tommy from Cleveland (Order No. M3094661) 01-08-2009
"Very easy to use - Very efficient - great experience for a first time user. I will recommend this service to anyone needing to sell there phones. ever considered expanding your scope to other electronic items?" - Chris from Surrey (Order No. M3105318) 01-08-2009
"Quick and easy to use. Highly recommend." - Vicki from Essex (Order No. M3060549) 01-08-2009
"Your service is very good a very quick turn round from sending the phone to receiving the cheque thank you AAAA Dennis Pilling" - Dennis from Lancs (Order No. M3103906) 01-08-2009
"Great service and cannot fault the turnaround time at all! Will be recommending Mazuma to friends and family." - Shaun from Wiltshire (Order No. M3104251) 01-08-2009
"i would like to say brillant service, very quick processing order well done!" - Simon from Gwent (Order No. M3099173) 01-08-2009
"fantastic service will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family. thanks again......" - David from Northants (Order No. M3085463) 01-08-2009
"Very fast service! Hope my phone goes to a good home! will be recommending you!!" - Emma from Cheshire (Order No. M3093131) 01-08-2009
"This is the first time I have used Mazuma and I have to say I am very pleased with the whole process, a very professional and efficent service which I woould gladly recommend." - Chris from Northants (Order No. M3099111) 01-08-2009
"fantastic, quick, reliable, simple, pleasant experience WELL DONE on a great service" - Yvette from Essex (Order No. M3102120) 01-08-2009
"Thanks Mazumamobile - how easy it was to sell my old phones!" - Paul from Leics (Order No. M3102837) 01-08-2009
"Although I did not receive the firstwelcome pack, as soon as I emailed to advise, another pack was sent immediately. I found that I was totally kept upto date all through the process and would recommend the service to others. Thank you" - Jane from Cheshire (Order No. M3061523) 01-08-2009
"Thanks! Have used you a few times now and found the total service faultless.....Great from start to finish!!" - Martina from Londonderry (Order No. M3102106) 01-08-2009
"I am very impressed with the service provided by mazuma it is quick, efficient and a very effective way of selling an old phone - I will be recommending you to all my friends. Thank you" - Jill from Durham (Order No. M3106446) 01-08-2009
"very impressed with your service will highly recomend you to people i know and will definetly use your service in the future" - Ron from Warwickshire (Order No. M3099189) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service - esay and fast" - Karen from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3101759) 01-08-2009
"I was kept informed with all aspects of the transaction. Excellent service." - Michael from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3096884) 01-08-2009
"sent 3 phones special delivery, £5.40 (would recomend this service as you arent coverd any other way for loss of phones with royal mail. recorded does not cover loss of phones either( i know this as i work in a post office.)) mazuma recived them tuesday and i recieved my cheque wednesday!!! excellent service, recomend them to every one. £5.40 postage which was worth it for a cheque for £213. thank you mazuma!" - Lindsey from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3104919) 01-08-2009
"very fast service. Plenty of email notification. quick and easy. Im a very happy customer." - Ian from Surrey (Order No. M3093897) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, very fast turnaround... posted phone on the Monday afternoon, processed Tuesday and cheque received Wednesday morning. Highly recommended," - Maria from Essex (Order No. M3106528) 01-08-2009
"Excellent. No problems and really easy to do" - Suzette from Staffordshire (Order No. M3104368) 01-08-2009
"excellent and fast service. And you pay more than envirofone!" - David from Cheshire (Order No. M3086412) 01-08-2009
"very fast very easy good price highly recommended thanks very much" - Abdel from Europe (Order No. M3050096) 01-08-2009
"Very Quick service and proccesing of my order Thanks Mazuma!" - James from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3108966) 01-08-2009
"Effortless transaction.I,ve never made some extra cash so easily.Well done" - Martin from Antrim (Order No. M3106148) 01-08-2009
"The organization of Mazuma was very good and for that reason i will consider doing business again." - Lerrone from Surrey (Order No. M3106561) 01-08-2009
"What a great service you provide. Fast, Free and so easy. I'll be recommending Mazuma to all my friends. Thanks. David" - David from Derbyshire (Order No. M3102151) 01-08-2009
"Very impressed with service, would use them agian." - Craig from Lancashire (Order No. M3105507) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for your cheque which arrived today. I was concerned that this would be some kind of scam as it seemed too good to be true, but I am pleased that you have proved an old cynic wrong!! Thanks again and I will certainly endorse your company." - Alan from Lancashire (Order No. M3104304) 01-08-2009
"Hi i would just like to say that from using other mobile selling sites such as Envirofone, Earth Mobile and MoPay, i have to say Mazuma has been absolutely the best in its service - its not only extremely fast in payment but also quick and easy in notifying and keeping up to date with the progress of the mobile phones i sold. Thank you very much :)" - Tahina from Hampshire (Order No. M3105375) 01-08-2009
"hi first time have used you very impressed with service will be back gerry edwards" - Geraldine from Surrey (Order No. M3110096) 01-08-2009
"Good, prompt service" - Alex from Fife (Order No. M3087891) 01-08-2009
"Brilliant idea, brilliant organisation in dealing with our order, well done! Thanks" - Melanie from Herts (Order No. M3091009) 01-08-2009
"great turnaround!!!!!! sent my phone monday had a cheque on my doorstep on wednesday!!! alot better than previous phone recycling companies ive used in the past!!! many thanks" - Andrew from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3102052) 01-08-2009
"Brill Brill Brill! thank you!!" - Clair from Kent (Order No. M3103860) 01-08-2009
"A great and very fast service , Very very impressed. Many thanks from a pleased customer" - Marcos from Avon (Order No. M3102437;) 01-08-2009
"i am very happy about everything.all was done very fast and i am so happy with the price i got for my old phone.thank you very much.i have already told my friends about the site." - Diana from Derbyshire (Order No. M3086564) 01-08-2009
"Simply brilliant ! Fast and easy to complete.....THANK YOU!" - Mike from Cornwall (Order No. M3105675) 01-08-2009
"your site is great and so easy to use thank you" - Ashley from Scotland (Order No. M3104198) 01-08-2009
"I don't usually leave feedback but I have to say I was highly impressed with your service. I posted the phone on Monday evening and recieved a cheque Wednesday morning - very impressive. I had already recommended you to friends before I had received the cheque, so you can be sure I shall continue to do so - you should offer recommendation fees!!! Thank you Dave" - Dave from Essex (Order No. M3089110) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service. There's not much more to say than that." - Davinder from Essex (Order No. M3112037) 01-08-2009
"This is a brilliant recycling idea. The service is very efficient and fast. Well done." - Denise from Warwickshire (Order No. M3098549) 01-08-2009
"Very happy with the sevice i have received, was kept updated throughout the process when each step was completed and received my payment very quickly. Would def recommend!!" - Natalie from Devon (Order No. M3097260) 01-08-2009
"great service" - Reece from Kent (Order No. M3105056) 01-08-2009
"I found this service very fast and easy to use. I will use again Many Thanks Anthony Murphy" - Anthony from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3115502) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service. Couldnt believe how quick return envelope and payment was sent to me. Definately recommending to friends and family, great prices too! thank you!" - Sarah from Herts (Order No. M3090745) 01-08-2009
"I signed up to Mazuma, listed my mobiles for selling, received the envelope, sent my phones and received my payment.....all in less than a week...AMAZING!!" - Anna-Marie from Herefordshire (Order No. M3111925) 01-08-2009
"Excellent speedy service. Thank you." - Mike from Fife (Order No. M3107274) 01-08-2009
"Excellent,speedy,and efficient service,will recommend to others,thankyou!!" - Colin from Cumbria (Order No. M3116379) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service, quick and easy - thanks Mazuma!" - Janice from Essex (Order No. M3089335) 01-08-2009
"Very efficient and easy to use service." - Liz from Herts (Order No. M3111624) 01-08-2009
"thank you everything made nice and easy to do and cheque came quickly .hope to use you again" - Jackie from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3112137) 01-08-2009
"First Class Service. I was thoroughly impressed by the communication and the speed of the process. Cannot fault in any way. Would recommend to anyone. Very satisfied customer." - Susan from Ayrshire (Order No. M3100877) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for your prompt service, I am very impressed and will certainly reccommend Mazuma to my friends,,Alan Reeve" - Alan from Essex (Order No. M3101341) 01-08-2009
"I thought that mazuma dealt with my order quickly and efficiently. Good job, I will be recommending your service. Your updates on the order also helped, as a customer it's always good to know about what's happening. Thank you Mazuma!!!" - Joe from Dorset (Order No. M3098287) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic Service will definitely reccomend you" - Michael from West Sussex (Order No. M3100882) 01-08-2009
"Excellent ,very good customer service, quick response, kept up to date through e-mails can't fault this company would recommend to anyone keep up the good work" - David from Lancs (Order No. M3099819) 01-08-2009
"Excellent, fast, efficient service. An example that many other businesses could learn from. Very slick indeed. Mazuma are an absolute pleasure to deal with." - Eamonn from Cheshire (Order No. M3115306) 01-08-2009
"i find your service very very efficient friendly and very generous without doubt the best site for selling old mobiles thank you once again" - John from West Glamorgan (Order No. M3112386) 01-08-2009
"Thank You for help me get some money in my pocket . If later on in the year i get any spare phones i am sure i will use mazuma mobile again. Thank You , yours sincerley Brandon Wardle" - Brandon from England (Order No. M3096548) 01-08-2009
"Well Joined On Monday And Got Phones Sent On Wednesday Afternoon and they got phones on thursday got vouchers on saturday great service *****" - Liam from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3113090) 01-08-2009
"I could not be happier. Very, very quick response and excellent service. Having previously used envirophone, I could not more highly recommend your service over theres. Thank you very much!" - Jennifer from Cheshire (Order No. M3115813) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic fast easy to use service, thanks., tom wildy, n/a, M?? real simple way to make money thank very much ill be looking for more phones :)" - Karen from Tayside (Order No. M3100951) 01-08-2009
"Hello, just to say I found the whole process easy! The on-line instructions were simple to follow and I received my cheque in less than a week! Thank you Mary" - Mary from Derbyshire (Order No. M3100185) 01-08-2009
"Really easy service to use. Fast, efficient and I got a big fat cheque out of it!!!" - Phil from Down (Order No. M3073438) 01-08-2009
"Thank you so much mazua! cheque arrived today-£90.00 as promised!! so happy.DEFINETLY RECOMMEND" - Callum from Shropshire (Order No. M3109903) 01-08-2009
"Excellent Service, payment very fast will be using mazuma again, will definatly recommend to a friend ." - James from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3069323) 01-08-2009
"wow wow wow filled in form on net sunday all sorted by thursday well informed all the way through by e mail great info sent out 100 out of 10 keep up the good work saved you on my fav now Darren" - Darren from West Susex (Order No. M3109741) 01-08-2009
"Easy site to use, great prices for the phones. Easy to post phones to you, quick delivery of cheque. Great service from start to finish. Keep up the good work." - Paula from Lancs (Order No. M3080985) 01-08-2009
"I would just like to say I could not believe how quick and easy this was I postedmy phones on Tuesday and had my check for Thursday. I am so please I have got all my friends and family looking out their phones to send really impressed. thanks" - Carrie from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3099664) 01-08-2009
"Many thanks for a quick and efficient hassle free service. I am most impressed." - James from Midlothian (Order No. M3097629) 01-08-2009
"thanks mazuma very quick and very slick ." - Allan from Cheshire (Order No. M3073475) 01-08-2009
"hi their i did have to think twice about sending off my phone, but im glad i did :) i can't belive how fast you people work, thanks for provideing such a great servive, jmaes fury" - James from Kent (Order No. M3108424) 01-08-2009
"Supersonic turn around, good price paid for phone, fantastic service, and have and will continue to use Mazuma." - Richard from Wiltshire (Order No. M3049254) 01-08-2009
"Quite unbelievable how simple it all is. Highly recommended." - Craig from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3099545) 01-08-2009
"Check recieved yesterday. Very impressed with the service - will recommned to all my friends and family. Thank you!" - Jaimini from Shropshire (Order No. M3063542) 01-08-2009
"WOW! that was super fast, super easy and fantastic service. Thank you Mazuma you are super stars !! Dawn" - Dawn from Suffolk (Order No. M3115522) 01-08-2009
"very efficient, e-mail enquiry with immediate response. envelope received next day and cheque within 24 hours!" - Hilda from Fife (Order No. M3115565) 01-08-2009
"Great to deal with sent my details on the monday recieved my cheque on the friday. cant believe how easy it was and there was I thinking everything in life was difficult. Fantastic thanks Mazuma." - Peter from Wrexham (Order No. M3109826) 01-08-2009
"Good communications, v.speedy service, pleasure doing business with, will recommend to friends & family kev" - Kevin from Yorkshire (Order No. M3102643) 01-08-2009
"Mazuma is fantastic ! Instead of leaving my old phones in the drawer & being forgotten, I've 'recycled' them and I get a bonus for this - I'm paid for it ! Marvellous :) *****" - Rosemary from Essex (Order No. M3108415) 01-08-2009
"Really easy way to sell my old mobile phone, everything was done quickly by Mazuma." - Carly from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3109405) 01-08-2009
"excellent service, very quick and easy to use will recommend will certainly use mazuma again" - Jamie from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3118784) 01-08-2009
"Brilliant and easy to use. Very quick turnaround from sending phone to cheque being sent. Definately use again and recomend to others." - Claire from Hants (Order No. M3107968) 01-08-2009
"Absolutely spot on service. Received my money within the week with absolutely no problems. I will use this service again and again and certainly will and already have been recommending to others. Thank you." - Laura from Fife (Order No. M3115104) 01-08-2009
"Thought the service throughout was superb. The website is so easy to use. I received my free-post bag/envelope a day after confirming my order and received my cheque within the stated 48 hours! Thanks again." - Sarah from Angus (Order No. M3111665) 01-08-2009
"Outstanding service - really easy to use and fast, with payment made as promised. What more could you want?" - Daren from Hampshire (Order No. M3113086) 01-08-2009
"I was surprised how quick the service was, its great! And everything is so well explained you just cant go wrong!" - Emily from Dorset (Order No. M3116332) 01-08-2009
"having been onto a few different websites, your process was more simple ie. you sent a pre-apid envelope whereas others expected you to print off documents and buy envelope etc - your process was simple - quick and fantastic. Pre-paid envelope received Mon - cheque received by the Fri - excellent thank you" - Yvonne from Cleveland (Order No. M3107344) 01-08-2009
"Mazuma got my old mobile phone which was lying in a drawer, I got a fair amount of money in exchange. What a great arrangement. Would recommend Mazuma every time. Robin Larvin" - Robin from Inverness-Shire (Order No. M3112616) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic quick service and a pleasure doing business with you" - Sue from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3118090) 01-08-2009
"hi,thank you for my cheque for £32. i have since lost the cheque and require a replacement. please respond. stephen" - Stephen from Glasgow (Order No. M3062953) 01-08-2009
"Really fantastic customer service. I am very impressed with the ease at which this process has been. Absolutely excellent." - Libby from Cheshire (Order No. M3113149) 01-08-2009
"I found the whole process very quick and professional.From the initial contact to the order being completed,I was very impressed with the speed and simplicity.I would definately use the service again." - Andrew from West Lothian (Order No. M3109444) 01-08-2009
"Posted the phone on the Wednesday and the cheque was in my hand by the Friday evening !!" - John from Staffs (Order No. M3109143) 01-08-2009
"excellant, easy to understand service, will use again" - Brett from Shropshire (Order No. M3099092) 01-08-2009
"excellent service reccomend to anyone." - Christopher from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3115501) 01-08-2009
"The process was very fast and trusable + convenient. T payment has not yet arrived but the information about it was sent to my e-mail. Till now I am very satisfied and happy." - Anton from Cambs (Order No. M3117818) 01-08-2009
"Very fast on ordering,and emailing. Sweet Thanks Amanda." - Amanda from Shropshire (Order No. M3097258) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service!! Sent phone wednesday morning, received cheque on the friday!! Would definitely recommend this service!! Thank You!!" - Stacy from Fife (Order No. M3114965) 01-08-2009
"I was dubious at first about all internet mobile recyclers but mazuma have been first class, from 1st enquire online to receiving returns packet-posting mobiles and receiving my cheque less than a week! 5 Star in my book. Thank YOU." - Neil from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3113876) 01-08-2009
"Realy good service everything went like clockwork so I will be using you again and telling all my freinds. Good Service well done you guys Regards Ian" - Ian from West Sussex (Order No. M3112871) 01-08-2009
"Great service with an easy to use website." - David from Lancashire (Order No. M3093814) 01-08-2009
"What a fantastic experience dealing with yourselves. Fast efficient and friendly. I will be encouraging alot of people to come your way with their old mobiles. A great big Thankyou. Fantastic price for my broken Nokia N95, that no one else could match and free postage too. Brilliant. Thanks Mazuma" - Liz from Cheshire (Order No. M3114535) 01-08-2009
"Fist time i have used youre service, the sevice was absolutley fantastic,fast and efficient,i would use youre company again." - Arthur from Cornwall (Order No. M3119088) 01-08-2009
"the checque has arrived today. Very fast service. I am satisfied" - Anton from Cambs (Order No. M3117818) 01-08-2009
"fabulous service. Initial contact on Sunday and cheque received following Saturday. Fantastic. Thanks" - Helen from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3110679) 01-08-2009
"Brilliant Service! First Class all the way, Will definately Recommend! Thank You" - Lee from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3093864) 01-08-2009
"A fast and efficient service. Thank you." - Simon from Cardiff (Order No. M3117095) 01-08-2009
"fast, efficient service. Would definitely use mazuma mobile again" - Sarah from West Glamorgan (Order No. M3081931) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service. Promises fulfilled and cheque received this morning. Thanks!" - Michael from N/A (Order No. M311250) 01-08-2009
"thank you for the cheque so quick and so easy we will definatly use you again in the future" - Karen from Staffs (Order No. M3104718) 01-08-2009
"Amazing. So quick and simple, done and dusted within 3/4 days. Thank you." - Kerry from Shropshire (Order No. M3116135) 01-08-2009
"amazing service, i got a new phone Tuesday and by Saturday morning i came home to my check! thank you mazuma" - Barnaby from Essex (Order No. M3117837) 01-08-2009
"Very good service posted phones on Thursday and received cheque on the Saturday morning. Very good service would recomend to anyone who asks." - Malcolm from West Lothian (Order No. M3111340) 01-08-2009
"Much simpler and quicker than I thought it would be. I chose Mazuma because of their TV advert and they offered the best price for my phone. Was impressed by their keeping me informed every step of the way and sending my cheque by return. Would have no hesitation in recommending Mazuma - brilliant service and much impressed!" - Enrico from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3110527) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service! Reliable quick, efficient! Keep up the good work you put the other companies to shame! Well Done!" - Anne from Dorset (Order No. M3108079) 01-08-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service. Freepost envelope arrived Tuesday, returned it Wednesday and received my cheque Friday. How great is that !? Got £134 for two old phones. Brilliant ! Now I can buy that new pair of shoes and handbag I've got my eyes on. Thank you Mazuma." - Karen from Co Durham (Order No. M3107076) 01-08-2009
"this is the second time i,ve used mazuma and i must say its fab. so quick and so easy . keep up the good work and will deal with you again in another 12 months xx" - Julie from Cumbria (Order No. M3112757) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service" - Sue from Staffs (Order No. M3031967) 01-08-2009
"i thought service was fast and efficient, got my free post envelope day after request and cheque 2 days after posting back. Excellent, will use again and have recommended to friends" - Suzanne from Merseyside (Order No. M3116005) 01-08-2009
"This was first time I've use this service but I was amazed how quick and easy it was, I will be recommending it to my friends," - Louise from Durham (Order No. M3109774) 01-08-2009
"excellent,easy to do fast and efficient turnaround.does exactly what the advert says." - Alan from Swansea (Order No. M3097540) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for your excellent service, I would definetly use you again and recommend you to all our friends and releatives. First Class!!!" - Gina from East Sussex (Order No. M3109721) 01-08-2009
"This service is wicked! Easy, quick (took less than a week from sending phones) and I got much more money for my phones than I expected! I would def use this again and I have been telling my friends and colleages all about it!" - Lucy from Kent (Order No. M3106397) 01-08-2009
"Hi, Fantastic service from start to finish. Can't say any more really. I will recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks." - Ian from Lancashire (Order No. M3112979) 01-08-2009
"The service was fast and quick, easy will recomend friends to Mazuma ! Received the check within less than 48 hours! A million Thanx" - Alexious from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3111967) 01-08-2009
"I would like to thank you for the quick service you have dealt whith" - Wil from Devon (Order No. M3108555) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, fast and reliable. Would certainly use Mazuma again in the future. Thank you." - Christopher from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M3114641) 01-08-2009
"You have another satisified customer, I will certainly use you again" - Martin from Kent (Order No. M3116028) 01-08-2009
"great service, very easy to use, I would use again and I will recommend it to my freinds" - Helen from Lancs (Order No. M3115054) 01-08-2009
"Mazuma made selling my mobile phone really quick easy and straight to the point! I'd definetly use this site again!!!" - Hailey from England (Order No. M3113414) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service, would recommend to anyone wanting to sell their old handset. Its very very simple to use and your updated everystep of the way via email so you always know whats going on. Ive had £118.00 for something that would otherwise just be taking room up in my sock drawer! Brilliant. Stu" - Stuart from Cheshire (Order No. M3116178) 01-08-2009
"thankyou very much i did enjoy selling my unwanted phone to you" - Joe from Aberdeen City (Order No. M3122398) 01-08-2009
"what an absolute 1st class service,i will be telling my friends and using this service again in the future." - Craig from East Sussex (Order No. M3112520) 01-08-2009
"thankyou for being such i great and i will tell alll my friends about it" - Nicola from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3108267) 01-08-2009
"first time i have used this company extreamly efficent definatly would recommend this to others." - Alice from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3121420) 01-08-2009
"An absolutely simple and quick way to sell my mobile phones, first class with updates throughout ... have already recommended Mazuma on to my family ... thanks!" - Philip from Derbyshire (Order No. M3113854) 01-08-2009
"Well done!!! Speedy and efficient service!!" - Suzie from Worcestershire (Order No. M3077619) 01-08-2009
"Brilliant, money in the bank 4 days after posting the phone. many thanks" - Amy from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3101126) 01-08-2009
"Thanks all - really impressed with the service and have recommended you to a friend who will be in touch soon" - Helen from Lancs (Order No. M3119423) 01-08-2009
"Fast, efficient, user friendly service from start to finish. Well done, will be highly recommending you." - Martin from Kent (Order No. M3102686) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, very straighforward and the whole process is very quick and easy. Have never experienced such a good service." - Lindsey from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3114111) 01-08-2009
"Really impressed with the service." - Karina from Essex (Order No. M3067132) 01-08-2009
"VERY impressed with the whole service. Very fast turnaround and brilliant communication. Perfect in every way! This is my second sale to you and both times have been excellent." - Phillip from Norfolk (Order No. M3117946) 01-08-2009
"Great service .thank you ." - Michael from West Midlands (Order No. M3121784) 01-08-2009
"I have received a first class service and would recommend this company to everyone. The company acted in a very professional manner and dealt with my order very quickly indeed. I received my Cheque within 3 working days which was amazing. I am a delighted customer. Gordon Hepburn" - Gordon from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3075238) 01-08-2009
"Fast and very efficient service. Happy to use service again and to recommend to another." - Graham from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M3108644) 01-08-2009
"Great service and very quick payment. Thanks" - Gary from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M3118594) 01-08-2009
"I am extremely impressed by the efficiency of your company. The service from start to finish was absolutely superb and I am recommending you to as many people as I can. Yours is the sort of company I would be proud to work for and that says a lot in this day and age. Well done." - Chris from West Midlands (Order No. M3116501) 01-08-2009
"thank you mazuma, sent my phones on saturday morning - cheque in bank tuesday morning. you should pass on your fast and efficient customer care service to a lot of other companies, a lot could do with it. again, thank you. ian" - Ian from Merseyside (Order No. M3123524) 01-08-2009
"Just to say what a great service I have experienced with you, quick and easy to use and very user friendly. Thanks! I shall definitly be recommending your services to friends. One question if though if I may, what do you do with the working mobile phones you recieve? Do they get re-used or recycled? If they are re-used who gets them?" - Jordan from East Midlands (Order No. M3122121) 01-08-2009
"To Whom It May Concern, Thankyou ever so much for the excellent service we received from Mazuma Mobile. We were absolutely delighted at how easy, quick and hassle free this whole process has been and its one less thing to worry about lying around the house. We will most definately be recommending you to friends in the future and using your service again ourselves. Kind regards, Joanne Smith" - Joanne from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3097134) 01-08-2009
"ive recianly sold my other old phone and found that mazuma are realy quick and offer a good service" - Adam from Staffordshire (Order No. M3122277) 01-08-2009
"An absolutely fantastic service, Posted my phones on the Friday, had a confirmation email on the Monday and Received a cheque on Tuesday, Highly recommended faultless service." - Simon from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3117343) 01-08-2009
"Thankyou for a very quick transaction with no catches or hidden terms and conditions.I will be recommending" - Chris from Kent (Order No. M3111413) 01-08-2009
"Very quick and efficient will definetly use again, Dave Bird, n/a, MM3122511 they take too long sending the money back" - Milo from Avon (Order No. M3112987) 01-08-2009
"Very very good services, quick postage and feedback 5 star ." - Michael from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3124751) 01-08-2009
"easy, straight forward, convenient, makes me happy!" - Ruaraidh from Scotland (Order No. M3124102) 01-08-2009
"This was the most easy site I have ever used, and when my current phone comes to the end of my contract I'll be back in touch. Great service, and so easy to use throughout. Thanks" - Alex from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3070005) 01-08-2009
"I'd just like to congratulate you on the excellent service and advice you offer throughout the whole selling procedure. In a world where everybody claims their company is unbeatable on service, it's refreshing to actually deal with somebody who follows through on this promise." - Daniel from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3118768) 01-08-2009
"excellent service" - Christopher from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3116801) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic!! Send my phone on Saturday and received payment on Tuesday!! Extremely happy customer! Its my 2nd time using you and would highly reccomend to all my friends and family!! Thanks Mazuma!" - Ben from Herts (Order No. M3117773) 01-08-2009
"xlnt service, fast turnaround, and good price" - Steve from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3068356) 01-08-2009
"Easy to use service, fast and efficient, I will recommend to all my friends. Many thanks" - Craig from West Midlands (Order No. M3112263) 01-08-2009
"your services are good fast and afficiant pleasyre doing business with your thanks mrs anderson.xx" - Jodie from Shropshire (Order No. M3112829) 01-08-2009
"brililant service thankyou" - Julie from Wiltshire (Order No. M3109130) 01-08-2009
"Extremely quick and efficiant on proccesing order and returning cheque, great price too! Thanks Mazuma." - Phil from N/A (Order No. M3lo5313) 01-08-2009
"really pleased with the service, would definitley use Mazuma again, so quick from selling to recieving cheque, thank you" - Tracy from Cheshire (Order No. M3120163) 01-08-2009
"To Mazuma Mobile, this is a very fast and good website to sell your old phones on thankyou from Brad.C" - Bradley from England (Order No. M3121932) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for a very efficient service" - Anita from Northants (Order No. M3067840) 01-08-2009
"Great idea and service throughout! Was close to binning my old phones until heard about Mazuma. Got £170 instead. Thanks guys." - Anton from East Sussex (Order No. M3084485) 01-08-2009
"Very easy to do. Quickest money i've ever made! Very impressed!! x" - Emma from Hampshire (Order No. M3072226) 01-08-2009
"very efficient, proffesional service, would recommend to a friend. Very fast will certainly use again. Thank you" - Tracey from Surrey (Order No. M3113805) 01-08-2009
"great at keeping me informed. very fast order processed. highly recommend thanks again" - Helen from Denbighshire (Order No. M3117699) 01-08-2009
"no problems sent phone on friday got paid monday eccelent to deal with will deal again thanks" - Stephen from Mid-Glamorgan (Order No. M3119936) 01-08-2009
"This service is brilliant, I posted the handset on Sunday, so it would have got to you on Monday, checking the system, payment is due in the next day or so, fast reliable service and 1 i will continue to use in the future." - James from Northumberland (Order No. M3117860) 01-08-2009
"fantastic service as allways" - Paul from Lancashire (Order No. M3101779) 01-08-2009
"Vey impressed with the service so far, however - insead of sending cheques, can you pay straight into my account if i gave you the details...? It would be cheaper for you and more convieiant for me - a win-win situation...?? Thanks" - Mike from Bristol (Order No. M3090698) 01-08-2009
"Excellent response, got the cheque by return. Would def use again!" - Ron from Suffolk (Order No. M3117178) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service. I sent my mobile to MAzuma on Monday and Wednesday morning my cheque came through the door. I am really impressed with the fast service Mazuma provide. Thanks" - Craig from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3117513) 01-08-2009
"BRILLIANT!! I will definitely be using you again. Your service is fantastic from start to finish. I will recommend you to all my friends." - Karen from Kent (Order No. M3116751) 01-08-2009
"This is the 3rd time Ive used Mazuma. Once again a faultless service. The cheque was through my door within 24 hours of you receiving our phones! Fabulous! I shall continue to use and recommend. Many thanks" - Stephanie from Essex (Order No. M3079992) 01-08-2009
"EXCELLENT service and so quick and easy - i will definitely recommend you to people. Thanks" - Caroline from Essex (Order No. M3121141) 01-08-2009
"great, easy, fast, simple. Cheers guys!" - Ben from Cheshire (Order No. M3118730) 01-08-2009
"So far the service has been absolutely brilliant. If only Mazuma bought other products" - Mike from Cheshire (Order No. M3088643) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic. What a great service. Amazing response time. Thank you" - Pete from Hampshire (Order No. M3119963) 01-08-2009
"Cheque received this morning.Thank you for the speed in which you dealt with the sale." - James from Surrey (Order No. M3120857) 01-08-2009
"Very impressive service - easy to use and quick. Will definitely use this service again" - Juliet from Cambridge (Order No. M3123884) 01-08-2009
"amazing service,kept well informed by email.sent phone friday got cheque wednesday.cant speak highly enough of these peolple" - Mark from Worcester (Order No. M3124406) 01-08-2009
"I think it was a really gd servise." - Rebecca from England (Order No. M3127771) 01-08-2009
"absolutely brilliant. posted monday cheque arrived wednesday....superb and really hope to deal with again....thankyou" - Paul from Inverclyde (Order No. M3119589) 01-08-2009
"F@*# me, even the royal mail arent this FAST!!!!!!!!!! CHEERS MAZUMA ILL BE SENDING SOME MORE!!!" - Boxer from West Midlands (Order No. M3090539) 01-08-2009
"thanks for doing business with my phone i found it very helpful and im glad i delt with mazuma thankyou" - Paul from West Glamorgan (Order No. M3119596) 01-08-2009
"A very easy and painless system." - Duncan from Dumfries And Galloway (Order No. M3124487) 01-08-2009
"Dear sir or Madam The service and ease of use that mazuma has provided for my recent sell order was first class. I would highly recommend mazuma to anyone who is looking to turn their old mobile into cash. Thank you for a speedy and efficient service, which I will happily use again and recommend to my friends. Best regards David Eldridge" - David from Cheshire (Order No. M3124665) 01-08-2009
"A brilliant and efficient service. Also feel phone will be of use to someone or something - recycled. Many thanks." - Caroline from Bucks (Order No. M3126971) 01-08-2009
"that was fast , the best thing i have ever done was to send you my old phone thankyou for your fast service , i will be using you again and also passing the word on that mazuma is 1 wicked site to use thankyou thankyou thankyou" - Mark from Warks (Order No. M3122876) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for a swift service. Your online instructions were simple to follow and the whole process was aasy and efficient" - Humie from Glamorgan (Order No. M3124892) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for a very efficient and speedy service. I will definately deal with you again." - Paul from N E Lincolnshire (Order No. M3128412) 01-08-2009
"Wow what a fantastic service...faultless from start to finish Fair price for old mobile. up to the minute communications , fast turn around from start to cheque... Would recommend to all who want to get rid of an old mobile. Thank you I am most impressed with you service. Regards Sandra Derbyshire" - Sandra from Lincs (Order No. M3115366) 01-08-2009
"Mazuma team. If all transactions you do are this simple. Your team should become politicians and run England instead of the current labour government I hace a HP iPAQ hw6915 unused for sale, i cannot see a price for one on your website. Thanks For your help Keith" - Keith from Derbyshire (Order No. M3123674) 01-08-2009
"payment received with thanks will use you again when I have anymore Mobile to sell very quick turn around" - Elizabeth from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3120224) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, very fast. I have told all my friends to use your service. Thank you." - Christine from Shropshire (Order No. M3121941/) 01-08-2009
"Very impressed - within 6 days from start to finish the vouchers have arrived. Thank you" - Jan from Wiltshire (Order No. M3122980) 01-08-2009
"absolutely made up! speedy service, thank you" - Susan from Merseyside (Order No. M3110207) 01-08-2009
"Cheque received with thanks. Great service !!" - Brian from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M3121332) 01-08-2009
"Very good service, quick and easy to use web site" - Henry from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3119993) 01-08-2009
"Extremely quick and efficient. My son told me about you on Sunday (16 Aug), and if I receive your cheque tomorrow it will have only taken 4 days. I wish every company was as quick at dealing with customers. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that has a surplus mobile." - Barbara from Cumbria (Order No. M3129460) 01-08-2009
"Hi there thankyou so much for the excellent super serivce. Will use you more and recommend to friends and family thanyou" - Rahila from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3119601) 01-08-2009
"What an outstanding service. enquire online and agree to sell 2 days later phones in post 2 days after cheque going into bank. Absolutley fantastic." - Paul from Staffs (Order No. M3112690) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service and very quick response. Many thanks" - Anthony from Bristol (Order No. M3119166) 01-08-2009
"Hi thanks for your quick service I will certainly use mazuma again and recommend it to friends and family Regards" - Aileen from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3118156) 01-08-2009
"Im only 13 andd found the website and the instuctions on the letter very easy to understand and i think i got a good price as mazuma mobile gave me the highest price for my form! 10/10" - Sam from Northumberland (Order No. M3129144) 01-08-2009
"I sent my phones on Monday morning and have come home from work on Thursday to the cheque waiting for me. Thank you for making it so easy and hassle free!" - Heather from Inverness-Shire (Order No. M3068023) 01-08-2009
"Excellent website. Really good instructions on how to sell my phone. Quick process from start to finish. Very impressed." - Matthew from West Midlands (Order No. M3120635) 01-08-2009
"top guys well done" - Alan from Kent (Order No. M3114803) 01-08-2009
"Very fast, hassle free service. Will be using again." - Lynnette from West Midlands (Order No. M3108703) 01-08-2009
"Payment received today as promised, your service has been very easy to use and you have made it easy for me to get cash for my old phones that were just sitting in a drawer gathering dust. I willhappily use you again or recommend you to other people. Paul" - Paul from Norfolk (Order No. M3108670) 01-08-2009
"we are amazed and really pleased at the service mazuma mobile have provided. we would have left these phones in drawers, and by having this service has made by two daughters do something about it and they have been so pleased to think they have made this money to," - Jane from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M3083252) 01-08-2009
"Thankyou,great service to send on old phones.Very efficient and easy to do." - Julia from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3116862) 01-08-2009
"registered, acknowledged and paid in 3 days - cant really say anything else. top stuff. will use you again, thanks!" - Matthew from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3125308) 01-08-2009
"used three times service excellent every time would recomend to anyone thankyou" - Kevin from Northumberland (Order No. M3118078) 01-08-2009
"very fast service,i was well happy.will use this site again" - Philip from Devon (Order No. M3122773) 01-08-2009
"very quick sending out the letter, very quick processing my order, and very quick sending the cheque. 10 out of 10 and will be using again" - James from Essex (Order No. M3121671) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for your very quick service, I was extremely surprised at the speed I quite expected about a week as I only sent the phones by ordinary mail with a receipt.. I received my cheque the 2nd day after sending the phones. Thanks once again I shall use you again. regards carol" - Carol from Kent (Order No. M3091269) 01-08-2009
"Very professional, quick and the whole process took about three working days, brilliant." - Carla from Antrim (Order No. M3117948) 01-08-2009
"Very good only took 4 days to complete transaction. Easy to use service and website." - Tracy from Cumbria (Order No. M3131613) 01-08-2009
"Two orders over 4 phones WOW what super fast service. Well done Mazuma I will be recommending you to family and friends and using your services again. Many thanks for turning my old phones into cash." - Lisa from Staffs (Order No. M3122487) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for a quick and efficient service. Good communication and a fair price for my phone." - Anthony from Hereford (Order No. M3130924) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service I have not come accross such a superb experience for a very long time. I shall have no problem in recomending your company to my friends and family." - Peter from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3134356) 01-08-2009
"I was very pleased with your service and would certainly use you again. I would also recommend you to my friends and family. Thankyou for your prompt service. Kind regards Caroline Hall" - Caroline from Suffolk (Order No. M3116615) 01-08-2009
"The whole process was so simple and helpful. The site was easier to use than other phone trading sites and I got a higher price here than I would have elsewhere. I will definatley use Mazuma again next time." - Sophie from Hants (Order No. M3109746) 01-08-2009
"Your service has been quick and efficient and I can honeslty say I am pleased I chose your company to use. Many thanks" - Chloe from West Sussex (Order No. M3118323) 01-08-2009
"would just like to say how impressed I was with your service with a smile, and would definately recommend you to my friends and others, Thanks" - Thomas from Essex (Order No. M3117663) 01-08-2009
"I posted my phones on Tuesday and got my cheque on Thursday. Rapid service. Thanks Mazuma!" - Chris from Merseyside (Order No. M3127357) 01-08-2009
"thanks i will use you again in the future i will also recommend you to a friend" - Paul from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3131739) 01-08-2009
"I would just like to thank you for the excellent service. Everything you promised has materialised and in such a quick and efficient way. Once again. Thankyou =)" - Jacqueline from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3116738) 01-08-2009
"fast service,even let me have an extra week as i forgot to post it. Used twice now to sell my n95's, will use again" - Cj from Leicestershire (Order No. M3075345) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service from start to finish. I look forward to using Mazuma again!" - Kenyatta from England (Order No. M3127039) 01-08-2009
"Very quick and efficient service. i will definitely use Mazuma again and recommend to my friends. thankyou" - Lesley from Shropshire (Order No. M3134542) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for your very speedy service - I've been very impressed and glad I chose Mazuma. I will definatley be recommending you and using you in the future. Kind regards." - Patricia from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3134626) 01-08-2009
"How fantastic was that! I sent the phones yesterday, I've received two emails today, the first telling me that the phones had been received, the second that they checked out and the cheque was in the post. I could not be more impressed with the service!" - David from Berks (Order No. M3109336) 01-08-2009
"Super fast service, great price for my phone, cheque recieved quickly, would definately use again and recommend to friends" - Jason from Wiltshire (Order No. M3108299) 01-08-2009
"You guys are fantastic. That was the easiest transaction i have ever had and you are paying me. Thank You." - Scott from County Antrim (Order No. M3133249) 01-08-2009
"Super-fast and efficient service from start to finish. I would most certainly recommend Mazuma to others - many thanks!" - Catherine from Kent (Order No. M3116570) 01-08-2009
"very quick and easy. a got a good price for my non-working phone and very happy with this service, i was always kept informed of my order via email and i felt Mazuma provided an excellent service" - Joel from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3134536) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service! Second time I've used Mazuma and highly recommend it! Will definitely use this site again" - Julie from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3129389) 01-08-2009
"This is the second time I have used mazuma, and its the second time ive recycled phones! I am recycling mobiles to raise money for a performing arts fund, and so I have searched over a lot of different phone recycling websites to find the best deal. Mazuma always comes out on top - they pay the most for phones, are very very quick, easy to use, and safe and reliable! I would definately recommend Mazuma over ANY mobile recycling website!" - Ziggie from Bucks (Order No. M3126672) 01-08-2009
"first time with mazuma well impressed with the prompt and excellent service we received will recomend to all my friends thankyou mazuma" - Paul from Hampshire (Order No. M3117016) 01-08-2009
"I thought you were really quick on how you responded once you had recieved the mobiles. it was qiuck and easy and i will use you again, thank you" - Louise from Derbyshrie (Order No. M3121508) 01-08-2009
"i would just like to say how easy this was, and i will be telling my friends and family all about this, you guys are brilliant thank you :o)" - Rachael from Suffolk (Order No. M3126418) 01-08-2009
"Cant believe how quick and easy that was. Got my cheque 2 days after i posted the phone. Thanks very much" - Pamela from East Lothian (Order No. M3119971) 01-08-2009
"i really love the way transaction is been made, its really a magic," - Lucky from West Dulwich (Order No. M3124786) 01-08-2009
"thank you for sell my mobiles the money will come in handy it will be put to wards the holiday we are saving for" - Pauline from Linc'S (Order No. M3126813) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service cheque received within 36 hours of posting phone." - Dawn from Co Durham (Order No. M3123587) 01-08-2009
"just wanted to say a big Thank You for making it so simple to dispose of my old mobile and get money for it When I get fed up of my newer mobile I know exactly where to come Thanks Again David Knight" - David from Lancashire (Order No. M3130998) 01-08-2009
"Excellent Service Thank you" - Fiona from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3130253) 01-08-2009
"i found mazuma easy and simple to use the prices i got for my phones i found quite fair! i was very happy with mazuma and will tell my freinds and family about the site! i will definitly use mazuma again." - Craig from Scotland (Order No. M3122689) 01-08-2009
"good service went through as promised by there team and a fair price for my phone , will use again , thank you" - Dean from Beds (Order No. M3121460) 01-08-2009
"This was my first order, but it will certainly not be my last. If this order process is anything to go by, then I will refer you to all my mates. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! PS. I am looking forward to receive my cheque in the post. Thanks Rachel" - Rachel from Surrey (Order No. M3126100) 01-08-2009
"Brilliant and super fast service ! I was very suprised how quick the process was. I have recommended Mazuma to all my friends :)" - Sarah from Bristol (Order No. M3121689) 01-08-2009
"Quite simply - thats the best customer service I have received in a long time. From start to finish the process was simple, extremely efficient and quick, so well done to everyone in Mazuma!!!!" - Marie from Cheshire (Order No. M3129065) 01-08-2009
"i have used Mazuma 3 times now and they are very quick,it only took about 4 days from placing the phones 4 sale to recieving a cheque,would definately recomend them.NIGEL ,YORK" - Nigel from Yorkshire (Order No. M3126226) 01-08-2009
"I am absolutely delighted with Mazuma mobiles service!! Thank you to the team at Mazuma for the fast turn-around. I am also very impressed with the preparedness of Mazuma to deal with orders, and their smart way of getting things done. Thank you Mazuma Mobile! Regards, Dee" - Deidre from Wandworth (Order No. M3124939) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for a prompt and efficient service. It couldn't have been easier. I will recommend your service to friends." - Leslie from Shropshire (Order No. M3127343) 01-08-2009
"just to say that i am pleased with your service, very quick and reliable, also handy with the free post bag you supply." - Steven from West Midlands (Order No. M3132818) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service no complaints. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks to Mazuma. Tom" - Thomas from Nottingham (Order No. M3136924) 01-08-2009
"I don't normally write feedback as I am usually cynical about how bona fide the quotes on these sites are but ....Wow! I can't believe how quick and efficient you have been. It is so unusual these days for things to be this simple. You need to be congratulated on the efficient processes you have put in place to make this operation run so smoothly. Other organisations should take note!" - Julie from West Midlands (Order No. M3137297) 01-08-2009
"Very fast and efficient... shame i on;y got £1 this time but oh well..... Maybe you could introduce a reward scheme for repeat senders of phones, or introduce a friend for small commission! just a thought!" - Scott from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3134498) 01-08-2009
"All i can say is that everything was here when you said it would be here. BRILLIANT! Received the cheque 3 days after I sent the phones. Will use you again with no hesitation." - Lorraine from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3126842) 01-08-2009
"sent mobiles to u on wednesday 19 august and received cheque friday 21 august. you have a great fast service will recommend you to friends and family" - Mark from County Down (Order No. M3134888) 01-08-2009
"verr very good supper" - Sarathbabu from London (Order No. M3111675) 01-08-2009
"I saw the advert on the tele loads of times but wasn't sure whether they would accept my phone because of the condition it was in, I sent it off and within the next few days I received a cheque with a great sum!" - Kamren from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3131806;) 01-08-2009
"Thanks for the good and quick service. It is refreshing for a company to actually do what they promise to and be easy to deal with." - Iain from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3118360) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for your service it is by far the best as ive used a other site and it takes far to long where as your service is much faster and reliable so i shall be returning in the future." - Andrew from Oxon (Order No. M3134945) 01-08-2009
"I would just like to say how fast and easy it was to use your service. I honestly did not expect it to be so speedy and simple and I will definately be recommending my friends and family to use your service and I myself would use it again also! Thank you!" - Sharonlee from Surrey (Order No. M3135670) 01-08-2009
"Very quick and processed smoothly... would recommend to everyone." - Thomas from Wiltshire (Order No. M3131461) 01-08-2009
"just recieved your cheque. cant believe i got it so soon very good service nice to see someone can get it right" - David from Dorset (Order No. M3126127) 01-08-2009
"very fast service and very simple to do, could'nt recommend you highly enough, will use you again." - Trevor from Cumbria (Order No. M3137577) 01-08-2009
"I was pleased that you sent us emails telling us what was going on and my parents were pleased aswell. Your website was very clear and it is easy to use. I have already recommended your business and i would definately use this again. Thanks very much, Georgie (12)" - Georgie from Worcestershire (Order No. M3131832) 01-08-2009
"everything was so straight forward" - Emma from Manchester (Order No. M3134930) 01-08-2009
"Quick , hassle free , easy.Thank you excellent service will, infact already have recommended to friends." - Scott from West Midlands (Order No. M3134129) 01-08-2009
"it is a great service and delivers what it promises , better than keeping your phone at home or trying to sell it a dodgy site" - Vijayendra from Midlothian (Order No. M3110019) 01-08-2009
"ok im happy" - Giedrius from Uk (Order No. M3123257) 01-08-2009
"Very quick, efficient and well run service. Will have no hesitation recommending this service to friends and family." - Bernadette from East Kilbride (Order No. M3127432) 01-08-2009
"Astonishingly quick and simple process!" - David from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3131023) 01-08-2009
"I found your service to be very fast and efficient but most of all very easy to arrange the sale of my old phones. Your service is first class and a credit to the staff working as part of your team. Thank You and keep up the good work." - Paul from Cumbria (Order No. M3115044) 01-08-2009
"absolutely brilliant service. sent my phone off thur morning, recieved an email saying my order was complete and the cheque was sent on the friday. Will definately recommend to all my friends! Thanks mazuma. Louise" - Louise from North Devon (Order No. M3131126) 01-08-2009
"Incredibley impressive service. From placing the sell order on wednesday afternoon, I had received and banked my cheque by saturday morning! I was informed of the progress every step of the way. I would highly reccommend Mazuma Mobile to anyone who has an old mobile phone collecting dust in the drawer." - Paul from London (Order No. M3137399) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service... thankyou!!!" - Denise from Merseyside (Order No. M3131443) 01-08-2009
"Mazuma Team, Excellent service and superfast reply. Will recommend to a friend." - Paul from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M3128813) 01-08-2009
"thank you for your quick response and i will recommend to my friends and i will use you again in the future ." - Lucy from Lancashire (Order No. M3136276) 01-08-2009
"absolutely brilliant, didnt expect that much for an old broken iphone, will be using you again in the future" - Josh from Kent (Order No. M3066360) 01-08-2009
"Such a simple process and so efficient, great, thanks" - Joan from Moray (Order No. M3129700) 01-08-2009
"Did exactly what it said on the site. Took to Post Office lunchtime Thursday 20 August, received cheque Saturday 22 August, absolutely brilliant will recommend to anyone.Thanks" - Chistine from Leicestershire (Order No. M3132617) 01-08-2009
"fast service, reliable and definetly going to use mazuma again" - Haydn from Lancashire (Order No. M3130307) 01-08-2009
"Excellent Service very fast and efficient." - Matthew from East Riding Of Yorkshire (Order No. M3125996) 01-08-2009
"An excellent service. Very quick and easy to use." - Andrew from Cleveland (Order No. M3124978) 01-08-2009
"very fast service fantastic would use again and defo recommend to friends! thanks for £77 will go towards a new pair of shoes thanks mazuma!!" - Zoe from Wiltshire (Order No. M3136097) 01-08-2009
"I'm very pleased with the service that has been given. I sent off the phones on the Wednesday and got my cheque by the Friday, i'm very satisfied. The whole process was very simple and straight forward. I'll recommend it to everyone!" - Laura from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3124528) 01-08-2009
"The service was brilliant. From placing the order to receiving the cheque. Would definitely use in the future" - Robyn from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3132809) 01-08-2009
"Great service fast turnaround will defiantly use again" - Anthony from Staffordshire (Order No. M3125362) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service." - Wendy from Middlesex (Order No. M3130496) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service. I can't believe how quickly you sent my cheque. I would have no gesitation in using your service again in the future. Thank you!!!" - Gary from West Sussex (Order No. M3127791) 01-08-2009
"As an owner of a business, I understand the issues of processing transactions of a high volume quickly and efficiently. I can only congratulate you on the speedyness of your service, and have already recommended you to two other people. Thanks." - Daniel from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3130987) 01-08-2009
"Very fast collection and very fast payment great company to do business with. Thanks Mazuma" - Leanne from Oxon (Order No. M3131337) 01-08-2009
"Just wanted to pop you a note to thank you for your outstanding service and efficiency. The price offered for the mobile was phenomenal and the turnaround was exceptional. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and when the need arises, I'll certainly use you again. Keep up the good work!" - Rajesh from Middlesex (Order No. M3107051) 01-08-2009
"I was so surprised how quick how everything was done thank you" - Thomas from Essex (Order No. M3132526) 01-08-2009
"Absolutely painless thank you" - Sue from Cheshire (Order No. M3139661) 01-08-2009
"Faster than envirofone, and excellent pricing (£7 more paid for my particular model). Perfect service. I would only suggest a bubble-wrapped freepost bag to save any possible damage done to the phone between postage and receipt. Elsewhere, flawless service. I will be back! Thanks!" - Nathan from Cheshire (Order No. M3138880) 01-08-2009
"Great Service!" - Alan from Guernsey (Order No. M3122428) 01-08-2009
"Fast and efficient. This is the second time I have used Mazuma and feel confident that I can trade safely. Excellent! I will use again. Thanks." - Linda from Leicestershire (Order No. M3132520) 01-08-2009
"Very fast service will recommend thank you." - Roger from Staffs (Order No. M3132116) 01-08-2009
"Brilliant service, fast and efficient. Thank you" - Lynn from Leicestershire (Order No. M3134052) 01-08-2009
"Very simple and easy to use. Quick on freepost bag delivery and cheque. Overall i would definately use this site again over other competitive sites" - Catherine from Cardiff (Order No. M3117271) 01-08-2009
"Phone sent 21/8/09 and email received on the sat saying that cheque had been sent and we received it on the Monday,what a fantastic service ,will recommend to anybody who wants to sell an old phone, well done mazuma" - Graham from Cambs (Order No. M3124336) 01-08-2009
"Mazuma is excellent to send your old mobiles as it is easy, fast and reliable ! Thank You So Much Gemma" - Gemma from Cambridge (Order No. M3107203) 01-08-2009
"Quick Easy Painless, definately use again." - Steve from West Lothian (Order No. M3122460) 01-08-2009
"I was amazed at how quickly my order was dealt with and I have now passed information to friends and relations to say how safe the service is We are now looking for a site that takes cameras" - Gillian from Herts (Order No. M3126391) 01-08-2009
"absolutely A* service great communication fast process thank you for an easy great service thank you x" - Rebecca from Norfolk (Order No. M3133040) 01-08-2009
"Fast efficient hassle free service. Would use again." - Paul from Durham (Order No. M3120182) 01-08-2009
"Top marks for the Mazuma team. First time i have used your service and will definitely use you again. I have recommended you to my friends. Many thanks." - Estelle from Beds (Order No. M3128086) 01-08-2009
"this is the fourth phone i have sent to you within the last week and i am very impressed with the speed you have worked, i have also passed your name on to several friends. thank you" - Jill from Nottingham (Order No. M3139133) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service! Very fast, efficiently done and the guidelines for the process were very helpful indeed. A big thanks to everyone involved - it was one of the simplest processes I've ever used to sell anything" - Martin from Worcestershire (Order No. M3139092) 01-08-2009
"Great service, great communication, quick and easy. Thanks Mazuma!" - Lisa from London (Order No. M3113599) 01-08-2009
"excellent service got the cheque within four days of posting the phone!!!!!" - Dave from Derbyshire (Order No. M3132012) 01-08-2009
"Thank you! Excellent and prompt service." - Diane from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3137794) 01-08-2009
"Great fast and efficient professional service! - I have already recommended you to several friends!" - Pamela from Hampshire (Order No. M3137453) 01-08-2009
"what great service, very quick and prompt, send phone away on friday and received cheque today(tuesday), can`t believe it was all so quick, will use them again" - Janice from Perthshire (Order No. M3139974) 01-08-2009
"very good , easy to follow instructions ." - Sarah from Kent (Order No. M3135017) 01-08-2009
"very fast and very good service,really pleased with your service thank you.robert." - Robert from England (Order No. M3126233) 01-08-2009
"I posted the handset on the friday, Mazuma received it on the monday, and I received my cheque on the tuesday. Excellent." - Michael from Dorset (Order No. M3137996) 01-08-2009
"thank you for making it so easy for me to get rid of my old phone!! very quick service!" - Donna from West Midlands (Order No. M3140247) 01-08-2009
"am very pleased with the service was quick and very easy,will be using you again in the future,thanks" - Rachael from Down (Order No. M3123892) 01-08-2009
"Very easy process, no hassle! Happy with the service." - Daniella from Staffordshire (Order No. M3114083) 01-08-2009
"what a pleasure to do business with you.I have been very impressed with your excellent service Thankyou very much. I shall certainly pass on your good name." - Thelma from Lancs (Order No. M3142551) 01-08-2009
"thanks received cheque this morning little cash helps along way" - Susan from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3141979) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service quick and very efficient, look forward to receiving the cheque. Well done!! Used you twice now and would give you 100% and will certainly recommend you." - Sue from Devon (Order No. M3116139) 01-08-2009
"Brilliant very easy to use service. 3 phones ranging from old to very old converted to £33 to spend in Argos. Many thanks." - Marion from Cornwall (Order No. M3126573) 01-08-2009
"Pleased with the service received" - Mark from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3135733) 01-08-2009
"i'm so happy to deal with you ,thank you for the quik purches" - Sarkawt from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3136010) 01-08-2009
"fantastic service , very smooth. so much better then envirophone who did not want to pay the full price to every day wear and tear. Your staff were so helpfull when i rang up . will recomend you to friends and i wish i had used you first." - Fiona from Devon (Order No. M3134643) 01-08-2009
"great service. quick process. recommend." - Louise from Devon (Order No. M3127251) 01-08-2009
"Very prompt and clear response with easy step-by-step advice and instructions. Excellent, speedy action with current status updates as they were taking place. Excellent prices quoted and order processing and conclusion was found to be absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work Mazuma" - Adil from Lancashire (Order No. M3136506) 01-08-2009
"Have to complement you on the quick and easy way it works." - Richard from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3129064) 01-08-2009
"Very efficient service, quick, accurate, user friendly and payment arrived promptly. Already recommended to friends and colleagues" - Philippa from Hampshire (Order No. M3141189) 01-08-2009
"thank you for being so speedy i received my cheque today and the bank says i should have the money in my account for friday!!! and i only contacted you a week ago!!! stace" - Stacey from Mid Lothian (Order No. M3135527) 01-08-2009
"Really quick and efficient, i only sent my phone off today and i've got the cheque! Thanks guys i'll be reccomending you to everyone i know :D" - Jack from West Midlands (Order No. M3136098) 01-08-2009
"the service was quick and simple to use. thanks" - Kimberly from Leicestershire (Order No. M3125279) 01-08-2009
"can't believe it was so simple, will definitely recomend others to cash in their unwanted mobiles" - Judith from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3107717) 01-08-2009
"Very pleased with the service from Mazuma. Very efficient and straightforward to use. Would use this service again in the future." - Janet from Lancs (Order No. M3133144) 01-08-2009
"Thank you very much for taking my old mobiles off my hands, and so quickly too! What a good service you run, I'll definately be back when my contract upgrade comes along! Thanks again, Leigh" - Leigh from Essex (Order No. M3138808) 01-08-2009
"very good service from start to finish.Thankyou." - Sarah from Devon (Order No. M3134105) 01-08-2009
"This is a great service. I used this service on a Sunday, my cheque arrived on a Thursday! This is a really good place to sell your old mobile phone to. Thanks Mazuma! =)" - Liam from West Midlands (Order No. M3129335) 01-08-2009
"10 out of 10. First time anyone has delivered on price promises for sale of phones! Thank you" - Wendy from East Sussex (Order No. M3131977) 01-08-2009
"This is a great and fast service. I would use them again 100% promise." - Graham from Kent (Order No. M3141177) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service" - Shawkath from London (Order No. M3138909) 01-08-2009
"Many thanks for your services. Good value, easy transaction, excellent communication and also particularly impressed by the speed of the full process. I'll recommend you." - Charles from Cleveland (Order No. M3139925) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic quick service dont know how you do it that quick" - Sophie from Norfolk (Order No. M3132770) 01-08-2009
"Thanks for your very fair and efficient service." - Martin from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3105777) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service..My phone got tested and a cheque was sent out the same day. All in all I got my payment in less than 48 hrs..will definitely recommend this service." - Georgie from London (Order No. M3134873) 01-08-2009
"Quick and efficient service. Only surprise was that I would have to pay for recorded delivery or whatever you stated on the info that came with the free post envelope." - Gail from Sourh Yorkshire (Order No. M3024921) 01-08-2009
"This is a great and fast service. I would use them again 100% promise." - Graham from Kent (Order No. M3141177) 01-08-2009
"I can't believe I have never done this before. What a great service and super quick. Getting money for something that was sat in a draw waiting for the day to be put in the bin is great. Thanks for making it so easy, I will not only be using you again but have already recommended you to loads of friends." - Lee from Bucks (Order No. M3131115) 01-08-2009
"Magnificent Mazuma!!!I posted my old mobile to you this Monday 24 th August, hey presto , today is Wednesday 26th August and I have my cheque from you . Superb service, will certainly recommend Mazuma 10/10!!!" - Jean from Devon (Order No. M3138075) 01-08-2009
"Two words, Fabulous service!!!!" - Louise from West Midlands (Order No. M3138680) 01-08-2009
"Pleasure to deal with, extremely easy and quick payment." - Sue from Derbyshire (Order No. M3136734) 01-08-2009
"Really quick an easy, very happy, good job!" - Luke from R.C.T (Order No. M3146970) 01-08-2009
"great service will tell all friends and family to use you .thank you" - David from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3141807) 01-08-2009
"This was a fast and extremeley efficient service. I have already recommended it on, and will use it now in future whenever I upgrade my phone. Good job on a good service." - Nicola from Surrey (Order No. M3140969) 01-08-2009
"I cannot believe just how fast you are, phone posted lunchtime Monday and cheque received Wednesday morning. Thank you." - Anne from Cambs (Order No. M3139620) 01-08-2009
"Fantasticcccc service! They do exactly what they say they will! Brilliant! Thanks very much!" - Lauren from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3129041) 01-08-2009
"i have to say a phone trade shop just opened near to me and promised all that your site did, when we got there the phones were inspected a price was suggested we agreed and all of a sudden the phones were inspected again and again the price came down tiny scratches could suddenly be seen and i took the phones off the assistant as it was my son he was being awkward to and left other people were having the same problems in the shop. i came onto your site did exactly the same thing looked up phones got quote ect,emailed you got the reply envelope sent phones and recived the checque this morning" - Martin from West Midlands (Order No. M3138175) 01-08-2009
"I was amazed at how quick the turn around was with Mazuma I sent my phone on the Monday and had my cheque by the Wednesday very impressed and would certainly recommend to anyone who has a phone to trade in for a bit of cash." - Julie from East Sussex (Order No. M3141737) 01-08-2009
"Hi,Many thanks for your fast and efficient service,I was impressed, I badly need a new tyre for my car so off to buy one with my cheque tomorrow." - Gwen from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3140332) 01-08-2009
"A very easy service which provided easy instructions of how to obtain information with regards to your handsets & p&p is free. Would certainly use this service again & recommend to friends. Thankyou" - Amanda from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3133646) 01-08-2009
"I found the service to be very fast friendly and easy just as it says :)" - Chris from South Ayrshire (Order No. M3146366) 01-08-2009
"i got a lot of money" - Travis from Wiltshire (Order No. M3155463) 01-08-2009
"excellent service. Good communication and prompt and fair payment. many thanks." - Kevin from Cornwall (Order No. M3139586) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, very quick. Will use again." - Michael from Tayside (Order No. M3143848) 01-08-2009
"What a great site i was reccomeneded to you by a friend and also a guy in the o2 shop when i went to get my new phone and was going to hand my old one over. quick and easy amazing." - Henry from Kent (Order No. M3145119) 01-08-2009
"My son asked to sell his phone after upgrading. I was dubious ( not heard of this site before )but found the whole process efficient and reliable. I've now recommended you to friends Thank you" - Angela from Yorkshire (Order No. M3142807) 01-08-2009
"mazuma just made my life easy!! I am quite happy with their fast, reliable and handy service. I would definitely come back to mazuma to sell any of my phones! Keep up ur good works lads!!" - Imtiaz from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3145509) 01-08-2009
"In a world where i find people are too quick to complain, i would just like to take a moment to applaud such a simple and effective service. You really couldn't have made it easier. Thank you and i look forward to receiving my cheque." - Scott from Yorkshire (Order No. M3119729) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service! Fast and reliable... Well done." - Hazel from S Glamorgan (Order No. M3127216) 01-08-2009
"Thank you for buying my old mobile phones. I found your company so easy to use and no hidden agendas trying to riggle out of paying. A very easy site to use and quick to pay. I will defenitely use you again." - David from Hants (Order No. M3139284) 01-08-2009
"A fantastic way to get rid of old phones. I was going to give away my working phone and throw out the broken one, but thought I'd check out Mazuma first. Very glad I did. That's £47 I wasn't expecting :) Thanks!" - Lizzie from Devon (Order No. M3146803) 01-08-2009
"Very quick & efficient system well done,makes a nice change" - John from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3152672) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service - 'does exactly what it says on the tin'!" - Sarah from Northants (Order No. M3152579) 01-08-2009
"I've used Mazuma a few times now and each time has been as quick as the 1st! Excellent service!" - Paul from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3148316) 01-08-2009
"I am totally thrilled with the service i have received as i sent my phone via special delivery and received confirmation of delivery and payment all within 24 hours. Thanks" - Michelle from Cheshire (Order No. M3125852) 01-08-2009
"Absolute piece of cake really quick easy and efficient service .No complaints whatsoever . Many Thanks" - Gerry from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M3147006) 01-08-2009
"mazuma is amazing, it was easy to use and the best thing was it was as fast as a flash, i mean litterally, talk about mazuma working its magic!" - Bilal from West Yorksire (Order No. M3137074) 01-08-2009
"Very quick and friendly service would use again in the future" - Michael from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3147356) 01-08-2009
"thrilled with service and how fast it was processed cheers" - Robert from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3122395) 01-08-2009
"i think this was a amazing service freepost bag,recived the phone quik and got good money for my phone:):)" - Nathan from England (Order No. M3143366) 01-08-2009
"brilliant. quick, easy to use, good prices, will deal with again soon" - Robert from Fife (Order No. M3135978) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic site. Compared it with the other sites and the prices offered on here were amogst the highest. Very easy to use and suprisingly fast. I would highly recommended it to anyone who wants to get some fact cash for their old phones" - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M3138528) 01-08-2009
"This is my second sale with you and I am very impressed with the service you have - I will and would recommend your site to everyone I know Thanks Gillian Graves" - Gillian from N/A (Order No. M1344674) 01-08-2009
"the phones were my sons and he was so pleased with the money and so quick" - Clare from Kent (Order No. M3148377) 01-08-2009
"Wow that was easy and payment made very quickly. Thankyou Mazuma." - Daniel from Herts (Order No. M3147684) 01-08-2009
"Great service simple easy to use fast payment will use again thanks" - Tony from Warwickshire (Order No. M3137004) 01-08-2009
"Great service-fast, simple, and does exactly what it says on the tin-mobiles for money, and much more than any available trade-in deals! Will definitely use mazuma again." - Alison from Lothian (Order No. M3150985) 01-08-2009
"great,it took 4 days from asking for the envelope to post phones to getting the cheque,and it did'nt cost us a penny" - Barbara from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3151921) 01-08-2009
"Hands down the best service I have ever experienced through e-mail, post, and generally overall." - Larah from Mid Lotian (Order No. M3148099) 01-08-2009
"I am amazes at how this matter has been transacted. I did this with some trepidation expecting the worst but although I do not have the cheque yet, I am very impressed at your efficiency." - Barry from Essex (Order No. M3148990) 01-08-2009
"A thoroughly excellent service on all aspects of the transaction; fast, efficient and friendly. A lesson on how businesses should be run. Thank you." - Marc from East Sussex (Order No. M3138598) 01-08-2009
"Unbelivible service has passed the infor to my friends. Can you please advise me how long it take for the cheuqe to clear in the bank." - David from Strathclyde (Order No. M3146303) 01-08-2009
"great service, fast and efficient" - Dani from Berkshire (Order No. M3143859) 01-08-2009
"Amazing service very fast, Kept fully up to date via email. very happy with the service you provide. Thanks Colin" - Colin from Berkshire (Order No. M3123510) 01-08-2009
"Amazing service, I only sent the phone yesterday. Thank you" - Jason from Cumbria (Order No. M3151545) 01-08-2009
"very quick service" - Henrietta from Essex (Order No. M3149779) 01-08-2009
"quick and easy service!! you are kept up to date throughout the whole process. will be recommending the service to my friends.." - Keith from Armagh (Order No. M3149269) 01-08-2009
"fantastic service. What are you waiting for at home for more dust to collect on those old phones!!! Go on do it.I did!!" - Deborah from Shropshire (Order No. M3148091) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service!!!!!From going online,receiving freepost envelope,sending phones and receiving cheque, it took 4 working days.Really, really happy!!!!!!." - Clare from Norfolk (Order No. M3142742) 01-08-2009
"Extremely quick service! Like, surprisingly quick. Received my phone, processed it and sent the cheque within hours. Thank You" - Lisa from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3145175) 01-08-2009
"cannot believe how quick and easy it was to sell my old phone would certainly do it again" - Elizabeth from N/A (Order No. M3551088) 01-08-2009
"Excellent first time I have used Mazuma and I received my cheque within 48 hours. Thank you" - Janet from Berks (Order No. M3151868) 01-08-2009
"Thanks. A quick, easy and efficient way to diospose of unwanted mobiles. £36.80 earnt in 10mins!" - Alaine from Herts (Order No. M3148130) 01-08-2009
"Very competitive prices, Extremely quick, easy and efficient." - Helen from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3149905) 01-08-2009
"Quite satisfied with the cash amount I was offered, The money certainly came in useful infact its going towards paying for our wedding next year! Smooth no hassle transaction. Many thanks!" - Nicholas from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M3108786) 01-08-2009
"Best service I have ever experienced! You could teach BT & Sky a thing or two." - Martin from Dorset (Order No. M3155590) 01-08-2009
"I just want to thank you for the money you have offered me for the phone and i want to say that it is a great service you are supplying to people." - George from Hampshire (Order No. M3147895) 01-08-2009
"amazingly fast service, I only ordered my pack to send the phone late in the day and it was here the next morning, within a couple of days i am told my payment is on its way ~ brilliant" - Angela from Suffolk (Order No. M3155228) 01-08-2009
"im really pleased with the way the way mazuma has delt with my order from getting envelope to receiving voucher very fast and efficient ill deal with youse again and also my friends will thanks" - Andrew from West Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3145735) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, if only all businesses were as quick and efficient as Mazuma. Brilliant" - Kelly from Norfolk (Order No. M3152739) 01-08-2009
"You guys are awesome! Fast, efficient - SUPERB! Thank You!" - Alice from South Yorkshire (Order No. M3146299) 01-08-2009
"sent phones on thur cheque arrived sat fantastic would definately deal with them again.first class." - Joe from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3143612) 01-08-2009
"Cheque arrived this morning.Thank you for a most excellent service, Bill" - Bill from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M3152457) 01-08-2009
"I was attracted to you by your cute advert and am pleased to say that even though I have not received the cheque as yet I am vry pleased ith the prompt esy sdervice that you provide. Also it gives old mobiles a new lease oflkife and saves waste! Thank you." - Kim from London (Order No. M3145465) 01-08-2009
"Excellent and fast service. Posted my phone on the Wednesday and got my chq on the Friday. Would use service again and recommend to friends." - Lisa from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3137389) 01-08-2009
"I just want to say how impressed I am with your service. I have just received my vouchers a week to the day from first applying via your website. Everything was hassle free, easy to understand & exceptionally quick. Thankyou very much I will certainly be returning at a later date" - Carla from Suffolk (Order No. M3144846) 01-08-2009
"Fantastic service! Received my mail bag the morning after placing sell order, and popped in post. Received confirmation the following morning, then the next day had cheque in hand. Service exactly as described, and very efficient. Thanks." - Neil from East Sussex (Order No. M3154526) 01-08-2009
"Very impressive service. This company really do what they say. I posted my phone thur and had my Argos voucher by the sat -2 days later - just in time to buy a new freeview box as mine had broken the day before! Thank you Mazumo - would def recommed you - and have been doing to all my friends!" - Clare from Cambs (Order No. M3107016) 01-08-2009
"A total experiance out of this world. If only ever company was this efficient then we wouldn't be in the credit crunch." - Julie from Norfolk (Order No. M3153242) 01-08-2009
"Cant beleive how fast the whole transaction was. Would defo use again WOW!!!!!!" - Mary from Cornwall (Order No. M3150245) 01-08-2009
"Easy transaction and super fast payment. Thank you." - Gerardine from Antrim (Order No. M3144497) 01-08-2009
"excellent and very easy service which allows people to regain a percentage of money back from unwanted phones which otherwise would be dead money. so well done you." - Geoff from Oxon (Order No. M3147027) 01-08-2009
"I would recommend Mazumza when disposing of old mobiles. The service is second to none, I applied on a Tuesday and had my cheque by Friday, now that's service" - Ivan from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3152408) 01-08-2009
"Great service - simple, fast and efficient! Thank you!" - Brad from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M3147397) 01-08-2009
"The service provided was fast, simple and instructions were easy to follow. I was pleased for the amount recieved,thank you" - Sharon from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3116320) 01-08-2009
"excellent, very fast service, highest payment on web.very easy and smooth transaction thanx very much" - Claire from Co. Durham (Order No. M3137823) 01-08-2009
"I have sold two phones to Mazuma and I could not be happier with their service - fast, absolutely smooth and problem-free. Big thumbs up!" - Aneta from Wiltshire (Order No. M3152230) 01-08-2009
"a very good service easy simple and fast a brilliant idea will definately use again" - Paul from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3140861) 01-08-2009
"Very Very fast service. I would highly reccommend. Well done Mazumo for speedy transaction, I would love to deal with you again. x" - Amanda from N/A (Order No. M33101047) 01-08-2009
"Excellent service, fast and easy to use." - Rob from Surrey (Order No. M3151338) 01-08-2009
"payment has been recieved i am very happy with the quick and prompt service" - Pamela from Antrim (Order No. M3152560) 01-08-2009
"Many thanks for your extremely fast and efficient service!" - Liza from London (Order No. M3117474) 01-08-2009

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