Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

February 2009

"Simple and quick. What more can I say? Fantastic." - James from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M1649796) 01-02-2009
"The whole process was very quick, I couldn't believe how quick the cheque came. Would definitely use and recommend mazuma again." - Vic from Norfolk (Order No. M1536836) 01-02-2009
"Really pleased with your service. It was very quick and easy. Have recommended you to family and friends, and will definitely use you in the future." - Mrs. Cox from Somerset (Order No. M1675558) 01-02-2009
"What a fantastic service you offer. I received my cheque within days. You offer an efficient service to you customers. Thank you." - Alex from Leicestershire (Order No. M1688125) 01-02-2009
"From following the simple instructions, everything was quick, reliable and we received the cheque in no time. Thanks for the excellent service." - Mark from East Riding of Yorks (Order No. M1523703) 01-02-2009
"Many thanks for the cheque and your prompt response. My grandsons didn't realise they had cash laying around in their old phones." - Raymond from Kent (Order No. M1746077) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service. Great speed with payment, and quick, prompt and effective way to make cash fast." - Joanna from Manchester (Order No. M1679751) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service will spread the word." - Wendy from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1737853) 01-02-2009
"This was the easiest sale I've ever completed!! The response was incredibly fast and the cheque was sent to me before I knew it! An incredibly efficient service. Would recommend this company to anyone. Many thanks!!" - Debbie from West Sussex (Order No. M1668869) 01-02-2009
"Prompt and speedy service will definitely use again!" - Richard from Berkshire (Order No. M1753354) 01-02-2009
"Excellent experience...would recommend to anyone!!" - Alex from Dumfries & Galloway (Order No. M1752198) 01-02-2009
"Quick, efficient service. Will definitely use again." - Laura from Warwickshire (Order No. M1757494) 01-02-2009
"Wow what a quick and simple transaction. I am really impressed with the speed of the sale and no fuss." - Baldeep from Leicestershire (Order No. M1693418) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic, simple, easy and straightforward. Well done and thank you." - David from Renfrewshire (Order No. M1642838) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for your quick response it was a pleasure to deal with you. Many thanks." - Michelle from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1709324) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. Mazuma make it a very easy transaction. Thank you." - Theresa from Essex (Order No. M1697708) 01-02-2009
"Very quick service . Would happily recommend to others." - Warren from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1764210) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. The cheque arrived very quickly, would use the service next time I have a mobile to sell." - Peter from Herts (Order No. M1700821) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, super fast communication, I have told all my friends about you!!" - Nicky from Dorset (Order No. M1745065) 01-02-2009
"Lister Communications finds Mazuma is the very best way to recycle mobile phones." - Alison from Gloucestershire (Order No. M1771716) 01-02-2009
"This is the second time I have sold a mobile phone with Mazuma, they are a brilliant company to deal with sent the phone one day and e-mail next day to say cheque had been sent out. Sure enough 2 days later cheque arrived, would recommend this company to anyone wanting to sell their phone, thank you Mazuma it's been a pleasure." - Joan from Cheshire (Order No. M1771595) 01-02-2009
"What a slick operation you have in place, well done. We are a childrens charity and your service helps us to bring in additional cash. Keep up the good service!" - David from Kent (Order No. M1749631) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service thank you very much. Will recommend you to my friends." - George from Cumbria (Order No. M1773047) 01-02-2009
"So easy and so fast what excellent service and its took care of my road tax for the next 6 months." - Adam from Norfolk (Order No. M1761270) 01-02-2009
"Excellent site to sell your old mobile very fast and efficient. I used mopay and still not received cheque,3 weeks ago. A friend told me about mazuma and I have never looked back. Brilliant company keep the good work up." - Gordon from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M1740597) 01-02-2009
"Very fast and easy service." - Andy from Northumberland (Order No. M1742391) 01-02-2009
"This is my second time around. I was so impressed first time I remembered you and am in the process of sending my second phone off. Such easy to follow instructions (no need to ask any questions), you keep us informed every step of the way and payment is so quick. Refreshing to know that there are companies out there like yourselves. Lets hope you keep going for years to come. Have told everyone about you!!! Thanks a lot again and will definitely use you again as and when I need to." - Julie from Essex (Order No. M1769199) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service throughout! Everything was done quickly and professionally as promised, and Mazuma offered more money than any of its competitors. Will be recommending Mazuma to friends and family!" - Scott from West Midlands (Order No. M1758429) 01-02-2009
"With 5 mobiles in the family I thought I'd have a scout around and find any old ones. That I did and what a surprise I had,Mazumamobile! I would recommend them to anyone, simple web-site, quick and efficient.....excellent service." - Ian from Lincs (Order No. M1765157) 01-02-2009
"Very quick and easy." - Anthony from Staffs (Order No. M1748728) 01-02-2009
"Returns bag sent same day, cheque posted next day. Fantastic service. Thankyou." - Chris from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1782399) 01-02-2009
"Painless way to get £23,a phone I didn't need any more,contract upgrade. Throw phone in Bin, recycle for nothing or recycle via Mazuma for money? Easy decision really." - Blair from Norfolk (Order No. M1764043) 01-02-2009
"Very quick, good honest price, happy to do business again in 12 months." - Paul from Lancs (Order No. M1771826) 01-02-2009
"Very easy to use, fast and professional. Really impressed and I will use again" - Philippa from Somerset (Order No. M1709819) 01-02-2009
"BRILL THANKS." - Peter from Birmingham (Order No. M1783686) 01-02-2009
"Excellent, Fast, Prompt and Incredible Service. Everything was completed in less than five days." - Ayuba from London (Order No. M1743965) 01-02-2009
"I am very pleased with level of service, excellent." - Fiona from Essex (Order No. M1766863) 01-02-2009
"I was really impressed with the quick turnaround,sending the envelope to receiving the cheque." - Clair from Shropshire (Order No. M1665612) 01-02-2009
"Wow fantastic really impressed with the company thanks guys." - John from Herts (Order No. M1817826) 01-02-2009
"This process is really simple to do, and worthwhile. I would recommend it to anyone I know who has two or more phones. The communication was great and my payment arrived two days after I posted my phone. Super quick!!!" - Russell from Lancashire (Order No. M1783026) 01-02-2009
"Very efficient service. Many thanks" - Mary from Antrim (Order No. M1757109) 01-02-2009
"It has been pleasant doing business with you. I look forward to receiving my cheque anytime soon." - Timi from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1767072) 01-02-2009
"Very impressed with service, received freepost envelope day after placing sell order, cheque received within a day of phones being received by Mazuma. Have already recommended and will continue to recommend." - Tracy from Inverness (Order No. M1761193) 01-02-2009
"Thank you, cheque arrived today. I am very impressed by how quick and efficient the whole process was. I will recommend to my friends." - Ann from Ayrshire (Order No. M1702383) 01-02-2009
"Very pleased with the service I got A++++" - Graham from West Midlands (Order No. M1758814) 01-02-2009
"Very happy good service thanks." - Margret from Shropshire (Order No. M1738228) 01-02-2009
"This service is just so quick you just won't believe how much I got for my Samsung. I will definitely use this service again any day." - Dave from Oxfordshire (Order No. M1726246) 01-02-2009
"Dealt with very fast !!! Excellent service thank you." - Meiling from Warwickshire (Order No. M1756130) 01-02-2009
"Sent you my old mobile yesterday 03/02/09 and today 04/02/09 I received an email not even 12 hours later saying the cheque has been sent. Great doing business with you. I know where all my old mobiles will be going. MAZUMA 1st class service." - Robin from Kent (Order No. M1780870) 01-02-2009
"Great service very helpful. Will always do business with your company. Thankyou so much." - Sue from Berks (Order No. M1809714) 01-02-2009
"Very fast and satisfying transaction. Sent phone on Monday received cheque on Wednesday. Would definitely use again and recommend to others. Thanks." - Kim from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M1778009) 01-02-2009
"I'm really pleased with mazuma mobile. I didn't expect it to be that easy and quick. I will definitely use it again." - Ana from Brentwood (Order No. M1719320) 01-02-2009
"I will do more business with you in the future. The quick and reliable service you gave was good. Thank you." - Jason from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1769449) 01-02-2009
"Thanx Mazuma. Fast and efficient. Cheers." - Ian from County Durham (Order No. M1781332) 01-02-2009
"FAB so easy cheers." - David from Ayrshire (Order No. M1708543) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic speedy service, nice to deal with a company that lives up to its promises." - Alan from Essex (Order No. M1671191) 01-02-2009
"Excellent way of getting rid of old phones and the excellent service is great. Everything done so quick its excellent recommended..." - Sharon from Norfolk (Order No. M1739716) 01-02-2009
"Your service was very fast and efficient. Could not believe the whole transaction just took 2days. Will definitely spread the news." - Chinwe from Essex (Order No. M1782432) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. Sent the phones on Monday, received the cheques on Wednesday. Have already recommended the service to colleagues." - Sarah from West Midlands (Order No. M1720640) 01-02-2009
"I can't believe how quickly and smoothly my transaction was handled! I'm really impressed and have recommended you to 2 friends already!" - Kessi-Jay from Lancashire (Order No. M1782014) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service. Never expected it to be so easy. Got the money within a couple of days. Will definitely use you again and recommend you to all my friends and family. Thank you." - Lyn from Cumbria (Order No. M1744603) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic fast service, I will recommend you to everyone." - Ann from Merseyside (Order No. M1751824) 01-02-2009
"Couldn't have been easier, I'd recommend using Mazuma to anyone." - Yvonne from Tyne amd Wear (Order No. M1751736) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for your fantastic service, the turnaround was so quick, I was very impressed! I must admit I was a bit unsure at first but I will definitely be recommending you!" - Julie from Cornwall (Order No. M1709841) 01-02-2009
"What fantastic, fast service! I am amazed. I must admit I was a bit dubious but now I won't hesitate to dig out all of my other unwanted phones out of the drawer and make some more dosh!" - Shirley from Wilts (Order No. M1775083) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service!!! I posted my phones on Monday lunchtime and my cheque arrived on Wednesday morning. Got a great price for them too. I will be recommending Mazuma to all my friends and family. Many thanks :o)" - Karen from West Midlands (Order No. M1753365) 01-02-2009
"What a service! Can't fault a thing,,the initial visit to through to receiving the cheque was seamless and so very quick. Can't recommend highly enough. Thanks." - Simon from Kent (Order No. M1730860) 01-02-2009
"Such a simple and easy way to move your unwanted mobile. Thanks." - Chris from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1801786) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service, fast reliable and very easy. Thank you so much :)" - Emma from Kent (Order No. M1758847) 01-02-2009
"This is the third time I have sold my phone using Mazuma, and it has always been a reliable and very fast transaction. I was amazed at how quickly the process was this time! I will continue to use Mazuma to sell my old phones." - Phil from Northamptonshire (Order No. M1808251) 01-02-2009
"I am very pleased with the service - having found a number of old handsets at home. I found it quick and easy to upload them onto the website and the response,Mazuma was very prompt with email updates at each step." - Michala from Hants (Order No. M1720563) 01-02-2009
"We have used your service before and found it amazingly quick. We have tried it again with another phone we don't want, and yet again you cannot be faulted for the extremely rapid and excellent service. Thank you." - Lynne from Powys (Order No. M1815766) 01-02-2009
"Service was really quick and easy, very straight forward to do and you get your cheque within 2 days of posting." - Sarah from Leicestershire (Order No. M1816152) 01-02-2009
"Thanks for the excellent service and for being so prompt. I look forward to receiving my cheque. Thanks for a super, speedy service." - Phil from Merseyside (Order No. M1786965) 01-02-2009
"Ultra quick and easy transaction, I will certainly do business with you again. It was a pleasure, thanks....." - Steven from Lancashire (Order No. M1796307) 01-02-2009
"Excellent. This was painless and a very professional approach by yourselves. Thank you. Will be recommending to all my friends." - Angus from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M1809230) 01-02-2009
"Yes it was easy to do and very quick. I have recommended you to a friend who has a phone she doesn't quite know what to do with it. Thanks." - Pamela from Co Durham (Order No. M1779715) 01-02-2009
"Very smooth transaction. I would definitely recommend your service." - Michael from Merseyside (Order No. M1789562) 01-02-2009
"What a fantastic service.,intial contact to putting the cheque in my bank was less than a week. Well done and you should be proud of your company." - Nick from Highland (Order No. M1769361) 01-02-2009
"A fast and efficient service. Very surprised how easy it was, if i'd known this I would have done it alot sooner. Very happy!" - Elisabeth from West Midlands (Order No. M1656332) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for a easy and fast service now to find the rest of my old phone's :)" - Lee from devon (Order No. M1778295) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. Very efficient. Posted the phone on wed and had the cheque on Fri. A very competitive price as well." - Trevor from Antrim (Order No. M1604061) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, fast and professional. Very happy with everything and will use you again if I end up with any more old and unused phones." - Rosemary from Kent (Order No. M1830109) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely brilliant, I posted my phone to you on weds afternoon and I received my cheque Fri morning. What a result. I will be telling all my friends about you thanks mazuma!" - Vicki from West Midlands (Order No. M1818431) 01-02-2009
"Excellent, so fast and hassle free. Mazuma really has got it right." - Emma from Kent (Order No. M1811749) 01-02-2009
"EXCELLENT SERVICE.,START TO FINISH 8 DAYS. BRILLIANT. THANK YOU." - Gary from Warwickshire (Order No. M1774433) 01-02-2009
"This is the easiest way I have ever made money! Very easy to set up and send and extremely efficient. Thank you Mazuma Team." - Rebecca from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1809758) 01-02-2009
"Such a simple easy to use site, communication was brilliant will definitely recommend you to friends & family." - Stuart from Berkshire (Order No. M1823779) 01-02-2009
"What a fantastic service - very easy to understand, if your phone is working in good condition your sorted, I'd recommend it to anyone." - Paul from London (Order No. M1830804) 01-02-2009
"Thank you very much for a fast response and an easy service. I will use your service again." - Sarah from Staffordshire (Order No. M1707971) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for a prompt efficient service. I received payment within the specified time. Excellent service." - Kay from Stockton on Tees (Order No. M1771793) 01-02-2009
"Excellent prompt service thank you." - Hazel from Yorkshire (Order No. M1807612) 01-02-2009
"Fantastically quick and simple - many thanks." - Fiona from Cheshire (Order No. M1792941) 01-02-2009
"Thank you very much for the great service I have received,you @ Mazuma Mobile, very quick Very good, I have another phone that I will be selling to you. My new order will be placed on Monday. Again thank you." - Ryan from County Down (Order No. M1614052) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service. The speed was amazing!! Why bother with ebay - this is much less hassle. Thank you!!" - Mark from Norfolk (Order No. M1783587) 01-02-2009
"Great service, posted mobile Thursday afternoon, received cheque Saturday morning. Easy to use site and I was impressed with the overall experience. I will certainly recommend you to my friends." - Linda from East Sussex (Order No. M1792049) 01-02-2009
"Amazing service, the turnaround time was so quick, very surprised thanks alot!" - Parin from Leicester (Order No. M1800411) 01-02-2009
"Hi, After the service I received,Mazuma I just had to give some feedback. You do exactly what you say on the tin (to quote another TV adverts) - you give a simple, fast and friendly service! You also put in the shade! I will definitely be back. Keep up the good work!" - Karen from West Midlands (Order No. M1712548) 01-02-2009
"I found the service totally fantastic! The whole thing was so quick and easy! I couldn't believe how quick my check came! My whole transaction took under a week! I am so impressed by mazuma and I will defo be recommending it to others! Thanks guys." - Daniel from Mid Lothian (Order No. M1839080) 01-02-2009
"Great service. Very fast and easy." - Paul from Devon (Order No. M1823680) 01-02-2009
"Hi received cheque this morning thank you. It was a pleasure to deal with you and I will be recommending you to all my friends. Again thank you. Hope to deal with you again." - Bernadette from Antrim (Order No. M1695101) 01-02-2009
"Great people to deal with." - Peter from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1782993) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service and very fast payment. Thank you." - Marianne from Devon (Order No. M1681392) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service,start to finish and very speedy thank you, will recommend to family and friends." - Kevin from Lancs (Order No. M1793733) 01-02-2009
"The service was very, very quick and really straight forward. I've never sold an item AND got paid for it so quickly, I really appreciate your quick respond and quick sale. You can be sure that I will recommend your service to my friends, Thanks ever so much." - Vanessa from Kent (Order No. M1821370) 01-02-2009
"Very fast service, very impressed thank you would use again." - Sarah from Lancashire (Order No. M1825418) 01-02-2009
"I found Mazuma to be fast, friendly and true to their word. I posted the phone on a Thursday, and received the cheque on the Saturday. How fast is that! I'll be happy to recommend them to all my family and friends. Well done." - John from North Yorks (Order No. M1787658) 01-02-2009
"I thought that your service was absolutely fantastic! I found all the steps to selling my phone quick and hassle free. I will certainly be using your service for all my old phones." - Dominic from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1778427) 01-02-2009
"Where can I start...WOW that's the best customer service and WOW for once I' am speechless! I have been so impressed with the service I have been given,mazuma & was amazed at how easy it was. I will recommended your service to all my family & friends & I will use you again." - Ian from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1819311) 01-02-2009
"Great service and very prompt payment." - Tariq from Scotland (Order No. M1733744) 01-02-2009
"Very efficient. Would recommend 100%" - Amy from Surrey (Order No. M1837792) 01-02-2009
"WOW! Completely painless and super quick!" - Mark from Norfolk (Order No. M1796087) 01-02-2009
"At last an online service that does exactly what it advertises!!! Fast , no messing about and so simple , will defo recommend to family and friends. Will defo be using Mazuma again. Thanks." - Lyndsey from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M1805518) 01-02-2009
"VERY QUICK AND EASY AND RELIABLE SERVICE." - Emma from London (Order No. M1658534) 01-02-2009
"Fast service, no hassles prompt payment, nice 1." - David from Devon (Order No. M1808328) 01-02-2009
"Mazuma kept me in the loop all the way through the process. Making the process easy and fast even for first timers, like me. Feel good I have recycled my old mobiles, and let a good business head make profitable use of the decent but unused mobiles I also owned. I got a nice cheque and my drawer is less cluttered! Everyone is a winner, thank you for giving my mobiles a more loving home!" - Catherine from West Sussex (Order No. M1770286) 01-02-2009
"A very quick response and I will definitely recommend you in future." - Wilma from Fife (Order No. M1850547) 01-02-2009
"Thanks for excellent customer service and quick reply. Will definitely use again." - Susan from Scotland (Order No. M1779572) 01-02-2009
"People always take the time to complain but I am emailing with the opposite in mind. I found the process quick, efficient and friendly. I liked receiving an email to give me updates.... Definitely a service I would recommend to friends/family!!" - Ian from Stirlingshire (Order No. M1831477) 01-02-2009
"Excellent fast service. Thank you." - Lisa from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1841678) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service very quick just as advertised would use again many thanks." - Michael from Devon (Order No. M1714694) 01-02-2009
"I think this is an excellent service and really easy and quick to use. Thank you." - Sharlotte from Derbyshire (Order No. M1670388) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service! Everything is happened so quick! Although, haven't received the cheque just yet :P but I was only told today that it would be paid!!! Recommend using again!" - Thomas from Kent (Order No. M1853443) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, very quick and easy to follow. Many thanks Mazuma!!" - Leyton from Bristol (Order No. M1836064) 01-02-2009
"I was impressed with the efficiency and speed that my transaction was dealt with. I would definitely recommend mazuma to any of my friends and colleagues." - Tim from East Sussex (Order No. M1791279) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic system, so easy my 10 year old daughter did it all for me. Big thank you!" - Alison from Glasgow (Order No. M1789749) 01-02-2009
"Altogether a really easy experience. Can't fault the process at all. I have already been recommending this to my friends and colleagues." - Harry from West Midlands (Order No. M1830626) 01-02-2009
"Just like to say it was very fast and easy selling my phones to you! Thanks." - Lee from Derbyshire (Order No. M1797198) 01-02-2009
"Great service. Very quick and efficient. I will definitely recommend to others!" - Jason from Middlesex (Order No. M1836516) 01-02-2009
"This is the second time I've dealt with Mazume and I am, again, very impressed with the speed and service. Thanks (again)" - David from Denbighshire (Order No. M1858208) 01-02-2009
"This is the 3rd and 4th phone I've sent. Grade A Service every time, No Hassle, No Fuss, Just a Perfect fast service." - Thufel from Southwark (Order No. M1845453) 01-02-2009
"Fast, easy, and efficient, I will definitely use Mazuma in the future and will tell all my friends. Thank you!" - Dan from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1849248) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for your quick response to our transaction .Very fast and efficient service. Will definitely deal with you again." - Ken from Fife (Order No. M1800785) 01-02-2009
"The service given was brilliant no messing around and payment was fast & efficient. I recommend anyone with any old phones or exchange use this service." - Marcel from Bristol (Order No. M1787163) 01-02-2009
"A fantastic and easy to use service. Have recommended to friends and family." - Sandy from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1733293) 01-02-2009
"Many thanks for a speedy service, will definitely use your site again." - Lynn from West Sussex (Order No. M1807491) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service!,enquiry to payment was 5 days. Very slick operation." - Charles from Essex (Order No. M1859870) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic company, quick, wot more can I say. Credit 2 u all." - Sarah from East Sussex (Order No. M1839663) 01-02-2009
"I am impressed. I sent the phones late Friday afternoon and received a cheque on Tuesday. Thank you for a pleasant transaction and I look forward to doing the same again soon." - Gwil from Denbighshire (Order No. M1845937) 01-02-2009
"Can't believe how easy it was, brilliant got the value which was agreed, took less than 2 days to process the phones. Definitely use again and recommend." - Sarah from Willingham (Order No. M1742237) 01-02-2009
"Would just like to say called at a phone shop who said would pay 80 pounds for same phone you are paying 105 they said you would knock price down .Very happy with service and will tell all my friends thanks." - Steve from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1843297) 01-02-2009
"What and excellent service! My wife and I have now recycled 3 phones between us in the last couple of months, each was dealt with quickly, efficiently and a very good price was offered each time. I have to say once again what a great service and will be recommending Mazuma to friends and family." - David from Essex (Order No. M1765256) 01-02-2009
"Thankyou for the very good service I have received,Mazuma." - Jason from London (Order No. M1801698) 01-02-2009
"I am very impressed with the service. Thank you Mazuma!" - Edward from Wirral (Order No. M1802403) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service very friendly and extremely quick payment.,sending phone to getting cheque 2 days!! thankyou will definitely do business with you again!!!" - Emma from Kent (Order No. M1854731) 01-02-2009
"Thank you. A fast & efficient service." - David from Isle of Wight (Order No. M1793678) 01-02-2009
"Very easy and great price, thankyou." - Derek from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1801599) 01-02-2009
"Great fast service. What more could you ask for. Thanks you." - Simon from Staffordshire (Order No. M1884249) 01-02-2009
"Very fast and efficient." - David from Cumbria (Order No. M1866636) 01-02-2009
"Excellent system, all went smoothly will certainly tell my friends." - David from Essex (Order No. M1840731) 01-02-2009
"Fast service and kept well informed all the way through. Thanks for the dosh!" - Lee from Worcestershire (Order No. M1762832) 01-02-2009
"2nd time I`ve done this and the service is excellent and very quick, will do again as soon as I get another phone!" - Marcus from Oxon (Order No. M1822756) 01-02-2009
"Very, very fast service, extremely good value and service received. Just cannot fault it! Excellent Five Stars *****" - Fran from Hampshire (Order No. M1709621) 01-02-2009
"An excellent service. The phones were collected at approx 15:00Hrs on Monday. I was amazed to receive a cheque in the mail on Wednesday. Will recommend your service to everybody. Many thanks." - Neil from Rhondda (Order No. M1829820) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant and quick service. Will be using you in the future." - Katy from Essex (Order No. M1825484) 01-02-2009
"Excellent. The order was processed very quickly and the site was simple to use. Would recommend to others. Thanks." - Maggie from Dorset (Order No. M1819003) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for a prompt and very easy transaction, fully explained every step of the way, and of course beneficial to both of us. Thank You Again." - David from Moray (Order No. M1887619) 01-02-2009
"This is the second time I have used your service and I have been delighted with the speed everything has been processed. Will use you again next year when I get another upgrade." - Zoe from Norfolk (Order No. M1861872) 01-02-2009
"Very efficient service. Will definitely use your website in the future." - Simone from West Midlands (Order No. M1830705) 01-02-2009
"I just want to say how quick and fantastic the service is that I have received,yourselves and I will definitely be recommending my friends and family to use this service. Thankyou very much. I am one happy customer x" - Lisa from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1768833) 01-02-2009
"Just like to say what a fantastic service mazuma offer. Excellent price for my phones. Hassle free, I'm quids in after emptying my man draw!!!!. Thank you mazuma will tell all my family and friends." - Tony from Oxfordshire (Order No. M1784193) 01-02-2009
"Very prompt in collection and payment." - Andrew from Kent (Order No. M1856712) 01-02-2009
"Very pleased with the service will use again. We are going to advertise in our Charity's Newsletter for any old handsets,members. Can we then send them on to yourselves? Thanks." - Jim from West Midlands (Order No. M1804110) 01-02-2009
"What a simple, easy and quick transaction! The communication with Mazuma is efficient and friendly too - a plus in this hectic world we all inhabit today. Highly recommended!" - Gail from London (Order No. M1847103) 01-02-2009
"Very, very impressed with the service guys, quick, simple and friendly! I'll use you again in the future and also spread the word about Mazuma :-)" - Phillip from Cheshire (Order No. M1718559) 01-02-2009
"Received cheque this morn 12/2/09 very impressed with your service will defo recommend many thanks." - Nicola from Cheshire (Order No. M1886815) 01-02-2009
"Very easy to use fast response." - James from Devon (Order No. M1880767) 01-02-2009
"I found this site fantastic. I had these mobile phones laying around taking up space in drawers etc. Glad I could get rid of them and earn a few pounds in the making thank you great service." - Hannah from Derbyshire (Order No. M1906065) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service! Will definitely use again and recommend. THANK YOU." - Paul from Oxfordshire (Order No. M1857933) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, cannot fault you, would confidently recommend you to friends and family, what a refreshing change. Thanks again." - David from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1903897) 01-02-2009
"Superb service and quick payment. Would recommend you to other people. Won't hesitate to use you again." - Brian from Wigtownshire (Order No. M1863182) 01-02-2009
"I couldn't quite believe how easy and straight forward that was. All the confirmation emails were really useful and the time it takes is fantastic, I've been recommending Mazuma to anyone that will listen!" - Louise from Middlesex (Order No. M1876419) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service quick and safe." - Roy from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1905349) 01-02-2009
"This is my first experience of selling on an old mobile phone and I couldn't rate Mazuma higher. The process itself was very simple and was really quick,sending my order in to receiving my cheque. Thank you, you have helped me declutter, help the environment and I've made a little money,something that was sitting in a drawer. Cheers." - Judith from West Dunbartonshire (Order No. M1836053) 01-02-2009
"This service was amazing, fast, efficient and so easy! thanks again!" - Laura from Strathclyde (Order No. M1881109) 01-02-2009
"Great efficient service." - Tim from Cheshire (Order No. M1807293) 01-02-2009
"Very quick service. Will definitely recommend to friends and family." - Lesley-Anne from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M1775292) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service, very fast, easy and convenient. Posted phone on Monday, received confirmation of item receipt Tuesday, Confirmation of Cheque despatch on Tuesday Cheque received back to me on Thursday. Perfect. Thanks Guys, great job. Have already started spreading the word :D" - Katie from Wiiltshire (Order No. M1775468) 01-02-2009
"Top quality service, I have used mazuma twice now and am thoroughly impressed by the companies efficiency and professionalism. All the best!" - John from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M1866251) 01-02-2009
"Bloody amazing service!" - Adam from Devon (Order No. M1830042) 01-02-2009
"What a great service!. The hardest part was walking to the post box. Slick process and fast payment, pleasantly surprised." - Rowland from Essex (Order No. M1819862) 01-02-2009
"What a brilliant service! I can't believe how prompt you were, both in sending out the return packaging and then issuing the cheque. I will definitely recommend Mazuma to all my friends because I know they've got loads of old mobiles gathering dust in their cupboards!" - Sue from Flintshire (Order No. M1817518) 01-02-2009
"Easy transaction, fast payment. Very impressed!!" - Lydia from Bedfordshire (Order No. M1802127) 01-02-2009
"What fantastic service! Posted the phones Tuesday night and I had a cheque on Thursday morning! Easy and so quick! Thanks!" - Jenna from Selkirkshire (Order No. M1854654) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service pleased with price will def use it again." - Karen from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1843550) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service, I know I will be using this more often in future mobile phone sells. Thanks Mazuma Mobile you're the best." - Macauley from Avon (Order No. M1856569) 01-02-2009
"Really quick and professional service." - Lynette from Cornwall (Order No. M1862236) 01-02-2009
"Excellent speedy service. Will definitely recommend to others. Thank you." - Alison from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1783268) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service cheque received today." - Richard from Lincs (Order No. M1826397) 01-02-2009
"This is one of the easiest way to recycle the phone, you are the best!!" - Sumith from London (Order No. M1354627) 01-02-2009
"WOW I am very happy with how fast it was all done and will be using this site again. GOOD JOB MAZUMA." - Matthew from Oxfordshire (Order No. M1892250) 01-02-2009
"A superb service, very quick indeed, very impressed and will recommend to others, a pleasure to deal with." - Paul from Hants (Order No. M1899859) 01-02-2009
"I would just like to say how happy I am with your service. I placed my order with you on Tuesday evening and received my cheque,you today (Friday) very efficient and simple to do thank you Mazuma." - Sarah from Gwent (Order No. M1909478) 01-02-2009
"I can't believe how fast you work and I just wanted to say thankyou and if I have any more mobiles I will send them to you thanks again." - Tracey from West Midlands (Order No. M1891183) 01-02-2009
"Mazuma service is fast and great to your word thanks." - Gary from Staffordshire (Order No. M1877618) 01-02-2009
"Great communication, easy to sell to, fast transaction, simple and friendly." - Martin from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1887575) 01-02-2009
"Can't believe how quick and easy your service has been, well done, and keep it up, thank you!" - Jean from Shropeshire (Order No. M1876716) 01-02-2009
"A fantastic service, very quick, easy and superfast payment, a joy to deal with your company and I hope to deal with you again! Many Thanks!" - Steph from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1847719) 01-02-2009
"I would like to say ta very much it was well needed and I'm glad to know instead of throwing them away I could recycle, at least I did something good for the environment." - Elisa from Hackney (Order No. M1908851) 01-02-2009
"I have been very impressed with the promptness of service I have received,your company. Everything has been carried out exactly when you said it would be. Working in the Customer Services area myself, I have been very disappointed in the customer service of many major companies. Yours beats them all - hands down!" - Susan from South Glos (Order No. M1878643) 01-02-2009
"This is an excellent service. Very fast and simple, I wasn't expecting the process to be as easy as it was. Thank you." - Faye from Merseyside (Order No. M1918469) 01-02-2009
"I was very surprised and extremely happy with the quickness of the service that you had supplied to me. The whole process took less than a week,start to finish. As well as being very prompt with payment the process itself was very simple to use. I will definitely be using this service again and will highly recommend you to all my friends. Thank you for my money I'm now off to the shops!!!" - Richard from Merseyside (Order No. M1908114) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service. Really easy. Extremely pleased. Generous payment gratefully received." - Alison from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1775116) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, received cheque day after they received my phones!!" - Samantha from Glos (Order No. M1877112) 01-02-2009
"I am very impressed with Mazuma's very fast and efficient service and would use the service again sometime in the future." - James from Norfolk (Order No. M1897060) 01-02-2009
"Marvelous! Posted N95 to you on Monday. You processed Tuesday. I received cheque Wednesday! Thank you!!!" - Carol from Shropshire (Order No. M1769471) 01-02-2009
"Easy to use web site. Received the cheque amazingly fast. Very happy, would highly recommend and will definitely use again." - Camilla from Kent (Order No. M1790541) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic fast service - told my friends about it." - Steve from Lancs (Order No. M1903567) 01-02-2009
"BRILLIANT ...... Only 3 days,phone to cheque. Great service and Mazuma do exactly what they promise, and quickly!!" - Derek from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M1909269) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service + very quick will use again." - Andrew from Derby (Order No. M1792115) 01-02-2009
"Well pleased, will recommend." - Andrew from Derby (Order No. M1791840) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service very quick would definitely recommend to others." - Paul from Morayshire (Order No. M1907069) 01-02-2009
"Very quick payment, was very pleased will be using you again thanks!!!" - Kimberly from Staffs (Order No. M1917193) 01-02-2009
"Great service, very easy, very quick, great price for phone, would recommend." - Barry from Somerset (Order No. M1821436) 01-02-2009
"Easy to access site and find phone details. Emails keeping me up to date with what was happening. Cheque received within 2 days of me sending phone off." - Jackie from Hants (Order No. M1874098) 01-02-2009
"Wonderful and easy site to use and really quick at getting the order completed thank you." - Susan from Perthshire (Order No. M1793436) 01-02-2009
"A good way to rid of your old mobile and a excellent quick service." - Martin from Kent (Order No. M1886342) 01-02-2009
"Excellent transaction. Very speedy responses to questions I raised before selling. Very rapid and easy process to complete the sale. THANKS." - Dave from West Midlands (Order No. M1901697) 01-02-2009
"Great service, superfast payment. Will definitely use again and happy to recommend." - Lawrence from Middlesex (Order No. M1785062) 01-02-2009
"I was very impressed with the speed of service and communication. I was going to use ebay, but Mazuma was far easier and without the hassle!" - Martin from Northants (Order No. M1868409) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service quick, efficient will use again. Thankyou." - Debbie from Herefordshire (Order No. M1912438) 01-02-2009
"I can't believe how easy the process was, told all my friends, fantastic no hassle service and all processed,sending to cheque with me in 48hrs!!! Def use again keep up the good work." - Trevor from Hampshire (Order No. M1871732) 01-02-2009
"I would like to say thankyou for taking my old phone off me, I was really shocked on how much it was worth. The service was very fast and I will definitely use mazuma again. Thankyou." - Helen from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1792369) 01-02-2009
"Great service, very quick processing time no problems at all." - Stacey from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1928473) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service! I've told so many people about your Website due to how impressed I am with your service so far! Can't believe how quick & easy it's been!" - Lora from Suffolk (Order No. M1920020) 01-02-2009
"Great service. Very prompt. You paid me out very quickly. I will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to everybody. Many Thanks." - Jeremy from London (Order No. M1917050) 01-02-2009
"I think you service was fast and reliable and I was very happy to trade with you." - Ashley from Herts (Order No. M1943122) 01-02-2009
"Very happy with service as it couldn't have been easier to sell the phones and post them back etc. Also price I got for the phones I was very happy as I had previously been skeptical over the whole thing. I would now recommend it to other people. I found the email to remind to send the phone's useful as well." - Andrew from Cheshire (Order No. M1768756) 01-02-2009
"My daughter recommended you and said how efficient and simple the process was - she was right. Easy peasy. Have recommended you to everyone at work!" - Norma from Staffs (Order No. M1917149) 01-02-2009
"Really easy, great price for my old mobile! Thanks!" - Emma from Hampshire (Order No. M1816086) 01-02-2009
"Fast! great service, quick, easy, brilliant. I could go on..." - Joshua from Gloustershire (Order No. M1905668) 01-02-2009
"You are an excellent firm to deal with thanks very much for everything." - Sidney from Norfolk (Order No. M1904117) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, best online prices and very fast methods. I used to use Envirofone, however after their dismal prices I tried Mazuma and they are much better! Even the postage bags are recycled and they are genuinely doing something good for the planet. Will definitely use Mazuma again. Thanks :)" - Dave from Norfolk (Order No. M1918304) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service, very quick turnaround thank you :)" - Emma from Kent (Order No. M1775490) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for the information, It has been a very easy and pleasant experience, one that I will certainly pass on to y friends." - Idwal from Gwent (Order No. M1905657) 01-02-2009
"Extremely impressed by how fast the whole transaction was completed, a matter of days!!. Did not expect that for some reason. def. recommend +++" - Bibi from East Sussex (Order No. M187979) 01-02-2009
"Very fast service. Highly recommended A****" - Natasha from Northamptonshire (Order No. M1895497) 01-02-2009
"Your service is top class - the form is user friendly and I will definitely be recommending this web site to all my family and friends - Fast efficient friendly service !!!! 110% happy." - Herminder from Birmingham (Order No. M1875319) 01-02-2009
"Was very pleased with your service, no hassle at all." - Sharon from Kent (Order No. M1864249) 01-02-2009
"I found selling my phone with Mazuma simple, fast and friendly." - Chris from Cheshire (Order No. M1800158) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for the quick response. I hope someone has as much pleasure,the phone as I had." - Wilma from Fife (Order No. M1850547) 01-02-2009
"Very good service." - John from Devon (Order No. M1898505) 01-02-2009
"Amazingly fast; within a few days got email saying that my cheque will dispatched within 48hrs but an hour later it said it was dispatched. Thanks alot!!!,one very happy customer!" - Kevin from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1896466) 01-02-2009
"Very impressed with your service 1ssst class indeed." - Martin from Wilmslow (Order No. M1923577) 01-02-2009
"Information plus freepost envelope sent very promptly, and the mobile phone itself was received quickly." - Natasha from London (Order No. M1928671) 01-02-2009
"Hey I am very pleased with your delivery you was very quick and it was so simple! Just waiting on my cheque but I'm sure that shall be here in no time. Thanks." - Amy from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1920515) 01-02-2009
"I was very pleased with service I received,you. It was very quick and easy and love the fact that you keep me up-to-date with every step so I know what's happening. Thanks a lot. I will highly recommend you to anyone." - Rachel from Lancashire (Order No. M1918777) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service simple and fast." - Dorothy from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1927615) 01-02-2009
"That was unbelievably easy - and more importantly lightening quick! I've just found another of my old phones. I'll be on your website in the next 30 seconds! Thanks again for a great service." - James from Oxfordshire (Order No. M1890798) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely Excellent Service!!! I'm still absolutely amazed how quick this service was. I was a little skeptical about the three step system. They send the package, you send the phones, you receive the cheque. It sounded too good to be true... However It is true and it is an amazing easy, simple and speedy Service. I will be recommending this to all my friends, and will certainly be using this service in the future! Thank you Mazuma!!!" - Kris from Lacashire (Order No. M1914696) 01-02-2009
"Speedy, efficient, helpful service. Will recommend to friends." - Helen from West Sussex (Order No. M1903600) 01-02-2009
"The easiest way to clear old mobiles,the kitchen draw. 5* thank you." - Paul from Essex (Order No. M1936927) 01-02-2009
"Thanks for all your help in selling my phone, it was hassle free and easy to follow. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Will be using you again and recommending you to my friends and family. Thanks." - Paul from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1925359) 01-02-2009
"I was very happy how my phone was dealt with. It was done quickly and easily, I was kept informed very well and received my cheque with no fuss! I will be happy to use mazumamobile again and also to recommended it!" - Craig from Carmenthshire (Order No. M1894815) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for a quick and easy service." - Emma from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1740014) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for the payment." - Lee from Shropshire (Order No. M1943309) 01-02-2009
"Sent phone 2 day got email say they had received it and a cheque sent soon." - Marcus from Norfolk (Order No. M1940096) 01-02-2009
"Very quick and very easy and a very fast way to trade in your old phones." - Sarah from Leicestershire (Order No. M1816240) 01-02-2009
"Just a quick word to say the service was very easy to use and I look forward to spending my cash." - Craig from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1927890) 01-02-2009
"Great company, fast cheque received." - Deborah from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M1942814) 01-02-2009
"What a great service! Originally I was going to sell my phone to another company but I found that Mazuma offered me a little bit more money for it and also the feedback,other people helped me pick Mazuma. The service was extremely quick! Will use Mazuma again when it's time to upgrade." - Liam from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1896895) 01-02-2009
"Very easy to use service, postage is free and the best prices for my mobiles I could find. It's a very speedy process." - Matthew from Down (Order No. M1927714) 01-02-2009
"I heard about this,a T.V advert & I am amazed that clearing a few phones,cluttering up my drawer, how quickely I received payment & how easy it was made for sending phones. I will be telling everyone!!!!" - Claire from Fife (Order No. M1904447) 01-02-2009
"Very good. Thanks." - Colin from Scotland (Order No. M1833732) 01-02-2009
"I thought the speed and simplicity of the whole process was excellent. Thank you." - Dean from Lancashire (Order No. M1911217) 01-02-2009
"Just like to say the service was great posted the phone of to mazuma on Friday the 13th and we received our money on the 17th of this month great service as it only took 5 days and that was including the weekend thanxs." - Amanda from Leicestershire (Order No. M1902126) 01-02-2009
"Very fast and easy service. Would definitely recommend Mazuma and use them again myself!!" - Julia from Kent (Order No. M1792137) 01-02-2009
"An absolutely faultless service. I'd definitely recommend it." - Michelle from London (Order No. M1923379) 01-02-2009
"Thank you so much what a wonderful service." - Anton from East Yorkshire (Order No. M1895156) 01-02-2009
"Thanks for making selling my old mobile phones really easy. I can't believe how fast the whole process was." - Sara from Notts (Order No. M1927846) 01-02-2009
"What a great service, I had my cheque in 6 days of first looking on the website. I got a great price too. Thanks." - Amy from London (Order No. M1927032) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, telling everyone about it who don't know. Thanks." - Dean from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1922983) 01-02-2009
"WOW! now that was quick ... Glad to be rid of a phone that I never really liked using but am glad the cash will come in very handy. Thank you and I will recommend you and use your site again." - Tracy from Cheshire (Order No. M1957781) 01-02-2009
"Great, a site that's that does what it says. Easy fast and no gimmicks. I'll be using mazuma again in the future." - Lee from Merseyside (Order No. M1792203) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service, one of those where I was waiting for something to go wrong or looking for something I've missed in the small print but it never happened and I'm extremely pleased." - Liam from Lancashire (Order No. M1918480) 01-02-2009
"Fast, efficient, useful service. The cash comes in handy too! Thanks. Top banana." - Matthew from Hampshire (Order No. M1967463) 01-02-2009
"Very good communication. Extremely fast and friendly service highly recommended." - Mervyn from North Somerset (Order No. M1940877) 01-02-2009
"Amazed at how fast everything was dealt with,,sending the delivery note to processing and sending the cheque, Nice One! Give your people a bonus!" - Lakhprit from Leicestershire (Order No. M1879788) 01-02-2009
"Excellent and easy transaction thanks." - Michael from Derbyshire (Order No. M1977476) 01-02-2009
"First class service...2nd time I have used you and have recommended to a lot of others...keep up the good work and very fast processing." - Carol from Cumbria (Order No. M1976387) 01-02-2009
"Very impressed with service,start to finish will be recommending to everyone!" - Sean from Scotland (Order No. M1929133) 01-02-2009
"Amazing! It was so easy selling my phones, it was quick and simple and i will be using mazuma again and will be telling everyone about how easy it was." - Zarak from Berkshire (Order No. M1885218) 01-02-2009
"Can't be faulted. Excellent service. Very fast payment. Thanks." - Simon from Dorset (Order No. M1971853) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, I will use you again. Phone was posted Tuesday lunch time, Confirmation of delivery on Wednesday and received cheque on Thursday." - Andrew from Hampshire (Order No. M1758550) 01-02-2009
"Superb service, can't recommend you enough. Have passed your details on to many people. Thanks for the kind, fast service, will sure use you again. Many thanks." - Andrea from East Sussex (Order No. M1924435) 01-02-2009
"Well done guys! Can't fault your service so far. I've got a couple more phones to return somewhere in the house - as soon as I find them I'll give you a call." - Alastair from London (Order No. M1918645) 01-02-2009
"Very quick service, turn around within 2/3 days, brilliant!" - Nathan from South Glos (Order No. M1910028) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service, website very easy to understand and the process is very simple. I can now treat myself to something I wouldn't otherwise have been able to." - Jenny from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1897192) 01-02-2009
"Good service easy to use, paid quickly." - Andy from Berkshire (Order No. M1841634) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant yet again, sent phone on the Thursday by special delivery, cheque was with me on the Saturday, I personally would not use anyone else but Mazuma, their service is second to none, Absolutely Brilliant. Thanks again guys." - Aileen from Stirlingshire (Order No. M1804286) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic and easy way to recycle old unwanted but usable mobiles and make money." - Dani from Derbyshire (Order No. M1922851) 01-02-2009
"Very please.. quick and kept me informed would use again thanks." - Sue from Dorset (Order No. M1843462) 01-02-2009
"I found the whole experience quick and easy,,a few simple clicks I had sold my old phone and the process took less than a week and didn't cost me a penny. Amazing, I will certainly be using Mazuma in the future and recommending my friends to do the same! Thank you." - James from Staffordshire (Order No. M1907982) 01-02-2009
"I found Mazuma very easy to use everything clear and the service was second to none and was very fast which is always nice. I would sell / trade in again for sure 10 out 10." - Jonathan from Co-Durham (Order No. M1973701) 01-02-2009
"Wow how easy was that. Just sent the phone off and bang £200 thank you very much. If I have anymore old mobiles I will be coming back to you guys. 80)" - Sara from Mersyside (Order No. M1937763) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service - we contacted you on Monday and by Thursday you had already posted a cheque out. - very impressive." - Sian from Cheshire (Order No. M1975804) 01-02-2009
"This is the first time I have used Mazuma and I have to say I am very impressed. The amount paid for the phone was the most I could find anywhere and the cheque arrived within a few days. Information regarding the status of the order was also good. I would recommend." - Andy from Northamptonshire (Order No. M1895805) 01-02-2009
"Fast efficient service. We're very happy!!" - Michelle from Merseyside (Order No. M1916313) 01-02-2009
"Thanks you very much for my cheque. I posted the phone on Tuesday and got my cheque on Thursday will be using you again thanks." - Paula from Derbyshire (Order No. M1963146) 01-02-2009
"Once again a brilliant professional service that is so fast. Thanks again Mazuma." - Andrew from Gwent (Order No. M1974339) 01-02-2009
"Superfast and efficient service. All done and dusted quickly and in a friendly manner. Will definitely use again." - Paul from East Sussex (Order No. M1923533) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. Would definitely use you again and will be recommending you to others." - Rachel from Gwent (Order No. M1973580) 01-02-2009
"Delighted with the service, will definitely be back and will recommend to all friends and family, Spot on!!" - Clive from West Dunbartonshire (Order No. M1927153) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely superb service, cannot believe how quickly my order has been turned around. Thanks Mazuma!" - Warren from Midlothian (Order No. M1948425) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service with a rapid and prompt payment, great way to dispose of an old phone." - Tim from Essex (Order No. M1943474) 01-02-2009
"Superfast to deal with, offer excellent value! Thanks." - Louise from Fife (Order No. M1956019) 01-02-2009
"I have been very impressed with the service offered by Mazumamobile. It has been easy to use and extremely quick and efficient. As long as my money now arrives for me successfully then I will certainly be using the service again and will of course recommend to family and friends. Thank you." - Amy from Torfaen (Order No. M1903809) 01-02-2009
"Very fast, efficient service. Much appreciated." - Brian from Middlesex (Order No. M1951464) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, very quick and easy would recommend very highly." - Caroline from Devon (Order No. M1949461) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. Well impressed and would highly recommend to others. Many thanks." - Rebecca from Staffordshire (Order No. M1953455) 01-02-2009
"Just wanted to say how quick and easy it was to use your site and how quick the process was,start to finish, already recommended you to friends." - Sharon from South Glamorgan (Order No. M1932413) 01-02-2009
"Thank you very much for a fast and rewarding service." - Leesa from Lincolnsire (Order No. M1927439) 01-02-2009
"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the cheque, and your excellent service! I didn't open my account until Monday afternoon, and I got my cheque Thursday morning! That's outstanding service, well done. Also, the process is very easy and well explained, and your website is very user friendly. I couldn't find fault with anything and would not hesitate in recommending your service. Thank you once again for your excellent service." - Graham from Hampshire (Order No. M1974713) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for a fist class service 3 mobile cluttering up space in my house you have transferred into money .Thank you so much for your service. I will be pleased to recommend your service to other people." - Kevin from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M1986015) 01-02-2009
"What a fantastic service! I will definitely use you again and recommend you to friends!" - Rachael from Wiltshire (Order No. M1940668) 01-02-2009
"I have just used your service for the first time, and have found it fantastic, easy to use, and quick settlement. I will recommend your service to all my friends and certainly use it again. Thanks." - Blossom from Herts (Order No. M1951475) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant, really fast service." - Gareth from Brockwire (Order No. M1965173) 01-02-2009
"Cheque received 20th Feb, thankyou so much." - Paul from Worcestershire (Order No. M1861190) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service,start to finish - thank you very much!" - Kerrie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M1993845) 01-02-2009
"FANTASTIC SERVICE." - Stuart from Wirral (Order No. M1980900) 01-02-2009
"FANTASATIC very FAST service many thanx. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Christopher from Devon (Order No. M1946807) 01-02-2009
"I was going to sell my old Nokia N95 to my brothers friend for £50 then I saw the Mazuma advert on tv so I checked it out. A few days later I have a cheque for £105, just wish I had more old phones to sell. Excellent service, very professional." - Adrian from Cheshire (Order No. M1988007) 01-02-2009
"Fast service will be using you again very soon when I get another new phone." - Ian from Devon (Order No. M2004634) 01-02-2009
"Wow what a service, posted the phones on Wednesday within 20 hours payment have been processed. I wished all company would take your lead in customer care." - Mick from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2007442) 01-02-2009
"Fast, Efficient service. Paid more for my mobiles than I am still waiting for the pre-paid bag,them. Would definitely use and recommend mazuma again." - Martyn from Derbyshire (Order No. M1973591) 01-02-2009
"I found the service provided fast and efficient. When I get a new mobile in the future I will defiantly use Mazuma again." - Rebecca from Herts (Order No. M1958531) 01-02-2009
"All good... a pleasure doing business with you." - Paul from London (Order No. M2001266) 01-02-2009
"I thought that the service was just excellent and amazing,now on I will send all my phones to Mazuma. Mazuma is the best!!!" - Kasim from Cleveland (Order No. M1944035) 01-02-2009
"Sooooooooo quick :-) Thanks Mazuma." - Siobhan from Merseyside (Order No. M1994131) 01-02-2009
"I think this was quick and easy and I found it has gone really well without any problems. My girlfriend has done the same with her old phones and said it is really good as well." - Michael from Essex (Order No. M1911811) 01-02-2009
"I recently viewed your commercial on tv and decided to use your service, I wasn't disappointed! You have to be one of the most efficient companies I have ever dealt with, quick hassle free service and competitive buy price, thank you! Keep up the great work. I have recommended you friends and will be using your service again soon! Well done!!" - Jamie from Surrey (Order No. M1984706) 01-02-2009
"Really impressed with prompt service. Will recommend mazuma to other people." - Gary from Antrim (Order No. M1768448) 01-02-2009
"EXCELLENT service. Sent phone's on Wednesday received cheque Friday. RECOMMEND A+" - Darren from Berkshire (Order No. M1953708) 01-02-2009
"I was going to chuck my old out but I sent it to mazuma and I will tell lodes of people about it its brilliant." - Joshua from Berkisher (Order No. M1956988) 01-02-2009
"I'm very happy with the professionalism and efficiency of the service provided and would definitely use this service again. Many Thanx." - Angela-Jane from Bucks. (Order No. M1984816) 01-02-2009
"Just wanted to say thanks for a very fast and efficient service - only took three days,start to finish. Fantastic!" - Kelsey from Norfolk (Order No. M1980426) 01-02-2009
"I would just like to say I am very impressed with the speed and uncomplicated issue of selling my mobile telephone. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat to anyone that also wished to sell theirs. Thank you." - Jane from Somerset (Order No. M1953103) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for a very speedy transaction, very pleased with service ...." - Paul from Scotland (Order No. M1969476) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic speed in the turnaround, order placed on Saturday and cheque received in post on the following Friday. Great communication,all departments. I was very impressed with the service and have recommended it to all my friends and family." - Athene from Cheshire (Order No. M1953037) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely brilliant! So easy and I really didn't think I would get as much for an old phone. I'll definitely use you again if I have any other phones to get rid of." - Amanda from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1984376) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant idea and brilliant service - have already started recommending to my friends....!!! thank you x x x" - Gemma from London (Order No. M1992822) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. Very Impressed!!!!" - Barry from West Sussex (Order No. M1949109) 01-02-2009
"This is a great service, it was so easy to do on line. The phone I sold would have set in my drawer until I threw it out. This was a fast and effortless process. I'm just so happy I saw the advert on TV. I can now go out and treat myself with the money I got for my old phone. Thanks Mazuma. A happy customer." - Terry from London (Order No. M1943936) 01-02-2009
"Thank you! Posted the phones on Wednesday and received my cheque on Friday. Now that is service for you!" - Emily from London (Order No. M1937169) 01-02-2009
"Wonderful service. Many thanks, prompt payment..thank you." - Dafydd from Mid Glamorgan (Order No. M1958123) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for the very fast turnaround,me placing the order to receiving the cheque took a matter of 5 days. No fuss and the best price for my mobiles. I would highly recommend" - Lee from West Midlands (Order No. M1967012) 01-02-2009
"Placed order on Sunday and received cheque the following Saturday. Fantastic service." - Tracy from Lannarkshire (Order No. M1962959) 01-02-2009
"Thank you for your prompt service. I have recommended you to several friends. I found it so easy to use, fast and a simple way to clear out old phones. Thanks again." - Yvonne from Northumberland (Order No. M1975749) 01-02-2009
"Wow what a fast service, posted the phones on Wednesday night and got the money on Saturday, wow, superb service." - Mick from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2007442) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely, fantastically, excellent speedy service. Going to find more phones and let everyone know how good your service is. Thanks very much." - Donna from Cambs (Order No. M1948987) 01-02-2009
"Placed the order on Wednesday. Got the ok and post bag on Thursday. Received confirmation that the deal had gone through on Friday. Received cheque on Saturday. EXCELLENT SREVICE, VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Paul from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2006319) 01-02-2009
"A fantastic service, I was so pleased how quick and easy it was. I really did have my money within 48 hours. Thanks very much!!!" - Emma from Suffolk (Order No. M1954247) 01-02-2009
"Thank you very much. Mazuma mobile is the best. Thanks to them i have made £15 and my mobile phone has a new home." - Huseyin from London (Order No. M1980966) 01-02-2009
"Very good to deal with, will use again thanks." - Thomas from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M1958333) 01-02-2009
"Amazing business! Thankyou very much for such a quick response in buying my old mobile. Will certainly recommend you to everyone and without a doubt be using you again in the future. Once again many thanks." - Ian from Northants (Order No. M1966043) 01-02-2009
"A BIG THUMBS UP. VERY QUICK WITH EVERY THING. WELL PLEASED WELL DONE." - Aileen from Shropshire (Order No. M1997691) 01-02-2009
"What a great company you are. Super efficient and super fast. It was easy to check on my account and you kept me well informed THANK YOU!" - Jane from Devon (Order No. M1921761) 01-02-2009
"I have used mazumamobile before and was happy and this time it was better, it was a very fast process, and I will definitely use you again." - Ashley from Herts (Order No. M2004876) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. An example to all companies on how to run a quick & efficient service, with communication all the way through." - Richard from Derbyshire (Order No. M1982880) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, fast and efficient. Thank you." - Sue from Norfolk (Order No. M1986499) 01-02-2009
"What a fab idea, your web site and the process were so easy to use. I will be recommending you without hesitation." - Andy from Shropshire (Order No. M1955227) 01-02-2009
"The easiest way to make £105 ever! Told about the company on Sunday and by the following Friday had the money, brilliant, if you've got an old phone you'd be mad not to sell it to Mazuma." - Kevin from Essex (Order No. M1948095) 01-02-2009
"I heard about your company via word of mouth. I have been very impressed with the speed and slickness of your company. I'll be passing the word to friends and family." - Simon from Glos (Order No. M1959477) 01-02-2009
"Excellent Communication and service and would recommend you to everyone." - Lewis from West Midlands (Order No. M2016491) 01-02-2009
"Amazing, got put onto this by a friend and its brilliant, five old phones sitting in a drawer 1 day and then 5 days later, £90 plus cheque on my doormat!" - Bradley from Surrey (Order No. M1996193) 01-02-2009
"Quick, fast, easy. The best price on the web too. It was a delight to be able to sell my phone for a decent amount of money that would have just been thrown away. Thank you very much. Better prices than envirophone which I was surprised about as on their advert it makes them look like they offer a lot of money. Thank you again." - Elizabeth from Hampshire (Order No. M1920868) 01-02-2009
"I must say you service is excellent you keep me informed at all times of what is happening with my account. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family - thankyou." - Yvonne from West Midlands (Order No. M2000309) 01-02-2009
"Easy to navigate website, simple explanations, quick exchange. Will recommend." - Rose from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2010847) 01-02-2009
"Had an e mail today to tell me that my cheque is on its way,yourselves. Can't believe how quick and easy it has all been. Thank you will definitely do business in the future." - Wendy from Derbyshire (Order No. M1990588) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic service, quick turn around, no hassle. Will definitely be using the service again in the future! :)" - Matt from Worcestershire (Order No. M2001971) 01-02-2009
"Excellent, fast and easy service. Will be recommending Mazuma to all my family and friends. Mazuma Magic!" - Louise from East Dunbartonshire (Order No. M1996314) 01-02-2009
"Really easy service, option to extend order by 7 days was very useful as I missed the original deadline." - Suzanne from Leicestershire (Order No. M1772277) 01-02-2009
"An outstanding service. Thank you." - Gary from Surrey (Order No. M1935738) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service, I'll recommend Mazuma to everyone, thank you." - John from Yorkshire (Order No. M1996391) 01-02-2009
"I would just like to say it has been a pleasure dealing with your company, it has been so easy and straight forward and very fast. A very professional company, thankyou." - David from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2020962) 01-02-2009
"Mazuma is No 1 for selling your old mobile. Excellent service xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Happy Days !!" - Sharon from Essex (Order No. M1995177) 01-02-2009
"Really fast and easy, will use again in the future!!!!" - Danielle from Hampshire (Order No. M2019069) 01-02-2009
"Very fast, efficient service, would recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for your help." - Andrew from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2020279) 01-02-2009
"I just thought I would praise you as a company, as this is the second time I have used your service. The two times I have used you I have had email confirmation the very next working day that the package has been received and also on the same date received confirmation that the cheque has been posted. I also posted a phone to Envirophone at the same time on Friday which has not been received, let's wait and see when they receive it if the service is as swift. I will continue to use the service you provide as long as I have old mobiles to trade." - Jason from London (Order No. M1900321) 01-02-2009
"A very efficient and easy service. Would use the service again and recommend to all!" - Graham from Kent (Order No. M2027325) 01-02-2009
"Great fast service, thanks." - Peter from Cumbria (Order No. M2000980) 01-02-2009
"Hey, it's great. So quick and easy." - Pauline from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2032200) 01-02-2009
"I sold my N73 sent my phone in on the Tuesday morning then received a cheque on the Thursday morning of the same week. 1st time I have used Mazuma Mobile, excellent fast service very impressed. Would not hestiate to use you again." - Julie from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1951508) 01-02-2009
"Fantastic 'World Class Service' (I don't know how you do it) If I wanted to set up an internet operation of a similar nature I would want to mirror your process to the letter!." - Laurie from Herts (Order No. M2007871) 01-02-2009
"First class very fast & professional would definitely recommend to others." - Paul from Morayshire (Order No. M2020147) 01-02-2009
"Great service, quick and easy with prompt payment. Thanks." - Edward from Surrey (Order No. M1993680) 01-02-2009
"I've searched through all through mobile selling sites and out of them all mazuma gives the most money, they dealt with my order quickly and for a non working phone I got a nice amount. Thanks mazuma, I will recommend you!" - Carly from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1999132) 01-02-2009
"Wow!! Very, very impressed, the cheque arrived the day after you received the phone. I would recommend you to anyone." - David from Lancs (Order No. M2014995) 01-02-2009
"EXCELLENT SERVICE, SUCH A QUICK TRANSACTION. MANY THANKS." - Dusty from Surrey (Order No. M1986191) 01-02-2009
"Excellent! Painless, fantastically efficient, better priced than others and a great idea. Hope you'll still be around when it's time to offload the next phone!" - Brendan from Middlesex (Order No. M2022680) 01-02-2009
"It was a pleasure to deal with you." - Kelly from Ayrshire (Order No. M1925370) 01-02-2009
"Great, quick service. Am very happy, great way to recycle but also a reward for the efforts accept mazuma make it no effort at all. Thanks!" - Callie from Herts (Order No. M2030967) 01-02-2009
"The best prices I could find online! So easy to do no fuss at all thank you for quick payment mazuma!" - Katie from North Yorkshire (Order No. M1891678) 01-02-2009
"I just want to comment on the level of customer service that I have received in the last week. Hand on my heart I do not feel I have ever received a better level of customer service,a company.,registering and receiving my freepost envelope to return my handset in, to completion and receiving the cheque for the handset simply brilliant. Thank you for what you have done for me and I will use you again in the very near future. Top class!" - Ryan from West Midlands (Order No. M2009942) 01-02-2009
"What a great service and extremely fast!" - Stacey from Essex (Order No. M2033740) 01-02-2009
"The service has been so fast and efficient...the service is as it says on the tin. It is so easy to complete. Brilliant service." - Jessica from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1923522) 01-02-2009
"I would just like to say what a amazing service you offer. Fast and Brill I shall definitely be spreading the word." - James from Lincolnshire (Order No. M1954225) 01-02-2009
"Highly recommend people to use this site its quick and really simple thanks a lot." - Sarah from Durham (Order No. M1955282) 01-02-2009
"I'm well impressed. I was a little dubious about the service and thought that my mobiles may be rejected for some reason that I couldn't explain, but even with a few scratches on the phones I have earned a bit of money and had my old phones recycled in the process. Would highly recommend. Thanks Mazuma Mobile!" - Pete from Worcestershire (Order No. M1999440) 01-02-2009
"I am amazed at how efficient mazuma mobile are. It is so quick and easy to sell my old mobile phones. Well done mazuma." - Anne from Hants (Order No. M2008091) 01-02-2009
"This is an excellent service. I'm impressed by the speed!!!." - Samantha from Norfolk (Order No. M1980800) 01-02-2009
"I have sold 3 phones to you recently and am more than impressed! So impressed that I have recommended your site to several friends and family. It has been a pleasure doing business with you." - Michelle from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1921772) 01-02-2009
"I'd looked at many sites that offered cashback for mobiles. Mazuma was the top one, the service is brill and once my phone was sent I quickly received my cheque. Thanks Mazuma I am already spreading the word." - Sharon from Kent (Order No. M1960382) 01-02-2009
"Thank you so much for a great service. I received my cheque this morning. Everything was so simple and straightforward and took less than a week,beginning to end. I for one will use you again and will even recommend you to friends and family. Once again thank you." - Carroll from Lancashire (Order No. M1996567) 01-02-2009
"Such a quick service, no problems whatsoever, they also pay the postage will use again :-)" - David from Scotland (Order No. M1997944) 01-02-2009
"Mazuma was very quick in getting back to me about my phone and also was very quick in getting the cheque to me." - Samantha from Merseyside (Order No. M1969179) 01-02-2009
"This is the 2nd time I have used Mazuma and am very impressed-quick service-fast cheque dispatch, absolutely the best first class service ever-beats selling on Ebay any day of the week, thanx to you all." - Wayne from Derbyshire (Order No. M2065642) 01-02-2009
"Thanks. Beats the hell out of the Vodafone dump-bin." - Rod from Lancashire (Order No. M2036490) 01-02-2009
"Very good service - would recommend to friends!" - David from Scotland (Order No. M1811826) 01-02-2009
"This site is brill best site ever." - Alex from Lancashire (Order No. M2052539) 01-02-2009
"Really easy and helpful thank you." - Christine from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2066734) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. Mazuma paid the top going price and the whole transaction was complete in 48 hours,start to finish. Highly recommend Mazuma." - James from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2024058) 01-02-2009
"Very fast service excellent. Will defo use your service again. Thanks very much." - Mark from Derbyshire (Order No. M2022603) 01-02-2009
"Amazing service, fast and reliable." - Nathaniel from Cheshire (Order No. M2019003) 01-02-2009
"Nice dealing with you. Thank you for quick payment and your service. Thanks once again." - Jennifer from Dorset (Order No. M2029394) 01-02-2009
"You guys really work fast! Thank you so very much for exceptionally great service." - Khurram from Essex (Order No. M1828907) 01-02-2009
"Fabulously easy, quick and simple. Why can't everyone else work like you?" - Helen from Cheshire (Order No. M2014654) 01-02-2009
"Fast and easy service which I'd recommend to anyone!" - Aimee from Renfrewshire (Order No. M1899484) 01-02-2009
"Wow.....amazingly fast service. I only posted my mobile at around 3.30pm yesterday and I received an email less than 24h later to say my cheques in the post. I could not have asked for better. Thanks." - Susan from Manchester (Order No. M2047219) 01-02-2009
"What fantastic service. Stress free,start to finish. Will be recommending you to everyone I know." - Helen from Notts (Order No. M1998549) 01-02-2009
"Wow! That's quick thanks!!!" - Sally from Cheshire (Order No. M2022339) 01-02-2009
"Great service with no fuss, cheque arrived two days after sending phones away! Hassle free money, will use again." - Rob from Northants (Order No. M2010880) 01-02-2009
"Thanks for taking that phone I have been wanting to get rid of it for ages but didn't just want to throw it away you have been great and your services are excellent thank you." - Jacky from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2065312) 01-02-2009
"Great service - easy to use, and quicker than promised. Will recommend to all my friends." - Richard from Lancashire (Order No. M2058577) 01-02-2009
"I can't believe how easy and efficient that was! Thank you so much, what a nice change to find such excellent service." - Lucy from Berkshire (Order No. M2063804) 01-02-2009
"As per my previous order this service is fantastic - prompt processing and payment - and NO HASSLE !! Excellent - job well done - AGAIN !! Keep it up. Thanx." - Geoff from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2050390) 01-02-2009
"This is a nice service. They offer you reasonable prices for your phone. I am satisfied with MAZUMA." - Janet from Kent (Order No. M2061690) 01-02-2009
"Fast. Easy service, thank you mazuma mobile team. I will be using this service again in the future." - George from Essex (Order No. M2011155) 01-02-2009
"Flawless service, very impressed!" - Dave from Scotland (Order No. M2061657) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service - everything worked like clock work, will definitely recommend your website to friends and family. Many thanks." - Doreen from Scotland (Order No. M1797693) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service." - Alison from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2069242) 01-02-2009
"Many thanks for extremely efficient service - will definitely recommend you to others!" - Jamie from Torfaen (Order No. M1995961) 01-02-2009
"The level of service has be way above my expectation, I would recommend your company to anyone, thanks." - John from Cheshire (Order No. M1986620) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service and very prompt. Definitely use this service again in the future." - John from Banffshire (Order No. M2049837) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely fabulous - just couldn't believe how fast you were. Thank you - will recommend you to others." - Carl from Lincs (Order No. M2055383) 01-02-2009
"What an excellent and very professional service. It took just 4 days,listing my phones to receiving my cheque. Fantastic." - Jane from Hampshire (Order No. M2041255) 01-02-2009
"Thanks for a quick and easy transaction. I will be passing you on to family and friends it was a pleasure Thanks again!" - Dave from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1967023) 01-02-2009
"I would like to take this time to say thank you, it was fast and easy, very straight forward. You're happy, I'm happy, keep smiling." - Roy from Surrey (Order No. M2024399) 01-02-2009
"I had heard so much, read so much,a variety of companies about getting cash for your old mobiles but how glad I was that I used Mazuma. What a fantastic service. Fast, informative, efficient and the best price for the old mobiles, very rewarding. Highly recommended +++" - Stephen from Lancashire (Order No. M2034576) 01-02-2009
"What a great service...!!!!! I am glad I found you on the internet...I will be telling my pals about you...." - Scott from East Dumbartonshire (Order No. M2060744) 01-02-2009
"Your site was easy to use, the service clear and fast. It really has been so easy. You've thought of everything. I also love your language and brand style - it's very user friendly and makes your company easy to relate to (with a smile) - very clever concept. Congratulations!" - Alison from Somerset (Order No. M2022460) 01-02-2009
"Received cheque today thank you an excellent service. Simple and speedy cheers." - Toni from West Yorkshire (Order No. M1957780) 01-02-2009
"Excellent price HIGHLY recommended zoop big up 42!!!!" - John from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2036600) 01-02-2009
"WOW! How quick was that! Amazing service and great to have some pennies back in my pocket, instead of the phones being in the back of a drawer somewhere!" - Emma from Somerset (Order No. M2047230) 01-02-2009
"I am really pleased with the prompt contact, service and payment I have received with Mazuma. I will definitely recommend and use you guys again! Thanks so much! x" - Catherine from Cheshire (Order No. M2078877) 01-02-2009
"Very impressed with your whole system,,start to finish. Thank you." - Heather from Greater London (Order No. M1972854) 01-02-2009
"A very good and extremely quick service." - Richard from West Sussex (Order No. M2084304) 01-02-2009
"Amazing, efficient service. Thank you." - Elaine from Kent (Order No. M2013674) 01-02-2009
"Your service has been exceptional. I also sold a phone to a competitor of your at the same time, (starting with e and ending with fone), as yet they have not even acknowledged receipt. Will definitely recommend and would use again." - Ian from Cleveland (Order No. M2067350) 01-02-2009
"I sent off my mobile phone, on Tuesday, unsure if it would safely reach Mazuma Mobile. By Friday I had received the cheque. Excellent!" - Rakeem from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2039736) 01-02-2009
"Mazuma was very good with everything, I thought it would be more complicated then it was and much quicker then I expected and they where there best price I could find for my phone. Thanks." - Bradley from Alvaston (Order No. M2081090) 01-02-2009
"This has got to be the easiest way to recycle old mobiles. As a pre-school we have joined a scheme to collect 30 phones for £75, but that doesn't ensure they are all recyclable. Also to collect that many takes ages. Your system is very positive in that each customer knows if the phone will recycle saving postage and disappointment." - Chris from Hampshire (Order No. M2082850) 01-02-2009
"The whole process is simple, fast and easy to use. I posted the phones yesterday and the cheque has been posted to me today." - Simon from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2081882) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service very prompt, will recommend to friends, and i hope to use your service's again." - Stuart from Hampshire (Order No. M2082641) 01-02-2009
"A first class smooth transaction as stated it would be. I am very impressed by your service. Thankyou." - David from Lancs (Order No. M2054280) 01-02-2009
"Excellent prompt service. Will use again." - Tony from Lancs (Order No. M2068780) 01-02-2009
"Excellent service. Super fast and no mucking around. Would recommend 100% to anyone looking for cash for old phones." - David from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M2014709) 01-02-2009
"1st class service,first enquiry Sunday 22/02 and arrival of payment 26/02. BRILLIANT and so easy, R.M." - Snoxell from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2054335) 01-02-2009
"Good to do business with a company that's professional and efficient." - Stefan from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2034433) 01-02-2009
"Amazing!! Super fast service, easy and simple, best prices on net. Mazuma is magic!! Thank you." - Rebecca from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2071709) 01-02-2009
"Great service before a blink of a eye my payment was in my hands. Will be using this service again and anyone has any doubts don't even think twice. Wish all companies were as super fast." - Mukesh from Middlesex (Order No. M2060975) 01-02-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service. By far the fastest and most reliable way to recycle on old mobile." - Chris from Cheshire (Order No. M2010318) 01-02-2009
"I am amazed by the speed and efficiency of this whole process! I posted my phone on Tuesday and received your cheque on Thursday!! This is very impressive service - something we don't see very often,businesses these days. Very many thanks, and very well done!!" - Roger from Berkshire (Order No. M2007706) 01-02-2009
"Hi there. I just wanted to say thanks very much for the level of service I received. The prices you gave me were fair, the communication was first rate, and the speed of which my order was processed was highly impressive. I just wish all websites were like yours! I have duly recommended your site and services to my employees and my customers....Many thanks again." - Martin from Lancs (Order No. M2044479) 01-02-2009
"Wow I'm amazed how simple and fast the whole transaction was. I am more than happy with my cheque and will recommend to everyone I know." - Stephanie from South Yorkshire (Order No. M1969828) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant,start to finish, 3 days and the money was in the bank, thanks." - Vivian from Lancs (Order No. M2049760) 01-02-2009
"Thanks guys, your service was very good. I have given a number of mobile phones to you now, and I haven't had a problem once (touch wood). Mazuma is so trust worthy and fast hope to have more phones for you in the future." - James from West Glamorgan (Order No. M1993647) 01-02-2009
"Brilliant service, fast and friendly. Mazuma also offered me the best price for my old mobile. Many thanks." - Dave from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2026214) 01-02-2009
"Simple to use, easy navigation on the website, efficient service, does was it says on the tin - fantastic concept!!!!" - Joanne from East Sussex (Order No. M2129908) 01-02-2009
"Quick service, easy to use, fair prices, would use again and again Thank you." - James from Essex (Order No. M2051127) 01-02-2009
"Great to deal with and very fast in sending money. Thank you." - George from Conwy (Order No. M2081926) 01-02-2009
"I was amazed how easy it was to for me to send & receive payment so quick within 4 days. I'm so pleased, thank you so much." - Patricia from West Midlands (Order No. M2057058) 01-02-2009
"Excellent company, very pleased with cheque, will deal again, if we find the need arises. Thank you very much." - Susan from Devon (Order No. M2006836) 01-02-2009
"Excellent, quick easy service, at last something straight forward." - Steven from N. E. Lincs (Order No. M2027842) 01-02-2009

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