Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

March 2009

"Great service. Mazuma has been a pleasure to deal with,beginning to end. I contacted Mazuma on a Monday afternoon and the process was completed with my cheque arriving on the same Friday. If only all companies were this efficient. Thank you." - Kevin from Gwent (Order No. M2068659) 01-03-2009
"Great service, cheque arrived promptly. Use again and recommend." - Pauline from London (Order No. M1398773) 01-03-2009
"We have used mazuma three times and every time was the same excellent service, hassle free, we will definitely use them again." - Nickla from West Midlands (Order No. M2048077) 01-03-2009
"Very fast and efficient service. Would recommend this to anyone. Very pleased with everything." - Steven from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M1785183) 01-03-2009
"Very fast and keep you updated on your order." - Ryan from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2072304) 01-03-2009
"Form very clear. Excellent service." - Kim from Cambs (Order No. M2063153) 01-03-2009
"Mazuma has done its magic again. Sold some old phones for the second time here. Mazuma never fails to impress me with its QUICK and efficient service. Thank you Mazuma!!" - Apurv from Middlesex (Order No. M2010153) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant Service. Could not have been more efficient." - Sam from Devon (Order No. M2074209) 01-03-2009
"A great way of making money,phones that were just gathering dust in a box and not being used having been given a new handset,my operator. Many thanks." - Tom from London (Order No. M2049144) 01-03-2009
"Excellent and very fast on everything. Thanks once again. I would recommend you to all my friends." - Diane from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M1985740) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service. Telling everyone I know about you." - Richard from Somerset (Order No. M2092315) 01-03-2009
"A great selling experience, very fast throughout, I will recommend to my friends. Thank you. A great pleasure to deal with you." - Heather from West Sussex (Order No. M2046856) 01-03-2009
"YIPPEE.....Yet again, another faultless transaction. Thank You." - Tony from Merseyside (Order No. M2110466) 01-03-2009
"Thank you very much for buying my mobile. I was delighted with the response I received,your company so you could say that I will definitely recommend you to all my friends so thanks again." - Thomas from London (Order No. M2106557) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic!!!" - Paul from Essex (Order No. M2109110) 01-03-2009
"Hi. So far, I have had an easy and trouble free experience with Mazuma. I am told that my order is approved and that my cheque has been dispatched to me today I look forward to receiving it. I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to a friend. Many thanks, I look forward to greeting my Postman." - Glenn from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2087816) 01-03-2009
"Appropriate correspondence giving update of the order, clear and straight forward information. Quick transaction. Very positive experience." - Paula from Lancashire (Order No. M2035643) 01-03-2009
"Does what it says on the packet. Fast, efficient! VERY FAST. What more can you say? Many thanks." - Elizabeth from Somerset (Order No. M2072315) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant service, and spot on turnaround time for payment." - Ray from Surrey (Order No. M1982011) 01-03-2009
"I tried a few phone recyclers but Mazuma has been the best, very quick and professional. Many thanks will be using again." - Darren from Cornwall (Order No. M2047747) 01-03-2009
"I really liked mazuma it was fast and a really good way to make money for a old phone I don't use anymore. I am going to recommend mazuma to my friends." - Daniel from Middlesex (Order No. M2070024) 01-03-2009
"Wow, What a service! I can't believe that the whole transaction was done in 3 days! Have dealt with a few other competitors but this was by far the best! Thank you :-)" - Ian from Antrim (Order No. M2078162) 01-03-2009
"Thanx for dealing with my 2nd mobile I've sent to you so quickly, I wish I had more to sell to you." - Carly from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2079636) 01-03-2009
"Very efficient! Quick service and well informed of progress!" - Emma from Lancashire (Order No. M2087474) 01-03-2009
"As a means of raising money for my daughters expedition to Kenya to carry out voluntary work I have nothing but praise for your site and the quick and efficient way in which you deal with my orders." - Lesley from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2053144) 01-03-2009
"Great service, never thought I'd get cash for a non-working mobile. Excellent." - Christopher from Derry (Order No. M2062900) 01-03-2009
"Very impressive service - cheque received by return of post. Well recommended." - Margaret from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2091776) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service asnd so quick! What a good idea mazuma is! I will be telling friends and family about you." - Sarah from East Sussex (Order No. M2109187) 01-03-2009
"I can't believe how quick and easy this was! Mazuma is MUCH better than the competitors, paying an average of £15 more per phone. The service was so efficient and did exactly as it promised. Will definitely use again. Thanks!" - Susie from London (Order No. M2103938) 01-03-2009
"Cannot believe how quick and easy the process has been...a very happy customer, will recommend to all my friends :o)" - Denise from Kent (Order No. M2100328) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service, sent my phone off on Thursday and received a cheque in the post on Saturday morning! Thank you so much." - Katie from Middlesex (Order No. M2077865) 01-03-2009
"Very quick and efficient service. A matter of days between enquiry and receiving my cheque. Thanks." - Elaine from East Renfrewshire (Order No. M2109407) 01-03-2009
"Great fast service so easy to deal with once again thanks." - David from Lanarkshire (Order No. M1894727) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service and super fast payment. Thank you!! Will definitely use again and also recommend!" - Vicki from Worcestershire (Order No. M2074132) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic Service!! so easy and great service, for something I was going to throw away! thank you." - Heidi from Jersey (Order No. M2052737) 01-03-2009
"Very happy with service it was quick an easy an very prompt. I would use this service again thanks." - Brian from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M2099987) 01-03-2009
"Excellent..all done and dusted within a week..highly recommended..thanks!" - Victoria from Northants (Order No. M1987017) 01-03-2009
"A very prompt efficient service." - David from Cambs (Order No. M2078437) 01-03-2009
"Can I just say what a pleasure it was to deal with Mazuma!! They e mailed me to say they had received my phone on Monday and I had the cheque on Tuesday - I have recommended them to all my friends." - Paula from Cumbria (Order No. M2103223) 01-03-2009
"Thanks. Unbelievably quick service. Cheque received by return of post. Can't believe I've never used you before. Will be telling all my friends of your first class operation." - Janet from Cheshire (Order No. M2102013) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service, the turnaround could not be any quicker :)" - Mike from Moray (Order No. M2149398) 01-03-2009
"What a Great and Wonderful Service!! Very quick response too." - Jeffrey from West Midlands (Order No. M2103806) 01-03-2009
"Wow, I only sent it yesterday and there's a cheque on its way already. Fantastic, a pleasure to do business with Mazuma. Thank you." - Austin from Lancashire (Order No. M2114462) 01-03-2009
"I was very impressed with your service, as a matter of fact I have never known anything as quick or more competent, the communication was brilliant, and I have recommended you to all my friends. Once again thanxxxxxxxxx." - Linda from Lancs. (Order No. M2152162) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely painless experience and now I'm £15 better off. And all for a phone that's been gathering a significant amount of dust for the past 2 years. What's not to like? :)" - Simon from Surrey (Order No. M2061525) 01-03-2009
"Very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service! Very clear details and you have kept me informed with every step. I wish more companies were like this! I have already told all my friends about you! Thanx." - Nicola from Lancs (Order No. M2074253) 01-03-2009
"Have to say this service was awesome!! Within hours after submitting the paperwork I had an email confirming things..and had the returns envelope the next day..sent phones the next the cheque the next day..I am very impressed and will definitely be giving others your website ..thank you very much." - Sam from Kent (Order No. M2114308) 01-03-2009
"Thank you very much for prompt payment. Will recommend Mazuma to my friends." - Marjorie from Ayrshire (Order No. M2108262) 01-03-2009
"Very impressed with fast, efficient and easy to use service. Will definitely use again and recommend to friends. Well done!" - Stefan from Renfrewshire (Order No. M2150191) 01-03-2009
"Received my cheque today, only posted my mobile Mon morning. Brilliant, very easy and painless service. Will definitely use this service again, Thankyou." - Myrddin from Wiltshire (Order No. M2071070) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic quick service you really do get a cheque very quick and you are kept totally up to date with what is happening by email and checking your account, would definitely recommend and use again." - Johanna from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2048517) 01-03-2009
"Hi mazuma team, cheque received today, what a great service,start to finish. Glad I decided to get in touch with you. Many thanks." - Kevin from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2099811) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely delighted with your fast, efficient service. will most definitely use you in the future and recommend you to my family and friends. Cheers." - Frances from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M2058412) 01-03-2009
"Great people to deal with, exactly what they said they would do they did. 10 out of 10 for contact about my order and fast payment." - Kevin from Ayrshire (Order No. M2090918) 01-03-2009
"Thank you my cheque arrived yesterday I change my phone about once a year and I will use your service again." - Craig from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2043544) 01-03-2009
"Just to say how impressed I am at your excellent service - 6 days,start to receiving my cheque and that included a weekend! Previously used envirofone and usually had to wait approx 1 month for payment. Many thanks." - Carl from Kent (Order No. M2120486) 01-03-2009
"Great friendly service, total amazed at the speed of this service, will use again and again and again...LOL. Thanks Mazuma.... A*****" - Paul from Mersyside (Order No. M2153109) 01-03-2009
"This is the first time we have done this and we have gave your details to friends as this was a great service, you kept us up to date and delivered as promised, we could not have had a better service. Thank you to all those involved." - Jean from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2098345) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service, I can't believe how easy that was. I love the fact that you kept me up to date at every point. Really easy £9.00 I have made. Thank you." - Emma from Surrey (Order No. M2116796) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service. Quick and efficient! Only sent my phones off yesterday and have had an email saying my cheque is in the post! Brilliant. will defo use again and tell all my friends." - Joanne from West Midlands (Order No. M2054666) 01-03-2009
"I think Mazuma is the best place to send your old phones." - Matthew from Cheshire (Order No. M2090962) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service!" - Kim from Solihull (Order No. M2071830) 01-03-2009
"Very pleased with this fast and no hassle way of selling my old mobile phone, was skeptical at first but found it to be 100% reliable and fast, received the cheque within 4 days. Many thanx will use again." - Graham from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2133979) 01-03-2009
"If the cheque is on the way, that is amazing service. The whole process has been a breeze. Many thanks." - Kevin from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2114792) 01-03-2009
"Good company to deal with. Very quick payment. Will deal with them again." - Keith from Durham (Order No. M2152052) 01-03-2009
"Superb service well done. I will certainly recommend you to friends, only 4 days since I filled in my application on your website and I have received my envelope, returned it, you have processed it and posted my cheque, assuming I receive the cheque tomorrow or Saturday it will be 6 days,start to finish, excellent service. Well done Mazuma." - Anthony from Staffs (Order No. M2164989) 01-03-2009
"Fast service, quick cheque in post, no hassle nice 1 mazuma, highly recommended." - David from Devon (Order No. M2111382) 01-03-2009
"I'm amazed at how quick and efficient your service is. Keep it up!!" - Sally from Powys (Order No. M2164934) 01-03-2009
"Thank you. I can't believe how fast you are compared to Evriofone's 2 week turn round. Many thanks again." - Paul from Lancs (Order No. M2134133) 01-03-2009
"What a service. I'm glad I used it and I will use it again." - Kevin from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2134717) 01-03-2009
"I would like to say I am very, very impressed with your service. The price you quoted for my mobile phone was a lot more than all the other quotes I received and you also included a pre paid envelope sending my phone to you. The service is exceptional,my first contact with you to receiving my cheque took a total of 4 working days. I am really impressed. Exceptional service. Thankyou Mazuma." - Brenda from Warwickshire (Order No. M2096595) 01-03-2009
"I thought the service was excellent and I found the very best value for money,mazuma mobile. Thanks for being so efficient with the order and delivery. I will definitely use mazuma in the future and have already started telling all my friends and family about how good the service is anyways thank you." - Amanda from Burton-upon-trent (Order No. M2101804) 01-03-2009
"Selling my old hone used to be a headache. Now mazuma have made the process as simple as possible and a great price too." - Barry from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2169164) 01-03-2009
"A1 service. Quick, easy and very speedy! Fantastic - thanks very much! :)" - Sue from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2163965) 01-03-2009
"I think mazuma are very quick at processing orders and very helpful. Offering good money for a phone that you are not going to use." - Meghan from Hampshire (Order No. M2164142) 01-03-2009
"Found the website very easy and friendly. Very fast and reliable and safe will recommend this to everyone!" - Colette from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M2178379) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service! No problems whatsoever." - Christopher from Suffolk (Order No. M2135509) 01-03-2009
"I am very pleased with the way this order was dealt with,,email on Monday for price to a cheque in settlement received on Thursday 4 days thank you. This service is outstanding and I would recommend your company to anyone considering selling their unwanted mobile phone." - Joyce from Cambs (Order No. M2149519) 01-03-2009
"Filled online form on Monday. I got Mazuma's package on Wednesday. I sent my phone off the same day. I got the cheque on Friday. Good, no nonsense service. Excellent." - Tahir from London (Order No. M2147781) 01-03-2009
"Really easy process and very efficient service. Thank you very much. Have two more phones to sell - so will be in touch!" - Patricia from Beds (Order No. M2105798) 01-03-2009
"Very easy to do no hassle at all." - Amanda from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2116125) 01-03-2009
"Ordered bag on Tuesday. Received and posted on Wednesday. Cheque posted on Thursday. Cheque received on Friday. Absolutely effortless, environmentally friendly, charitable and money in our pocket. What more could we want?" - Chris from Leicestershire (Order No. M2163843) 01-03-2009
"Super fast company excellent in every way" - Derek from Jersey (Order No. M2162256) 01-03-2009
"Thankyou for a fast and easy way to get rid of my old phone and make some money as well. I was told it was fast but I didn't think it would be this fast." - Lorraine from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M2069936) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service! I will highly recommend to everyone!" - Hazel from Northants (Order No. M2040583) 01-03-2009
"What a fantastic efficient service you run. i am so impressed. i am recommending you to all my friends. thanks alot. elaine white." - Elaine White from Newark Notts (Order No. M2124030) 01-03-2009
"I cannot believe how fast your turnaround time is - you received my handsets today and I just had the email to inform my cheque is on its way. That is really impressive - well done!,start of transaction, you have been very easy to deal with and I used the live talk to a person feature - really helpful. Will recommend you to others!" - Dirk from Middx (Order No. M2103245) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service, I sold 5 phones and got £110, posted on monday morning and received cheque on thursday, simply amazing, I didn't believe people when they said it would be that fast but it's true, very impressed." - Gary from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M2094813) 01-03-2009
"Excellent couldn't believe how quick it was" - Simon from Essex (Order No. M2142190) 01-03-2009
"Great service, have more mobiles and will be contacting you soon thanks." - Fred from Renfrewshire (Order No. M2127364) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic, completed in a few days, will recommend to everyone I know. BRILL" - Darren from Lancs (Order No. M2166387) 01-03-2009
"From start to finish it was a quick and enjoyable transaction..Mazuma offer the best prices around, much more than their competitors, I strongly recommend that if you have a mobile for sale choose Mazuma." - Martyn from Middlesex (Order No. M2149574) 01-03-2009
"first time I have dealt with you and had a good surprise what a service. Brilliant thank you for prompt action." - Michael from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2157628) 01-03-2009
"My first sell order with Mazuma and it was so easy. I can't wait to tell all my friends about it." - Sue from Dorset (Order No. M2150125) 01-03-2009
"1 word FANTASTIC..... Enquired on the tuesday, received freepost return bag on wed, you received my old phone on the friday and I had a cheque on the sat morning. How easy was that. Brilliant. Many thanks." - Yvonne from Glasgow (Order No. M2165859) 01-03-2009
"First class professional service and fast payment. Thank you." - Philip from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2162278) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service, thank you very much." - Berendina from Hampshire (Order No. M2159326) 01-03-2009
"Just have to say what a brilliant service!! I and my family have traded several phones with yourselves now and have never been disappointed but this time I think you were even quicker! Using the 'Freepost' bag supplied and no other extra service, I posted my phone on Thursday and I have just received my cheque this morning, (Saturday)! Fantastic! Thank you so much!" - Louise from Cambs (Order No. M2153626) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely brilliant service - really quick and easy. I've passed your website details to my friends." - Gavin from Scotland (Order No. M2120442) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service and thank you." - Malcolm from Pembs (Order No. M2140319) 01-03-2009
"Posted my phone Thursday and had the cheque first thing Saturday. This is gold standard service.!! Will definitely use again and recommend." - Raymond from Gwent (Order No. M2167820) 01-03-2009
"Sent my phone back on thursday, put the cheque into the bank on saturday, very friendly and a very quick service." - Max from Staffordshire (Order No. M2164780) 01-03-2009
"That was the quickest online transaction I've ever had. It took only 4 days,registering to getting the cheque for my phones. Well done and many thanks." - Sandra from Inverness-shire (Order No. M2180690) 01-03-2009
"I was very impressed with how easy and quick it was to exchange my mobile for cash! Thank you." - Dave from Monmouthshire (Order No. M2156647) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant service as usual - so simple to use - will always use Mazuma and recommend to everyone." - Jackie from Surrey (Order No. M2059743) 01-03-2009
"Dear Mazuma Mobile Team once again I am very pleased with your service and I will pass the details on to my friends and family and let them know how good you are it is a very quick service." - Beryl from East Sussex (Order No. M2110876) 01-03-2009
"I will most certainly be recommending your site to my friends and relatives. The whole experience was very efficient and I was very pleasantly surprised when the cheque arrived just two days after I had posted the phones. Thank you for providing such a good service." - Avril from Angus (Order No. M2130590) 01-03-2009
"A great big THANX! Marvelous service all round." - Jacqui from Lancashire (Order No. M2179149) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service, very easy and quick. Very pleased and would do it again." - Karl from Northants (Order No. M2131668) 01-03-2009
"it's unbelievable how easy it was to use the mazuma website & how quickly the whole process was completed,the initial order online to receiving the payment chq in my hand! I would definitely recommend mazuma to everyone I know. Many thanks." - Vicki from Co.Antrim (Order No. M2145680) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant service, I will recommend you to all my friends! Thank-you!" - Susan from Dorset (Order No. M2181603) 01-03-2009
"This was the simplest and easiest transaction I have ever done. Will recommend to all my friends." - Dale from West Midlands (Order No. M2148914) 01-03-2009
"This is the best site for getting rid of your old phones so far. I made over £200 brill thanks for the fast service." - John from Inverclyde (Order No. M2192469) 01-03-2009
"I am really happy and how quick they send the cheque out to me thank you very much." - Vicky from South Wales (Order No. M2187923) 01-03-2009
"A simple, easy to use way of recycling an old mobile! Good prices too. Cheers guys!" - Rachel from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M1995906) 01-03-2009
"Great fast reliable service as ever, used you before and it's better than leaving your phone in a drawer to run down and then throw out." - Tim from Berkshire (Order No. M2159613) 01-03-2009
"Am delighted with my whole experience with you,start to finish. Would recommend you to anyone. Many thanks." - Janet from Durham (Order No. M2128565) 01-03-2009
"Very fast efficient service, thanks for your prompt attention, would gladly do business with you again. Thanks." - Jacqueline from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2195155) 01-03-2009
"Fast and efficient service, prompt attention, will gladly do business with you again thankyou" - Jacqueline from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2204439) 01-03-2009
"The service was fast and efficient. Thanks very much." - Barry from Angus (Order No. M2086274) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service signed up on the Friday, phone sent in on Saturday received cheque today Tuesday - very easy, fast and definitely recommended. Thankyou Mazuma." - Ken from N.E.Lincolnshire (Order No. M2205155) 01-03-2009
"Dead impressed with your beautifully engineered process design and workflow. It made the whole experience simple, and kept me informed so I felt will looked-after. I'll be citing your service as the benchmark for on-line business. Stunning." - Mark from West Mids (Order No. M2199596) 01-03-2009
"Extremely fast turn-around on the phones. It's my first time using the service, but I shall definitely be back. Thanks!" - Tom from Staffordshire (Order No. M2202909) 01-03-2009
"This is a brilliant idea, i had mobile phones dotted around the house after upgrading them, excellent service, fast and efficient...will deal with you again...many thanks." - Daren from Wirral (Order No. M2201820) 01-03-2009
"Many thanks. Most impressed with your speedy turnround. Will recomend you to friends etc." - Charles from Mid Wales (Order No. M2158002) 01-03-2009
"Wonderfully quick efficient and polite.Thanks." - Fiona from Derbyshire (Order No. M2126649) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely top notch service, very quick and easy, already recommended to friends." - Chris from Fife (Order No. M2196886) 01-03-2009
"Excellent Service." - George from Essex (Order No. M2191501) 01-03-2009
"I would just like to say I am delighted with the service I have received,you in respect of selling my phone, I would definitely recommend your fast service to all friends that have a spare mobile phone laying around, thank you once again and hope you find good use for them." - Denise from Essex (Order No. M2209584) 01-03-2009
"Great service, very easy, efficient and friendly!" - Genna from Leicestershire (Order No. M2108571) 01-03-2009
"Unbelievable service. Best prices, simplest process, fast payment. An absolute breeze. Thank you!" - Stuart from Hampshire (Order No. M2205904) 01-03-2009
"The service and communication between me has been 10 out 10 I will forward you on to my friend. Thanks." - Neil from London (Order No. M2195750) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service sent my phones off on friday 6/3/09 recieved cheque on 10/3/09 brill!!!" - Michael from South Wales (Order No. M2172501) 01-03-2009
"Wow! That's fantastic. You're right it's very easy and very prompt service. Thank you so much. It's particularly helpful for people moving abroad. All the best and thanks for helping save the planet through recycling/reuse." - Andrea from London (Order No. M2186328) 01-03-2009
"Thank you for being so prompt and informed. Nice to find a site sticks to its time tables." - Clive from Cleveland (Order No. M2191303) 01-03-2009
"You guys are great fast and easy service and u give the best money for phones! well done and thanks for all ur help will be posting more phones in the future." - Nadeem from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M2189784) 01-03-2009
"Cheque received with thanks the deal was so easy and prompt. Will certainly tell my friends and mates. Also I will deal with you again anytime thanks." - John from Worcs (Order No. M2121390) 01-03-2009
"Very quick and efficient, I still can't believe I got £140 for my old phone. thanks, will definitely send you any other old phones." - Matt from Berkshire (Order No. M2209606) 01-03-2009
"I would like to say how quick and efficient you are - I wish all other companies were the same. It's been a pleasure doing business with you - I will certainly be back and recommend you to others - Thanks!" - Joanne from Devon (Order No. M2202777) 01-03-2009
"Great service, quick & simple." - Gemma from Essex (Order No. M2133362) 01-03-2009
"This is my first experience with Mazuma Mobiles and I must say it has been a pleasure,start to finish. No more old phones cluttering up my home - they are now money in the bank!" - Margaret from Durham (Order No. M2140638) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely brilliant!!. Easy and quick. The easiest £30.00 I ever made. Thanks Mazza." - Ron from Lancashire (Order No. M2160526) 01-03-2009
"Excellent, efficient service-such a slick operation - thanks." - Ian from Kinrosshire (Order No. M1976805) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant, amazing, fast , friendly, efficient, can't believe I've had 133 pounds in the drawer." - Amanda from Cheshire (Order No. M2203767) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely first rate service! So fair, so prompt, so easy and so transparent. YOU DESERVE TO SUCCEED." - Roger from London (Order No. M2081541) 01-03-2009
"Fast and Easy! Great customer service team friendly and not a problem to help you. The process took over a week. Did not think it would have been processed so fast. Thanks mazuma! 5stars." - Craig from Scotland (Order No. M2134992) 01-03-2009
"The service was even better than they stated, will use them again and recommend them to friends and family." - Calvin from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2124239) 01-03-2009
"What quick service. Web site very easy to use would definitely use again." - Joy from East Sussex (Order No. M2206157) 01-03-2009
"One of the best online transaction I've ever made. Placed the order and one week later had the payment. Telling all my friends and family to use this site." - Martin from Norfolk (Order No. M2042675) 01-03-2009
"Sent the order off last Friday, by this Friday the money will be in my bank! I know you said quick, but I am amazed just how efficient you are. Thanks! I know where the next old phone is going to!" - Richard from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2211344) 01-03-2009
"Very quick response my cheque is already on its way ,fantastic service, would definitely recommend to a friend many thanks xx" - Donna from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2230128) 01-03-2009
"Now that's what I call a service sent my phone on monday, and i get my money by wednesday! great I would defo use again!" - Iain from Glasgow (Order No. M2149453) 01-03-2009
"Very easy, and fast! I ordered them one night and got all the packaging the next morning, posted them.. and the check came the day after :) Very impressed. Definitely recommended. X" - Nicole from Essex (Order No. M2184068) 01-03-2009
"Great service and best price. I sent off phone, less than 48 hours later I had my cheque. Excellent!" - Michael from Worcestershire (Order No. M2194979) 01-03-2009
"Just received the confirmation order is complete, this is the 2nd time we've used you so I know cheque will be here very soon. Thank you for your prompt response once again." - Nicola from Lancashire (Order No. M2212128) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic! Does exactly what it says on the tin; process,initial email to receipt of cheque completed in 6 days - I've recommended you to all my friends!" - Kate from Greater London (Order No. M2187703) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant! Couldn't have been easier or faster!!! Would definitely use you again!!!" - Sadie from Gwent (Order No. M2210706) 01-03-2009
"Been a pleasure doin business with you. Great website easy to use. Prompt delivery and payment thanks!" - Melanie from Waterford (Order No. M1944178) 01-03-2009
"Very quick and efficient. Better than expected and better than competitors by a long way! Thanks." - Stuart from Lancashire (Order No. M2207401) 01-03-2009
"It was so easy and no hassle at all thank you for such a wonderful service." - Ruksar from Cleveland (Order No. M2213944) 01-03-2009
"Great Service, No Hassle A1." - Jayne from West Midlands (Order No. M2191941) 01-03-2009
"Just cannot believe how simple the whole process is and faster than the speed of light (well almost). Don't leave those old mobiles in a drawer, send them in and make some money. Thanks again." - Steve from Beds (Order No. M2222566) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant service - posted phone on Monday 9th March and received cheque today (Wednesday 11th)." - Janet from Essex (Order No. M2162080) 01-03-2009
"Thank you for sending the cheque so fast and we are very pleased with how you email us letting us know what is going on. We will sale our phones to you again and tell our friends and family about mazuma. Thank you again." - Barry from Berks (Order No. M2198526) 01-03-2009
"Extremely prompt service, well done for being so efficient." - Linda from Essex (Order No. M2178313) 01-03-2009
"This actually works, is quick easy and awesome!! I will be telling everyone about this service, thank you." - Giles from London (Order No. M2202634) 01-03-2009
"Mazuma works so smoothly. You get the envelope the next day and you get an email to say it's been received the day after and the cheque comes the day after that. Brilliant." - Andrew from Lancs (Order No. M2192282) 01-03-2009
"I never realised how easy selling my old phones would be. It's made real simple and a fast way of making some extra pounds. Thanks!" - Pankaj from Midlands (Order No. M2032717) 01-03-2009
"What a easy, fast, friendly service to use! Excellent service, I will definitely recommend your website to friends. Thank you." - Fiona from Derbys (Order No. M2008267) 01-03-2009
"Excellent speedy service, just waiting for my cheque which is due in next 48 hrs, I will def recommend to friends." - Karen from Suffolk (Order No. M2220372) 01-03-2009
"I am totally satisfied. Everything was easy and intuitive,beginning to end. Terms & Conditions were very clear, which is not the case for other companies providing the same service. It is, by the way, the reason I chose Mazuma. Many thanks." - Gilles from South Glamorgan (Order No. M2114429) 01-03-2009
"Just fantastic service, everything was prompt and efficient! Thank you so much!" - Vincent from Merseyside (Order No. M2243700) 01-03-2009
"I have used Mazuma 3 times now and every time i have used you your service has been impeccable. I would recommend you to anybody wanting to sell a mobile. Thank you. :-)" - Donna from N.E.Lincolnshire (Order No. M2086153) 01-03-2009
"I'd just like to say a big thank you for such a prompt and efficient service. I posted the phone monday and my cheque arrived the day after for £105. I'll be recommending your service to everyone and will use you in the future thankyou again." - Claudine from Lancashire (Order No. M2125395) 01-03-2009
"Amazingly quick payment, I will be using Mazuma again for sure." - Mark from Shropshire (Order No. M2047901) 01-03-2009
"I am so pleased with your service am trying to encourage my family members to join you one in a million with the best and excellent service." - Esther from Derbyshire (Order No. M2226615) 01-03-2009
"A very easy and painless transaction. Prompt responses and hassle free. Thank you." - Keith from Dorset (Order No. M2235015) 01-03-2009
"BRILLIANT!! SO EASY!! THANKS VERY MUCH." - Karen from Stirlingshire (Order No. M2248116) 01-03-2009
"Easy to use website, received the envelope and instructions quickly and received the cheque shortly after. The whole process was just quick, easy and I didn't feel like I was really going out of my way. Fantastic service." - Laura from Kent (Order No. M2149387) 01-03-2009
"Thank you. A great service I can and will recommend to others." - Donald from Surrey (Order No. M1963069) 01-03-2009
"There aren't many things in life that are this easy. I simply filled in the online form, within no time at all I had received my pack, containing everything I needed, return envelope, instructions, etc. Followed the guide, popped it down the Post Office and a couple of days later a cheque arrived. How Simple...How Brilliant. They even kept me informed via e-mail to how my sell order was progressing. Fantastic. Thank You." - Ashley from Kent (Order No. M2161970) 01-03-2009
"I am so impressed with the efficient and superior service given by Mazuma. I deal with many on-line companies during my working day and Mazuma comes out on top in all areas. I shall have no hesitation in using Masuma again and will recommend them to others." - Sandra from Middlesex (Order No. M2264873) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service and always very quick. No problems. Would highly recommend your services." - Susan from Middlesex (Order No. M2216707) 01-03-2009
"A friend recommended that I use you to get some money for my old phones. Didn`t realise just how easy it would be. Thanks for the quick service." - Simon from Derbyshire (Order No. M2220900) 01-03-2009
"Easy, fast, safe, good price and very good customer services. Congratulations!" - Rodrigo from London (Order No. M1934064) 01-03-2009
"A very good efficient service. Thank you" - Raymond from Derbyshire (Order No. M2205210) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant quick service and turnaround all steps of the way." - Michael from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2243502) 01-03-2009
"Great service, really quick. Cheque dispatched today so looking forward to receipt. Didn't expect turn around to be so speedy! Will defo use again when current phone up for renewal. Thanks." - Martin from Isle of Man (Order No. M2249733) 01-03-2009
"Excellent & Fast Service." - Richard from Antrim (Order No. M2177004) 01-03-2009
"I don't normally bother leaving feedback for any service but I was so impressed by the simple and fast service provided that positive feedback is deserved. Well done Mazuma. A quality service!" - Jake from Shropshire (Order No. M2243876) 01-03-2009
"Superb. I got great money for my old phone, I sent the phone off, it was so fast, I got the money in days very, very fast and easy, wolud always use maumamobile again, thank you." - Andrew from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2234003) 01-03-2009
"So simple, so easy. I will definitely be telling people about you." - Allyn from West Glamorgan (Order No. M2213031) 01-03-2009
"Fast and effective. We have found a couple more phones lying around and will definitely be using Mazuma again. Many thanks." - Elizabeth from Kent (Order No. M2135036) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service. No delay in payment. Highly recommended. Would use again." - Cecil from Herts (Order No. M2185368) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic way to sell unwanted phones. Quick easy and efficient web site and brilliantly easy way to send items to you. Would recommend this to everyone." - Ashley from Worcestershire (Order No. M2224514) 01-03-2009
"Thanks for all the support your people have done for my old fone." - Eduardo from West Midlands (Order No. M2119649) 01-03-2009
"Very good and fast service thanks." - Lee from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2264453) 01-03-2009
"First time I have used yours or any company to sell a phone. My wife told me about it. Thought the process was quick, easy and would recommended the site." - David from Hampshire (Order No. M2225801) 01-03-2009
"Very good service indeed. Very efficient. This is my second order and it was dealt by return of post as was my first order. I have recommended your company to several friends. Superb." - Jonathan from Kent (Order No. M2167213) 01-03-2009
"Excellent/very good service. I will certainly recommend you." - Alan from Lancashire (Order No. M2121786) 01-03-2009
"Have sold a couple of phones now to Mazuma and have had superb service every time. I'm very impressed with the speed in which you do things." - Phil from Merseyside (Order No. M2261536) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service fast payout will recommend you to family and friends." - Michael from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2238681) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service, really speedy delivery and payment. Excellent." - Paul from Ross Shire (Order No. M2197656) 01-03-2009
"Really easy hassle free way of selling a mobile. Being kept informed at every stage of the process was really great, I have already recommended you to some of my work colleagues. many thanks." - John from Surrey (Order No. M2145382) 01-03-2009
"I'd just like to say thanks for sorting out the cash out so quickly." - Robert from Derbyshire (Order No. M2175838) 01-03-2009
"Great service, posted phone Saturday received payment Tuesday." - Robert from Antrim (Order No. M2174118) 01-03-2009
"The fastest service I have ever received. Would recommend Mazuma to anybody with no hesitation." - Ausra from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2093735) 01-03-2009
"Your efficiency is refreshing! Also very easy system you have put in place. Keep up the good work." - Sue from Essex (Order No. M2245318) 01-03-2009
"This is the second time I have sent phones to mazuma, the service was excellent and so quick. I would recommend everyone to send their unwanted phones." - Sarah from West Midlands (Order No. M2116047) 01-03-2009
"Amazing speedy transaction sent phone on tuesday received cheque on friday! sent another phone to love2recycle over 2 weeks ago still not received payment! guess who I`ll deal with in future? Thank you xx" - Rosemary from Lancs (Order No. M2244899) 01-03-2009
"If only everything in life was so simple!" - Clive from West Midlands (Order No. M2221450) 01-03-2009
"Great and fast service. thanks." - Zoe from Staffordshire (Order No. M2210332) 01-03-2009
"After seeing your advertisement on the t.v, went straight on the internet checked you out, collected all the mobiles,round the house found they were all worth something, registered with you, received your freepost envelope (which was great) sent them 4 o'clock wednesday afternoon got my cheque friday morning brilliant will defo recommend to my friends and family, thankyou." - Bernadette from Merseyside (Order No. M2250041) 01-03-2009
"I have found Mazuma a very efficient company and would recommend to others - well done!" - Irene from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2038371) 01-03-2009
"Great, fast and efficient service - just a few days,beginning to end." - Martin from Surrey (Order No. M2214529) 01-03-2009
"Excellent, I can't believe how quick you have sent my money back. I am so impressed with the contact you keep so that I could keep up with the sell order. I will def use you again!" - Asia from Greater Manchester (Order No. M2158511) 01-03-2009
"Am very impressed how easy and quick the whole procedure is. Cannot fault Mazuma at all. Will definitely recommend to my friends." - Jennifer from London (Order No. M2258730) 01-03-2009
"I found it a very easy way to sell a couple of old phones that I had lying around. I would recommend it to anyone." - Frank from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2253730) 01-03-2009
"Fast service! recommend!" - Karen from Cambs (Order No. M2223611) 01-03-2009
"what a great service. So speedy. Well done." - Graeme from Bedfordshire (Order No. M2280167) 01-03-2009
"From signing up and getting my check , it only took 3 days. Great. Very happy." - Janine from Suffolk (Order No. M2264189) 01-03-2009
"I would just like to say what a fantastic service this is, it is so easy to use and I will be telling all my friends about you." - Michele from Hampshire (Order No. M2213680) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant..!! Fast payment, no fuss.. Will be using you again when I have another phone." - Scott from Devon (Order No. M2229081) 01-03-2009
"Very good service! Would happily use again." - Rose from Somerset (Order No. M2279220) 01-03-2009
"Fast painless service very pleased...had 2 old mobiles sat around and now i have a cheque on its way for 55quid..would recommend your company." - Scott from Cambs (Order No. M2262649) 01-03-2009
"Happy days, quick and easy , keep the price high and i will use you again !!!" - Craig from Cardiff (Order No. M2252903) 01-03-2009
"Thank you so much was very happy with the speed the process was and how smooth it was will definitely be recommending to a friend and using you again." - Leanne from Devon (Order No. M2213790) 01-03-2009
"I felt this service was very prompt and professionally arranged. I used envirofone previously and I was disappointed with the service I received. I will be using mazuma again!" - Cameron from Renfrewshire (Order No. M2210915) 01-03-2009
"I've found this service, very simple and friendly, I only sent you my handset on the 12.03.09 and already have the confirmation that the cheque is on the way! Thanks so much! Very excited about recieving it and shall be looking around my room for more old mobiles! :D Thanks!!" - Laura from West Midlands (Order No. M2215035) 01-03-2009
"This is amazing within a week my phones were sent off and received payment,yourselves told everyone thanks so much x" - Cara from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M2240640) 01-03-2009
"Website really easy to use and a very quick service, only two days between posting my phones and receiving the cheque!! Many Thanks." - Bob from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M2156085) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service speedy return of cheque and excellent value will use again." - Stephen from Gwent (Order No. M2268759) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service speedy return of cheque and excellent value will use again." - Stephen from Gwent (Order No. M2268759) 01-03-2009
"A big thank you to mazuma. You do exactly what you say on the tin, extremely fast service, user and eco friendly but most importantly a check within 48hrs. I would recommend such a good company to anybody." - Adam from Lancashire (Order No. M2174505) 01-03-2009
"A truly outstanding service!,initial enquiry about the value of my phone to receiving the cheque was only 3 days! Can't recommend highly enough to anyone looking for cash for their old handset." - Brendan from Fife (Order No. M2229368) 01-03-2009
"Thank you real quick process and payment." - Steven from West Midlands (Order No. M2237832) 01-03-2009
"Service was great. The packaging and check came very fast through the post. They gave good feedback to let me know what was happening and if they had the phones. Will use again. Thank you." - Andrew from Gwynedd (Order No. M2212943) 01-03-2009
"Sent phones in the post on Tuesday, cheque on the door mat for £122 on the Thursday really great would recommend it to anyone." - Gillian from Derbyshire (Order No. M2130843) 01-03-2009
"Thank you for a very fast and painless transaction, all done in 4 days. Will definitely recommend you to friends and use you again, many thanks." - Lee from Hampshire (Order No. M2254434) 01-03-2009
"Really easy way to trade old phone and you don't even pay for postage, excellent service thanks." - Paul from Surrey (Order No. M2189839) 01-03-2009
"Thank you very much once again it is a very fast efficient service." - Caitlyn from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2233464) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic response, quick payment, in the process of using again. Have recommended you to numerous friends. Thank you." - Jane from Berkshire (Order No. M2200059) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service very fast very easy thank you." - Jean from Middlesex (Order No. M2251571) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service, speedy delivery, and so easy. I am very happy, thank you." - Janine from Isle Of Wight (Order No. M2256418) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant.,placing the order to receiving the cheque took less than 1 week." - Gregory from Lancashire (Order No. M1959444) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service!! Quick and easy!! Fully recommended!!" - Mark from Dorset (Order No. M2160262) 01-03-2009
"Excellent and fast service, pleasure doing business with." - Daniela from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2226076) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service, placed the order and monday and by saturday I had the check in my hand! Very fast and best prices on the net." - Michael from London (Order No. M2259049) 01-03-2009
"Quick and easy great service as good as you say it is well done." - Ed from Essex (Order No. M2240398) 01-03-2009
"What a service!!! Money for your old phones I have told all my friends!!" - Philip from Cheshire (Order No. M2268825) 01-03-2009
"I have to say the process was very easy to follow and I was kept up to date over every step of the sale. Very impressed and have passed on your website to friends and family." - Matt from Oxon (Order No. M2274276) 01-03-2009
"I couldn't have asked for an easier way to sell my old mobile phones. Thank you." - Carl from Wiltshire (Order No. M2228960) 01-03-2009
"Fast service and postage of cheque. Easy and friendly to use websiite. Great service." - Patsy from Surrey (Order No. M2179116) 01-03-2009
"Wow! The service is so fast and efficient,filling out the form on the website to receiving the cheque only took a couple of days, and that was over the weekend!" - Greg from West Dunbartonshire (Order No. M2161264) 01-03-2009
"Great service, thank you. Will be recommending you to others. Very fast and professional." - Jean from Essex (Order No. M2282822) 01-03-2009
"Thanks. It was so easy and a very quick response. Can't wait to spend the money :0) Thanks again." - Grant from Gateshead (Order No. M2227990) 01-03-2009
"Oh my goodness. What a FANTASTIC service! I am always a bit wary of companies that tell me to send them my old stuff and then they will send me money, but when I saw Mazuma Moile advertised on TV I figured you were legit. Well my company is now benefitting,sending back it's old phones, and so I am. Thank you Mazuma Mobile. Superb service!!!! :)" - Sara from Middlesex (Order No. M2278647) 01-03-2009
"I totally recommend this service, the process really couldn't be easier! It a very hassle-free service. I was also pleased to receive notifications of the progress of my order via email so I was aware at all stages of what was happening. Thanks!" - Chris from Leicestershire (Order No. M2263298) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant service. Very Speedy and easy to use." - Shona from Midlothian (Order No. M2255095) 01-03-2009
"Amazingly fast with the process, would definitely use again!" - Claire from Leicestershire (Order No. M2282921) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service!! Easy and fast, best prices compared to 4 other sites. It only took a week,start to finish! I will be recommending Mazuma to all my friends!" - Julie from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2260524) 01-03-2009
"First time I've used you and it was excellent! Fast, simple and a great way to make some simple cash." - Liam from Suffolk (Order No. M2161672) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic and easy service, I would recommend to anyone!!." - Mark from East Sussex (Order No. M2253994) 01-03-2009
"I think mazuma mobile is a very good system to sell unwanted phones for cash,,, it's very easy and simple to use,, in the future I will again use mazuma mobile to sell my phones." - Zoheb from Staffs (Order No. M2175937) 01-03-2009
"Very easy and quick to use and very pleased with the prices given for the phones I sold, and I will use this service in the future." - Daniel from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2272593) 01-03-2009
"Really excellent service many thanks." - Brian from Staffs (Order No. M116985) 01-03-2009
"I'd like to say, Thanks for the great an super quick service I received,you guys. My whole order was processed within days, it literally took 3 day in total, I sent my mobiles on the wednesday, I got a email on the thursday and my check on the friday! Great service, would use again, definitely recommended!!!!" - Craig from Kent (Order No. M2243436) 01-03-2009
"I am delighted that someone is recycling moble phones. I do not consider myself to be the greenest person but this goes some way to compensating!" - Robert from Aberdeen (Order No. M2214760) 01-03-2009
"I was pleased to get the email to say that you had received my phone safely; that's a nice touch. I was amazed how quickly my order was processed and completed - my cheque arrived this morning, six days after I initially contacted you. Brilliant service." - Janie from Bucks (Order No. M2277480) 01-03-2009
"Have had 3 transactions with the site now, pleased with each & everyone of them!! Excellent site :-)" - Nicole from Cambs (Order No. M2281114) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant idea so simple to find what its value is, whole system works well - have told everyone about it and even dug out 2 more to sell - Thanks." - Hayley from Surrey (Order No. M2223336) 01-03-2009
"Hi Thank your great service. I will use you again. Thank you." - Steve from Lancashire (Order No. M2288128) 01-03-2009
"Mazuma provided a fantastic service. It was very fast and efficient. I was very impressed and it was a pleasure for them to work their magic for me." - Dan from Dorset (Order No. M2272515) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant, easy service, and can't believe how quickly the process was completed. Thanks." - Nigel from Lancashire (Order No. M2223633) 01-03-2009
"Great way to get some fast cash!" - Leo from Cheshire (Order No. M2295990) 01-03-2009
"I wasn't sure about using this service but I am glad I did it was so fast and reliable I would recommend using this service to anyone thanks Mazuma." - Ryan from North Yorkshire (Order No. M2280057) 01-03-2009
"So quick and easy, the easiest way I've ever made money! Thanks!" - Richard from Hampshire (Order No. M2211102) 01-03-2009
"Very easy to use and great feedback through e-mails would use them again." - Peter from Derbyshire (Order No. M2287941) 01-03-2009
"You guys are great! I have never had bad service and have used you many times. I always recommend Mazuma to friends who have phones sat in boxes under the bed. Everything always gets done really quickly and the cash comes in very handy. Not to mention the fact that it's recycling. Thank you again, 100 times over." - Paul from Norwich (Order No. M2301869) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service. Processing very quick & cheque arrived promptly." - Tony from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2288568) 01-03-2009
"Thanks a lot.. Depending on payment at the moment, but I can guarantee no other company can be quicker than what you were, very fast and amazing contribution form you as a company, am grateful for doing business with you.. Thank you and will without a doubt be using you in the future. Thank you and kind regards." - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M2272571) 01-03-2009
"Mazuma is really friendly and very easy to work with. Also, the customer service is excellent and really helpful. Definitely recommended." - Chantelle from West Midlands (Order No. M2094901) 01-03-2009
"Excellent communication, quick and easy service to use." - Lewis from Flintshire (Order No. M2301066) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service. I contacted Mazuma and the envelopes arrived the next morning. The cheques were received within 3 days. The system is the most user friendly I have come across." - John from Fife (Order No. M2279297) 01-03-2009
"Thank you for a superb super fast, friendly transaction. It was a simple process and completed within a week. Highly recommended." - Gary from Northumberland (Order No. M2193767) 01-03-2009
"Thank you for my cheque which I received today. Thank you for a very good service." - Colin from Berkshire (Order No. M2220537) 01-03-2009
"What a fantastic service! It's easy, quick and simple!" - Emma from Milton Keynes (Order No. M2214210) 01-03-2009
"Keep up the good work." - Mark from Tyrone (Order No. M2286676) 01-03-2009
"I was very impressed with quick and easy the whole process was, and happy with the amount of money I received." - Steven from Norfolk (Order No. M2212580) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service posted mobiles on a saturday received the cheques on tuesday cant ask for a quicker service than that." - Julie from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M2282106) 01-03-2009
"I was very impressed with how easy it was to sell my phone and would definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you." - Verity from Essex (Order No. M2302419) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service. The clear communication at every step (both by e mail and printed) was much appreciated. Many thanks for such a painless transaction. ps as I type, my daughter is looking through cupboards to find her old phones!!!" - Helen from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M2291838) 01-03-2009
"An impressive service.,searching the web on a Thursday and completing the online form, receiving the prepaid envelope and posting the phones on the Friday. The cheque was received on the Tuesday. You cannot get quicker/better service anywhere." - Herwyn from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M2287633) 01-03-2009
"I found your service very fast and good many thanks I have passed you card on and told a lot of people about you." - Dave from Kent (Order No. M2280497) 01-03-2009
"Excellent, super fast service!!! Posted phone on Monday, confirmation of receipt on Tuesday and cheque on Wednesday. Can't ask for better than that. Will definitely use again." - Paula from Buckingham (Order No. M2281213) 01-03-2009
"Thank you so much for a very fast service. I would have no problem in using you again and would recommend to anyone...thank you." - Linda from Suffolk (Order No. M2319406) 01-03-2009
"Excellent / Speedy service! I will be recommending Mazuma to all my friends and family. Was very impressed with how easy it was!!" - Melissa from Warwickshire (Order No. M2212161) 01-03-2009
"Service is excellent, fast, efficient, helpful and so easy it's unreal, thanks!!" - Vicky from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2300614) 01-03-2009
"Thank you very much, within a few days of sending you the phones the cheque arrived." - Matthew from Bridgend (Order No. M2139967) 01-03-2009
"Would just like to say a big thank you for the way this has been processed, very quick and friendly wish all company where as good as yourselves. Will defo be back in the future and recommend you to friends and family x" - Sandra from Lancs (Order No. M2303631) 01-03-2009
"I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with the service I received; fast, simple, effective! My order was complete within a matter of days as promised! I will definitely be recommending you :) Many Thanks." - Emma from Leicestershire (Order No. M2295769) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service. No fuss and speedy payment. Would highly recommend!" - Janette from Kent (Order No. M2281191) 01-03-2009
"I posted my phone to you only 2 days ago. The levels of communication on the status of the order are excellent and thank you for telling me that my cheque has been posted. Positively one of the best customer service experiences I have had for a very long time." - Ian from Dorset (Order No. M2258840) 01-03-2009
"Extremely straight forward and easy, they do 95% of the work, all you've got to do is post the phone! Definitely be using mazuma in the future." - Richard from Wales (Order No. M2314409) 01-03-2009
"A* excellent service. Simple, quick & almost effortless. Would recommend!" - Nicky from Leicestershire (Order No. M2304401) 01-03-2009
"One of the quickest online transactions I have ever been involved with. I sent the phone on Monday afternoon and received the cheque on Wednesday morning. I Will definitely use again." - Neil from Cornwall (Order No. M2207247) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service! Fast (only took three working days to receive my cheque!!!). Will have no hesitation in recommending Mazuma Mobile to all my friends and family. Look forward to using your brilliant service again in the future." - Dawn from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2290198) 01-03-2009
"That was quick service, I had no idea the process would be so fast and efficient. Thank you very much. I will pass on the information to my colleagues who are considering passing on their old phones." - Michael from Essex (Order No. M2287138) 01-03-2009
"Really impressed with the quickness and how efficiently my order was processed. This is a great service!!!" - Andrew from Suffolk (Order No. M2305339) 01-03-2009
"Hi, fantastic service very speedy ,cant fault it thanks very much." - Michael from Warwickshire (Order No. M2299756) 01-03-2009
"Wow! Phone posted on Friday afternoon, cheque received Tuesday morning. What a brilliant service. All my work colleagues know about Mazuma now. Thank you." - Richard from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2269662) 01-03-2009
"The transaction was really easy and all took place within a week. I received a letter the day after I had registered then sent it away and a day or so later my cheque had arrived. Well worth the time." - Haley from Midlothian (Order No. M2285994) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant, got a lot of money for 6 phones and with such excellent service, all free!!!! who could ask for better :)" - Robert from Londonderry (Order No. M2251428) 01-03-2009
"I am very impressed and inshaALLAH. I will most certainly use your service again. Thank you Mazuma." - Palamin from London (Order No. M2133813) 01-03-2009
"Great service, very, very quick posted phone on Monday got conformation email on Tuesday and the check on Wednesday. Couldn't fault it, was a pleasure doing business with you guys and will certainly use you again. :)" - Andrew from Scotland (Order No. M2220746) 01-03-2009
"It was easy and straight forward to use, i was a quick and fast process and i will recommend this to all my friends 10 out of 10 for service." - David from Co Durham (Order No. M2339194) 01-03-2009
"Mazuma is fast and easy I received payment 48 hours after they received my phones it's great." - Natalie from West Yorks (Order No. M2301770) 01-03-2009
"Truly amazin!!! I have been trying to sell my old mobile phones for quite a while and I couldn't and when they were accepted the price was rubbish. Easy fast and profitable!!!" - Sidney from Surrey (Order No. M2315785) 01-03-2009
"Very easy and quick to use. Also very competitive prices given, the best all round! thank you x" - Amy from West Midlands (Order No. M2240596) 01-03-2009
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"Great service. You offered a better price than the competitor I was initially going to use. The freepost bag arrived very quickly, and I particularly appreciated your emails keeping me up to speed with the progress of my order." - Greg from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2340206) 01-03-2009
"This is the second time I have used Mazuma and both times I have been impressed with just how simple, quick and efficient the service is. There is very little effort required,the customer and the response,Mazuma is extremely fast - both in sending the freepost envelope and also issuing the payment. I can't fault the service - you're an example of how to run a quality service that keeps customers coming back for more. I'm notoriously hard to please and impress with a service and yet with yourselves I keep recommending you to my friends and colleagues so you must be doing something very well." - Maggie from Greater Manchester (Order No. M2331309) 01-03-2009
"A very quick process brilliant way to turn old mobiles into cash thank you mazuma ;)" - Claire from Lancashire (Order No. M2345383) 01-03-2009
"I have never used mazuma before, I heard about it,ebay my phone was not selling and I received and email telling me to try mazuma. So that's exactly what I did. It was very easy to use no hassle and very quick. Thanks." - Tommy from Worcestershire (Order No. M2353479) 01-03-2009
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"I really appreciated the way the things happened and i may send more phones in the future. Now I'm just waiting for the money ^_^" - Rafat from Hampshire (Order No. M2325469) 01-03-2009
"Thank you so much for such an easy transaction and also for the extra handset. Will definitely be recommending to EVERYONE! Thanks very much x" - Natasha from West Sussex (Order No. M2257432) 01-03-2009
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"Very good, quick, friendly and reliable company. Even sent me a new bag out and I got it next day as my brother had to rip it open to turn the alarm off on my phone woopsie. Everything is all done for you, really simple, and it's the best offer for your mobile on this site, on the internet. Highly recommended!!!" - Garth from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2257366) 01-03-2009
"Thankyou for being so quick in dealing with my sell order. I will recommend you to everyone. Excellent service." - Christine from Cheshire (Order No. M2295086) 01-03-2009
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"I am amazed at how easy and fast the service was. Packaged and sent my old phones to you yesterday and by mid morning today I received an email telling me my cheque had been sent! Fantastic!" - Laurence from Kensington (Order No. M2354670) 01-03-2009
"Great website and rapid response! thankyou!" - Harrison from Isle of Wight (Order No. M2322981) 01-03-2009
"Ordered placed16-03-2009 received cheque 20-03-2009. Excellent service." - Edward from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M2338940) 01-03-2009
"Outstanding service - slick, simple, no fuss and great value - just how business should be done these days well done." - James from West Yorkshire (Order No. M2311388) 01-03-2009
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"The service provided by Mazuma was quick, easy and the whole way through I was kept up -to date via e-mail. Thank you very much." - Laura from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2203613) 01-03-2009
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"Excellent fast and easy service. Outstanding!" - Daniel from Essex (Order No. M2347918) 01-03-2009
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"This is the second time I have used your service, and again, it has been amazing, quick, friendly, kept me updated on progress at all times. I am very impressed!! you should be extremely proud on how you are running your business. It is very difficult today's days to get such as extraordinary service and via the web. Congratulations! Shame though I have run out of phones to recycle for the moment:)" - Eva from East Sussex (Order No. M2311831) 01-03-2009
"A fantastic service. Simple, quick and no excuses! I'll certainly recommend Mazuma." - Helen from Norfolk (Order No. M2269398) 01-03-2009
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"Oh my god!! I can't believe it... I posted you my old phone on Thursday afternoon, and on Saturday morning I received my payment!! 36 hour turn around. I can't express how grateful and thankful I really am to you. Fantastic service, and the best price for my old handset on the net!" - Phil from Leics (Order No. M2335771) 01-03-2009
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"This actually worked out for both of us - I sold my old phone, with what I got (and what I saved,not having to unlock it) I got my daughter a new one that she loves. And it gets recycled too. A good deal. And very quick and efficient too. Thanks." - Steve from West midlands (Order No. M2322618) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service, fast, easy. I Am Very happy, I used twice until now....Great" - Kerman from Lancashire (Order No. M2192964) 01-03-2009
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"Amazin site and recommended it to a few ppl :) hope to use it again sometime :) brilliant service and very reliable :) xXx" - Tina from Scotland (Order No. M2358214) 01-03-2009
"Hiya! just recently submitted an order and am just awaiting the cheque which I know will come for def in 48 hrs-this is a fantastic idea, and mazuma is a most efficient, well run facility... i have used the service a few times now and will do in the future... have told friends of Mazuma, also! Cheers!" - Rachel from Londonderry (Order No. M2278284) 01-03-2009
"I could not believe how quickly the whole transaction took, I'm asking all my friends to give me any mobiles that are just collecting dust in drawers, its great!!" - Steve from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2351871) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service! Will use again and recommend." - Helen from Merseyside (Order No. M2379526) 01-03-2009
"3 days,the word go an easy way to make a quick buck thanks." - Barry from Suffolk (Order No. M2385456) 01-03-2009
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"I have found the whole process,start to finish very quick and efficient. I would normally leave my old mobile lying in a drawer around the house being put to no use but thanks to mazuma I have received cash for my old phone. I would definitely use your service again." - Tracey from Lancs (Order No. M2392827) 01-03-2009
"Thanks!! Great service fast response!! Am awaiting my check will send more phones your way in future!!" - Sandie from West Sussex (Order No. M2332827) 01-03-2009
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"Once Again ....... Fantastic!! Fast payment etc. Brill!!" - Wendy from Devon (Order No. M2362335) 01-03-2009
"This is a great way to get cash for mobile phones I was kept informed every step of the way which made me more confident that I had made the right choice thank you." - Anita from London (Order No. M2352680) 01-03-2009
"This is the quickest and simplest service I have experienced. Best service yet. The informative emails help you know how your process is being handled without having to check your account. A brilliant way to recycle your old mobiles. Thank you." - Erin from R.C.T (Order No. M2374714) 01-03-2009
"Quick !! its grrrrrrr great!!" - Tim from Merseyside (Order No. M2386603) 01-03-2009
"Excellent, no fuss transaction, better than e-bay any day! At least one's dealing with honest people, thank you." - Willy from East Sussex (Order No. M2366605) 01-03-2009
"To be honest, probably one of the easiest and most informative and straight forward on-line service I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. Don't go bust on me now in the economic crisis as I have more mobiles to sell!" - Johannes from Berkshire (Order No. M2378514) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely superb service. Easy to use and really quick with payments." - Dave from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2369674) 01-03-2009
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"Fantastically efficient service. Quick initial response then i posted my phone on Monday and received the cheque on Wednesday. Couldn't possibly be any quicker. Many thanks and will recommend you to friends." - David from W. Yorks (Order No. M2380494) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service highly recommended." - Michael from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2413928) 01-03-2009
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"Excellent service. Mobile posted monday had cheque back wed morning. Would recommend to anyone thankyou." - Kevin from Northumberland (Order No. M2379856) 01-03-2009
"Just like to say that this is the second time that I have used Mazuma & once again the process was quick & easy. Thank you!" - Terry from Kent (Order No. M2309611) 01-03-2009
"Very friendly quick excellent service. Definitely recommend you use this website. Looking forward to using it again." - Charlie from Kent (Order No. M2325425) 01-03-2009
"Thank you mazuma for a fast hassle free service. Can't believe you done it all so quickly. Cheers! Keep up the good work and Thanks again." - Brian from Larnakshire (Order No. M2392057) 01-03-2009
"They are entirely as fast as they claim to be! Excellent service. Also the most competitive prices." - Emmanuel from Greater London (Order No. M2436707) 01-03-2009
"Thankyou for a very fast turnaround. Requested to sell mon got envelope tues sent mobile off got cheque thursday morning. This is second phone we have sold to you both times excellent service. Wish I had kept all my old phones,upgrade would not hesitate to sell them to you. Have told loads of peeps bout you thankyou." - Linda from Richmond (Order No. M2350109) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely fantastic service, the speed in which the cheque has been sent has amazed me ....excellent" - James from Wiltshire (Order No. M2119231) 01-03-2009
"I thought the service was great. No problems at all. I will be using you again thank you." - Gary from Cheshire (Order No. M2388663) 01-03-2009
"Great! Whole process nice & quick & painless." - Andrew from South Glos (Order No. M2281686) 01-03-2009
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"Very fast and friendly service the best trade I've done. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks to everyone at Mazuma." - Jamie from Avon (Order No. M2411398) 01-03-2009
"Thank you for the fast and swift way you dealt with my order. You help out a lot. Will defo be using you again." - Trevor from Nottingham (Order No. M2433854) 01-03-2009
"You promised quick service and a little magic .. You didn't disappoint on either. Thank you Mazuma, a very happy customer :-)" - Raj from Middlesex (Order No. M2291222) 01-03-2009
"I can't believe how quick and easy it was. Thank you so much." - Louis from Lancashire (Order No. M2340889) 01-03-2009
"This couldn't of been easier so thankyou. I look forward to receiving my cheque. Thanks again." - Jackie from Berkshire (Order No. M2421356) 01-03-2009
"FANTASTIC FAST FIRST RATE SERVICE. I think it is a brilliant way to get rid of your old mobiles as you saw they accumulate so easily-will definitely tell all my friends about you ! Many thanx" - Diann from Down (Order No. M2278008) 01-03-2009
"Really fantastic! Wish I'd have found out about this sooner! Excellent service and a much better price than anyone else could offer! Thanks a lot! x" - Pollie from South Yorkshire (Order No. M2444460) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely excellent service,start to finish and now I'm over £100 better off all within 7 days,start to finish." - Martin from Hampshire (Order No. M2393058) 01-03-2009
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"Absolutely superb service, would very highly recommend!!!! Many Thanks." - Natasha from Surrey (Order No. M2446275) 01-03-2009
"Don't normally leave feedback but what a brilliant service, got what I was quoted for (£28), and the service was so quick and professional, thanks." - Paul from Bucks (Order No. M2313363) 01-03-2009
"I thought this web site was too good to be true, but I am overjoyed with my cheque that has just been posted today, and I have just found another phone for you, lol, thank you so much." - Steven from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M2410340) 01-03-2009
"Its so easy to sell this phone through this website and give you great prices thank you for such an easy transaction x" - Richard from Surrey (Order No. M2445736) 01-03-2009
"Wow what a quick, easy fantastic service. When I posted the phones the post office lady took the details so she could recycle her mobiles, and now four of my friends are doing the same. Great service and so easy." - Janice from Bristol (Order No. M2427128) 01-03-2009
"1st class service and fully recommended.,completing the sell order on-line to receiving the cheque in the post took only 5 days. A big thank you!" - Kevin from Hampshire (Order No. M2417307) 01-03-2009
"SUPERB, 2 day turn around on 9 phones" - Lee from Cheshire (Order No. M2405054) 01-03-2009
"I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you provide. I must admit, whilst watching your adverts on t.v. I thought 'yeah yeah, whatever' but decided to give you a try & was pleasantly surprised! Your web site is extremely easy to use & you are swift to get the envelopes out to customers! I am also impressed at how quickly my cheque came too, it was only posted yesterday & it arrived this morning. I will definitely use your service again & will be recommending you to my friends. Thanks again." - Sharon from Notts (Order No. M2406872) 01-03-2009
"Very easy to use and extremely quick payment. Thanks, Excellent service!" - Alfie from Antrim (Order No. M2450019) 01-03-2009
"Was exactly as stated the service was without doubt impeccable thanks!" - Peter from Hants (Order No. M2383255) 01-03-2009
"Placed order on saturday, received post bag on tuesday and sent phone off same day, cheque received thursday, I wish all businesses ran as efficiently as the transaction between us, excellent service, thankyou to all your staff for their performance, couldn't be better." - Gerard from Lancashire (Order No. M2410230) 01-03-2009
"This is the second time I have used Mazuma and both times I have been pleasantly surprised by the speed, ease & efficiency that this service brings. I would definitely recommend you to my friends!" - Frances from Herts (Order No. M2406751) 01-03-2009
"Thanks for cheque I will be recommending firm to friends." - Allan from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2453559) 01-03-2009
"Excellent very fast service very simple to use 10 out of 10 Thank you." - Margaret from West Midlands (Order No. M2390031) 01-03-2009
"I found your process extremely friendly and easy. Very happy. I have recommended you to all my friends. Thankyou!!" - Steve from Hants (Order No. M2169825) 01-03-2009
"Very fast and great to work with thanks very much." - Scott from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M2376696) 01-03-2009
"2nd time I've used mazuma and can't fault it. You have been highly recommended to friends." - Alsitair from South Lanarkshire (Order No. M2463682) 01-03-2009
"Absolutely Brilliant service. So glad I saw your ad on television, otherwise it would have been in a bag in bin at Tesco. Goodbye Phone. No Money. So thanks." - Graham from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M2437323) 01-03-2009
"Very quick and very easy to do." - Karen from Devon (Order No. M2426038) 01-03-2009
"I have been impressed with the speed and professional service with this transaction. I would certainly recommend you to others." - Mike from Derbyshire (Order No. M2463748) 01-03-2009
"Great service very fast. Shame not everybody is as easy to deal with. Many thanks would certainly recommend you." - Stephen from Cheshire (Order No. M2346461) 01-03-2009
"Top notch, excellent transaction....." - Steve from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M2431739) 01-03-2009
"This is a very good service. You acted very quickly and I was impressed with your response. I will use you again in the future." - Joanne from West Midlands (Order No. M2218842) 01-03-2009
"To say this service was excellent would be a huge UNDER-STATEMENT. Absolutely brilliant, such an easy transaction. Best prices in this industry." - Patrick from Middlesex (Order No. M2402567) 01-03-2009
"A smooth quick joyful experience,start to finish thankyou Mazuma. I WILL be back again and again, can't wait." - Stephen from Derbyshire (Order No. M2427634) 01-03-2009
"Hi, your company is a pleasure to deal with easy to navigate site, very fast posting of invoice phone bags and boxes, clearly explained, with the cheque being sent very fast also. great communications. many thanks." - Tom from West Sussex (Order No. M2445714) 01-03-2009
"Wow! Extremely efficient service, thanx mazuma." - Elijah from Woolwich (Order No. M2444217) 01-03-2009
"Awesome service. Easy, quick, efficient. Thanks." - Simon from Monmouthshire (Order No. M2398923) 01-03-2009
"Very fast and helpful service, took more than 2 weeks for another leading mobile re-cycler to return my phone when they offered me half the money Mazuma did." - Scott from Devon (Order No. M2354417) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service. Very impressed with the care and detail put into the whole experience and extremely impressed with the speed of the overall service. Would 100% consider using the service again. Thanks!" - Paul from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2453249) 01-03-2009
"Thankyou very much for the fast cheque. This is an excellent service and I will use this service in the future. Advertize more on the TV and radio, people will love your service as much as I have. Many thanks." - Rebecca from West Midlands (Order No. M2434119) 01-03-2009
"I am amazed at the speed and quality of your service. I posted my phones on Thursday, received email confirmation of processing on Friday, and a cheque arrived on Saturday! It's not only the speed, but also that fact that the process was so simple and transparent - I really appreciated the emails confirming the receipt and processing of the phones. I'll recommend your service to friends for sure. Many thanks." - Michael from London (Order No. M2404724) 01-03-2009
"I'm very impressed with the quick and uncomplicated way the whole transaction was performed. WELL DONE" - Peter from Lincolnshire (Order No. M2399728) 01-03-2009
"Great,start to finish. Easy website, kept informed throughout and quick painless timescale. A pleasure ladies and gents, thank you. Will pass your name on to friends and colleagues." - Kieren from North Somerset (Order No. M2410450) 01-03-2009
"I was very, very impressed with Mazuma mobile phone company they were so quick and kept me informed the whole time about my old phone. I signed up and within 48 hours they had received the phone tested it and sent me out my cheque. Thank you so much Mazuma and I'm glad u found usage for my old mobile phone. I will definitely be using u again and recommend u to my family and friends Thank you again Mazuma." - Tracy from Middlesex (Order No. M2462229) 01-03-2009
"Wow what great service. I really did not expect a cheque so quick. Very highly recommended and will eventually use again if possible. A1+" - Diane from West midlands (Order No. M2428107) 01-03-2009
"Received cheque today 28/03, excellent service rapid response ! got my support." - Keith from Merseyside (Order No. M2434769) 01-03-2009
"As before quick and efficient service, thankyou" - Jacqueline from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2433667) 01-03-2009
"I must admit I was slightly dubious of your service before I used it, NOT ANY MORE !, excellent communication,the start, easy to use service. My cheque arrived within 48 hours of posting the phone, absolutely superb, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to everyone I know. Many thanks." - Karl from Lancashire (Order No. M2443148) 01-03-2009
"Such a fast and easy service to use. Just one thing that has made my life easier. Thank you." - Gemma from South Wales (Order No. M2411497) 01-03-2009
"I am a first time user and had my doubts about your service, but will now tell everyone about you, I found the process simple and very easy to use and was surprised how fast I received my money." - Peter from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M2443700) 01-03-2009
"Couldn't believe how quick it all happened. Beyond belief, amazed. Thank You." - Kenny from Devon (Order No. M23177334) 01-03-2009
"First class service!....really prompt!...Was a lot quicker than envirofone!...Will use again in the future...Many Thanks." - Tom from Strathclyde (Order No. M2449490) 01-03-2009
"Great service, quick and hassle free, have recommended you to friends and family, thanks." - Hayley from Merseyside (Order No. M2442707) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic, friendly and simple service, had payment within 48 hours of sending my phone off, will definitely use again." - Maxine from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M2415094) 01-03-2009
"What a great service so quick and easy will be using again in the future and recommend to friends and family." - Paul from Essex (Order No. M2455198) 01-03-2009
"Excellent Service, I received my cheque within 48 hours. Service was fast, easy and very friendly. Will Use again in the future!" - Steven from Devon (Order No. M2400026) 01-03-2009
"Thank you so very much for a quick and painless transaction. I am so impressed at the efficiency of your organisation. Many thanks again." - Liz from Antrim (Order No. M2430241) 01-03-2009
"Great, thank you very much! Very easy and straightforward and most importantly no hidden costs so the actual amount advertised is the amount received. Thank you again." - Ahmed from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M2460832) 01-03-2009
"Very, very impressed. Great service. Signed up on Monday evening, received Postbag on Wednesday, posted phone on Thursday, and received cheque on Saturday. Brilliant service right,start to finish. Will definitely use again. Thank you." - Anthony from Middlesex (Order No. M2443280) 01-03-2009
"Delighted with your speedy service. you dealt with my order faster than my bank can clear the cheque!" - Grace from London (Order No. M2425333) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic service and good that phones can be recycled and not thrown away. Thank you." - Don from London (Order No. M2475913) 01-03-2009
"Great service, easy to deal with. Quick responses." - Trudy from Midlothian (Order No. M2455849) 01-03-2009
"Very fast and impressive service. Bye bye old phones, Hello money!! Happy Happy!!!!!!" - Chris from Isle of Man (Order No. M2447784) 01-03-2009
"Very fast and efficient service which i would certainly use again." - Stephen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M2408138) 01-03-2009
"Excellent service. Received cheque within 24hrs. for the amount said. Very happy with Mazuma. Will definitely sell phones in the future to Mazuma. Many Thanks." - Deepa from Warwickshire (Order No. M2302606) 01-03-2009
"Amazing service. Certainly recommend your company to my friends and family. Thanks for making it easy." - Lynne from Devon (Order No. M2340492) 01-03-2009
"Your service was fast and efficient. I would recommend you to my family and friends." - Stuart from Bucks (Order No. M2471784) 01-03-2009
"Just opened a cheque for £71 where before I had two useless phones. Ordered Friday, paid the following Tuesday. Can't recommend highly enough." - Mark from Merseyside (Order No. M2492677) 01-03-2009
"I would definitely use Mazuma again. The process was straightforward and logical and I was really impressed with how quickly you processed the payment for my mobile. I only posted it on the Monday and had the cheque in my hand on the Thursday! I thought it was a good idea to give a deadline for returning the phone as it is all too easy to mean to send it back but not quite get around to doing it." - Liz from Hampshire (Order No. M2294205) 01-03-2009
"Very easy to sell no hassles and website very good." - Kirsten from Middlesex (Order No. M2349823) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic, quick and efficient service. Will most certainly be recommending you to others." - James from Kent (Order No. M2403348) 01-03-2009
"WOW!!!! Was a bit apprehensive about this but what an easy service...great!!!" - Helen from Kent (Order No. M2494647) 01-03-2009
"I have sold an old mobile to another company and they were not as good as you. The order was processed very quickly and I am happy with the all over service." - Debbie from Renfrewshire (Order No. M2488383) 01-03-2009
"Brilliant service. Very fast and reliable, fair prices on both working and non-working mobiles. Would definitely use again and recommend to friends!" - Sian from Staffordshire (Order No. M2382100) 01-03-2009
"Very good service delivered my phone and got the cheque within a week! Very easy to use!" - Mel from Dorset (Order No. M2435319) 01-03-2009
"exellent service will recommend you to others." - Ashley from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2464654) 01-03-2009
"Very fast efficient service. Many thanks." - Julie from Hertfordshire (Order No. M2491071) 01-03-2009
"I was so impressed with the ease and speed of my transaction,,completing the order online to receiving my cheque in under a week is absolutely brilliant! Much better service than Envirofone who I have used previously. I have now got my husband sending his old mobiles to you too. Well done to all the team at Mazuma for the superb service you provide your customers, keep up the good work and I will be recommending you to all my friends :)" - Julia from Lancs (Order No. M2449666) 01-03-2009
"Top class service yet again!!" - Paul from Oxfordshire (Order No. M2480065) 01-03-2009
"You know how you use a company with a great idea and it's brilliant - slick, simple, just brilliant; then you go back for another go 18 months later and it's absolutely terrible? Well NOT with mazuma! Slicker, faster, breathtakingly simple. All I can say is that there must be a fantastic team working VERY hard behind the scenes - congratulations again for a wonderful system. See you again at the next upgrade." - Gary from Surrey (Order No. M2415424) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic web site. Easy to use and great prepaid reinforced envelope to return phone in. Prompt payment. Thanks." - William from East Yorkshire (Order No. M2479416) 01-03-2009
"Very efficient and professional service as always. I will recommend you to friends and family." - Laurence from Leicestershire (Order No. M2487127) 01-03-2009
"Great Service. Really fast processing and very quick payment. Thanx" - Rachel from Merseyside (Order No. M2402545) 01-03-2009
"Fantastic !!!!!1 brill, great quick service, less than 3 days,registration to getting cheque thanks." - Peter from Derbyshire (Order No. M2497732) 01-03-2009
"Would like to say what a great speedy transaction. I only watched your tv advert last Sunday and by Friday I'd received my cheque. Thank you very much." - Allison from Northamptonshire (Order No. M2414247) 01-03-2009
"Wonderful service, Superfast. Payment,start to finish under a week!! I would recommend this service to everybody..FANTASTIC..and thankyou." - Richard from West Midlands (Order No. M2475550) 01-03-2009

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