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Don't leave it in the drawer: Liberate your unwanted tech!

Mazuma is calling for consumers to free their unwanted tech from the depths of the drawer after new research of 2,000 UK consumers found that many Brits typically leave it to depreciate in value in their homes over time, missing out on the opportunity to cash it in for its maximum value.

Our survey asked consumers about their behaviours and attitudes around buying and trading in tech, and that, while awareness of trade in services like Mazuma is generally high, many Brits are still hoarding unwanted tech in their homes.

What happens to your old tech?
  • A quarter (25%) give it to their children/parents/a friend to use.
  • 31% store it somewhere in case they need to use it again one day.
  • 21% store it somewhere in case they need some of the data on it again.

What does this look like in the average UK household?

Brits have 2.19 devices in their home that are no longer in use
  • On average, Brits have 2.19 devices in their home that are no longer in use, and have been holding onto these devices for around two years.
  • Almost a fifth (19%) have three unwanted devices in their home and 17% admit to having four or more.
Brits have been holding on to their devices for two to three years
  • A third (33%) have been holding onto these unwanted devices for two to three years, and 15% say they've had them for four to five years. Considering how quickly tech typically loses value, the longer you hold onto your devices before trading them in, the more money you'll be losing on them. Time is of the essence!
  • On average, Brits estimate they're hoarding around £100 worth of unwanted tech in their homes. Yet, considering newer models could fetch hundreds of pounds each, it's possible they're underestimating the value they're sitting on.

Find out what your device is worth today

Why are we holding onto our old devices?

When we asked those that said they wouldn't consider trading in their unwanted tech in future why, here's what they said:

20% of brits are worried about the security of their personal data
  • A fifth (20%) are worried about the security of their personal data on the device (Click here to find out what really happens to it!).
  • 17% don't want to trade-in because they think they might need their device again.
  • 13% said it's easier to just throw it away.
13% of brits throw their devices away!

So, time is of the essence, dig out your old tech and trade them in with Mazuma for same-day cash. Don't leave tech in your drawer - liberate your unwanted tech!

How far could a bit of extra cash in your pocket go right now?

Considering the sheer scale and value of unwanted tech items, our research suggests that us Brits are collectively hoarding almost 150 million old, unused devices in our homes, worth a staggering £13.9 billion*.

Brits are collectively hoarding almost 150 million old, unused devices

At a time when many households are struggling with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, clearing out those old cluttered drawers could free up a bit of much-needed cash.

Our research found that over a sixth (16%) of Brits are struggling to meet mortgage or rent payments, bills and living expenses as a result of the ongoing cost of living crisis, and 38% said they’ve been impacted "considerably", having significantly less disposable income.

But where are we making the biggest cutbacks?

Where are brits cutting back?

It’s clear many of us have had to make cutbacks and change our spending and purchasing habits to cover essential costs. As a result downtime, hobbies and much-needed quality family time have all taken a hit.

Yet, considering that the average Brit has around £100 of unwanted tech in their home, simply digging out those old devices and trading them in could put some valuable cash back in your pocket that would allow you to take the kids out for a day, put towards your next tech upgrade, or even cover the cost of Christmas dinner.

How would you spend £100?

It can take just minutes to find out what your devices are worth.

* Mean average of 2.19 devices per person multiplied by the UK population of 67,026,300 (based on latest ONS data) to reveal number of 146,787,597 devices. Number of devices multiplied by mean value of unused tech (£94.92) to reveal total mean value of £13,933,078,707.

Did you know?

Trading in your unwanted devices is quick and hassle-free, taking less than five minutes to register the sale. We offer a range of different drop off, pick up or postage options and aim to pay the same day we receive your device.

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