Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

October 2013

"This is the first time I have used any phone recycling service and was apprehensive and sceptical, but I needn't have been. The service from Mazuma was first rate; bag arrived within 24 hours and cash paid into my account within 12 hours of receipt of phone. No hassle will definitely recommend to others and use again myself. " - Paul from Essex (Order No. M6233129) 31-10-2013
"Excellent, I would recommend it to anyone!" - Paul from Uk (Order No. M6238061) 31-10-2013
"good price compared to other recyclers. swift efficient service and payment with no hassle..(Reassuring given i had just seen some recent bad press about another recycler). would use mazuma again" - robert from Suffolk (Order No. M6235260) 31-10-2013
"Great service, simple no hassle, excellent comunication." - Brian from Oxfordshire (Order No. M6231833) 30-10-2013
"I was very impressed with the speed and ease of the transaction. I was kept well informed by email. The money was paid into my bank on the same day that you received my mobile. I can highly recommend your service. Thank you." - Ruth from Northamptonshire (Order No. M6232661) 30-10-2013
"what a service sent and moneyin bank took 2 days will def use again and highly recommend a11111 service" - mark from Hampshire (Order No. M6231107) 30-10-2013
"Couldn't believe how easy it was. Just brilliant :) " - Glen from Shropshire (Order No. M6232902) 30-10-2013
"Just wanted to say thank you for a fast and efficient service. The payment for my old phone (Samsung GTI-5800) was the highest I found on the market and the process was fast and simple. From first contact to receiving payment was less than a week and that included the time for the envelope to be sent to me and to be processed when returned to you. Thanks a lot, will use again if I have another spare phone." - Simon from Hampshire (Order No. M6225433) 29-10-2013
"Very happy with Mazuma! Quoted £150 originally. Sent my phone special delivery. Received e-mail confirmation it had been received the following day. Within an hour I had the full £150 in my bank account! Was expecting to receive less money than originally quoted as this had been my experience with other phone recycling companies in the past, but there was no debating the condition of my phone. All in all very happy with the service of this very trust worthy site. Would recommend to everyone." - Natalie from Lanarkshire (Order No. M6233647) 29-10-2013
"Hi, thanks for the cheque. Just to let you know your leaflet was wrong. It said that the post-back options were either free or £6.50 (approx) but the post office charged me £11 to send an iPad back. This was more than I budgeted for obviously so would help if you could update your advice.

Ali" - Ali from Surrey (Order No. M6223936) 29-10-2013
"My advice to anybody wishing to sell their mobile phone is 'Forget the higher prices offered by other companies'. They are often "Up to £.." and therefore they retain the right to quibble about the actual buying price for your phone.

All this leads to hassle, grief and bad feelings.

In contrast, Mazuma offers a realistic price (lower than some), but they keep to it, the despatch process is simple, they confirm the price quickly and a cheque comes straight back to you in the post. All completed in less than a week.

Highly recommended.

Peter from Cornwall" - Peter from Cornwall (Order No. M6231355) 29-10-2013
"Fantastic . You received my phone and money in my account 4 hrs later, full amount. Thank you" - Glenda from Warwickshire (Order No. M6232940) 29-10-2013
"Great correspondence to acknowledge receipt of product and next steps to be taken! Sent the phone off yesterday and by 3pm this afternoon the cash had arrived in my bank account. Amazing service!" - Adam from (Order No. M6233806) 29-10-2013
"I'm very pleased with the very fast response Thankyou" - Linda from Hampshire (Order No. M6231858) 28-10-2013
"Excellent communication and service would recommend. Much appreciated :)
" - Jan from Surrey (Order No. M6223994) 27-10-2013
"Very efficient, speedy payment and excellent communication throughout the process to keep me updated. Thanks very much-I will recommend you to friends." - natalie from Hampshire (Order No. M6223290) 27-10-2013
"Excellent service which was very quick and very easy." - Vanessa from Dorset (Order No. M6224596) 26-10-2013
"Was sceptical about the whole process to begin with, but once my sell order was created I found the step by step guide very easy to follow. After posting my phone everything happened EXACTLY how it was delivered, order processed and payment received the very next day. VERY impressed with the service, would recommend the company to everyone and will be using the service again to sell more phones. Thank you!" - Natasha from (Order No. M6201599) 26-10-2013
cheque arrived today Saturday, did not even take a week.

Sue" - sue from london (Order No. M6224655) 26-10-2013
"I have recycled numerous phones through Mazumamobile, if Mazuma came in a tin I would say "they do exactly what it says on the tin" Thank you Mazumamobile for you're excellent and absolutely faultless service. If only all businesses were as good as this. 10 / 10" - Peter from Durham (Order No. M6222912) 26-10-2013
"Small issue with the freepost bag delivery to my home (which was quite likely my mistake) Costumer service was helpful (!) issue solved and I received my bag next day.
I posted my phone Monday afternoon (around 5pm) The agreed money was on my account next evening.
Well done! You guys should be proud of your work." - Tibor from Surrey (Order No. M6200988) 25-10-2013
"very fast and efficient service." - Joanne from Essex (Order No. M6199670) 25-10-2013
"completely hassle free way of recycling your old phones,whole transaction took only 3 days . Brilliant" - scott from Staffordshire (Order No. M6226850) 24-10-2013
"Appreciation for an efficient and honest service.
Many Thanks" - Angela from Northumberland (Order No. M6222309) 23-10-2013
"This is the first time I have used Mazuma; very efficient, quick and hassle free transaction. I will certainly use them again for selling mobile phones " - Jonathan from Middlesex (Order No. M6220353) 22-10-2013
"fast ,simple and reliable as always.thank you mazuma" - nuno from Essex (Order No. M6221842) 22-10-2013
"Hi mazuma team,thankyou for your swift transaction.
No hassle,no problem,brilliant." - Adrian from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M6223226) 22-10-2013
"Brilliant. I sold my phone on the Wednesday for £150 and sent it by special delivery (it cost me £6 something but as my phone was worth so much I wanted it to arrive safely)on Friday. I then received my £150 on Monday night by same day transfer. Fantastic service. This is the 3rd phone I have sold through Mazuma and have had no problems. Thanks" - Megan from Midlothian (Order No. M6220138) 22-10-2013
"Excellent service - everything went smoothly and no hassle at all. Glad my phone has found a new home!" - Julia from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M6213359) 22-10-2013
"exactly as described. super-fast, super-efficient, faultless. will recommend to all I know!" - Neil from Devon (Order No. M6214048) 22-10-2013
"Awesome service!!!
Twice I have used Mazuma's service in the last year. Simple to follow, quick, and extremely worth while.
" - Rob from Yorkshire (Order No. M6213214) 21-10-2013
"Thank you for a very quick, very easy process!! I would highly recommend Mazuma Mobile to anybody wanting to sell their phone. They may not pay the highest price, but there's no scam, no quibbles saying the phone is broken when it isn't. All in all, I'm happy with the service I received. Thank you." - Yvette from Wiltshire (Order No. M6219028) 21-10-2013
"Thank you for a flawless transaction. I shall certainly recommend your service to friends, colleagues and family." - Derek from Derbyshire (Order No. M6221392) 21-10-2013
"1st class service from start to finish , and very fast . Email's to keep you informed .Will not hesitate to use again many thanks......." - Robert from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M6215347) 19-10-2013
"mazuma certainly does what it say's on the packet.10/10 from start to finish. can't fault you on anything. :)" - steve from Staffordshire (Order No. M6214809) 17-10-2013
"I think this is the fourth time I've used Mazuma which tells you how happy I am with the service. I requested the posting pack and it turned up next day. Because this time the phone was a little more valuable than the previous ones I decided to go to the Post office and use the special delivery service rather than just drop it in the post box, by 5pm the next day the money was in my account. This is a level of service that's so rare it's almost extinct. Is there any chance you could send your staff out into the wider business community to show them how it's done. Please keep up the good work." - Ian from London (Order No. M6212359) 17-10-2013
"The customer service was pleasant and prompt." - Aussop from Surrey (Order No. M6206615) 16-10-2013
"Very easy,smooth and quick transaction.
Thank you" - Peter from Hampshire (Order No. M6210876) 16-10-2013
"Excellent service with Mazuma. Received postal bag, posted phone Monday cheque arrived Wednesday! Best price offer for my mobile too......Well done Mazuma, would recommend and use again!!!" - Michelle from Yorkshire (Order No. M6207267) 16-10-2013
"Once I posted my mobile it was processed quickly and I soon was transferred the money. Very pleased." - Hannah from Hampshire (Order No. M6184031) 16-10-2013
"Absoloutely Excellent i sent it Yesterday at 3:00 and it was there by 9 am this morning and money was being sent to me by 15:00 excellent service. So Quick Really well informed i was i have about 6 emails from them telling me what was happening every step of the way. Will be selling some more phones with them in the future excellent service just what i needed
ThankYou MAZUMA :)" - Scott from Lancashire (Order No. M6211282) 16-10-2013
"Simple easy transaction.
definitely recommend." - nigel from Gloucestershire (Order No. M6205245) 15-10-2013
"Very impressed with the speed processed. The Argos voucher is brilliant and will now buy me a new microwave oven." - Mary from Sussex (Order No. M6209953) 15-10-2013
"SIMPLE AND QUICK.BRILLIANT SERVICE" - MICHAEL from Essex (Order No. M6200580) 15-10-2013
"Excellent service - well done" - Colin from Essex (Order No. M6209907) 15-10-2013
"Fantastic service thanks mazuma
" - Ann from south yorkshire (Order No. M6208705) 15-10-2013
"well handled professional service thanks" - ron from Worcestershire (Order No. M6206834) 15-10-2013
"Very easy to use, Would recommend sending it 1st class or recorded delivery." - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M6206210) 15-10-2013
"Fantastic speedy, safe service, I have used your service a few times now and would not think of going elsewhere to sell my unwanted phone." - Denise from Lancashire (Order No. M6207660) 15-10-2013
"Many thanks for your quick and good services ... I can't wait to see my cheque ... Thanks again " - Kabongo from Middlesex (Order No. M6200853) 15-10-2013
"Absolutely amazing! Informed every step of the way, from start to finish took less than a week to have cheque in bank. Have already recommended to friends. Superb!" - Susan from Yorkshire (Order No. M6205544) 13-10-2013
"Really impressed with the extremely easy and super fast service. Many thanks, wouldn't hesitate to use Mazuma again." - Brenda from Derbyshire (Order No. M6202326) 12-10-2013
"fantastic service so quick
will certainly recommend" - denise from North Yorkshire (Order No. M6197533) 12-10-2013
"thank you very mush for your smooth payment. Will use it again. cheers." - mehedi from Kent (Order No. M6172623) 11-10-2013
"5 stars. So easy, good prices. Will use again.
many thanks" - catriona from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M6190620) 11-10-2013
"Was a little dubious at first. Phone I was sending was in immaculate condition & had read reviews from other recycling providers that they don't honour the quoted price. No problem with that on this site. Price quoted was price received. Took option to get prepaid bag. Took to Post Office. Received email from Mazuma 48 hours later to confirm receipt & payment was in the bank same day. Fab service. Will use again. Thank you. " - Karen from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M6198275) 11-10-2013
"Great service
Order placed late Monday
Shipping pack arrived Wednesday
Shipped Thursday
Arrived Friday and payment made the same day" - Kenneth from Yorkshire (Order No. M6205732) 11-10-2013
"Very, very impressed with your service. Nice to deal with such a good company" - Matthew from Kettering (Order No. M6185166) 10-10-2013
"Fast service is an understatement. Even Superman couldn't do the service as fast as you guys! Got the money ready in my account in less than 24hours after I sent it via post! Thank you very much! Really satisfied with your service!" - Nazlee from Suffolk (Order No. M6202670) 10-10-2013
"Excellent Service!! I posted the phone on Tuesday & my money was in the bank Thursday!! What more can you ask!" - Vic from Shropshire (Order No. M6202306) 10-10-2013
"There is very little to say about this very efficient transaction.
Very easy to sell your phone,quick response,all to easy.
Would definitely recommend to anybody.
Thank you very much for your services." - Allan from Lancashire (Order No. M6195898) 09-10-2013
"I am extremely satisfied with the prompt and efficient service I have received from you. I appreciate all the e-mails you have sent keeping me informed and up to date with the progress of my phone sale. A huge thankyou and I will definitely recommend you to others and use you again myself in future. Regards Elaine" - Elaine from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M6201226) 09-10-2013
"I am writing this message to show my appreciation of the level of service that I have experienced from your company. After being initially skeptical of using a company such as yourself I was incredibly impressed with the standard of communication that I received throughout the entire process. I also appreciate the accuracy of the quote that I originally received from yourselves. There are plenty of other companies that are very unlikely to honor the original quote. I will definitely be recommending you to others." - Neil from Norfolk (Order No. M6174481) 08-10-2013
"Thank you for wonderful service. I only posted the phone to you on Saturday and By Tuesday I had received the cheque in full payment. I will certainly use your service again and will recommend you to everyone I know. First Class." - James from Devon (Order No. M6201453) 08-10-2013
"Fantastic service, highly recommended. Order processed and cheque despatched the same day!!!!" - Andrew from Lancashire (Order No. M6178320) 07-10-2013
"Fantastic service. I was very worried about sending my phone off & but i must admit I'm overjoyed at the service & the communication you offer. Thank you so much." - Courtney from Oxfordshire (Order No. M6200156) 07-10-2013
"Very fast service very satisfied will use yous again thank you very much
" - Olivia from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M6198880) 07-10-2013
"Easy to use web site. Easy to follow instructions about posting. FREE, speedy turn around with the money. Thank you. Will use again and recommend " - Derek from Lancashire (Order No. M6194689) 07-10-2013
"Outstanding service, as usual" - Thomas from Middlesex (Order No. M6182441) 07-10-2013
"Excellent service thank you very much will definitely recommend " - Giulia from Somerset (Order No. M6180964) 07-10-2013
"Really pleased with my sale although it took longer than expected. I emailed an I got a rapid response regarding this matter a special mention to Gemma Newman in customer services who kept me updated every other day and reassured me that it could take upto 15 days for you to receive my phone overall extremely pleased with this service.

Many thanks!!" - Mark from Yorkshire (Order No. M6164511) 07-10-2013
"Very speedy and efficient service.
A vastly improved customer experience. " - Paul from Durham (Order No. M6192135) 06-10-2013
"Fast, easy and great price for 3 year old iPhone. Would definitely recommend or use again in future." - Luca from London (Order No. M6189556) 03-10-2013
"Very fast to get the payment sorted and also got a great price for my old phone will use again." - Dawn from Lancashire (Order No. M6194138) 03-10-2013
"Great service from Mazuma. I was kept fully informed by email throughout the whole process. Sent phones on 30 September received cheque for the full amount on 3 October. Excellent" - Sandra from Kent (Order No. M6189241) 03-10-2013
"I would like to pass on my thanks for completing and processing my order so quickly. I would gladly mention your company to my friends and family. Just a great company. Thanks again. " - darren from Wiltshire (Order No. M6179829) 02-10-2013
"Your process is amazingly slick! If only other businesses could be as efficient as you guys - the world would be a better place!!! Great job!!! " - Kerry from Midlothian (Order No. M6190255) 02-10-2013
"Everything went exactly as promised - definitely recommend" - Chris from Derbyshire (Order No. M6187671) 02-10-2013
"Thanks should have come to the best in first place instead of rip-off sites" - Chris from Norfolk (Order No. M6181800) 02-10-2013
"Recently used mazuma and I was very impressed with the service. Fast and efficient had money in my account within 3 days of sending my phones. Would highly recommend . Also gave me the best offer I had had for my phones. I will be using again in the future " - Lisa from Staffordshire (Order No. M6187616) 02-10-2013
"First class, fast and efficient service." - Janis from Berkshire (Order No. M6186236) 01-10-2013
"quick easy sevice to use." - Jennifer from Yorkshire (Order No. M6185361) 01-10-2013
"An amazing service! Arranged and posted one day, received, processed and payment made the next day!
Wow! So efficient. Very easy and super website! Thank you so much!" - Cath from Sussex (Order No. M6194057) 01-10-2013
"Have used Mazuma before so a no brainer when I wanted to re-cycle my old phones. What a fantastic quick efficient system/response. Easy to use system kept informed every step of the way and true to your word on payment. Excellent service all round would recommend your company to anyone. Thanks again!" - Chris from Surrey (Order No. M6179666) 01-10-2013
"Excellent service as always." - John from Midlothian (Order No. M6184820) 01-10-2013

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