Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

July 2013

"What a brilliant service. This is the fourth time I have used Mazuma and would definitely recommend you to my colleague's. Thanks again for the quick and efficient service!" - Tracy from Derbyshire (Order No. M6098917) 31-07-2013
"all went smooth fast payment would recommend friends as was quick and a pleasure to deal with thanks muzuma" - damion from Shropshire (Order No. M6095041) 30-07-2013
"Very easy to use, quick and helpful communication, would definitely recommend to others " - Linda from Devon (Order No. M6093855) 30-07-2013
"This is the first time I have used a phone recycling company and I am very impressed. Quick, efficient service and it all worked exactly as described. I will be using Mazuma again! Many thanks...." - Kate from Essex (Order No. M6092602) 30-07-2013
"Really quick and efficient service no fuss good price given and hassle free. Highly Recommended." - Ian from Devon (Order No. M6096115) 30-07-2013
"brilliantly easy, excellent prices,very fast service. Third phone traded in in 3 years -consistantly excellent.
Thankyou" - andrew from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M6095525) 30-07-2013
"Very quick service and payment. Thank you from a very happy customer. " - Sarah from Leicestershire (Order No. M6086906) 30-07-2013
"This is the 4th phone over the years I have exchanged with Mazuma and as usual its been swift and painless. You have been a dream to work with.
Thank you" - Matthew from Staffordshire (Order No. M6096975) 29-07-2013
"Service was extremely easy to follow, payment was made into my bank account on th day that the mobile was received by you. Would use and recommend you to others." - Beverley from Essex (Order No. M6097641) 29-07-2013
"Amazing service. Dealt with extremely quickly. I liked the regular emails to provide me with detailed information regarding the process and transfer of money. I would use this service again and recommend it to others. Thank you" - Anna from Yorkshire (Order No. M6095069) 29-07-2013
"Receive cheque for £80 yesterday, very impressed with the service. Will recommend this to my freinds." - david from Gloucestershire (Order No. M6091372) 28-07-2013
"Wish more things in life were so simple. Thanks a lot" - Simone from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M6090439) 27-07-2013
"many thanks for a A1 service as usual why anyone would want to go anywhere else is beyond me keep up the good work and once again THANKYOU " - Andrew from n/a (Order No. M M6092592) 26-07-2013
"Just like to say what an easy , quick service you provide. I am very impressed with the ease of use of web site, the excellent instructions on how to package and send and the fast payment once goods were received. I will definitley recommend Mazuma to others.Good bye old phone, hope you find another careful owner! Wendy Farr" - Wendy from Gloucestershire (Order No. M6091480) 25-07-2013
"a fast and reliable service this was my second time using mazuma and they made me proud" - redwanul from Middlesex (Order No. M6084591) 25-07-2013
"Really easy to deal with and prompt payments faultless would recommend to anyone" - Larry from Devon (Order No. M6080970) 25-07-2013
"Top quality service!" - Jamie from Lincolnshire (Order No. M6088597) 25-07-2013
"Fantastic as always, used mazuma loads of times now and wouldn't go anywhere else as everything is always as it should be and a really quick service and into your bank the same day you get phone, thank you." - Karen from cumbria (Order No. M6088408) 24-07-2013
"very satisfied quick and easy to send the phone to you would not hesitate to use mazuma again." - douglas from Norfolk (Order No. M6087791) 24-07-2013
"Excellent service, could not have been paid quicker, thanks.
Better price quoted than O2." - Paul from West Yorkshire (Order No. M6093177) 24-07-2013
"A great way to get money for phones just hanging about doing nothing...Mazuma provided a quick efficient service, no hassle, informative throughout. Would definitely use again and recommend to others.. " - Kim from (Order No. M6085534) 24-07-2013
"I had a very good experience using Mazuma. They offered me the most that I could find for my phone. Got my cheque in the mail the day after my phone arrived at Mazuma. Will recommend to my friends and family in the future. " - Barry from Ayrshire (Order No. M6081677) 23-07-2013
"Wow, Valued instantly at 310.00 bag received next working day then i posted phone that they received next day and payment that very same day to my bank.
Got 100.00 more than high street valuations.
Thank You Mr Mazuma !:-)" - robert from Yorkshire (Order No. M6081753) 23-07-2013
"I sent my phone to two other companies before sending it to yourselves, the first one offered £135, the second £41 and you paid £185 which was what you quoted. I would thoroughly recommend you and will come straight to you next time. I have had an e mail to say my cheque has been sent today, so as long as that turns up I will be extremely satisfied! Many thanks Nicola B~W" - nicola from suffolk (Order No. M6083958) 22-07-2013
"Very simple, quick and efficient process. I feel that I have been treated fairly." - Joseph from Somerset (Order No. M6088672) 22-07-2013
"Brilliant service! Would definitely sell through again!" - Lynette from Suffolk (Order No. M6086442) 22-07-2013
"Thank you Mazuma such service & efficiency these days is hard to come by.Very commendable." - Maria from Hertfordshire (Order No. M6083266) 19-07-2013
"quick & efficient, took less than 1 week. Thank you for your prompt & easy service" - Bev from Wiltshire (Order No. M6077082) 18-07-2013
"Fantastic, quicker than quick sale!!, I would always recommend Mazuma,i always use Mazuma, have never had a problem & a very fair price paid for my phone " - Sarah from Kent (Order No. M6079755) 18-07-2013
"What fast and efficient service. Phone posted on Friday am, cheque through door on Tuesday. Will use again, thank you." - Fiona from West Lothian (Order No. M6070422) 16-07-2013
"May I congratulate mazuma on a brilliant service from start to finish. I have told a lot of friends about how quick your whole operation is and you are a class company . Many Thanks" - roderick from Lancashire (Order No. M6077134) 16-07-2013
"great service, so easy, secure, good prices and kept up to date all the way through. 100 times better than e-bay!!" - saul from Warwickshire (Order No. M6079128) 16-07-2013
"Simple, quick and easy. Perfect in every way. One very satisfied customer who will recommend Mazuma to others. Thank you" - Terence from Cornwall (Order No. M6076582) 16-07-2013
"Absolutely brilliant service. Fast, friendly and efficient. Highly recommended. Thanks!" - Rebecca from Cambs (Order No. M6066959) 15-07-2013
"Very quick efficient service and best value for my phone.
" - Ian from Midlothian (Order No. M6077124) 15-07-2013
"Thank for payment received. I would like to say how very impressed we are with the service received. Excellent and efficient response. We would certainly recommend this service." - Pauline from Devon (Order No. M6076412) 15-07-2013
"Fantastic service" - John from Surrey (Order No. M6073345) 15-07-2013
"The whole process of getting a quote for my old phone down to getting paid was really simple and straight forward. I would definitely be using Mazuma again." - Olumuyiwa from Lancashire (Order No. M6075932) 15-07-2013
"Very efficient with my order. I posted my phone on the Friday and the money which you originally quoted me was in my bank account by 6pm Monday. I would defiantly recommend you to family and friends. I did try another company who took 4 days to reply to me and then offered me £8 after originally offering me £54 online! Thank you for a quick hassle free transaction. " - Sophie from Cheshire (Order No. M6077832) 15-07-2013
"I have sold all my old mobiles via Mazuma witch is a great service fast and efficient. When you have account simply login and check value of mobile. Payment type you wish to receive. Also postage is paid for and a postage kit is posted to you. So all you have to do is go to post office get proof of posting receipt. Thats it in a day or two you will receive money simple. Again many thanks keep up the good work team." - Paul from Wiltshire (Order No. M6073440) 13-07-2013
"Great fast service thanks" - David from Cheshire (Order No. M6074045) 13-07-2013
"very pleased with your service, you were really quick and very fast payment i will definatley be using mazuma mobile again! and also reccommending you to my friends and family to.
thankyou so much for your excellent service you have made me a very happy customer!
Gemma." - Gemma from Wiltshire (Order No. M6074687) 13-07-2013
"Very prompt service indeed, would not hesitate to use again and would recommend to friends. Thanks for your time. Regards " - Edna from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M6074616) 12-07-2013
"Outstanding services, phone sent off on Monday and money in the bank on Thursday, I've used other services like this before but mazuma is by far the best many thanks " - Ray from Oxfordshire (Order No. M6071699) 11-07-2013
"I found it very easy fast and friendly dealing with Mazuma,and I will recommend it to my friends" - Christine from Essex (Order No. M6070824) 11-07-2013
"Excellent service from start to finish" - YVONNE from Flintshire (Order No. M6065345) 10-07-2013
"Posted the phone on Tuesday, the promised amount in the bank by the end of the day Wednesday. You can't really ask for a better service than that. Simple & fast & no issues whatsoever. " - nathan from Middlesex (Order No. M6076226) 10-07-2013
"Thank you for your friendly, efficient and fun service in selling our Blackberry phone, it certainly is a stress free process!!!" - Pamela from Gloucestershire (Order No. M6067595) 10-07-2013
"Absolutely BRILLIANT service, will be recommending you guys to all my friends! Thanks!" - Lisa from Derbyshire (Order No. M6062204) 09-07-2013
"I set the order up on Sunday, sent it on Monday and they received and processed it on Tuesday. Absolutely stunning service - 100% Brilliant, thank you! Just in time for our holiday :)" - Dan from n/a (Order No. MM6074344&rlm) 09-07-2013
"From posting item to a cheque arriving was 6 days. I have never used the internet to sell anything, and found the experience easy and quick. My phone had not been used in over 3 years and hope that someone will benefit from it after my use for it has long since passed. Can't thank the team enough and will tell my friends.
" - David from West Midlands (Order No. M6069707) 09-07-2013
"Great service, fast, efficient less than a week to process thank you so much" - Michael from Merseyside (Order No. M6046622) 05-07-2013
"I'm amazed at how quickly the whole process took place. I received my Argos voucher within less than a week. I got a better deal from Mazuma than I was offered by the retailer where I purchased my new phone. A very professional service from start to finish. Thank you Mazuma." - Richard from Gloucestershire (Order No. M6066061) 05-07-2013
"Very quick service. Got my phone delivered yesterday and it arrived at Mazuma today and just got my money. Thank you Mazuma!" - Alif from Yorkshire (Order No. M6069752) 05-07-2013
"Easy to do and speedy efficient service from Mazuma. Would recommend the service to anyone wanting to sell their phone." - Dave from Kent (Order No. M6062098) 03-07-2013
"Excellent service, quick turn around,no problems." - Peter from Yorkshire (Order No. M6062056) 03-07-2013
"Fantastic service thank you" - Carys from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M6059141) 02-07-2013
"excellent service very efficient good communication took just four days from sending phone to receiving the cheque will use again" - jeff from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M6061367) 02-07-2013
"Thankyou for a great service. I have found the process very efficient and straightforward and would definitely recommend you." - Fiona from Lancashire (Order No. M6060592) 02-07-2013
"Thanks for the very fast and transparent process. Very impressive service." - Matt from Berkshire (Order No. M6063382) 01-07-2013
"Brilliant, fast, and extremely easy!!!" - Paul from London (Order No. M6056267) 01-07-2013
"thank you mazuma shame you dont do a mazuma toy he is cute... but thank you my husband will be sorting old phones to such an easy way to recycle them thanks again wicked idea......." - kristina from Cornwall (Order No. M6055951) 01-07-2013

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