Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

March 2013

"I would just like to say Thankyou
For the Fast and easy way off selling my unused phone
Your service is Simple Fast and very good way of selling unwanted or unused phones
Once again,thankyou very much
I shall use ur service and Definetly recommend u to other people" - paul from devon (Order No. M5937009) 30-03-2013
"Amazing service.Thank you for doing what you promise!" - Ron from Yorkshire (Order No. M5940379) 29-03-2013
"Fantastic fast service, I applied to mazuma on monday afternoon and by tuesday i recived a free post envelope.I posted the phone on wednesday and by 4 o'clock on thursday the cash was in my account. I would highly recommend" - James from Edinburgh (Order No. M5938956) 28-03-2013
"I would like to thank mazuma mobile team for making selling my end of contract phones very simple, and very fast, just like you promised, I will recommend mazuma to my friends who are thinking of selling there end of contract mobile phones also,
thanking you, Mr. M. Fasulo " - Michele from Wiltshire (Order No. M5935934) 28-03-2013
"Excellent service, kept informed all the way through the process, would highly recommend mazumamobile." - Paul from Hampshire (Order No. M5940208) 27-03-2013
"Great service, very easy to use, trustworthy and great amount of money for my phone. Thank you :-)" - Rebecca from Cheshire (Order No. M5921159) 27-03-2013
"Good fast service. Would recommend" - Olivia from West Yorkshire (Order No. M5925156) 27-03-2013
"Excellent fast service. Payment through very quickly. Would recommend and definitely use again." - Lynn from North Somerset (Order No. M5927349) 24-03-2013
"Excellent fast service and no hassle. From going online, getting a price and posting my phone in the freepost envelope to getting payment all done in a few days. Highly recommend Mazuma. Thanks very much" - Jackie from Staffordshire (Order No. M5926408) 22-03-2013
"I have never sent a phone away before, but I have to say I am very impressed with whole experience, thank you" - Elizabeth from (Order No. M5930508) 22-03-2013
"Excellent fast service and no hassle. From going online, getting a price and posting my phone in the freepost envelope to getting payment all done in a few days. Highly recommend Mazuma. Thanks very much" - Jackie from Staffordshire (Order No. M5926408) 22-03-2013
"Excellent fast service and no hassle. From going online, getting a price and posting my phone in the freepost envelope to getting payment all done in a few days. Highly recommend Mazuma. Thanks very much" - Jackie from Staffordshire (Order No. M5926408) 22-03-2013
"Very easy quick and efficient,
Well done" - Steve from Monmouthshire (Order No. M5925966) 22-03-2013
"Very good service.Fast response and payment!
Like it so much!" - Janos from Lancashire (Order No. M5932746) 22-03-2013
"Really quick and easy service to use, I was going to use ebay but couldn't be hassled, after all there are seller fees and paypal fees and Mazuma is just great and so much quicker. Just waiting for my cheque now. Thanks Michael" - Michael from Hampshire (Order No. M5930526) 22-03-2013
"Great service cheque arrived within days of posting my phone.Would recommend Mazuma.Well done." - Michael from Merseyside (Order No. M5920671) 21-03-2013
"Excellent service again - nothing less than I have come to expect from Mazuma.
Thanks" - CHRIS from Northumberland (Order No. M5931198) 21-03-2013
"what a great service posted at 5pm last night and the money transferred into my account at 5pm the next day you cant beet the for service and a great price. many thank" - alan from west midlands (Order No. M5931063) 21-03-2013
"Once again another fantastic service! I posted the mobile phone on Monday evening and the money was in my bank by Thursday afternoon and I was kept up to date via e-mail every step of the way as well. This is the 4th time I have used Mazuma Mobile and every time I have had an excellent service. Keep up the good work guys!! Highly recommended and I wouldn't use anyone else. " - Gary from Lancashire (Order No. M5928476) 21-03-2013
"Absolutely astounded at the speed of service - only posted my mobiles yesterday and today my order is approved and complete! Will definitely be recommending you to others - thank you so much :)" - Jamie from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5928665) 21-03-2013
"Extremely happy with Mazuma service. Packaging material arrived very promptly and payment was processed within 2 days of my sending my mobile phone. I would highly recommend Mazuma to everyone" - gordon from (Order No. M5928967) 21-03-2013
"Excellent service, very quick and easy to use." - Vikki from Glamorgan (Order No. M5926111) 21-03-2013
"It's rare I feel the love for a business to bother leaving feedback, but your service has been incredible. I posted the phone yesterday afternoon, and less than 24hrs later the money has cleared to my bank account.
That is pretty dang impressive. I will recommend you to all my friends. Well done.
(Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you wish) " - Michael from Middlesex (Order No. M5926222) 20-03-2013
"envelope arrived next day and processed within three working days fab thankyou" - nigel from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5921126) 20-03-2013
"Excellent service" - suzanne from Lancashire (Order No. M5923193) 19-03-2013
"very pleased, fast payment. " - dawn from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5924690) 19-03-2013
"Very good service and communication. Thank you for all the help.
" - Vrijal from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M5920738) 19-03-2013
"fast and friendly service.
Exactly what the advert says will recommend you too all my friends" - james from Yorkshire (Order No. M5923660) 19-03-2013
"Really good service. Quick and easy, no mess, no fuss. Does what it says on the tin. Much obliged for taking the old and turning it into cash. Will use u again for sure, no need to shop around." - Brendan from Surrey (Order No. M5916901) 19-03-2013
"Brilliant will def use you again thank you very much " - Sam from Hampshire (Order No. M5923443) 18-03-2013
"Amazing service and I would recommend this company to anyone wishing to sell a mobile telephone. They kept me informed and I received my cheque within 3 days of sending the handset. Well done to everyone at Mazuma." - Graeme from Dorset (Order No. M5919942) 18-03-2013
"fantastic service, was shocked at how quickly the money went in on a bank transfer, after the confirmation receipt from mazuma the day after I sent the mobile into them, will use again, good price given for mobile " - hilmi from Cambridge (Order No. M5918940) 18-03-2013
"EXCELLENT service!I'm so impressed! Sent my mobile off on Saturday, cash in the bank MONDAY!Great looking and very user friendly website. I will be recommending you guys to my friends! ... and will use you AGAIN. Thank you!" - Ania from Essex (Order No. M5923560) 18-03-2013
"very satisfied with how mazuma work this is not the first time we have sold a phone this way very quick with the proceedure only put order through on the sunday and by the following friday money was in the bank thanks " - richard from Yorkshire (Order No. M5915143) 17-03-2013
"Excellent-five star service!!!" - David from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M5911481) 16-03-2013
"Very prompt and efficient service. I have used other companies in the past where they initially offer you one price for your phone, which seems a really good offer, but they find a way to offer you less once they have your phone. You then feel that you have to go with the lower offer because its too much aggravation to get the phone returned (and they charge you for the priviledge!)
Thanks once again.
" - Lisa from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5915663) 16-03-2013
"I cannot believe the efficiency with which you have dealt with my order. I posted two parcels on Thursday, got email to say all received etc on the Friday and the Argos vouchers arrived on Saturday. I really am very,very impressed. Many thanks" - Carol from Devon (Order No. M5914436) 16-03-2013
"I sent two of my phones off and it was easy and fast I would tell everyone who got a broken or wants to sell there phone to sell it to mazuma so happy with everything:) " - Alison from Essex (Order No. M5919817) 15-03-2013
"Excellent value, and very quick process from start to finish. Will definately use this service again.
Thanks Mazuma" - Michelle from Berkshire (Order No. M5921602) 15-03-2013
"Couldn, t believe how fast you got the phone & i got my money. Thank u very much mazuma" - jacqueline from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5912724) 15-03-2013
"Second time I've used Mazuma and again outstanding service. I only sent the parcel yesterday and money is in the bank today.
Definitely will be using again!!!" - Carl from Devon (Order No. M5917802) 15-03-2013
"Amazing customer service, so easy to use, I received what I was quoted for my old phone and it was all so fast. Great communication, kept informed every step of the way. Many thanks." - sarah from Dorset (Order No. M5913888) 14-03-2013
"Just wanted to say Thank you, i have used Mazuma on three seperate occasions and each time you have been fantastic. I fill out the online questions, print my own label and posted the phone yesterday. Today i have an email saying my order has been receieved. Minutes later i have another email advising the money will be tranfered. Thanks for making it so easy to make some extra cash when your upgrade is due." - Danielle from Leicestershire (Order No. M5921107) 14-03-2013
"I am very impressed with how quick the turn around was to send out the bags and then the cheque. I only requested it on saturday evening and by thursday the cheque had arrived. Excellent service and i have encouraged several of my colleagues to use your service. Thanks again " - Hanna from Glamorgan (Order No. M5915443) 14-03-2013
"Excellent Service - quick turnaround time. Thankyou" - Angela from West Lothian (Order No. M5915072) 14-03-2013
"This is the first time I've used the service. Was sceptical from the adverts on TV, but this is incredibly easy to do. Instructions are very clear, and I would most certainly recommend this service to others. Keep up the good work!" - Joel from Essex (Order No. M5916675) 14-03-2013
"Very happy with mazuma phones posted and money transferred all within 24 hours" - Euan from Fife (Order No. M5920465) 14-03-2013
"Great, speedy service, once again. Many thanks." - Chris from Surrey (Order No. M5918348) 14-03-2013
"Very efficient and reliable
Thank you" - Sonia from Yorkshire (Order No. M5914246) 13-03-2013
"Excellent service. Honest. Quick, money in your bank within hours. Would definitely use the service again" - hazel from Devon (Order No. M5915312) 13-03-2013
"Excellent service. Fast and Efficient. recommend to friends." - John from Yorkshire (Order No. M5911612) 13-03-2013
"great service,speedy payment.i have used these before,when u find a company this good u stay with them." - james from Cheshire (Order No. M5914174) 12-03-2013
"Brilliant service and a good price paid for my device. Will definitely use again" - Jackie from Kent (Order No. M5911192) 12-03-2013
"excellent quick and easy service which proved my scepticism wrong. I would definitely use this service again" - Elizabeth from Herefordshire (Order No. M5912798) 12-03-2013
"Absolutely amazing service & efficiency, thank you very much!" - aurelia from Sussex (Order No. M5912698) 12-03-2013
"Great service.Thank you!!" - Inga from Essex (Order No. M5893305) 12-03-2013
"Mazuma are quick, easy and honest, I used mazuma originally a few years ago then went to a different company who didn't pay what they'd originally offered so back to mazuma I came for a reliable service, thanks.
" - Dianne from Shropshire (Order No. M5911544) 12-03-2013
"Wow got the best price for my iPhone 4S,cash generater and cex offered a lot less and full of ifs and buts,great to deal with mazuma they pay u what they say.once they got my phone it was delt with in 4hrs and the cash was in my bank.well done to them I'm really pleased I choose them." - Michael from Staffordshire (Order No. M5911676) 12-03-2013
"Brilliant, Quick easy service!! Defo reccommend!
Thank you" - sheena from Somerset (Order No. M5910083) 12-03-2013
"Fast and efficient, great service. you pay what you state and dont change what was offered. I have used you before and will use you again and again and again! thank you. " - Rosie from Kent (Order No. M5913266) 12-03-2013
"I sent my phone off Friday and the next monday i recieved an email it had been delivered and anothe email saying my money has been posted. I am very happy how my quick my order has been processed. " - Laura from Staffordshire (Order No. M5906008) 11-03-2013
"Fast and efficient service. Envirofone proved (to me) almost impossible to deal with. They were going to pay me £4 more but after numerous emails between us I came to you. Like Arnold said 'I will be back' Thank you" - Robert from West Lothian (Order No. M5910940) 09-03-2013
"Excellent and efficeint service. Thank you" - Andrew from Yorkshire (Order No. M5903679) 09-03-2013
"Really fast service phone was sent and received e-mail to say they had received and checked the phone and my cheque was on it's way all in three days . Thanks team mazuma ,would certainly use you again if i sell another phone and will recommend you to people i know " - Kev from Wiltshire (Order No. M5900555) 09-03-2013
"What an absolutely excellent service. Great price with no messing around. Payment received just four days after sending the phone.
I'd have no hesitation in using mazuma again or recommending to others.
" - Richard from Yorkshire (Order No. M5903576) 09-03-2013
"Excellent service. Quick and efficient. Will use again in the future." - David from Stirlingshire (Order No. M5900511) 08-03-2013
"Excellent service it's good to find a company who deal with the order quickly and when they say they will. I will recommend you." - Stephen from Glamorgan (Order No. M5909501) 08-03-2013
"Thanks for the fast and efficient service, would definitely use Mazuma again." - George from Kincardineshire (Order No. M5904346) 08-03-2013
"Wow, I was so amazed to actually receive payment, let alone the payment I was expecting!!! I received £46.00 in vouchers for 2 Nokia phones. The transaction was seamless and quick. I opted to sent my parcel recorded, signed for and I received conformation that they were processing my order the next day. I received a gift card with the amount expected loaded on it the very next day. The card is for argos or home base and I I will enjoy spending it. Thanks Mazoma, great service, sorry for doubting you!" - Linda from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M5900342) 07-03-2013
"VERY quick and easy service. I await my cheque and will definitely use you again and recommend you to others" - christine from Surrey (Order No. M5909384) 07-03-2013
"Really easy well done for making it so." - Christopher from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5907775) 07-03-2013
"I sold my phone on Sunday received the paperwork Tuesday sent the phone back Wednesday and at 5.30pm today Thursday I've just received confirmation that £128 is being transferred into my bank. Fantastic service would highly recommend and definitely use again. Thanks" - Marilyn from (Order No. M5905479) 07-03-2013
"Really simple process excellent service from what I have found to be a very trustworthy company" - Deborah from Yorkshire (Order No. M5910616) 07-03-2013
"Contacted you on 1st March,all paperwork received 5th March and old mobile phone posted back to you on the 5th march and received the cheque in the post today 6th March What fantastic service from your company who we shall tell every body we know who to deal with in the future.Thanks again for this wonderful service,you dont much of this today.Well Done Alan Wheatley" - Alan from Northants (Order No. M5903498) 06-03-2013
"Fantastic service, used a few times now. Highly recommendable!" - thomas from Norfolk (Order No. M5906177) 06-03-2013
"that was so fast and efficient thank you mazuma for working your magic" - linda from Yorkshire (Order No. M5899087) 06-03-2013
"Brilliant service, thank you for a quick, no hassle turn around." - Peter from Yorkshire (Order No. M5902352) 06-03-2013
"Unbelievably good service! Thank you." - Peter from Bedfordshire (Order No. M5901828) 06-03-2013
"Sold my phone on Sunday, received the sale's pack Tuesday posted the same day and received my money the very next day. Would recommend to all thank you :)" - siobhan from Cheshire (Order No. M5905058) 06-03-2013
"Thank you once again for your prompt service.I am pleased you can do something with my phone.I have used your service before and will again. Thank You" - Alfred from Middlesex (Order No. M5904293) 06-03-2013
"Fantastic service money was in my account less than 24 hours after I sent the phone away and I was kept fully updated at every stage.

Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat absolutely over the moon this is my 2nd experience with Mazuma and I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Keep up the good work guys !!" - Louise from Ayrshire (Order No. M5903718) 06-03-2013
"Very impressed with how quick my order was processed. I was always updated to let me know what the status of my order was. Overall very impressed. " - Jill from Northumberland (Order No. M5860049) 05-03-2013
"I have used Mazuma 4 or 5 times now, and the service has always been spot on. Payments have been prompt, and I heartily recommend Mazuma to anybody wishing to sell a mobile phone. " - Nick from Sussex (Order No. M5900459) 04-03-2013
"Excellent service. Fast & Easy. Would def recommend and use again. Thanks Mazuma!" - Lauren from Essex (Order No. M5897471) 04-03-2013
"Brilliant service, from first contact to payment sent to my account, service has been faultless. will recommend to others" - ANDREW from Somerset (Order No. M5895754) 04-03-2013
"What a fantastic service. 5 days from contacting Mazuma to recieving cheque. Highly recommended." - Austin from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M5897403) 03-03-2013
"Dear Mazuma,I work for the John Lewis Partnership so I know the value of excellent customer service.So many companies seek this level of service but few actually achieve it. The process of selling my old mobile phone through Mazuma I would rate as outstanding and your ongoing communication was impressive as well. As well as using you again myself I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to my friends and acquaintances.Thank you and well done. 9/10." - Richard from Dorset (Order No. M5898199) 02-03-2013
"Thank you for a fantastic service, easy, fast within a week I had my payment, I would highly recommend you. " - Sally from Essex (Order No. M5891637) 02-03-2013
"Wonderful service :-)" - NICOLA from Leicestershire (Order No. M5892583) 02-03-2013
"Absolutely first class service, would definitely use again and will recommend to others" - darren from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5891879) 01-03-2013
"good service no messing about -Easy" - Peter from Kent (Order No. M5887558) 01-03-2013
"Fantastic service!
Fast and easy - will recommend immediately!" - geraldine from Kent (Order No. M5894001) 01-03-2013
"Very Straight Forward, Service provided as advertised" - Neil from Middlesex (Order No. M5892219) 01-03-2013

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