Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

August 2013

"An excellent and very prompt service from Mazuma.
I would certainly recommend them to anyone wanting to dispose of a mobile phone." - David from Kent (Order No. M6137233) 31-08-2013
"First class service with prompt payment.Could not be faulted in any way." - bill from Durham (Order No. M6138269) 31-08-2013
"great would do more business with you" - kevin from Derbyshire (Order No. M6128345) 31-08-2013
"Thank you for your prompt actions with dealing with my old phone, hopefully l have now activated my Argos voucher, l did have a senior moment but all ok now. Thank you again " - Maureen from Worcestershire (Order No. M6132523) 29-08-2013
"Fantastic service. Posted phone (free!) on Tuesday and received payment today. Received plenty of communication to keep me up to date. Will be recommending to friends. Thank you" - Samuel from Cheshire (Order No. M6131123) 29-08-2013
"Great service delivered quickly and efficiently Thank You" - Chris from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M6130778) 28-08-2013
"Very fast process,payment and all round great service." - Ryan from Lancashire (Order No. M6109047) 28-08-2013
"Thank you for your excellent service. Every stage of the order was very efficiently managed and a cheque was received the next day." - Michael from Berkshire (Order No. M6134084) 28-08-2013
"Very efficient service." - David from Bedfordshire (Order No. M6127606) 28-08-2013
"Very good and fast response from yourselves good communication , I'm very pleased with this company and would use you if needed again in the future." - stephen from Gloucestershire (Order No. M6133438) 27-08-2013
"Best price offered and a smooth, fast service. Great stuff." - Anthony from Durham (Order No. M6133839) 27-08-2013
"thankyou mazuma for a quick transaction all you have to do is to post it and they pay for that as well,highly recomended,kathleen from norfolk." - kathleen from Norfolk (Order No. M6134830) 27-08-2013
"Really straightforward process from start to finish. I will definitely recommend you to friends." - Mags from Essex (Order No. M6127253) 27-08-2013
"First time I have used Mazuma mobile and will definitely use again. First class service, good price for phone, transaction complete in 3 days. Will certainly recommend to friends" - Marlene from Glamorgan (Order No. M6126552) 25-08-2013
"Boy was that a quick service many thanks mark" - Mark from Bedfordshire (Order No. M6128686) 24-08-2013
"Excellent speedy service will definitely recommend
Mazuma to my friends!!" - Debbie from Yorkshire (Order No. M6129162) 23-08-2013
"Very Quick and easy service!! ****" - Rachel from East Lothian (Order No. M6130174) 23-08-2013
"Great service from your company. 5 days from sending phone to my account being credited unlike another company which took 8 weeks didn't stick to their own agreement and in my view were a con.
Recommend mazuma to anyone a very good and efficient honest company." - Richard from Warwickshire (Order No. M6126054) 23-08-2013
"Very good very happy" - Anita from Sussex (Order No. M6121719) 22-08-2013
"Never been disappointed with the service delivered by Mazuma. Quick and efficient but most of all I love the way you keep me informed of progress all the way." - Geoffrey from Norfolk (Order No. M6127316) 22-08-2013
"Thank you for a very smooth transaction can't believe how easy it was.

I was a little sceptical at first." - Darren from Yorkshire (Order No. M6118032) 22-08-2013
"You were easy to contact,fast to deliver plus helpful in live chat when system did not recognise me in account log in.Reputable & satisfying." - Raymond from West Midlands (Order No. M6126633) 22-08-2013
"Quick and easy! Had problems with another company. Very pleased with Mazuma and I will definitely use you again. Keep up the good work!" - James from Lanarkshire (Order No. M6122530) 21-08-2013
"Brill service and very quick. Would use Mazuma mobile again!" - Catherine from Yorkshire (Order No. M6131649) 21-08-2013
"Great service. Easy, and quick payment. Why hang on to an old phone when you can sell it here! " - Nick from Midlothian (Order No. M6118158) 21-08-2013
"Service was great not a fault . Constant emails to keep updated with the proceedings . Will be selling another phone here very soon" - Craig from roxburghshire (Order No. M6126444) 21-08-2013
"Thankyou for your qyick and efficient response. Locally I was offered £10 less than you have agreed and I am obviously very pleased with the outcome. This is my first dealing with you and my initial concern was that you would find some reason to undercut your initial offer for the mobile. I realise that I had no grounds to be concerned in this respect, and I thank you" - Derek from Yorkshire (Order No. M6126514) 21-08-2013
"I posted my phone and Mazuma received the phone the next day and sent the payment out on the same day.Their delivery process is very quick and they pay a good reasonable price for the phones.I would definitely recommend Mazuma " - Naeema from Bedfordshire (Order No. M6116187) 20-08-2013
"Once again Mazuma makes the whole process of selling a mobile phone so easy.Amazingly slick operation that few people can match these days.Well done Mazuma." - Alison from shropshire (Order No. M6122470) 20-08-2013
"Fantastic service, phone was sent by special delivery on Monday and the money was in my bank by Tuesday afternoon. Regular emails kept me informed all the way through.
Will definately use Mazuma again!" - Jenny from Wiltshire (Order No. M6123963) 20-08-2013
"Received check on 20-8-13. Excellant service with quick postage and deliveries. Thanks" - kevin from Glamorgan (Order No. M6125487) 20-08-2013
"Easy to use website, prompt despatch of envelope, prompt service, prompt payment = Happy Customer. Thank You." - Steve from Essex (Order No. M6114517) 20-08-2013
"Great service - super fast and easy! Would highly recommend!" - larissa from Lanarkshire (Order No. M6117305) 20-08-2013
"Excellent, efficient & speedy service. Thank you Mazuma x" - Julie from (Order No. M6121149) 19-08-2013
"Second time I have used your service and yet again a total hassle free way to get cash for unused mobiles. Carry on the great work. mazuma mobile is simply the BEST." - chris from Yorkshire (Order No. M6126512) 19-08-2013
"Excellent service the turn around time was fantastic.
Thabnk you" - Teresa from Northamptonshire (Order No. M6124748) 19-08-2013
"Excellent service - exactly as advertised. Really prompt, really easy. Thank you. Definitely recommended." - Lynn from Staffordshire (Order No. M6124989) 19-08-2013
"As a pensioner I found the whole process quick and easy. I was a bit concerned but I needn't have been.From first going on the site to getting my voucher the experience was excellent. Well done and I will certainly reccommend you." - Carole from Essex (Order No. M6122174) 17-08-2013
"Super fast and simple, a really great service!" - Rebecca from Gloucestershire (Order No. M6120463) 17-08-2013
"I usually refuse to fill these things in, but I've sold two mobile devices to Mazuma now and I would like to add that this service is perfect. Far easier than your rivals (which I've tried), I like how I'm kept updated with order emails, but not bombarded with spam. I find myself scanning the home of mine and family members to find old mobiles to sell to you guys. The process is quick, clean and simple. I recommend Mazuma to everybody. Thank you. " - nathan from Staffordshire (Order No. M6116264) 16-08-2013
"Still great experience. Other reviewers have said Mazuma don't pay as much-but at least they're honest and the prepaid bag to send your old phone in is worth a fortune in real terms(imagine posting yourself). Thumbs up" - Alex from Cumbria (Order No. M6122273) 16-08-2013
"Fantastic service
Delivered the promises
Thank you" - Colin from Lancashire (Order No. M6119380) 16-08-2013
"This is my 4th sale of mobile and I am tremendously impressed at your company's speed, professionalism, easy to understand instructions and above all same day payout which is unmatched.

I will be continually using your company and recommending you without any doubt.

Thank you Mazuma." - Mark from Armagh (Order No. M6120326) 15-08-2013
"Brilliant service, highly recommend to others. Definitely will use this site again, thank you very much. " - tracey from Middlesex (Order No. M6119258) 15-08-2013
"awesome service, quick, efficient. Wish I'd used you first - the best mobile phone recycler out there!
cheers" - Ashley from Essex (Order No. M6117358) 15-08-2013
"Excellent service" - jayne from Staffordshire (Order No. M6118556) 15-08-2013
"Brilliant...... All done within 3 days and was so smooth I actually couldn't belive the money was in the and and the deal was done expected at least a week or two.! One very happy customer thanks " - Ashley from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M6115892) 15-08-2013
"Fantastic, used the service every couple of years, save the phones and cash them in when ya need the cash, you legends.


but still, keep it up.

all the best" - chris from Lancashire (Order No. M6117664) 15-08-2013
"I recently sent my iPhone 4 to you, and everything went very smoothly and quickly, a very slick operation. Thank you." - Cheryl from Denbighshire (Order No. M6115113) 15-08-2013
"Brilliant service ,quick safe and to the point, no mucking around, no telling you your phone isn't worth what they quoted.. Will sell again " - jayne from Kent (Order No. M6120125) 14-08-2013
"Absolutly brilliant service, really simple and £107 in my account today to spend yippee!" - Katy from Sussex (Order No. M6111254) 13-08-2013
"very quick and easy service

would recommend to others " - katie from Lancashire (Order No. M6114214) 13-08-2013
"Thanks for the cheque. So easy to complete. " - Barry from Devon (Order No. M6107538) 13-08-2013
"Brilliant service, very fast and gave the amount promised unlike some others I have used in the past. Thank you - will use again!" - Gill from Flintshire (Order No. M6100962) 12-08-2013
"A very easy company to do business with. The website is very user friendly and the service is very prompt and quick once a person has decided to sell to you. Thankyou for making it 'idiot proof'. I'm particularly impressed with your high levels of communication at each step of the selling process. I have sold three phones with you in the past year, and i've been equally impressed each time. Keep up the fabulously good service." - June from SOUTH YORKS (Order No. M6111823) 12-08-2013
"Very happy with the price offered for my two phones and the service has been fab, went online Friday received the returns pack Saturday, sent back via post office Saturday, received emails Monday (today) telling me what was happening and already at lunchtime have received an email to let me know that the cheque is in the post for the amount agreed, very happy with everything and will be recommending you to all my family and friends. THANKYOU" - Deborah from Lancashire (Order No. M6116569) 12-08-2013
"So easy and quick, what a fantastic, hassle free service!" - Cassidy from Hertfordshire (Order No. M6113953) 12-08-2013
"Yet again, an excellent, simple to use fast service. Wish other online onganisations were as efficient." - Diane from Hampshire (Order No. M6110122) 12-08-2013
"outstanding service, as always. I would not use anyone else!" - Philip from Somerset (Order No. M6100152) 08-08-2013
"First class service, excellent communication. Can't fault Mazumo mobile!!" - Philippa from Berkshire (Order No. M6108962) 08-08-2013
"Absolutely fantastic service and immediate payment. Highly recommended!!" - Maxine from Somerset (Order No. M6097611) 07-08-2013
"What a simple and speedy service, I was expecting the process to be long winded and complicated, but in fact it went so smoothly that I am genuinely impressed! I'd recommend Mazuma to anybody who wants to convert their old mobiles to cash. Thanks to everybody involved!" - Stephen from West Yorkshire (Order No. M6104944) 06-08-2013
"Very helpful and quick payment Thanks 5 star " - Chris from Lancashire (Order No. M6107423) 06-08-2013
"This is the second time I've used your services, for selling my phone. Quick and easy. . The whole process was flawless. . . Posted old phone on Tuesday and had my cheque on Friday. . Thanks mazuma team. " - Amanda from Derbyshire (Order No. M6099070) 06-08-2013
"Fantastic service. 2nd time I have used Mazuma and am not disappointed. Posted at 17:30 Monday. Money in my bank by 15:00 Tuesday. " - Rebecca from Durham (Order No. M6100123) 06-08-2013
"Thank you for the service which you offer, I think it is great. " - stephen from Derbyshire (Order No. M6105456) 05-08-2013
"Such brilliant service. Made the mistake of sending to a bad company first off but didn't realise they were bad until it was too late. Did eventually get my phone back although it was broken (worked fine before sending it off) anyway after reading such good reviews on mazuma I decided to send my phone in but with it being broken I had fraction of working price unfortunately. My phone was processed and payment sent the same day they received it. Thankyou mazuma :) will definitely use you in future" - Kathryn from s glam (Order No. M6101221) 05-08-2013
"Fantastic service - quick and easy. Thank You" - Judith from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M6104741) 05-08-2013
"The service received was excellent, all completed within less than a week." - Alan from Yorkshire (Order No. M6103266) 05-08-2013
"Fast, efficient and did exactly as you said you would do. Thank you." - Sarah from Yorkshire (Order No. M6099578) 04-08-2013
"Absolutely brilliant!
Sent off my mobile on Thursday and had the cash in my bank on Friday!
So easy and I got the full quote I was given.
Cannot fault this service at all. " - Sarah from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M6099804) 03-08-2013
"Amazing service, from posting to payment - 2 days!! Price quoted is always paid. This is my second time I have used Mazuma and I will continue to use them. First class!!" - Kim from Glamorgan (Order No. M6101171) 02-08-2013
"Fantastic service, quick and easy instructions, great communication. Would definitely recommend. 5*. " - Lynne from Tyne And Wear (Order No. M6096703) 02-08-2013
"cant fault the service very simple instructions brilliant. money in the bank thanks" - robert from Oxfordshire (Order No. M6091516) 02-08-2013
"Brilliant sent it on an am on Thursday £180.00 in the post same day 1st class company will tell all my friends and the price I got for my mobile £180.00 iphone4s again brilliant " - Joanne Bloss from n/a (Order No. M61901693) 02-08-2013
"We have now used Mazuma twice and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Great customer service, easy process, fast payment. Thank you" - Julie from scotland (Order No. M6098943) 01-08-2013
"Very easy transaction, thanks" - Jack from Wiltshire (Order No. M6099871) 01-08-2013
"Quick, efficient service with easy to follow instructions.
Thankyou" - kathryn from Northamptonshire (Order No. M6097421) 01-08-2013

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