Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

September 2012

"Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service!" - Sally Anne from Yorkshire (Order No. M5618006) 30-09-2012
"wow what a fast and easy company to deal with, I will definetly recommend this transaction to family and friends." - Julie from Glamorgan (Order No. M5612543) 29-09-2012
"many thanks for a speedy transaction, very easy to use." - karen from Sussex (Order No. M5621655) 29-09-2012
"What an amazing service!Fast ,efficient and very user friendly. If only everything in life was so easy! Thankyou." - Ann from Lancashire (Order No. M5617753) 29-09-2012
"Fantastic service. Easy process, quick payment and hassle free. Thank you" - Karen from Derbyshire (Order No. M5612375) 28-09-2012
"This service was fantastic!! Firstly I received the package really quick. I posted the phone at 5:20pm and the next day received an email letting me know you had received my order. Today I received my check. This has been a really helpful, efficient and fast service and I’m getting £40. I will definitely use Mazuma again as well as recommending to friends and family. Thank you, happy customer!

Lorna Cowie
" - Lorna from Scotland (Order No. M5615104) 28-09-2012
"Quick and Easy very pleased with it." - caroline from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5614611) 27-09-2012
"Great service. Well done. Makes a change to get an efficient, fast response, payment etc. Well done!!" - Steve from Surrey (Order No. M5606861) 27-09-2012
"Fantastic, efficient & faultless service. Thank you!" - Sarah from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5566422) 27-09-2012
"I am very impressed with the service Mazuma provided. You are so quick and efficiant. I have used other phone recycling services but yours is by far the best. I will certainly use you again and will be recommending you to friends and family." - Helen from Lancashire (Order No. M5611263) 27-09-2012
"i was amazed at the speed mazuma handled my order i sent the phone away midday on wednesday and recieved my money in the bank on thursday afternoon you cant get better than that i will definetley be using mazuma again thanks team" - eric from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5620716) 27-09-2012
"First time Ive used Mazuma, impressed with service. Sent item yesterday, money in my account today. Would recommend to anyone" - Sandra from Hampshire (Order No. M5616636) 27-09-2012
"Fantastic, efficient and totally trustworthy service. Every step of the way I was notified of the progress. Brilliant, thank you" - sean from Greater London (Order No. M5600247) 27-09-2012
"brillant service. I will use this service again thanks" - Jack from Hampshire (Order No. M5617389) 26-09-2012
"I F*#king love you Mazuma this is the 3rd time i've used you and you have mastered good business. Well done!!" - arturo from Beds (Order No. M5611077) 26-09-2012
"Excellent service unable to fault it from your website through to the speed you dealt with everything

Excellent service 10/10" - Elizabeth from Staffordshire (Order No. M5608454) 26-09-2012
"Absoloutely fab!! Very fast process, got the free post bag 2 days after filling in on the website, sent my phone off and got pay on the same day they received my phone, very very impressed!!" - Lucy from Hampshire (Order No. M5601422) 26-09-2012
"Very easy and very fast process!

Price quoted online was given and was paid the day they received the phone, i was kept informed every step of the way!

Can’t fault your service, thank you.
" - Scott from Lancashire (Order No. M5617100) 26-09-2012
"Fantastic service! Simple packaging system and payment made immediately with no problems. Would absolutely recommend. Thank you for an extremely pleasant service!" - Luke from Kent (Order No. M5610029) 26-09-2012
"Oh what an easy transaction.

I sent of my phone and the money was in my bank 30 hours later,

this is as good as it gets thankI will be recommending you all over the place

Ken " - Ken from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5612430) 25-09-2012
"Very fast, efficient service. Always kept up to date on order progress. Didn't expect as much for my phone so was very happy. Will recommend and use again for definate. Thank You." - Sarah from n/a (Order No. MM5608765) 25-09-2012
"Great service and fast bank account payment. Thanks" - Lee from Worcestershire (Order No. M5604208) 24-09-2012
"Thanks for the great service and prompt payment.Can't believe how fast and efficient it all was. Posted my phone on Sat morning and cash in my bank by Monday night!! Fantastic." - Richard from Northumberland (Order No. M5610286) 24-09-2012
"Great fast service, easy transaction." - Lynne from Wiltshire (Order No. M5580356) 21-09-2012
"Very quick delivery, lots of email confirmation, and a quick payment. Very happy with the service. Thanks!" - Rozh from Middlesex (Order No. M5604169) 21-09-2012
"Very fast , reliable service with prompt payment. Thank you" - Elizabeth from Leicestershire (Order No. M5598072) 21-09-2012
"great service. easy to use. much better than envirofone !!" - Ceri from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M5578959) 21-09-2012
"Hi Mazuma,

I'm totally knocked out by how fast and efficient your process is. I only had a look at your site on Wednesday. It was super easy to use, and I decided right away to ship over my iPhone which has been sitting collecting dust for months. Within a day, you had received it, processed the order, and my money was in the bank.

Fabulous service. Thanks a lot!

Tim" - Tim from Hampshire (Order No. M5606129) 21-09-2012
"Excellent and efficient service.
Thank you" - Amanda from Middlesex (Order No. M5590330) 21-09-2012
"Very quick and easy, fast payment too :)" - miss from Lancashire (Order No. M5602887) 21-09-2012
"Very good service yet again
thank you Mazuma. I will be back soon" - Brian from Middlesex (Order No. M5556742) 21-09-2012
"Excellent service, could not fault the procedure in the way the sale of my mobile was effected; so fast and efficient. You also offered me the best price compared to other companies offering the same facility. I would not hesitate in using Mazuma in the future should I have a mobile to sell. Thank you - I shall now enjoy spending my Argos Vouchers." - Vera from Kent (Order No. M5552228) 20-09-2012
"Absolutely excellent service again
Money in the bank same day as phone received by Mazuma" - Mike from Oxfordshire (Order No. M5594014) 20-09-2012
"A Brilliant Service Ordered On Tuesday recieved freepost bag Wednesday got cheque on Thursday very good" - Chris from Essex (Order No. M5601381) 20-09-2012
"Just received email not 24 hrs after posting my i phone. money in my account by midnight it said.just looked....oh yes there it is get in
can not stress how easy that was...
cheers mazuma" - jamie from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5583181) 19-09-2012
"Simple to use, very efficient. Quick easy payment. Would certainly use the service again and have recommended it." - Rebecca from Hampshire (Order No. M5596109) 19-09-2012
"sent my phone yesterday and got money in my bank today,it was so fast i'm very happy with the service " - paul from clwyd (Order No. M5584196) 19-09-2012
"excellent service and very quick payment. will definitely use mazuma mobile again and recommend to a friend! thank you :)" - Jocelyn from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5592655) 19-09-2012
"Dear Mazuma,

I just want to say thank you, it's so fast and sure, then thank you. The service is very good.

Kind regards,
Bati" - Batiekoro from Berkshire (Order No. M5579027) 19-09-2012
"Quality Service again, fast easy and no hassle." - Martin from Durham (Order No. M5595180) 19-09-2012
"Well good service " - Brian from Cheshire (Order No. M5602398) 19-09-2012
"Simple process to follow and speedy response from Mazuma. I posted it one day and the next day the money was in my bank account. Fabulous!" - Carolyn from Yorkshire (Order No. M5582262) 19-09-2012
"Easy, no nonsense, excellent service." - Janet from Lancashire (Order No. M5603876) 19-09-2012
"Great service, thank you

JME" - John from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5597801) 19-09-2012
"Excellent service. Phone posted Monday at 10am and the agreed payment received in my account the very next day. No hassle, fast and honest." - Verna from Norfolk (Order No. M5597112) 18-09-2012
"Very good, fast service. Thank you very much." - Paul from Cornwall (Order No. M5594608) 18-09-2012
"I can't believe that I was going to put my old iphone in the bin ! The process of selling my phone was so easy, any idiot can do it ! Easy to follow website, simple clear instructions and quick efficient communication. I can't recommend this service enough, made £130 instead of nothing, so pleased. Thank you. " - Sue from Devon (Order No. M5595684) 17-09-2012
"Thank you Mazuma for dealing with my order so fast, phones posted to you on Friday and you post the cheque to me on Monday, now that's what i call great service. It makes a nice change to get good service. Well done keep up the good work." - Ivan from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5594131) 17-09-2012
"Excellent Service from start to finish. Monies paid in the bank as per guidelines. Have recommended friends to use this service in the past and will continue to do so in the future." - Mary from Antrim (Order No. M5595431) 17-09-2012
"No problems here what-so-eva! Excellent service, prompt payment, no problems." - Barry from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5593431) 17-09-2012
"Brilliant service sent from getting quote for my phone to receiving my cheque 5 days getting exactly the amount I was quoted. No fuss no hassle def recommend thankyou" - Karen from Kent (Order No. M5585320) 15-09-2012
"Absolutely fantastic! Sent my phone on Thursday and received my payment on the Saturday - thought it would be more like 2 weeks rather than just 2 days! VERY impressed!!!" - Chris from Lancashire (Order No. M5578866) 15-09-2012
"Fabulous & easy service from start to finish. Sent my mobile thursday afternoon and the money was in my bank by 1pm next day.
Would definately recommend and use again in the future" - Graham from Derbyshire (Order No. M5588279) 15-09-2012
"Voucher has been recieved, thank you for your impressive service.Will recommend." - jack from Berkshire (Order No. M5571640) 15-09-2012
"Extremely satisfied,simple,easy & quick.Will highly recommend & use again" - Maxine from devon (Order No. M5583641) 15-09-2012
"Absolutely brilliant service. Can't fault anything. From start to getting a cheque in my hands took less than 1 week, what more can I say. Keep up the good work will definitely use you again." - Carol from Lancashire (Order No. M5591521) 15-09-2012
"EXCELLENT service thus far
very quick too
clear bright instructions.
a pleasure to do business with . John Lewis likeness
bag to return phones good. " - brian from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5592185) 14-09-2012
"Can't fault the service!
Applied on line.. Printed out the postage pack sent off my old phone and the next day £67.00 was in my account.. Flawless service, Thanks very much :) " - Donna from Middlesex (Order No. M5588587) 14-09-2012
"The process was very easy and would use again in future." - Heather from Kincardineshire (Order No. M5592292) 14-09-2012
"Thanks for your fast efficient service. I will recomend your company to friends & family. Thanks D Beckett." - david from Kent (Order No. M5581143) 14-09-2012
"Incredibly efficient and straightforward. Information easy to read" - June from (Order No. M5589747) 14-09-2012
"brilliant service" - louise from Lancashire (Order No. M5585770) 13-09-2012
"Great service, although paying less than others I have used mazumba before and think they are honourable." - Josephine Ann from Yorkshire (Order No. M5584976) 13-09-2012
"Thank you for your prompt service in sending the voucher payment.Your quick processing is much appreciated. The activation was simple and clear. Thanks again." - John from Essex (Order No. M5563725) 13-09-2012
"very fast, efficient service. Scouting round the house for more phones to sell. A happy customer" - Sue from Kent (Order No. M5584866) 12-09-2012
"Thanks Mazuma. An excellent service, fast, efficient, easy-to-follow instructions. Will use you again and would recommend you to anyone.
Again, many thanks." - Carolyn from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5576821) 12-09-2012
"Brilliant communication, rapid delivery of free post bag and transaction in general. Also a good price for my non-working phone. Thoroughly satisfied. Thanks Mazuma! " - Tanya from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5568717) 12-09-2012
"Thank you for the extremely fast transaction. I was very surprised at how quickly the process went through from delivery of your feepost envelope to your extremely quick payment. Very refreshing to find a company who deliver what they promise" - Peter from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5575881) 12-09-2012
"Dear Mazumamobile,
Can I just say your service is fast and well done!
Also was impressed by the money I got back and the speed and quality of service.
Sina " - Sina from Middlesex (Order No. M5567691) 11-09-2012
"I would like to thank the peolpe how looked at my order and give them a big pat on the back for a job well done

hope to do bissnes with you again

witth thants
wilf" - wilfred from Yorkshire (Order No. M5573564) 11-09-2012
"the service i received was very fast and the payment was the same. Would definately recommend mazuma to people, and use again myself." - michael from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5572747) 10-09-2012
"Very fast and efficient service. Would be more than happy to sell mobile phones through this website in future." - Anthony from West Midlands (Order No. M5568430) 10-09-2012
"cheers everything went through super quick,excellent service" - anthony from Northumberland (Order No. M5578274) 10-09-2012
"WOW! Service was unbelievebly quick and so easy, hassel free, everything was completed in a matter of days. highly recommended first class." - gary from Ayrshire (Order No. M5574892) 09-09-2012
"Brilliant!! Would recommend to anyone. Easy to understand web site, very clear instructions. Very prompt response and extremely quick pay out. I am so impressed, wish all online companies were like this one. Well done1" - Anne from Yorkshire (Order No. M5570428) 08-09-2012
"Quick and easy, had sent the phone to another company before who had tried to knock me down with a made up fault. Will come straight to you next time." - Alan from Leicestershire (Order No. M5574713) 08-09-2012
"thanks for the quick way you have dealt withn mynphone i am very pleased i will use you again if the need be wendy" - wendy from Hampshire (Order No. M5569514) 08-09-2012
"An efficient, quick, trouble free process" - Stephen from Northumberland (Order No. M5554650) 07-09-2012
"Simple process, friendly and efficient service." - Charlie from Surrey (Order No. M5566102) 07-09-2012
"at last a company who does wot they say fantastic i had a big credit card bill to pay i looked at other companys to sell my phone to eg cash4phones who had very bad reviews glad i went with mazuma great price and very fast service will defo use again thanks very much " - colin from Northumberland (Order No. M5568150) 07-09-2012
"Very quick and easy - great process. Would certainly recommend." - Graham from Wiltshire (Order No. M5578967) 07-09-2012
"spot on fast great thank you" - richard from Essex (Order No. M5577791) 07-09-2012
"Brilliant, sent the phones on Thursday, got the cheque on Saturday." - PHILLIP from Wiltshire (Order No. M5551976) 06-09-2012
"really fast stress free way to make money from mobiles its about the 3rd time ive done it and every time its been really easy thanks" - amanda from (Order No. M5577286) 06-09-2012
"thank-you your service
was very quick and as i see now it is reliable
thanks " - natasha from london (Order No. M5565572) 06-09-2012
"I have used other companies who buy used phones, although in future Mazuma will be the first choice. Quick and efficient service. Top marks. " - Andy from Yorkshire (Order No. M5572447) 06-09-2012
"Thank you for a very speedy transaction, you made the whole thing very easy to do, i will def come back again" - lisa from Durham (Order No. M5570372) 06-09-2012
"Dealing with Mazuma turned out to be surprisingly easy. I was kept informed by e-mail and appreciated the offer extension which allowed me the time to get the phone posted. I was then sent my cheque by return post and the amount matched the original offer. All in all, a very satisfactory, stress-free experience. I would be happy to recommend Mazuma to friends/relatives.
thanks." - James from Lanarkshire (Order No. M5528790) 06-09-2012
"Thank you for a great fast service." - leonard from somerset (Order No. M5562570) 06-09-2012
"Very happy with the service.. the Pack was sent out very quickly and as soon as the phones were received I was contacted straight away to inform and update me. The transaction went very smoothly and money was paid the same day thank you mazuma A+++" - justyna from Lancashire (Order No. M5568989) 05-09-2012
"What a brilliant service, most impressed ! Thank you" - Sue from Sussex (Order No. M5568589) 05-09-2012
"brilliant service as usual would very definitely recommend your company!" - Pamela from Suffolk (Order No. M5567550) 05-09-2012
"Brilliant service. Posted PM Friday. Received Argos voucher Tuesday AM." - ken from Essex (Order No. M5558032) 05-09-2012
"What an excellent service you provide. The phone was only put into the post box on Saturday afternoon (which meant it was on its way to you on Monday morning). Your cheque arrived today - Wednesday. It helped by enabling us to print our own address label which meant we did not have to wait for one of your own envelopes to arrive. This is the second phone we have sold with you and every time you have given us such excellent service. No Hassle & No quibbles. You pay exactly what you tell us from the beginning. We will definitely recommend you and use you again. Thank you." - Elizabeth from Beds. (Order No. M5569204) 05-09-2012
"great service, really impressed" - Jonathan from Hampshire (Order No. M5570585) 04-09-2012
"oh my goodness, i have sold around 5 different devices on this website, and i though i would now just take the time to say how much of a wonderful service this is, i sent my ipad away yesterday, and received the payment today... its wonderful! all you mazuma guys are great and do a fab job! cannot wait to sell another device with you guys!! defo's mazuma over envriophone and anyone else anyday!! thanks alot to everyone " - Erin from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M5569122) 04-09-2012
"Excellent fast service, very pleased. Thanks." - Evonne from (Order No. M5564939) 04-09-2012
"Excellent service. Everything up to standard and processed very quickly." - Virendra from Leicestershire (Order No. M5563799) 03-09-2012
"Am very happy with the service you provided. Everything was very straight forward and the money was received promptly. Would definitely use you again and recommend you. Thanks." - Andy from Suffolk (Order No. M5518983) 03-09-2012
"Really pleased. Easy and quick. Will use again." - Joy from Shropshire (Order No. M5562692) 03-09-2012
"Fabulous service, simple to use and you keep the promises you make! Would definitely use Mazuma again and recommend you to others.

Thank you." - Pamela from Kent (Order No. M5557562) 03-09-2012
"This was the first time I used Mazuma and I am really impressed. The speed of service, the efficiency of the process and the clear customer focus is very impressive. Many thanks." - William from (Order No. M5559238) 01-09-2012
"Your process is so easy and quick. Thank you, cheque received this morning." - David from Staffordshire (Order No. M5557095) 01-09-2012
"Very fast and efficient service. First class would definitely use again" - Elaine from (Order No. M5556939) 01-09-2012
"Excellent service.Did 'just what it said on the tin' and very promptly! Many thanks." - William from Co Down (Order No. M5562840) 01-09-2012

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