Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

August 2012

"Thanks for disposing of / buying the 4 mobile phones I sent. Very quick transaction time, from printing off own return address labels and posting to receiving payment (next day). Very pleased. " - Angela from Westmorland (Order No. M5562496) 31-08-2012
"I am very pleased with the service I received from mazuma. I posted my phone yesterday and I have the payment in my bank today. Amazing I will be recommending your company to my friends. Thankyou." - Sarah from Cornwall (Order No. M5565244) 31-08-2012
"I am totally blown away with how good Mazuma are!!! The whole transaction was so simple and only took 2 days from enquiring to receiving my cash.

If you are selling you phone Mazuma is the ONLY people to use! " - Steven from Lanarkshire (Order No. M5559327) 31-08-2012
"I'm not normally easily impressed, but in this case i will make an exception,I am chuffed to say the least.First time i have used you, nice n easy,professional,and all promises kept. Thankyou" - mike from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M5562510) 31-08-2012
"Everything went exactly as promised. Thanks" - Stephen from (Order No. M5558665) 31-08-2012
"Brilliant !!! I don't know why I haven't used Mazuma Mobile before. Can't wait to tell all my friends." - JULIA from Yorkshire (Order No. M5547472) 30-08-2012
"A very easy, quick and efficient service. Thank you." - Rachel from Anglesey (Order No. M5521662) 30-08-2012
"thank you for very fast and efficient service and i will recommend thanks again" - Anne from Newtownards (Order No. M5553337) 30-08-2012
"Thank you so much for such a speedy service." - Margaret from Kent (Order No. M5553506) 30-08-2012
"Fast, efficient service - very happy - thank you!" - Emma from Kent (Order No. M5541383) 30-08-2012
"Excellent, can't believe how quickly it was done. Posted the phone yesterday afternoon, the money was in my bank account by today, fantastic" - Samantha from Yorkshire (Order No. M5550281) 30-08-2012
"Cant believe how quick and easy that was. Well impressed and Thank you. " - Denise from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5555212) 30-08-2012
" incredibly fast receipt of envelope... and payment into account..I did deliberatly use special delivery... for own peace of mind...well done , hope my cherished nokia E90 finds a good appreciative new home... had you not offered such a good deal I would have retained it as a good back up phone..

R hanson" - Roger from Lancashire (Order No. M5560373) 30-08-2012
"Couldnt have been easier great service great price, Id had my use out of the phone , now Iv been paid to dispose of it. Hope someone else benifits from my old phone" - cliff from Flintshire (Order No. M5553081) 30-08-2012
"Very impressed - great service, good price. Sent phones off on Tuesday, received the cheque on Thursday. I would recommend to friends and family." - Judith from Somerset (Order No. M5547652) 30-08-2012
"Brilliant can't believe how quickly it was done. Posted phones yesterday afternoon. Money in my account today. Family and friends have been told to use mazuma. Well done
" - Sue from Lancashire (Order No. M5553890) 30-08-2012
"Very quick turnaround and payment. Hassle free service thank hou" - Sally from Kent (Order No. M5543861) 29-08-2012
"Hasle free and super quick payment, very happy customer thank you." - Terry from Hampshire (Order No. M5551478) 29-08-2012
"STUNNED! What an amazing service....
I downloaded the label on Tuesday and posted the phone off and now I have recieved the payment, couldn't be quicker or more efficient if they tried.
Thank you so much, I will be telling everyone I know to send their old and unwanted phones to you. Forget the rest you are the best!!!!!
Sorry that was corny but true." - philip from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M5559231) 29-08-2012
"Fantastic efficient service, very pleased.
Easy to do, great communication and very very fast.
Big pat on the back for delivering just as you say in your advertisements, at last a company who delivers on their promises.
" - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M5549952) 29-08-2012
"Excellent, can't believe how quickly it was done. Posted the phone yesterday afternoon, the money was in my bank account by today, fantastic" - Samantha from Yorkshire (Order No. M5550281) 29-08-2012
"Very impressed with the service & definitely recommend your company." - Allison from Leicestershire (Order No. M5547131) 29-08-2012
"im more than happy to say that mazuma mobile have got to be one of the best to trade in your old mobile phone it is very easy and simple to do and my payment for my mobile was in my bank the same day as i receieve an email to say my old mobile phone had been recieved and checked it only took a couple of days for mazuma to recieve my old mobile but that was due to bank holiday weekend! i will definitly use mazuma mobile again in the future!!" - Rosie from WEST MIDLANDS (Order No. M5553543) 29-08-2012
"Really like the service, unlike the other mobile phone recycling websites, I can trust Mazumamobile even with my eyes closed. Great job." - Ali from essex (Order No. M5553738) 29-08-2012
"Thank you very much for selling my old phone, will be using mazuma mobile again in the future :)" - Victor from Leicestershire (Order No. M5550817) 28-08-2012
"I didn't think they would give me the full amount of money for my phone because it was ditched and some buttons didn't work but they did give me the full amount of money so I'm well pleased with that. The service is excellent I would recomend it to any phone that people have lying around " - Sophie from Derbyshire (Order No. M5526001) 28-08-2012
"its the best way to sell your phones it was fast and easy thank you " - adal from Lancashire (Order No. M5547478) 28-08-2012
"very efficient,quick communication, I would and will be using you again,
thank you " - Jayne from lancashire (Order No. M5543156) 25-08-2012
"excellent fast simple & well organised service.2nd to none.
many thanks " - ian from Denbighshire (Order No. M5528717) 25-08-2012
"Fantastic service sent phones on the Monday got the cheque on the Friday they do what your advertise thank you." - Karen from (Order No. M5528437) 24-08-2012
"Exceptional service Thank You" - Maurice from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5548730) 24-08-2012
"Very good and super fast payment once your phone is received. I have used another company in the past and they tried to rip me off so I will never use again. Mazuma were perfect from start to finish and I cant speak highly enough about them" - Barry from Cheshire (Order No. M5549022) 24-08-2012
"An excellent service. I will definitely use Mazuma mobile again in the future." - Caroline from Notts (Order No. M5540308) 24-08-2012
"How fantastic!! I forgot about sending the phone - thought oh no I will have to resurrect the whole thing when an email arrived offering me a further week. Then only a day after I sent the phone in I received another mail saying the money was paid to me. Lovely honest service. I will recommend as often as possible!!" - barbara from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5514202) 23-08-2012
"very pleased with the spead and service i recived" - geoff from Cheshire (Order No. M5542751) 23-08-2012
"Fantastic! Used Envirofone and it was mayhem, went with Mazuma instead and WOW, absolutley brilliant! Quick process and professional, I know who I will be using next time I sell my phone! 5 STAR! Thankyou!" - Ben from Warwickshire (Order No. M5541464) 23-08-2012
"What can I say? Perfect in every way! Can't fault the service at all :-))" - Dave from Shropshire (Order No. M5547931) 23-08-2012
"Service Excelant" - Ian from Essex (Order No. M5541757) 23-08-2012
"Simply excellent. " - Sue from Kent (Order No. M5298607) 22-08-2012
"I'm very pleased with mazuma and their service! I will with out a doubt be using this website again. It was very easy to work and understand. Thank you" - Cora from tyrone (Order No. M5539436) 22-08-2012
"Fantastic service paid 3x the price offered by a major competitor whole transaction from posting took 3days I sold them 2 phones and they were good for their quote what a great honest company others should learn from them.Thanks again Jeremy" - jeremy from Hampshire (Order No. M5538867) 22-08-2012
"its great doing buisness whith you thanks alot" - kenneth from Lancashire (Order No. M5540345) 22-08-2012
"what quick replies very good will recommend to friends, thankyou" - david from Yorkshire (Order No. M5539862) 22-08-2012
"Great service, quick, easy and efficient. Thank you" - Tara from (Order No. M5533564) 22-08-2012
"absolutley fantastic service! sent my phone yesterday, money in my account today. thank you!" - hayley from West Midlands (Order No. M5526553) 22-08-2012
"A++++++++ amazing and quick very pleased thank u :)" - vee from Hampshire (Order No. M5537093) 22-08-2012
"Thank you for such an easy and pleasant sale. So much simpler than I imagined it would be. " - Daniel from Dorset (Order No. M5533764) 22-08-2012
"This service is fantastic, very simple to understand and use.
i have been kept up to date at every stage of the sale.
I would recomend Mazume to everyone." - michael from Essex (Order No. M5534842) 21-08-2012
"This is the first time I have used any service like this and I cant believe how quick and efficiant this site has been, I sent a total of 4 old mobiles that were just sat in my cupboard gathering dust and recieved a total payment of £52, not bad for a load of old rubbish, I would recommend anyone to use this site in the future and have told all my friends to go through there cupboards. I will now be treating my daughter to a day out, thank you Mazuma. " - Samantha from Manchester (Order No. M5533549) 21-08-2012
"Efficient service and competitive prices." - Reginald from Derbyshire (Order No. M5540711) 21-08-2012
"the service was excellent. It has not taken long to get my order processed." - tracy from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M5537616) 21-08-2012
"very happy with mazuma .seen mazuma on the net got my bag the next day sent the phones the same dayon thusday. i got a email on the firday to say they had got the phone and they will be sendind the cheque the same day i got the cheque on the monday and was very happy and will use them agine thank you mazuma!!!!!!!!!!!!1 " - emma from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5525096) 20-08-2012
"GOOD TO DO BUSINESS WITH THANKS" - WILLIAM from Lancashire (Order No. M5539312) 20-08-2012
"Excellent service throughout. Fast same day payment.
Thank you!" - Carol from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M5537649) 20-08-2012
"Excelent and fast service" - Arthur from Stirlingshire (Order No. M5539350) 20-08-2012
"Excellent service, very fast, posted my phone on Wednesday, received my cheque on Friday, would definitely recommend to family + friends" - JOANNE from Lancashire (Order No. M5532636) 18-08-2012
"Fabulous service, as always!! So easy and so quick. I wouldn't even consider using any other mobile phone recycling company. Mazuma deserve their reputation as the UK's number one. " - alexandra from Wiltshire (Order No. M5531062) 17-08-2012
"An absolutely brilliant service. Fast, good communication. I would not hesitate to use Mazumba again. Highly recommended." - Christine from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M5526439) 17-08-2012
"very easy and seemless experience. Would use again" - chris from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5528615) 17-08-2012
"I have just sent a thank you email for your excellent service, a quick efficient service, will highly recommend to friends" - Amanda from Northumberland (Order No. M5533832) 17-08-2012
"Excellent service. Thanks, will definitely use again." - Carol from Essex (Order No. M5529492) 17-08-2012
"Excellent Service, so easy to deal with you. Very impressed!! Thank you" - Sharon from Yorkshire (Order No. M5527859) 17-08-2012
"Wow! I put my old phones in the post yesterday and the money is in my account today! I still can't quite believe it! " - Shelly from Norfolk (Order No. M5530506) 16-08-2012
"Yet another flawless transaction. Mazuma does exactly what it says on the tin. Perfect service every time. Will definitely continue to use in the future and would highly recommend to anybody wishing to use mazuma. Keep up the good work. " - Nathan from Essex (Order No. M5528246) 16-08-2012
"What better, easier way to sell your mobile. So convenient and so professional, offered the best price from all the mobile re-cycling companies around. Thank you Mazuma." - Daniel from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5516252) 15-08-2012
"Great site, really easy to use. I liked the emails updating me on the progress of the order/payment. I've used Mazuma before and will use it again. Thank you. " - Laura from Kent (Order No. M5489383) 15-08-2012
"Very fast and efficient service, would not hesitate to use again. Thank you." - barbara from Cheshire (Order No. M5527186) 15-08-2012
"Fast excellent service thank you Monday enquired Tuesday Packaging arrived Wednesday money in the bank Can't ask for anything quicker " - Myra from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M5530055) 15-08-2012
"Super fast, effecient, professional service many thanks" - Ron from Perthshire (Order No. M5524830) 14-08-2012
"Very quick service. Easy to send and fast response for payment" - Carole from Essex (Order No. M5522005) 14-08-2012
"Excellent super fast smooth transactions, I would definitely sell any other phones to mazuma. So professional, friendly and helpful! " - Laura from Lancashire (Order No. M5519045) 14-08-2012
"Brilliant service.. phone was sent off recieved and was paid out in full in less than 24 hours. will defo use again. thank you warren" - warren from Staffordshire (Order No. M5530632) 14-08-2012
"Posted phone yesterday - freepost.
Recieved by you today.
Payment to be made today.
Fantastic service. You offer a little less than some competitors, but id gladly forefit £2 for such quick efficient service. Will be coming back to you every time!

10/10 M.Lloyd." - michael from Somerset (Order No. M5484597) 14-08-2012
"Very quick and easy to use website. Packaging came next day as promised. From posting the phone within 24hrs it had been received and payment had been put into my account, waiting to clear. I was also given the amount agreed!!! Excellent service" - Emma from (Order No. M5523866) 14-08-2012
"Brilliant service, very quick and convenient!" - Sarah from West Midlands (Order No. M5525022) 14-08-2012
"Excellent Service, fast & efficient, will certainly use you again." - Susan from Worcestershire (Order No. M5521375) 14-08-2012
"I am extremely pleased with how mazuma have dealt with buying my phone. Envelopes were dispatched extremely quickly and before i knew it it had been received and payment was made. I will recommend mazuma to anyone who needs to sell their phone!! Thankyou" - melanie from Devon (Order No. M5523728) 14-08-2012
"Very impressed. Thank you." - Eileen from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M5519457) 13-08-2012
"Excellent fast service and made things easy!" - Jonathan from Sussex (Order No. M5500002) 11-08-2012
"Fantastic service... sent my phone Tuesday and had my cheque on Thursday! Would recommend to anyone. Thank you" - Linsey from Cumberland (Order No. M5485796) 10-08-2012
"Great service thanks would highly recommend to anyone who has an old mobile they dont know what to do with fast and efficient it has allowed me to purchase some items for my kitchen that i otherwise wouold have had to have saved ages for" - Vanessa from Surrey (Order No. M5474096) 10-08-2012
"Fast & honest service unlike some of your so called competitors! Thank you" - Gillian from Yorkshire (Order No. M5520879) 10-08-2012
"Wonderful service, requested for a free envelope which i received the very next day sent my phone out for delivery and i had my money in my bank the very next day. Would recommend to anyone best site ever.

thank you" - Siobhan from Cheshire (Order No. M5519355) 10-08-2012
"What brilliant service! Very fast and efficient. I would recommend it to anyone. Many thanks" - Anne from Derbyshire (Order No. M5517625) 10-08-2012
"Delighted with the speedy service. I posted my mobile to you on Saturday and received my cheque on Wednesday! Would not hesitate to recommend Mazuma to my friends and family." - Leigh from Warwickshire (Order No. M5511066) 09-08-2012
"Mazuma was good and very quick i sent my phone off with in 2 days i got a cheque" - sarah from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5513044) 09-08-2012
"Brilliant and easy service. No hassle at all and prompt payment.
Thanks!" - Laura from Herts (Order No. M5509781) 09-08-2012
"Best online web site i have ever dealt with. Well done." - Kin from Hampshire (Order No. M5499570) 09-08-2012
"Fantastic, very pleased with the process, easy to use, very pleased with the outcome, will definately use this company again when selling.Thanks" - margaret from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5512020) 08-08-2012
"very good quick and fast and customer service always quick 2 answer questions. use again " - jonathan from Yorkshire (Order No. M5509785) 08-08-2012
"Great service, no messing about,just post phone and wait for cheque next day,recommended,thanxx" - HELEN from NOTTINGHAM (Order No. M5517137) 08-08-2012
"THANKS VERY MUCH THAT WAS SO QUICK I CANT BELIEVE IT" - margaret from Lanarkshire (Order No. M5511363) 08-08-2012
"I can't believe how easy it was to sell my old phone for cash! Filled in the form online, got the envelope through the post and sent it back with old phone. Cheque sent one day later. Great stuff!" - Stanley from Yorkshire (Order No. M5512438) 08-08-2012
"Thank you for your fast and excellent service,The money will be spent well.I have a couple more phones l will check out for you to recycle.THanks again for a good service." - Alfred from Middlesex (Order No. M5517391) 08-08-2012
THANKYOU" - rose from Yorkshire (Order No. M5516755) 08-08-2012
"Brilliant service, effortless to use and the whole process was complete in just four days, from the time I sent my phone to this morning when I got my cheque. Absolutely amazing, thank you for a great service" - Miles from Norfolk (Order No. M5513357) 08-08-2012
"Instructions v. easy to follow on website. Service very efficient and speedy. Thanks" - Chris from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5508190) 07-08-2012
"Excellent service. My cheque arrived today!

Too easy to be true.
Well done and thank you mazuma" - John from n/a (Order No. M550962) 07-08-2012
"I am most impressed with the service. Enquired yesterday, posted yesterday, money in my account today! What's not to like?" - David from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5517114) 07-08-2012
"Excellent service, regular email updates, got help with deleting data from my iPhone before it got sent to its new home!!
Didn't realise it would be this easy to sell my old phone, will definitely recommend Mazuma mobile to others, thank you for the prompt payment which I'll no doubt enjoy spending!!
" - Rejia from South Yorkshire (Order No. M5485597) 07-08-2012
"Truly outstanding. An honest and reliable service which I will be recommending to all of my friends and family. 5 stars" - Stuart from West Lothian (Order No. M5490650) 07-08-2012
"Decided to sell my phone on Thursday, posted it Friday, processed Monday and cheque arrived on Tuesday. Now how about that for service! No hesitation in using or recommending this service." - Catherine from (Order No. M5507946) 07-08-2012
"What excellent service!
I only posted the phone to you on Saturday morning and the money is already in my bank - Monday at 1:30pm! I can't imagine that you could have done it any quicker.
Thanks for a fantastic service. I will definitely use you again and recommend you to my friends." - Julia from West Yorkshire (Order No. M5512830) 06-08-2012
"Fantastic quick service.
Clear communication and payment recieved instantly!" - Gemma from (Order No. M5488776) 06-08-2012
"I would just like to say thank you for such a quick response. I posted my phone on thursday and received my cheque on the saturday. AMAZING. Will definitely recommend you. " - Susan from Cheshire (Order No. M5490505) 06-08-2012
"VERY impressed. posted my phone on Friday, money was in the bank on Monday!" - Liz from west midlands (Order No. M5501216) 06-08-2012
"fisrt class service yet again . Phone was posted on saturday morning and the money was in my account on monday afternoon . I have used Mazuma a few times before and i will not deal with anyone else .... Thank you Mazuma Mobile ..." - IAN from wrexham (Order No. M5496806) 06-08-2012
"Another quick and efficient transaction which is why I will always use as my No.1" - Alan from Midlothian (Order No. M5506295) 04-08-2012
"great firm to deal with fast and painless
Keep up the good work will be back again" - maurice from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M 5506857) 03-08-2012
"Excellent Service, Fast & Efficent.. Well done to a good Company.. It makes a change from all the others.!! " - Richard from Warwickshire (Order No. M5502215) 03-08-2012
"Brilliant services you have. I have used your services twice now and i am very impressed with the quality of service and how fast you are. On a scale of 1 to 10 you are 11" - Rousi from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M5504900) 03-08-2012
"as you say "magic". fantastic iv got £75 quid and my new phone with no hassel and it was easy fast, just magic. Thankyou Shirley x" - shirley from Worcestershire (Order No. M5504256) 03-08-2012
"Excellent service, it was very quick from orderng the envelope to receiving the payment in my bank, would definately recommend" - Julie from Monmouthshire (Order No. M5505004) 03-08-2012
"Mazuma is brilliant! And with Faster Payment now as an option it is even better! Fast service and we're always kept in the loop! Highly recommended to anyone with an old phone or two that needs recycling in exchange for some cash! :-)" - Graham from Sussex (Order No. M5497709) 02-08-2012
"i was very pleased with the service i received from mazuma, it was quick easy and efficiant, i would definatly use this service again, and recommend to friends and family....thankyou mazuma team. " - wayne from Northumberland (Order No. M5504694) 02-08-2012
"Great service will be back thank you" - Karen from Herefordshire (Order No. M5505158) 02-08-2012
"U thought the service was incredible, the time i sent my order off to the time i got the resendable bag and the cheque was exceptional! I have never been so pleased.
Thank you for my service,
S.Formosa x" - Sarah from warwickshire (Order No. M5499728) 02-08-2012
"What a wonderful exsperance I've had, so quick. I will always use you when ever I get and upgrade and have recommended u to all my friends and work colleagues. Thank u for a smooth and pleasurable exsperance " - Marie from london (Order No. M5505062) 02-08-2012
"thank you so much you have been really helpful very quick thanks..." - michelle from Staffordshire (Order No. M5501824) 02-08-2012
"Very impressed!! If my payment is in my account before midnight then I will be telling all my friends about your great service!!!
Less than 24 hours!! AMAZING!!!!" - John from avon (Order No. M5492954) 01-08-2012
"Absolutely top class service. I'd previously sold old phones to other companies and had nothing but trouble. I sent my phone to Mazuma and they had sent out my payment the next day.

Would definitely use Mazuma again without a moments hesitation." - Jamie from Yorkshire (Order No. M5468536) 01-08-2012
"Trade pack arrived the next day, constant email contact let me know how the process was going and kept me well informed. Prompt payment. Very happy with service. " - Adrian from Surrey (Order No. M5466712) 01-08-2012
"Very fast, efficient service, I would highly recommend you to my friends." - Tania from Worcestershire (Order No. M5500956) 01-08-2012

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