Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

May 2012

"To use your phrase the process certainly was simple, fast and friendly! Well done to you all. There is another (and final) phone on its way to you today. That is my Samsung clear out finished - gone back to Apple!" - ANTHONY from Argyllshire (Order No. M5380083) 31-05-2012
"very fast and prompt service, will defo use again and tell friends" - angela from Midlothian (Order No. M5379994) 31-05-2012
"Excellent, speedy service. Thank you." - Jill from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5378549) 31-05-2012
"Very straightforword and easy,bank transfer was completed the same day. Thanks very much mazuma mobile !" - Sophie from Glamorgan (Order No. M5364063) 31-05-2012
"Fantastic service " - Ben from surrey (Order No. M5323921) 31-05-2012
"Old mobiles where mailed to Mazuma on Tuesday, cheque arrived Thursday. Simple instructions made the process easy to follow through, from initial starting point to its very quick conclusion with a cheque delivered in the mail." - michael from Morayshire (Order No. M5378749) 31-05-2012
"Quickest service ever! payment so easy and so quick. Highly recommended." - ashleigh from Tyne and wear (Order No. M5382654) 31-05-2012
"Absolutely brilliant service, cannot fault it at all. Sold two phones, both of which had some minor cosmetic defects, one more so than the other. Did not expect to receive the full payment for one but was surprised to find out I did and quite simply cannot express how delighted I am. Would re-use and recommend this service with no issues at all. 10/10!" - David from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M5378960) 31-05-2012
"Thank you for being so prompt with the sale of my old phone. i will recomend friends to your site." - chris from Devon (Order No. M5380951) 31-05-2012
"Thankyou so much for the speedy service, so simple and all I had to do was pop it in the post :-)" - Roseanne from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5348799) 31-05-2012
"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE QUICK AND EFFICIENT SERVICE.Bravo!!! Carry on your lovely service " - Marie from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M5381105) 31-05-2012
"Thank you for excellent service. The online instructions were easy to follow. The turnaround between my first contact and receiving my cheque was 4 working days. Excellent service- Well Done Mazuma. Will certainly use your service again and recommend you to my friends." - Janet from Essex (Order No. M5375090) 30-05-2012
"Firstly I'm very happy with the overall service I got from Mazuma team, it was quick,easy and got my payment on time. Overall I'm very happy with the service I got and will definitely use Mazuma again in the future. Great job, well done. :) :) :) " - Binesh from Middlesex (Order No. M5377669) 30-05-2012
"great service sent the phones on the 29/05/2012 and the payment was in my account on the 30/05/2012 would defo use this company again" - laurie from Monmouthshire (Order No. M5378082) 30-05-2012
"Thanks for the easy instructions and straightforward process! It works brilliantly.

Cheers!" - Ytje from Sussex (Order No. M5374783) 30-05-2012
"thankyou for a very fast service been a pleasure thanks again" - victor from Yorkshire (Order No. M5377127) 30-05-2012
"Great service, 10 out of 10. Thanks." - Alan from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5374357) 30-05-2012
"Fantastic, incredible. I am not exagerating. Ordered the postage bag on Monday, got it Tuesday, posted the phones, had the money Wednesday. Mazuma; "does what it says on the web" " - Norman from Cumbria (Order No. M5381040) 30-05-2012
"thank you for sending me my check as i forgot to put my order slip in thanks for all the help and thanks for taking the time to sort it out thanks very much" - kieran from Durham (Order No. M5374912) 30-05-2012
"Excellent service, quick effiecent and no fuss. easy to use.
thank you
would certainly recommend." - Smith from Leicestershire (Order No. M5374639) 29-05-2012
"Well I am impressed very quick and eficiant, funds in account same day thank you very much." - mark from staffordshire (Order No. M5375371) 29-05-2012
"Thank you for an excellent service. Would definately recommend to others" - Dawn from Northumberland (Order No. M5361621) 29-05-2012
"check arrived today thankyou very much" - peter from Sussex (Order No. M5372748) 29-05-2012
"Fast and efficient service, I will be using again!" - Lucy from Bristol (Order No. M5359808) 29-05-2012
"I sent two oldish mobile phones yesterday at 5.45pm (28/5/2012) special delivery around £6. This gets the phones to Mazuma by 1 0 clock today. I received an email this morning would you believe saying my transaction was complete, money already in my bank account (29/5/12) All this happened before i finished my shift at work ! Fabulous turnaround, will definitely use again, thank you very much. Very easy site to use and helpful staff, A*****" - Michelle from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5374412) 29-05-2012
"excellent service, have used several times and would recommend" - Gillian from DOWN (Order No. M5380049) 29-05-2012
"always been brilliant, no complaints" - sharron from Cheshire (Order No. M5361506) 29-05-2012
"Super fast service!!
Thank you" - JOANNE from Glamorgan (Order No. M5373566) 28-05-2012
"excellent service. simple easy instructions, prompt payment." - sue from Kent (Order No. M5376763) 28-05-2012
"Brilliantly fast service - cant fault it!" - jackie from Lancashire (Order No. M5375717) 28-05-2012
"Fantastic service. Very impressive and I'll certainly use Mazumamobile again." - Glenn from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5375621) 28-05-2012
"THE BEST!!" - Nicole from Wales, UK (Order No. M5341149) 28-05-2012
"Your service is reliable, fast and easy instructions to follow! Thank you Mazuma! I would recommend Mazuma to anybody wishing to sell their mobile phone, you cannot beat price or the fast and reliable service. Atilio (John) Kop" - Atilio from Middlesex (Order No. M5376776) 28-05-2012
"Thank you for buying my phone at such a good price. I hope you can repair it and recycle it to someone eles. I miss it but it would be good to know such a high spec smart phone could loved again by a new and maybe more carefull owner." - Peter from Devon (Order No. M5376608) 28-05-2012
"Brilliant service. Very efficient and received full amount quoted. Would recommend to others." - Jill from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5360483) 27-05-2012
"I would just like to say how unbelievable efficient this process was, and amazingly quick. I am very impressed and have now a voucher to go spend! I am recommending you to all my friends who all have old phones just sitting in drawers. Many thanks." - Sue from Glamorgan (Order No. M5365652) 26-05-2012
"excellent service posted phones on wednesday cheque recived friday very quick service would recomend " - anthony from Essex (Order No. M5369924) 26-05-2012
"Brilliant fast efficient service that I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND to any one wanting to sell a phone.
Thank you,
Jack Newman" - Jack from Yorkshire (Order No. M5372986) 26-05-2012
"a very quick and simple service!
good prices paid too : ))
i would totally recommend" - gail from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5367576) 25-05-2012
"thank you it was so easy for you to deal with my phone." - lorna from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5371783) 25-05-2012
" Wonderful service.
Very quick." - Kath from Warwickshire (Order No. M5366373) 25-05-2012
"I have now sold two phones to Maazuma and am extremely pleased with the fast and reliable service - congratulations on a top class company that do what they say, which is rare!! thank you." - susan from Kent (Order No. M5372753) 25-05-2012
"Really good service. Thanks very much. Quick, effective and reliable. Will be thoroughly passing on your companies name around my area. THANKS AGAIN!" - WILLIAM from Cornwall (Order No. M5369230) 25-05-2012
"Excellent servioe. Thank you" - Roy from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5359506) 24-05-2012
"was amazed how easy the process is. wish i had used this service before but will def use again!" - zena from Essex (Order No. M5361068) 24-05-2012
"Thanks for a speedy service. Posted my mobile on Tuesday, funds in my account the next day. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks again. " - Brian from Essex (Order No. M5369804) 24-05-2012
"Excellent service.. as prompt as it could be.
thank you very much.." - Asif from Derbyshire (Order No. M5371986) 24-05-2012
"I am very pleased with how my order was processed. I received a good price for my old phone and the service was extremely fast - I received my cheque within 48 hours of posting the phone. I have used Mazuma on a previous occasion and would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you for being so efficient and making the process so easy." - Luan from Staffordshire (Order No. M5366437) 24-05-2012
"This is the third time I have used Mazuma and would recommend to anyone. Other sites offer slightly more but I am sceptical that they could offer any improvement on the efficiencey of this company. I also am impressed with clear informatin regarding posting items." - Lorna from W YORKS (Order No. M5371707) 24-05-2012
"Quick Turn around. Excellent service. Bang on target and have done what is promised" - Ranjit Kumar from United Kingdom (Order No. M5368294) 24-05-2012
"3rd time I have used Mazuma. As always; super quick, easy and a fair price too." - Tim from Kent (Order No. M5372942) 24-05-2012
"Nice, Fast and payment the day after posting!! Great Service!" - Kieran from Hampshire (Order No. M5367614) 24-05-2012
"Brilliant service very pleased" - Ian from Hampshire (Order No. M 5356438) 24-05-2012
"First Class Service!!!
Mobile returned, checked and payment sent within 24 hours!
I couldn't believe it...i opted for bank transfer and the funds were in my account less than a day after sending it!
I would recommend Mazuma to anyone - and i will :-)
Thank you! " - Julie from Fife (Order No. M5370843) 24-05-2012
"easy to use fast service would defo use again & recomend to friends & family " - tracy from Devon (Order No. M5369424) 24-05-2012
"excelent service. postage bag was here the morning after order and payment the day after very good service" - imogen from Cumberland (Order No. M5372311) 24-05-2012
"Really really about quick and efficent !

Well done" - John from Manchester (Order No. M5373208) 24-05-2012
"Good service, fast response and e-mail updates" - Paul from Worcestershire (Order No. M5364455) 24-05-2012
"unbelievable quick and great service. gone one day received, payment sent the same day. Great service and great customer support. A1 highly recommended!!! " - mark from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M5365792) 24-05-2012
"realy good transaction a pleasure to deal with you, thanks" - matthew from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5363941) 23-05-2012
"excellent speedy service highly reccomend " - lisa from Staffordshire (Order No. M5354488) 23-05-2012
"Absoulutely fantastic service, will definately recommend thanks." - Fern from Kent (Order No. M5371976) 23-05-2012
"pleased thats its quick thank you for your services. i know where to go if i want to sell one off my phones again i will be contacting mazuma in the future as i am very pleased with my service many thanks :)" - andrew from Lancashire (Order No. M5367302) 23-05-2012
"Really impressed with fast, honest service. Site was easy to use, and everything went as planned, even faster than expected. Would definately use again, and recommend to family/friends." - Jackie from Argyllshire (Order No. M5353255) 23-05-2012
"Great service. Very quick. Had my cheque back in less than a week from start to finish. " - roy from Kent (Order No. M5366688) 23-05-2012
"Service very good, very fast pay out I would recommend you to friends and family well done and thank you" - Rosemary from Surrey (Order No. M5370680) 23-05-2012
"Thank you, would recommend and use again! so fast, A friendly company!" - sarah from Yorkshire (Order No. M5363511) 23-05-2012
"Very good service.
Thanks you." - jaroslaw from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5371871) 23-05-2012
"This transaction proceded as smoothly as any I have encountered. All stages were completed as promised & the final notification I received was as promised - The cheque for final payment." - Eric from Yorkshire (Order No. M5359249) 22-05-2012
"You always exceed my expectation. So much customer focused, the processing speed is unbelievable fast. I have never been let down by Mazuma, KUDOS!" - tom from bedfordshire (Order No. M5360092) 22-05-2012
"Excellent,really fast service. Thank you" - Lucie from West mids (Order No. M5354063) 21-05-2012
"What a fast and efficient service - thank you. I will ensure I use you again and inform my friends." - lesley from Middlesex (Order No. M5357973) 21-05-2012
"Excellent fast reliable service as always.
Cannot fault it :-)" - Chris from Yorkshire (Order No. M5365705) 21-05-2012
"Very pleased with excellent service and competitive price for phone. Most large companies are a nightmare to deal with but Mazuma buck the trend - well done." - Paul from Cornwall (Order No. M5358447) 21-05-2012
"My enquiry was dealt with very swiftly.The paperwork was sent to me ontime.All instructions were clear and concise.I chose the cheapest form to return my old phone, as I was only going to receive a small amount of money.Two days later, I received a cheque.Couldn't bee quicker than that.I was always kept in form on what was happening with my order.A very professional job.Will you Mazuma again if I have another mobile phone to sell." - Mark from Hampshire (Order No. M5357967) 21-05-2012
"So glad I chose to send my old phone to Mazuma, as I got the payment so quickly! Thankyou Mazuma!!!" - Aimee from Kent (Order No. M5356863) 20-05-2012
"Very good, cheque arrived the next day. Recommended!" - John from Sussex (Order No. M5353729) 19-05-2012
"EXELLENT.I am very Happy and will definately recommend.I tried one of the other phone places for another old phone(What a mistake) I have asked for it back! When i receive it i will send it to you.Your company is very Efficient. Thank You" - Eileen from oxon (Order No. M5331426) 19-05-2012
"2nd time ive used this service sent the phone on thursday paid by friday, cheers" - mark from Yorkshire (Order No. M5356226) 19-05-2012
"Excellent, fast service. I would never have imagined getting cash for a phone that didnt work. Look forward to doing business with MAZUMA in future :D" - Claire from Durham (Order No. M5353730) 19-05-2012
"Thankyou very much for the quick process of selling my mobile phone very fast service from start to receiving my money once again thankyou very much" - jacqueline from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5358239) 18-05-2012
"what a great company couldnt be easier to do business with cheque recieved within 3 days of posting item no hassle will use again . thanks mazuma" - wayne from Essex (Order No. M5352857) 18-05-2012
"brilliant service...speedy with sending the freepost bag and then the cheque...very happy...just wish my other phones was worth anythig so i could get rid of them!! " - sarah from Monmouthshire (Order No. M5343720) 18-05-2012
"Great service very quick 1 week from me enquiring on the web site to getting the check. I will definately use Mazuma again. Thank you so much
" - Julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M5348658) 18-05-2012
"What an excellent and fast service.I will be useing Mazuma again." - James from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5342953) 17-05-2012
"Very easy transaction, website clear and straightforward, order entry simple but effective.

Your follow up with mailing envelope and payment very prompt too - thanks for that.

Would definitely use your service again and recommend you to others" - David from Powys (Order No. M5351378) 17-05-2012
"Excellent, efficient.very impressed." - john from gwent (Order No. M5356874) 17-05-2012
"Whole process took less than 4 days from filling out online info to getting my cheque. Fantastic service and will use again" - Pete from Essex (Order No. M5356539) 17-05-2012
"Great service!! Sent my mobiles and two days after I received the cheque... Really fast and professional service!!" - Isabel from United Kindong (Order No. M5347187) 17-05-2012
"Brilliant Service" - Jackie from Middlesex (Order No. M5360939) 17-05-2012
"So quick and easy, you guys are brilliant!" - Zoe from West Midlands (Order No. M5337442) 17-05-2012
"Thank you for making it so swift and easy. Will recommend others who will sell to come to you guys!" - David from Essex (Order No. M5361702) 17-05-2012
"Wow! Couldn't fault your service. Three days is all it took.
Thank you
Andrew" - Andrew from M Glam (Order No. M5340568) 16-05-2012
"Very prompt and effiectent service and kept me informed at every stage. Would highly recommend " - Lindsay from Walsall (Order No. M5342302) 16-05-2012
"Very friendly and helpful,i never received my first envelope but was sent a replacement in no time and no fuss. Received amount promised great service a big thank you..Regards Paul.. " - Paul from London (Order No. M5324973) 16-05-2012
"Thank you for your quick and esay service i will use again and again and defenatly recomend " - Holly from Middlesex (Order No. M5357536) 16-05-2012
"Mazuma mobile - does exactly what it says on the advert - really easy and organised service - EXCELLENT" - Sara from Caernarfonshire (Order No. M5346127) 16-05-2012
"hassle free and excellent service, i was kept informed all the way through the process." - Brian from Yorkshire (Order No. M5354601) 16-05-2012
"Excellent service. Fast,no problens at all. Would recommend to all my friends. Thank you." - Christine from Surrey (Order No. M5350012) 16-05-2012
"unbelieveable, had this old blackberry in draw for ages, was going to sell it on e bay but couldn't be bothhered with all the hassle. Sent this phone off to Mazuma at 3pm and the money was in my account by the same time next day. Mazuma they do exactly what it says on the tin. Will deffo use again." - Martin from Durham (Order No. M5358642) 16-05-2012
"absolutely brilliant i only posted it to you yesterday so not only am i impressed with mazuma for your speedy action but my faith has also been restored in our mailing service. thumbs up from me!!!" - ruth from Hampshire (Order No. M5352664) 16-05-2012
"Smooth transaction again, have used you many times in the past and no complaints whatsover. Easy, fast and brilliant service. I will be back!" - Tracey from Warwickshire (Order No. M5342723) 16-05-2012
"Didnt expect to get a lot of money for the phones, so wasn't disappointed there then. There out of my cupboard now though and being re-cycled so thats a good thing" - graham from essex (Order No. M5341186) 16-05-2012
"I was very pleased with the quick service" - Judith from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M5353202) 16-05-2012
"Great service...Quick and easy.. Thanks Mazuma." - Nicole from London (Order No. M5336552) 15-05-2012
"Delighted with the service, fast efficient, simple and money in the account the next day (sent it next day delivery but worth it) Thank you Mazuma Team." - Abbas from Middlesex (Order No. M5355547) 15-05-2012
"First class, efficient service. Quickest turn round experienced online!" - Terry from Cleveland (Order No. M5347969) 15-05-2012
"I received the postal bag and posted it on monday and received my money today 1 day after. Very very fast and trust worthy. Thank you Mazuma" - Stephanie from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5350747) 15-05-2012
"Excellent fast service,very happy." - KALIM from Surrey (Order No. M5348461) 15-05-2012
"To be honest, never left any feedback for any services, but Mazuma did something which made me leave a comment. Sold an iPhone 4. Got good value, the best service and same day payment. What can I ask for more. Defo recommended. " - Zohaib from Essex (Order No. M5349825) 15-05-2012
"Quick, easy and hassle free. Brilliant service. Thank you so much. I'll use Mazuma again for sure!" - Nicholas from Hampshire (Order No. M5355697) 15-05-2012
"Thankyou for the fastest service ever. from start to finish wow!!I received my envelope the next day ,price as promiced transfer in one day. well done. Donna Arden" - Donna from Cheshire (Order No. M5343335) 14-05-2012
"I think i only posted my old phone to you on thursday or friday of last week and I have just received the money in my account, I am VERY impressed with the speed of your service and would definately recommednd and use you again" - Becky from Cheshire (Order No. M5345139) 14-05-2012
"Phone was delivered very quickly using freepost. Email confirmation from Mazuma was really quick. Cheque was sent to me really quickly. The whole process was so easy and quick. I would highly recommend Mazuma to anyone." - Hayley from Oxfordshire (Order No. M5323548) 14-05-2012
"Excellent service - fast and professional. Am really surprised by how quick and easy the service was and will definitely recommend it to others. Thank you!" - Phillippa from Norfolk (Order No. M5349068) 14-05-2012
"Excellent service, quick and easy to use, cash for a load of old rubbish, Bang tidy :)" - Chris from Glamorgan (Order No. M5340059) 14-05-2012
"Very impressed with speed of service." - Val from Staffordshire (Order No. M5346517) 14-05-2012
"Thank you Mazuma for a speedy, no nonsense transaction. Have used other mobile recycling comapanies before with not such a good experience. Mazuma do exactly what they say and money was transferrred same day...impressed and will recommend to friends." - Jacqueline from Surrey (Order No. M5341178) 13-05-2012
"First class service - highly recommended" - Linda from Montgomeryshire (Order No. M5337769) 13-05-2012
"Yours was a fair price, communication was excellent, and the cheque came amazingly quckly. All in all, mazuma are a pleasure to deal with." - Andrew from Leicestershire (Order No. M5344098) 12-05-2012
"excellent service great to do business with quick payment recommended would definately use again thankyou." - kathleen from Lancashire (Order No. M5341692) 12-05-2012
"the usual first class service i have now come to expect i recommend you to all my friends thank you" - graham from south yorkshire (Order No. M5343868) 12-05-2012
"Excellent service , easy to use and received payment fast would use again " - stephen from Staffordshire (Order No. M5341956) 12-05-2012
"Excellent, Fast service.
Sent off for prepaid envelope which arrived within 2 days. Sent phone back via normal post. Voucher which I opted for arrived within 2 further days. Will use again. Definitely recommend" - Sandra from Essex (Order No. M5312553) 12-05-2012
"Great service. This is the second time we have disposed of redundant mobile phones, and will use you again when the time comes around. " - Peter from Sussex (Order No. M5339572) 12-05-2012
"Cheque received today, thank you very much. Thank you also for such a brilliant service, good to deal with such a 'switched on' company with a really good & easy to use website, so refreshing these days - I'll be back and will certainly recommend you." - Bob from Hampshire (Order No. M5347726) 11-05-2012
"GREAT service - easy to complete form and choice of payment type - phones sent and confirmation received. Cheque arrive very quickly and now in my bank account. Thank you! Will defenitely use Mazuma again!" - Barbara from Hampshire (Order No. M5347421) 11-05-2012
"i always deal with mazuma mobile the worlds first class company in buying phone's well trusted and the quickest way to recieve your money all round excerlent service " - michael from Northumberland (Order No. M5348111) 11-05-2012
"Very easy, straightforward and would recommend to others. Hunt out all old phones NOW!" - Deborah from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M5331119) 11-05-2012
"1st class service. Cash in my account 48 hours after sending phone.
Thank You" - John from Lothian (Order No. M5342718) 11-05-2012
"Excellent service - sent my phone yesterday, £100 in my account today. Would recommended to anyone!" - James from London (Order No. M5337378) 11-05-2012
"first time using you guys from a recommendation on HUKD and i am really impressed with how fast things were turned around. thanks very much. i will certainly recommend you guys to everyone." - Thuy from Surrey (Order No. M5339702) 11-05-2012
"Hi The service you provide is top notch wasn't quite expecting it to be so fast a turn round as you only recieved my phone at o8:30 this morning and the money was paid into my bank account by 18:00hrs same day .
Thankyou for the lightning service and I will certainly be using you again.
Chris" - christopher from Derbyshire (Order No. M5348149) 11-05-2012
"Very fast payment and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks." - Paul from Lincolnshire (Order No. M5330031) 11-05-2012
"Excellent service, posted my phone on the Friday before bank holiday Monday, on the Tuesday I recieved an email confirming they had recieved my order and the price. The next day I recived the cheque in the post. Fantastic." - Nicola from Lancashire (Order No. M5331706) 10-05-2012
"This is the second time I have used Mazuma and am amazed at the ease and speed of the transaction I have and will continue to recommend Mazuma to my friends and family. Thank you" - Gail from Lancashire (Order No. M5342697) 10-05-2012
"Mega fast response. Brilliant. Excellent. Thank you sooo much! " - rachel from Hampshire (Order No. M5333125) 10-05-2012
"brilliant service. very quick. i sent my phone of on Tuesday and my cheque arrived on Thursday morning :) def top service :)" - caoimhe from antrim (Order No. M5337571) 10-05-2012
"Thank you very much for a very easy and efficient transfer! I was very impressed with everything that you offered be it advice, postage, delivery and an easy to use website. Thank you! I will be using you again should I upgrade my mobile. Will Townsend." - William from Kent (Order No. M5336705) 10-05-2012
"Fantastic service, only posted phone on Wednesday, but get email on thursday confirming all is well, brilliant." - Warren from Cambs (Order No. M5337916) 10-05-2012
"Excellent service...very pleased instead of mobile taking space up...sell it. Fast, friendly service. Will use again and recommend." - W from Somerset (Order No. M5329757) 10-05-2012
"Very easy and friendly service, thank you xx" - Claire from Surrey (Order No. M5342319) 10-05-2012
"Just wanted to say thanks on a really impressive service. The process went very smoothly, from the ordering process through to the rapid payment (which arrived in my bank account 24 hours after posting my phone!) From the pack received through the post to the reminder e-mails, everything seems to be well-thought out and based on common sense. Mazuma is one of the best services I've come across in a very long time - I will definitely recommend. Keep up the good work!" - Oliver from London (Order No. M5308681) 10-05-2012
"Fantastic service all the way through the process. Well done everybody" - Per from Bucks (Order No. M5342777) 10-05-2012
"FANTASTIC SERVICE - MANY THANKS" - EMMA from Middlesex (Order No. M5335922) 10-05-2012
"Very good service and gave the amount they quoted. Would use them again. " - Laura from Warwickshire (Order No. M5315424) 10-05-2012
"Excellent service, cheque arrived within 4 days of posting phone" - melvyn from Durham (Order No. M5337924) 10-05-2012
"Excellent,speedy service. Have used your service before and would not hesitate to use again, or to recommend you to my friends. Thank you." - Anne from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M5332454) 09-05-2012
"Excellent service, I'll certainly be recommending you in future." - Paul from Lanarkshire (Order No. M5338944) 09-05-2012
"This was the first time I had used MAZUMA and I was very impressed.
Fast and friendly service and I received payment in less then 24 hours.
Many thanks.
" - steve from Sussex (Order No. M5336103) 09-05-2012
"Simple words: I posted my phone at 9:40 Tuesday morning and I had the money Wednesday before 14:00, how I did it. I opted for the bank transfer payment type, printed off the sales pack posted the phone special delivery, ok it cost me £6 & 89p for the padded envelope. Going by their email alerts, mazuma had already received and processed my phone by 11:40 Wednesday then , at 12:30 they alerted that the payment had been made and at 12:35 they alerted that the order was complete. And it was, it really was. They do give you the option to send it free if you like.Well done MAZUMA. KEEP IT UP!" - Willington from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5343608) 09-05-2012
"Fantastic service. Sent phone yesterday using print at home postage label and money in bank today. Highly recommended service. Competitive price on this phone. Will use every time. Thank you." - Lisa from Kent (Order No. M5342720) 09-05-2012
"So much better than ENVIOFONE! Use mazuma took 1 day after i sent 2 phones to receive my cheque! Enviofone took a week to say my perfectly working phone did not work!" - Josh from Monmouthshire (Order No. M5333727) 09-05-2012
"So Easy! A very quick transaction, the money was in my account within 2 days of posting! " - Justine from N Ireland (Order No. M5336778) 09-05-2012
"Excellent efficient service - highly recommended" - David from Surrey (Order No. M5343126) 09-05-2012
"Really easy service, quick and simple. " - Sophie from Kent (Order No. M5324703) 08-05-2012
"Excellent service. Very quick with no hassle will be using them to recycle all our mobiles in the future. Thank you for a great service cannot fault them. " - Melanie from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5335478) 08-05-2012
"Fantastic, quick and effect service , thanks a million." - Tracey from Yorkshire (Order No. M5339737) 08-05-2012
"This is a great service, facilitated through clear communication and simple admin procedures. Payment is fast and hassle-free.
Well done and thank you!" - Peter from Oxfordshire (Order No. M5319530) 08-05-2012
"Excellent service. Would definitely recommend and use again." - Christine from Lanarkshire (Order No. M5328213) 08-05-2012
"Really impressed with the speed of the service. Excellent" - Ian from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5332259) 05-05-2012
"Thanku for taking my old mobiles off my hands an getting a bit of cash for
them too. The system is so easy and quick, cheers Mazuma

" - carolanne from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5329662) 05-05-2012
"Excellent service! Will recommend to all my friends. They met all my expectations like no one else before.thank you" - Magda from Berkshire (Order No. M5325832) 05-05-2012
"Great service, quick payment, thank you " - Marie from Hampshire (Order No. M5334817) 05-05-2012
"This is my second time I have sent a phone to you and the service has been BRILLIANT!! 10 out of 10!! Thanks Again will recommend to friends! " - Kerry from Caithness (Order No. M5319069) 04-05-2012
"cant believe how quick and simple this process is! posted yesterday and order completed the following day! looking forward to recieving my cheque!" - matt from Staffordshire (Order No. M5326029) 04-05-2012
"What an amazing service. I posted the phone via the silver royal mail service yesterday afternnon. The money was in my account by 12.00 midday the following day. less than 24 hour turn around. Cant beat that. Easy website with lots of information. Would recommend to all my friends. Thanks for your help. Regards Kirsty" - KIRSTY from Herts (Order No. M5329437) 04-05-2012
"Thank you for your prompt payment. I have used our competitor in the past but I refuse to use them now since the say ' are you bored of' ' in their TV ad. I cannot abide such incorrect english. Many thanks, I would use you again and will recommend you." - Simon from Suffolk (Order No. M5326949) 04-05-2012
"Very impressed with such a speedy service. From an easy to use website and simple ordering to receipt of envelope and postage instructions to me being in receipt of my vouchers was absolutely first class. All done and dusted in just five days! Well done mazuma i would certainly use you again and recommend you too." - Lesley Caroline from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M5328641) 04-05-2012
"Ordered the phone bag, received it next day. Sent phone off and within 2-3 days had money in my account, brilliant! Thanks! :D " - Robin from Hampshire (Order No. M5323156) 04-05-2012
"I was a little sceptical when the website says the payment for my phone would be in my bank account the same day... but I must apologize. Phone was posted and next day funds are in my bank! Well Done Maz" - Michael from Yorkshire (Order No. M5336101) 04-05-2012
"WHAT A SERVICE !!!VERY QUICK AND VERY GOOD PRICE THANK YOU VERY MUCH " - Gary from Kent (Order No. M5326539) 03-05-2012
"Could not be happier with the service I received, super fast and simple. Would reccommend to anyone with an unused phone. I received my freepost envelope the next day and the money was in my account the day after I posted my phone.Thank you" - Sarah from Merseyside (Order No. M5325109) 03-05-2012
"Excellent service. No hassle. Easy to use and great way to recycle your old mobiles! I shall spread the word!!" - Theresa from West Sussex (Order No. M5330958) 03-05-2012
"Mazuma, the best thing since sliced bread!, quick, convienient, a pleasure evey time!! " - Elaine from glasgow (Order No. M5331285) 03-05-2012
"brilliant service. Payment in my account day after I sent my phone, will recommend you to others :)" - katie from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5326835) 03-05-2012
"very good service fast will recommend you to friends" - JAMES from Cumberland (Order No. M5330352) 03-05-2012
"Excellent and fast service, would definitely recommend for recycling mobile phones.

Thanks Mazuma!!" - Rachel from WEST MIDLANDS (Order No. M5327081) 03-05-2012
"Cheque arrived today - That's what I call fast service! Thank you." - Jennifer from Isle of Wight (Order No. M5330886) 03-05-2012
"What great service,only sent phone yesturday and money already in account.Thankyou you will be recommended!" - Clifford from Hampshire (Order No. M5326109) 03-05-2012
"Such a good service, was very quick, very pleased. Thank you!" - Louise from Surrey (Order No. M5331217) 03-05-2012
"Very impressed. Amount offered was with me within 72 hours of sending the mobile. Thank you" - Andrew from Devon (Order No. M5322782) 03-05-2012
"brilliant have used service before and will use them again :D" - Donna from lancashire (Order No. M5330450) 02-05-2012
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"excellent service as usual will defo use again" - john from down (Order No. M5310754) 02-05-2012
"am really happy wiv the service, applied on the sunday nte/monday morn, got the envelope yesterday and ot the money today....amazing quickness 1 very happy customer here :) " - nikki from Sussex (Order No. M5331085) 02-05-2012
"Many thanks fo a speedy response with the order.
I will pass on the card to someone else." - Roy from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M5325375) 02-05-2012
"another great service from mazuma,
" - Anthony from Surrey (Order No. M5329182) 02-05-2012
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"Wow, great, easy to use instructions and speedy payment for phone. thanks Mazuma xx" - Mary-Jo from Down (Order No. M5321593) 02-05-2012
"Incredibly efficient, speedy service. Thank you very much." - Lynne from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M5297271) 02-05-2012
"Fast service, prompt payment - met all my expectations!

Thanks Mazuma :-)" - Steven from Somerset (Order No. M5321948) 02-05-2012
"Once again fab service money paid day the phone was received. Will use again and suggest to my friends" - Charlotte from Worcestershire (Order No. M5315626) 02-05-2012
"its fast and reliable. well happy i went with you guys!! did you invent the word 'integrity' by any chance? stay smart and choose mazuma!" - sam from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5322941) 01-05-2012
"was a bit worried using this service but now very happy thanks for keeping in contact x x " - Grant from Kent (Order No. M5319529) 01-05-2012
"WOW! Less than 24hrs after sending the phone I had the cash in my account! I can't quite believe it was so quick. I, without hesitation, would use Mazuma again. Very satisfied! " - Davinia from Essex (Order No. M5330442) 01-05-2012
"perfect from start to finish a no hassle deal & paid on the day they arrived with yourselves within 5 hours of Mazuma receiving them ...many thanks " - steven from gwent (Order No. M5323740) 01-05-2012
"Brilliant brilliant service. Only sent yesterday and received money today.
would use again and would recommend." - Debbie from West Yorkshire (Order No. M5314737) 01-05-2012

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