Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

April 2012

"very good quick and easy :)" - Mark from Staffordshire (Order No. M5322526) 30-04-2012
"Brilliant service, I'm so happy and really impressed! Sent my iPhone 4 by special delivery on Saturday, received full payment directly into my bank by Monday tea time! Will definitely use again!" - Louise from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5311832) 30-04-2012
"very fast service and very satifactory. BEST MOBILE BUYING SITE GOING." - Alex from Durham (Order No. M5319733) 30-04-2012
"I am delighted with the prompt and efficient service I have received from you for the sale of my two mobile phones Would recommend your site to friends" - Grace from Glasgow (Order No. M5320901) 30-04-2012
"amazing speed and efficiency! sent phones midday thurs, money in bank account first thing sat morning. how quicck was that!!!!!!!!!! defo use service again." - ann from Lancashire (Order No. M5321513) 28-04-2012
"Brilliant service. Really quick and easy, would definitely recommend Mazuma to others." - linda from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5305285) 28-04-2012
"Excellent service" - Leonard from Staffordshire (Order No. M5315891) 27-04-2012
"Thanks mazuma.
How painless was that.
Happened exactly as you said it would.
Absolutely effortless.
Very fast transaction as the money was in my account before I'd finished reading your emails!!!!" - Michael from Glos (Order No. M5305078) 26-04-2012
"Superb service, 3 days and I had my cheque in my can't argue with that just first class and so easy ,send it get paid...thank you so much..." - Matthew from Suffolk (Order No. M5307576) 26-04-2012
"The service you gave was fantastic. Only posted my old mobiles to mazuma on Tuesday 24th April and i received my cheque today Thursday 26th April, just 2 days later. Absolutely brillant. " - Dawn from Kent (Order No. M5319044) 26-04-2012
"excellent service as usual will use you again soon" - graham from south yorkshire (Order No. M5316611) 26-04-2012
"Absolutely fantastic service! Very quick, very efficient, same day bank transfer.
I would definitely use this service again and very highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to sell their mobile. " - Nicola from Surrey (Order No. M5313960) 26-04-2012
"I was very impressed with the speed on receipt of the payment cheque Sat- Tuesday) very impressive.will certainly tell other people about mazuma" - Kevin from Leicestershire (Order No. M5304654) 26-04-2012
"Excellent Service. Speedy and efficient. " - Jacqueline from Essex (Order No. M5308784) 26-04-2012
"Very impressed with the speed of the service. The money was in my bank account within 48 hours of my first contact with Mazuma. I would deal with mazuma again and recommend the service to friends." - Anthony from Northumberland (Order No. M5319451) 26-04-2012
"Fab service, thank ylu. This is the second time we have used you and we will not hesitate to recommend you to others and I am sure we shall be baack again at some time in the near future." - Stephen from dorset (Order No. M5317619) 26-04-2012
"From first point of contact to receipt of cheque, 5 days, absolutely brilliant. Excellant service, thank you very much." - angela from Somerset (Order No. M5314943) 26-04-2012
"thank you for an easy,successful transaction-it makes a pleasant change to find a company that still has ethics and a system that actually works!! Rest assured I will use you again and have no hesitation in recommending mazuma to others." - colin from Rutland (Order No. M5316339) 25-04-2012
"Thank you mazuma for the 4th year running! i wasted my time and posting charges with 2 other companies i should have stuck to what i know, they did not offer what they'd promised on their sites but Mazuma did! My was order placed in the afternoon, FOC posting pack arrived next morning in the post, you processed the order the next day after sending and then payment was through the letter box the next morning. I will be straight back next year! Thank you Mazuma!" - lucy from Sussex (Order No. M5310848) 25-04-2012
"Contacted Mazuma on Friday night. Posted phone on Saturday. Received cheque on Tuesday. Great service. Many thanks." - Maurice from Down (Order No. M5312197) 25-04-2012
"Very pleased with the, price quoted, and speed of service." - simon from Devon (Order No. M5309878) 25-04-2012
"fast, friendly. professional and easy! sent it off tuesday, money in bank by wednesday! will definatly use it again! and reccomend!" - kirsty from Essex (Order No. M5315339) 25-04-2012
"Easy to deal with, easy process, good communication and customer service. Would use again.
Thank you" - Louise from Warwickshire (Order No. M5316818) 25-04-2012
"Couldn't have been easier to deal with you at Mazuma - good stuff!" - Peter from Northumberland (Order No. M5293186) 25-04-2012
"are you kidding me?? I only posted it on Monday! Amazing speed and efficiency, I'm impressed" - sue from Devon (Order No. M5304215) 25-04-2012
"Amazing service. Very fast they sent out the pre paid bag next day. Then I sent My mobiles that day received payment the next day. Would use them again and would recommend them to anyone.

" - Jordan from Lancashire (Order No. M5314842) 25-04-2012
"Absolutely fantastic service. Fast response to all emails, fast delivery of postage packs and immediate payment. " - Sarah from Lancashire (Order No. M5296136) 25-04-2012
"Very fast will use again in the future got paid 24 hours later 10 out of 10 :-)" - wesley from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5313231) 25-04-2012
"Very quick service, only sent for the envelope on Monday and by Wednesday the money was in my account, no hassle just very quick and efficient, many thanks" - Donna from Durham (Order No. M5314777) 25-04-2012
"Fantastic service, have a couple more phones to send, so will be using you again!

thanks" - Jade from Lancashire (Order No. M5313477) 24-04-2012
"Posted yesterday, paid today. Great service and the best price for my phone. Thanks." - James from Surrey (Order No. M5289579) 24-04-2012
"Brilliant! So simple and quick. Within two days my old redundant phone was with Mazuma and payment to me confirmed.
Awesome service!" - Steven from Berkshire (Order No. M5310170) 24-04-2012
"Well what a quick service, very impressed" - Mandy from Devon (Order No. M5309795) 24-04-2012
MANY THANKS" - DAVID from MERSEYSIDE (Order No. M5311021) 24-04-2012
"Wow, how quick was that! Posted my phone yesterday and payment in my bank today. Absolutely brilliant service.

Well done - THANK YOU" - Sonya from Suffolk (Order No. M5316335) 24-04-2012
"A fast and efficient service. Thankyou for keeping me updated with my order process.
Nice doing business with you. " - Amanda from Oxfordshire (Order No. M5306166) 24-04-2012
"Thank you for a quick, efficient professional service.
Will definately recommend you to family & friends." - Margaret from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5316298) 24-04-2012
"Thankyou for easy transaction very pleased would deal with again." - Anita from Shropshire (Order No. M5295488) 24-04-2012
"Thank you very much for the cheque received today. The service was very prompt and delivered as promised." - Harsha from London (Order No. M5307101) 24-04-2012
"very good service, still waiting on the cheque. but very happy with the price you offered me, considering envirofone offered me just £25!!!! mazuma mobile is very good, and everyone should go there! " - chloe from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M5306386) 24-04-2012
"Very good service, very clear instructions, no lying about price you will receive - unlike other 'sell your mobile' website (i.e. envirofone), and everything is done very fast and smoothly.

Will definitely reccommend." - Kelly from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5305137) 23-04-2012
"So far, the service has been great - and quick and easy to use." - Nyssa from West Midlands (Order No. M5296206) 23-04-2012
"Very easy process, couldn't of asked for a better service
Thank you" - Patricia from Perthshire (Order No. M5303519) 23-04-2012
"A quick, easy and honest process.
Made enquiry, got the pack, sent the phone and payment made all within a week. Fantastic!
Thank you mazumbamobile :-)" - Sandra from West Midlands (Order No. M5303100) 23-04-2012
"Very easy, cash arrived pretty much instantly, and refreshing to see something as straight forward as the advert makes it out to be! Will happily use again. " - Michael from Essex (Order No. M5308896) 23-04-2012
"Great service and communications. Very very quick payment as promised. I had previously used envirophone and waited days for payment - would never go back!!" - KIRSTY from Worcestershire (Order No. M5307862) 23-04-2012
"great service, the cheque was in my bank account, within 4 days of the first contact. I have nether before received such good service from any other company." - william from Warwickshire (Order No. M5307281) 22-04-2012
"Thank you I was amazed at how fast and efficient the process was." - Jane from United Kingdom (Order No. M5302560) 21-04-2012
"Very efficient. Thank-you" - George from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5301441) 21-04-2012
"great place to sell your phone :)" - abdel from Lancashire (Order No. M5301688) 21-04-2012
"I checked lots of feedback before deciding on using Mazuma they gave a very good price £37 on my Nokia 5800 musicxpress. I requested payment via BACS paperwork sent to me I posted recorded delivery Thursday evening and the money was paid into my account the following day at lunchtime. I am very impressed with the service and would deffinately use them again fast fair payments." - Pauline from Glamorgan (Order No. M5299630) 21-04-2012
"Quick and easy, love it!

Many thanks" - bernard from Lancashire (Order No. M5298642) 20-04-2012
"great service condition of phone non- working, had the payment within to days of signing up - would hope to use this service again in the non to distant future " - luis from Worcestershire (Order No. M5302942) 20-04-2012
"Prompt and excellent service, thank you." - Lin from Wilts (Order No. M5304270) 20-04-2012
"You've been brilliant.
You kept to your word and are trustworthy. Thank you very much" - Mandy from Hampshire (Order No. M5297116) 20-04-2012
"Really Good to see a largely computerised system work so efficiently. What is advertised is exactly what is given. Excellent!!" - Paul from Wiltshire (Order No. M5305478) 20-04-2012
"Very impressed! Received the packaging on Wednesday, posted on Thursday morning - money in my account Friday lunchtime - can't recommend highly enough - well done, Mazuma!" - Sue from Worcestershire (Order No. M5299608) 20-04-2012
"i am happy i sold my phone and it was very easy and quick to do it.

thank you " - kadeem from Surrey (Order No. M5305448) 20-04-2012
"have used Mazuma a few times now, great service, payment on the day they receive your phone. Will be using again" - Sam from Manchester (Order No. M5293925) 20-04-2012
"Brilliant service. Thoroughly impressed! Sent my phones yesterday via Royal Mail Special Delivery and by 1pm today I had received confirmation of delivery, and the full payment was in my bank account. Really fantastic service, would definitely use again, and recommend to a friend." - Cara from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M5292026) 20-04-2012
"Mazuma wasn't offering the best price but Having used them before I was impressed by the speed to process the order and payment and would recommend them to anyone. " - Howard from Shropshire (Order No. M5298125) 20-04-2012
"Thank you very much for your service and quick payment. The money I receive will be great.
Many thanks
" - jamie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5299401) 20-04-2012
"Brilliant service could not have picked a better way of selling my old mobile thankyou" - patrick from Caernarfonshire (Order No. M5296652) 20-04-2012
"All i can say is that I am Amazed how easy it all was ...
im really pleased ..." - Lynn from Somerset (Order No. M5304974) 20-04-2012
"great service will use you again well recomended many thanks" - bernard from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5299047) 20-04-2012
"Very quick turanround i'm very impressed will be using you again !!" - Mark from Somerset (Order No. M5292156) 19-04-2012
"really fast service and competitive too" - nicola from Essex (Order No. M5301970) 19-04-2012
"i have found mazuma mobile .com to be of excellent service and so quick to deal with my old phone and will definetly recommend them to others " - stephanie from Lancashire (Order No. M5300383) 19-04-2012
"Excellent service. Selling the old mobile couldn't be easier." - Don from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5298845) 19-04-2012
"thank you for the easy way of getting rid of my old phone, cannot beleive how quick the whole process was, and hassle free." - Kimberly from Lancashire (Order No. M5301693) 19-04-2012
"Very pleased with the service and quick processing from enquiry to the payment!
Received my check today! Thank you and looking forward to use your services again in the future." - Avelina from Kent (Order No. M5296934) 19-04-2012
"Best prices for mobile recycling online, having previously had trouble on other sites that will remain nameless, mazuma made it easy and offered good money which was paid fast and all with top quality friendly service. Very happy returning customer :)" - Tom from Derbyshire (Order No. M5305082) 19-04-2012
"Returned to the site emidiately having had such a positive experience last time, can confirm that mazuma always deliver. I will use again in the future 10/10" - Tom from Derbyshire (Order No. M5297821) 19-04-2012
"effortless!" - james from Berkshire (Order No. M5297530) 19-04-2012
"Excellent service couldnt believe how easy and quick it was." - Tina from i o w (Order No. M5301003) 19-04-2012
"Excellent service. So easy and quick and great price. Wouldn't hesitate to use Mazuma again and would definitely recommend." - Veronica from West Midlands (Order No. M5284721) 19-04-2012
"Sent phone off 4pm on 18th April and had the full amount promised paid into my bank account by 3pm on 19th April. Amazingly fast could not recommend more " - Paul from Lancashire (Order No. M5293626) 19-04-2012
"Amazing....... posted yesterday, money in my bank today. I am very impressed. Thankyou" - Jeanette from Devon (Order No. M5299164) 19-04-2012
"the 3rd time I have used Mazuma order completed within 48 hours of sending mobile to them including postage time and money in bank.Excellent again cannot fault the service, well done Mazuma. " - John from Yorkshire (Order No. M5301759) 18-04-2012
"great service, payment made straight away, very happy :)" - chelsea from Kent (Order No. M5292258) 18-04-2012
"This is the 2nd phone I have sold through you and I am honestly amazed at your service! I posted the phone at 5pm last night and the money is being credited to my account today - absolutely brilliant. Thank you, I will definitely use you again and recommend you to my friends!" - Jo from Norfolk (Order No. M5296995) 18-04-2012
"Great quick simple service, placed the order, within 42 hours everything complete. Simple and efficient. " - Syeda from Bedfordshire (Order No. M5297936) 18-04-2012
"Have used this service twice and both times have received excellent service. Payment received promptly. would recommend to anyone wanting to recycle their mobile phone. " - sheila from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M5283572) 18-04-2012
"Amazing! Really fast payment and easy process. Thanks!" - Katie from Warwickshire (Order No. M5304359) 18-04-2012
"Excellent Service!!!!
I sent my phone back yesterday and the money was in my bank by lunchtime today. I would deffiently recomend Mazuma. " - Janine from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5304727) 18-04-2012
"Very impressed ,will recommend you" - Neville from Somerset (Order No. M5279591) 18-04-2012
"The service and transaction was very quick. The transfer and website is very easy to use. Many Thanks." - Himansu from Middlesex (Order No. M5285488) 18-04-2012
"I was really impressed with how fast everything was dealt with and customer service were very helpful. Would definetly use the company again." - Chloe from Essex (Order No. M5290099) 18-04-2012
"Sent the phone yesterday at 3.30pm money in my account at 5pm today, unbelievable service what more can I say." - John from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M5279430) 18-04-2012
"I would like to thank Mazuma for the prompt efficiency. On Monday i went on line for an order pack.. Tuesday morning i received the pack..i sent the phone off that same day. The very next day Wednesday by 12.00 noon i had a confirmation email telling me my order was complete and the money transfer was confirmed and would that day go into my bank account. How good is that .. 3 days in total. WoW..Thankyou Mazuma.. It is the second time i have used Mazuma and no doubt i shall be using them again." - sandra from west Midlands (Order No. M5302094) 18-04-2012
"First class service very helpful prompt super fast payment and excellent communication will definitely recommend to other people, thank you for such good service. " - kayleigh from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5304354) 18-04-2012
"Excellent service.Only sent mobile yesterday and already payment in bank " - michael from Berkshire (Order No. M5302473) 18-04-2012
"Thank you !! Brilliant service, fast and efficient, a model of how any business should be run. Will recommend you to everyone.
" - Robert from Surrey (Order No. M5286738) 17-04-2012
"Fast,Fast,Fast! Sent phones away on friday & money was in my bank by monday night! wow fabulouss " - Nicola from Renfrewshire (Order No. M5283860) 17-04-2012
"Very nice doing business with you guys, smooth and easy and fast, thanks" - Osama from Angus (Order No. M5282922) 17-04-2012
"excellent and fast, no fuss service
many thanks
Laura" - laura from Wiltshire (Order No. M5291623) 17-04-2012
"Very quick and efficient service, kept up to date with process at all times. Will cetainly use again." - Robert from Kent (Order No. M5294485) 17-04-2012
"My third phone sale in 2 weeks following a clear out of the kitchen top drawer! Cannot fault the service, particularly the promptness of payment. Haven't used any other sites but would definitely recommend Mazuma." - Anna from Norfolk (Order No. M5300727) 17-04-2012
"Excellent service - sent phone on Thursday, email confirmation received Friday, Cheque received Saturday - WHAT A SERVICE - Thank you." - Shelley from Angus (Order No. M5294414) 16-04-2012
"excellent, never used a site like this before fantastic and quick sent phone on weekend had payment today...will use again" - paula from Glamorgan (Order No. M5290410) 16-04-2012
"Superfast in everyway. Will use again definately" - Dawn from Yorkshire (Order No. M5292689) 16-04-2012
"Excellent service - quick, efficient and a really good price for my old phone. couldn't ask for more." - LYNN from Stirlingshire (Order No. M5286417) 16-04-2012
"Sold my blackberry got my money today very happy with your service will be recommending you to my friends! Thank you carol Durrant :)" - Carol from Surrey (Order No. M5288456) 16-04-2012
"Very easy process, quick response would certainly use Mazuma again." - Eileen from Surrey (Order No. M5281721) 16-04-2012
"What a fantastic efficient service, you have me the price you said you would IMMEDIATELY on receipt, and kept me informed every step of the way.

I will definitely not hesitate to use Mazuma again in the future. I am delighted." - Claire from Hampshire (Order No. M5288736) 16-04-2012
"I am very impressed. Everything in this transaction was more than I could of wished for. Simple process, quick delivery of envelope and a very quick cash transfer processed. Was impressed with the positive feedback and am now happy to add to that feedback. Will use again!!" - Ben from Yorkshire (Order No. M5290852) 16-04-2012
"first class service .very quick payment,will use again " - trevor from Devon (Order No. M5287804) 16-04-2012
"So simple, quick and easy to use, would highly recommend! thanks again." - Lisa from Stirlingshire (Order No. M5296633) 16-04-2012
"i was most impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service. I have used other companies in the past but none have been as good as yours.
I would definately use and recommend your company again
Many Thanks" - RACHEL from Conwy (Order No. M5284134) 15-04-2012
"Fantastic service - very, very quick and a great price for my phone.
Thank you Mazuma!" - Garry from Worcestershire (Order No. M5284102) 15-04-2012
"Thanks very much Muzuma for fast payment and great comunication;)))" - Marta from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5282639) 14-04-2012
"fantastic service very quick and easy to use.Thank you." - julie from Staffordshire (Order No. M5287676) 14-04-2012
"Excellent service. Very fast and efficient. Would definitely use it again. " - Michelle from Derbyshire (Order No. M5284042) 13-04-2012
"excellent and efficient service" - gaynor from conwy (Order No. M5269538) 13-04-2012
"Awesome service, really quick and easy. well done!" - Kirsty from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M5280043) 13-04-2012
"The envelope was sent to me quickly and i sent it off. the reply was very swift." - Anne from Hampshire (Order No. M5283764) 13-04-2012
"Excellent, speedy and friendly service." - Alan from Angus (Order No. M5290463) 13-04-2012
"Absolutely fantastic service! Posted my phone in the freepost bag yesterday at 2pm and received payment via bank transfer at 4pm today! Would definitely recommend this service to friends and family! Thank you!" - Sarah from Warwickshire (Order No. M5281858) 13-04-2012
"the service was easy to use and fast,my cheque was sent the same day as they recieved my mobile,great service i will be telling friends etc to use Mazumamobile." - matthew from Worcestershire (Order No. M5282475) 13-04-2012
"Really quick payment.The free postage done in 1 day - twice ( its free but you have still record no. from post which is really good. .Money on second day from sending to Mazuka-twice.Good comminication-3 mails about receiving goods,copy of bank transfer,final mail about closing all procedures.
Really good service ." - Przemyslaw from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5293609) 13-04-2012
"Great service,very quick and secure. Sent phones on the Tuesday got cheque on the Thursday,veru happy. Will use again :)" - cheryl from Suffolk (Order No. M5278782) 12-04-2012
"What a first class service, posted the phone one day and the next day I got paid for it,highly recommend Mazuma mobile" - Ian from Perthshire (Order No. M5285401) 12-04-2012
"great service, really pleased, if needed I will defo use it again!!" - raquel levi from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5255733) 12-04-2012
"fantastic service...Mazuma received my phone at 8.30am...payment in my account by 4.00pm the same day...!!!" - wade from Northamptonshire (Order No. M5280279) 12-04-2012
"Thank you fast service, money was in my bank within 2 days of me putting the phone in the letterbox. " - David from Flintshire (Order No. M5284504) 12-04-2012
"Excellent service. Sent my old phone on tuesday received payment on the thursday. Very fast thank you." - Kiyral from London (Order No. M5280457) 12-04-2012
"Great fast response, any more phones for sale, I will use MAZUMA Mobile again no problem. Thanks." - Roy from Lancashir (Order No. M5287759) 12-04-2012
"This is the first time Ive used Mazuma and can honestly say Im really pleased, I sent my phone off yesterday and got my payment into my bank this afternoon, PERFECT.." - Angela from Lancashire (Order No. M5292376) 12-04-2012
"Once again I was impressed with your service. You kept your word re the amount you promised to pay and you paid promptly too. If only all services in this country had the same standards!!" - Anne from Essex (Order No. M5279012) 12-04-2012
"Very pleased how order was handled" - Martin from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5278824) 12-04-2012
"they are really good, and have a really fast service, ordered a pack an it come next day, sent my phone an got paid within same day, i will recommend these to everyone i know" - emma from Pembrokeshire (Order No. M5285407) 12-04-2012
"as stated price is good and speedy 5 star performance
" - robert from Derbyshire (Order No. M5281276) 11-04-2012
"Excellent service, remarkably fast and the price paid was best on the net.
" - Dave from London (Order No. M5280614) 11-04-2012
"Quick, easy service. Not the best prices, but probably the easiest service to use - that swung it for me." - Bob from West Yorkshire (Order No. M5275918) 11-04-2012
"Very efficient and transparent service. Thank you." - Simon from West Yorkshire (Order No. M5262996) 11-04-2012
"Excellent service. Payment received the next day. Recommended." - Gill from Yorkshire (Order No. M5288977) 11-04-2012
"my second time using mazuma
quick and easy.
thanks mazuma" - stephen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M5281495) 11-04-2012
"Payment received quickly many thanks" - derek from Essex (Order No. M5277684) 10-04-2012
"Excellent service. l am very impressed." - puna from Kent (Order No. M5267130) 10-04-2012
"Excellent service and speedy turn-around time from receipt of phone to payment. Customer service friendly and helpfull too when I advised delay due to weekends and back holidays. Would recommend to people " - Lee from Yorkshire (Order No. M5258307) 10-04-2012
"A very good service, simple, and efficient, will look at it again" - Brian from Essex (Order No. M5274579) 10-04-2012
"Pleasure doing business, very easy to use, will recommend to friends and family." - Lisa from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M5266544) 10-04-2012
"A fast, efficient and straightforward service. Have used Mazuma before and would definately use again and recommend to others. A big thanks." - Julia from Middlesex (Order No. M5270597) 10-04-2012
"Recently sold my old iphone to you. The whole service was extremely quick and I received my cheque sooner than I thought I would. Defiantly will be using again if I have another phone to sell :)" - Ally from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5269846) 09-04-2012
"fast, easy, and brilliant, thank you. Will recommend and use again." - christine from Cheshire (Order No. M5265888) 08-04-2012
"What a great service.I posted my phones,(recorded delivery),on Wednesday afternoon and payment was in my account midday Thursday.
'It does what it says on the can'.


Tony Bobbett. " - Tony from Kent (Order No. M5275940) 07-04-2012
"Quick, efficient, easy, brilliant service." - Debbie from Staffordshire (Order No. M5271118) 07-04-2012
"very good service/quick and easy/ corrispondence excellent." - angela from Yorkshire (Order No. M5261438) 07-04-2012
"Very quick service. Brilliant at keeping me up to date with order. Will definately sell to you again as its so quick. Thankyou" - shirelle from Norfolk (Order No. M5275804) 06-04-2012
"excellent service" - lesley from Staffordshire (Order No. M5263081) 05-04-2012
"great service

sent phone yesterday afternoon and was done in one day and fast payment,

would tell my friends to ues you and i will use you again " - john from Sussex (Order No. M5278273) 05-04-2012
"So Simply
So Quick
Thanks for a great service, pity other sites arnt as good as this.
Will definatly use again.
" - Stephen from Derbyshire (Order No. M5258147) 05-04-2012
"You guys are great!
This is the third time I have used you and you are always very efficient and very professional.
I was offered slightly more by O2, but I prefer to use you" - Mike from Hampshire (Order No. M5270195) 05-04-2012
"could not believe it sent my phone in freepost bag yesterday you recieved my phone today got my cash in bank after 5 oclock how amazing was that thank mazuma i will be reccomending you to all my friends and family from a very satisfied customer " - june from Lanarkshire (Order No. M5270356) 05-04-2012
"Excellent dealing, fast effecient and honest, thank you" - Richie from Flintshire (Order No. M5274836) 05-04-2012
"would definately recomend mazuma mobile . recieved fast payment first class service at the top of my list to use again." - diane from Yorkshire (Order No. M5256425) 05-04-2012
"Fantastic company, sent phone yesterday and payment in bank today, easy and fast what more do you want, will be using again!!!!!!!!!!" - Laura from Stirlingshire (Order No. M5277406) 05-04-2012
"All went smoothly, got the exact amount of money as stated and paid into my account as soon as phone was recieved. Would use again. Thanks." - DIANE from Yorkshire (Order No. M5256753) 04-04-2012
"Mazuma mobile, what can i say 5stars *****
my order was cleared very quickly" - Alisha from Yorkshire (Order No. M5262322) 04-04-2012
"very effecient service, will pass onto friends who wishes to sell there own phones" - carol from greater London (Order No. M5259122) 04-04-2012
"sent my phone of on a monday morning, recieved payment on a wednesday afternoon, (much sooner than expected) would definetly use you again" - danny from Hampshire (Order No. M5267360) 04-04-2012
"Brilliant service. Printed my own labels and posted had a chq sent within 24 hrs of posting." - martin from Middlesex (Order No. M5272286) 03-04-2012
"Excellent service you did exactly what you said on your website. Would not hesitate to recommend you to others." - Nigel from Surrey (Order No. M5264862) 03-04-2012
"Excellent service and prompt payment as promised and at the price quoted. No 30 day wait as with some high street phone retailers! Will certainly recommend to friends and family" - catherine from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5272108) 03-04-2012
"I just wanted to say thank you! This was a surprisingly easy and painless process and I will definitely use you again when I have another phone to sell. I will also recommend you to my friends and family." - Caroline from Surrey (Order No. M5260416) 03-04-2012
"Fab way to recycle old unwanted mobiles!
Love ya Muzuma!
" - Angela from Thamesmead (Order No. M5265958) 03-04-2012
"Fantastic !! what an easy and pleasant transaction. The money offered for my old phone was the highest I could find and the money was paid into my account on the day the phone was received as promised. Can't fault this service at all. Would definitely use Mazuma again and recommend to my friends. Thank you" - Joanne from Essex (Order No. M5265327) 03-04-2012
"Unbelievable service, posted phone Monday night at 6pm in Aberdeen, cash cleared in my bank 4:40pm Tuesday. 100% will refer all of my fiends and workmates to you guys. First Class!!!" - Greg from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M5272509) 03-04-2012
"How quick and easy was that. To think I used to give my mobiles away free or throw them in a cupboard before disposing of them. A nice bonus.
Thanks to you people." - Tee from merseyside (Order No. M5267780) 03-04-2012
"What a fantastic service, I would not hesitate to recommend you to others, a very smooth process." - Alan from Norfolk (Order No. M5263737) 02-04-2012
"Very fast payment and a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks " - steven from Fife (Order No. M5265854) 02-04-2012
"Excellent service! Was fast and the money offered was higher than competitors! Very pleased!" - Nicole from Essex (Order No. M5249105) 02-04-2012
"This is the second time I have used Mazuma and again your service has been second to none. I received the envelope promptly to return my phone; I posted it on Saturday and received payment on Monday, couldn't ask for a better service!!!!" - Tracey from Cheshire (Order No. M5266510) 02-04-2012
"I don't normally leave feedback but feel i really should. Mazuma makes the the whole process of selling your own mobile so easy. First class service" - Norman from Suffolk (Order No. M5265650) 02-04-2012
"I don't usually bother to leave feedback, but you have given a really fantastic service, thank you." - gil from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5258869) 02-04-2012

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