Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

July 2012

"A really easy and fast service. Completely surprised how easy it was. Would recommend it to everyone." - Andrew from Manchester (Order No. M5477950) 31-07-2012
"Another great transaction! Have used Mazuma many times, and they never fail to offer a fantastic, fast and efficient service. I sent my phone to them yesterday, and the payment has been made direct to my bank account today. Perfect!" - Ellie from Surrey (Order No. M5497608) 31-07-2012
"Big thank you to Mazuma for helping me through a period of 'limited cash flow' after holiday in Thailand. I filled in the forms online on a Tuesday and had the money by Thursday evening. I would recommend Mazuma over their competitors every day of the week. Thanks again!" - D from Yorkshire (Order No. M5489238) 31-07-2012
"Sent phones on Friday,received cheque on Tuesday. Fast and efficient service, would certainly use again." - Rita from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5486002) 31-07-2012
"Once again excellent service and prompt payment" - Martin from Caerphilly (Order No. M5497277) 31-07-2012
"Very speedy service. Received cheque on 28/7/12.

Easy to sell with Mazuma." - Elizabeth from Perthshire (Order No. M5487853) 30-07-2012
"I never believed that any company can be so efficient, within 1 week I received prepay envelope, sent my phone and received the check. That's amazing and 100% I'll recommending to anyone who has any doubts." - Lenka from Middlesex (Order No. M5483491) 30-07-2012
"Excellent service, i will certainly use them again, and tell other people about it. " - Karen from Lancashire (Order No. M5484778) 30-07-2012
"very fast ,stress free service.makes a change in a world where even the simplest of things are made complicated.definately use mazuma again ,manythanks ,xx." - jo from Essex (Order No. M5495420) 30-07-2012
"Fast service, quick response. will definatly use them again in the future" - louise from Wiltshire (Order No. M5486809) 30-07-2012
"Thank you for speedily dealing with the sale.Nice to see efficiency and good customer relations in this day and age.And thanks for your very rapid payment of the agreed sum into my bank acct.I award your company 10/10" - Anthony from Yorkshire (Order No. M5483821) 29-07-2012
"Excellent service once again" - James from Kent (Order No. M5491792) 28-07-2012
"Great servive. Very quick payment. Would reccomend to friends and family. " - Derek from cleveland (Order No. M5493533) 28-07-2012
"Fantastic Service!! Received my voucher within 48 hrs of sending my phones. Keep up the good work :)" - Jennifer from Anglesey (Order No. M5485033) 28-07-2012
"Incredible service, pre-paid envelope received weds, posted with phone on thurs, cheque received saturday. Will recommend you and use you again. Thank you" - michael from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5491880) 28-07-2012
"Thankyou for the prompt and efficient way my sale was dealt with. Thanks again. Phil." - Philip from Glamorgan (Order No. M5490807) 28-07-2012
"absolutely brilliant...I sent my htc legend in the prepaid bag @ 10.30 wed and receipt a cheque in friday's post...I was totally in shock...ty ty ty mazuma; can you please take over security and the 2012 olympics...better still, just take over the flipping country

i prize efficiency, delivery and customer service above all have those in bagfulls" - thomas from Middlesex (Order No. M5479497) 27-07-2012
"A most trouble free quick and efficient serice A*****" - Myra from Worcestershire (Order No. M5484130) 27-07-2012
"Easy and smooth transaction.Thanks!" - Bill Hedley from Yorkshire (Order No. M5485373) 27-07-2012
"fantastic service great communication and speedy payment" - glenn from (Order No. M5494728) 27-07-2012
"thanks mazuma you have done as promised. from the first contact to money in the bank took around 3 days. that's post to me, post to you and all the inspections you must do and then the money in the bank. 1st class service and would not hesitate to use you again.

thank you so much guys " - david from Durham (Order No. M5493259) 27-07-2012
"Fast and reliable service I would reccomend to anyone with an old phone to sell" - Gordon from Cornwall (Order No. M5490834) 26-07-2012
"A quality service which in my opinion is light years ahead of its field. Everything was so simple and easy they do the hard work for you. Literally sent my phone off monday and paid within 2 days.

THANK YOU MAZUMA!!!" - Chris from Caernarfonshire (Order No. M5486367) 26-07-2012
"I have used other companys such as envirophone, I must say how easy and very fast you are compeared to the other company, it was a simply and clear and i cant beleive how fast the service was, Thanks, I will be using you again and passing you on to my friends. " - Mark from Essex (Order No. M5484139) 25-07-2012
"fast and easy proses can recommend them as i had no props with transaction will use again " - colin from Kent (Order No. M5481776) 25-07-2012
"so good! very happy! quick and so easy! " - Rhianna from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M5480927) 25-07-2012
"Could'nt have been more straight-forward.
You did everything you said you would and quickly,too.
Well done" - SUE from Cheshire (Order No. M5482847) 25-07-2012
"Once again excellent service. Payment day after posting. Could not ask for better. " - Alan from Glamorgan (Order No. M5489233) 25-07-2012
"Great speedy service and easy to use. What more do you need. Many thanks." - Chris from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M5417076) 25-07-2012
"Mazuma provides an excellent and reliable service. I sent my phone on monday and had the payment in my account on wednesday!

They pay good money for old phones and, giving a longer life to mobile phones or at least parts of them, what is certainly good for the environment.

I've recently found out about Mazuma. Now, whenever I change phones I will send my old phone to Mazuma. " - Humberto from London (Order No. M5486568) 25-07-2012
"Yet again,thank you for a trouble free deal." - Derek from West Midlands (Order No. M5486134) 25-07-2012
"very happy with the service from Mazuma, the company did complete their promises and I am a happy customer. Will refer this service to my friends.
Thank you." - Carlos from (Order No. M5476456) 25-07-2012
"Very quick thanks!
" - Phebe from Devon (Order No. M5480473) 24-07-2012
"fantastic, i have recently lost my husband and needed to sell his mobiles, the service was fast, easy to use and effiecent even the help chat line was great, i will have no hesitation to recommend you to others." - Sue from Staffordshire (Order No. M5482234) 24-07-2012
"Excellent service and quick delivery of the cheque for my phone. Would def use again and recommend to other people" - Lisa from Lanarkshire (Order No. M5483122) 24-07-2012
"Very quick service & very straight forward process. Would use Mazuma agan." - Carly from Hertfordshire (Order No. M5473822) 23-07-2012
"Just to let you know it was great doing business with you, i couldn't be happier with my cheque amount and the service I received from you, very simple and clean cut. Well done mazuma

Rosaline" - Rosaline from Hampshire (Order No. M5465754) 23-07-2012
"Excellent fast service!! Thanks :-)" - Rachael from Lancashire (Order No. M5466770) 23-07-2012
"Thanks for quick reply" - carole from Ayrshire (Order No. M5478802) 23-07-2012
"Fantastic service! Fast payment....1st class! Would definately use you again. Mrs Capon" - Karen from Essex (Order No. M5473962) 23-07-2012
"Mazama was made easy and quick" - stephen from Bristol (Order No. M5470142) 22-07-2012
"Simple, easy and efficient. Will use Mazuma again and recommend to friends." - Christopher from Yorkshire (Order No. M5474150) 22-07-2012
"Thankyou very much. Got my money really fast. Im happy :) Thanks. " - Diana from Sussex (Order No. M5473941) 21-07-2012
"Very impressed with he prompt way my order was processed.Will use again thnxs" - Michele from Surrey (Order No. M5475459) 21-07-2012
"Thanks very much! First time I've sold a phone and you made it really easy :-)
Just received my cheque and the whole process was quick and straightforward." - Nicola from Bedfordshire (Order No. M5473645) 20-07-2012
"Thankyou so much for your fast and efficient service. I can tax my car now.. I will certainly be back...." - Carol from Essex (Order No. M5480456) 20-07-2012
"To the guys at Mazuma,I find your service,quick,easy and reliable 10/10 Keep up the good work :)" - Philip from Middlesex (Order No. M5474317) 20-07-2012
"just super quick and simple!! and was my first time!" - A from Berkshire (Order No. M5475883) 20-07-2012
"Excellent ,promt and efficient service
Thanks" - James from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M5472446) 20-07-2012
"Really fast and easy service to use! What really impressed was the fact that payment was made the same day you received my old mobile - fantastic and definitely recommended. " - Stephen from Leicestershire (Order No. M5472829) 20-07-2012
"A very efficient and speedy service thank you, I will recommend your services." - Michael from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5465224) 20-07-2012
"This is an amazing service and the best recycling website. I would 100% recommend it. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Amazing if I was to give any phones again I would defintley send it straight here." - Rebecca from Liverpool (Order No. M5473901) 19-07-2012
"super service again the best company to deal with .cant get any better than this." - alan from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M5455915) 19-07-2012
"Wow! What a great company. Registered Sunday; posted Wednesday (special Delivery); money in account Thursday!! Fab service. Thank you. £210 for my old iPhone- no quibble as great condition. Thank you." - Gemma from Gloucestershire (Order No. M5470056) 19-07-2012
"From start to finish the whole process was quick, easy, efficient. Would definitely use Mazuma again" - natalie from London (Order No. M5470655) 19-07-2012
"Second time I used the service, just as fast as the first time, awesome, will use again in future." - hannah from Sussex (Order No. M5477651) 19-07-2012
"Hi, Thanks very much what a wonderful service and everything went ahead without delay or hiccup. Thanks again for working your magic!!!" - Natalie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5476369) 18-07-2012
"Excellent super fast service. Have used Mazuma before and will def use again" - steve from Wiltshire (Order No. M5459200) 18-07-2012
"can't believe how easy this service is. don't think i would have got this price selling privately either.
not to mention how fast it's all processed.
BIG thanks to Mazuma!!" - shirley from Co. Down (Order No. M5477470) 18-07-2012
"I cannot thank you enough for the exceptional service extended to me on this transaction. I will be recommending your service to all my friends and family. I will personally be using you every time myself, my wife or children have phones to recycle. I have left a 5 star review (my user name is Hong Kong Taffy) on Trust Pilot by way of a thank you for a very easy and pleasant transaction.
Thanks again,
" - Colin from Glamorgan (Order No. M5470195) 18-07-2012
"Absolutely brilliant service! Fast and efficient with no hassle." - Katie from United Kingdom (Order No. M5458770) 17-07-2012
"Fantastic company fair prices for the phones
Super fast payments, very happy
Thanks muzuma" - Mark from Essex (Order No. M5466996) 17-07-2012
"Brilliant service. I just wish I'd come to Mazuma first - I was messed about with another company and wasted a week and postage costs. Thank you very much - you performed excellently; just how you promised." - PHILIPPA from Cheshire (Order No. M5474608) 17-07-2012
"Very pleased with mazuma from start to finish!
Free postage and super fast payment direct into my account within a couple of days!!
THANK YOU!" - Arron from Staffordshire (Order No. M5463542) 17-07-2012
"thanks,great service,and fast payment" - tony from Cornwall (Order No. M5472594) 17-07-2012
"was brilliant service. money was fast. service was quick and easy thanks muzuma mobile :) " - kieran from Cumberland (Order No. M5467395) 17-07-2012
"Mazuma is the most reliable, fastest and in my opinion the most honest of all the companies on the net that buy your old mobiles. Excellent service from an excellent company.
Full marks." - Sandra from Inverness-Shire (Order No. M5463345) 16-07-2012
"Very prompt efficient service" - Martin from Caerphilly (Order No. M5466162) 16-07-2012
"Brilliant service, will highly recommend.Posted the phone Thursday, funds were in my account Monday.
Excellent!" - JANE from Yorkshire (Order No. M5456491) 16-07-2012
"Brilliant and fast service. Very impressed. Thank you" - Gill from Kent (Order No. M5468419) 16-07-2012
"Thankyou! that was astonishingly easy and rapid process " - Rob from Staffs (Order No. M5457751) 14-07-2012
"excellent service sent phone thursday received cheque for full amount saturday same week, as you say magic! " - joseph from Northumberland (Order No. M5463794) 14-07-2012
"Excellent and quick service" - William from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M5463185) 13-07-2012
"I was very happy with the service, the speed and the amount offered.The cheque came quickly as did the bag to send it back in. I particularly liked the on line chat/help service offered. It was quick and efficient. I have already recommended mazuma to others. Minor thing-would be good to be sent the bubble wrap to send it back in or send a bubble covered bag to save time. :)" - river from Cheshire (Order No. M5451773) 13-07-2012
"Fast, effortless and peace of mind. Everything Mazuma is and more!

Mazuma have sent me over £620 over the years and I am yet to have even the slightest issue.

You are light years ahead of your completion and long may you excel in your service.

Just one thing, drop the tv ads with that annoying voice saying!!


Nick" - Nick from West Midlands (Order No. M5466851) 13-07-2012
"How fast was that!!
Applied Wednesday, received post bag Thursday,sent off phone Thursday, got payment in my bank Friday!
Fast, efficient and good value. Won't hesitate to recommend to others. Any sceptisism I might have had about how good the service has been blown away.Thanks Mazuma." - John from Yorkshire (Order No. M5465529) 13-07-2012
"I was very impressed with your very quick service,I would recommend it to my friends." - Pamela from England (Order No. M5465052) 13-07-2012
"very pleased,very fast service,highly recomended. " - paul from shropshire (Order No. M5463912) 13-07-2012
"Oh my gosh!! Only posted my phone off yesterday afternoon from the Highlands and the money for it is already in my bank!
Other businesses could learn much from your amazing customer service and prompt completion, Thankyou Mazuma" - jane from Caithness (Order No. M5455992) 13-07-2012
"i must say what a fab service, i sent the phone to you on Tuesday afternoon and the money was in my bank account on the Thursday morning, i was also kept updated i will definately recomend you. well done :)" - charlene from Glamorgan (Order No. M5462912) 12-07-2012
"Wonderful service!! Thank you very much" - Peace from Greater Manchester (Order No. M5463048) 12-07-2012
"Simple, fast and efficient! Thank you!" - Amanda from Midlothian (Order No. M5462849) 12-07-2012
"Wow! sent on Tuesday, money in the bank on Thursday!! Don't waste your time with other recyclers, these guys are the best!!!" - Stuart from Surrey (Order No. M5457764) 12-07-2012
"Thanks Mazuma great deal
a good price for my phone
and a good service all round
I will be back.
Brian" - Brian from Middlesex (Order No. M5434628) 11-07-2012
"Very smooth process, clear and precise. Very fast payment on receipt of my old mobile. Thank You I will use again and I would recommend MAZUMA. " - Jason from Yorkshire (Order No. M5436144) 11-07-2012
"Great Service from an inpeccable company & gave me no cause for concern at all.

Thank you for you help" - Andrew from London (Order No. M5462118) 11-07-2012
"A great and easy service all round. Many thanks :)" - Michael from Staffordshire (Order No. M5460520) 11-07-2012
"Excellent service just cant understand how you do it so quickly and efficiently. Absolutely incredible and would certainly recommend" - Margaret from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M5460104) 11-07-2012
"fantastic service thanks" - josh from Yorkshire (Order No. M5453317) 10-07-2012
"Posted yesterday and cash in my account already!! Very very impressed! Will definately be using Mazuma again! Thank you " - Dave from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M5454720) 10-07-2012
"Again excellent service... envelope received, payment made all within a few days... will use again!!" - Julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M5447865) 10-07-2012
"fast professional service - as always" - louise from Warwickshire (Order No. M5459855) 10-07-2012
"Excellent service, easy to use, good price given, and superb communication throughout process. I will be using you again, and recommending you to anyone who wishes to recycle a phone. Thank you." - Andy from Wiltshire (Order No. M5451532) 10-07-2012
"Amazing service!! Will be telling all my friends to do this, thank you for your speed and ease!" - Sarah from Yorkshire (Order No. M5448534) 10-07-2012
"Very very fast service, only took a couple of days for money to be in account. Very impressed and got a good price for my old phone." - Richardm from Fife (Order No. M5449538) 10-07-2012
"I am so pleased with how fast and efficient seeling my mobile phones was with Mazuma. I will defo work with this company again. Sarah." - Sarah from Surrey (Order No. M5450064) 10-07-2012
"I am a very satisfied customer, very quick service, i'll be glad to use you in the future" - julie from gwent (Order No. M5450469) 10-07-2012
"The service was fast, easy and quick. No problems, no hassle!

Thank you very much! Was a great way to clear out old phones and make some quick extra cash! " - Dawn from Surrey (Order No. M5450968) 10-07-2012
"Amazing service and so quick! Will never use another mobile recycling site now apart from Mazuma! So nice to receive some decent customer service! Thank you!" - Samantha from Dorset (Order No. M5452635) 10-07-2012
"Gave you details of phone late Friday afternoon and agreed to sell phone.On saturday morning recieved package to send you the phone,posted phone Saturday morning.Monday mid-day got email saying you had recieved phone and payment would be made to my bank in a couple of hours.The service you give can be described as 100%.Will use again and recomend you to friends.Thankyou,V Dawson" - Vincent from Cheshire (Order No. M5455490) 09-07-2012
"Great service, recieved return pack next day and sent my phone on Friday. Have been paid out today (Monday) great! " - Trena from Leicestershire (Order No. M5453595) 09-07-2012
"fantastic, quick, easy service. I sent the phones off on Saturday, and had a transfer made to my bank by Monday. Brilliant!! Will recommend Mazuma!" - Nick from Essex (Order No. M5453666) 09-07-2012
"Thanks for making it so easy. Will use u again in the future" - Ally from Sussex (Order No. M5450562) 09-07-2012
"Excellent fast and efficient service, highly recommended. " - Richard from Isle of wight (Order No. M5448521) 09-07-2012
"Excellent service. My phone was said to have fault by Envirophone and hence a reduced offer after receiving phone, whereas there was no such fault in it. I asked to return it and sent it to Muzuma mobile. their service was quick and as expected. Very Pleased." - Parul from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M5447245) 09-07-2012
"Kept seeing your ads so thought I'd try the service out as was really, really impressed with how simple it was! Very happy with my Argos vouchers which I'll put towards some new toys for my boys - much better than leaving the phone to gather dust :o) Thank you." - Sam from Berkshire (Order No. M5449721) 08-07-2012
"What an incedible service sent phone on Thursday got payment on Saturday and the best that was on offer. THANKS VERY MUCH, off to buy new phone " - Mary from Staffordshire (Order No. M5448095) 07-07-2012
"That is an amazing service, I only sent the phone on Wednesday and the money is already in my bank - 2 days in total - brilliant. Many thanks. I will definitely recommend you.
Kind regards
Jackie" - Jackie from Devon (Order No. M5450670) 06-07-2012
"fantastic, sent off phone on wednesday, and cheque arrived on friday, too good, many thanks" - gary from Denbighshire (Order No. M5449296) 06-07-2012
"excellent site. very easy to use.thankyou" - julie from Derbyshire (Order No. M5444222) 06-07-2012
"Unbelievable. Absolutely gob-smacked. Probably the best service I have ever experienced on any transaction. Really, you guys set standards that others need to follow. Thank you very much" - Simon from Hampshire (Order No. M5443206) 06-07-2012
"i found your service to be very efficient, instructive,helpful and fast. many thanks Mazuma!" - SUE from Suffolk (Order No. M5440874) 06-07-2012
THANK YOU AGAIN" - Terry from ESSEX (Order No. M5447432) 06-07-2012
" Thought it was very and easy to sell my phone to you.
Brian." - Brian from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M5445910) 05-07-2012
"Great service,
Extremly fast response.
Not the best price i found but on the service i would definatly use mazuma again" - kevin from oxfordshire (Order No. M5450500) 05-07-2012
"Thank you for processing my order so quickly. Easy and hassle-free, I'll be using Mazuma again." - Alex from East Sussex (Order No. M5445651) 05-07-2012
"Very. Fast and a really gd company to sell phones 2 " - Nicholas from Leicestershire (Order No. M5444572) 05-07-2012
"A remarkable service. Prompt and straightfoward. You need to be rewarded for it." - Denis from Lancashire (Order No. M5441758) 05-07-2012
"I just want to say how fabulous the service was. I placed the order on Sunday, received the envelope Tuesday, returned the same day then received payment direct into my bank on Wednesday. Absolutely brilliant. " - Debra from Durham (Order No. M5443990) 04-07-2012
"Excellent service sent yesterday payment to my account by lunchtime today would recommend Thanks very much" - Emma from Blaenau gwent (Order No. M5448579) 04-07-2012
"I would like to thank Mazuma for their efficient and prompt service. I have sold many phones via Mazuma and have always received excellent service and trouble free payments.

Some other online mobile phone sellers offer slightly more money but I will always trust a good service that I can rely on and will continue to use Mazuma to sell any future mobile phones.

Many thanks again,

Stuart Hearne" - Stuart from Berkshire (Order No. M5445131) 04-07-2012
"OMG! Fantastic service !! " - Helen from Blaenau Gwent (Order No. M5439379) 04-07-2012
"Brilliant fast friendly" - M from Perthshire (Order No. M5441369) 04-07-2012
"Excellent service. Clear advice and service very quick. Would use Mazuma again and recommend to friends. " - Joanne from Lancashire (Order No. M5439809) 03-07-2012
"I have used Mazuma several times now and have to say they have been brilliant every time and I would recomend them to anyone. They are very quick, in fact each time I have sent a handset in they have processed it the next day and the cheque comes within another day or two. I have never had any problems at all and would not send either mine or my family members' old mobiles to any other service now as I believe Mazuma is by far the best. Thank You." - Chris from Lancashire (Order No. M5443232) 03-07-2012
"A very good service. More than happy with the money I recieved.
Many Thanks" - Mike from England (Order No. M5433886) 03-07-2012
"no problems!
quick friendly deal." - angela from north lincolnshire (Order No. M5437657) 03-07-2012
"excellent slick fast professional service " - tim from Merseyside (Order No. M5437711) 02-07-2012
"I would definatley recommend Mazuma. I orginally sent my old mobiles to Evironfone but after being quoted a certain price and then being told i wasnt going to get that because of a falut that wasnt even there, i asked for my phones back and sent them to Mazuma instead. I recieved the full amount quoted by Mazuma, It is a quick and effective service. To save time wasting, use Mazuma!" - Catherine from Lancashire (Order No. M5430837) 02-07-2012

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