Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

November 2010

"Fantastic service, excellent communication, fast payment, i would definitely recommend, Thank you :-)" - Angela from Yorkshire (Order No. M4143377) 30-11-2010
"First time i have ever use some think like this it was so easy and so impressed great great serching house for more phones
Thankyou" - Elaine from Surrey (Order No. M4216223) 30-11-2010
"Received the cheque today really happy with the service it was really quick and efficient thank you." - martina from Yorkshire (Order No. M4216241) 30-11-2010
"smooth easy and very quick service. Would highly recommend!! Had my voucher within 2 days from posting phone." - gail from Ayrshire (Order No. M4206139) 30-11-2010
"Fantastic service thank you, I will recommend you anytime.." - Graham from Middlesex (Order No. M4206469) 30-11-2010
"I chose the right company to sell my phone through.What a lovely and fast service.At last a company that does what it says.Thankyou." - dawn from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4226282) 30-11-2010
"Very good, quick, easy and reliable service." - jade from Cheshire (Order No. M4212662) 30-11-2010
"Really fast turn around from initial enquiry to despatch of phone and receipt of cheque. Excellent service and much appreciated. Happy to use you again and recommend." - Christine from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4207915) 30-11-2010
"The best phone buying site iv used I feel it's way better than envirophone" - Siobhan from n/a (Order No. M4215) 30-11-2010
"Great service and fast and effcient payment many thanks will use again and recommend to friends and family" - Rob from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4217947) 30-11-2010
"brilliant service, fast payment very happy :-)
thanks guys!" - laura from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4220517) 30-11-2010
"This is the 2nd time I have used Mazuma and it is has been absolutely painless!!! Thank you for providing such an efficient service." - Ted from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4219323) 30-11-2010
"Thank you for the easy, prompt and honest service. Posted the phones on Friday, cheque arrives on Tuesday. Not bad. Can't say the same for M4URM (it quoted one price, then fabricated story of damage - not honest). Will only use Mazuma for future mobile phone recycling." - Justin from Somerset (Order No. M4209169) 30-11-2010
"Thanks Mazuma. Really shocked at the speed and service you gave, top marks. When I change my current mobile for a new one it will defo. be coming your way. Thanks again for the great service, all best wishes Gary" - Gary from Lancashire (Order No. M4214965) 30-11-2010
"I found this an extremely quick and easy process. I sent my phone on the Friday and by Monday I had an email to confirm the quoted price had been transferred to my account. I will recommend this site to others and use it again myself. Thanks!" - N from London (Order No. M4220249) 29-11-2010
"I am very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service also the friendly emails. Well done and thanks." - Michael from Derbyshire (Order No. M4193644) 29-11-2010
"Quick and reliable, if you want peace of mind go with MAZUMA." - Trevor from Derbyshire (Order No. M4215790) 29-11-2010
"very fast payment, great service will use again in future.

very pleased, i will reccommend to everyone who has a mobile they dont want." - perry from Hampshire (Order No. M4206761) 29-11-2010
"Great service, prompt payment, thank you" - Thomas from Lancashire (Order No. M4199024) 29-11-2010
"very fast and reliable service,very impressed and happy" - liz from Norfolk (Order No. M4209814) 29-11-2010
"This is the second time I've used Mazuma. You guys are brilliant! Many thanks." - Martin from Middlesex (Order No. M4188800) 29-11-2010
"quick and easy - would recommend anytime
thanks" - helen from Norfolk (Order No. M4219091) 29-11-2010
"WOW! I have never had such FAST & Efficient Service .I Will Certainly deal with you again. Many thanks Mazuma Mobile. 10/10" - Anthony from South-Gloucester (Order No. M4209731) 29-11-2010
"Absolutely fantastic very professional very quick turn round will recommend to anyone don't bother surfing the net for all the other mobile buyers I have dome it and Mazumamobile are the best amazing the money was in my account almost instantly using the baca method
Thanks so much!!" - David from Staffordshire (Order No. M4217352) 29-11-2010
"Great.Fast payment.Will deal again in the future.Thanks" - Egita from Lancashire (Order No. M4202442) 29-11-2010
"fantastic service, so quick, will definately recommend to friends" - gillon from Staffordshire (Order No. M4221324) 29-11-2010
"absolutely brilliant service fast response and friendly service highly recomended." - nathan from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4217021) 29-11-2010
"Excellent company,World class customer service.
Only took three actual days from me filling forms to receive money in to my bank A/C.
I will recommend this company to every one I know.
Thank you again." - sumith from Middlesex (Order No. M4204037) 29-11-2010
"fantastic service, hassle free, very prompt, quick payment at agreed price, will be using you again.
Many thanks" - martin from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4183458) 28-11-2010
"Can't fault ya - We got one very happy son!!" - Susan from Derbyshire (Order No. M4216050) 27-11-2010
"WOW..This was realy quick from start to finish..
Post bag arrived Thusday Voucher here by Saturday,
Fantastic service,Will definitely you again..
Thanks MAZUMA.." - Stuart from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4215232) 27-11-2010
"excellent service, recieved payment next day and would recommend to friends :)" - ruheed from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4141398) 27-11-2010
"You are a excellence company to deal with, every word on your website is true , my money was in my account within 24hrs. I would recommend you to any of my friends and family.I was offerd more money on other sites but their reviews showed they could not be trusted." - Linda from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4207074) 27-11-2010
"perfect service, easy to use and reliable. I have sold many mobiles through Mazuma, never had any problems. It really is a first class service. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great service" - Fiona from Lincs (Order No. M4205347) 26-11-2010
"Thank you very much.. a very fast and effecient service.. cleared some space and money very handy for christmas pressies.." - janet from Suffolk (Order No. M4201347) 26-11-2010
"very pleased with the service." - danielle from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4206311) 26-11-2010
"I wish to say to the MAZUMA team what outstanding service I received Easy Quick and for once a company that "does what it says on its site" A Big Thank you and I will use you again and tell others of you service. Well done." - Kevin from Devon (Order No. M4200166) 26-11-2010
"fantastic and smooth service will definately use again, and recommend" - mick from Lancashire (Order No. M4205490) 26-11-2010
"was a excellent service,cant fault it! bob on!" - MARK from Lancashire (Order No. M4196943) 26-11-2010
"Good fast service, Print out postage is very efficient. Would sell again" - Daniel from Kent (Order No. M4215216) 26-11-2010
"was very impressed with service,sent phone on wednesday received cheque today, will recommend to others." - dean from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4210304) 26-11-2010
"Igot in touch with Mazuma on the Saturday and by the following Friday I had received the payment for my old phone. If this is not first class service I do not know what is. Very well done to everyone involved" - sandra from Fife (Order No. M4205432) 26-11-2010
"Very very good 5 stars" - jose from Hampshire (Order No. M4218263) 26-11-2010
"brilliant service would highly recomend" - jackie from Cheshire (Order No. M4209368) 26-11-2010
"Great service, fast, efficient and so easy. Pleased that phones are being recycled rather than dumped in a bin headed for another landfill site!" - Jo from Shropshire (Order No. M4209637) 26-11-2010
Iam very pleased with the service i have recieved its quick easy to use and the payment was straight away have been telling everyone in work about it its excellent all my phones will be sent to you " - claire from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4210536) 26-11-2010
"Excellent service & so fast for the cheque - the exact amount you quoted , brilliant thanks Dean !!" - Dean from Devon (Order No. M4200308) 26-11-2010
"Fantastic service. Super quick turn around, very pleased.. :)" - claire from Kent (Order No. M4211882) 26-11-2010
"Excellent service. mobile was received within 1-2 days. very reliable and excellent customer service." - Nidaul from Yorkshire (Order No. M4213724) 26-11-2010
"absolutely fab service will definatley reccomend to all friends" - Stacy from Yorkshire (Order No. M4215296) 26-11-2010
"as always second to none service is unbelivable" - eddie from cheshire (Order No. M4187464) 26-11-2010
"Absolutely brilliant. The new bank transfer makes life so much easier." - Paul from Norfolk (Order No. M4207950) 26-11-2010
"very good service no problems would recomend to others" - ray from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4205449) 26-11-2010
"wow how is that for service ty so much.posted and money in bank account all within 24hrs. brilliant*****" - june from west midlands (Order No. M4205623) 25-11-2010
Every step was so easy. Very quick. First class service." - Catherine from Yorkshire (Order No. M4204962) 25-11-2010
"excellent service..two days turn around is amazing thank yoy so much.
a happy user" - Robert from Derbyshire (Order No. M4205049) 25-11-2010
"Thanks! Extremely quick and accurate. " - Simon from Devon (Order No. M4202604) 25-11-2010
"Excellent service. Really quick in every way and top price. I liked the fact that I had to give you my IME number so you knew exactly which phone you were getting, not just what I thought it was." - Wendy from Devon (Order No. M4202583) 25-11-2010
"Well one word...amazing. Sent my iPhone 3gs off on the Wednesday special delivery and received money in bank today (Thursday). Absolute hassle free. Had doubts thinking they would try and lower the price offered for some reason, but nothing of the kind. Best recycle phone company about. " - David from Lancashire (Order No. M4211798) 25-11-2010
"Absolutely brilliant service!! I was kept informed (via email) at all stages of the process, extremely easy, no hassle and excellent customer service even though I haven't actually had to call or speak to anyone at Mazuma all through the process (as everything has worked perfectly). I posted my phone and after just over 24hrs I got my money in my bank account - fantastic and well done Mazuma!!!" - Michael from London (Order No. M4212576) 25-11-2010
"very quick service would not use anyone else." - MARGARET from Northumberland (Order No. M4203588) 25-11-2010
"i am just writing to let you know what a brilliant service that you have provided. My daughter said about this service but i was very doubtfull and didnt beleive that old mobiles would give you cash, but it has and from the initial request the service has been fantastic. Thankyou." - Christine from Staffordshire (Order No. M4208496) 25-11-2010
"Excellent service
I have used mazuma mobile on 3 occasions now, everytime the packaging arrived quickly, 1 bag even arrived the next day after only ordering the night before. Once handsets had been received the payment was in my account the same day with no problems at all. Thanks " - sam from tyne and wear (Order No. M4170029) 25-11-2010
"I am thrilled with the service you offered! All from the comfort of my chair, I was very pleased with offer for my old moby, and had my cheque within 2 days of posting my moby to you!! How great is that? I will recommend you to everyone in the future, thanks again Mazuma!!!! xx" - Anita from West Lothian (Order No. M4199765) 25-11-2010
"Super cash back prices, super efficent and super quick turnaround! One word SUPERB!!" - Lana from Down (Order No. M4208307) 25-11-2010
"Thanks Mazuma, i looked at all the feedback and thought i would risk using your services with a very old phone first, just in case it didnt work or the phone got "lost". but i needn't have worried because as soon as id sent the phone off a cheque came through the door for the amount stated on the webpage. I shall now be sending my newer higher value phone off to them. well done and excellent customer service :)" - Lindsay from n/a (Order No. MM4197902) 25-11-2010
"1st Class service from start to finish. Very quick with payment. Many Thanks." - Jason from Devon (Order No. M4170445) 25-11-2010
"what can i say, Excellent service very Fast transaction, i would recommend to everyone thanks Mazuma" - ellishia from West Midlands (Order No. M4200891) 24-11-2010
"Amazing service! Website so easy to use, self postage printing really convenient and the online payment went in within 48 hours of posting! Excellent thank you " - Hannah from Yorkshire (Order No. M4205608) 24-11-2010
"Printed details from web on Sunday, posted on Monday and got the cheque on wednesday. Quick service, brilliant!!!!" - Jonathan from Lancashire (Order No. M4207884) 24-11-2010
"Superb Service. Wish i had have used you for all the phones i had. much better than the phoneXchange. Thank you" - Amanda from Essex (Order No. M4122662) 24-11-2010
"Received the cheque today. Highly impressed with speed and professionalism of whole service. Especially like the fact that you kept me informed as to what was happening at each stage of the process. Also pleased with the fact that you paid the amount as quoted on the website.

Thanks you and regards" - Richard from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4197878) 24-11-2010
"i think this is a great site to get rid off your mobile phones ..." - irfan from Lancashire (Order No. M4192123) 24-11-2010
"Thankyou for your very swift transaction, I will certainly recommend you to my friends
" - rosemary from Leicestershire (Order No. M4204205) 24-11-2010
"a seamless experience. Brilliantly well organise Thank you" - john from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4207231) 24-11-2010
"That was so fast...I like it." - K INNOCENT from Kent (Order No. M4210342) 24-11-2010
"Just a quick email to thank you all for the excellent service. Everything was dealt in a professional maner." - Jose Eurico from Kent (Order No. M4212188) 24-11-2010
"Dear Mazuma,

Thankyou very much for the hassle free speedy service that you have given me. I am pleased with the fast process and payment and would definetly recommond your services to family and friends. I look forward to using yoour service again in the future." - Kamilah from Surrey (Order No. M4207721) 24-11-2010
"Absolutly brilliant service! Soo pleased with what I received for my phone" - Charlotte from Kent (Order No. M4210742) 24-11-2010
"Fast and efficient service, thank you very much will contact you next time I need to get rid of a mobile phone" - Anette from Kent (Order No. M4201193) 24-11-2010
"Thank you Mazuma So qiuck and easy I will certainly recommend to all my friends" - Janet from Hampshire (Order No. M4193111) 24-11-2010
"Fantastic! i filled in the on line form monday tea time and the money was in my bank less than 48 hours later,
If only everything in life was this straight forward.

WOULD RECOMMEND WITHOUT HESITATION!" - darren from Durham (Order No. M4210642) 24-11-2010
"excellent speedy service, with no nonsense,will deffinatly reccomend.many thanks." - michael from Glamorgan (Order No. M4200669) 24-11-2010
"Fast easy to use service." - Stephen from Hampshire (Order No. M4190140) 24-11-2010
"Thank you for selling my phone, I was impressed with the speed and efficiency shown by yourselves, and will use you again in the future. Customer Services is so lacking nowadays and so it is great to see a company with your ethics." - Shirley from n/a (Order No. MM4201774) 23-11-2010
"mazuma is a highly efficent service with excellent turn around times. sent my phone on sat morning and had payment of argos voucher tuesday morning. thank you mazuma, will reccomend you to anyone and everyone" - phillip from Hampshire (Order No. M4191156) 23-11-2010
"most effective way to sale mobiles in the coutry" - keith from Yorkshire (Order No. M4198893) 23-11-2010
"Excellent and speedy service " - Yann from Cheshire (Order No. M4201577) 23-11-2010
Thanks so much for your prompt, easy, hassle-free service! Posted my old Iphone to you yesterday and got payment today (more than I paid for it 18 months ago in fact). Will definitely be sending you my used phones in future.
" - Aimi from Dorset (Order No. M4196308) 23-11-2010
"Thank u n mazuma great would use again x" - suzana from KENT (Order No. M4199208) 23-11-2010
"Fantastic hassle-free service ! I will be recommending you to others. Many thanks!" - Gary from Warwickshire (Order No. M4201384) 23-11-2010
"fast and easy transaction, considerably higher offer than any of the other mobile selling sites. all in all a very pleasant experience and I shall use this service again" - Grant from Lancashire (Order No. M4203534) 23-11-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service. Just sold you my second phone, and on both occasions both last year and today, have received the money the day after posting! Really happy, and will continue to use Mazuma in future for selling all my old handsets! Thanks!" - Andrew from London (Order No. M4194323) 23-11-2010
"Fantastic service from Mazuma. Posted phone yesterday via special delivery and POW! money paid straight into my bank account today. Truly amazing! Thank you, Mazuma." - Dave from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M4198766) 23-11-2010
"wow how efficient only posted it monday morning -very impressed and will tell all my friends Thank you" - lorraine from Middlesex (Order No. M4207482) 23-11-2010
"have recieved cheque after 3 thank you days brilliant service" - richard from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4201112) 23-11-2010
"WOW, excellent service, posted phone on monday and had the money in my bank tuesday. Will definatly be using the service again." - Lisa from Somerset (Order No. M4204524) 23-11-2010
"Decided to sell the phone Friday morning, money in my bank account Tuesday afternoon. Fully informed at every stage. Now THAT'S what I call service!!" - Dave from Yorkshire (Order No. M4204375) 23-11-2010
"excellent service quick and easy will do biz with your company again thanks again" - dean from nottingham (Order No. M4198416) 23-11-2010
"A message of thanks to you for the super efficient service dealing with my order.May my ex-phone continue to be of use to someone else!!! " - Moyna from Sussex (Order No. M4186711) 23-11-2010
"sold 5 phones now really please all straight forward no trouble mazuma ur the bestwould not use any one else thank you" - william from Middlesex (Order No. M4204489) 23-11-2010
"wow that was fast ....will recomend you to my friends ...thankyou" - julie from Glamorgan (Order No. M4201603) 23-11-2010
"Fantastic service, phones
for items cluttering up the draw. Money going to good cause as sponsering daughter to work in a South African orphange." - Jacqueline from Derbyshire (Order No. M4192169) 23-11-2010
"PERFECT!" - chelsea from Warwickshire (Order No. M4199099) 23-11-2010
"thank you for your fast payment method, we have used mazuma before. they are definatly number 1.
A*" - alan from Lancashire (Order No. M4201929) 23-11-2010
"What a fast and efficient service!! Excellent, will definately use you again. Thanks" - Tracey from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4202279) 23-11-2010
"Excellent, speedy service. Would not hesitate to use again or recommend." - Patrick from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4203212) 23-11-2010
"SIMPLE, EASY AND FAST. GREAT PRICE TOO THANKS," - NEJI from Middlesex (Order No. M4192808) 22-11-2010
"Excellent, fast service. Thank you!" - Antony from Sussex (Order No. M4201157) 22-11-2010
"I was very happy with the service provided by Mazuma and would recommend to others!" - Wayne from Surrey (Order No. M4174491) 22-11-2010
"Superb service other firms could learn from you,fast and efficient." - Colin from UK (Order No. M4201752) 22-11-2010
"great really happy got my payment the same day" - jordan from Cheshire (Order No. M4198501) 22-11-2010
"Well impressed very quick prossess" - Neil from Lancashire (Order No. M4192126) 22-11-2010
"i think mazuma is a great idea really quick " - nicola from Yorkshire (Order No. M4194173) 22-11-2010
"very fast service,
1 day payment straight into my bank fantastic
cheers" - tam from Northumberland (Order No. M4198894) 22-11-2010
"Very pleased. I chose Mazuma by rejecting other recyclers with poor feedback. Everything went smoothly, from placing my order on a Monday night to having the cheque in my hand the next Saturday. It could not have been quicker and you paid the agreed amount. I would recommend you based on my first experience." - Clive from West Midlands (Order No. M4195459) 22-11-2010
"Amazing!! Fast free post package delivery, fast process & payement, enjoy my old phone ;)!" - Steve from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4194476) 22-11-2010
"Thank you for your service. Excellent price and fast transactions, easy to understand and use instructions. Postage was easy, no extra cover was taken.
Good luck in your business." - Alex from Middlesex (Order No. M4199326) 22-11-2010
"WONDERFUL WONDERFUL SERVICE ! what u see is what they do sent phones off Wed and Argos vouchers del to me on Sat ! will use again thankyou >" - susan from Hampshire (Order No. M4172692) 21-11-2010
"brilliant service they do as they say phones sent on wed and had emails in between and argos vouchers del sat will use again. thanku." - susan from Hampshire (Order No. M4172681) 21-11-2010
"great service, as usual, thank you" - Elizabeth from Warwickshire (Order No. M4191160) 21-11-2010
"A totally spot on service by Mazuma.
They paid what they quoted.
All in all, a good service!
Have already recommended Mazuma to several friends, I hope they have the same experience that I had!
Thanks Mazuma :)" - Mark from Kent (Order No. M4180378) 21-11-2010
"Excellent fast hassle free service - will definately recommend" - GARY from Flintshire (Order No. M4175571) 20-11-2010
"Excellent service and very quick thank you very much hope to deal with you again " - James from Down (Order No. M4196850) 20-11-2010
"YOU ARE AS GOOD AS YOU ALWAYS ARE,WILL ALWAYS RECOMMEND YOU" - EDMUND from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4201966) 20-11-2010
"very pleased in the speed and the way everything went. will alway let people known how good this service is. thankyou." - Carl from West Midlands (Order No. M4199223) 20-11-2010
"within 2 days of posting phone,id received my cheque,great service
would recommend to any 1" - lee from ayrshire (Order No. M4193473) 20-11-2010
"Hi, I found you service straight forward & simple to use. Your team were also very helpful & pleasant. I thought others I know may wish to use your service & have given them your details. TM" - Terri from Middlesex (Order No. M4189213) 20-11-2010
"Excellent service,simple and quick to use and got my cheque a few days later." - david from Inverness-Shire (Order No. M4180911) 20-11-2010
"Phone posted midday, payment received 24 hours later.
First rate service " - Benjamin from Bucks. (Order No. M4195322) 20-11-2010
"Fast and efficient, and really simple. Was given a good price for my unwanted phones, would highly recommend to anyone. " - Angela from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4194563) 20-11-2010
"Recently sold you two mobiles, a joy to deal with, prompt receipt of the envelope, & prompt arrival of the cheque. Have recommended you to friends." - Gary from Lancashire (Order No. M4171056) 19-11-2010
"Excellent speedy service. Would recommend to everyone." - Angela from Lancashire (Order No. M4194300) 19-11-2010
"Didn't think it would take only three days from start to finish, frist class customer service and will recommend Mazuma to all my friends, thanks to all your team." - SANDRA from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4189502) 19-11-2010
"Excellent! Mazuma definitely earned all the good reviews on the web. Phone sent - money received. No hassle whatsoever. Thank you" - Olga from Middlesex (Order No. M4195742) 19-11-2010
"Fast payment,great comunication,best i would recomend to all friends" - Marius from Middlesex (Order No. M4199164) 19-11-2010
"Great service. Recorded delivery a must.easy and simples way of getting some Xmas present money for old unwanted phones. Thanx mazooma." - simon from Lancashire (Order No. M4190292) 19-11-2010
"Excellent service! Everything was really fast and the whole thing was finished in 3 days! Fantastic service, you can really rely on Mazuma for accurate, easy and fast service. I am so happy I decided to go with them after having some worries about the legitimacy. Really, REALLY satisfied." - Sadie from Leicestershire (Order No. M4198591‏) 19-11-2010
"Great service! And extremely rapid. Many thanks, will definitely use it in the near future and recommend it to many others." - Sonia from Middlesex (Order No. M4195593) 19-11-2010
"Excellent service all round. Very fast. Will always use mazuma and will recomend it to others.
Thanks" - Daniel from london (Order No. M4195799) 19-11-2010
"Guys, seriously impressed with your service!
This is the first time I have sold a mobile phone, and I was sceptical that it would work as advertised. Time for humble pie, outstanding service!" - Mark from Norfolk (Order No. M4191460) 19-11-2010
"Fantastic, quick & smooth transaction!! Very impressed" - Gemma from Hampshire (Order No. M4189247) 19-11-2010
"Excellent Service

Service was quick and easy. I would recommend Mazuma to a friend.
" - pritesh from whetstone (Order No. M4190693) 19-11-2010
"I am most happy! Sent my phone in the freepost bag sent to me by Mazuma on wednesday and had £85 in my account today! (Friday)
The same amount as promised!

" - Kate from Suffolk (Order No. M4185749) 19-11-2010
"fast, efficient and fabulous
vouchers :)" - julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M4181254) 19-11-2010
"i was very impressed with the fast payment and the service was good" - rob from Devon (Order No. M4183535) 18-11-2010
"Fantastic service, great communication & I received my cheque the day after the phones were delivered.
I would recommend Mazuma to anyone!" - Robert from Leicestershire (Order No. M4172891) 18-11-2010
"What a wonderful service! Put phones in the post on Tue, receipt email from mazuma on Weds morning and money in bank by Weds at 5.30pm!
Have already told a host of friends and family about the service and will definately use again in the future." - Joanne from Surrey (Order No. M4158723) 18-11-2010
"Great service, quick, reliable and money transfered into the bank quickly. I highly recommend this company." - Christine from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4187368) 18-11-2010
"Great service from Mazuma and very fast, friendly service from start to finish.

Many thanks!" - Robert from Lancashire (Order No. M4168888) 18-11-2010
"Excellent work guys, nice job. I posted my phone to you yesterday, and you paid me within 24 hours - very slcik." - Duncan from Middlesex (Order No. M4172020) 18-11-2010
"Very good very quick. I like the way we are kept up to date at each stage. Cheque should arrive tommorrow." - jenna from herts (Order No. M4190879) 18-11-2010
"Very quick and easy service to use. All done in a week. Excellent" - Robert from Essex (Order No. M4183560) 18-11-2010
"Mazuma mobile is a company I would definitely recommend, their service is first class I cannot beleive that I only posted my mobile off yesterday and have been paid today 18/11 what a fantastic company to deal with, and I will definitely be using them again." - sheila from cheshire (Order No. M4188339) 18-11-2010
"very good service indeed.
Thanks " - David from Essex (Order No. M4190166) 18-11-2010
"Excellent service. Posted my phone on a Wednesday the money was in my account the next day by bank transfer." - Sue from Yorkshire (Order No. M4188554) 18-11-2010
"Great service, the initial letter and packet form Mazuma was lost, but they quickly sent me another one, and extended the expire date for 14 more days. I got an email one day after I sent my phone to say it was received, and few hours later another email to say the money is in my account! Fantastic communication. Will use again in the future for sure." - Arnold from Essex (Order No. M4134892) 18-11-2010
"Really simple and a very fast transaction - very impressed!!" - Gary from Hampshire (Order No. M4190881) 18-11-2010
"Very fast, efficient and reliable service!
Thank you!!" - Priscila from London (Order No. M4182177) 18-11-2010
"Nice smooth transaction, quick payment and 'means what it it says on the tin'" - Ray from Warwickshire (Order No. M4180465) 17-11-2010
"Very happy with the service. payment was made promptly. Definatly recomment Mazuma to sell your old mobile." - Alex from Denbighshire (Order No. M4184449) 17-11-2010
"Excellent service, thank you" - Tessa from London (Order No. M4182571) 17-11-2010
"Amazing, professional service that cannot be faulted. Great communication and super swift payment means I would definitely recommend Mazuma Mobile to all my friends." - Julie from Hampshire (Order No. M4187184) 17-11-2010
"Very impressed with the quick service! Posted phones on Saturday afternoon, received cheque on Wednesday. Would definitely recommend Mazuma to our family and friends." - Carla from Sussex (Order No. M4184354) 17-11-2010
"Efficient and speedy and good value. I recommend you to everyone I speak to about selling old mobiles " - Allison from Flintshire (Order No. M4182516) 17-11-2010
"Good afternoon,

I just wanted to drop this note to let you know how happy I am with the service I received from Mazuma whilst dealing with the above order. I received my vouchers only two days after posting off my phone and was kept informed of the progress throughout via email. I will definitely be recommending Mazuma to my friends and colleagues. Thank you for your excellent service.


Stuart" - Stuart from Midlothian (Order No. M4174245) 17-11-2010
"best price on internet for my phone , i was skint , the fone was sat there gathering dust , contacted them on sunday recveived form tuesday by wednesday i had my money . first class 5 stars" - richard from Caernarfonshire (Order No. M4191594) 17-11-2010
"Wow what a great service. I would recommend you to all my friends

Thanks for your help" - Anthony from Northumberland (Order No. M4186689) 17-11-2010
"Fantastic service! Initial enquiry was easy to complete with clear and good price being offered. Once I despatched the phone I was able to track the progress and the money was in my account within 48 hours. Definitely recommend others to use Mazuma and no other recycling site.
Cheers and thank you" - John from Lancashire (Order No. M4184180) 17-11-2010
"Friendly and quick serice, this is the third phone I have sent to you, thank you , Paul" - Paul from Shropshire (Order No. M4190223) 17-11-2010
"I am very happy with the service provided, better then their competitors" - Jamal from Surrey (Order No. M4193779) 17-11-2010
"Just have to say can't believe how quick and efficient Mazuma have been. Sent phone yesterday afternoon and have received the cash in my account today already! Thank you" - Josephine from east yorkshire (Order No. M4176840) 17-11-2010
"Price lower that I could have obtained on e-bay (for example) but worth it for the simplicity and excellent communication. Thanks" - Martin from Glamorgan (Order No. M4183981) 17-11-2010
"Fantastic service, sent mobiles on Tuesday and by Wednesday afteroon money in my account. Would definately recommend. Very happy" - Pauline from Essex (Order No. M4183927) 17-11-2010
"excellent fast service thankyou very much" - donna from Lancashire (Order No. M4180318) 17-11-2010
"Fantastic quick service. Used twice. Brilliant. Would and have recommended it to my friends! " - Natalie from Durham (Order No. M4163078) 17-11-2010
"Used Mazuma website after reommendation from a friend. Easy to use, quick service and kept me updated. Good price too! " - Dave from Essex (Order No. M4187021) 17-11-2010
"Really really easy and quick. Not checked my bank but I was really surprised to see the email already. Thanks definetly use again and again. " - Kirstie from lanarkshire (Order No. M4182354) 17-11-2010
"Amazing service, I posted my phone at 4.30 on the Tuesday and by 6pm Wednesday the money was in my account. Highly recommend." - Sandra from south glos (Order No. M4189432) 17-11-2010
"Easy and fast service would not hesitate to use you again. " - Lisa from Surrey (Order No. M4183508) 17-11-2010
"Your service is excellent, I posted on Monday and banked cheque today.
Well done" - ANDREW from Glamorgan (Order No. M4183230) 17-11-2010
"Great service, thank you" - Hannah from Greater LOndon (Order No. M4187066) 17-11-2010
"Really good service and very quick. It's good to know the phones are going to be recycled or put to use.
The money helps too.!" - Kirsty from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4159081) 16-11-2010
"Very fast and efficient service - will definitely use Mazuma again." - Alison from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M4187103) 16-11-2010
"Iam surprised and delighted at your efficiency and proffesionalism.Iwill use you again" - Eric from Middlesex (Order No. M4193609) 16-11-2010
"Quick and fantastic service will for sure use again when I buy new phone" - Emma from Woodgreen (Order No. M4181628) 16-11-2010
excellent service
love to recommend you to all my family & friends" - paul from WILTSHIRE (Order No. M4185402) 16-11-2010
"Thank you! Amazingly quick service! Posted recorded delivery at 3pm on day 1 and money was in my account by 2.30pm on day 2!! Fab!!" - Carly from essex (Order No. M4193813) 16-11-2010
"Fantastic service. Quick and easy. " - Susan from Angus (Order No. M4173622) 16-11-2010
"all positive the service i revieved was excellent " - teresa from scotland (Order No. M4171750) 16-11-2010
"Really great service. Fast, easy and exactly as easy as seen on the adverts with no catches.
Thank you for your service and I shall recommend you to all my friends and family." - Jake from Kent (Order No. M4184885) 16-11-2010
"Excellent service, money was in my account 1 day after I posted the phones off." - Steven from Fife (Order No. M4186957) 16-11-2010
"brilliant,sent them my phone and every thing was done within a week,received my cheque and put it in the bank today,recommend to anyone, very pleased, will deal with them again,,,thanks,,,,,,," - robert from lanarkshire (Order No. M4180958) 16-11-2010
"brilliant fast service, Very impressed with the sheer efficiency of the sale. Well done." - nik from Cheshire (Order No. M4183019) 16-11-2010
"I am so so impressed with Mazuma.This is the 2nd time I have sold a phone to you and each time you have been brilliant. Posted phone yesterday afternoon - you acknowledged today that it had been received and I have received an e-mail tonight stating that the money will be in my account before midnight. That is what I call FIRST CLASS SERVICE - well done - you should be proud of yourselves. Thank you - I will definitely recommend you. " - Tracey from Edinburgh (Order No. M4171693) 16-11-2010
"What fantastic phne was in my draw and with in a few days of going on the web site the cheque was in my hand!!" - Steven from Flintshire (Order No. M4161096) 16-11-2010
"i found the service easy and quick i,m really pleased of how fast the whole process was thanks x" - tanya from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4176990) 15-11-2010
"Very efficient. Also you have me a good price for my handset compared to CEX and Cash Generator! Will use you again in 18 months when this contract expires! :)" - Stuart from n/a (Order No. MM4184258) 15-11-2010
"would just like to say thank you i posted my phone on friday and i have got a reply back saying my cheque is on the way. the service is fast and good " - Loveinder from Essex (Order No. M4180237) 15-11-2010
"mazuma is a fast and efficient way to sell your mobile phones. I am 100% satisfied with the service they provided. Dedinifitely recommend to everyone" - Xin from Glamorgan (Order No. M4159174) 15-11-2010
"Fast & efficient service. Fair price. Would highly recommend." - Jim from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M4185008) 15-11-2010
"nice and smooth,paid me what they said they would, will use again many thanks" - steve from Cheshire (Order No. M4182027) 15-11-2010
"Great Service!! quick and efficient.
Thanks" - Richard from Surrey (Order No. M4162575) 15-11-2010
"Was dubious at first as had never used this service before, but having now used it, can say I'm really impressed with the speed and efficency of the process- will be using you again!" - amanda from Lancashire (Order No. M4174334) 15-11-2010
"The service was very good, i had read through the reviews and though it would be a bit quicker. To say it took about 10 day it was still a very good service and would defiantly use them again. Thanks a lot Mazuma" - Edward from Derbyshire (Order No. M4134746) 15-11-2010
"super fast service,hassle free unlike envirophone who lost my blackberry earlier this year and i recieved nothing for my troubles." - anthony from Yorkshire (Order No. M4182510) 15-11-2010
"Excellent service thank you. The packing arrived prpomptly and the instructions were clear. I posted the phone to you on Friday and the agreed amount of money was received in my bank by 1800 on Monday." - Keith from Berkshire (Order No. M4151756) 15-11-2010
"great service & fast. made order on thursday. received bag on friday & payment made on monday. Sold my old n95. it was 3 years old.wasnt hoping full £66 which was quoted as phone has many cosmetic wear & tear. but it was complete £66.00.
will definately recomend every1." - s from Yorkshire (Order No. M4184247) 15-11-2010
"Thanks very much for such a smooth easy transaction. Very professional slick service from start to finish. I will recommend your service to everyone I know. Best regards Michael" - Michael from Essex (Order No. M4184481) 15-11-2010
"Amazing service. Very quick and professional and kept me informed all the way through. You gave me the best price I found offline and online. And I would defenatly reccomend you to friends and family.

Keep up the good work :-)
Scott" - Scott from west midlands (Order No. M4181639) 15-11-2010
"This is very easy to use and payment is made quickly. Also good to know that old faithful (but broken) phone will be given a new lease of life and recycled to one ot the developing countries. Good for all!" - Jane from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4185115) 15-11-2010
"well satisfied 10/10 to mazuma" - parmeet from Middlesex (Order No. M4179358) 15-11-2010
"Was really pleased with the very fast service " - James from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4174551) 14-11-2010
"Fantastic service 2nd to none very happy indeed. Just one thing why can't you just add the vouchers to the first card I received? Like a top up just a thought." - Tracy from Wiltshire (Order No. M4176853) 13-11-2010
"Absolutely outstanding service. I will definately be recommending to firends, and using again. Thank you." - Danny from Fife (Order No. M4170240) 13-11-2010
"what can i say just fantastic company fantastic service fantastic 11/10" - peter from Middlesex (Order No. M4166223) 13-11-2010
"Excellent 10 out of 10 fast efficient and easy to use !" - Rowell from Warwickshire (Order No. M4180746) 13-11-2010
"Amazing service.
Pleasently suprised with the speed and accuracy made by Mazuma Mobile, as i was slightly sceptical there would be loopholes and other ways possible to catch me out paying me the offered price.
But everything went down just as you promised, and nothing was changed.

Thankyou Mazuma Mobile for giving me such great service and doing exactly as you promised, with amazing and applaudable speed." - Lara from Derbyshire (Order No. M4182736) 13-11-2010
"excellent service never expected as much as that many thanks!" - alex from antrim (Order No. M4173920) 13-11-2010
"really quick simple service, muchos gracias" - paul from Essex (Order No. M4180687) 12-11-2010
"25 hours from postage to receipt of funds that were quoted in account. Wow !! Superb and highly recommended service" - Ian from Kent (Order No. M4182165) 12-11-2010
"I found your service very easy to follow. I will/am going to recommend it to other people.
Thank you" - Bernadette from Cheshire (Order No. M4154575) 12-11-2010
"Very fast, very happy easy to use will be selling another mobile phone with mazuma.Good prices.Thank you :)
" - Austin from Lancashire (Order No. M4179085) 12-11-2010
"Exelent Service. I got exactly the money they quoted me which I thought was more than it was worth. Received Money in about 12hrs from the time I posted it. WOW! speedy payment or what. Service was exelent would definately recomend to anyone." - Liam from Middlesex (Order No. M4180000) 12-11-2010
"Excellent service, extremely helpful and very quick turn around. Thank you" - Jennifer from Wiltshire (Order No. M4179198) 12-11-2010
"Thank you, you have made it so fast and easy.
thankyou" - Brian from Kent (Order No. M4179028) 12-11-2010
"Good Afternoon,

Ive used your service on a few occassions and its always been fast and efficient. I would recommend it to anybody.

Thank you" - Anthony from Gwent (Order No. M4182021) 12-11-2010
"Fast,speedy service,will definately recommend to others" - alison from Leicestershire (Order No. M4179014) 12-11-2010
"you guys are at the top of your field,I dont usually trust sites like this but was recommended by a friend, so decided to give it a try.I am very immpressed at the service, speed and progress updates, well done you!" - Grahame from Berwickshire (Order No. M4173952) 12-11-2010
"Absolutely first class. I'm really pleased. So professional and you delivered exactly what was promised speedily and efficiently. Well done indeed!" - Michael from Devon (Order No. M4174019) 12-11-2010
"FANTASTIC! What a slick operation. Would definitely use again and recommend to others." - David from Cheshire (Order No. M4164193) 12-11-2010
"I posted my mobile to you yesterday, the cash is in my bank today!! I'm really impressed :)" - Di from Cumberland (Order No. M4171728) 11-11-2010
"I haved used mazuma a few times and have always been veru happy with the service provided.I was really impressed this time as it was just over 24 hrs from the time was posted my phone til the money was paid into my bank account. brilliant!!!" - JAYNE from BRISTOL (Order No. M4166377) 11-11-2010
"I love you guys ... Please employ me ! To work for a company that has amazing service would make me proud ... You guys rock . :D Good day and keep up the great work ." - Andy from Lancashire (Order No. M4182487) 11-11-2010
"I highly recommend your unbeatable service" - Lou from Wiltshire (Order No. M4177725) 11-11-2010
"First time I have used Mazuma and I am seriously impressed by the quality of the service and the speed my order was processed. I would definitely use Mazuma again. Thanks." - Franco from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4164313) 11-11-2010
"Fantastic service, cash received the day after sending phone in. Thank you" - Donna from Derbyshire (Order No. M4167360) 11-11-2010
"what a fantastic service submitted the details got the envelope the next day and the money transfered the day after it was posted. would definately use you again.


" - shirley from Yorkshire (Order No. M4166080) 11-11-2010
"Excellent and hassle free. It was a pleasure. Thank You" - David from East Lothian (Order No. M4176657) 11-11-2010
"great service very fast cash will go to you next time i want to trade in my phone" - eleanor from Yorkshire (Order No. M4172946) 11-11-2010
"What a bloody fantastic service 11/10 !!!!! , better than other websites !!" - jason from Dorset (Order No. M4180032) 11-11-2010
"I am absolutely amazed at the speed and efficiency of your service. I read a lot of reviews before choosing who to go to, and although you didn't offer the most cash all your reviews were positive whereas some of the others were disgraceful. I am so glad I went for service over cash as I normally do." - Alison from Nottingham (Order No. M4181855) 11-11-2010
"Fantastic service - quick and very easy.
Thank you!!" - Harriet from Norfolk (Order No. M4177709) 11-11-2010
"thank you very much
it is very nice srevie" - hassnain from Worcestershire (Order No. M4171502) 10-11-2010
"Very fast and efficient service." - Tracey from West Midlands (Order No. M4176741) 10-11-2010
"I would like to say thank you so much for your great services I ever had, never had a better services than MAZUMA MOBILE." - Srkot from Essex (Order No. M4173393) 10-11-2010
"WOW - totally amazed at such a quick service thanks very much" - Nicola from Warwickshire (Order No. M4176770) 10-11-2010
"This is the second phone I have sent to Mazuma and yet again very fast turnaround. Should have my cheque tomorrow and I only sent the phone yesterday." - gary from fife (Order No. M4154144) 10-11-2010
"This is the 2nd time I've used you, fantastic service, recommending you to ALL my friends and family! I won't go anywhere else now! " - Carol from Durham (Order No. M4179488) 10-11-2010
"Perfect as always,This is the second phone i have sold to Mazuma and there quick response from sending the bag to payment in the bank is first class in every way,i hope to sell more phones in the future.
Thankyou......" - michael from Durham (Order No. M4177659) 10-11-2010
"Excellent service same as previous experience - the speed of your response is very commendable!" - David from Yorkshire (Order No. M4177142) 10-11-2010
"Amazing. Fast, efficient transaction. Thank you" - Dave from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4172501) 10-11-2010
"very easy to sell and very fast posting my voucher will be useing again 100% service " - chris from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4168733) 10-11-2010
"fast payment ggood site to use " - kevin from Durham (Order No. M4172283) 10-11-2010
"Fantastic service so far! Very quick... waiting for my payment but I am 100% confident it will arrive in due course. Thanks again!!" - Alison from West Yorkshire (Order No. M4166544) 09-11-2010
"Service exceeded my expectations. Could have earned a bit more at other recyclers, but Mazuma was recommended to me by my brother-in-law for service. Posted my phoned on a Saturday, money was in my account by Monday evening. Best service I've had from a company in years!" - Ken from East Lothian (Order No. M4153375) 09-11-2010
"Well impressed!! Deal was easy to arrange and payment was in my account the day after I had sent my phone in, I expected to wait a week or so. Great service - many thanks!!" - Desmond from Worcestershire (Order No. M4140868) 09-11-2010
"great job! Your service is really fast and efficient. I will definitely use it again. Thank you" - paolo from Middlesex (Order No. M4157586) 09-11-2010
"Superb! Great service.Great communication and fast payment.Many thanks." - stuart from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4146456) 09-11-2010
"Fantastic Service. " - David from Lancashire (Order No. M4166082) 09-11-2010
"Great company, great service! It's as simple as that. I've used your company twice now and on both occassions the whole process has been not only simple but fast aswell. Have and will continue to recommend your site to others. Thank you. " - Michael from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M4170604) 09-11-2010
"I have never experienced such speedy service from anyone,found you on fri afternoon,reg late fri afternoon,packet here sat morn,posted phone mon,money in bank tues lunchtime!And on top of that a huge amount for a phone that I thought was completely worthless.Thank you so much" - julie from Sussex (Order No. M4172122) 09-11-2010
"you got my fone this morning and in a few hours you had checked it out and put my cheque in the post very very good will use again and tell my family and friends about it." - Adrian from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4140926) 09-11-2010
"This is the second time that I have used mazuma and find your service extremely efficient. Thanks." - Lyn from Suffolk (Order No. M4167414) 09-11-2010
"Great service!! very very easy transaction" - Neil from Kent (Order No. M4169318) 09-11-2010
"very fast service really good " - steven from Glasgow (Order No. M4169888) 09-11-2010
"Wow such a quick and easy service. This is the first time I have used Mazuma and I am very impressed. Super quick service and good comms. I would recomend this to anyone" - Chris from Staffordshire (Order No. M4172282) 09-11-2010
"Amazingly easy and fast process and I am very happy with the price. Thank you." - Richard from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4172097) 09-11-2010
"Cant believe how simple and extremely fast this whole process was. Ive had those phones laying around for ages and the money really came in handy at this time of year! Many thanks for your assistance - I would HIghly recommend you!" - Rebecca from Derbyshire (Order No. M4173704) 09-11-2010
"thank you for a great and very fast service. will will definitely use mazuma again in the future." - margaret from Yorkshire (Order No. M4165932) 09-11-2010
"Fantastic service, unbelievably quick!
I've got the money today & I only posted the phone yesterday afternoon!
10/10" - Ray from Derbys (Order No. M4170954) 09-11-2010
"don't think you can better your service its tops. many thanks" - nigel from Yorkshire (Order No. M4170624) 09-11-2010
"Wow what brilliant service only posted phones on Sat had my cheque on Tuesday, will be telling all my friends and family about you.You made it very easy indeed.Thank you so much." - Daphne from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M4169946) 09-11-2010
"Unbelieveably quick transaction.....had money in my bank just 24hrs after sending first contact with Mazuma Mobile. Very happy chappy, definitely use Mazuma again & will recommend them to friends" - MIKEY from WEST MIDLANDS (Order No. M4176440) 09-11-2010
"Fantastic service, posted on Saturday, processed and in bnk on Tuesday. No hassle, agreed price given. expected a gotcha but none. will definitley ues again" - trevor from Warwickshire (Order No. M4172824) 09-11-2010
"I have now sold two phones to Mazuma Mobile and on each occassion I received excellent service." - Diane from Surrey (Order No. M4159478) 08-11-2010
"Fantastic service, very easy to use and payment was issued very promptly. The emails sent to inform me of progress were very useful and avoided my having to log on several times to chase progress. I shall recommend to friends and will definately use this service in the future following upgrades/faulty handsets. " - Lauren from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4153724) 08-11-2010
"That's the second phone I've sold to mazuma and I don't see how your service could be any simpler.
" - Graham from London (Order No. M4163134) 08-11-2010
"Great service - fast and efficient. Thank You" - Susan from Staffordshire (Order No. M4162242) 08-11-2010
"Very good service was pleased with fast responce and good communication throughout the process. I posted my phone special delivery Friday and had payment before 3pm Monday. I will be using this service again and happy to recomend to anyone. " - Fiona from Worcestershire (Order No. M4170184) 08-11-2010
"Excellent service - I have and will continue to recommend you to friends and acquantances. Thank you for your speedy service" - Joan from Yorkshire (Order No. M4154563) 08-11-2010
"Excellent service. Phone posted on Friday, payment in bank Monday 13.30. Will defineately us you again, thanks" - Cameron from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M4169735) 08-11-2010
"very easy and simple. will definitely use in the future and recommend to friends." - fiona from Yorkshire (Order No. M4142383) 08-11-2010
"very efficent. Great service!" - laura from West Midlands (Order No. M4159792) 08-11-2010
"I sold my phone to mazuma i got twice as much as my local recycle store offered me and the whole process was quick clean and easy i would happliy recommend mazuma to anyone who wants quick cash for there old mobile" - jonaton from Hampshire (Order No. M4165511) 08-11-2010
"Thank you for a fast and efficient service. Your Customer Service Lady I spoke to was pleasant and very helpful. I will certainly be using you again. Keep up the good work." - David from East Sussex (Order No. M4163501) 08-11-2010
"first class service in every way. Very quick and efficient-brilliant" - Frank from Powys (Order No. M4162644) 08-11-2010
"This is the 4th phone i have sold with you guys and the service is brilliant. With this order i posted the phone on Friday 5th November and revieved the money MOnday 8th November. Brilliant work. I will always recommend your service to my friends and family. Also the prices for the phones are great. Anytime i need to sell a phone from now on i will be using you guys. Great work Mazuma!!" - David from Surrey (Order No. M4169672) 08-11-2010
"Unbelievable service - started selling process Thurs last week had money in account by following Monday! - when I have sold phones previously it's taken weeks to complete the process this one two working days from my posting the phone! Will definitely use/recommend this service to friends & family." - Gary from West Midlands (Order No. M4170116) 08-11-2010
"I've got to say how impressed I am with your service from start to finish.
I was offered a price and accepted it and parcelled up the handset and posted it off. None of the uncertainty of eBay or similar; best of all I posted the parcel on Saturday morning and the money was in my account on Monday afternoon.
Excellent service; thank you." - Andy from Norfolk (Order No. M4172783) 08-11-2010
"Once again Mazuma have offered a perfect service. Very fast and reliable, I will highly recommend them to everyone! Five Star service. I am a very very happy customer!! :o)" - Ben from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M4158002) 08-11-2010
"Excellent service, speedy response and prompt payment. Couldn't ask for better." - Matthew from Hampshire (Order No. M4161765) 08-11-2010
"great service always a pleasure doing businsness with mazuma mobile A+++++" - laura from Warwickshire (Order No. M4161392) 08-11-2010
"Fantastic service - first time we had used Mazuma - will definitely use them again." - J from Lincoln (Order No. M4158971) 07-11-2010
"Astonishingly good service. Fair, transparent and efficient.
Thank you." - Emmett from West Midlands (Order No. M4166523) 07-11-2010
"Excellent service, received reply envelope within 2 days, got confirmation email of receipt of order 1 day after posting and took 2 days to recieve money. Will use you guys again." - Helen from cambrideshire (Order No. M4142976) 07-11-2010
"Absolutely faultless, speedy and efficient service, highly recomended!" - A Y from London (Order No. M4140531) 07-11-2010
"A genuinely excellent 5-star service, hassle-free, all promises delivered within the time specified. Brilliant. I would definitely recommend Mazuma and sell a phone through them again in the future." - Alan from Perthshire (Order No. M4164019) 06-11-2010
"very surprised how quick it took from start to finish received check today thanks " - mervyn from Norfolk (Order No. M4165597) 06-11-2010
"this is the second time i have dealt with mazuma and i would definately come back again. very fast service and payment, thank you." - diane from merseyside (Order No. M4164563) 06-11-2010
"It was a very quick and easy way to get money for my old phone. I thought I woulde be waiting weeks. Hopefully the cheque comes through just as quick. Thanks " - Emma from Surrey (Order No. M4150854) 05-11-2010
"very efficent, keep you informed very fast. Very impressed. " - charlie from Hertfordshire (Order No. M4152506) 05-11-2010
"Such and easy and efficient way of recycling unwanted phones. Thanks" - Susan from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4163538) 05-11-2010
"Unbelievable service! Money in my account as promised, and all within 24 hours of sending the phone??!! Brilliant" - Chris from Yorkshire (Order No. M4157551) 05-11-2010
"very fast and the usual excellent service.all completed within 24 hours of posting" - marc from Derbyshire (Order No. M4164753) 05-11-2010
"Brilliant and fast service. Ive used you before and ill use you in the future and tell friends and family to as well" - chris from Lancashire (Order No. M4159294) 05-11-2010
"Excellent service. I posted my old phone on the Monday, and the cash was in my bank account within 24 hours! The full amount as promised. Mazuma sent me an email to confirm they had received my phone even before the Royal Mail Tracker service could confirm it. I would not hesitate for a second using Mazuma in the future. " - Adrian from Lancashire (Order No. M4141287) 05-11-2010
"GREAT!! fast service and great communication! certainly will do business again with mazuma and recommendations will be given to my friends as mazuma is the BEST mobile for cash service! thank you!" - Hugo from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4161899) 05-11-2010
"This is a fantastic service! I got a great price for my mobile, the sales pack arrived within 24 hours, and the money was in my account by Faster Payment less than 24 hours after I'd posted the phone. I'd recommend Mazuma to everyone." - Andrew from Somerset (Order No. M4162454) 05-11-2010
"Great service realy easy and quick would use the website and the service again and would have no problem in recomending to freinds." - James from Somerset (Order No. M4153969) 05-11-2010
"This service was seamless and no less than fantastic. sent it off and within two days, payment received. Being updated throughout the process is a nice touch. Will definitely be doing this again." - DAVID from LONDON (Order No. M4153831) 05-11-2010
"Excellent service and so fast. Would definitely deal with again. Money in bank less than 24hrs from posting phones. " - Matthew from Durham (Order No. M4155049) 05-11-2010
"i was so impressed with this service i have told everybody not only was the price for the phone very good i couldnt believe how quick it all was, less than a week from the first enquiry to receiving the voucher
thank you very much shall definately use this service again " - edwina from Northamptonshire (Order No. M4100133) 05-11-2010
"Brilliant! Quick, efficient and really friendly (especially your mascot!). Thanks, i will definately recommend your service" - Sarah from Surrey (Order No. M4159686) 05-11-2010
"Fast & effecient service, will definitely use agaln. Thanks." - john from Lancashire (Order No. M4165993) 05-11-2010
"Thanks for a fast, fuss-free service. I will definitely recommend Mazuma to friends." - Ellie from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4158846) 04-11-2010
"Fast, efficient, fantastic service. Thanks a million. Will tell everyone about you." - Vivian from Glamorgan (Order No. M4159019) 04-11-2010
"Very fast service and will use again." - Mark from Norfolk (Order No. M4144608) 04-11-2010
"Great Service, Very Quick will use again in the future : ) " - toni from Suffolk (Order No. M4163227) 04-11-2010
"really great it only took two days from the point of applying and i had the argos vouchers through the door an amazing service thanks" - jode from Sussex (Order No. M4163177) 04-11-2010
"Very quick service. Had my phone posted free of charge, and payment processed within 4 days. Amazing." - Jenny from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4159457) 04-11-2010
"Fantastic service, received payment into my account the day after I sent my phone back, couldn't believe how fast it was. Would definitely use again. Well done Mazuma!" - Sarah from Gloucestershire (Order No. M4148304) 04-11-2010
WELL RECOMMENDED :)" - KELLY from Durham (Order No. M4139154) 04-11-2010
"Great service,wish all companies were as efficient." - daniel from Staffordshire (Order No. M4163092) 04-11-2010
"Excellent service. Really impressed with service and efficiency. Would highly recommend." - Natalie from Derbyshire (Order No. M4151425) 04-11-2010
"mazuma is 0% hype and 100% true to its word, well done mazuma for doing it right, fast and fair with your pricing, would recommend to everybody with an old phone oh and thank you :-)" - Gianpaolo from Kent (Order No. M4155446) 04-11-2010
"Thanks a lot - that was really smooth. G" - G from West Midlands (Order No. M4141628) 04-11-2010
"I sent my old phone to you on Wednesday 3rd November at 11:00, It's now 16:00 on Thursday 4th November and I've just checked my internet banking and the cash for my old phone is already in my bank! What a fantasic service! Instead of it lying at the back of a drawer I'm £35 better off. Congatratulations on doing what you promise. Best Regards Alex" - Alex from Lanarkshire (Order No. M4153621) 04-11-2010
"Perfect service. I sent my phones at 4 pm yesterday,and the money was in my account the next day, ith an amail to notify me. If only all business transactions could be this good. Highly reccomend." - jane from Cheshire (Order No. M4163834) 04-11-2010
"Once again superbly fast service, and best price for phone on the net.mazuma are a joy to deal with, and I have no hesitation in recommending them,well done" - Kevin from Bristol (Order No. M4156254) 04-11-2010
"first of all i would like to thank mazuma for their quick service. the delivery pack came the day after my order which is very fast. then i ruined my post bag so i e-mailed them telling them what had happened and they sent me another one out straigh away which i thought was excellent. Also they gave me a weeks extension on my expiry date as i couldn't send my phone off in time. The communication was fast and very friendly and i will definatley be using them again. thank you." - Kalvan from Yorkshire (Order No. M4129658) 04-11-2010
"Brilliant! Very very impressed. Posted the phone yesterday - Paid today." - Bruce from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M4166222) 04-11-2010
"Thank you for a superbly fast and efficient service. A rare commodity in this day and age!" - Ian from Herefordshire (Order No. M4165000) 04-11-2010
"Mazuma, your service is astonishingly fast & efficient. This is the second phone I’ve sold to you and each time you have dealt with the sale in a refreshingly simple yet effective manner. Please thank everyone involved! Best regards, Stuart " - Stuart from East Dunbartonshire (Order No. M4157397) 04-11-2010
"I sold my phone to mazuma and i was quite impressed with the service and i wont hesitate to recomend friends and family because i was very happy with the service.Thank you very much looking forward to doing business with u in the near future" - Irene from Essex (Order No. M4131775) 04-11-2010
"Wow! I posted my phone at 3.30 yesterday and received payment at 5.30 today. Great service, thanks!" - Emma from Sussex (Order No. M4157599) 04-11-2010
"Thank you for excellent service.Posted phone on Tuesday recieved cheque today Thursday,now in my bank.That is fantastic and we will recommend you to everyone we know.Once again a big Thank You" - stanley from Warwickshire (Order No. M4160299) 04-11-2010
"What a brilliant service, professional and easy to use.
Thankyou" - Anne from Lancashire (Order No. M4143837) 04-11-2010
"Really very impressed at how fast, efficient and convenient your service was. You have clearly thought through well what could be a daunting process for some.

Posted the phone on Wednesday and the money was in my account on Thursday!

Also very happy to find that I could get some money back for a mobile I thought would have had to have gone into a recycling bin somewhere." - Colin from Essex (Order No. M4160187) 04-11-2010
"The service was very fast and efficient from start to finish and I will recommend your service to friends and family" - Robert from Renfrewshire (Order No. M4159623) 04-11-2010
"Very fast service, good price paid, i'd like to thank mazumamobile for the payment and fast processing and royal mail for delivery. AWAITING CHEQUE VIA MAIL." - Matt from Staffordshire (Order No. M4164343) 04-11-2010
"Excellent Excellent Excellent, A***** all the way...such a prompt service no I got 145 quid towards my new blackberry. Thanks to Mazuma...yipppeeeee!!!!!" - Bally from Essex (Order No. M4154110) 03-11-2010
"Just a quick message to say Thanks! I always find your service quick, simple and easy to use! Brillant! :)" - Louise from Surrey (Order No. M4147903) 03-11-2010
"I was given your e-mail address from a colleague who said you were good to use in selling phones.

I found your service extremely helpful and easy to follow with a speedy turnover time. I would definitely use your service again and will let my colleagues know if they have a phone to sell in the future." - Avril from Bedfordshire (Order No. M4148882) 03-11-2010
"thank you for fast and efficient service, i would not hesitate to recommend you to friends for a great price very easy and excellent service " - Gary from Lincolnshire (Order No. M4162894) 03-11-2010
"Excellent! No complaints at all, fast easy service. Will recommend. Thanks" - Sarah from South Yorkshire (Order No. M4162168) 03-11-2010
"Fantastic, although I was offered a slight errrr deal elsewhere - I hear horror stories of companies taking phones and making up damages. This is the second time I've used muzuma and I can't fault it." - Annie from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M4149575) 03-11-2010
"Excellent service. Really helpful website and good comms. Thanks!" - Jeanette from Lancashire (Order No. M4161365) 03-11-2010
"Ordered the bag on Monday, arrived on Tuesday and posted my phone off. Paid full amount on Wednesday. Brilliant." - james from Ayrshire (Order No. M4163122) 03-11-2010
"Excellent speedy quick service, will continue to use and recommend you" - Kelly from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M4155125) 03-11-2010
"Once again a really great service, quick, easy,and fast payout with good choices of payment method my third time using this company and would happily recommend to others " - Darren from Berkshire (Order No. M4152958) 03-11-2010
"Fast, efficient service, will you use you again. Thanks" - Rod from Fife (Order No. M4153914) 03-11-2010
"all i can say is i have used this site twice now and both times i had a pleasent experience i sent the phones off and then by the nxt day i had a payment straight into my bank. I would defineatly reccommend going through Muzuma xx" - kim from Surrey (Order No. M4160593) 03-11-2010
"Easy transaction and kept up to date with my order process, I would recommend to anyone" - Ian from Merseyside (Order No. M4155600) 03-11-2010
"Superb service. Mobile sent on Friday - money on my account on Monday, which is next working day. Absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended if you are after hassle free and very efficient service. Thanks a lot! " - Jacek from Surrey (Order No. M4150893) 02-11-2010
"Excellent service, posted phone Sat, received cheque Tues. Can't fault Mazuma" - Philip from Monmouthshire (Order No. M4149125) 02-11-2010
"how quick was that,sent mobile on friday, money in my account monday, brilliant service cheers mazuma." - lesley from Warwickshire (Order No. M4152717) 02-11-2010
"Very fast and efficient service. Will use again if needed.
Many thanks." - Keith from Hampshire (Order No. M4154951) 02-11-2010
"I'm astounded at what an incredible service you guys offer and done with such ease and such speed. I will certainly be recommending you to all of my friends. Thank you!" - Kathleen from Dorset (Order No. M4151997) 02-11-2010
"Fantastic service. I would recommend your brilliant service to everybody. Thank u. " - Jacqui from Cheshire (Order No. M4135158) 02-11-2010
"Excellent service- Quick and efficient.
I will recommend you to anyone.

Cheers" - tony from Rutland (Order No. M4155578) 02-11-2010
"Thanks for your promt & efficent service everything went just as advertised on the web site.

Its a pity all business's cannot operate efficently as yourselves" - Philip from Warwickshire (Order No. M4156904) 02-11-2010
"Many thanks for a speedy transaction, I look forward to receiving my cheque tomorrow, excellent service." - Derek from Lancashire (Order No. M4156816) 02-11-2010
"Wonderful service:very efficient: thank you." - John from London (Order No. M4155102) 02-11-2010
"So pleased with this service, sold and recieved payment with in 5days. No complants. So very easy to do." - Linds from N e linc,s (Order No. M4155136) 02-11-2010
"Used you before, Good service and good price offered. Thanks ! Would use again !" - Carl from Worcestershire (Order No. M4156957) 02-11-2010
"I would like to say that Mazuma is a great service. I filled in 4 phone details on late Friday afternoon and had the pack on Saturday morning allowing me to send the phones and the money was payed in to my Account on Tuesday afternoon. I am VERY impressed and will recommend Mazuma to anyone I can.
Thank you so much" - Robert from Ayrshire (Order No. M4140527) 02-11-2010
"that was quick and easy+much easier to use than other companies" - stephen from Northumberland (Order No. M4135974) 02-11-2010
"Brilliant service as last time.

You should be proud of your company." - Jack from Staffordshire (Order No. M4141112) 02-11-2010
"Great service, very quick and received my Argos voucher ended up with a great food processor that I wouldn't of normally got so thank you will definitely recommend you and use you again in the future." - Claire from Sussex (Order No. M4137563) 02-11-2010
"Great service, phone was sent Monday am and delivered Tuesday am, phone was processed and money transferred by 6pm Tuesday.
Very smooth process I would definately recommend this to anyone." - Ben from Avon (Order No. M4152147) 02-11-2010
"First Class Services
Definately Use This Service

Thank You" - Marion from Scotland (Order No. M4157164) 02-11-2010
"Ihave to say this company is A+++ I posted my phone off on monday morning using the freepost option and by tuesday afternoon they had completed the transaction and the money was in my bank account FANTASTIC!!" - Karen from Kent (Order No. M4160045) 02-11-2010
"Extremely impressed - quick, simple and very easy to understand!" - Andrew from Antrim (Order No. M4155894) 02-11-2010
"Excellent service" - Ken from Sussex (Order No. M4159855) 02-11-2010
"Excellent service. No hassle what so ever. No need to use any auction websites to sell my phone. Very happy to use this site, received money on the same day as your received my phone. Thanks again Mazuma!" - Andrew from Lancashire (Order No. M4155034) 02-11-2010
"Excellent service once mazuma received my old mobile they transferd the money into my bank account well pleased with them." - John from Leicestershire (Order No. M4152376) 02-11-2010
"Another perfect transaction with the speed of Pegasus him self" - Jeremy from Derbyshire (Order No. M4155142) 02-11-2010
"This was a quick and easy transaction. Thank you very much." - Alyson from Manchester (Order No. M4158620) 02-11-2010
"Brilliant service" - F from Grampian (Order No. M4148417) 01-11-2010
"Faultless in what generally is a faulty world. Congrats" - martin from Middlesex (Order No. M4149206) 01-11-2010
"Outstanding Service; fast, clear and concise. Will recommend to anyone with a spare/redundant phone. Second to none." - Christopher from Berkshire (Order No. M4145773) 01-11-2010
"Excellent and efficient" - Natalie from Surrey (Order No. M4144694) 01-11-2010
"It is always a pleasure dealing with Mazuma, they pay what they say or return free... I made the mistake of trying a different company and they tried to rip me off, i had to pay 7.95 to get my phone back.. NEVER again, i will always use Mazuma and will always recommend them to my friedns... Thank you Mazuma..." - MICHELE from essex (Order No. M4155587) 01-11-2010
"Hi thank you so much for a fast and easy service. this is the third time I have come bakc to you and have recommended you to so may of my friends and family. Now that you do a bank transfer it is even easier to use. fantastic service. Thank you again. 100%" - Gillian from Staffordshire (Order No. M4156058) 01-11-2010
"Very professional company with excellent communication and very fast turn around from quote to payment.

Would always recommend to friends & family!" - Philip from Staffordshire (Order No. M4150246) 01-11-2010
"thank you it's a very fast service" - francisco from london (Order No. M4147294) 01-11-2010
"I received your voucher today. thank you for sending very quickly. " - david from Hampshire (Order No. M4086051) 01-11-2010
"Fantastic to deal with and fast pay out thanks " - Kelvin from cleveland (Order No. M4152179) 01-11-2010
"very fast and very efficient, thank you." - Brian from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M4152264) 01-11-2010
"I sent my Nokia 5800 off on Friday just gone and the full amount of £72 went into my bank this afternoon!!! Brilliant service & extra fast!! I asked for the freepost bag on the Thursday and it arrived the next day AMAZING thankyou so much, I will be giving you my iPhone 4 when I have finished with it and I'll tell all my friends about mazuma xxxxx " - Alexandra from Lancashire (Order No. M4152536) 01-11-2010

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