Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

April 2010

"Dear Mazuma, The money sent yesterday arrived yesterday, i've been really impressed with the speed you process the original order and then the payment, Thank you !" - Andrew from Kent (Order No. M3755698) 30-04-2010
"THE SALE WAS VERY QUICK AND hassle free thank you mazuma mobile " - carol from Cheshire (Order No. M3748645) 30-04-2010
"Excellent Service. So easy and quick. Will definately use this website again and will recommend to others. Thanks" - Sarah from Lancashire (Order No. M3767741) 30-04-2010
"I think Mazuma is a great way to recycle your old phones and make cash for them. I have used Mazuma more than once and find them to be very quick in letting you know what they are paying for your stuff and sending out the cheque. I will always be a customer and would highly recommend to anyone who has old phones or just ones they no longer use to get in touch with Mazuma. I know i will be again, thanks to all at Mazuma,keep the good work up!! Thank You." - Diane Annmarie from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3763040) 30-04-2010
"Fantastic service. I am really impressed by whole transaction very fast indeed. I will be recommending you to my friends without fear of being let down. Cheers" - callum from Derbyshire (Order No. M3768799) 30-04-2010
"Prompt excellent service. Highly recommended." - Joan from Essex (Order No. M3762965) 30-04-2010
"Absolutely Brilliant service. Done & Dusted in three days. Thanks." - Greg from Kent (Order No. M3771524) 30-04-2010
"my old found a new home thanks to mazuma ive now got a furniture garden set and new house phones everything was easy and quick with very little efort thankyou mazuma will recomend you to all my friends ." - susan from Worcestershire (Order No. M3740156) 30-04-2010
"excellent service,fast & friendly,would definately use again, thanks!" - frank from Devon (Order No. M3763929) 30-04-2010
"i am delighted with your service.this is the third phone we have sold to you.all good cheers" - alfred from staffordshire (Order No. M3516264) 30-04-2010
"i didnt realise how fast the prosess was going to be and i am very happy with the money i have recieved, i recieved the money 1 day after sending my phones off and overall happy to get rid of them many thanks." - laura from surrey (Order No. M3768579) 30-04-2010
"It is VERY unusual for me to bother to leave feedback. BUT your whole process has been SO efficient that I just had to comment. Well done and many thanks for an effortless and faultless experience. You were not the cheapest offer, but I decided that the feedback you had already received was worth the lesser amount. And it was!!" - Laurence from Middlesex (Order No. M3773996) 30-04-2010
"Incredibly fast and easy. Will definitely use again. Very efficient process. Thanks." - David from Hampshire (Order No. M3773621) 30-04-2010
"thanks for the help use website was easy to use and i will use you again." - kieren from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3769003) 30-04-2010
"Absolutely marvellous service! The Mazuma team made my weekend! :D" - Dante from Dorset (Order No. M3771879) 30-04-2010
"Excellent service. Kept up to date via email at every stage. Vewry fast and very impressed. Thank you very much and I will def use and recommend you." - Richard from Derbyshire (Order No. M3770518) 30-04-2010
"fantastic service. popped the fone in the post thursday,late pm,from N.Ireland,had a confirmation email from Mazuma at 4.00pm friday to tell me that funds had been transferred to my acc'. brilliant, thanks." - michael from down (Order No. M3756323) 30-04-2010
"Excellent service, prompt payment and very reliable would highly recommend" - Hayley from West Midlands (Order No. M3758294) 30-04-2010
"Nice and easy transaction! For me was not worth to wait 7 days for an ebay auction and I got exactly the same amount of money. congratulations for your bussines ideea!" - Claudiu from Suffolk (Order No. M3760635) 30-04-2010
"Yet again another fast and brilliant transaction. Keep up the good work guys." - Richard from Yorkshire (Order No. M3762313) 30-04-2010
"i have now sold 2 phones to your company and must say that it has been a pain free no hassle transaction ,from start to finnish ,well done and keep up the good work ,thanks again " - andy from Hampshire (Order No. M3757193) 30-04-2010
"only one word.Fast,fast,fast.
registred 26.04.2010 22.00
approved 27.04.2010
money on the account 30.04.2010.

Thank you." - ottavio from yorkshire (Order No. M3769578) 30-04-2010
"Mazuma is amazing. Very highly recommended. The entire process took just a few days. And that was including me messing up the envelope and Mazuma having to send me a new one. Thank you Mazuma! " - Joanne from Herts (Order No. M3749760) 30-04-2010
"Very quick AND over £200 for my phones. Perfect!" - John from Essex (Order No. M3755846) 29-04-2010
"HI. Just wanted to say thanks for the great & super fast service/payment on my recent order!

Will definitely use you next time I have a mobile to sell!

Best wishes!" - Neil from Fife (Order No. M3746514) 29-04-2010
"Wow! I'm really impressed with the service and quick response I have received from Mazuma. Whilst I didn't get the best price, after reading other reviews from other compamies who may pay more but didn't deliver, I would definitely recommend you to anyone who may be interested in selling their phone. Thank you Mazuma from a very satisfied customer." - Miroulla from Middlesex (Order No. M3761148) 29-04-2010
"excellent service received payment so quickly" - elizabeth from Northumberland (Order No. M3753593) 29-04-2010
"Very simple easy and practical way to sell mobile phone,will defenatly recommand to other people.
Thank you for everything" - Tibor from Cheshire (Order No. M3758253) 29-04-2010
"fantastic service will recco to anyone so easy to use thanks" - dean from west midlands (Order No. M3766175) 29-04-2010
"im so amazed at the quick turnaround ...thank you def send all mobiles to you in the future!" - innes from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3709047) 29-04-2010
"hi just like to say what an exelent service mazuma are quick and very speedy to complete sail who recomend to any,[ one cheers]" - linda from Durham (Order No. M3758618) 29-04-2010
"I thought your service was excellent. Very easy to use with good communication and fast payment. I also appreciated the advice on how to clear my phone of old data, nothing more I could have asked for.

Thanks!" - Mark from Surrey (Order No. M3715605) 29-04-2010
"first class service from start to finish. very fast.would use again.ten out of ten." - william from Co Antrim (Order No. M3762239) 29-04-2010
"Brilliant service, fast efficient and not complicated. Will certainly recommend you to all my frineds and family" - Minto from Surrey (Order No. M3738290) 29-04-2010
"totally happy with your service and i will be passing your card on to a friend and letting people know how easy it is to use your website." - jane from West Lothian (Order No. M3745108) 29-04-2010
"Very fast and easy to follow service. Thank you." - Kevin from Denbighshire (Order No. M3763027) 29-04-2010
"sent phone yesterday got the cash today! excellent service! " - andy from Staffordshire (Order No. M3764373) 29-04-2010
"Very quick and excellent service" - Anil from London (Order No. M3762953) 29-04-2010
"excellent service, will recommend to friends. thank you. " - Zakia from London (Order No. M3765207) 29-04-2010
"WOW so impressed with the super quick service. I will DEFINATELY be using Mazuma again.
Thank you very much!" - steve from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3768920) 29-04-2010
"thank you so much on how quick you got my money to me i placed order on sunday, tuesday got the returns bag sent the phones to u tues and today thurs i am 111.50 richer, by given you my old phones, thank you so much, i have now asked my family if they got any phones laying about to send to you so they also can be richer just by getting rid of old phones thank you so much" - shirly from Hampshire (Order No. M3764553) 29-04-2010
"Your service is fantastic. Posted my old phone yesterday, and money in my bank today! Many Thanks" - Lisa from Cornwall (Order No. M3766701) 29-04-2010
"Definately a happy customer! Mazuma are quick and efficient after sending my phone to mazuma I received a full cash transfer to my bank account the very next day. I will be recommending mazuma to friends and will be using them again in the future." - emma from Lancashire (Order No. M3769504) 29-04-2010
"thank you very much very quick and easy money paid in the same day once again thanks very much" - farmer from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3765629) 29-04-2010
"I only sent my phone in yesterday and i've received an email telling me they full amount quoted will be credited to my account before midnight tonight! I really thought it was too good to be true but it isn't! Very fast and reliable service!" - Amy from Yorkshire (Order No. M3766575) 29-04-2010
"wow applied online got the bag next day then payment the following day so fast & easy better than selling on ebay will use again" - sharon from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3770622) 29-04-2010
"Thank you for quick transaction
a good price and all went smoothly" - marion from Devon (Order No. M3768987) 29-04-2010
"We have used your company on a couple of occasions and you provide a service which is second to none, wouldn't hesitate to recommend you." - sara from Devon (Order No. M3764066) 29-04-2010
"I was amazed at the speed and efficiency of this service. Very impressed and would definately use mazuma mobile again." - Steve from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3764480) 29-04-2010
"Simply amazing,this order took 2 days from start to finish.I very much doubt service like this could be beaten. I shall certainly be back.
Thank You" - Moira from Ayrshire (Order No. M3771454) 29-04-2010
"wow very happy with the speedy payment,the same day u got my phone i got paid by bank transfer a few hours later.thankyou mazuma." - debra from Lancashire (Order No. M3768884) 29-04-2010
"very fast quick and convenient service" - jeni from Sussex (Order No. M3768058) 29-04-2010
"Fast, efficient, easy and hassle free are terms to describe the manner in which Mazuma handled the sale of my mobile. The money was deposited direct into my Bank Account speedily with a follow up email from Mazuma confirming the transaction which was both reassuring and impressive. Thank you! " - John from Hampshire (Order No. M3757342) 28-04-2010
"Swift, efficient service is much appreciated" - Stanley from South Yorks (Order No. M3756147) 28-04-2010
"Brilliant service - I sent off the phone in the Freepost envelope, you received it next day and the money was in my bacnk account the same day.
Pleasure dealing with you!!" - Alex from Perthshire (Order No. M3729194) 28-04-2010
"Amazing, super fast service, have recommended you to everyone I work with!" - Gwen from Surrey (Order No. M3761805) 28-04-2010
"Superb, fast service...thanks !" - William from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3751912) 28-04-2010
"i was well impressed with your speed of service,logged on last thursday got my letter and envelope friday very next day, and recieved payment straight into my account on wed 28/04/10 well done will certainly be recommending you to others thanks." - barbara from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3758832) 28-04-2010
"Excellent service. Efficient in all areas. Clear instructions, fast posting and payment. Thanx! =D" - Chris from London (Order No. M3749207) 28-04-2010
"Very quick and easy service. Will recommend to friends and family." - David from Staffordshire (Order No. M3760710) 28-04-2010
"love this company. The service is 1st class and will not use another. Happy to pass your details to family and friends. please keep this service up it is great to know that there is a compnay out there with good service. Thank you and look forward to using you again." - JULIE from Leicestershire (Order No. M3764755) 28-04-2010
"WOW! next day payment on my phone. Super fast service.
Cheers Mazuma" - Gary from Cheshire (Order No. M3761271) 28-04-2010
"Thank you for your quick and prompt service - will use again." - TRACEY from merseyside (Order No. M3754541) 28-04-2010
"A really easy and fast service. Posted on Monday funs in bank on Tuesday night and kept up to date thoughtout the whole process. Thanks" - Justin from Lancashire (Order No. M3760674) 28-04-2010
"thank you for giving me a good price for my old phone. realy happy with how fast your Service was 3 days :) cant get faster than that:) thanks again." - david from Glamorgan (Order No. M3766451) 28-04-2010
"Quite unbelievable! That was the quickest & smoothest transaction I have ever done. Many thanks!" - Frank from Lancashire (Order No. M3765690) 28-04-2010
"Quick and easy. Order submitted, freepost bag arrived next day, sent it back on the same day and payment came the day after!" - Clifford from LONDON (Order No. M3758496) 28-04-2010
"Excellent service. First time I have used Mazuma to cash in for an old mobile and the speed at which everything was processed is brilliant. Thank you for such a pleasant experience! Will definitely recommend to others and use Mazuma again myself! " - Nikki from West Midlands (Order No. M3755356) 28-04-2010
"Just want to say that Muzuma has been fantastic! Very fast and professional! I will deffinatley be using you again thanks very much" - katy from Lancashire (Order No. M3768672‏) 28-04-2010
" What a fast & efficient service.Complete transaction took just over 24 hours, Brilliant" - Simon from Essex (Order No. M3768564) 28-04-2010
"Fantastic service! Fast, easy and very quick payment!
I will recommend you to my friends!" - Tom from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3761017) 28-04-2010
"This service was just ridculously quick!! I just can't believe how quick the money was in my account AAAAAAA******* company, good for you! :)" - Philip from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3720641) 28-04-2010
"fantastic service. I can't believe how quick and effeicient your business is. I would not hesitate in recommending you.
Thank-you" - david from Lancashire (Order No. M3758275) 28-04-2010
"it was good service not complecated i was amazed how much money for my old non working mobile phone." - jacob from n/a (Order No. M4567) 28-04-2010
"Excellent service and prompt payment. I will definately consider Mazuma again in the future.

TQ." - Kamarudin from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3760604) 28-04-2010
"How easy was that....signed up online, details and bag received a couple of days later, bagged up and sent off and e-mail was in my in box within 2 days saying cheque is on its way, the phones had been collecting dust for 2 yrs and now £124 in my pocket.....SUPERB" - simon from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3744121) 27-04-2010
"Received the bank transfer yesterday afternoon (Monday 26 April 2010) after posting phones the previous Friday afternoon. Taking into account they are closed over the weekend, I was thoroughly impressed! Also very friendly on the phone! Thanks! " - James from London (Order No. M3757031) 27-04-2010
"I'm very happy with my transaction " - Rebecca from Somerset (Order No. M3753789) 27-04-2010
"My cheque has just landed on my doorstep, THANKYOU for the fantastic service which was very friendly easy and quick. I will use you again in the future and will highly recommend you to friends, thanks Mazuma" - Moira from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M3749318) 27-04-2010
"i found this service really quick, the comms were great, letting me know exactly what stage the order was at and i get some money for an old phone. really happy with it =]" - Steve from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3751090) 27-04-2010
"What a fantastic service. Posted it Friday and payment Monday Wow!! Must admit was a bit dubious as to whether the process would be underhand in terms of finding some slight issue with the phone and then reducing the offer price. But we gave you good phones and you honoured your definition of 'working' and paid over the money very efficiently. Would definitely use this service again." - Steven from Norfolk (Order No. M3752711) 27-04-2010
"great service great price will recommend you many thanks" - Martin from West Sussex (Order No. M3755782) 27-04-2010
"Nice and easy to deal with thank you." - Dennis from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3748870) 27-04-2010
"wow, the service was easy and fast, very impressed and will use it again! thankyou!!" - Hayley from Islington (Order No. M3760308) 27-04-2010
"Thank you for the prompt payment, The phones were only posted back on Saturday.
I will definaltely deal with you again" - Gill from Lancashire (Order No. M3746607) 27-04-2010
"Fast service, love it, thanks! " - Mathew from Denbighshire (Order No. M3760892) 27-04-2010
"Thanks very much for the cheque. Absolutely brilliant service - phone sent on Friday, cheque received Tuesday" - Francis from Devon (Order No. M3745561) 27-04-2010
"Transaction quick and simple. No complaints!" - Peter from Lancashire (Order No. M3757128) 27-04-2010
"fast and easy service,and complete with in five days start to finish" - gordon from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3761455) 27-04-2010
"absolutely superb service !! enquired, returned and recieved cheque in less than 7 days...cant get much better than that!!

i will be promoting you to everyone who listens !

thankou sooo much" - cheryl from Staffordshire (Order No. M3758975) 27-04-2010
"fast and efficient" - Ron from Fife (Order No. M3756410) 27-04-2010
"Great service, many thanks!! Very quick and easy, the transaction was made simple with all the information on the site and in the letter posted to me. Fair prices offered for phones and also quick payment I will highly recommend Mazuma to others." - Nick from Cheshire (Order No. M3758501) 27-04-2010
"Fantastic service, really quick payment and a very good price for my phone! Thanks Mazuma Mobile!" - Steve from Dorset (Order No. M3748642) 27-04-2010
"Great service, pleasure to deal with" - Tomasz from Midlothian (Order No. M3729163) 27-04-2010
"This was such a great service! it pays more than all the others phone recycling companys. I gave my phone to the post office yesterday at 4 and by today at 4 the full amount of money had already been payed into my account... thank you very much.
" - Jye from Hampshire (Order No. M3735754) 27-04-2010
"very fast and very pleased thanks" - chris from Lancashire (Order No. M3759013) 27-04-2010
"very efficient, easy to use service. good price paid.I'd recommend you and use you again." - clair from Staffordshire (Order No. M3755561) 27-04-2010
"Service was incredibly good and fast, took 1 day to receive the bag. I put my phone in it and just posted it in my nearest post box. The next day they had received my phone and I got my payment straight into my bank account. thanks so much!" - Jen from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3736056) 26-04-2010
"i have used mazuma mobile once before and it was fast and very easy to use and so i knew mazuma was reliable and so i used again for this order. i am delighted with the service mazuma provide and would recommend them to everyone. thank you to the mazuma mobile team. " - preet from Middlesex (Order No. M3724092) 26-04-2010
"I have used Mazuma several times now and each time I have received great service. The site is easy to use, the price paid for the phones fair,correspondence swift, method of sending off phones straight forward and payment fast.
Would recommend Mazuma to anybody." - Gail from Surrey (Order No. M3758772) 26-04-2010
"brilliant service used mazuma twice now and had no problems def recommmended" - callum from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3756807) 26-04-2010
"good quick easy way to get money for an unwanted old mobile phone" - ruth from n/a (Order No. Mm3758994) 26-04-2010
"This was a fantastic service, within a week the mobiles had been sent back, verified and payment made. " - Kathryn from Berkshire (Order No. M3750233) 26-04-2010
"Just a note to thank you for your excellent service. This is the second time i have used your company and i have had first class service on both occassions, your company definately does what it says on the tin. Once again thank you." - David from Lancashire (Order No. M3754094) 26-04-2010
"Absolutely amazing service, did exactly what they'd say on the website. Much easier with the freepost bag they sent to stop me from havign to track down the right sort of packaging. Very quick and easy!" - Jopie from Surrey (Order No. M3757674) 26-04-2010
"Thanks for a brilliant service, am looking forward to receiving the cash!" - Nicky from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3745859) 26-04-2010
"i was very pleased and inpressed in ur quick serves and will use u again and inform my friends . thank u" - maria from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3742542) 26-04-2010
"Very, very impressed. You've done exactly what you said you'd do in a very short time span with no mucking about. You have just blown the opposition out of the water!
Thank you" - James from Glamorgan (Order No. M3760601) 26-04-2010
"I would like to say a huge Thank You to the Mazuma team, they were fast, efficent and very helpful. The whole process was a pleasure! I will spread your name to all my friends!" - Alistair from Yorkshire (Order No. M3746876) 26-04-2010
"very good communication Thanks" - george from n/a (Order No. MM3718663&rlm) 26-04-2010
"Really impressed with the service. Fast and efficient." - Delys from Surrey (Order No. M3752110) 26-04-2010
"Process was very quick, payment very quick.. smiles all round :)" - Coral from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M3748988) 26-04-2010
"im really happy with your service. you give a good price and very fast service thank you" - samantha from lancs (Order No. M3755256) 26-04-2010
"Excellent service - Fast and effecient. Thank You" - Colin from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3749811) 26-04-2010
"fantastic service thanku" - robert from Cheshire (Order No. M3740855) 26-04-2010
"I would recomend Mazuma to anyone, so simple and easy I posted my phone on a Monday evening, and the money was in my bank Tuesday afternoon, Perfect I would always use Mazuma when ever I need to send any old mobiles again, cant fault them." - Elaine from Staffordshire (Order No. M3725294) 26-04-2010
"what a great service,kept well informed and very quick payment, would recommend to anybody.thanks" - alan from Lancashire (Order No. M3747761) 25-04-2010
"A fast, fuss-free service with an excellent payout for my old mobile: thank you!" - Catherine from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3751525) 25-04-2010
"Fantastic!! Very quick and easy site to use! Under a week for the whole process to start and finish!! Amazing!!! Very quick and efficient!!" - Lisa from n/a (Order No. MM3752365&rlm) 25-04-2010
"very good service, really enjoyed using this service and very quick postal as well of the freepost abg and chequqw. Big thumbs up from where im sitting :D
thanks again :)" - Gareth from Hampshire (Order No. M3724527) 25-04-2010
"Fantastic service!! Very quickly dealt with my order. Will definately be recommending Mazuma to my friends and colleagues via council intranet. Thanks once again." - Evelyn from Banffshire (Order No. M3742518) 25-04-2010
"fast and great service will deffintly use again , thank you for your fast and first class service." - John from Lancashire (Order No. M3744540) 25-04-2010
"fast free and friendly. i couldnt believe how easy it really was to trade my old phone in Thankx mazuma staff your AWESOME!" - nicola from Yorkshire (Order No. M3752787) 25-04-2010
"Unbelievably brilliant service!! Placed my 'order' on day 1, received my postage bag and posted my phone day 2, Mazuma rec'd my phone on day 3 and I rec'd my cheque day 4. How simple and amazing is that!! I never thought it would be this easy and I will only ever use Mazuma from now on. Well done and thanks very much x" - Gill from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3633519) 25-04-2010
"I found it so easy to sell my old phone,i got a really good price.I applied to sell my phone on wednesday, received my postal bag on thursday,informed on friday my money was in the post. I recieved a cheque saturday. Well inpressed. Would recommend to friends. Thankyou." - william from Cheshire (Order No. M3750325) 25-04-2010
"Thank you for the fabulous service. Easy & free from start to finish and payment made immediately. Wouldn't sell my phone anywhere else.
Thanks again" - Elisabeth from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3731154) 24-04-2010
"thankyou mazuma! this is the third time i've used you guys and i am still amazed by how fast things are processed! thanks again! " - sharon from Derbyshire (Order No. M3751618) 24-04-2010
"I can only say how extremely prompt and efficient you have been in all you actions from receiving my old mobile and sending a cheque back to me. Thank you." - Valerie from Kent (Order No. M3753574) 24-04-2010
"Thank u for my payment it was very quick and easy to do thanx." - Dawn from Worcestershire (Order No. M3749175) 24-04-2010
"I applied online and within less than a week I recieved cash straight into my bank account! The service has been amazing and efficient and I got a better deal with mazuma than anyone else. Thank you Mazuma " - Chaima from Lancashire (Order No. M3746689) 24-04-2010
"Very proffessionsal, Very Fast
excellent I will use mazuma again

The Argos voucher scheme is fantastic for
mums with birthdays to pay for like me
" - Linzi from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M3743460) 24-04-2010
"Fantastic service. Sold my Nokia late Wednesday. Pre-paid envelope arrived the next day. Posted my phone off late Thursday. E-mail from Mazuma the next day saying my phone had arrived, been checked and payment was on its way. Cheque arrived Sat. All in 40 hours. 5 stars. Will be recommending Mazuma to all I know. All things in life should be this easy and a great price as well." - Mark from Hampshire (Order No. M3754520) 24-04-2010
"Best customer service i have ever received. I requested the jiffy bag on the monday, which i received on tuesday, sent the bag off on weds and received my argos voucher on the sat. did not even take a week! they permently sent me emails and i received an amazing amount for a phone i had about 3 years ago! im not doing it again with my older mobiles! really happy!" - shelley from Norfolk (Order No. M3661980) 24-04-2010
"Great service! sent my phone off and within days i had recived my cheque in the post! would deffinatly recomend!" - Alistair from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3720686) 23-04-2010
"Excellent service! Very fast at processing the order!! Great company would defo reccommend!!!!" - Natalie from Hampshire (Order No. M3745939) 23-04-2010
"Excellent, extremly fast!!!
Took phone to post office Tuesday, spec delivery, money into my account 4pm Thursday!! brilliant, would use again!" - Laura from Hampshire (Order No. M3740398) 23-04-2010
"Excellent service,couldn't believe how quick the whole process was, will now hunt around for other obsolete phones and I'm helping the environment. Thank you" - Julie from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3749737) 23-04-2010
"Excellent service and a reasonable price for the mobile. Cheque was in the bank 2 days after posting the phone. I'll definitely be back." - fred from Shropshire (Order No. M3735803) 23-04-2010
"What excellent service! Sent off my N95 on 21/04/10 and received a cheque for full amount £112.00 on 23/04/10. If you have a small amount of time on your hands, how about running the country, we would be out of this mess in no time !! Thanks very much, when my next contract runs out, I WILL BE BACK.!!" - Mark from Kent (Order No. M3750774) 23-04-2010
"Easy fast transaction, I was sceptical but I am very satisfied." - Steve from Lancashire (Order No. M3745210) 23-04-2010
"Very good and efficient service. Incredible speed.
Many Thanks" - David from Surrey (Order No. M3737510) 23-04-2010
"Excellent service and i will definately recommend to friends " - Louise from Cheshire (Order No. M3753073) 23-04-2010
"Once again an excellent service, sent special delivery wednesday afternoon and money paid into back account thursday lunchtime.
Excellent service thankyou." - Nicola from Kent (Order No. M3742837) 23-04-2010
"Thanks for quick payment will recommend you to all friends and family" - linda from Midlothian (Order No. M3738928) 23-04-2010
"i found it so easy to use by following the simple steps that you have in place.thanks" - PHYLLIS from ARMAGH (Order No. M3750006) 23-04-2010
"Fast efficient and does exactly what you said it would 5 star performance, I only wish everything was this simple. Thanks Mazuma" - Jonathan from Cumberland (Order No. M3756748) 23-04-2010
"very good quick in checking the phone and sorting out the payment, but the envelope wasnt padded and was a bit worred that my phones would get damaged, so i padded them my self
but overall good :)" - Jade from Cornwall (Order No. M3732462) 23-04-2010
"Wow what speedy service this is. I sent my phone yesterday by Special Delivery and today I am notified by email to say that my cheque is in the post. I have told my friends about you and they too are going to be in touch soon to sell their old phones. I would like to know what you do with them? Regards" - Sylvia from Middlesex (Order No. M3750357) 23-04-2010
"Very impressed by the speed and professionalism you have shown. Will use you again and recommend you to others!" - Michael from Sussex (Order No. M3751006) 23-04-2010
"I've used your service twice and have found it easy, very fast and efficient. I therefore have no reason to go elsewhere when I want to sell mobile phones in future !" - andrew from London (Order No. M3757096) 23-04-2010
"Great service. Super fast.
Thanks" - John from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3745012) 23-04-2010
"All I can say is Wow!What service. Sent phone on Wednesday, you received it Thursday, had cheque by Friday! I read a lot of reviews of other companies who would have paid me slightly more, but went with you because of your excellent feedback and I'm glad I did. I will certainly recommend you to friends and family. Thank you!" - Lisa from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3752758) 23-04-2010
"Another piece of great service from you. Phones in my hand one day and cheque in my hand two days later. Can't ask for better service than that! thank you very much." - Lisa from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3754393) 23-04-2010
"SUPERB service,I am very impressed with the promptness and communication made,I will be recommending mazuma to everyone I know and thank u again for the professional service, and I look forward to receiving the cheque.
Many Thanks" - Lana from Leicestershire (Order No. M3756820) 23-04-2010
"A first class service from start to finish. Very prompt. I will recomend you to anyone wishing to recycle their old phone.
Thank You." - angela from west lothian (Order No. M3739848) 23-04-2010
"I was very impressed with the speed in your service and the simplicity of process" - Cheryl from Derbyshire (Order No. M3751787) 23-04-2010
"very impressed with service received." - Clare from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M3727548) 23-04-2010
"Nice one. VERY quick service. I'm only bothering to leave feedback because I'm so impressed with the effciency of this service and it's worh letting people know when thy're doing something right. I only posted my phone yesterday and it's all done. Thankyou very much. I know where to come next upgrade. Cheers." - Darren from Leicestershire (Order No. M3746019‏) 23-04-2010
"Sent off mobile phones 22/04/2010 received email staing they were received 24/04/2010 payment received on same day excellent service mazuma thank you. " - Linda from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3745669) 23-04-2010
"This is the second time i`ve sold to you and again you were super fast.Posted phone yesterday and money in my bank today :) I love you guys X" - susan from Devon (Order No. M3751789) 23-04-2010
"brilliant service very effecient sent phone back within a day payment in my account 10/10" - David from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3732067) 23-04-2010
"thank you very much i will use you again and tell poeple about you" - mark from Yorkshire (Order No. M3755380) 23-04-2010
""Mazuma Mobile" have delivered yet again. This is the second time i have used this service, this time i opted for the direct payment into my bank account, i posted my phone off yesterday with "next day delivery" and 24 hours later, the money is in my bank account. Well done Mazuma, a company that actually does what it says it will. Keep up the good work." - Gary from berks (Order No. M3729973) 23-04-2010
"thank you for your fast and good service
it was very good and a pleasure to work with you" - e c from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M3756747) 23-04-2010
"Fantastically easy and efficient service which worked simply, quickly and without hidden clauses. Would recommend this service to all. Well done and thank you." - Joanne from Cheshire (Order No. M3744741) 23-04-2010
"your service is fast friendly and u pay the best prices for used phones i entirely satisfied with the service u gave me and i will recomend and use you again thanks" - john from Lancashire (Order No. M3754487) 23-04-2010
"really really impressed with the fast prompt service,and 82quid in my hand,well done mazuma mobile,youre top notch,ill recommend you to everyone" - neil from n/a (Order No. Mnknown atm) 23-04-2010
"placed order late sunday, envelope arrived early tues. posted tues night. money in bank weds. love you guys! " - paul from Liverpool (Order No. M3749869) 22-04-2010
"very happy with service, all too easy!!
Do you sell 2nd hand mobiles too?" - ed from Cornwall (Order No. M3719846) 22-04-2010
"just like to say thank you your service is amazing no fuss no lies you do what you say and you do it quickly. will recommend you to all my friends." - karen from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3729567) 22-04-2010
"Great service, phone was in a drawer for a year, £82.00, brilliant!!" - john from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3732630) 22-04-2010
"Great Service - thank you." - Michelle from n/a (Order No. MM3750773) 22-04-2010
"I got a fair price for my old phone and the service was better than promised. I would recommend Mazuma and will use it again." - Alan from Essex (Order No. M3748825) 22-04-2010
"I am amazed at how quickly you processed the order.
Good price for my phone and excellent service. Simple and efficient.
I will be recommending you to everyone.
Thank you!" - Alan from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3743628) 22-04-2010
"This is what i call a service.Posted phone on Tuesday,order processed Wednesday,Cheque in my bank on Thursday.Would recommend Mazuma to anyone." - Paul from Kent (Order No. M3746530) 22-04-2010
"Thankyou yet AGAIN for a brilliant service, posted phone yesterday, cash in my account today, how quick is that !!!!!!!!!!
congratulations to all the team at Mazuma !!!!!
Many many thanks & bast regards." - Duncan from Yorkshire (Order No. M3746778) 22-04-2010
"Second time I've used Mazuma this time I sold my iPhone 16G 3G and the experience was so easy, quick and reliable.

I would recommend Mazuma everytime." - Rob from Hants (Order No. M3740010) 22-04-2010
"Amazing!!! I only posted my old phone yesterday at 4.30 pm and by 2.30 the next day the phone had been received, processed and the money paid into my bank. Thanks " - noel from Durham (Order No. M3750305) 22-04-2010
"What a great service very prompt I received your cheque today.
Thanks again" - Steve from Norfolk (Order No. M3740006) 22-04-2010
"Once again a very efficient and speedy service. I am recycling donated phones to raise funds for the local charity that I work for.Thanks Mazuma" - Jane from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3750959) 22-04-2010
"easy transaction. thanks very much" - stephen from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3744440) 22-04-2010
"Prompt! Polite!! Perfik!!!

Thanks for a speedy and efficient service.
It is as easy as you say it is!" - Trevor from Worcestershire (Order No. M3750409) 22-04-2010
"great service as usual thanks" - carl from Lancashire (Order No. M3748144) 22-04-2010
"Good service, good prices + i like the fact that i can come in with the delivery note + phone and pick up a cheque straight away. I'd highly recommend this service to anyone. Cheers" - Ernest austyn from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3745468) 22-04-2010
" very fast and easey to complete thank you" - Terence from Wigtownshire (Order No. M3749284) 22-04-2010
"What a fantastic service!!!
Very efficiant prompt well managed service..
Spoke to customer services first time every time and got the well answered questions i wanted.
Shall look forward to recieving my cheque and reccommend you and your fab service to everyone!!
Many Thanks" - Ashley from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3739745) 22-04-2010
"how quick was that brilliant service i put it on facebook i was that pleased thanx" - linda from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3747228) 22-04-2010
"i found this service very fast and reliable i'll be using them again and would recommend them to others" - Gareth from Lancashire (Order No. M3752268) 22-04-2010
"This is the second phone I've rehoused through you lot, and I just wanted to say thanks for the impressive speed of your service.

On both occasions I have ordered the envelope on day 1, received it and sent the phone back on day 2, and been paid on day 3!

There were a couple of compaines offering more for the phone I sent this time (Royal Mail offered £116 compared to your £102) but I chose you because I doubt they could beat your time frame.

Thanks again." - Luke from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3747010) 22-04-2010
"thank you for a very fast trasaction happy to deal with you again " - caroline from kent (Order No. M3750677) 22-04-2010
"Very quick service, only posted phone on Tuesday and you have already received and processed the phone.... Brilliant service" - Jason from Norfolk (Order No. M3727400) 22-04-2010
"This is the second time i have used your services,only sunday night i gave you details of the phones i wished to sell, by tuesday i had recieved all paper work and postal bag, wednesday morning i posted the phones to you i was amazed to see the paypent in my bank on thursday. Wow well done you offer the best ever quality service and believe me i will be telling all .please except my sincere thanks to all at Mazuma." - david from Hampshire (Order No. M3748030) 22-04-2010
"thanks for the hassle free transaction and great communication!!!" - kevin from Durham (Order No. M3748039) 22-04-2010
"Fantastic service and super fast. Really true to your word on pricing unlike some others I have heard. Thanks" - Steven from Yorkshire (Order No. M3748271) 22-04-2010
"Excellent service. Definetely the benchmark for others to aspire too. Could not ask for a better service and process." - Stephen from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3744327) 21-04-2010
"Can't believe how quick it was and easy, thank you!" - Rachel from Hampshire (Order No. M3744585) 21-04-2010
"Very prompt and efficient service. I am very pleased with the money I received from my phones. I will certainly use the service again in the future and will recommend your company to all my friends and relatives." - sarah from West Midlands (Order No. M3738988) 21-04-2010
"love the service but would be good if you had another form of payment as i dont have a uk account yet. perhaps western union or somethin" - fritz from Surrey (Order No. M3736737) 21-04-2010
"I found your service to be quick and very reliable. I will be sure to use your company again if I have anymore phones to sell.
I would certainly recommend your site to friends and family.
Many thanks" - Sylvia from west midlands (Order No. M3744405) 21-04-2010
"Brilliant service! Quick payment. Will use again for sure! Thanks!" - emma from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3723952) 21-04-2010
"Excellent service, couldn't be happier, thanks." - david from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3740044) 21-04-2010
"Thank you for a speedy and easy transaction. Very impressed." - Lily from Kent (Order No. M3739823) 21-04-2010
"Faultless service!

Super quick payment received the money into my account 24 hours later! Glad i chose Mazuma! Other companies may offer a couple pound more but not for this quick and easy service! Well done little guy! :-)" - Dan from Essex (Order No. M3738207) 21-04-2010
"Thankyou for your really excellent and seamless service - will recommend A++++++++++++ " - ENID from ESSEX (Order No. M3738956) 21-04-2010
"hello, i am very glad of your services! this is the second phone i have sent to you and i was worried at first but i have felt at ease using yur service and means i have cleared my draw of phones!! thanks for all your help." - Kayleigh from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M3734330) 21-04-2010
"exerlant service thank you " - Paul from Lancashire (Order No. M3739787) 21-04-2010
"Brilliant service, can't believe how quick it was!
Will definatly use this again " - Kelly from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3750179) 21-04-2010
"Fantastic service. will be recommending you to friends!. kept me informed at all times. rapid payment and no fuss what so ever!.great service!" - Will from Lancashire (Order No. M3739077) 21-04-2010
"Since I used 1years with muzuma. I can recommand to anydody best service in any other company. 100% Faster payment as well." - Humayun from ST johns wood (Order No. M3745594) 21-04-2010
"very happy with the service u provided me highly recomended and thanks again" - darren from Derbyshire (Order No. M3745355) 21-04-2010
"Excellent service from start to finish. The bag arrived the day after the initial order and the cheque was here within a week of despatching the phones. I sold four handsets and the price was very fair when compared with other sites. Maybe a bit more on one was balanced by a bit less on another one. Overall a very good experience." - Linda from Yorkshire (Order No. M3724476) 21-04-2010
"Cannot believe the speed and efficiency these transactions have been completed. Very pleased. My money is going to charity so they will welcome this, and I appreciate I haven't had to chase, like you would with most companies. Well done. " - Irene from Middlesex (Order No. M3729970) 21-04-2010
"Quality service, so fast, so simple and so easy.
Great way to make a few £'s with little or no fuss.
Would def suggest to others to use Mazuma" - Andrew from Nairnshire (Order No. M3741689) 21-04-2010
"Really pleased with the service from mazuma so easy to do! Only sent the phones yesterday dinner and had the money which was originally offered put into my account the next day excellent thanks" - Michelle from Derbyshire (Order No. M3734567) 21-04-2010
"Very easy process, email updates along the way and cheque payment received for full amount within a few day of posting off the `phones. V impressed. Good service." - Stuart from Surrey (Order No. M3731869) 21-04-2010
"it's the second time i've used you guys, and your service is impeccable. quick, honest and carefree. thanks folks! i'd highly recommend you to anyone." - paul from Liverpool (Order No. M3749869) 21-04-2010
"Thank you very much, can't believe how quick it all was - your service is EXCELLENT (and very easy!)" - Karen from Kent (Order No. M3744737) 21-04-2010
"Easier, less hassle and a better price paid than ebay. Well recomended.Thanks." - Stephen from Cheshire (Order No. M3745135) 21-04-2010
"I would just like to say thank you very much for your efficient service that you have provided. Within 4 days my cheque is already being posted to me! I would definately use you again in the future for other phones I have lying around. " - Rebecca from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3746712) 21-04-2010
"Wow... Impressive. I posted phones yesterday. cheque in the post today (next day). That is service.
Thank you" - Norman from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3749896) 21-04-2010
"Thankyou for prompt action taken and very happy with emails keeping me up to date with the progress of the order" - walter from Wiltshire (Order No. M3738033) 21-04-2010
"Excellent service, will recommend to others.
" - Samantha from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3749426) 21-04-2010
"Brilliant convenient speedy service. Will definitely be recommending your company to all my friends and family" - Nuala from County Down N Ireland (Order No. M3739500) 21-04-2010
"Ridiculously quick processing and payment- so impressed! thanks!" - Rachel from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3738635) 21-04-2010
"Amazing how you deal with your customers,the service fast and friendly all i can say to your team is keep up the work and i will deffinetly introduce family and friends to Mazuma mobile " - Walter from Surrey (Order No. M3737014) 20-04-2010
"fantastic service
quick, easy & efficient! thanks" - alison from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3738147) 20-04-2010
"I sent my Mobile at 5pm yesterday and no at 12pm the following date you have sent the money and kept in contact . what a fantastic service

Thanks Mazuma for working your magic" - Gary from west yorks (Order No. M3725695) 20-04-2010
"This is a fantastic service and very easy to use. Very impressed with the speed with which you dealt with my order. I look forward to receiving the cheque now." - patricia from Caernarfonshire (Order No. M3718270) 20-04-2010
"I have used you many times over the last few months and find your service excellent. The speed and efficiency is top class and in these times thats very unusual so keep up the good work. Many Thanks again." - sharron from Kent (Order No. M3741453) 20-04-2010
"Just want to say how pleased I have been with Mazuma after selling 3 phones to them. No quibble, price paid was the price quoted, and extremely quick payout. I would definately recommend Mazuma! Thank you!" - Nicola from Dorset (Order No. M3737103) 20-04-2010
"Very impressed! The website is clear and simple, price was great and received payment the very next day after sending straight into my bank account!" - Alastair from Norfolk (Order No. M3722735) 20-04-2010
"You offer a brilliant service, sent my phones by recorded post on saturday and the money was in the bank by monday. Excellent." - Carl from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3740207) 20-04-2010
"Excellent service and top price paid. Smooth as silk" - David from Cleveland (Order No. M3742643) 20-04-2010
"Sent special delivery mon morning,confirmed received phone tue morning, advised money will be in bank by tue midnight, excellent service will def advise friends to use this service." - JANINE from Yorkshire (Order No. M3736024) 20-04-2010
"Great service - Quick, simple and easy. I can't really think of any way to improve it!" - Ralph from London (Order No. M3743104) 20-04-2010
"Brilliant, fast service, really pleased with it. Thanks so much" - Sarah from Lancashire (Order No. M3735234) 20-04-2010
"Thankyou, very fast doing business with. always very helpful, will use again soon" - matt from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3740437) 20-04-2010
"Awesome, Posted Monday paid by 3 o clock tuesday WOW !!!" - Nathan from Cheshire (Order No. M3689627) 20-04-2010
"really impressed, thankyou for a easy trouble free transaction..I will be recomending" - vicki from Lancashire (Order No. M3741103) 20-04-2010
"it was so simple i had a old brocken mobile phone for a long time just stuffed at the back of a draw fantastic monney i got back to spen on myself and i know my phone is going to a good cause and a good place and thank you for your quick servace !!" - joe from Hampshire (Order No. M3727241) 20-04-2010
"how easy, simple and fast was that !! Thank you so much for your prompt payment, you did everything you promised. Wouldn't hesitate to use you again.The money will be great for my holiday spending fund and changed to euros as soon as it goes in the bank. Once again thank you very much" - susan from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3742800) 20-04-2010
"Excellent services. It took only 5 days from initial contact and having the money in the bank. Kept informed all throughout." - Mohammad from Kent (Order No. M3737122) 20-04-2010
"I would just like to say a big thankyou for your ever so fast service it was a pleasure to do buisness with you and i will recommend you to all my friends" - Michael from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3741374) 20-04-2010
"Posted phone yesteday, money already in my account. I don't think it is possible for a better service. If only I could send all my unwanted things to Mazuma for cash!" - Ian from London (Order No. M3713957) 20-04-2010
"thank you for the order it was fast and simple !!!" - Ben from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3718229) 20-04-2010
"Best service I've ever encountered. Superquick payment. Will recommend to all my friends!" - Julie from London (Order No. M3743007) 20-04-2010
"I would like to congratulate Mazuma on the easy process to sell unwanted mobile phones and the speed from start to receiving the payment. I had used carphone warehouse before and thought their service was good, you beat them hands down on both sale value and turnaround. would strongly recommend." - Kathryn from Yorkshire (Order No. M3731998) 20-04-2010
"A very smooth and efficient service; felt updated and informed of progress throughout." - James from Hampshire (Order No. M3739219) 20-04-2010
"Sent it Monday at 17:15 and had the money in my account the next day, you can't beat that for quick service!!!" - Sebastian from Suffolk (Order No. M3728478) 20-04-2010
"Very impressed with speed and efficiency, 24 hours from posting to receiving and posting cheque. Superb" - Steve from n/a (Order No. MM3742743) 20-04-2010
"I just want to say thank you so much. Twice now you guys have helped me out just when i needed it.and all just by floggin you my old phones. your service is gr8 very easy, very fast and very reliable.Your site is easy to use and your communication & updates cant be faulted. Not only that, you guys have solved the problem of figuring out what to do with old phones without binning them and being eco friendly. you can count on my business & recomendation. thanx again." - marina from essex (Order No. M3739483) 20-04-2010
"Quick and Painless experience, thank you!" - Gerry from Staffordshire (Order No. M3738056) 20-04-2010
"i am realy happy with the survies thaty u have give" - stephen from Sussex (Order No. M3737432) 20-04-2010
"very efficient service, Thanks for the cash!" - matthew from Herefordshire (Order No. M3740551) 20-04-2010
"excellent service, really quick and efficient.sent back 2 x phones on thursday, cheques were with me sat.thank you." - duncan from Surrey (Order No. M3720190) 19-04-2010
"This was an extremely easy and fast process! Phone posted on Saturday and cash received by lunch time on Monday! Would highly recommend this to anyone!" - Daniel from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3728896) 19-04-2010
"Super fast response time , sent phones on friday money in account monday, thanks very much, would highly recommend ." - John from Middlesex (Order No. M3711322) 19-04-2010
"groovy baby" - james from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3724762) 19-04-2010
"I'am very happy with the service from Mazuma. I was always kept informed with the process of my order and the payment was very fast. I would use this service again! Many thanks." - Steven from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3734839) 19-04-2010
"I found this process very quick, easy and hassle free and have recommended you to family members.
Thank you." - Caroline from Essex (Order No. M3734936) 19-04-2010
"very very good price and easy sale" - Arunas from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3727700) 19-04-2010
"extremly pleased with the service,appreciated the chance to extend my offer when there was muck up with my address,the 15 pounds will comein handy,would definately use again!" - shona from Dumfries (Order No. M3702099) 19-04-2010
A111111111111111111111111" - duncan from Yorkshire (Order No. M3740043) 19-04-2010
"that was super quick thank you " - susan from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3737093) 19-04-2010
"An excellent service. Really easy to use. No fuss. Good communication. [I wish all customer service relationships were as well conducted as yours!]
Thanks" - katie from bristol (Order No. M3723375) 19-04-2010
"Sent the phone on friday they received it today and paid today! The service was very fast they said and they did exactly what they set out to do!" - Matt from Surrey (Order No. M3735262) 19-04-2010
"I am amazed at how efficient this company is, if only every customer service could deliver such good company.your a true asset to the UK X

" - Kiran from Berkshire (Order No. M3734023‏) 19-04-2010
"Mazuma was recommended to me by a T-Mobile rep on Friday, when I changed my 2 mobiles. I rang up on Friday, got my envelope and sent my phones off on Saturday, and have been paid for them today (Monday). Very impressed with both the price and the speedy, hassle-free service, and I hope to use you again!!" - Mari from Lancashire (Order No. M3744773) 19-04-2010
"First class! Sent the phone on Friday - received money in my bank account on Monday. Very pleasantly surprised. Would recommend the service to anyone!" - Oliver from Herts (Order No. M3741099) 19-04-2010
"I was very pleased with the fast service I got when selling my old mobile phones,Thankyou." - Mark from Kent (Order No. M3737380) 19-04-2010
"I used envirofone a couple weeks back for a phone with much less value than the one i sent to mazuma, since mazuma have had my phone and paid me (WITHIN 3 WORKING DAYS ALTOGETHER!!), envirofone still havent paid me the 40 pounds they owe me, Mazuma is the best phone for cash service out there and i will most definately be reccomending, thankyou :D" - Robert from Warwickshire (Order No. M3742441) 19-04-2010
"Was amazed by the spped at which my order was proccessed and money transfererd would recomend" - Bruce from Yorkshire (Order No. M3721069) 18-04-2010
"A BRILLIANT SERVICE FAST AND EFFICIENT" - ROBERT from Yorkshire (Order No. M3733240) 18-04-2010
"just saying thanks very much for your great service!very quick easy way to get rid of your old phone!" - roger from Yorkshire (Order No. M3713054) 18-04-2010
MAZUMA . THE BEST CANT BE BETTERED. XX " - KEITH from Kent (Order No. M3727768) 17-04-2010
"Excellent, professional, fast service. Extremely impressed!" - Olivia from Surrey (Order No. M3732001) 17-04-2010
"I cannot believe how quick and easy using your company is, I only posted my phones to you at 4.00pm on 15.04 and received my cheque at 8.00 am on the 17th, FANTASTIC!!!! I will definately tell all my friends and family to use you. Thankyou so much." - Julie from Lancashire (Order No. M3732686) 17-04-2010
"fantastic service. So impressed, I will recommend you to my friends and family. Might look and find all my other old mobiles, which are currently cluttering up drawers around the house. " - Alison from Worcestershire (Order No. M3734873) 17-04-2010
"Excellent service. Completed in just 4 days. Received a cheque for the price quoted. " - Pauline from Warwickshire (Order No. M3736359) 17-04-2010
"Thanx for an unbelivablely fast and courteous service coupled with a good price.
I would recommend you service to anyone
Regards" - William from Durham (Order No. M3736561) 17-04-2010
"amazing service! sent my mobile wednesday and received payment friday. Many thanks Mazuma. x" - julie from cambridgeshire (Order No. M3731281) 17-04-2010
"Many thanks for the super fast and very efficient service. I received my cheque within 2 days of sending my phones. I am very satisfied with Mazumo and would certainly recommend them. Many thanks again!!" - Patricia from Cornwall (Order No. M3706256) 17-04-2010
"excellent service , very quick ,no messing about , only problem i had was i payed £5.50p special delivery to make sure i was covered when i sent the phone , apart from that brilliant service ,thanks" - keith from cheshire (Order No. M3719613) 16-04-2010
"first time i have used mazuma mobile. very impressed. really quick service and would use mazuma again
" - philip from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3728949) 16-04-2010
"This is the latest of three old mobiles we have recycled with you. You give a fair price & are efficient to deal with. Simple clear instructions with no hassle. Overall great 5*. Highly recommended!" - Jacqueline from Yorkshire (Order No. M3736096) 16-04-2010
"Superb service. Incredibly easy to use. Sent for envelope on Monday, received it on Tuesday. Posted Phone on Tuesday and got paid direct into my bank account before lunch on Wednesday! Excellent!" - Chris from West Midlands (Order No. M3733502) 16-04-2010
"I don't usually bother to "leave feedback" however the service I received from Mazuma was so good I felt I just had to share this with other people.
Getting a quote was so easy and the prepaid package to send the phone off arrived in a couple of days. There were less than 48 hours from posting the phone to receiving the money direct into my bank account. Splendid service! " - Robert from Haverhill (Order No. M3709707) 16-04-2010
"Hello, Mazuma Team. Firstly I would like to Thank you very much, I have received my cheque and very impressed with your excellent services !
With best of Regards
Thank you once again." - Nilesh from Surrey (Order No. M3733932) 16-04-2010
"Thank you very much
its money in my pocket instead of in a cupboard" - carol from Yorkshire (Order No. M3700196) 16-04-2010
"Amazing, from getting the web quote to receiving full payment in my account took 48 hours, start to finish! Fantastic service!!!!" - Richard from Somerset (Order No. M3738990) 16-04-2010
"Straight forward, fast and efficient. An absolute pleasure doing business with mazuma and I would recommend to any one with an old phone they need to sell. My money was in the bank within 48 hours of posting. Five star service." - Andrew from n/a (Order No. MM3728468) 16-04-2010
"Great service, very fast and effortless. Mazuma has the best prices across all of the other mobile-phone sellers. I would highly recommend selling your old goodies to Mazuma." - Rohan from Kent (Order No. M3734725‏) 16-04-2010
"Fast reliable service good payment i am well pleased will be using mazuma in the future. Thank you so much i look forward to doing business with you again - A*" - mark from Warwickshire (Order No. M3739085) 16-04-2010
"Very impressed fast service sent yestderday money in bank today " - Gordon from Bristol (Order No. M3719878) 16-04-2010
"Brilliant! I'm really surprised how easy and quick the process was. Thank you very much!" - Sarah from Glamorgan (Order No. M3727930) 16-04-2010
"very quick service will definately use u again" - vicky from dorset (Order No. M3737698) 16-04-2010
"brill, quick and easy and a good way 2 make some money, thanks u so much 4 the quick payment in my bank. " - zoe from NOTTINGHAMSHIRE (Order No. M3734001) 16-04-2010
"wow what a fantastic service 2 days from start to finish, thanks" - Tony from Cardiganshire (Order No. M3739447) 16-04-2010
"this service is great, easy, and a fair deal very happy with results" - leanne from Kent (Order No. M3729539) 16-04-2010
"Once again fast and efficient service for the sale of my old phone.
Keep up the good work" - Lorna from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3731363) 16-04-2010
"great service shall recommend thanks" - Susan from batley (Order No. M1234) 16-04-2010
"Im totally amazed at the quick turn around 2 days to complete the sale and receive payment in to my bank account. Thank you im very impressed with your service would highly reccomend you to others" - Geoff from Hampshire (Order No. M3739241) 16-04-2010
"Excellent, fast efficient service" - keith from wrexham (Order No. M3731481) 16-04-2010
"Excellent service, this was the first time I sold a phone. It took 2 days for the envelope to arrive, sent on Thursday morning free post option and I got my money next day. But I do miss my old phone a little bit but love my new one! Thanks Mazuma." - K from Kent (Order No. M3731074) 16-04-2010
"Love it! It's better than envirfone in my opinion too." - Abosede from Kent (Order No. M3733687) 16-04-2010
"I am extremely satisfied with this service which was friendly, fast and effective.

Excellent website, on going feedback and I only wish I had more old mobiles for you towork your magic!!

Can I sell you any other old stuff???!!! " - Triny from Middlesex (Order No. M3735724) 16-04-2010
"Very fast quick efficient service. I would be quite happy to use Mazuma mobile again! Very good advertising." - Edith from Enfield (Order No. M3721566) 15-04-2010
"Superfast Payment. Excellent Service.
5 Stars" - PETER from East Sussex (Order No. M3703548) 15-04-2010
"Thank you. It was very fast and easy. 100% service" - Margarita from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3720754) 15-04-2010
"i have never received anything more staight forward and hassle free. Simple and easy to do. recieved the freepost envelope a few days after online register and posted off. recieved the cashinto my bank account the next day! i could not believe how efficient and quick your service is. Excellent customer service,will definatley recommend your service" - claire from antrim (Order No. M3712936) 15-04-2010
"excellent service very speedy payment" - samantha from Yorkshire (Order No. M3733348) 15-04-2010
"Excellent Service. Very easy and fast! Great way to get rid of old phones! Thank You." - Julie from Hampshire (Order No. M3709990) 15-04-2010
"excellent service ,very very quick ,thank you ,mazuma " - sheila from Durham (Order No. M3723810) 15-04-2010
"Easy to claim, quick and speedy process. I was kept informed of each stage of the process. I will definately recommend to my friends. Thanks!!!" - Saba from Middlesex (Order No. M3721071) 15-04-2010
"I would like to thank you for your great communication and speedy service " - marvin from kent (Order No. M3716676) 15-04-2010
"Thought the service was great. Fast easy, so glad I used mazuma " - Rod from Kent (Order No. M3692691) 15-04-2010
"I found the process very simple and quick and would reccommend to anyone!" - caroline from West Midlands (Order No. M372647) 15-04-2010
"Excellent efficient service" - Angela from Yorkshire (Order No. M3725831) 15-04-2010
"It was so easy and very quick. What a professional company." - Naomi from Suffolk (Order No. M3735841) 15-04-2010
"excellant service and very fast at paying out" - andy from Yorkshire (Order No. M3681342) 15-04-2010
"I never realised it could be so easy.
Thank you so much for a speedy no hassle transaction. I would recommend you to anyone." - BRENDA from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3732636) 15-04-2010
"4 day turn around from order or payment in bank account. coudn't be more impressed!

one thought though would be to allow the deliever note to be printed by the customer, reducing the need for you to send anything at all if the customer so wished.

amazing service however ! " - James from Sussex (Order No. M3732525) 15-04-2010
"OMG how brilliant is mazuma. i registered my phone tues 13th apri 2010, receieved the mail bag on wednesday 14th april 2010 morning, posted my phone wednesday dinner time and had money in my account thursday 15th april 2010.. cant believe how quick the process was and it was so easy.. will be using mazuma again.. many many thanks" - lee from Staffordshire (Order No. M3736138) 15-04-2010
"I am verry happy with mazuma.The welcome package is the next day in the postbox and the money is the day after i send the package to you on my account.Very very fast.thank you." - ottavio from yorkshire (Order No. M3738201) 15-04-2010
"1st Class service. Less than 24 hours between posting and the cash reaching my account. Two more phones on the way!" - Brian from KENT (Order No. M3730014) 15-04-2010
"i would just like to say thankyou on how quick it was from sending my phone to you and reciving my money i posted phone on monday got my money thurday great stuff well pleased" - john from west midlands (Order No. M3727676) 15-04-2010
"Excellent service and very speedy response at every stage. Many thanks" - Jaimie from Leicestershire (Order No. M3733703) 15-04-2010
"Absolutely amazing and lightening fast! Very well done.

Thank you!" - Petros from Middlesex (Order No. M3729506) 15-04-2010
"How fabulous!!! Having read many reviews on consumer forums as to whom I should use to sell me old iPhone too, Mazuma kept being suggested as the best and you have not dissapointed me! So quick, easy and painless! Just brilliant ! Thank you. Nicola" - Nicola from Surrey (Order No. M3731400) 15-04-2010
"Excellent Service.
Received payment very next day after sending my phone in.
Would recommend.
Thank you." - Steven from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3730027) 15-04-2010
"Very impressed with the service. sent my phone on friday afternoon and got the cheque on monday." - richard from Somerset (Order No. M3723349) 15-04-2010
"Dear Sir or Madam

I am righting to you to say that verry happy with the service & I would be verry happy to use you again.


Mr chris w allen" - Chris from Shropshire (Order No. M3731712) 15-04-2010
"did not realise how quick and easy it would be. i am impressed and got the cash within three days of making enquiries. easy cash for something sitting in a drawer for 2 years" - martin from Somerset (Order No. M3734387) 15-04-2010
"I am so impressed with the service i received from your company,i have never experienced such super efficient service ever before anywhere!!!Please accept my gratitude,i will pass the word around to others and i will be using you again.Many thanks." - LINDA from WILTSHIRE (Order No. M3720477) 14-04-2010
"Thank You!
This was easy, fast and efficient. I will definately use this web site again!" - angelina from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3726292) 14-04-2010
"fantastic service from start to finish would recommend to anyone i will use again deffo" - GARY from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3724126) 14-04-2010
"Excellent service, exactly as advertised and hastle free right from the word go to the cheque arriving.

Many thanks" - Glenn from Surrey (Order No. M3721230) 14-04-2010
"Everything went through very fast and efficiently.very good service, 100% satisfied and will be using mazuma again when selling my next phone." - Graham from middlesex (Order No. M3722101) 14-04-2010
"Superb customer exeprience. As I live near Watford I dropped the package off today and will be paid today. What more can you ask for. long as you pay today :-)." - Andrew from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3704447) 14-04-2010
"really surprised how easy it was to find my mobile on your website plus instructions was easy to foolow,also the fast reply.
thank you,i'll keep your site on my desktop." - edmund from Cheshire (Order No. M3729091) 14-04-2010
"brilliant service.
sent 2 phones on monday received payment tuesday pm thanks for a great service i will use you again" - Alan from Kent (Order No. M3727136) 14-04-2010
"great service,quick easy and efficient. many thanks." - barbara from Hampshire (Order No. M3724529) 14-04-2010
"This was a very fast and convienient was of getting rid of my mobile phones and it gave me enough money to buy a new one!!! thank you mazuma mobile!!!" - Andrea from Norfolk (Order No. M3702136) 14-04-2010
"Excellent service. Nice and fast. Didn't have to wait for a cheque, straight into the bank which was great" - Jennifer from Middlesex (Order No. M3716049) 14-04-2010
"I am more than pleased with your offer and the speed at which you have acted. No problems, no changes to the original offer price, you do exactly as you say you will.

Thanks Again Mazuma" - Adam from Middlesex (Order No. M3712725) 14-04-2010
"Quick easy service, does everything it says on the tin :)


Dan" - Dan from Cheshire (Order No. M3708160) 14-04-2010
"Mazuma received my phone this morning, processed payment and it's already in my account! AMAZING! Love it! I feel like finding all the old phones in my house now to send them to Mazuma. Paid for postage and everything! What more could you want - simple instructions, simple FINAL sale price - all very simple. Highly recommended (at least see what your phone is worth to them - it's free to do so!)" - Mandip from Berkshire (Order No. M3724489) 14-04-2010
"excellent time dealing with sale of phone excellent communication nice to feel custom appreciated, too often these days customers dont matter to a lot of people many thanks" - thomasina from Lancashire (Order No. M3733040) 14-04-2010
"Fantastic service. Sent the phone on Tuesday with proof of postage and had the payment confirmation and money in my bank by Thursday. Never would of dreamt for such a speedy service" - Sarah from Lancashire (Order No. M3706473) 14-04-2010
"excellent service, once again!" - simone from west midlands (Order No. M3708780) 14-04-2010
"DELIGHTED MEGA FAST TURNAROUND WOULD DEFINATLEY USE AGAIN " - CARLO from Kincardineshire (Order No. M3732670) 14-04-2010
"everything was done very fast & efficiently. got the payment within 3 days of agreeing to sell old phone. I'd definitely use Mazuma again!! ;D" - Clare from Yorkshire (Order No. M3730802) 14-04-2010
"what a Great service,SO Professional Thank you,
Maszuma Team,Great JOB" - Tom from Merseyside (Order No. M3719163) 14-04-2010
"Thankyou for the quick response, didn't expect to hear for at least a week!" - rachael from Devon (Order No. M3725068) 14-04-2010
"Great service. Well pleased overall with the whole experience." - Allan from Essex (Order No. M3709647) 14-04-2010
"fantastic, posted the phone yesterday £102 in my account today!" - rob from n yorkshire (Order No. M3713705) 14-04-2010
"Thank you for the excelent service, and I was impressed with how quickly the transaction was carried out." - Lowri from Glamorgan (Order No. M3731295) 14-04-2010
"Very fast and easy! Impressive service! " - Ben from Somerset (Order No. M3727103) 14-04-2010
"Can I thank you for the first rate service. I sent my enquiry e-mail to you last Thursday, received the jiffy bag on the Friday. I sent the package to you on the Saturday and I received an e-mail confirming you had received it. The same day I received an e-mail saying you accepted the phone and payment would be in my account at 12:00am that night. We checked our account on Tueday morning and the payment was in. You offered the best price and your process is easy and clear. I have recommended the service to my friends. Thanks once again." - paul from Midlothian (Order No. M3721810) 14-04-2010
"Amazing! Very quick and good value! :D thanks Mazuma" - jordan from Yorkshire (Order No. M3725181) 14-04-2010

I rarely give feedback when offered the chance to but on this occassion feel I must. The service I have received and the promptness of the payment for my old phones has been 1st class, I would not hesitate to reccommend you to friends and family and have done so already. Great service well done!!" - Joy from Durham (Order No. M3716424) 14-04-2010
"was really fast service sent mobiles and got money within 3 to 4 days" - Andrew from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M3731830) 14-04-2010
"My payment came through really fast, which was impressive. I also had great prices for my old phones. 100% happy with the service, and i will definately use this service in the future! Thank you" - Michaela from West Midlands (Order No. M3702479) 14-04-2010
"Just a quick note to say thank you for making it so easy to sell my old phone and thanks for giving me a reasonable price for it as well." - Michael from Hampshire (Order No. M3720507) 13-04-2010
"The process was very quick and easy. The payment was received 2 working days after being posted (Saturday and received the payment by Monday). Very efficient and fast service. Thank you Mazuma." - Gloria from United Kingdom (Order No. M3711200) 13-04-2010
"i was very impressed with the success of how quick, esy and simple dealing with mazuma can be. would definately reccommend and wouldnt hesitate in using again. A* SERVICE :)" - emily from Devon (Order No. M3724434) 13-04-2010
"i am very impressed with the system you have here. its quick easy and simple thanks so much " - Emma from West Midlands (Order No. M3721333) 13-04-2010
"Very impressive! Not a service I thought I would ever use but I really hated my new mobile and £80 is a pretty reasonable price for something you don't want. Got one I did want on Ebay for £30!!

Cheers" - Seumas from Surrey (Order No. M3683557) 13-04-2010
"fast !!! easy !!! even for a old wrinkley like me..
great would recomend to everybody" - steve from Warwickshire (Order No. M3723839) 13-04-2010
"Brilliant service!! I was stupid enough to use Cash In My Phone once and got totally conned!! Will always use Mazuma from now." - Adam from Northumberland (Order No. M3723935) 13-04-2010
"really good service, kept up to date with all aspects of the transfer by email and money put into accoutn efficiently.. definatly will be using this service again!!
10/10" - Jaime Leigh from Lancashire (Order No. M3687880) 13-04-2010
"excellent service
fast and easy
thank you" - Geoffrey from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3713110) 13-04-2010
"Thank you for your wonderful service. Site is easy to use and service is always quick and reliable. Will definately use again and would reccomend to others l. " - Laura from north lanarkshire (Order No. M3726841) 13-04-2010
"Thank you for providing such an easy and fast service - it's such a pleasant change to deal with a company that provides such a first rate service! I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends!" - Jonathan from London (Order No. M3723547) 13-04-2010
"From begining to end Mazuma Mobile work their magic.
Many thanks
T.Morris" - T from west midlands (Order No. M3704633) 13-04-2010
"Superb, money was in my account within a day. Very impressed with the speed of service, and the amount given for my broken phone!" - Matthew from Bristol (Order No. M3725587) 13-04-2010
"Fast. Reliable. Efficient.
I would recommend to others!" - Damien from Hampshire (Order No. M3724202) 13-04-2010
"Great service,quick ,efficient will certainly recommend you.Thanks" - David from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3703246) 13-04-2010
"really pleased how quick and easy thuis system is" - Teresa from n/a (Order No. M999) 13-04-2010
"Excellent" - John from West Glam (Order No. M3718930) 13-04-2010
"I think your service is brilliant! Thank you Mazuma! :-)" - charu from Middlesex (Order No. M3695838) 13-04-2010
"Love doing business with you. Fast, easy and good staff. Cant wait to get another phone so I can sell it to you guys............." - Terry from Kent (Order No. M3696102) 13-04-2010
"Fantastic...amazing service...was so impressed sent Monday got paid Tuesday" - Marios from Middlesex (Order No. M3719383) 13-04-2010
"Posted the iPhone to you guys on Saturday and recieved the cheque today Tuesday brilliant fast efficient service. Thanks a lot guys will def use your service again." - Andrew from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3721462) 13-04-2010
"fantastic svs. really easy to use. will defintley recommnd to friends and family " - joanne from Lancashire (Order No. M3713813) 13-04-2010
"really easy transaction, it's so easy. Mazuma may not pay the most but I think that is easily offset by the smoothness of the whole process. I have no hesitation in making my recommendation to you." - graham from Essex (Order No. M3708809) 13-04-2010
"Absolutely great to deal with, sent phone on saturday, got cheque on tuesday, hows that for service, will definately recommend to family and friends " - steve from Lancashire (Order No. M3660939) 13-04-2010
"very efficient service thank you" - Jonathan from Cheshire (Order No. M3721962) 13-04-2010
"very easy and ecofriendly!" - lina from LONDON (Order No. M3727028) 13-04-2010
"Quick efficient and simple - great!" - Lisa from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3712400) 12-04-2010
"This is an amazing service, very fast and efficient I would thoroughly recomend mazuma." - Sue from Lancashire (Order No. M3712307) 12-04-2010
"Would just like to say how quick and efficent the start to end process has been with Mazuma. I sent away the phone Friday and got paid the Monday, incredible! Would thoroughly recommend Mazuma" - Lee from Midlothian (Order No. M3710163) 12-04-2010
"Excellent service - no problems." - Kerry from Hampshire (Order No. M3712752) 12-04-2010
"Thank you for a fast, efficient service. I will be using you again soon.

Many thanks" - Matthew from Middlesex (Order No. M3719125) 12-04-2010
"Envelope and order slip came really quick (even with the bank holidays) we sent it on Saturday and we were paid today, FANTASTIC service :D
Thank you" - Jess from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3709058) 12-04-2010
"I found the website easy to use you kept me up to date with progress and the end result was wht i wanted so no complaints." - Graham from Kent (Order No. M3712352) 12-04-2010
"One word....FANTASTIC!" - IFELUNWA from Middlesex (Order No. M3721540) 12-04-2010
"great service very happy will deal with you again thankyou very much " - martin from Norfolk (Order No. M3719670) 12-04-2010
"Incredibly fast reponse, I sent out my phone on saturday and received an email saying the cheque has been posted today (Mon). Very impressed, thank you." - Thomas from Staffordshire (Order No. M3716606) 12-04-2010
"will use service again" - daniel from Warwickshire (Order No. M3718299) 12-04-2010
"Very speedy efficient service. Thanks" - Jill from Merseyside (Order No. M3706687) 12-04-2010
"Very good service , quik and I like that." - Oleksi from Kent (Order No. M3711092) 12-04-2010
"Fast service as usual. Thank you!" - Karen from Cambs (Order No. M3718285) 11-04-2010
"excelent,fast,simple to use.would recommend to anyone and will use mazuma again" - derek from Northumberland (Order No. M3698855) 11-04-2010
"Thanks for the brilliant service once again. I wish all companies were as efficient and professional as you, well done!" - Robert from South Gloucestershire (Order No. M3709736) 11-04-2010
"I am so impressed with your efficient service. Well done. I only posted the phone on Thursday afternoon and received a cheque on Saturday morning. What more can I say!" - Ann from Yorkshire (Order No. M3711864) 11-04-2010
"Cheque arrived ok Thanks" - Linda from Yorkshire (Order No. M3706821) 11-04-2010
"Excellent service. thankyou" - darren from kent (Order No. M3710251) 10-04-2010
"Very quick service, the cash was in my bank account the day after sending my phone." - Rob from Yorkshire (Order No. M3716929) 10-04-2010
"Highly impressed with the service, fast and efficient. Will recommend." - henry from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3709379) 10-04-2010
"excellent service and fast thank you!" - georgina from Yorkshire (Order No. M3716053) 10-04-2010
"Thanks for a speedy transaction only 3 days from start to recieving cheque" - allan from Norfolk (Order No. M3721481) 10-04-2010
"Brilliant!!" - melanie from Essex (Order No. M3696203) 10-04-2010
"A really fast and easy way to sell unwanted phones. And payment was VERY fast.Thank you" - graeme from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3716675) 10-04-2010
"Excellent service. From contacting Mazuma to receiving money in my bank account only took 3 days. Outstanding." - David Alan from Durham (Order No. M3720952) 10-04-2010
"very easy and fast to use." - Tricia from Somerset (Order No. M3704298) 10-04-2010
"excellent service will be using you again thanks" - russell from Staffordshire (Order No. M3713960) 10-04-2010
"got the money they said,happy doing business with you.thank you." - SUSAN from Norfolk (Order No. M3690993) 10-04-2010
"I thought the service was great the site was very simple to use and I was paid the excact amount orginaly quoted very quickly. I would definatly use mazuma mobile again in the future" - Emma from Suffolk (Order No. M3703537) 09-04-2010
"Very good, quick, easy, will defo be using you again.

thanks" - Alex from Devon (Order No. M3701629) 09-04-2010
"Thak you some much for the quick sale of my old mobiles, i was a bit concern when you had not recieved them after a week but that is the post office.
I am very happy with payment and the servcie previded my mazooma moile, many thanks again :)" - lynda from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3693800) 09-04-2010
"I have sent 2 top of the range handsets worth over £150 each and obviously nervous about this, but did not need to be. Fast service,excellent communication and best of all very fast and prompt payment usually within 2 days of you receiving phone other companys dont do this (google it for reviews) will reconmend well done and a big thank you to your staff..KEEP IT UP BECAUSE WHAT YOUR DOING IS RIGHT DONT CHANGE:-}" - STEPHEN from Durham (Order No. M3702383) 09-04-2010
"I was very pleased with the service, quick & easy." - laura from Essex (Order No. M3680881) 09-04-2010
"Great service, highly recommended. The best way to get rid of your old mobile. Fast payment" - KEVIN from Morayshire (Order No. M3710827) 09-04-2010
"I am very impressed with the service and I am now looking forward to receiving my cheque.
I would recommend mazuma to my friends and family." - Winnie from Lancashire (Order No. M3711412) 09-04-2010
"thank you so much this is the best service I have ever come across. I posted my mobile phone to you yesterday and the money is in my bank account today! WOW" - christine from essex (Order No. M3710113) 09-04-2010
"Very Good Service. Thank You!" - Natasha from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3710601) 09-04-2010
":D excellent service, very quick indeed ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ thanks - will definitely recommend, and use again myself when i next get a new phone :)" - Neil from Warwickshire (Order No. M3705541) 09-04-2010
"Very easy and quick way to recycle your old
mobiles and get some money in the process. Excellent!" - Julie from Leicestershire (Order No. M3708361) 09-04-2010
"very pleased smooth transaction would use you again" - maxine from Kent (Order No. M3713406) 09-04-2010
"My second order. Absolutely impressed by the service that has been provided, would recommend you 100% to others. Thank you!" - Kit-Ting from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3709335) 09-04-2010
"Quick and efficient service provided. Recieved cheque for the amount offered originally. Already recommending to friends. Excellent company. Would always use Mazuma now for any future phone sales. Beware of the other bogus companies, Mazuma is completely legit." - Sarah from Lancashire (Order No. M3705249) 09-04-2010
"Amazing service-wrote, got envelope,posted back & next day the cheque is in the post! Well impressed & thank you!" - Colin from Middlesex (Order No. M3711775) 09-04-2010
"Brilliant fast efficient service.
Would recommend to anyone." - Lisa from Denbighshire (Order No. M3716759) 09-04-2010
"Great service,quick transaction." - John from Essex (Order No. M3716854) 09-04-2010
"Faultless service no probs and fast 2nd time I've used mazuma not the last 10 out of 10" - Rich from Suffolk (Order No. M3718314) 09-04-2010
"Wow! I only posted my old mobile yesterday and it's already been posted, processed and paid for! I'm glad I chose to send my old mobile to Mazuma =D For any future phones that I don't feel I need anymore I would definitely send it to you guys. Good service indeed =)" - Monica from Kent (Order No. M3714871) 09-04-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service, the process is incredibly quick. Great prices for handsets and effective communication. You are a real Pleasure to deal with. You have nailed it! Well done and thanks! :)" - Victoria from shropshire (Order No. M3687945) 09-04-2010
"Fantastic service highly recommended" - Paul from Surrey (Order No. M3709431) 09-04-2010
"what can i say apart from first class service,sent my phones recorded delivery.the next day i got an e-mail saying they had rec'd my phones then three hours later the money is in my bank!! i will be telling all my friends and family and would not have any hesitation in sending other phones,thanks again" - james from angus (Order No. M3716340‏) 09-04-2010
"very good service " - Adam from Essex (Order No. M3703952) 09-04-2010
"service was really fast, was planning to check my account to see if you'd received the phones after lunch...... got email and payment before 12! will definitely recommend and use the service again! Keep up the good work :-D " - lynsey from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3717345) 09-04-2010
"Found your service very fast and efficient would use again thank you " - Beatrice from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3716808) 09-04-2010
"Excellent, accurate and speedy service.
A great way to dispose of your mobile phones that are clogging up your draws. Received envelope and cheque, in the timelines promised
THANK YOU." - Savas from Middlesex (Order No. M3693347) 09-04-2010
"Very fast. Amazing. Thank you!" - Leoni from Dorset (Order No. M3710143) 09-04-2010
"I must say i was supprised i got a good p[rice for the phone, it was the easiest transaction i have ever done, i was going to sell it on ebay but this was less agrovation and it went really smooth, i like to say a huge thank you to all at Mazuma!! I would defo use again.
Thanks" - John from Middlesex (Order No. M3702289) 08-04-2010
"Excellent service - I only wish I had some more old mobiles to sell to you!" - David from Yorkshire (Order No. M3699559) 08-04-2010
"I am so impressed with your service. Thank u so much mazuma." - James from Warwickshire (Order No. M3716784) 08-04-2010
"thank you for your exellent service,highly recommended" - john from Cheshire (Order No. M3702175) 08-04-2010
"I just wanted to leave some feedback regarding just how fantastic I find your service to be. All to often people only take time to provide negative feedback. I have used your service several times now, even when other sites may offer a couple of pounds more for the handset as your service is so effecient, fast, reliable and professional. From login phone details to receiving payments take just a matter of days.....Spot On. Thanks again. " - Michael from West Lothian (Order No. M3716157) 08-04-2010
"The quickest, most efficient transaction I have ever experienced!! I would recomend Mazuma all the way....forget Ebay!!" - samantha from Somerset (Order No. M3704045) 08-04-2010
"Excellent service, cheque received within 48 hours posting phone, thanks very much" - Brian from Lancashire (Order No. M3706321) 08-04-2010
"Fantastic, easy & very fast, thank you x" - Beverley from Leicestershire (Order No. M3712800) 08-04-2010
"what a great service very pleased well done" - alan from Warwickshire (Order No. M3707573) 08-04-2010
"Surprisingly easy to use service, very quick and extremely efficient. From first look on the internet at mazuma to email saying my cheque was en route was 3 days. " - Jo from Hampshire (Order No. M3715049) 08-04-2010
"Thank you very much for your very good service and prompt payment. I was very happy with the quotation for my phones and the ease in which the whole process took." - Neil from Devon (Order No. M3697652) 08-04-2010
"Very quick and easy." - Jonathan from SOMERSET (Order No. M3712207) 08-04-2010
"Have recieved payment, thank you.Am amazed at how quick and easy it was, exellent.I will recommend you to anyone without reservation." - michael from Yorkshire (Order No. M3707185) 08-04-2010
"Thankyou for a fast and efficient service. very prompt payment and professional service. will definately use you in the future and recommend to all my friends. keep up the fantastic work." - mark from Berkshire (Order No. M3698806) 08-04-2010
"Fast, simple and great service just what i expected from mazuma mobile" - daniel from Lancashire (Order No. M3716688) 08-04-2010
"Used Mizuma before and was quite happy with the service. No complaints this time either. Prompt & efficient!
Recommend to anyone." - Sean from Cumbria (Order No. M3707964) 07-04-2010
"Brilliant, efficient and excellent communication.
Thank you." - Showk from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3698224) 07-04-2010
"Thankyou so much for dealing with my order so quickly! Very pleased indeed, also the best price around, every other company offered me much less so thanks! :)" - Josie from Glamorgan (Order No. M3697071) 07-04-2010
"I am really impressed with the the very quick and efficient service that you have given me and I now await the cheque that you have forwarded. Many thanks and you have my recommendation." - Chris from Staffordshire (Order No. M3705144) 07-04-2010
many thanks for once again a very fast and efficient service. Kindest Regards" - caroline from powys (Order No. M3701600) 07-04-2010
"Your service is simple, quick and easy. It is nice to have the option of vouchers. Supplying a prepaid envelope is very useful. I know several people who use your service, and it was a recommendation that sent me to your site in the first place.
Thank you." - Susan from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3698612) 07-04-2010

WILL USE AGAIN MYSELF & WILL RECOMEND YOU TO FRIENDS." - STEVEN from Hampshire (Order No. M3701856) 07-04-2010
"I have used Mazuma before ,I can't remember how many times but I wouldn't consider using any other because of it's speedy and efficient service. I recommend it to others.Thank you." - MARGARET from SURREY (Order No. M3697574) 07-04-2010
"many thanks on a great service" - carli from Sussex (Order No. M3701701) 07-04-2010
"your services would be recommended to my friends about your serices where quick and easy" - chalmers from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3674072) 07-04-2010
"Very fast and efficient, no hassle at all!" - Harry from Kent (Order No. M3708100) 07-04-2010
"excellent service ! cheque arrived for the phone by return post.Would recommend Mazuma to my friends." - karin from Lancashire (Order No. M3704791) 07-04-2010
"Really fast and efficient! Brilliant customer service!!" - HANNAH from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3707456) 07-04-2010
"Very good service, I am impressed, will recommend you.
" - Lorraine from Norfolk (Order No. M3694526) 07-04-2010
"thanks alot mazuma team. i have found selling my phone very easy and i am quite surprized at how fast it was too seeing as i only sent it to you two days ago. i will strongly recomend this service to any one else wanting to sell their phone" - tom from Staffordshire (Order No. M3692762) 07-04-2010
"Brilliant.super fast payment.The phone was sent on tuesday afternoon, payment in my bank on wednesday morning.Well Done" - Peter from Merseyside (Order No. M3707720) 07-04-2010
"This was the second time of selling phones in the last couple of weeks. I was extremely happy with the price that I was offered and the speed of completion of the order was excellent. I considered using eBay to sell these phones but this was a lot less hassle and i don't feel I have lost anything on the sales.

Many Thanks. I'll check you guys out in the future." - Dennis M from Notts (Order No. M3708223) 07-04-2010
"This company is brilliant! four days is all it took! sent my phone information.. they send the bag... i send it off! and presto! 48 hours later i receive my money directly into my account! fast, easy and secure! thanks once again =]" - Michael from Carmarthenshire (Order No. M3707639) 07-04-2010
"A terrific, simple and fast way to get money for your old mobile phone.
Will use again and recommed Mazuma to anyone... Thanks Mazuma :)" - D. from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3705121) 07-04-2010
"Was really happy with the service, the money for my mobile phone was in my account within 2 hours of the order being processed. I will definitely be using this service again. Thank You" - Manoj from MIDDLESEX (Order No. M3692810) 07-04-2010
"thank u very much everything has went well and i would tell people to use your site cause it has been great thank u" - brian from durham (Order No. M3694869) 07-04-2010
"I found your service quick and easy to use and was a pleasure selling my old phone to you, many thanks" - jessica from Kent (Order No. M3703134) 07-04-2010
"Many thanks for a quick result, and two cheques in
the post.
Will use MAZUMA AGAIN." - ANTHONY from Kent (Order No. M3694322/393) 07-04-2010
"So easy!!! Had it not been for mazuma my 'cast off' phones would have been left as a 'just in case we should need it' in a cupboard! Now I can go and spend my vouchers on something I need! Thanks mazuma." - Lynda from Dumfriesshire (Order No. M3705293) 07-04-2010
"Excellent experience. So easy from start to finish. I would definitely recommend your service." - Liz from Berkshire (Order No. M3701956) 07-04-2010
"exellent a+++++++++++++" - dassar from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3704407) 06-04-2010
"I was very impressed with the efficiency of the service provided. Everything within the timescales promised and payment received promptly. I have been telling everyone about your service and am searching for my old mobiles to get some more money. Thank You." - Julie from Staffordshire (Order No. M3686542) 06-04-2010
"Excellent service, the money was in my account hours after you received my mobile!Look forward to selling you my Nokia X6 in the fullness of time!!" - Anthony from Essex (Order No. M3705078) 06-04-2010
"Amazing how efficient was that.Took less than a week.
Marvelous. Thank You" - Elaine from Kent (Order No. M3705768) 06-04-2010
"Fab, really quick fast and brill as my phones would just sit in the drawer doing nothing thankyou " - emma from Derbyshire (Order No. M3687697) 06-04-2010
"Excellent service,from submitted to the money in the bank in 3 days very very impressive,would highly recommend service to be proud of." - Nicola from Angus (Order No. M3694075) 06-04-2010
"would just like to say how pleased i am with your fast and prompt service,from start to finish it was quick and efficient. thanks team" - andy from Yorkshire (Order No. M3700830) 06-04-2010
"I'd just like to say what an excellent service you deliver. Fast is not the word I expected at least two weeks until I heard anything and not even a week and my cheque is in the post. Also you kept me fully up to date with the progress of my order. Thank-you for offering and delivering such a good service, and yes I have told all my friends about how good you are." - Hall from Yorkshire (Order No. M3694806) 06-04-2010
"Excellent service, Faster Payment is excellent idea." - Keith from Herts (Order No. M3700597) 06-04-2010
"super fast response and payment. would recommend to all... thanks!!" - jamie from Angus (Order No. M3693934) 06-04-2010
"Brilliant service - especially with the bank transfer facility, sent my phone off on Thursday 1st April and received cash in my account today. Highly impressed - will recommend you to any friends of mine who are considering selling their mobile phone." - Beverley from n/a (Order No. MM3701920&rlm) 06-04-2010
"Fast, efficient service. Clear internet instructions. All good." - joanne from Hampshire (Order No. M3691027) 06-04-2010
"VERY qwick
VERY easy
VERY safe
very very happy chappy :D" - Richard from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3607496) 06-04-2010
"Excellent system, painless, easy and very efficient. The postage system is particulrly good." - Tim from Hampshire (Order No. M3662268) 06-04-2010
"Fast, safe, reliable, excellent! Would highly recommend." - Patricia from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M3696040) 05-04-2010
"Really good service, i hadn't even sent it off for 24hours and i had an email saying my payment was going in and that even went in about an hour after. Will be using this service again. Thanks :)" - Rebekah from Glamorgan (Order No. M3699597) 05-04-2010
"Quick payment, really pleased and better value than Envirofone!" - Paul from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3631640) 03-04-2010
"Very impressive service - speedy, no nonsense and very transparent and professional. Whole process completed within 5 days!" - Michelle from Durham (Order No. M3695938) 03-04-2010
"All I can say is WOW!!! I sent my B/Berry in on a Weds by special delivery and Recieved the vouchers by the Saturday morning. A1 service and their account tracking was updated as promised with a follow up email to keep you aware of the progress.
Thanks Mazuma Team you obviously take pride in your reputation and standards. I will definately be recommending you to all my freinds.
One Very happy Ex-B/Berry owner!?! :-)" - Jon from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3693215) 03-04-2010
"express service as promised got the chq very quick" - muhammad from Yorkshire (Order No. M3692443) 03-04-2010
"Amazing and on time brilliant , if evreyone was fast as this we would recieve gold in the olympic's " - Moses from Hampshire (Order No. M3684898) 03-04-2010
"mazuma is the quickest and the fastest sale i made.. cheers mazuma.." - General from Essex (Order No. M3693761) 03-04-2010
"Amazed at the speed and proficient service. I look forward to receiving my cheque. I will definetely be recommending your service from the first enquiry on the website (easy to use) to a query answered, it has been brilliant! Thank you. " - Kaye from Warwickshire (Order No. M3702819) 02-04-2010
"Fantastic service from start to finish. You should consider running seminars to teach other companies and our useless politicians what great service is all about." - stephen from Essex (Order No. M3672680) 02-04-2010
"Unbelievable service. Contacted Mazuma on Sunday, received envelope to send phones back in on Tesday, sent phones back on Wednesday and the cash was in my bank account by lunchtime on Thursday! Can't believe it. Excellent. Many thanks." - Kate from Surrey (Order No. M3694759) 02-04-2010
"Great!!! Loved it! So easy and quick and got more than i ithought! Bonus!!!" - Jo from Notts (Order No. M3702653) 02-04-2010
"Fantastic service even quicker than the last time whole process concluded in 24 hours after posting. A big thanks from me." - Jayne from england (Order No. M3694968) 02-04-2010
"Excellent service for 2nd time

Thank you" - John from Fife (Order No. M3690388) 02-04-2010
"Excellent, speedy service. Cheque received within 5 days. Thank you." - philip from kent (Order No. M3692209) 02-04-2010
"Very pleased with the quick service" - david from Leicestershire (Order No. M3692016) 02-04-2010
"very pleased with how quick the process was & my cheque.Phones only hanging around house turned into money :)" - suzane from Torfaen (Order No. M3666690) 02-04-2010
"I am very pleased with your service, it was excellent, very efficient" - Steve from Staffordshire (Order No. M3692093) 01-04-2010

Super fast service, great price, super fast payment, couldn't ask for more, Mazuma is absolutely fantastic!" - Dan from Warwickshire (Order No. M3695866) 01-04-2010
"superb customer service superb company altogethor much apprieciated will be using again thankyou" - Ben from Leicestershire (Order No. M3690379) 01-04-2010
"Brilliant Speedy Service! All done within 4 Days! Would definately recommend you guys! Thanx" - Phil from Cornwall (Order No. M3699717) 01-04-2010
"very quick, easy, reliable, no hassle, no probs. def recommend " - stacey from Hampshire (Order No. M3684628) 01-04-2010
"hi my feedback is it was good working with you really quick and brilliant service i will really recommend you to anyone thanks" - denise from Ayrshire (Order No. M3690622) 01-04-2010
"Excellent service" - Sandra from Warwickshire (Order No. M3693948) 01-04-2010
"thank you mazuma fantastic service and i will definetely recommend to use your service. very fast less than a week for me to recieve the cheque" - david from Caernarfonshire (Order No. M3693144) 01-04-2010
"Very efficient and speedy service. Well recommended if you want to sell your old phone and receive a good price for it." - Keith from Kent (Order No. M3696980) 01-04-2010
"Incredibly fast service. Very pleased, all done in a couple of days. Will definitely recommend to friends & family. A+ " - Laura from Surrey (Order No. M3698811) 01-04-2010
"Excellent used twice now and great service both times would highly recommend , money in my bank next day !!!! " - nicky from Dorset (Order No. M3703043) 01-04-2010
"Your service was brilliant - 3 days from registering my phone for sale to the money hitting my account. Can't fault it!!" - simon from Derbyshire (Order No. M3702229) 01-04-2010
"used you 2 and find you fast and ver good 2 work with use you again soo thank you" - william from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3696888) 01-04-2010
"The service was very speedy and efficient. I would highly recommend them. " - Hitesh from Middlesex (Order No. M3690753) 01-04-2010
"Just like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the excellent service I received from Mazuma. Sold phone on Saturday, Freepost envelope arrived Tuesday, sent my old moby Tuesday afternoon, response by Mazuma Wednesday by email to say my cheque was in the post and first post this morning my cheque was here. Banked it straight away. Excellent!! I've already recommended you to my family and friends." - Rosemary from Essex (Order No. M3693606) 01-04-2010
"sold 2 phones just can't beleive how fast the service is, will definatley use again thank you." - anthony from Lancashire (Order No. M3697170) 01-04-2010
"Excellent service.Transaction completed in 24 hours. Very satisfied customer." - Ryan from Lancashire (Order No. M3702345) 01-04-2010
"I am most impressed at the speed and service received by Mazuma. I shall definitely continue using them if I have any other mobile phones to sell." - Mandy from Kent (Order No. M3699110) 01-04-2010
"thank you i think mazuma mobile are the best site 4 selling old mobiles your its quick fast and easy thanks again ." - collette from north lincolnshire (Order No. M3695937) 01-04-2010
"I posted my phone yesterday and the money is in my account today, I couldn't ask for better service. Will definitely recommend to friends. Well done Mazuma!" - Chris from Lancashire (Order No. M3698107) 01-04-2010
"WOW!!! i posted 3 phones yesterday afternoon, and the money was in my account today! what more can i say :) excellent service A+++++" - richard from Hampshire (Order No. M3701530) 01-04-2010
"Thanks Mazuma for great service, fast efficient and no hassle. Phones sent and a cheque received in the post next day." - John from Leicestershire (Order No. M3699656) 01-04-2010
"I would to thank mazuma mobile, for your fast responce and for the service you provide, which is outstanding. I will defently be using mazuma mobile again.
" - Philip from Wolverhampton (Order No. M3697076) 01-04-2010
"the service was excelant so easy to do and i have recomended it to all my friends and family thank you mazuma you will be hearing from me again
all put in to 2 words (happy coustomer)" - sian from south glamorgan (Order No. M3691917) 01-04-2010
"First class service. Posted the phone on Tuesday got the cheque on Thursday. Quick Service 100%" - Greg from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3688342) 01-04-2010
"what a quick service would recommend to my family" - julie from DERBYSHIRE (Order No. M3699426) 01-04-2010
"Could not be more impressed - top class quailty service - Thank you!!!!" - Andrew from Essex (Order No. M3695512) 01-04-2010
"Absolutely fantastic. never expected such a fast service. So easy as well. Would certainly recomend everybody to get in touch instead of just letting old phones stay shut away. Make Money Instead.
" - Stephen from south yorkshire (Order No. M3695123) 01-04-2010

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