Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

March 2010

"First time I used Mazuma, must admit was a bit cynical but very impressed with the speed of the order processing and amount received!! Will definitely use Mazuma again and recommend to friends and family! Thanks very much!" - Spencer from Rutland (Order No. M3674057) 31-03-2010
"Excellent speedy service - thank you." - Catherine from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3685617) 31-03-2010
"Absolutely excellent service. A really smooth no hassle transaction and I am delighted with the level of payment received.
Will certainl;y recommend you.
" - caron from Cornwall (Order No. M3671263) 31-03-2010
"Well impressed with the speed of your service. Enquired about selling my phone on the wednesday & by the tuesday the following week i had my argos voucher!!!! Ive praised your company to my friends & work colleagues who will definetley use your company. " - denise from Cheshire (Order No. M3686245) 31-03-2010
"really quick and easy to use will definately use again" - karen from Glamorgan (Order No. M3693562) 31-03-2010
"Superb service.Received payment directly into bank the day after phones were posted.Highly recommended" - Ray from Cheshire (Order No. M3691199) 31-03-2010
"This's the best company.

^__________________^" - suphannika from england (Order No. M3696270) 31-03-2010
"I would just like to say what a fantastic fast service! I sent my phone to you yesterday (30th March) and have just checked my bank account and the money is in there already! I can't thank you enough for the speedy and ultra efficient service. I will recommend you to anyone to be the best company to use for this service. Once again thankyou and it's been a pleasure to deal with Mazuma mobile." - clair from Essex (Order No. M3694973) 31-03-2010
"Fantastic service, quick, no problems will definitely use this service again if need be. " - Charlene from Middlesex (Order No. M3692624) 31-03-2010
"Couldn't be simpler to sell a phone and very good prices and such fast service simply no messing thanks

" - robert from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3689189) 31-03-2010
"I have just received an email to say that my Argos voucher is already on its way. I have to congratulate you all on the amazingly quick and smooth service. It is so daunting dealing with big companies these days. As a customer I always feel like I am about to be ripped-off. NOt with Mazuma. The service has been quick, reliable and the process very informative throughout. I can't believe it. I only went online to check out Mazuma a few days ago and I have already been promised my voucher. Well done! Amazing service in this day and age! Brilliant. Will recommend you to all my friends." - Gilly from Cumberland (Order No. M3694671) 31-03-2010
"very quick :)" - john from antrim (Order No. M3698594) 31-03-2010
"I wish to inform you that the payment cheque has been received.
As a matter of fact, I found your process not only simple,fast and friendly but reliable. I wish you more grease to your elbows. Thanks for your cooperation." - Ernest from Isleworth, Middlesex (Order No. M3690279) 31-03-2010
"great service very fast.
above my first expectations and i will be using this conpany in the future.

thanks mazuma mobile" - matthew from Staffordshire (Order No. M3699066) 31-03-2010
"I hereby acknowledge receipt of the payment cheque. Thanks immensely." - Ernest from Isleworth, Middlesex (Order No. M3690375) 31-03-2010
"thank you for the brilliant and very quick service. The whole process of selling the phone was made very easy and worry free with the very easy to use website. THANKS Mazuma" - keith from Wiltshire (Order No. M3691766) 31-03-2010
"You should become the "New Government" You dont tell lies, instant payment, Honest and dont take expenses!! 1st class service and will recommend to all work and personal friends "Thank you"" - Marc from Cornwall (Order No. M3670525) 31-03-2010
"great servise very quick and would use again thanks " - daniel from Lancashire (Order No. M3691076) 31-03-2010
"thanks very much 4 the quik service " - steven from merseyside (Order No. M3694128) 31-03-2010
"Fantastic site,cant believe how quick the money was in my account,i posted yesterday and the money is in my account today,i didnt think that was possible,so often i leave old phones to rot,but not anymore i will highly recommend your company to my family and friends.Thankyou very much." - maurice from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3684580) 31-03-2010
"WOW, what a fast service! Only sent the phones to you yesterday, and the money was in my bank before 5.30 the day after. Would definatley recommend others to you. Really impressed!
Thanks" - joann from manchester (Order No. M3688421) 31-03-2010
"very easy online service even my dad whose PC illiterate could have done it.Was happy to recycle my N95. great price £116.00 for a phone that was no longer needed or being used. New shoes, new hand bag and maybe change for a hair do...? My cheque was recieved within 2/3 days of posting. happy,happy, happy. Thankyou x" - tracy from west midlands (Order No. M3680506) 31-03-2010
"Service was excellent, the prepaid envelope arrived following day after order placed and the cheque was received by return post - this service was as advertised and its not many people who deliver that type of service these days. Thank you." - Kath from Staffordshire (Order No. M3691713) 31-03-2010
"I very rarely recommend a business as I am usually slightly disappointed with the final result. This is not the case with Mazuma, I did not post my phones off within the agreed time, I received an email advising me that the time period for me to send the phones had elapsed but I was given the option of extending this time period which I did. I posted my phones on Monday the cheque for the full amount hit my doormat on Wednesday, I was amazed. It's true 'they do what they say'. Many thanks" - Bill from United Kingdom (Order No. M3644304) 31-03-2010
"sent off phone paid within 48 hours excellent deal highly recomend mazuma " - ARTHUR from Yorkshire (Order No. M3693238) 31-03-2010
"what a brilliant response, very quick and very efficient in the transaction of the sale.. well done mazuma keep up the good work.." - tony from Yorkshire (Order No. M3691875) 30-03-2010
"Excellent service! so quick and efficient. Thanks very much." - Beverley from Surrey (Order No. M3687118) 30-03-2010
"Speedy, hastle free process. Most impressed. Thank u. xxx" - kylie from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3684170) 30-03-2010
" got a good price for my phones,very fast was completed plus recieving cheque in a week" - joyce from Cheshire (Order No. M3682682) 30-03-2010
"one of the best net sites i have used, to quote another advert " this product does what it says on the screen " slight change to the words but you get my drift." - james from Ayrshire (Order No. M3677463) 30-03-2010
"This is a great service, they pay what they say. I was worried about not getting what they told me they would pay, but as soon as they received the mobile the payment went in the next day. Excellent service and i would use again. Thank you" - Mihai from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3688857) 30-03-2010
"INCREDIBLE- Mazuma were very fast and made it very easy to sell my old phone. I sent the phone at 3pm on monday and had the money in my account by 1pm on tuesday. Thankyou Mazuma" - Daniel from Cheshire (Order No. M3685245) 30-03-2010
"Great service, prompt, efficient and a pleasure to do business with. thanks." - Sally from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3687270) 30-03-2010
"Absolutely Brilliant !!!!!

took me long enough (my fault due to phone reg. as stolen, got it removed and got it to u). the money is already in my a/c. Please use this review on Moneysaver because you came out top, that's why I picked u.

Thanks" - Mark from London (Order No. M3680580) 30-03-2010
"Absolutely brilliant, fast service. Very Pleased, and will definately be using Mazuma Mobile in the future!" - Kelly from Lancashire (Order No. M3692133) 30-03-2010
"I think your service is excellent, quick and well
organised. I would definately recommend you to other people. " - Elaine from Lancashire (Order No. M3690484) 30-03-2010
"we,ll done,no complaints good service" - richard from Lancashire (Order No. M3680654) 30-03-2010
"Very user friendly website, pouch received following day and payment was in my bank the day after I posted the phone! Thank you" - Richard from Yorkshire (Order No. M3683858) 30-03-2010
"SEcond time of use. Subject to receiving payment which has been confirmed I have found the service to be very efficient, in terms of customer service one of the best around. Thank you." - Chris from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3691356) 30-03-2010
"Absolutely fantastic response, sent phone away 4.30pm Monday, money in account 3pm Tuesday, will recommend to anybody." - Thomas from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3690739) 30-03-2010
"Very fast, very efficient service. Simple and competitive, would recommend. " - John from Somerset (Order No. M3688630) 30-03-2010
"Great service, fast, reliable, easy. Will definitely use again. Fair prices given and paid into my account super fast! Thank you very much Mazuma :)" - Denise from North Somerset (Order No. M3690895) 30-03-2010
"So fast from start to finish
a really well done." - Charles from Lancashire (Order No. M3692160) 30-03-2010
"Great service again, really seamless!

Thanks" - Simon from Derbyshire (Order No. M3691998) 30-03-2010
"So simply to complete on line, very speedy and efficient service from start to finish. Thank you." - Jane from Yorkshire (Order No. M3692304) 30-03-2010
"Easy to use, efficient and better value the show room tradins" - Michael from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3690810) 30-03-2010
"Better price than evirophone. Very quick in getting my postal bag. very quick and confirming the phone is in working order and authorising the bank transfer. The best decision I have made this year. thank you!" - Payam from Middlesex (Order No. M3690826) 29-03-2010
"Great service - very impressed with the speed and efficiency. Will certainly use this again next time we upgrade our phones." - Martin from Cheshire (Order No. M3689341) 29-03-2010
"I have never recycled a phone before online and I used yourselves for the first time as I was recommended by a friend to your site. I must say you have an excellent customer service and work very fast, I will definatly tell anyone who is interested in recycling a phone about your website.Warm wishes! :-)" - Sonia from Yorkshire (Order No. M3689672) 29-03-2010
"wonderful service very quick 100% recomend" - paul from Lancashire (Order No. M3687135) 29-03-2010
"I used this service for the first time this month. The service is very simple and very quick - the whole process completed in less that a week. Very impressive!!! " - Nicola from London (Order No. M3681512) 29-03-2010
"Super fast, not only with processing things but with paying the money too!! Would definitely use Mazuma again! Thank you!!" - Lisa from Suffolk (Order No. M3691683) 29-03-2010
"an unbelievably easy and hassle free way to get rid of your phone and got good money for it at the same time. definately will be reccomending this to others and will probably be sending my next phone to you as well! " - michael from Warwickshire (Order No. M3671812) 29-03-2010
"good Afternoon, many thanks for the fast service you provided, we were very happy in trading our phones with you and would defonatly reccomend family and friends to use you, thank you for a great service" - Adrian from Dorset (Order No. M3687485) 29-03-2010
"Very quick and efficient. Extremely impressed!" - Richard from Yorkshire (Order No. M3687983) 29-03-2010
"I am extremely impressed with service, not only the simplicity but the value i have got for mobiles that have quite frankly been sat in the cupboard for two years! Not only this but your constant e-mailing and keeping me 100% informed is really really impressive. Thanks again!" - Kieran from Britain (Order No. M3686987) 29-03-2010
"I think that your service is fantastic because the price for phones are fair also you are very quick to send out the pre paid bag which is another good point. You also send the money very quickly.I would definatly recommend this service to everyone." - Katie from Lancashire (Order No. M3691797) 29-03-2010
"The cash is in the bank, the next working day after I mailed the phones - that is "same day service"! It does not get better than that." - Alex from Warwickshire (Order No. M3687000) 29-03-2010
"hi i though the service was very fast and easy to use i would recomend mazuma 2 my friends with out a boubt.... thank you" - wendy from tyne and wear (Order No. M3686908) 29-03-2010
"i would like to say this is a great way of making good quick cash and is very professional and will be using it again and will recommend others use it to" - gary from armagh (Order No. M3677342) 29-03-2010
"Extremely efficient service. Posted phone Thursday 5pm - had cheque by Sat morning !!
Will definitely recommend to others." - PAULA from Derbyshire (Order No. M3659589) 29-03-2010
"First class service, would highly recommend this service." - Jenny from Essex (Order No. M3688527) 29-03-2010
"hi there, i would just like to say how pleased i am with the service i recieved from mazuma...i was amazed at how fast you dealt with my order..thanx again" - jacqueline from Yorkshire (Order No. M3688846) 29-03-2010
"Simply a plesure to sell to. The only phone recyclers to use." - simon from West Sussex (Order No. M3684390) 29-03-2010
"You guys are great. You even pay more than selling on eBay plus your quick !!" - Ian from Lancashire (Order No. M3688134) 29-03-2010
"A very fast and efficient service. Something which is becoming increasingly rare these days! I was very impressed." - Kate from Devon (Order No. M3668795) 28-03-2010
"Great transaction. Fast and nice way to sell an old phone ;)" - Tomasz from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3686283) 28-03-2010
"Excellent service thanks very much.I will be sure to use you again" - David from HAMPSHIRE (Order No. M3641740) 27-03-2010
"Excellent service, speedy delivery and prompt payment would defently recomened.Thanks to the team at mazuma mobile. " - ALEX from LANCASHIRE (Order No. M3676910) 27-03-2010
"what an excellent service and so quick and easy. the amount paid for my mobile was very good. Thankyou so much i will be using you again" - donna from Wiltshire (Order No. M3683726) 27-03-2010
"Was impressed at the quick turnover of the transaction. Total of 5 days and that was only because it took me 2 days to put the phone in the envelope.
Many Thanks!" - James from Devon (Order No. M3675255) 27-03-2010
"Thank you for processing my order so quickly" - Ursula from Essex (Order No. M3684763) 27-03-2010
"Mazuma, just great and speedy services. well done Mazuma" - Paul from Suffolk (Order No. M3686899) 27-03-2010
"Thank you for processing my order so quickly and efficiently. Acknowledgment of receipt of my phone day after posting & money in my account within 36 hours, Great service -many thanks." - Ursula from Essex (Order No. M3684763) 27-03-2010
"A first class experience,would certainly recomend." - jason from Glamorgan (Order No. M3661273) 27-03-2010
"Very good service.E mailed Tue. Envelope arrived Wed.Phone sent to you Thursday.Confirmation of arrival from you by e mail Friday AM.New e mail from you Friday PM to confirm cheque is on its way.Saturday morning 0900 Cheque arrives at my house.Transaction complete.Again VERY good service Thankyou." - david from berkshire (Order No. M3683586) 27-03-2010
"i would like to say how quick and easy it was " - garry from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3675845) 27-03-2010
"Very quick and smoothly done transaction. Thanks" - Jason from Fife (Order No. M3671896) 27-03-2010
"I thought your service was excellent. Very prompt, with clear concise postal instructions. You sent out the cheque on the same day you received the phones, which is just what people want. Top marks for keeping me up to date via email every step of the way. Ten out of Ten!!!!!" - Aileen from Yorkshire (Order No. M3676833) 27-03-2010
"Excellent service! Money was paid into my bank account 22 hours after posting my old mobile to mazuma!" - Roy from Worcestershire (Order No. M3679881) 27-03-2010
"Absoltely fantastic service. I received my money within 2 days. Will advise all friends to use your company to recycle their old mobiles. Thank you very much." - Louise from Durham (Order No. M3681605) 27-03-2010
"excellent service envelope arrived next day posted phones off received cheque next day will certainly use again first class." - sandra from Staffordshire (Order No. M3686092) 27-03-2010
"I'd certainly use Mazuma again, fast efficient quite simply BRILLIANT !! " - Steve from Yorkshire (Order No. M3680288) 27-03-2010
"I was very happy with the service it was fast and efficient Thank You i would recommend people to use your company. " - Terence from Merseyside (Order No. M3679509) 27-03-2010
"great super fast service" - Vanda from Essex (Order No. M3667345) 26-03-2010
"Your process is flawless - well done! I'm rarely impressed but you surpassed even my expectations - what a great service :)" - steve from london (Order No. M3678397) 26-03-2010
"Thankyou for your excellent, speedy, stress free service. I will be recommending you to anyone I know needing the same service and will definitely use you myself again if needed." - Helen from Sussex (Order No. M3683412) 26-03-2010
"wow so quick! if only every one else was as efficient. thank you very much.will be using you again." - DEREK from Derbyshire (Order No. M3679953) 26-03-2010
"Cheque recieved. Thankyou for a quick and efficient service." - Michael from Norfolk (Order No. M3681637) 26-03-2010
"very quick, very efficient. kept informed all the way i have already recommended your service to 5 of my friends" - stephen from Northumberland (Order No. M3681307) 26-03-2010
"Pleasure doing business with Mazuma again!!! I'll be back soon..." - Rochelle from London (Order No. M3578437) 26-03-2010
"Excellent service! Website easy to use, envelope was sent out very quickly, and payment was made on the day the phone was received by Mazuma. Will definitely use again! Thanks" - Corinne from Berkshire (Order No. M3663152) 26-03-2010
"Your service so amazing so quick and easy, was a pleasure doing business with you and would definitely recommend you to anyone. Thanks again!" - Lee from Sussex (Order No. M3679983) 26-03-2010
"excellent service, email received same day phones recd with full agreed amount. awaiting payment in my bank but that should go as smoothly as everything else would thoroughly recommend" - jenny from Northumberland (Order No. M3670761) 26-03-2010
"WOW WOW WOW. What an experience. Applied Weds.Received return envelope in post Thurs. I returned phones sameday by special delivery.Signed for at Masuma Fri AM Money was in my bank account Friday PM.I challenge anyone to beat that. " - Alan from Leicestershire (Order No. M3686202) 26-03-2010
"Really happy with the price we got, received our payment really quickly. " - Azara from N E Lincolnshire (Order No. M3684037) 26-03-2010
"ii am very happy what mazuma moblie has done for me best web page ever to sell a old mobie on i will be doning it ever time i get a new phone and i will be telling all my mate about it
ta again mazum mobie" - daniel from Yorkshire (Order No. M3681599) 26-03-2010
"Really impressive service. The money was in my account less than two days after sending my old phones in. Would definitely use Mazuma again. Many thanks." - Jodie from Devon (Order No. M3660634) 26-03-2010
"I have used Mazuma several times and on each occasion it has been dealt with extremely efficiently and quickly, for example I entered the mobile details on the Wednesday, the Returns Bag (to put the mobiles in) arrived on the Thursday, posted back to Mazuma same day then on the Friday the order was processed and a cheque sent. Many Thanks" - Victoria from North Lincolnshire (Order No. M3685456) 26-03-2010
"So easy to deal with, bag was sent in the post in went the phone sent it back and had the money in my account the next day. Thank You" - Iain from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3674344) 26-03-2010
"very pleased with the speed and ease of returning old mobiles.will definately use you again.thanks" - lorraine from Warwickshire (Order No. M3684289) 26-03-2010
"Excellent service! I will be recommending this to everyone!" - Sarah from Berkshire (Order No. M3676175) 26-03-2010
"What excellent service! it's not often that I fill in feedback forms, but having used some other Mobile recycling companies I think that Mazuma are head and shoulders above the rest. We placed the order on the website on Sunday, received the Freepost bag and posted the phone on Tuesday as promised and the payment was received on Friday, Now that's service. Well done Mazuma" - Andrew from Suffolk (Order No. M3677120) 26-03-2010
"wow that was so fast i am very happy with the outcome and i will definetly be using mazuma again. thank you" - stuart from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3681006) 26-03-2010
"Excellent service and super fast payment, thanks very much." - Donna from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3680248) 26-03-2010
"The service is Great, Quick and Professional.

It would be just perfect to have the Paypal payment option Too!!!

Thanks guys!!" - Francisci from London (Order No. M3607021) 26-03-2010
"I found your website and the service you provided quick and easy, i would certainly tell friends about you and i'd use you again in the future. Thanks" - Carol from Derbyshire (Order No. M3666166) 26-03-2010
"Once again superb service and without doubt will recommend you to others. My partner will be signing up in a couple of weeks when her contract expires. Thankyou for a very efficient pain free transaction" - IAN from Essex (Order No. M3661364) 26-03-2010
"Amazing service, super fast payment, great price. Would use this service again, thanks Mazuma..
" - Michael from Essex (Order No. M3681363) 26-03-2010
"Top quality service!! Fast, efficient, simple to use (and pays better than other sites) :)" - Marlen from hampshire (Order No. M3673057) 25-03-2010
"Excellent service, thankyou very much indeed." - darren from Staffordshire (Order No. M3680197) 25-03-2010
"Super fast, reliable, true to their word. And to think I was putting this off!

Thanks Mazuma" - Lee from Hampshire (Order No. M3667049) 25-03-2010
"A quick easy reliable way to recycle old mobile phones,thankyou mazuma i will highly recommend your service" - Pauline from Durham (Order No. M3655831) 25-03-2010
"absolutely fantastic service!" - Stephen from Essex (Order No. M3670588) 25-03-2010
"Extremeley impressed with the service at Mazuma, good prices for the phones I sent in, I sent the phones off and had the money for them 2 days later! Brilliant! Thanks again." - Dean from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3670559) 25-03-2010
"Excellent service, easy to use, very quick turn around would definately use again and recommend to others. A++++" - Mario from Surrey (Order No. M3669476) 25-03-2010
"Brilliant !!!! Service was great, great communication, Better than all other companys. Will be sure to recommend !! Thanks Mazuma" - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M3677795) 25-03-2010
"I thought your service was absolutely fantastic. it was easy to use and very speedy. I had this old mobile lying around and was just going to dispose of it but thanx to mazuma i made some cash. I would definately use you again and will be reccommending you to friends. thank you mazuma mobile." - Leona from Yorkshire (Order No. M3676202) 25-03-2010
"Fast great service, good price as you would say it does everything on the box.
would use this service again." - David from Middlesex (Order No. M3674670) 25-03-2010
"I would like so say just how refreshing it is to deal with a company that sticks to its promises. I was told that it would take no longer than 48hrs to turn things arround and Mazuma did just that. Thank you and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mazuma in fact i have done just that or dealing with your company again." - Tom from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3670092) 25-03-2010
"god that was quick !
from start to payment reaching my bank -a quick and easy process and £105. better off . Thanks " - LEAZA from Surrey (Order No. M3678720) 25-03-2010
"Excellent service, VERY fast - from sending my phone to receiving payment was less then 24 hours... Would recommend Mazuma and would defiantly use again. Thank you" - Laura from Essex (Order No. M3679719) 25-03-2010
"great service recieved cheque , next day after sending phone to you, thanks v much." - william from Suffolk (Order No. M3671681) 25-03-2010
"You are awesome! Thank you so much for making this such an easy process - no wonder everyone speaks so highly of you on Money Saving Expert. Well done and keep up the good work!" - Laura from Rutland (Order No. M3683386) 25-03-2010
"Fantastic service, simple, totally hassle free, will use again. " - kerry from Staffordshire (Order No. M3679657) 25-03-2010
"Fantastic service got my cash the next day! Will definatley be reccomending this!" - Scott from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3679337) 25-03-2010
"Very fast and efficient service, information given all along the way. Would definately recommend to friends." - Sue from Glamorgan (Order No. M3674953) 25-03-2010
"I have sent several phones back to various companies,I can safely say Mazuma is head & shoulders above the rest. That goes for speed & ease of use,I can't recommend your service highly enough,thankyou Mazuma. " - stephen from Norfolk (Order No. M3683054) 25-03-2010
"Excellent, efficient service. Only 48 hours from filling in the details of the mobile I was selling online to receiving the funds. Best price for my handset as well. Thanks Mazuma. " - Laura from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3679956) 25-03-2010
"Despite me organising things slowly your effort has been amazing. I wish i had more phones to sell." - Martin from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3652363) 25-03-2010
"very fast and efficient service iwill use again !!!!!" - mark from Essex (Order No. M3667540) 25-03-2010
"Everything was so pretty fast and efficient. Right from the ordering , to the postage which was pretty straightforward. I ll only add that the prepaid envelopes should be slightly padded to ensure the phones do not suffer physical damage in transit." - Babatunde from Essex (Order No. M3676367) 25-03-2010
"Fast, efficient, friendly and simple, everything Mazuma says on the tin and more. Thank you." - Janine from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3669416) 25-03-2010
"thank you for your fantastic service from the day i posted my mobiles to you i recieved my cheque 2 days later nobody can complain about that keep up the good work guys" - silvia from n/a (Order No. Mm3675278) 25-03-2010
"Absolutely brilliant service and systems. I wish all service in the UK was like this. Also telephonic support was freindly and efficient. Thank you and well done ! keep it up." - Russell from Surrey (Order No. M3682879) 25-03-2010
"very quick and very efficient service will recommend to others thank you MAZUMA! many thanks x" - kim from Somerset (Order No. M3669437) 25-03-2010
"excellent prompt service and payment. Far exceeded my expectations." - john from Surrey (Order No. M3675247) 25-03-2010
"More than happy with the service, very impressed that the money was in my account around 24 hours after I had posted them. I will definitely use this service again, and I would recommend you too." - Karen from Norfolk (Order No. M3676080) 25-03-2010
"A very quick and efficient service ,easy to use website" - Paul from Lancashire (Order No. M3681854) 25-03-2010
"SUPER FAST delivery and EXCELLENT communication. You're simply te BEST on the MARKET. Hope to deal with you AGAIN! 5 STAR SERVICE!!!" - GIAN MARCO from Lewisham (Order No. M3679412) 25-03-2010
"Very good easy fast and friendly" - Deborah from Yorkshire (Order No. M3675220) 25-03-2010
"third time i have used you and still cant get over how quick and simple you make it many thanks" - richard from bedfordshire (Order No. M3680375) 25-03-2010
"very happy with yours service very quick and reliable .from now on i will sell my mobile to mazuma mobile .com its a best service iv had.thank you i miss my mobile so much " - ismail from Lancashire (Order No. M3673982) 25-03-2010
"Really impressed with the service!! I've sent three phones back now, and I thought the prices offered were reasonable and when Mazuma promised to send the payment within 48hrs, they did so promptly!
Thanks Mazuma! :)" - David from West Midlands (Order No. M3675940) 25-03-2010
"id like to thankyou for everything,as i compared withothers,i say its a fair deal u did for me,,n so fast 2,il recomend u definately." - amanda from Cheshire (Order No. M3681442) 25-03-2010
"Top class service have no problems recommending you to all of my family and friends " - Dave from Hampshire (Order No. M3675891) 25-03-2010
"Quick and efficient service.Very professional,would reccomend mazuma to anybody." - Mark from Lancashire (Order No. M3675400) 25-03-2010
"From start to finish I have found it a pleasure to use Mazuma Mobile. Offered the best trade in price. It really has been excellent service, I found the website extremely easy to use and the intructions were so easy and clear to follow. Payment as promised was fantastically quick. I have recommended you to so many people and would happily recommend your service to anyone." - Suzanna from Lancashire (Order No. M3656165) 24-03-2010
"Thanks. Very fast efficient service." - soine from Berkshire (Order No. M3657628) 24-03-2010
"Quick, easy & safe...Very happy with the whole process from start to payment...Will be using again & will be telling everyone about you..." - Claire from Suffolk (Order No. M3666464) 24-03-2010
"Fantastic service, very happy bunny!
Order placed Friday 19/3/10
Envelope recieved Saturday 20/3/10
Phones sent Monday 22/3/10
Payment recieved in full Tuesday 23/3/10
Doesn't get much better than that! Will recommend and use Mazuma again
" - Chris from Cheshire (Order No. M3672494) 24-03-2010
"Many Thanks
received Cheque this morning,
Very prompt service.
Yhanks Again" - Tim from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3667057) 24-03-2010
"Thank you for the the way my order was handled it was a fast service which went really smooth & quick with good communication & fast payment. I willcertainly recomend you. thank you once again! " - Jean from Lancashire (Order No. M3660198) 24-03-2010
"Absolutely brilliant. Sent the order request Monday afternoon, got the envelope Tuesday morning. Posted the phone 5pm Tuesday and all processed and done by lunchtime on Wednesday. Very impressed! So was my wife who sold her old phone last week." - David from Flintshire (Order No. M3679840) 24-03-2010
"This is the second time I have sold with you. Cannot praise the service high enough. From start to finish - 3 days and money in account on 3rd day. Must be without doubt best in market. Have recommended you to so many friends who feel exactly the same. Many thanks - the space I now have where the old mobiles used to gather dust !! Now what to do about the 3 thousand chargers........" - Kareen from Kent (Order No. M3678964) 24-03-2010
"Absolutely faultless service with an extremely fast payout.Highly recommended" - Chris from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3672697) 24-03-2010
"Great service. Posted 23rd March at 4.00pm.Had email to confirm payment at 12.25 on 24th. How good is that!!! " - janet from middlesex (Order No. M3680007) 24-03-2010
"I found the website very easy to use.
being able to put the modle number in if you knew it made the process really quick,
but being able to pick your phone out of a picture line up was also very easy.
the turn around from mobiles to cash was very quick too
I received my postal pack with in two days, sent teh phones the next day and indead received teh pyment within 8 hours as promised." - Simon from London (Order No. M3672829) 24-03-2010
"Brilliant service from start to end. It couldn't simpler, and payment was made so promptly. Thank you Mazuma! :)" - Moshana from Middlesex (Order No. M3654161) 24-03-2010
"Am totally impressed with service!! I had to keep hold of my old phone longer than i anticipated as my new one was faulty so missed the 14 day deadline on sending it to Mazuma by two days & yet they still honoured the original quote! Communication was extremely good & payment was received within hours! Would highly recommend. " - Louise from Kent (Order No. M3644167) 24-03-2010
"Super slick service. Posted Tuesday, confirmation e-mail received Wednesday at 10:11am, money in my bank at 13:00!!!!
Thank you Mazuma!" - Garfield from Surrey (Order No. M3664457) 24-03-2010
"Your service has been unbelievably fast and excellent. Could not fault you at all! Many thanks." - Nicky from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3671405) 24-03-2010
"this is the 3rd time i,ve used mazumamobile! would recommend it to everyone. service is first class and am very impressed. thankyou" - heidi from Somerset (Order No. M3672235) 24-03-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service, wish i had more phones to sell, Cannot fault you at all, A1. Thanks again" - Lynda from Yorkshire (Order No. M3676353) 24-03-2010
"To whom it may concern:
I am extremely impressed...
what a fantastic service...
I sent in my working iPhone recorded delivery and was paid on the same day you recieved it.
I will definitely be looking out my old phones - working, or not to send to you. I will also be unreservedly recommending your services to friends, family and colleagues alike.
Well done Mazuma !!!
Amazing !!!!" - Gerald from Fife (Order No. M3661103) 24-03-2010
"Thank You very much i have found this transaction very simple easy quick and satisfying.
Thank You and well done for the efficiency of your team

" - marianne from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3669726) 24-03-2010
"thanks alot! it was really fast and a good deal " - Shannon from Newport (Order No. M3677748) 24-03-2010
"To, Mazuma Service Team.

Excellent service!!!
Very smooth transaction,
I have, and will carry on recommending Mazuma to my friends and family.
Best regards" - steve from Worcestershire (Order No. M3673282) 24-03-2010
"amazingly fast service can not belive how efficent your company is !!!!!!!!!!!!!" - paul from Worcestershire (Order No. M3667484) 24-03-2010
"Thank you mazuma this is my 3rd order with you and your service as been very good and quick. I recommend mazuma 2 all my friends. Thank you again" - Roger from glos (Order No. M3669247) 24-03-2010
"I would highly recommend Mazuma, as i found the proceadure very quick and efficent. I opted for the bank transfer and had my money in my account within 48 hrs. I would like to say a big thank you and i would seriously use you again." - michelle from Yorkshire (Order No. M3656054) 24-03-2010
"fast speedy service well done" - colin from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3675710) 24-03-2010
"Quick, reliable and easy to use. Great service" - Connor from Antrim (Order No. M3675043) 24-03-2010
"Excellent service from receiving quote to getting cheque. Would recommend to anyone. " - janet from Essex (Order No. M3646175) 24-03-2010
"Would highly recommend Mazuma it couldn't of been any easier! I sent my phone on day 1 and recieved my cheque on day 3 as promised.And got a very good price for my phone too thank you very much for easy transaction." - Robert from Yorkshire (Order No. M3673121) 24-03-2010
"Amazing service! Handset posted tuesday pm and had money in my account in under 24hours." - brian from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3672091) 24-03-2010
"Well i am pleasantly suprised.. i was a little dubious about this to be honest, and thought that with the price quoted for my phone, there would be some sort of catch! But no, its all genuine and above board and i am very pleased! I think with your tv ads, you need to get real people who have used you, to tell about the service they have recieved! (i volunteer to be the star)

" - Jonathan from Cornwall (Order No. M3661452) 24-03-2010
"once again very speedy service that im going to be selling phones for my friends & family that have no internet
Im speachless on just how fast payment is keep up the good work " - mark from Sussex (Order No. M3669823) 23-03-2010
"Fantastic service, very professional and prompt. Would definitely recommend to frends & family. Thanks." - LIXIN from Lancashire (Order No. M3652189) 23-03-2010
"Thank you very very very very very much ! Quick and easy, bitta dollar in the back pocket too! Cant go wrong." - Dan from Glamorgan (Order No. M3669605) 23-03-2010
"Prompt and easy!" - graham from Kent (Order No. M3669848) 23-03-2010
"I would just like to say what an easy and enjoyable experience this has been, I will definately be recommending your services to all my family and friends, thank you." - Loren from Yorkshire (Order No. M3669536) 23-03-2010
"Super service was really easy and would say to anyone if they have a phone thats sat in the draw to send it in to mazuma they are fab thanks " - Lee from Staffordshire (Order No. M3629400) 23-03-2010
"great service was very quick im really pleased thankyou" - wendy from Lancashire (Order No. M3659459) 23-03-2010
"Very speedy - many thanks. Hope to use you again. " - Pamela from West Sussex (Order No. M3671489) 23-03-2010
"Excellent service. Fast payment and great email confirmations every step of the way. Thank you very much.
I'll have no hesitation in recommending you to others." - Kevin from Essex (Order No. M3669483) 23-03-2010
"Very impressive service from initial point of contact through to completion. speed of service brilliant and less than 24 hrs elapsed from the time of phone despatch by myself to the time taken for the funds to be credited to my bank account. continually updated on the order staus and processing details and definately a service i would not hesitate to recommend to anybody." - mark from Glamorgan (Order No. M3661857) 23-03-2010
"really impressed with the efficient service,, i will definately be using Mazuma again , and recommend you to friends." - Dawn from Staffordshire (Order No. M3669211) 23-03-2010
"A fantastic service, prompt and trouble free.
Why can't other companies be like this.
Thank you" - Nick from Berkshire (Order No. M3672931) 23-03-2010
"a fantastic, speedy and very simple service. " - wayne from Surrey (Order No. M3658226) 23-03-2010
"Great service! It was quick and exactly how described.
Posted my phone on saturday and got paid today (Tuesday).
Thanks!" - Walkyria from Middlesex (Order No. M3671571) 23-03-2010
"super fast service, very happy, will deal again & tell all friends about good service& price many thanks" - chris from west yorkshire (Order No. M3673464) 23-03-2010
"Excellent, really easy and quick. Wish I'd thought of it sooner, had that phone collecting dust for months!
Thanks :)
" - helen from Lancashire (Order No. M3664043) 23-03-2010
"very fast payout with no hassle. A real change from the norm." - david from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3639364) 23-03-2010
"wow i am so impressed with your service, you are very easy to do business with.
I recieved your free post bag within 48 hrs and i recieved payment of my phones the same day you recieved them...thanks for a very fast and effiecent service, very happy customer will recommend." - joanne from Lancashire (Order No. M3671409) 23-03-2010
"Well, what can I say,I was very wary of using one of these sites to sell my old phone,I looked at another site first but after finding that they didn't even publish a contact telephone number and then that they had a very bad write up online I carried on looking and came across your site.I posted my phone at 4pm, by noon the next day, the full amount was in my bank account. Many thanks for a very efficient service." - Edward from Staffordshire (Order No. M3672251) 23-03-2010
"Brilliant to deal with, couldn,t believe how quick i received my cheque, will recommend to others, first class service." - sharon from Lancashire (Order No. M3660949) 23-03-2010
"Fast and efficient. I will definitely be recommending Mazuma to my friends and colleagues!" - neil from Glamorgan (Order No. M3655900) 23-03-2010
"Thanks for the speedy responce" - Peter from Yorkshire (Order No. M3659275) 23-03-2010
"Outstanding! That's the only word that I can use to describe your service!

I've used your service 3 times now and have NEVER been dissapointed.

I posted you my phone on Friday afternoon - the cash was in my bank by lunchtime on Monday morning! Now THAT'S fast!

Well done Mazuma!" - Mike from Cleveland (Order No. M3667624) 22-03-2010
"Thank you mazuma. Very fast indeed. Prompt and efficient. Brill." - Lynne from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3664229) 22-03-2010
"I was really impressed with how quick this service was, almost a 24 hour turnaround!
I will be recommending you to friends. Thanks very much." - Charlotte from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3654947) 22-03-2010
"Fast , convenient and all around good , I Love Mazuma. THANK YOU!!!! " - Michael from Yorkshire (Order No. M3664648) 22-03-2010
"Very good service and very fast." - Daryl from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3668324) 22-03-2010
"My 4th transaction. Now using
the direct payment to my bank account option instead of receiving a cheque. Sent phones on Friday and payment in my bank account Monday morning. Could not get a better service. Thanks!
" - Paul from Kent (Order No. M3666626) 22-03-2010
"I just wanted to say how fantastic the service was. The money was in my account within a week of my initial enquiry. Everything was done so smoothly and I would have no problems usuing you again" - Adele from Leicestershire (Order No. M3661877) 22-03-2010
"im very happy with your company and would do more bussiness with you in the furture many thanks" - christine from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3670949) 22-03-2010
"Excellent service, posted phone Saturday morning, money was in my bank accout Monday lunch time. Thankyou" - nicholas from Yorkshire (Order No. M3665314) 22-03-2010
"Absolutely fantastic!! Mazuma completely exceeded my expectations. Everything was really easy and the updates via email gave me peace of mind that everything was in hand. I was a little uneasy about the process initially however I would recommend Mazuma to anyone and will definately be using the service in the future. Thank you Mazuma. " - Susan from Devon (Order No. M3657195) 22-03-2010
"this service has been very quick and efficent.. am willing to say i will be using this again thankyou " - scott from clwyd (Order No. M3665841) 22-03-2010
"Just wanted to say thanks, your service is so fast. Ordered my envelope on Wed, and had money in my account by Monday 5pm. Very impressed!" - Nikki from Fife (Order No. M3669770) 22-03-2010
"thanks fo a great fast service, done and dusted in a couple of days ! well done "mazuma"...." - finlay from highlands (Order No. M3668952) 22-03-2010
"at first i didnt even belive i will get that paid.but that was absolutely fast payment and quality services thank you very much.good luck in the future." - LEMISAN from Yorkshire (Order No. M3670492) 22-03-2010
"Many Thanks for buying my phone, awaiting the cheque. Would like to say how easy you made this and kept me informed at all times. Would certainly use you again.
Highly recommened." - Carol from West Midlands (Order No. M3666339) 22-03-2010
"Fantasic! Posted my phone on friday- money in my account on monday. Couldn't ask for a better service. Thanks." - Richard from Northumberland (Order No. M3657481) 22-03-2010
"Fantastic! I was very impressed with the efficiency and speed of the whole process. I will definitely recommend Mazuma to everyone! Thanks. " - Gavin from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3670091) 22-03-2010
"Excellent,efficient, quick payment would recommend." - Neil from Essex (Order No. M3671634) 22-03-2010
"good service. very prompt and professional.

thank you." - peter from berkshire (Order No. M3656425) 22-03-2010
"Very pleased with how quick and easy it was to trade in my phone. Also pleased with the bank transfer option which I don't think was there last time I used the website. Will be using the site again" - Ben from Leicestershire (Order No. M3648562) 22-03-2010
"Second time I've used yourselves but this time went for balance transfer, can't believe how fast and efficient the service has been. Would and have recommended it" - Lyndsey from Worcestershire (Order No. M3644782) 22-03-2010

Thank you very much for an excellent service.

I was amazed how quickly the order was turned around. Well done! Many thanks!

Best Regards" - Ian from Kent (Order No. M3662261) 21-03-2010
"Very impressed quick service makes a change thank you will pass your name on " - P from Staffordshire (Order No. M3658756) 21-03-2010
"an excellent fast and reliable service.
would highly recommend to anyone." - marie from Lancashire (Order No. M3660144) 21-03-2010
"Excellent service and well worth it" - Roy from n/a (Order No. MM3664607) 21-03-2010
"thank you for a fast and reliable service, couldnt fault it. would recomend to everyone.
" - alan from Lancashire (Order No. M3665227) 21-03-2010
"fantastic service" - anne from Lancashire (Order No. M3662580) 21-03-2010
"very fast, very efficient service, i was amazed how quick you processed the transaction posted phone wednesday last post, cash in the bank friday lunch. brilliant will recommend, thankyou MAZUMA" - david from Yorkshire (Order No. M3658088) 21-03-2010
"I must say, one of the best company's I've ever delt with. Very fast service and easy to use. 5*" - Daniel from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3656202) 21-03-2010
"unbelievable service! Quick and fulfilling every offer. I hope that you don't mind bad language because I'm about to use some... you f*%#ing rock!" - Peter from Kent (Order No. M3649061) 20-03-2010
"Excellent service 100% recommend quick cash as they say!" - josh from west midlands (Order No. M3655738) 20-03-2010
"service was fast and very efficient ,thank you." - glen from Lancashire (Order No. M3655298) 20-03-2010
"A smooth, quick, fantastic service. I received the full amount for my old handset, and all done within a couple of days. Would definitely recommend and will certainly being using again in the future. Many thanks!" - Loui from Middlesex (Order No. M3636728) 20-03-2010
"nice and easy process very quick payment thank you" - paul from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3658807) 20-03-2010
"Was amazed at the speed and quality of the service provided! I sold my mobile and recieved the payement for the sale within the same week. Will be using you again for sure and also informing my friends of this fantastic service, thanks again." - Stuart from Staffordshire (Order No. M3664841) 20-03-2010
"The sevice from mazuma was excellent. I cannot fault it in any way.The cheque was through the door all within a few days of submitting my details online.The return envelope was sent the following day and having returned it by recorded delivery(FREE) the cheque arrived two days later.Thanks mazuma for a super quick, efficient service." - Lesley from Wiltshire (Order No. M3662129) 20-03-2010
"Ive used a few mobile phone recycling websites before, but wish id heard about mazuma first!! Within 2 days of me applying i'd sent my phone off and recieved the money into my bank account!! Brilliant site, and better prices than most!!" - sian from Derbyshire (Order No. M3664545) 20-03-2010
"The service I received was fantastic. I have already placed another order with you an would not hesitate in recommending Mazuma to others. Thanks very much its been a very easy and pleasurable transaction." - Ian from Suffolk (Order No. M365156) 20-03-2010
"Unbelievably fast service. Highly recommended." - tony from Cheshire (Order No. M3661896) 20-03-2010
"very good and effecient service also very fast" - zulfikar from Leicestershire (Order No. M3659219) 20-03-2010
"i recieved my cheque today and would like to thank you for your quick response. i have found your service very easy to use and was surprised how quick it all went through. very happy with your service and i will pass your details on to my family and friends to use you." - julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M3662888) 20-03-2010
"I was a bit dubious about using the service and thought that they may be problems getting the money but I was pleasantly surprised. No hassle and the quickest turn around possible I will definately be recommending you to all my friends. One very happy customer!!" - Debbie from Essex (Order No. M3665361) 20-03-2010
"Excellent service - very easy and so quick!!! The cheque arrived 24 hours after posting - I was amazed and will certainly recommend Mazuma to all my friends. Thanks!" - Jayne from Cheshire (Order No. M3636912) 20-03-2010
"Straightforward, smooth and speedy transaction. Great communication and updates throughout process" - Kelly from Derbyshire (Order No. M3660947) 20-03-2010
"It was sooo wuick
Thursday I sold my mobile!
Friday I got the freepost envelope and send it back!
Saturday i got a cheque!! its fast, its simple! love it!" - Lisa from Wrexham (Order No. M3667980) 20-03-2010
"Brilliant! looked at the website on tuesday got the envolope and posted my old phones Wednesday got emails confirming receipt and payment Thursday cheque arrived in the post Friday. What more can you ask. " - Danny from Sussex (Order No. M3664984) 19-03-2010
"Quick, helpful and reliable. Very straight forward and I am very pleased with the servise. I also called the helpline which was informative and easy to use. Thanks." - Freya from Surrey (Order No. M3645806) 19-03-2010
"outstanding service" - paul from Hampshire (Order No. M3656886) 19-03-2010
"Very very impressed. Will gladly recommend you to anyone." - Norman from Essex (Order No. M3664641) 19-03-2010
"Fast, fair, efficient & competitive service. Everthing completed within 5 days.

Better quotes then their rival services & beats the hastle (& the steep selling fees) of eBay!

Recommended service provider." - John from Derbyshire (Order No. M3657241) 19-03-2010
"Very fast payment :-) great service, many thanks" - Lucy from Hampshire (Order No. M3657284) 19-03-2010
"i have selt a few phones with mazuma and the service has always been brilliant. quick receival of the postage bag and same with the cheque. hghly recommended
thanks. Sarah" - sarah from Durham (Order No. M3659817) 19-03-2010
"Fanastic, speedy service - couldn't have been easier. Thanks very much!!" - JIM from DOWN (Order No. M3651226) 19-03-2010
"very fast service & very fast payment already told friends of your service & will use again keep up the very good work " - mark from Sussex (Order No. M3667126) 19-03-2010
"Supremely fast and efficient service, very easy to use. Posted phone Wed around 10.00 money in the bank by Fri 18.00" - Alexander from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3658918) 19-03-2010
"Excellent,simple and easy hassle free service.Fast payment,would recommend to anyone. " - Andrew from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3659815) 19-03-2010
"congratulations on a quick and pain free service.will defo use you again and recommend you to others.think you're missing a trick...i got your details from a second hand mobile shop.maybe you should do a mail shoot to shops like this and they could act as middle man.i know the bloke in the shop reckons he has no chance of shifting all the mobiles he gets offered....i work for a marketing company and i'm sure we could come up with i have to commend was easy,speedy,catch free and 100% stressless.i even came away thinking i'd got a good deal." - Julie from northants (Order No. M3665238) 19-03-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service! Second to none!" - Chris from Essex (Order No. M3659917) 19-03-2010
"excellent fast service" - Janine from Cheshire (Order No. M3654252) 19-03-2010
"your service and respose time has been nothing short of exceptional,thankyou , i will in due course use you again." - tony from Yorkshire (Order No. M3663693) 19-03-2010
"Super quick service I made enquires on Tuesday -envelope arrive and was posted back on Wednesday -money in the back on Thursday.Excellent" - Alice from Warwickshire (Order No. M3664909) 18-03-2010
"I was recommended by a relative to use your site to sell my mobile. On doing so I have already recommended you to a relative friend as the speed that things were turned around were great and I was very impressed. I just like to say thank you for giving me money for something that I had just lying around the house. " - Sarah from Suffolk (Order No. M3661496) 18-03-2010
"Very fast, efficient and reliable service. Will use again and recommend to friends. Thank you" - Matthew from Glamorgan (Order No. M3632117) 18-03-2010
"your service has been the most efficient I have ever seen and you gave me the best value for my phone

thank you" - ian from Essex (Order No. M3659713) 18-03-2010
"superfast service sent phone day one cheque received nxt day. grt service highly recommend" - jackie from Hampshire (Order No. M3661881) 18-03-2010
"Thank you for a very speedy and professional service. Very impressed, couldn't believe how quick i received my payment. Definately recommend." - Tracey from Derbyshire (Order No. M3660825) 18-03-2010
"Hi, Just to say what a fast trouble free service you provide. You can have my next mobile when its due for replacement." - Ron from Warwickshire (Order No. M3661652) 18-03-2010
"this service is truly fantastic. Quick, efficient, and reliable. I often tell my friends and colleagues about Mazuma. I own a small digital comms agency and would LOVE to chat to you guys about your digital marketing as the product is fantastic!" - Carli from Woodstock (Order No. M3634141) 18-03-2010
"Excellent fast service, great communication. Cheers!" - Ged from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3653384) 18-03-2010
"very speedy service from first enquiry to recieving my envelope to you recieving my phones and me recieving the cash in my bank,would recomend to anyone,thankyou." - adrian from Yorkshire (Order No. M3655280) 18-03-2010
"this was a great service thank you. took exactly one week from posting our phones to receiving our cheque." - edward from co antrim (Order No. M3629606) 18-03-2010
"Astounded at the speed in which my order was processed! Had compared prices and reviews of similar companies and took a slightly lower price as Mazuma had better reviews and other companies had been slated for delaying payments and poor communication. Mazuma has kept me well informed and up to date at each step. You have certainly lived up to your reputation and I would certainly recommend to friends. Faultless and easy to use service." - Ben from West Midlands (Order No. M3651784) 18-03-2010
"Excellent service, quick dispatch time and response" - Colin from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3659873) 18-03-2010
"Wow, excellent, fast service from start to finish, I would recommend you to any one, many thanks" - Michael from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3660700) 18-03-2010
"my old mobile is now in a good place! better then the dust bin! the service was very fast so easy to do! and Ive been paid.... so recycle and get paid! :-) thankyou mazuma!" - kelly from Berkshire (Order No. M3661543) 18-03-2010
"i am well pleased with trhe service your company has done we tried other phone people but to no satifaction ,i am well impressed" - philip from Kent (Order No. M3649138) 18-03-2010
"The only thing faster than Mazuma is lightning. This is the third or forth phone I have sold and it just gets better. Envelope arrived Tuesday Phone posted back Tues. Cash in the bank Thurs pm. Simply the best. Thanks again Mazuma" - Steve from Beds (Order No. M3659757) 18-03-2010
"fantastic service
many thanks i will use you again " - karl from Essex (Order No. M3660313) 18-03-2010
"Prompt & Professional. Surperb customer focus, keeping me upto date at every step of the process. Excellent service, definately use Mazuma again and will recommend to friends, family and colleagues.
Thank you." - Emma from Cumbria (Order No. M3657777) 18-03-2010
"We have used mazuma many times as we have a few contract phones in our house and change them quite often. Mazuma are very well organised and everything is sorted in rapid time and you are also updated by mail through each stage of the process. " - Diane from cheshire (Order No. M3656633) 18-03-2010
"Very easy to follow instructions on website, very quick and speedy service from start to finish, will use you again. Thank you." - Richard from Suffolk (Order No. M3665431) 18-03-2010
"Absolutely unbelievable service, less hassle than E Bay, and a better price!!!" - John from Warwickshire (Order No. M3655930) 18-03-2010
"Fantastic service and very very fast!! Great keep up the great service... Happy Day's" - Carl from Lancashire (Order No. M3657240) 18-03-2010
"Thank you, very speedy transaction will be back when I upgrade again. " - chris from Lancashire (Order No. M3645754) 18-03-2010
"Just wanted to say what a great service, we used a different website run by the News of the World previously but you have been much quicker and given us a better deal.

Thank you" - Julie from Surrey (Order No. M3635019) 18-03-2010
"No problems from start to finish. Easy form to fill in payent and sent within couple of days as promised. Fantastic service" - Gillian from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3650700) 18-03-2010
"I send my fones by special delivery royal mail and got in about 6pm the day after i sent fone to check post office website to see if it arrived ok..Mazuma had got it,,checked it and were in proccess of sending payment to bank account to arrive before midnight that day..Thats beyond fast its unbelievable in this day and age..Thank You" - spencer from cumbria (Order No. M3664183) 18-03-2010
"Wow that was easy! Excellent service all round. Thank you" - jason from Wiltshire (Order No. M3657026) 17-03-2010
"Thank you for the cheque which i received,this transaction was so simple and very prompt.again thanks and i will definately use this site again." - elaine from Glamorgan (Order No. M3647255) 17-03-2010
"very fast brilliant keep up the good work thankyou" - Jennie from Durham (Order No. M3643785) 17-03-2010
"ive recently sent a few of my old fones to you, i just want to thankyou for how fast and helpfull you guys have been, i will defo be usin mazuma again, so once again a big thankyou." - matthew from Lancashire (Order No. M3655003) 17-03-2010
"Dear sir/madam,
thanks regards , I've received payment in my Yorkshire bank .
I really appreciate you have very good service .
Thanks again" - RIAZ from west yorkshire (Order No. M3653329) 17-03-2010
"i found your service easy and useful and im happy to be able to use it thank you. i will be recomending your service to friends and family" - ronnie from Northumberland (Order No. M3653040) 17-03-2010
"I was sceptical about using Mazuma as I am about anything to do with 'cash for your old phone'. But I was very pleased with the speed and communication of your service, I would recommend Mazuma, which means a lot coming from me!" - Roy from Worcestershire (Order No. M3631729) 17-03-2010
"I would just like to say how wonderfully easy it was to sell my phone to you. I would recommend doing this to everyone. I previoiusly used to just throw my old phone in the, not good for the environment and two, not good for my pocket!!! So thank you so much Mazuma" - Jacky from Surrey (Order No. M3642952) 17-03-2010
"Fantastic customer service excellant site. Does what they say they will, that's rare and refreshing!
Thanks." - Tim from Essex (Order No. M3644795) 17-03-2010
"Outstanding service, I don't normally give feedback but I felt compelled to do so with this service. Mazuma told me I would be paid within 48 hours after the phones were approved, well they were far better than that. From the moment I asked for a price to the moment the funds were actually in my account and checked was a stageringly good 51 hours. I would be suprised if anyone could beat that time, there were no suprises either, the money they offered me was the money in my account. Do not hesitate to use this company, they are a very proffesional outfit, thanks." - Martin from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3661431) 17-03-2010
"Very pleased with the fast efficient service you provide, and payment was very quick you recieved the phone on Tuesday and the money was in my account by 1pm today (Wednesday) Thanks so much." - James from Suffolk (Order No. M3643602) 17-03-2010
"Absolutely superb service, so quick. Very vert impressed, have recommended you to friends." - Zoe from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3654251) 17-03-2010
"top quality easy and cash straight to the bank what more can you ask for will use again many times " - james from hants (Order No. M3657984) 17-03-2010
"Great service, 100% happy. Only took 22 hours from us posting phone till money was in bank account. Can't ask for a faster payment.

" - Julie Ann from West Lothian (Order No. M3660298) 17-03-2010
"excellent service, good money compared to all other ones always will be using this one " - Russell from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3625879) 17-03-2010
"very slick and painless. Would definitely use this service again." - delon from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3651697) 17-03-2010
"An excellent service , very fast and efficient. Will recommend you to my friends, thankyou for a brilliant service," - Margery from Devon (Order No. M3648534) 17-03-2010
"Just to say I cannot believe how easy it was to use your service. My husband and two daughters are always changing there phone`s for the latest models and I get there cast off`s. every so often I have sent these to Tesco and received Tesco points for them not much I think around £5.00 each phone. I am just so glad i looked at your site before I sent these two off. I will definitely be using your site again as now the ipod phone is all the rage they will be of after one of those!!!. Thank you." - Norma from Durham (Order No. M3662190) 17-03-2010
"Great service, very fast and no problems at all. Posted phone one day and the money was in bank account the next" - Manus from Antrim (Order No. M3651507) 17-03-2010
"Thank ou for your fast reliable service, sent the phone one day ago cheque in the post today very impressive
will recomend your service to my friends" - peter from Hampshire (Order No. M3658461) 17-03-2010
"i sent my phone in the afternoon following afternoon i had the money in my account how brilliant is that!! #1 recyling site ever !!!" - daniel from BERKSHIRE (Order No. M3656492) 17-03-2010
"excellent service cant believe how fast you work thank so much will tell all my friends" - john from Kent (Order No. M3658145) 17-03-2010
"You are without a doubt the most efficient company I have ever dealt with on the internet. Unbelievable service, your company should be held up as an inspiration to others trading on the internet, to show them how it should and can be done.
" - Michael from Lancashire (Order No. M3651523) 17-03-2010
"Super service fast payment thanks." - kandy from Sussex (Order No. M3621443) 17-03-2010
"total super service " - glen from Glamorgan (Order No. M3667165) 17-03-2010
"What an excellent service - Would recommend to family & friends - Fantastic value for a phone thatwas no longer used" - Darren from Surrey (Order No. M3650860) 17-03-2010
"I thought the service was brilliant, i posted my phone special delivery Friday and had the money in my account on Monday. I will use mazuma again and certainly recommend the site. " - Karen from Warwickshire (Order No. M3633679) 16-03-2010
"Thanks for the cheque!!!
I am really astonished at how easy it was to make money form my old mobile. This phone was just going to sit in the draw until I eventually threw it away. Thanks mazuma..." - tony from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3636179) 16-03-2010
"Thanks for a good deal would reccomend mazuma to anyone hope to deal with you again sometime" - Eric from Essex (Order No. M3588439) 16-03-2010
"Very good service quick payment . Its a shame I've not any more old phones to sell to you . Very good to do busines with you . I hope to do some more very soon . Thank you.

P.S. I will recomend you to my friends" - Luis from Surrey (Order No. M3635512) 16-03-2010
"excellent service from start to finish and an easy process to follow.
well worth doing" - steve from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3649391) 16-03-2010
"I am so happy knowing my lovely little mobile is going to a fantastic home!

Payment was SO fast, amazing really, I would definitely use again and recommend to family and friends!

Mazuma is ooober cool :) " - Georgia from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3653000) 16-03-2010
"Brilliant service and very efficient!" - Emma from Cheshire (Order No. M3607361) 16-03-2010
"Very speedy service!! Brilliant, thank you!" - Sarah from Kent (Order No. M3592460) 16-03-2010
"This was my first experience dealing with Mazuma and I have to say it was first class. So easy to use and it only took 3 days from applying to getting my cheque. Superb!! Would recommend to everyone." - Adam from Derbyshire (Order No. M3640656) 16-03-2010
"What a top service!! Couldn't believe what I got for my old Blackberry. Fantastic!" - Kendra from Norfolk (Order No. M3654272) 16-03-2010
"Thanx, Your Awesome!!!" - Theo from Staffordshire (Order No. M3649747) 16-03-2010
"fast and no bother sent phone friday got payment tuesday thanks " - Kevin from Durham (Order No. M3640032) 16-03-2010
"Excellent service, thank you. I despatched the mobile to you last Wednesday and by Friday the agreed sum of money was in my bank account. Hope to do business with you again." - David from Cheshire (Order No. M3636015) 16-03-2010
"Posted phone on friday night, money in the bank by Tuesday morning, doesn't get any better than that, Thanks." - Dave from Northumberland (Order No. M3647714) 16-03-2010
"Thank you very much for a swift and effortless transaction. Very pleased with the monies received and the proffesional way in which the transaction was done." - Stuart from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3644286) 16-03-2010
"very easy great service" - rikk from Kent (Order No. M3641353) 16-03-2010
"Fantastic website! Greeat service! Thank you very much!" - Sandra from Surrey (Order No. M3641125) 16-03-2010
"Very clear on what to do, good,up to date comms on status of order - easy to use! Thanks also for extending my order for another week so I had time to send my phone off! Excellent service." - Emma from Bucks (Order No. M3602714) 16-03-2010
"Hi, I don't ever leave feedback so consider yourselves special! It really has been the easiest transaction of its kind I have ever had. Gutted about my phone dying for no discernable reason, but will take money for it broken anyday! Many thanks, Matthew." - Matthew from Somerset (Order No. M3654855) 16-03-2010
"fabulous service, super super quick payment. was in my bank account less than 24hours after i sent in my old phone a**" - tara from Suffolk (Order No. M3637360) 16-03-2010
"Thank you mazuma Mobile you have made my week £17 pounds might not be much but ill be able to put it to good use.
Thank you once again" - Thomas from united kingdom (Order No. M3647259) 16-03-2010
"Excellent service and very impressed with the new Fast bank transfer payments. This is very fast and alot better than a cheque. Thanks Alot MAZUMA!" - Craig from Yorkshire (Order No. M3650490) 16-03-2010
"Fast efficient service Will recommend to my mates " - Norah from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3622566) 16-03-2010
"absolutely brilliant service, put my phone in the postbox, and 36 hours later, payment has been made. brilliant idea, and amazingly executed." - K from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3642120) 16-03-2010
"I found your service excellent. From start to finish everything was dealt with very quickly and I would definetly recommend your company." - Sandra from Warwickshire (Order No. M3649292) 16-03-2010
"Fantastic service, posted my phone in normal post at lunchtime on the monday, and had the money in my account by lunchtime on the tuesday. Highly recomended. " - Tamsin from Suffolk (Order No. M3571814) 16-03-2010
"Great trouble free service. I am very happy with my transactions with yourselves and will definatley recommend and use again.
Many thanks" - bryan from Warwickshire (Order No. M3651670) 16-03-2010
"Very impressed with delivery arrangemets, and promt payment processing. Thank you, will be back again very shortly with my N95 8gb" - Asvin from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3645921) 16-03-2010
"thankyou very much, excellent company, would definately recommend you to family and friends" - rachel from Monmouthshire (Order No. M3620501) 15-03-2010
"I don’t usually leave feedback for companies I have used but with Mazuma I felt compelled too. I wanted a new Iphone and decided to sell my Blackberry. My provider charged me £89 for my Iphone, Mazuma gave me £125 for my Blackberry. I posted the phone on Thursday and within 24h hours the money was in my account. Now that’s a service to shout about !" - Paul from Middlesex (Order No. M3645610) 15-03-2010
"Fantastic service. Quick, efficient and very professional. Would definitely use this company again." - Adele from Lancashire (Order No. M3646821) 15-03-2010
"Hi. This is the second time I have used your services to sell a phone and I have found the service to be fast and efficient and I feel I have been given very fair prices for both phones. I can't fault the service at all and have recommended it to others. " - Paul from Yorkshire (Order No. M3648962) 15-03-2010
"brilliant fast and easy many thanks :D" - Jordan from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3647271) 15-03-2010
"Excellent service and communication. Transaction was very quick and exactly as described on the web-site." - Mark from Cheshire (Order No. M3646609) 15-03-2010
"Brilliant and fast service, really easy to use and the payment was in my bank within 2 days!!" - Matthew from Norfolk (Order No. M3646303) 15-03-2010
"Excellent service, will use again and recommend to anyone wishing to sell an old phone

Thankyou !" - Nathan from Staffordshire (Order No. M3648357) 15-03-2010
"I have used you now for around 2 years or more. whats the point of keeping a old phone. i sell as so as one of the family member get a new phone. keeps the yearly phone bill down. thanks" - ian from durham (Order No. M3647420) 15-03-2010
"Incrediable - Does exactly as it says on the tin !! " - Jon from UK (Order No. M3650132) 15-03-2010
"Excellent service and so quick" - graham from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3640614) 15-03-2010
"a very fast and professional service, i will defienatley use mazuma again in the future, many thanks." - Lee from Essex (Order No. M3650101) 15-03-2010
"How easy was that? logged on, found my phone, found out how much it worth, did the inputting, you sent me a confirmation, got a letter in the post with an envelope with instructions, took it to the post office, got a receipt, got an email to say you got the phone, got another email today to say money on its way, checked my bank, and wow; all sorted got rid of a phone i didn't want and you gave me money for it. EASY PEASY - will use this again and tell my friends. thanks julie " - JULIE from GREATER MANCHESTER (Order No. M3642280) 15-03-2010
"I think that its great how you accept broken phones unlike envirophone, also you buy them at decent prices. Thank you Mazuma
i will definetly recommend you to my friends" - Andy from Cambridgshire (Order No. M3645287) 15-03-2010
"Excellent service from start to finish. Really pleased how quickly my order took to be processed. Will recommend to all my family and friends. Thanks very much." - cheryl from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3645521) 15-03-2010
"A pleasure to deal with, fast effective and excellent communication, can't recommend enough, will use again" - Paul from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M3641484) 15-03-2010
"fantastic service, posted phone monday cheque in bank thursday, thankyou very much" - stephen from Devon (Order No. M3635461) 15-03-2010
"excellent service recieved check the nxt day if u are lookin to sell your old phone then would reccomened muzuma 10 out 0f 10
will be using muzuma again in the future" - ashley from Yorkshire (Order No. M3636066) 15-03-2010
"Very reliable and efficient service.Does what it says on the tin.Would definitely recommend Mazuma." - Mysore from cheshire (Order No. M3643747) 15-03-2010
"i found it very easy and fast and i will use it a gen thaks mazuma" - david from hampshire (Order No. M3648282) 15-03-2010
"brill service" - mandy from Glamorgan (Order No. M3648576) 15-03-2010
"Excellent service. To coin a phrase: Does exactly what it says on the tin. Thank you mazuma" - michael from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3640207) 14-03-2010
"I have never met a more efficient combination of website, communication and very prompt payment. Selling phones could not be easier or quicker, and prices seem very fair to me. " - John from Devon (Order No. M3643390) 14-03-2010
"Really work like magic!!
Everything finis with in 48 hours!!
Many many thanks!!!!" - Aleksandra from Middlesex (Order No. M3643010) 14-03-2010
"Brilliant very easy to complete hassle free and fast " - David from Berkshire (Order No. M3640147) 14-03-2010
"omg what a great service i got my £53 so fast it wasunbelieveable i tho ught they would offer me £6 or something after cashmygold terrible company offered me 6.29 for my gold i help up no hope for this but guess what u proved me wrong great doing business with u :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))00000" - Jamie from Belfast (Order No. M3629927) 14-03-2010
"Excellent service and really quick from form filling to receiving the money, thank you." - Antonio from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3638609) 13-03-2010
"Easy and straight forward service with a very quick pay out, highly reccomended." - Lawrence from Durham (Order No. M3643168) 13-03-2010
"Fast reliable quick & easy, excellent service would not hesitate to use again." - Coggins from Dunbartonshire (Order No. M3622800) 13-03-2010
"fabulous service less than 1 week start to finish thanks" - joan from Renfrewshire (Order No. M3641077) 13-03-2010
"Monday - Filled in online form. Wedensday - Received postage bag. Thursday - Posted phones. Saturday - Cheque arrived. In the current climate of call centres, queues and regular poor service, finally a company who delivery. Well done Mazuma, will definately use again!" - Jonathan from Oxfordshire (Order No. M3637603) 13-03-2010
"Really pleased all round,everthing from start to finish was done in less than 5 days. will surely use again x A********" - Lindsay from Yorkshire (Order No. M3646282) 13-03-2010
"thanks again mazuma, its grt to get money 4 something jst lying around, its very quick n easy, thanks again" - DEBORAH from SURREY (Order No. M3644871) 13-03-2010
"Thanks for your efficient service, will definitely recommend you to a friend." - Richard from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3639196) 13-03-2010
"Just wanted to say what a first class service you have provided. Everything was done so promptly and I was kept informed at all times. It was a pleasure to use your company and I will recommend you without hesitation. Thanks. " - Martin from Essex (Order No. M3606185) 13-03-2010
"Amazed at how promptly everything was sorted out, a great all round service will be recommending to everyone " - James from Glamorgan (Order No. M3649934) 13-03-2010
"I sold 2 x nokia n95 8gb phones to you, my husband and i had them as contract phones then upgraded. The service was as desrcibed simple to do, effecient, payment received to full amount really fast. I have never used a service like this and thought once phones received maybe there would be a quibble over the price but i would reccomend mazuma no problems. Thank you." - irene from Surrey (Order No. M3633475) 12-03-2010
"Amazing, i tried to sell it on ebay for a week and had no buyers. three days into looking online I've been paid. Nice one. " - oscar from antrim (Order No. M3640613) 12-03-2010
"i sold another 2 phones orders no m3638589 and m3638605 as well as the above and would like to say the speed and service of these trannsactions were excellent i would recommend this site to anyone thank you" - sharon from Huntingdonshire (Order No. M3638566) 12-03-2010
"Please doing business. Very easy, quick and comms. brilliant will recommend to friends and family.
Thanks again, will use you again>" - Mike from Hampshire (Order No. M3646261) 12-03-2010
"This has to be one of the most efficient companies that I have ever had the pleaure to deal with. It does exactly what it it promises to do! If only all companies had their attitude to customer service and satisfaction! Absolutely fabalous. Highly recommended." - Ian from Cheshire (Order No. M3646214) 12-03-2010
"I was very sceptical about recycling mobiles and I'm now glad I did. The process was so quick and easy. Sent phone away on Thursday and funds were in my account by Friday afternoon. Very fast!! I'm so impressed I will definately use this service again in the future and I will be recommending this to all." - Margaret from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3646285) 12-03-2010
"Thank you, I was a bit doubtful when I first contacted you (I'm sorry!!) but you have been fantastic, it was really simple, your communiction is brilliant I can't recommend you highly enough, thank you once again." - Andrew from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3631999) 12-03-2010
"Great service - 1st time apprehension quickly evaporated - Monday: I contacted & got quote/ confirmation from Mazuma, Tuesday: Freepost envelope received, Wednesday: posted to Mazuma, Thursday: Mazuma received and cheque being posted, Friday: Cheque received at lunchtime!
All done and dusted in 5 days! Well done. " - Iain from Ayrshire (Order No. M3644077) 12-03-2010
"very happy with the service it was quick and easy have told all my friends thanks " - royston from west glamorgan (Order No. M3636540) 12-03-2010
"great service easy to use and great communications.such a easy transaction.than kyou far easier than anticipated.Also happy with the price." - claire from lancs (Order No. M3623166) 12-03-2010
"Very happy with the service I recieved. I have admit that I was a bit cynical when I signed up. However I would like to praise you to the hilt, the service has been exemplarary and I would have no doubts in reccomending you to anyone.
Many Thanks" - Daniel from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3640214) 12-03-2010
"Worked like clockwork. Well done." - Simon from Dorset (Order No. M3643070) 12-03-2010
"cracking response fast collection and payment will deal with you again many thanks" - wayne from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3644183) 12-03-2010
"i found mazuma mobile fast and efficient and very straight forward to use! posted my phones off on a wed and money in account by the friday! magic!!" - katherine from armagh (Order No. M3640766) 12-03-2010
"Super service, friendly comms. and fast completion thank you" - michael from Cheshire (Order No. M3637342) 12-03-2010
"Thankyou for a effecient service,easy to complete no hassle
Thanks again" - Dan from suffolk (Order No. M3642324) 12-03-2010
"Quick and very efficient service, looking forward to receiving payment.
Would reccommend to friends and family." - Nicola from Yorkshire (Order No. M3634504) 12-03-2010
"very impressive fast service. very impressed." - ELLEN from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3649961) 12-03-2010
"What a brilliant service and quick aswell. I registered my Mobile for selling on the Sunday, by the Friday of the same week i had the money in my bank. Effortless...." - Lisa from Lancashire (Order No. M3640626) 12-03-2010
"Exclellent. Thanks" - John from Lancashire (Order No. M3634775) 12-03-2010
"An amazingly quick and simple way of getting rid of my unwanted phone, Mazuma could not have made it any easier to do so. You will be my first choice for any future transactions. Thank you. " - Raymond from Glamorgan (Order No. M3640031) 12-03-2010
"Unbelievably excellent service. We only posted you the phones on Wednesday and our cheque arrived Friday. Thank you very much. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family. " - RICHARD from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3639852) 12-03-2010
"Second time I have used your service and it's absolutely fantastic, no problems at all, just quick, hassle free service. Would recommend to friends and family without hesitation. Thanks once again Mazuma :-)" - James from Clackmannanshire (Order No. M3628430) 12-03-2010
"Thanks for a quick and efficient service." - Patricia from West Sussex (Order No. M3649631) 12-03-2010
"Hi there, thanks again, I will recommend you to all my friends" - Iola from Yorkshire (Order No. M3645402) 12-03-2010
"Brilliant Service! Sent my phone special delivery and the day Mazuma received my phone the same day the money was cleared and in my bank! " - Rob from West Midlands (Order No. M3631244) 11-03-2010
"Excellent, quick quote and service online. Nice and easy. Great price given for my old phone.Done and dusted in just a few days. Would definately use your service again. Many thanks." - Dougie from West lothian (Order No. M3633313) 11-03-2010
"Hi, just though id email and say your a fast, reliable website. I didnt expect a payment so fast but you sent it like 5 minutes after you emailed me which was shocking. Keep up the good work o/" - Guy from Wythenshawe (Order No. M3633389) 11-03-2010
"Outstanding service! Thankyou very much!" - nicholas from Kent (Order No. M3632889) 11-03-2010
"Great service, quick and easy VERY VERY VERY HAPPY!!! Cheers Mazuma" - Elliott from Lancashire (Order No. M3625503) 11-03-2010
"Great service. all completed withing a few days. quick easy and got more money than i thought. thanks again" - Noel from Antrim (Order No. M3629841) 11-03-2010
"Thank you for your speedy and very efficient service I would recommend this company too anyone selling a used mobile phone" - GEORGE from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3636070) 11-03-2010
"nice and easy, super fast transaction, i am very pleased with mazuma.
thank you" - les from n/a (Order No. M825242) 11-03-2010
"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with Mazumas service. It was faultless! and I will not hesitate to use your service agein! Thanks Mazuma for a fast and easy service!" - Carley from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3636099) 11-03-2010
"great service, would definately use again" - jacqueline from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3638716) 11-03-2010
"What an excellent service!! I sent my Blackberry in on a Tuesday, the cheque for £125 was sent on wednesday and I received it Thursday! I Highly recomend Mazuma! Thanks!!" - John from Kent (Order No. M3636905) 11-03-2010
"Fantastic service. Took less than a week from placing order to recieving cash. emails constantly informed me of progress of order. Iwish all companies were so reliable. Thank you" - ANNETTE from Hampshire (Order No. M3635509) 11-03-2010
"Really quick turn around. thank you. Will recommend you to my mates." - Susan from n/a (Order No. M819763) 11-03-2010
"Posted my mobiles on Wednesday, ordered processed Thursday and the money was in my account by 2pm the same day. Excellent service" - Allison from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3637470) 11-03-2010
"Delighted with the service. Easy to use. Fast, efficient service.
Thankyou" - clare from Surrey (Order No. M3633054) 11-03-2010
"Very impressed with the service. Very happy indeed.From start to finish only took 3 days.
FANTASTIC SERVICE. Would highly recommend. " - clare from Surrey (Order No. M3644099) 11-03-2010
"It has been the best thing I have done, will reccomend to loads of people and use again and again!" - Hannah from Berkshire (Order No. M3629184) 11-03-2010
"What a brilliant, fast and efficient way to get rid of my old unwanted unloved mobile phone. Other companies offered slightly more than you did but I knew your reputation was first class and you lived up to it in everyway. I have recommended you to friends and they have already started to make use of your service." - Joe from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3643930) 11-03-2010
"Sent the phone on Wednesday evening; money was in bank by 15.30 the following day; excellent service. Quick and painless; thanks!
Would be even better if you thought about branching out into ipod/mp3/ digital camera recycling.
" - Michelle from Somerset (Order No. M3643607) 11-03-2010
"I posted my two phones- a W900i and an N95 on a Tuesday, and my payment was cleared the following day! Mazuma provided with regular, clear updates telling me the stage my order was in, and the support infastructure allowing me to access these was excellent. Thank you Mazuma!" - Daniel from Devon (Order No. M3586294) 11-03-2010
"Magic right enough, I give you my old mobile for which I have absolutely no use and in exchange you give me some much needed cash. Even the wife's happy and that's not often the case. If only all businesses were like yours!" - Robin from Inverness-shire (Order No. M3637184) 11-03-2010
"What an excellent service
I recieved my cheque 48 hours after posting the phone would recomend anybody to use this hassel free service" - David from Kent (Order No. M3641427) 11-03-2010
"Third time I have used mazuma mobile now, great service as always.
Looked at most of the well know mobile phone trade in sites and mazuma gave by far the best trade in price.
The new fast payment service is great aswell as there is no waiting around for cheques to clear..couldn't ask for a better service. " - Daniel from West Midlands (Order No. M3626776) 11-03-2010
"I had my confirmation email straight away and the money in my account the day after. I was very impressed and have been reccomending you to everyone.
Thank you very much" - Georgina from Yorkshire (Order No. M3626641) 11-03-2010
"fantastic, fantastic. telling all my friends" - Wayne from Fermanagh (Order No. M3610854) 11-03-2010
"as easy as 123 couldn't have gone quicker posted on 10th to arive on 11th and payment in the bank same day thanks" - andrew from Lancashire (Order No. M3640398) 11-03-2010
"Very efficient response.
Thank you." - Adrian from Essex (Order No. M3637639) 11-03-2010
"thank you for first class service will tell all my friends" - gerald from Essex (Order No. M3638925) 11-03-2010
"Excellent speedy service top site." - Nicholas from Brecknockshire (Order No. M3641347) 11-03-2010
"Fantastic!!.from the minute I placed the order to my cheque being sent ,plus the great price you gave me , just 48 hours.brilliant service.
You will be highly recomended. Thanks" - Glenn from Berkshire (Order No. M3637583) 11-03-2010
"Superb . Sold mobile tuesday , sent phone wednesday , payment received thursday. First class service , many thanks." - darran from Yorkshire (Order No. M3646648) 11-03-2010
"fast service,received money extremely prompt.Great doing buisness with you." - jason from kent (Order No. M3643494) 11-03-2010
"Received good price for my mobile and money was in my account the day after i posted phone.Exellent service." - jason from kent (Order No. M3642740) 11-03-2010
"thank you for accepting my old mobile and giving me (i feel) a really good price for it, it couldnt have been simpler, service and communication was fab, very quick payment received with many thanks.
Thank you again Mazuma!!" - Robert from Antrim (Order No. M3624723) 11-03-2010
"This is my first time on Mazuma, it was easy, fast,and painless, so good I will come back again,thanks a million." - Iola from Yorkshire (Order No. M3638392) 11-03-2010
"Very easy and very quick.
A pleasure doing business with you. Will be using you again shortly.
Cheers" - Jonathan from Tyne & Wear (Order No. M3598432) 11-03-2010
"This is now the 3rd time I have used Mazuma, and have to say that I find the service and turnaround so efficient and quick! It is so easy to use, and I recommend to everyone who is selling a phone to use Mazuma!! Brilliant!" - Paula from Derbyshire (Order No. M3629072) 10-03-2010
"What a marvellously slick operation! I would highly recommend Mazuma to anybody wishing to recycle/upgrade their old mobile 'phone. Ruddy brilliant it is! The entire service is fuss free and so simple, you even receive a nice bit of cash back too! Thank you very much Mazuma ... I'll definitely be back." - Teri from Norfolk (Order No. M3636525) 10-03-2010
"Thankyou for the very efficient service you are one of a very few nowadays,so many companies talk about service but thats where it all ends talk,so thankyou again and I will be recomending you to all I know" - David from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3630428) 10-03-2010
"Very fast service, arranged the sale on the Friday,posted the phone on the following Monday and money was in my account on Tuesday. very please with your service thank you." - James from Shropshire (Order No. M3635969) 10-03-2010
"Thank you so much for the amazing service received. I was wary of using an online mobile sale website and did lots of research before going ahead. Mazuma came up ahead of the game in reviews and I am incredibly impressed. I sent two phone on Saturday and received payment by Tuesday. I hav recommended them to all my friends. Thanks again " - caroline from Hampshire (Order No. M3634171) 10-03-2010
"your service absolutley rocks. Fast, efficient and you get exactly what you promised" - Peter from Kent (Order No. M3611173) 10-03-2010
"I was really suprised about the whole process, it was fast, efficient i must say well done to you. thank you very much." - james from Warwickshire (Order No. M3635956) 10-03-2010
"Very impressed.
placed my sell order on fri 5th and recieved my postal bag on Saturday morning.
i then sent my phone special delivery on the Monday morning and i have just recieved my cheque this morning.
it may have cost me £5 to send it special delivery but to get such fantastic service back i am well impressed.
i was quite nervous about selling my phone this way but not anymore.
would defo use again and recommend everyone to use Mazuma mobile." - Simon from Lancashire (Order No. M3636169) 10-03-2010
"Wonderful service, so easy to use and so quick to receive the cheque. Shame all companies are not as efficient ;-0
Thanks" - Rachel from Kent (Order No. M3628420) 10-03-2010
"Received the cheque the day after the phone was posted. Very smooth transaction, would definitely recommend this company.
We did have our reservations but these have all been put to rest based on the excellent service received.
Many thanks " - Tony from Warwickshire (Order No. M3626668) 10-03-2010
"Superb service - posted phone on Monday and received cheque on Wednesday. Great price for phone too. Will def recommend Mazuma Mobile. Thanks." - Leisa from Down (Order No. M3625783) 10-03-2010
"very good service even at eighty i found it very easy to do thank you.Keep up the good work" - thomas from Warwickshire (Order No. M3640429) 10-03-2010
"quick and efficent service thankyou ." - carrolyn from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3631862) 10-03-2010
"I was very happy with the service, most importnatly it was efficient!! I would recommend you in the future and would be happy to use you again! " - Robert from Kent (Order No. M3631805) 10-03-2010
"I can't believe just how efficient your service is. From filling in the online form on Monday receiving the cash
on Wednesday afternoon. Brilliant. Moreover taking into account Ebays selling fees on many more expensive handsets your better of with Mazuma. I highly recommend your service>" - Mike from Cheshire (Order No. M3643979) 10-03-2010
"I am really [pleasantly] surprised at how fast the order was dealt with. The price offered was as good (if not better) than I could expect from other phone recycling places or eBay. All in all I'm very happy indeed - thanks." - Christopher from Warwickshire (Order No. M3627106) 10-03-2010
"you guys are scarily efficient - i take my hat off to you!" - Xiaobing from Essex (Order No. M3628509) 10-03-2010
"Can't believe how easy it was to make myself £86.00!!!
Thanks Mazuma!" - Ian from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3619921) 10-03-2010
"Great service! Fast and efficient. Had the money for my mobile in my account 48 hours after posting (recorded delivery)
Would definitely use again!!" - Louise from Kincardineshire (Order No. M3628677) 10-03-2010
"Really quick and effective service. Awaiting payment now, i'm sure it will be as impressive as the rest of Mazuma's service." - Alex from Leicestershire (Order No. M3629567) 10-03-2010
"very good fast easy and a good way to make some quick money for a phone i havent used in months and still got a good amount for it, also a very safe website :)" - Cathy from Cornwall (Order No. M3629424) 10-03-2010
"Fantastic services, I have used Mazuma a couple of times and you never fail to amaze me, posted my phone yesterday at 12:30pm and the money was in my account at 2pm today. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, keep up the good work." - Pamela from Larkhall (Order No. M3630123) 10-03-2010
"i am very happy with your service i have used you three times now and all time have gone well thank you once again " - steve from Durham (Order No. M3636053) 10-03-2010
"good service! fast payment. well done!" - rafal from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3639507) 10-03-2010
"Excellent, quick service. I paid for special delivery £5.40, next day insured. They had mobile by 9am and paid money into my account before lunch same day. Less than 24 hour turnaround. Thnx mazuma I will reccommend to my friends. " - Karl from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3639225) 10-03-2010
"Super fast reliable service! I entered my details into the website on a thursday evening, recieved my envelope the saturday morning, posted on monday and money was in my bank wednesday the same week! Excellent! Many thanks :)" - Sophie from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3634339) 10-03-2010
"Excellent service ! Faster service and payment than I thought was possible, will definitely be using you again !" - Craig from Yorkshire (Order No. M3636481) 10-03-2010
"Very efficient and prompt service, would recommend to others." - Kay from Kent (Order No. M3634444) 10-03-2010
"Super fast. Had cheque in the post next day" - Stacey from Norfolk (Order No. M3626873) 10-03-2010
"simple, fast and friendly. Thank you ;)" - Anna from Middlesex (Order No. M3602500) 10-03-2010
"Very impressed with the quickness of how you handled things from start to finish" - James from Yorkshire (Order No. M3628960) 10-03-2010
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for such excellent service, my son recommended your site to me.
Although my order was for only £18. you kept me informed stage by stage until the money was in my account, So many thanks, I will not hesitate to recommend your site to others." - david from Hampshire (Order No. M3634126) 10-03-2010
"Thank you for making it so easy hope to deal with you again." - gregory from Glamorgan (Order No. M3638331) 10-03-2010
"very happy with service, fast payment easy way to get rid of old phone and make some money in process!!" - Djamila from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3597846) 10-03-2010
"unbelievable ..posted phone 5pm tuesday in bank by 7pm wednesday how was that done so quick..will use you again...well happy thanx mazuma" - christopher from Leicestershire (Order No. M3640351) 10-03-2010
"Crumbs that was quick! Many Thanks! You're all great!" - Innes from Midlothian (Order No. M3642150) 10-03-2010
"Excellent! Super and quick. Very very impressed, Thank you!" - emma from Leicestershire (Order No. M3617232) 10-03-2010
"really simple process and quiick results" - jayne from Lancashire (Order No. M3629368) 10-03-2010
"Excellent fast service." - Stuart from Denbighshire (Order No. M3584237) 10-03-2010
"Fantastic service, super-fast payments, no complaints, will be using again in the future if needed. Thanks!" - Anna from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3640843) 10-03-2010
"Amazing! Will recommend to everyone. Thanks." - Charlotte from Cornwall (Order No. M3640787) 10-03-2010
"Would like to say a big thank you to mazuma mobile for a great service. I would not hesitate to deal with yourselves in the future. thank you" - Tracey from Essex (Order No. M3640523) 10-03-2010
"excellent service, the whole experience took four days. Fantastic, would definately recommend. Thank you." - porter from Somerset (Order No. M3639613) 10-03-2010
"Very fast efficiewnt service." - samantha from Warwickshire (Order No. M3590793) 09-03-2010
"5/5 for service! Cannot believe how easy this transaction was! Well done. Will definitely deal with Mazuma mobile again, soon" - Anne from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3615024) 09-03-2010
"Hi Mazuma

What a brilliant service!! You process everything so quickly and kept me informed of each step in that process, with very friendly e-mails.

Thanks for making it so easy." - Nicola from Buckinghamshire (Order No. M3604780) 09-03-2010
"Very quick turnover. It was nice and easy to complete the transaction. Thanks." - Michelle from Yorkshire (Order No. M3618296) 09-03-2010
"Thanks very much, super efficient service and money for a phone that was lying in a drawer!!" - Martha from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3587806) 09-03-2010
"Superb service. Easy to use and speedy conclusion. Thanks." - Ian from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3621417) 09-03-2010
"This is great, just what i needed, the offer was brilliant, i thought the phone was worth much less and i was astonished to see the offer. Thankx Mazuma! " - Mahir from Warwickshire (Order No. M3629095) 09-03-2010
"I was quite apprehensive at first to use your service but am very pleased how fast & efficient you processed my order and how quick the money was transferred into my bank account.I will definitely recommend you to my friends and use your service again since I've just upgraded my latest mobile. Thank you Mazuma! :) " - Magdalena from Middlesex (Order No. M3631424) 09-03-2010
"This has been the simplest hassle-free process that I have ever engaged in over the net. I never give feedback but mazuma deserves it. Top Marks." - Howard from Lincolnshire (Order No. M 3633161) 09-03-2010
"so easy to use and very fast payment, posted on thursday had money in my account monday fantastic" - teresa from Warwickshire (Order No. M3621904) 09-03-2010
"mazuma are amazin cant belive how fast the transaction was " - phil from Yorkshire (Order No. M3632790) 09-03-2010
"Very easy process & service every bit as good as promised. Payment was in my account next working day after phone was received. Would recommend to anyone, thanks" - Wayne from Essex (Order No. M3607084) 09-03-2010
"Thank you for your attention in this. I found the service accurate in description and timely. Within 24 hours of your receipt I was informed that the money was going to be paid. And I found your instructions clear and concise. Thankyou very much and I would have no hesitation of using the services again." - Henry from Middlesex (Order No. M3614758) 09-03-2010
"I thought mazuma was incredibly easy to use and exceedingly fast service. I am completely satisfied with mazuma and will definatley use it again in the future!" - Kirsty from Cheshire (Order No. M3632116) 09-03-2010
"This is the first time i've done this I must say the service was great
Thank you." - David from Flintshire (Order No. M3636233) 09-03-2010
"I am very impressed with the service so far. If the cheque arrives as promised,I will be completely satisfied with the speed and manner in which you have dealt with me. A lesson to others." - David from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3631920) 09-03-2010
"Very fast and efficient, freepost envelope and printed delivery note arrived quickly with clear instructions. Phone was posted on Monday by Tuesday lunchtime I had received conformation and by early evening cheque was in the post." - Richard from Roxburghshire (Order No. M3626056) 09-03-2010
"Excellent service. Will use you again. Also recommend you to others" - Andy from Derbyshire (Order No. M3630594) 09-03-2010
"excellent bit worried about phone but recieved and cash in bank in same day thanks very much " - Samantha from county antrim (Order No. M3633401) 09-03-2010
"Very professional it does what it says on the tin :} would definately use them again thank you" - Stephen from n/a (Order No. MM3634976&rlm) 09-03-2010
"Thank you for a smooth, fast and simple transaction!" - Linzi from Lancashire (Order No. M3636711) 09-03-2010
"Brilliant service! Will definately use it more in the future!" - Elshiema from Yorkshire (Order No. M3623689) 09-03-2010
"Excellent service!
Mazuma have been amazing." - Laura from Yorkshire (Order No. M3570937) 09-03-2010
"Painless" - Robert from Durham (Order No. M3634174) 08-03-2010
"I would like to say that I was sceptical about the service that you advertised but since selling my mobile to you and getting such swift responce through every stage of the process I will definately be using MAZUMA again .THANK YOU!!!" - ALISON from Lancashire (Order No. M3627827) 08-03-2010
"Excellent service, very fast, efficient and a great user friendly website! I will definately recommend Mazuma to my friends. " - sally from kent (Order No. M3633672) 08-03-2010
"Fast and easy service, to be recommended." - Trudi from Kent (Order No. M3621233) 08-03-2010
"Used your services a couple of times, and cannot recommend you highly enough.
Very quick, simple and pleasurable to deal with.
Many thanks once again." - Calum from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3630086) 08-03-2010
"Brilliantly easy! This phone would have just been put in a drawer or passed on to a family member had it not been for Mazuma. I'm now £88 better off thanks to a very simple, easy process.

Many thanks." - Jason from Essex (Order No. M3608212) 08-03-2010
"Excellent service, transaction prompt, reliable and efficient" - Joanne from Cheshire (Order No. M3627331) 08-03-2010
"Very impressed from start to finish!Many thanks." - steven from Lancashire (Order No. M3621208) 08-03-2010
"i am trilled to say the speed in which you work from start to finish is just great. i have passed your detail's to friends and told them all about you i would defindley be back to you thanks again for the great speed of you" - angela from Lancashire (Order No. M3623181) 08-03-2010
"very straight forward, quick and honest service!!!" - Lee from Lancashire (Order No. M3601609) 08-03-2010
"i found it quick and easy, i sent 2 phones to envirophone once they quoted me just over about £25 and sent me a £4 check, once i went to check it in the money didnt even go in anyway!! so thankyou you have been a great help :) " - Laura from Yorkshire (Order No. M3627458) 08-03-2010
"What a professional service. Old useless phones turned into cash with in 3 days. Thank you" - Ian from Northumberland (Order No. M3625404) 07-03-2010
"absolutely brilliant service,from start to finish it was so smooth and easy I will use them again and I will recommend anyone to use them" - Susan from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3627168) 07-03-2010
"Great service, very quick, many thanks." - Jonathan from Cheshire (Order No. M3610952) 07-03-2010
"very very easy to use website quick and reliable to send back phone very quick payment would thoroughly reccomend to friends and family" - shirley from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3626593) 07-03-2010
"Great service, prompt payment, would recommend to anyone! :) Thank you" - Anna from Warwickshire (Order No. M3615483) 07-03-2010
"Thanks v much. Very quick and efficient orgainisation. A good result." - Loraine from Warwickshire (Order No. M3607299) 07-03-2010
"I have to say the service and speed of the transaction was first class. The communication was excellent and I am well pleased with the result.
Thank you" - David from Yorkshire (Order No. M3619559) 06-03-2010
"so easy and hassle free. Thank you" - Diane from Tyne and Wear (Order No. M3613344) 06-03-2010
"Wow - way quicker than I could ever have expected. Entered details Monday night, money in my bank account Friday lunchtime.
Thanks for such a great service." - Alison from Derbyshire (Order No. M3626787) 06-03-2010
"As always amazingly fast service. Sent the phone off on Thursday 04.03.10 and had money in my bank by lunchtime on Friday 05.03.10. Could not be happier." - Le'ann from North Lanarkshire (Order No. M3620305) 06-03-2010
"simple, very fast and friendly proccess.
I will recomend it to a friend.
Thank you" - marta from Middlesex (Order No. M3626094) 06-03-2010
"Many thanks fantastic service would use again and recommend to oters." - Ernest from Durham (Order No. M3629028) 06-03-2010
"Until I came across your company I had no idea that my old phones had any value or that they could be recycled. I had held on to them as I hadn't wanted to contribute, however minutely, to further damaging the planet by chucking them into a landfill site. So a great idea and service extremely efficient." - emma from Cornwall (Order No. M3628615) 06-03-2010
"Could not ask for a better service!

Many Thanks!" - Davide from London (Order No. M3618225) 06-03-2010
"Fantastic service. Sent phone away on Wednesday. Received cheque on Friday. Brilliant." - Ceri from Glamorgan (Order No. M3623419) 06-03-2010
"Very satisfied quick delivery would use you again thanks" - Hazel from Yorkshire (Order No. M3620176) 06-03-2010
"sent the phones in on the 3rd recieved payment on tne 5th through bank transfer excellent service thank-you would not go to anyone else" - angela from Derbyshire (Order No. M3627044‏) 06-03-2010
"one of the best recycling company's i have ever found, really fast with sending out cheque's. I sent my phones on the Thursday and got the cheque's though on Saturday morning. Highly Recommended!!!! " - james from Yorkshire (Order No. M3625055) 06-03-2010
"Excellent service, no complications, no fuss - sent phone special delivery on Thursday, money was in my account on Friday!" - Scott from Kincardineshire (Order No. M3622909) 06-03-2010
"Many thanks for your payment to my account. A very quick and smooth transaction. I would recommend you to my friends." - Laurence from Cheshire (Order No. M3624268) 06-03-2010
"I found mazooma to give exceptionly fast and efficient service.
I will certainly be using mazooma again." - Ed from Surrey (Order No. M3629438) 06-03-2010
"I would like to thank all at Mazuma for there speedy and efficient work i have sent a few of my family,s phones to you when they have changed them and i will always continue to use Mazuma thanks once again to all." - Kenneth from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3622767) 06-03-2010
"Hi,cant believe how quick payment was sent to me (within 24hrs)Already recommended you to several friends and family..AMAZING SERVICE..Thank you." - michael from Lancashire (Order No. M3628305) 06-03-2010
"Very good money came quick would use them again " - Nikky from Surrey (Order No. M3624123) 06-03-2010
"i like youe servies and i sell more mobile phone as mush as i can and i like your fast payment servies also THIS IS THE UK MOST BEST RECYCLING COMPANY THANKS i like it :) :) :)" - samad from Sussex (Order No. M3626060) 06-03-2010
"A fast and fantastic service. very easy to use and very helpful with the data delete tool! Can't believe in less than 2 days i'd enquired on your site and got my cheque! 100% fabulous. Thank you Mazuma!!!!!" - Karen from Bucks (Order No. M3621355) 06-03-2010
"i was very impressed with your service,many companys offer fast,non hassel service but few actually provide it.i will recommend your service to others." - heidi from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3624828) 06-03-2010
"Absolutely amazing,really speedy payment made, would deffo use you guys again." - Kelly from Durham (Order No. M3628518) 06-03-2010
"Excellent service, very easy to register mobiles and the freepost package arrived almost immediately. Came with useful instructions about postage. I sent my phones via special delivery and got email confirmation the next day. Have already been recommending Mazuma and would use again!" - Tom from Surrey (Order No. M3615869) 05-03-2010
"i am very impressed with the fast service from the minute i contacted mazuma to my cheque arriving.its good to see a company doing exactly what it advertises. well done " - julie from Essex (Order No. M3615578) 05-03-2010
"i am very impressed with the fast service from the minute i contacted mazuma to my cheque arriving.its good to see a company doing exactly what it advertises. well done " - julie from Essex (Order No. M3615578) 05-03-2010
"Wow, I am really impressed, I sent my daughters phone on Wednesday, got an email thurs,conf receipt,and a further one saying cheque despatched, and a lovely cheque for £90 today,friday. 2 days after posting, what more can I say. FAB! second time I have used your service and would recommend you to anyone." - Hilary from Glasgow (Order No. M3621464) 05-03-2010
"I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with mazuma, I posted my phone on wednesday and by thursday afternoon I had received an emailto say that my cheque had been posted. Very quick service - Thankyou :-)" - sally from nottinghamshire (Order No. M3613120) 05-03-2010
"Thanks for an excellent service.This is the second time I've sold a mobile phone with Mazuma and no doubt it won't be the last." - Peter from N.e. Lincolnshire (Order No. M3624318) 05-03-2010
"Exceptional Service, everything done with a week, defo use again. Thanks from a very happy customer." - lynne from Fife (Order No. M3618251) 05-03-2010
"very fast service , i can not fault them at all, from now on all my old phones will be sent here ,
thanks very much " - andrew from tyne and wear (Order No. M3623740) 05-03-2010
"Excellent service, very impressive, I wish more comanies were as good as yours." - Allan from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3619326) 05-03-2010
"Thank you to all at Mazuma. This was the first time i have sold a phone with you and i have been blown away by the speed and ease of service. I registered my phone on Monday, sent it on Wednesday and had the money in my account by midday Friday!! I have already spread the 'Mazuma word' and will recommend you to my friends and family. I will certainly be using you again. Thank you. " - Andrew from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3625154) 05-03-2010
"this was great thanks " - steve from Lancashire (Order No. M3628673) 05-03-2010
"Very fast service. Sent phones on Thursday, money in my account on Friday. " - ed from Surrey (Order No. M3626685) 05-03-2010
"Amazing (as usual) service and such prompt payment. I've recommended you lots of times already. Best site!!" - Barbara from London (Order No. M3611858) 05-03-2010
"i sent the phone of tues aftrernoon and now have the money in my bank fri evening .very fast and quality service .thank you mazuma" - matthew from Cheshire (Order No. M3601416) 05-03-2010
"Easy - perfect service. Very, very happy customer. Would recommend your service.

Thanks a lot." - Barry from Kent (Order No. M3601750) 05-03-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service, quick, efficient and unbelievable - thank you so much. My son has now done the same - highly recommend and will use you again. Thank you so very much." - Anne from Cornwall (Order No. M3619824) 05-03-2010
"FAST - EFFICIENT and TRUE to your word. I could not ask for anything more." - Rudy from London (Order No. M3611390) 05-03-2010
"I am very impressed with the excellent service. I received the promised payment extremely quickly.
I will certainly use the service again and recommend it to others. " - Peter from Surrey (Order No. M3622213) 05-03-2010
"Excellent, seamless and faultless service, thanks Mazuma!" - Nancy from Essex (Order No. M3624487) 05-03-2010
"I think the service and turnover on this phone has been amazing. Will definately be sending all of my old phones to you!!" - Kerry from Essex (Order No. M3623865) 05-03-2010
"Good deal!" - ricardas from Bedfordshire (Order No. M3621791) 05-03-2010
"exactly as promised recived a cheque in the post the next day and got more money than i could have got for my phone on the high street " - bruce from Worcestershire (Order No. M3619964) 05-03-2010
"Great service, a good price for the phone and I didn;t even have to send the box and cables back - fast turnaround and payment - thanks!!" - Michael J from Durham (Order No. M3615659) 05-03-2010
"Fantastic service. I look forward to receiving my cheque. I will be recommending you to my friends." - Tina from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3601494) 05-03-2010
" - shagar from Hampshire (Order No. M3619579) 05-03-2010
"Great Service far better than other ones I have used !! Thank you " - Barry from London (Order No. M3624721) 05-03-2010
"Just wanted to say how great Mazuma Mobile is! Excellent, clear instructions.. And then quick transaction! Recieved my cheque within 48 hours as stated in confirmation email. Brilliant, shall be using again, thanks Mazuma :D" - Ellie from Yorkshire (Order No. M3620023) 05-03-2010
"its very quick,simple,well organize,i could not believe that i sold my Nokia N95 8G for £116,i hope to fine more mobile and send it to them, " - Karwan from Middlesex (Order No. M3623782) 05-03-2010
"Very impressed with the speed of service. Requested the sales on Saturday last week, received the delivery note on Tuesday, sent my phone on Thursday and had money in my bank noon Friday! Big thanks for an easy, transparent and straight forward business. " - Andreas from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3619668) 05-03-2010
"thank you for very fast and easy way of selling my phones all within a 5days" - liz from Hampshire (Order No. M3621929) 05-03-2010
"Great service! Sent two phones yesterday morning & the order was completed today & payment received in far less than 48 hours, top stuff!" - Michael from Yorkshire (Order No. M3631121) 05-03-2010
"Excellent service! Very quick and easy. Will be telling friends and family how simple it is. Look forward to sending some more phones. Thanks" - Ross from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3615465) 05-03-2010
"It actually couldn't have been easier.
If I ever need to get rid of my old phone again, I know where to come.
Thanks a lot Mazuma!" - Aamir from Cleveland (Order No. M3619747) 05-03-2010
"amazing! second time using mazuma and could'nt ask for more,great service all round! thanks!
" - stephen from bridgend (Order No. M3617676) 05-03-2010
"Very fast and efficient service from receiving my posting bag to my bank credit -Thank you!" - Helen from Yorkshire (Order No. M3610919) 05-03-2010
"a very fast service & a very good offer on the handset many thanx" - simon from Cheshire (Order No. M3604013) 05-03-2010
"just wanted to compliment you on your fast and great service i posted the phone on wednesday and has the money in the bank on friday. just in time for the weekend. Thanks!!" - RHIANWEN from Glamorgan (Order No. M3619258) 05-03-2010
"Absolutely magnificent service, right from start to finish. A pleasure to deal with.
Regards." - Michael from Cheshire (Order No. M3625208) 05-03-2010
"over the moon ... i posted my old phone on wednesday and payment was in my bank on friday!!! gr8 thanks mazuma" - lucy from Derbyshire (Order No. M3627864) 05-03-2010
"that you so much i am very happy with you service. x" - lyndsey from Yorkshire (Order No. M3628400) 05-03-2010
"Two words, absolutely brilliant! I sent my phone off to mazuma and the money was in my bank account by 2.30pm the next day. Now that’s what I call a good service! " - Barry from London (Order No. M3624003) 04-03-2010
"Excellent service, I have used Mazuma on several occasions and always received excellent service, thank you" - Beverley from Kent (Order No. M3620698) 04-03-2010
"Great service, I am very impressed! I will be happy to recomend Mazuma Mobile.
Please look after my old phone..." - Mark from West Sussex (Order No. M3613510) 04-03-2010
"Amazing!!! I put the phones in the post on Monday, Mazuma confirmed receipt on Tuesday, received notification that everything had been accepted, and received my cheque in the post on Thursday. Efficient or what??? I'd strongly recommend Mazuma to anyone, and when I upgrade my current phone I know where its going." - Val from Hampshire (Order No. M3598047) 04-03-2010
"First time using Mazuma Mobile service and very impressed. Quick response and kept me up to date with the process. Definately would use again and recommend to others" - Laura from Aberdeenshire (Order No. M3616485) 04-03-2010
"a very quick and efficent service provided by your company. only sent you my phone yesterday and you have processed it and money already in my account. thank you i would reccomend you to anyone with a phone they no longer require" - john from Northumberland (Order No. M3624094) 04-03-2010
"Very easy to sell and very prompt service at all levels.
Many thanks." - Taher from Midlothian (Order No. M3613681) 04-03-2010
"well what can i say. with so many internet scams out today, it was a pleasure to do an honest deal with an honest company. with the turn around from phones being sent to money paid within 48 hours...........thanks again.will recommend you every where" - trevor from Cheshire (Order No. M3616340) 04-03-2010
"Excellent service always kept updated and received payment 3 days after sending phone, would definately recommend." - Margaret from n/a (Order No. M36024302) 04-03-2010
"Great service, Very quick and prompt replies, and very quick payment,
Much better than all the competitors out there (MPE)
Would recommend to all my friends
Thanks and keep up all the hard work" - Chayne from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3616645) 04-03-2010
"I am most impressed I only posted the phones yesterday afternoon and the moneyis in my bank. Thank you so much, what a pleasant hassle free and very fair transaction." - Elaine from Yorkshire (Order No. M3620578) 04-03-2010
"brilliant service very quick and easy.. thank you very much" - lee from Dorset (Order No. M3613706) 04-03-2010
"Thank you very much for the cheque which came today, Thursday. Only took the phones to the Post Office on Monday, so well pleased. Would definately consider using you again, provided the price is right of course! and would recommend you to friends and family. " - fiona from East Yorkshire (Order No. M3605313) 04-03-2010
"What a fantastic and easy way to dispose of your old mobile phone. Money in the bank within four days of the first inquiry. Great service. " - Ian from Yorkshire (Order No. M3622490) 04-03-2010
"very fast payment got payment in my bank within 24 hrs thanks very much" - mark from london (Order No. M3618104) 04-03-2010
"Brilliant service and communication. Thank you" - Carolyn from Surrey (Order No. M3615910) 04-03-2010
"Quick and easy. Thanks !" - stephen from Ayrshire (Order No. M3612972) 04-03-2010
"fast and a ace service" - guy from notts (Order No. M3613997) 04-03-2010
"Extremely fast service. It is not even 24h since I sent my mobile phones at the post office and I already have a confimation of a bank transfer on my e-mail. Great job!" - Kasia from Middlesex (Order No. M3618535) 04-03-2010
"Quick fast and efficient. I did everything within one working week. It takes longer for someone to answer an email normally with other companies. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to quickly recover the costs from their old mobile phone. Now I have a nice new shiney iPhone 3GS, and the money I got from my old phone is very welcome." - andrew from Kent (Order No. M3623998) 04-03-2010
"fantastic and quick service, next thing i knew i had my money!. good money offers as well, and not penalised like envirophone, for minor damages. first time using mazuma but definately recommend. thanks." - Laura from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3599461) 04-03-2010
"Excellent service. So quick and easy to use. Was well made up with my reward for my old mobile. Thank you Mazuma!!" - Stuart from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3620817) 04-03-2010
"very impressed with the speed and the data you send out.very informative with your e mails ,and i would have no hesitation in using mazuma again. thanks." - ian from Lancashire (Order No. M3625398) 04-03-2010
"Thanks for a very quick service and a good price for my n95." - philip from Norfolk. (Order No. M3627069) 04-03-2010
"I am very pleased with my transaction. I will recommend and use you in the future.
Mamy thanks" - Irene from Worcestershire (Order No. M3608590) 04-03-2010
"Very fast! Would use it again no problems!" - Mike from Northamptonshire (Order No. M3613014) 04-03-2010
"excellent speedy service and prompt payment.
Thank you" - tracy from Yorkshire (Order No. M3624713) 04-03-2010
"very easy to do. well pleased with the offer told all my friends." - chris from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3610093) 04-03-2010
"Incredibly fast turnaround, posted my mobile by special delivery yesterday afternoon, and have now received an email confirming my cheque is being posted to me today!

Just looking forward to recieving my cheque now.

Thank you!" - Richard from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3606601) 04-03-2010
"I contacted you after my son had sold his mobile to you.He was very impressed with the extremely promt service and I have to agree. Thanks" - Robert from Dorset (Order No. M3616681) 04-03-2010
"I would like to say 'thank you' for providing such a good and efficient service. I have just received the money you promised to offer for my old mobile. It was very fast and simple,i am very impressed. Once again,many thanks for a brilliant service." - marcela from LEYTON (Order No. M3621175) 04-03-2010
"very good and easy to use" - Sorrel from Devon (Order No. M3596936) 04-03-2010
"thanks for one of the best customer service expieriances. if only all company were like this. cant believe the speed of payment, will definatly reccomed to my friends and family, very easy service to use, and to think these phones were just lying in a drawer ?
thank you" - jim from Fife (Order No. M3599985) 04-03-2010
"Your service is more than excellent. So fast, and reliable. Maybe you could think of running this country as unlike the politicans you have done everthing you have said instantly. Maybe you could counteract crime, as it would be done the next day. Absolutley faultless. Thank you" - Lynne from Devon (Order No. M3624333) 04-03-2010
"very fast ,reliable service ..thank you:)" - seda from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3624117) 04-03-2010
"very good very quick service i would recomend you to all my friends" - john from Cheshire (Order No. M3617020) 03-03-2010
"Absolutely fantastic, so quick.Posted phone to them on Sat got cheque on Wed. Brill!!!" - Mandy from Yorkshire (Order No. M3613166) 03-03-2010
"Very fast payment and ease of selling the phone. Every stage was emailed to me to let me know exactly what was going on with my order. Very pleased with this service!!!! Thanks and well done! - best price for non working phone too!!" - Rebecca from Kent (Order No. M3614217) 03-03-2010
" thank you for the cheque" - yvonne from Herefordshire (Order No. M3611928) 03-03-2010
"Brilliant! Super fast.....will definatley use again :) thanks" - Terasa from Surrey (Order No. M3615100) 03-03-2010
"Brilliant service. Sent my phones on Saturday, they received on Monday, and had the payment into my account on Wednesday. Where in the world would find exceptional service like this? Very very happy and would recommend to all." - Haydn from Lancashire (Order No. M3600922) 03-03-2010
"I have dealt with your organisation a few times now and your efficiency and customer service never ceases to impress !
Well done" - Daryl from Surrey (Order No. M3618734) 03-03-2010
"1st class service from a fist class company what more can you say" - alexander from northumberland (Order No. M3616651) 03-03-2010
"very fast and efficient its a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you " - Jill from nottingham (Order No. M3615914) 03-03-2010
"WOW! Everything was super fast and I got my money within 2 days of sending the phone back and well within the 48 hours promised. I've used other sites like this before, but will use you guys from now on. :)

Very impressed.
THANK YOU!!" - Catherine from n/a (Order No. MM3604329) 03-03-2010
"This is the first time i have recycled my old phones, the service was quick and efficient, although i did have a moment of doubt when told one of my 2 phones had not arrived, which seemed strange as i posted them both at the same time! However a couple of days later i had an email to say the order was complete. So thank you all very much. I shall use Mazuma again. " - Gina from Llangollen (Order No. M3561206) 03-03-2010
"Ordered on 25th feb a thursday and cheque recieved on the following tuesday, great service, fast and efficent" - Ollie from Leicestershire (Order No. M3613607) 03-03-2010
"Efficient to the extreme! Cash in my bank in just less than 22 hours from when I posted the phones! Kept me informed with regular emails - VERY IMPRESSED - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED *****" - Helen from Kent (Order No. M3609658) 03-03-2010
"Absolutely fantastic! Phones sent on Tuesday lunchtime and money in my account by the Wednesday afternoon!
Will recommend to everyone I know who is getting a new phone!

Thanks!" - Emily from Norfolk (Order No. M3599673) 03-03-2010
"Fantastic service. Quick and easy. Thanks Mazuma!" - Will from Cheshire (Order No. M3616930) 03-03-2010
"i would like to thank you for the fast and easy way to deal with you i received my bag on the 2nd and posted it and was payed the next day as soon as you got the phones i will use your service in future thankyou" - fiona from Stirlingshire (Order No. M3620649) 03-03-2010
"Have to say i'm very impressed with your service - order processed and payment received extremely quickly. Will have no hesitation in using your service again and will recommend to friends." - Daniel from Wiltshire (Order No. M3608933) 03-03-2010
"excellent service and order completed very quickly, will use this company again and recommend it to friends and family" - Rich from West Midlands (Order No. M3611614) 03-03-2010
"Really great service - I sold online on Sunday morning, had the money in my account by Wednesday evening" - David from Berkshire (Order No. M3620543) 03-03-2010
"Very helpgul on the phone when I had a few reservations and questions prior to selling my phones. Got rid of three old phones in one go (2 of them 4 years plus in age the other over 2 years old) and got back nearly £200 in return. Dropped the phones off in person this morning, since we work close to your offices in Watford and the money was in our bank account within 6 hours the same day by transfer. The stories of how good you and your service are really are all true..... thankyou!" - Darren from Herts (Order No. M3627969) 03-03-2010
"1st rate service, fast and efficient,would not hesitate to recommend you. " - Roger from Kent (Order No. M3607240) 03-03-2010
"Great Service, easy to use website, very quick and reliable way to get cash for your old mobile phones." - Nicholas from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3621025) 03-03-2010
"This was a pleasant experience you were very quick and efficiency and the whole thing was done within in three days from me making my order to receiving my money." - Lee from Derbyshire (Order No. M3624951) 03-03-2010
"Excellent service, would reccomend to anybody. Sent Mobile 10am Monday morning, recieved payment by 2pm Wednesday into my bank.

Tank you very much. Excellent!" - Ben from Lancashire (Order No. M3596011) 03-03-2010
"I can only say "Excellent service" I am very impressed with your speed,efficiency and overall good service. This is the 2nd time I used Mazuma and I will again in the future." - Richard from Berkshire (Order No. M3609738) 03-03-2010
"I love Mazuma Magic!! absolutly fantanstic, couldnt have been easier!! :D Thank You Mazuma Mobile" - Annabel from Derbyshire (Order No. M3617344) 03-03-2010
"thanks so far everything going really quickly and smoothly" - darran from powys (Order No. M3612928) 03-03-2010
"very good fast service used them alot great team! " - ursula from devon (Order No. M3614451) 03-03-2010
"Excellent,fast turnaround.I will be checking the draws for all my old mobiles" - Paula from Surrey (Order No. M3615573) 03-03-2010
"from selling to receiving the cheque it has all been a treat,the service has been 1st class,mazuma were in touch from day one updating with information, i am really pleased with mazuma and would use again. " - anthony from co,tyrone (Order No. M3617287) 03-03-2010
"This is the second time Ive used Mazuma and , again, theyve been absolutely fantastic! Correct website valuations, simple instructions and quick payment. What more could you ask for ?!" - Fatimah from LEICESTERSHIRE (Order No. M3595844‏) 03-03-2010
"Wow, you are absolutely amazing, live up to your advertisements and more, I have never received such a great customer service, it took only 3 days to complete the whole process from looking at your website to funds clearing in my account. You get a 10 + from me just Amazing! Great website, other companies as yours just don't compare :-) thank uou." - Klaudia from England (Order No. M3616425) 03-03-2010
"Excellent service, received free post envelope quickly and also received the cheque super quick. I am very impressed with the service you provide.

Thankyou" - STACEY from Durham (Order No. M3610031) 03-03-2010
"from selling to receiving the cheque it has all been a treat,the service has been 1st class,mazuma were in touch from day one updating with information, i am really pleased with mazuma and would use again. " - anthony from co,tyrone (Order No. M3617287) 03-03-2010
"Excellent service. Received payment the day after sending the phone. Would recommend over any other sites!" - Charles from Norfolk (Order No. M3620725) 03-03-2010
"Quick and efficient processing of my order. Barely 24 hours after posting the mobile, the order was completed and payment was sent. I would not hesitate to use Mazuma again in future." - Megat Khalis Raus from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3615950) 03-03-2010
"Quick,easy,friendly and informative transaction. I was very pleased with the service and would definatly use again." - Anthony from Greater Manchester (Order No. M3599775) 03-03-2010
"Great website! Quick and easy, and payment reliable. Will come to you again." - Char from Devon (Order No. M3616402) 03-03-2010
"Thank you for making this an easy transaction, all done and dusted in a few day.
Will definetly spread the word.
Thanks again!" - paul from Yorkshire (Order No. M3606509) 02-03-2010
"Well I have to say how amazed I was at such fantastic service!
I went onto the website put in details of the phone and the envelope arrived the next day!
I popped the phone in the envelope, posted it off and a few days later got the cheque! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to make money from an old phone with no hassle!" - Angela from Denbighshire (Order No. M3611291) 02-03-2010
"Really quick and efficient, sent my phone on the friday, payment received on the monday! Happy Days" - Ian from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3601703) 02-03-2010
"This was my 2nd phone i sold on Mazuma.. i also sold order number M3591984 and i thought the process was very quick and very safe! Have told many people about the site, colleagues have sold their phones.. even the lady who cashed my cheque at the bank was going to sell her old phones once she got home. SUPER!!! " - Lindsay from Suffolk (Order No. M3587749) 02-03-2010
"Fantastic service, quick, efficient and great price given!

Cheers fellas!" - Ryan from Sussex (Order No. M3608523) 02-03-2010
"process was quick and easy,checked competition and mazuma gave the best deal on both my handsets.all dealt with in 5 days from start too finish. top notch company,professionally run.look forward to doing business again on expiry of current mobile contract." - d from lanarkshire (Order No. M3613107) 02-03-2010
"i couldnt believe how quick this was. i am extreamly happy and will definatly send any mobiles i have spare to mazuma in the future and i have recommended mazuma to my friends and family :) " - samantha from Yorkshire (Order No. M3617339) 02-03-2010
"Perfect, fast, reliable, easy :)" - Robert from Dorset (Order No. M3613597) 02-03-2010
"Excellent customer support.

Not the beat price around, but so fast and reliable that I would recommend Mazuma to everyone. " - Joe from West Yorkshire (Order No. M3598501) 02-03-2010
"The service you offer is excellent and so quick without any hassle . This is the 2nd phone in the last couple of weeks that I have sold. I would definitely recommend Mazuma" - katherine from Cheshire (Order No. M3613820) 02-03-2010
"Excellent speedy service will reccomend!!" - Peter from Gloucestershire (Order No. M3610505) 02-03-2010
"i thought the service from your company was took no time at all to be processed i was slightly worried about the bag to post it in as it had no padding to protect the phone i thought it may have been damaged in the post but gladly all was fine.overall very pleased to get 93 pound for my old phone." - sarah from Midlothian (Order No. M3603701) 02-03-2010
"I used mazuma for the first time to sell my old phones. I found the prices i got for the phones were extremely good and the service was so fast and reliable. I would definately use it again :)" - Hannah from Shropshire (Order No. M3599454) 02-03-2010
"I would like to say what an excellent service!! I only posted my mobile on the 26th Feb and my cheque arrived this morning!! I hope my N95 8GB goes to a good home as it was an excellent phone. I shall certainly recommend you and use you in the future! Once again, thanks." - Sharon from Nottinghamshire (Order No. M3606406) 02-03-2010
"Astounded!! Sent phone at 4pm yesterday, £116 in the bank today!!!!!!" - Ian from Glamorgan (Order No. M3607380) 02-03-2010
"Very simple system to follow, very fair payment. Super fast service, highly recommended. Thanks again." - Roy from Lanarkshire (Order No. M3607434) 02-03-2010
"Bloody marvellous. I only posted it yeserday lunchtime and now I'm 170 quid richer. Will definately use your service again. " - Andrew from west yorkshire (Order No. M3585948) 02-03-2010
"Fast and efficient service. Highly recommended." - Christine from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3599255) 02-03-2010
"i am very happy with the service provided. it was fast and everything was made clear to me when i was processing my order. i would like to thank you at mazumamobile and would reccomend you to others n will gladly use you again." - robert from Derbyshire (Order No. M3617261) 02-03-2010
"Excelent service every time!" - Aga from n/a (Order No. MM3612963) 02-03-2010
"Thanks for a very friendly and extremely effecient way to recycle my mobile phones. Excellent Service, will use it in the future :)" - John from Lancashire (Order No. M3592985) 02-03-2010
"Super service, second phone sold, Thanks very much :)) " - Crystal from Lancashire (Order No. M3606910) 02-03-2010
Mobile posted on Friday, money in the bank on Tuesday.
Never used a sell your mobile website before and was a little nervous but will definately use Mazuma again. Will not hesitate to recommend. Thankyou." - Nigel from North Yorkshire (Order No. M3609535) 02-03-2010
"Superb service - posted my old mobile Monday cheque waiting for me Friday evening - can't really be improved upon. First class and shall have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to family and friends." - Dave from Lancashire (Order No. M3593770) 01-03-2010
"thanks, fast delivery" - stacy from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3600016) 01-03-2010
"This is the 2nd time I have used Mazuma and I have been amazed at the speed of service both times. I sent my phone on Saturday and got an e-mail at Midday on Monday to say payment had been sent. Amazing!!!" - Dean from Worcestershire (Order No. M3614406) 01-03-2010
"Very fast service and same as last comments just read terms conditions and i send mine by special delivery cause of high cost mobile..payout is fast, some companys are scary and can be nearly 28 days and even if you email them to see whats going on you get no reply..with mazuma the cheques their on your doorstep the day after they recive your fone.." - spencer from cumbria (Order No. M3600806) 01-03-2010
"The fastest most efficient service ever, Thank you" - Julie from Yorkshire (Order No. M3606891) 01-03-2010
"I have to say an enormous thank you for your more than efficient service!! I contacted you on 23/2/10, I received freepost envelope 24/2/10 Posted to you with proof of postage on 25/2/10 at 2.15pm I received an email from you 26/2/10 at 1.30pm acknowledging receipt, The payment is now in my bank today1/3/10 cleared & ready to spend!!! This was a fantastic service both from yourselves & royal mail for getting it to you so quickly. I will certainly recommend Mazumo. First Class Service. Thank you xx" - Joyce from n/a (Order No. MM3608035) 01-03-2010
"quick and simple to do, money in 48 hours, would defo use again. thanks" - angela from Glamorgan (Order No. M3609351) 01-03-2010
"Quick easy service, fair prices given for phones and love the argos vouchers" - christine from Kincardineshire (Order No. M3596828) 01-03-2010
"fast service no hassle wish every web site was this good." - dan from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3615336) 01-03-2010
"This service was 100% perfect and overall I was very happy with it all!

I am sure to be using this site for future mobile devices...

Thanks for such a great service." - Leanne from Derbyshire (Order No. M3613601) 01-03-2010
"Ist Class service. Quick reliable any ease of use. Would recommend to anyone" - clinton from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3590177) 01-03-2010
"All i want to say is WOW greatto do bussiness with you guys the whole thing went flawlessly, i will definately use your service should i have any other phones to get rid off :-)" - david from Cambridgeshire (Order No. M3614166) 01-03-2010
"very fast and simple my argos vouchers now thankyou mazuma mobile for working your magic on my old nokia n95 8gb and giving me a full total of 130 pounds very quick phone sent on friday vouchers by tuesday 5 days and done wooooh thankyou very much mazuma mobile" - dominic from lankishire (Order No. M3610202) 01-03-2010
"fantastic service and speedy payment :) thanks mazuma mobile xx" - Sarah from Glamorgan (Order No. M3597915) 01-03-2010
"Love your site - would definitely use your company again. Can't believe how many old phones were stashed around the house." - jenny from Essex (Order No. M3602122) 01-03-2010
"Superfast payment and always kept upto date. Will defo use next time and recommend to friends. " - Will from Lancashire (Order No. M3591033) 01-03-2010
"Thank you, the process was pain free and very quick, would use you again and i would highly recommend you to others." - Debra from Yorkshire (Order No. M3604830) 01-03-2010
"From start to finish the whole transaction has been excellent. I will be recommending mazuma to all my friends when their phones are up for upgrade." - David from London (Order No. M3603483) 01-03-2010
"thank you very much ." - sigitas from Essex (Order No. M3604440) 01-03-2010
"First time i've used mazuma and im shocked @ how speedy the service is !! Absolutely brilliant - would recommend & use again " - Jennie from Kent (Order No. M3614680) 01-03-2010
"Fantastic speedy service - will recommend" - LYNNE from Lincolnshire (Order No. M3609021) 01-03-2010
"Good service posted phone Saturday morning and recieved payment on Monday!" - Sam from Hertfordshire (Order No. M3613869) 01-03-2010

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